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Full text of "1894. 2:30 book and table of Sires, containing all trotters with records of 2:30 or better ... up to the close of 1894"

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/- CLEVELAND, O., 1894. 


Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1895 by W. H. GOCHER, 
in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D, C. 


2:30 Trotters Page 9 

2:30 Pacers Page 153 

Big Money Winners Page 198 

Winning Sires Page 199 


Sires of 2 :30 Performers Page 1 

Errata Page 83 

World's Records Page 84 

The Champions Page 88 


Andrews, W Part I Opposite Page 152 

Sever, R Part II. Opposite Page 65 

Either, E Part 1 .\.Opposite Page 104 

Bowerman, G Part 1 Opposite Page 184 

Bowerman, M Part I Opposite Page Ie5 

Curry, G Part II Opposite Page 81 

Curtis, R Part I Opposite Page 25 

Davis, C Part II Opposite Page 80 

Dickerson, J Part II Opposite Page 1 

Doble, B Part I Opposite Page 40 

Doble, F Part I Opposite Page 73 

Dunbar, T Part I Opposite Page 153 

Fuller, G Part II Opposite Page 32 

Geers, E Part I Opposite Page 88 

Golden, J Part II Opposite Page 16 

Ijams, W Part I Opposite Page 9 

Johnston, P Part I Opposite Page 8 

Jones, M Part 

Keyes, F Part 

Laird, M Part 

Laird, W Part 

McDowell, A Part I Opposite Page 

McHenry, M Part I Opposite Page 

Maloney, W Part I Opposite Page 41 

Marvin, C Part I Opposite Page 24 

Pennock, A Part II Opposite Page 17 

Sanders, M Part I Opposite Page 137 

Saunders, G Part II Opposite Page 64 

Shank, P Part 1 Opposite Page 89 

Smith, W Part I Opposite Page 57 

Splan, J Part I Opposite Page 72 

Starr, G Part II.. Opposite Page 33 

Stinson, R Part II Opposite Page 48 

Thayer, J Part I Opposite Page 200 

Thompson, C Part I Opposite Page 121 

Turner, J Part I Opposite Page 120 

Wilson, R ...Part II Opposite Page 49 

I Opposite Title Page 

I Opposite Page 105 

I Opposite Page 168 

I Opposite Page 169 


A work of this character requires but little introduction. Each page tells its own story, 
as it is a history of the best performances made by trotters and pacers to harness from the 
earliest time up to the close of 1894. In it will be found all of the 2 :30 trotters, all of the 2 :30 
pacers and all stallions that have sired 2 :30 performers, together with their performers under 
them. In the 2 :30 list of trotters and pacers the color, age, sex, sire and dam, as well as sire of 
dam is given where known. In placing this work before the public my aim has been to con- 
dense matters so that the price of the book would not be exorbitant. Of late years many 
have avoided a publication of this character from the fact that the composition bill was so 
high and because there is such a limited field, as is the case with all class publications. 
Should this book, however, meet with the approval of the public, it will be followed at the 
close of 1895 with one that will be much more complete and also contain more statistical 

That there are errors in this 2 :30 Book is not denied. Absolute correctness is impossible 
in a work of this magnitude. Those who have handled statistical matter know that the trip 
from-the copy hook to the press is a very hazardous one, and that even the most careful proof 
readiqg will not detect all errors. Individual knowledge of horses will bring such faults to 
light and information of their existence will be thankfully received. By referring to the book 
it will also be found that there are a great many horses whose ages are not given, from the fact 
that they are not registered. Many of their pedigrees are also incomplete. Information on 
either of those points will be very acceptable. In other words, I want the assistance of every 
one on the turf papers, and every one who has occasion to consult these pages, to help in mak- 
ing this book more complete than it is at present. Turf writers, of all others, have occasion to 
refer to such a work frequently, and the more accurate it is the more acceptable it will be to 

The basis of records used are those accepted by the National Trotting Association and 
the American Trotting Association. In other words, the records that appear here are the ones 
that each horse would be expected to start under should his owner decide to campaign him. 
This has made a number of changes in the performers credited to a few stallions, and has also 
made several changes in the table of champions. 

In making the announcement of this book through the press I stated that it would be a 
work of about three hundred pages, Now that it is completed, I find that it contains three 
hundred and thirty-four pages. This includes the illustrations, which have not been folioed. 
There are, however, two hundred and ninety-six pages of printed matter. 

CT,T;VET,ANT>, Onto, DECEMBER 31, 1894. W. M. GOCMER. 

President of National Trotting Association. 

President of American Trotting Association. 

PART 1. 


The following are all of Ihe horses that have made records of 2:30 or better 
to harness to the close of 1894. 

A A., b s, 1890, by Almont Aber- 
deenRinglet, by Ringgold 2:26 

A. A. A., b in, 1891, by Azinoor 
.Abbess, by Mohawk Chief ........ 2:25 

Aaron S., br s, 188, by California 

Lambert 2:29 

Abanteeo, b m, 1889, by Anteeo 

Abbotine, by Abbotsford 2:17% 

Abbadonne b m, 1889, by Wiikes 

Boy Lulu Patchen, by Tom Patchen 2:23*4 
Abbie, b m, by Hambletonian Prince 2:29% 
Abbiedeen, b m, 1888, by Aberdeen 

Kate Thompson, by Ericsson 2 :29i4 

Abbottsford, b s, 1872, by Woodford 

Mainbrino Columbia 2:19% 

Abbottsford Jr., br s, 188 by Ab- 

bottsford, dam by American Boy... 2:2o 
Abby, b m, 1877, by George Wiikes 

Mattie Wilder, by American Clay.. 2:26 
A. B. C., br g, 1883, by Warwick 

Boy Capitola by Bay Billy 2:29% 

A. B. C., b s, '1886 by Chief Molly 

A., by Romeo 2:28 

A. B. C., blk g, by Jim Crow, dam by 

Dick Edwards 2:24% 

Abdallah (Goldsmith's), b s, 1863, by 

Volunteer Martha, by Abdallah 2:30 

Abdallah Boy, b s, 1870, by Abdallah 

Messenger Motto by Corbeau .... 2:24}4 
Abdallah Clay, blk' s, 1884, by Lake- 
land Abdallah Kitty Clay, by 

Strader's Cassius M. Clay Jr 2:29V4 

Abdallah Medium, b s, 1882, by 
Happy Medium Lady Reynolds, by 

Jackson's Sir Archy 2:27 J /4 

Abdamed Allen Jr., b s, 1885, by 

Abdamed Allen Kit 2:26% 

Abdol, blk s, 1883, by Grand Moor- 
Black Bess 2:28 

Abe Downing, b s, 1875, by Joe 

Downing, dam by Harrison 2:20% 

Abe Edgington, gr g, 186, by Stock- 
bridge Chief Jr. Dooley Mare 2:23% 

Abe G., b g, (ringer?) 2:20% 

Abel, b g, 1877, by Messenger Chief- 
Lucy, by Vermont 2:24^4 

Abel Muscovite, b g, 1891, by Mus- 
covite 2:29% 

Abercrombie, ch s, 1886, by Am- 
bassadorFearless, by Western 

Fearnaught 2:2 

Abe Smith, b g, 1885, by Artemas, 

dam by Combination 2:24% 

Aberdeen Wiikes, ch m, 1884, by Wil- 

kie Collins Aberdalo, by Aberdeen. 2:26 
Abner F., b g, 1876, by Dr. Maxwell 

Nancy Fenn 2:24*4 

Abnet, b m, 1892, by Ambassador 

Emblem, by Empire 2:29^ 

Abraham L., b g, by Naham, dam 

by Red Buck 2 :18 

Abram, br g, 1885, by Goldeinar 

Mary Foss 2:25 

Absolute, blk s, 1884, by Dictator 

Ida Elliott, by Allie West 2:30 

Accident, ch s, 188. by Alexander 

H. Sherman 2 :_!U% 

Acclamation, b s, 1889, by Elector 

Ollie Ray, by Reliance 2:24% 

A. C. K., ch g, 1889, by Michigan 

Boy Queen, by Prince Albert 2 :29% 

Acme Girl, b m, 18, by Almont 

Ford 2:29V4 

Acolyte, b s, 1884, by Onward Lady 

Alice, by Almont 2 :21 

Action, ch m, 1888, by Onward Sa- 
hara, by Challenger 2:28 

Actor, b g, 1888, by Richwood Queen 

Patcheu, by Mambrino Patchen Jr. 2-26V4 
Actress, b m, 1882, by Knickerbocker, 

dam by Edsall's Hambletonian 2:26% 

Actress, ch m, 188, by Triceps... 2-28yI 
Actress, blk m, 1885, by Star Wiikes 

Lizzie C., by Star Hambletonian. . 2:27^4 
Ada, br m, 1886, by Alcantara Ad- 
miration, by Administrator 2'28 JL /4 

Ada, b m, 1878, by Sir Denton 

Sweetheart, by Magna Charta 2-291,4 
Ada, gr m. 1885, by Fairy Gift- 
Nelly's daughter, by Live Oak 2-29% 

Ada B., b m, by Bourbon Wiikes 

Morette, by St. Elmo . 2-26i/> 

Ada D., blk m, 1881, by Elial G.- 

Belle Wilson, by Lovely's Priam. 2-2144 
Ada De Clare, b m, 1886, by Lord 
Russell Aida, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2-261/4 

Adah Look, ch m, 1887, by Look, d'am 

by Gen. Stark 2-OV A 

Adair, b g, 1879, by Electioneer- 

Addie Lee, by Culver's Black Hawk 2-171/4 
Ad Alene, blk m, 1891, by Coeur 
d Alene Lakeland Queen, bv Lake- 
land Abdallah * 2-26 

Adalia, br m, 1876, by St.' 'ciair 

Addie Lee,, by Culver's Black Hawk 2:27 
Ada M.. b m. 1879. by Corsair Rhine- 
hart Mare, by Muzzy Morgan .. 2-29% 
Adam Index, b g, 1886, by Index Jr., 

dam by Nero > .2914 

Oda P., b m, 188. by Bloodmont. . . .' 2-251/2 
Ada Paul, ch m, 1875, by Stone's 
Red Buck Maggie Morgan, by 

Young's Morgan 2:26 

Adbel, b s, 1893. by Advertiser- 
Beautiful Bells, by The Moor 2-23 

Addie C., b m. 1881, by Rysesuke 
Miss Wilson, by Blue Bull, pacing 

2:29 2:30 

Addie De, ch m. 1887. by Nutwood- 
Adelaide, by Phi] Sheridan 2:25% 

Addie E., ch m, 1883, by Algona 

Lady Stewart, by A. T. Stewart... 2:19 
Addie E. C., b m. 1872, by Burger- 
Fearless, by Bellbrino 2:28% 

Addie Fitz B.. b m. 1890. by Charley 

B.-Addie E. B., by Charley B.... 2:26^4 
Addie G., b m, 1877, by Young Volun- 



teer ., 2:28^4 I 

Addle Hayes, gr m, 1885, by Judge 

Hayes Laura Swigert 2:19V4 

Addie L., b m, 1882, by Warwick Boy 

-Belle F 2:18V 4 ; 

Addie L., b m, by Alcantara 2:24% i 

Addie Lee H, b in, 1886, by Election- 
eer Addie Lee, by Culver's Black j 

Addi? Pathfinder,' ' blk' 'm,"i882,' ' by 
Pathfinder Woodbury Mare, by 
Vanguard 2:25 

Addison Lambert, b s, 1872, by Dan- 
iel Lambert Black Kate, by Addi- 
son 2 :27 

Adelaide b m, 1878, by Milwaukee 
Minne 'B., by Bay Mambriuo 2:18 

Adelaide, b m, 1866, by Phil Sheri- 
danChestnut Nelly, by Sam Hous- 
ton 2:19% | 

Adelaide, br m, by Alcalde Jr 2:30 

Adelaide, b m, by Armagh 2:29% 

Adelaide M., ch m, 1884, by Jack 
Morrill Lady, by Foster Knox .... 2:30 

Adelaide McGregor, b m, 1889, by 
Bonnie McGregor Adelaide, by Mil- 
waukee 2:15V2 i 

Adelaide Simmons, b m, 1890, by Sim- 
mons Adelaide, by Milwaukee 2:l4y.j ] 

Adele Clark, b m, 1870, by Ledger 
Hunn Mare, by Stephen A. Douglass 2:25% 

Adele Gould, ch m, 1876, by Jay Gould 
Emeline, by Henry B. Patchen 2:19 

Adele Maloney, gr m. 1881, by Ala- 
modeLaurie, by Norman Jr 2:24 j 

Adelene, ch m, 1884, by Robert 
Whaley Oceana Tip, by Oceana 
Chief 2:26% i 

Adelia, b m, 1892, by Wilton 2:25% 

Adfield, b s, 1884, by Bostick's Al- 
mont Jr. Vanity, by Enfield 2:22% 

Adino, b s, 1889, by Simmons Hat- 
tie Ethan, by Ethan Wilkes 2:30 ; 

Adjuster b s, 1877, by Administrator 
Silverheels, by Kentucky Chief. . 2:26 : 

Adjutant, b s, 188, by St. Just 2:29% 

A. D. McGregor, ch s, 1885. by Mc- 
Gregor Boy Jenny B 2 :28 

Administrator, br s, 1863, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian Dolly Halstead, 
by Mambrino Chief; died 1892 2:29% 

Administrator Wilkes, ch s, 1884, by 
Wilkie Collins Annie Stevens, by 
Administrator 2:25\4 

Admore, b s, 1886, by Advent Ken- 
tucky Girl, by Edward G 2:26 

Adora, b m, 1885, by Jerome Eddy 
Sionara, by George Wilkes 2:28% 

Adra Belle, g m, 1889, by Almont Boy 
dam by Blackwood 2:17% 

Adrian, b s, 1879, by Reliance Adri- 
ana, by Skenandoah 2:26% 

Advance, b s, 1889, by Electioneer 
Lady Amanda, by imp. Hurrah 2:22% 

Advance, b s, 1883, by Onward Mist, 
by King Rene 2:22% 

Advance Jr., b s, by Advance 2:28 

Adventurer, b s, 1887, by Alcyone- 
Advantage 2:27% 

Advertiser, br s, 1888, by Electioneer 

Lula Wilkes, by George Wilkes. . 2:15V4 
Advisor, b s, 1886, by Supervisor 

Phelida, by Embassador 2:29'/4 

Advolo, b s, 1889, by Ignis Fatuus 

Baby Hazlett, by Amboy 2:26% 

Aegon, b s, 1887, by Nutwood Alpha, 

by Alcantara 2:1814 

Aeleta, bl m, foaled about 1879 2:20% 

brino Fan, by Huguely Pilot 2:29% 

Aemulus, br s, 1869, by Mambrino 
Pilot Black Bess", by Shoreham 

Black Hawk, died 1894 2:25 

Aeolian, ch s, 1891, by Nutwood- 
Alpha, by Alcantara 2:28% 

Aerolite, ch m, by Sortie 2:25'/4 

A. G., b g, 1880, by Black Bonner 
Lady Bonester. by Hunting's Tippoo 2:27% 

A. H. F., b g, 18, by Patchen 2:26 

Agate Wellington, ch m, 1888, by 
Lord Wellington Agate, by Mam- 
brino Abdallah 2 :27 

Agatha, b m, 1890, by Autumn- 
Blanche, by Highland Douglas 2:24% 

Aggie, b m, by Lotus 2:19% 

Agitator, b s, 1880, by Gov. Sprague 

Hoosier Girl, by Blue Bull 2:28% 

Agnes, b m, by Pasacas 2 :29% 

Agnes Huntington, bl m, 188, by 

Simmons 2 :2S% 

.68 M., ch m, 1883, by Othello 

Carrie S., by Jay Gould 232% 

A. H. 0., b g, pedigree not traced... 2:26% 

Ah There, b s, 1888, by Electioneer 
Lizzie, by Wildidle 2:18V 4 

Aileen Almont, b m, 1876, by Harn- 
lin's Almont Jr. Puss Mcllvaine, 
by Rattler 2:25% 

Ailse Medium, br m, 1882, by Happy 
Medium Ailse, by Corbeau 2:27% 

Aimee, gr m, 1877, by Bayard Miss 
Jones 2 :30 

A. J., dn g, by Beaumont 2:29 

Ajax, b s, 1864, by Hambletonian 
Whipple Asheat, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian 2:29 

Alabama, ch m, 1887, by McGurdy's 
Hambletonian Eaneline, by Bos- 
tick's Almont Jr 2:15 

Alabaster, gr s, 1886, by Aberdeen- 
Medusa, by Almot, died 1891 2:15 

Alacine, b s, 1885, by King Rene- 
Girl, by Homer 2:29% 

Aladdin, b s, 1876, by Jay Gould- 
Lady Shipley, by Price's St. Law- 
rence 2 :zo l /i> 

Alaiedon, b s, by Greenback Nellie 
O., by Star Hambletonian 2:27% 

Alameda Maid, ch m, 186, by Whip- 
pie's Hambletonian Mary Taylor, 
by Biggart's Rattler 2:27% 

Alamito, ro s, 1889, by Eagle Bird 
Aurania, by Gen. Washington 2:13% 

Alamo, b m,'18S9, by Steinway Inex, 
by Sweepstakes 2:29% 

Alar, br m, 1889, by Alcantara 
Myrah, by Knickerbocker 2:11 

Alar Clay Jr., b s, 1880, by Alar 

Clay-Flora 2:29% 

Alaris (Milford C.), b g, 1884, by Vol- 
unteer Star Old Shake, by Shakes- 
peare Jr 2:21% 

Alarm Bells, b s, 1891, by Bow Bells, 
dam by Robber Boy 2:29% 

Alarmist, b s, 1889, by Autocrat- 
Helena, by Reporter 2:21V 4 

Alaska, br s 1878, by Electioneer 
Lucy, by Washington 2 :2U 

Alaska, b g, 1877, by Boston Boy 
Hambletonian Jerry Knight Mare, 
by Garibaldi 2:2o 

Alaska, br m, 1882, by Alcyone We- 
nonah, by Curtis' Hambletonian 2:27'/ 4 

Al B., blk g, 1884, by Simmons 
Stokesie, by George Wilkes 2:28% 

Alban, b s, 1881, by Gen. Benton 
Lady Morgan, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:24 



Albani, ch m, 1886, by Hermit Mis- 

sissippi Maid, by Anglo Saxoii ..... 
Albany, eh m, 1888, by Hanilin's Al- 

mont Jr.-Jenny Bate, by Cuyler... 
Albany Boy, b s, 1885, by Smuggler 

Jr. Nelly Grow, by Mambrino Eagle 
Albemarle, gr g, 1868, by Tom Hunter, 

dam by Wadsworth's Blucher ...... 

Albert, blk g, 186, pedigi-ee not 

traced. Bought out of a sale stable 
Albert, b s, 1888, by Alcryon Nelly 

O.. by Louis Napoleon ............ 

Albert Bretwood, b s, 1891, by Bret- 

wood ............................. 

Alberta France, b g, 1878, by George 

Wilkes Alley, by Hambletonian... 
Albert M., b s, 188 by Favorite 

Wilkes ............................ 

Albert S.. br s, 1888, by Wilkes Boy 

Windom Belle, by Mambrino Foster. 
Albert S.. blk s, by George Sprague.. 
Albert S., gr g ...................... 

Albert T., ch g, 1888, by Albert W. 

Tobin mare, by Whipple's Hamble- 

tonian ............................ 

Albert W., b s, 1878, by Electioneeer 

Sister, by John Nelson ........... 

Albion, br g, pedigree not traced.... 

Albion, br g, 1883, by Bostick's Al- 

mont Jr. Mattie C., b v Trouble..., 
Albion, b s, 1883, by Gen. Benton 

Amy, by Messenger Duroc ........ 

Albion, b s, 1886, by Wilkes Boy Ad- 

miration, by Administrator ........ 

Albion, br g, by Winooski ............ 

Albion Medium, b s, 1885, by Happy 

Medium The Witch, by Alinont ____ 

Albright, b s, 1891 ................... 

Alb:ina, b m, 1887, by Albrino Hip- 

penheimer, by Volunteer ..... ^_. . . . . 
Aicagetta, gr m, 1885, by Alcantara- 

Lady Daggett, by Logiie horse, died 

1888 .............................. 

Alcaide, gr g, 1878, by Alroy Nelly 

M., by Joe Hooker ................ 

Alcander, ch s, 1884, by Alcantara- 

Cleopatra, by Abdallah. Prince ...... 

Alcandre, blk s, 1883, by Alcyone 

Lady Carr, by American Clay ....... 

Alcantara, b s, 1876, by George 

Wilkes Alma Mater, by Mambrino 

Patchen .......................... 

Alcantarus, blk s, 1889, by Alcantara 

G.we Medium, by Happy Medium 
Alcantine. b s, 1886, by Alcantara- 

Net Medium, by Happy Medium ____ 
Al Carroll, gr s, 188, by Alcryon.. 
Aleavala, b g, 1880, by Alcantara- 

Leah, by Blue Bull ................. 

Alcazar, b s, 1883, by Sultan Min- 

nehaha, by Bald Chief .............. 

Alcazar, blk s, 1883, by Alcantara 

Galatea, by Fearnaught ............ 

Alcazar Belle, ch in, 1888, by Alcazar 

Kate Russell, by Mambrino Russell 
Alerdalie, b m, 188, by Sir Walter 

Jr. Comee's Sister, by Daniel Lam- 

bert .............................. 

Alchemist, b s, 1882, by Almont 

Willetta, by Strader's Cassius M. 

Clay Jr ............................ 

Alcolyte, br s, 1886, by Onward God- 

iva, by Bgmont ................... 

Alcona Jr., b s, 1881, by Alcona Ma- 

donna, by Strader's Cassius M. 

Clay Jr ............................ 

Al Cooper, b g, by Kenelin .......... 

Alcryon, gr s, 1882, by Alcyone Lady 










2 :27 







2:20y 2 






Blanche, by Privateer ............. 2:15 

Alcyona, b m, 1883, by Alcyone Cut- 

ter, by Coaster" .................... 2 :29 

Alcyone, br s, 1877, by George Wilkes 

Alma Mater, by Mambrino Patchen 2:27 
Alcyone Belle, ch m, 188, by Alcyone 2:29% 
Alcyone Jr., ch s, 1887, by Alcyone- 

Lady Garfield, by Young Jupiter.. 2:18% 
Alcyonium, b s, 1886, by Alcyone 

Sister, by Almont ................ 2:24% 

Alcyrene. blk s, 1888, by Alcyone- 

Serene, by Nutwood .............. 2:28% 

Alcyrene, blk m, 188, by Alcyone. . 2:27% 
Alcy Wilkes, b s, 1883, by Alcyone- 

Daisy, by Stanhope's Blood Hawk. . 2:16 
Aleck B., b g, 1882, by Electioneer 

Alvaretta, by George Lancaster ... 2:24% 
Aldeana b m, 1882, by Electioneer 

Eliza Dolph, by Wildidle .......... 2:25 

Alden, br s, 1883, by Alden Gold- 

smithJenny, by Swigert .......... 2:26 

Aldiue, br m, 1873, by Almont Mother 

Hubbard, by Johnston's Toronto ... 2:19% 
Alejandri, blk m, 1886. by Dexter 

Prince Princess, by Nutwood ...... 2:15% 

Alencon, ch s, 1885, by Lord Russell 

Alice West, by Almont ........... 2:23% 

Alert, b g, 1879, by Ensign Outlaw, 

by Martin's Eclipse ............... 2:18% 

Alex, b g. 1883, by Alexander ........ 2:26 

Alexander, b s, 1868, by Goldsmith's 

Abdallah Bay Fanny, by Bell- 

founder ........................... 2:28% 

Alexander, blk s, 1874, by Ben 

Patchen Jenny Martin, by Canada 

Jack ................................ 2:19 

Alexander, b g, 187, by Happy Med- 

tcheu. by Bull 
Alexander, br s, 1877, by Robinson- 

iumMary Patcheu. b 

Bully King. 2:26% 
, , , Robinson- 

Nelly Williams, by Copperbottom. . . 2:25 
Alexander Button, b s, 1877, by 

Alexander Lady Button, by Napa 

Rattler .............................. 2:26% 

Alexander Button Jr., br s, 1886, by 

Alexander Button Kate Kearney, 

by John Nelson .................. 2 :26% 

Alexander D., b g, 188, by Williams' 

Idol Bell Wilson, by Lovely's 

Priam ................................ 2:20 

Alexander McCord, b g, 1883, by Glad- 

iator .............................. 2 :29% 

Alexander S., rn g, 1873, by Silli- 

man Morgan ..................... 2 :28% 

Alexander Stewart, ch g. 18, breed- 

ing unknown ....................... 2:29% 

Alex C., b g, 1887, by Alert Crymble 

Mare, by Marksman ............... 2:21 

Alex C., b s, 1890, by Belmont Chief. . 2:28% 
Alexie Sherman, b m, 1890, by Sher- 

man, dam by Messenger Duroc.... 2:25% 
Alexis b s, 1885, by Prince Ali 

Nelly ................................. 2:21- A 

Alfonso, br s, 1886, by Baron 

Wilkes Alma Mater, by Mambrino 

Patchen ............................. 2:29% 

Alfred, b s, 1887, by Hambletonian 

Gem Lady Riehelieu, by Richelieu. 2:2b 
Alfred, b s, 1880, by Gen. Benton 

Alice, by Almont ................. 2:25 

Alfred, b g, 187 by Cloud Mam- 

brino ............................. ... 

Alfred G., b s, 1885, by Anteeo Rosa 

B., by Speculation .................. 2:19% 

Alfred S., b g, 1873, by Elmo Nora 

Marshall, by Union ............... 2:16% 

Alfretta, b m, 1876, by Mambrino 

Gift Blondie ........................ 2:26% 

Alf Taylor br s, 1887, by Capt. 

Cook Jewel, by Blood Chief Jr ..... 2:24% 



Algath, b m, 1879, by Cuyler Harold- 

iue, by Harold 2:23 

Algeria Belle, b ni, 1891, by Algeria 

Wilkes. dam by Metropolitan 2:28y 2 

Algiers, br s, 1882, by Atlantic- 
Amanda B., by Hero of Thorndale. 2:29% 
Algoma gr in, 1883, by Alpine Lottie 

Edwards, by C. J. Wells 2:19% 

Algoniah, cli s, 1888, by Strathmore 

Carnation, by Hambrino Star 2:29% 

Algonquin, br e, 1885, by George O. 

Xell 2 :29% 

Algonquin, b g, by Hamlin's Almont 

Jr 2:18 1 /4 

Aigy, ch s, 1889, by Nutwood Alpha, 

by Alcantara 2:19)4 

Alhambra, b g, 1880, by Alcantara- 
Maggie Young, by Honest Allen... 2:20 
Alhambra G., b s, 1889, by Lord Well- 
ingtonCora, by Sterling 2:24y 2 

All, blk s 1888, by Palmetto Mag- 
gie Graves, by Mambrino King.... 2:29% 
Alicante, b m, 1884, by Alcantara- 
Lady Tighe, by Felter's Hamble- 

tonian 2:20% 

Alice, b m, by Colonna 2:26% 

Alice, b m, 188, by Allie Gaines 2:26% 

Alice, b m, 1868, by Abraham 

Townsend Mare, by Ethan Allen... 2:28 
Alice, b m, 1869, by Mario Jr. El- 

hanchee 2:29 

Alice Addison, gr m, 1874, by Al- 
mont Alice Drake, by Alexander's 

Norman 2:28% 

Alice Black, b m, 1886, by Jersey 
Wilkes Alice Blackwood, by Black- 
wood 2:29% 

Alice Blackwood, b m, 1874. by 
Blackwood Emeline, by Henry B. 

Patchen 2:29% 

Alice Burlew, b m, 1888, by Charley 

B. Ladv Cramer, by Tremont 2:22% 

Alice C., b m, 1884, by Stillson Tip, 

by Tip Cranston 2:27 

Alice E., br m, 1888, by Martine 

Lady Beatrice by McMahon 2:29% 

Alice Eddy, b m, 188, by Aragon 2:25 

Alice Ensign, b m, by Ensign 2:23 

Alice G., b m, by Juggler Boy 2:29% 

Alice K., br m. 1884 by Gen Stan- 
ton dam by Black Diamond 2:30 

Alice Leyburn, br m, 1891, by Baron 

Wilkes Mamie by Star Almont ... 2:29% 
Alice Russell, b m, 188 by Alley 

Russell 2:26% 

Alice M., b m. 1877, by Kilpatrick 

Fanny, by Madison's Red Jacket.. 2:28 
Alice Medium b m, 1873, by Happy 
Medium Fiddler's Daughter, by 

Fiddler 2:29% 

Alice Peyton (Lady Stevens), b m. 
1880, by Blue Bull Myra Shaw, 

by Tom Lang 2 :27% 

Alice Simmons, blk m, 1801. by Sim- 
monsPatty Cooper by Black Doe. 2:30 
Alice Stoner, b m, 1875. by Strath- 
moreNed 2:24V: 

Alice Tyler, b m, 1875. by Hero of 

Thorndale Peri, by Edwin Forrest 2:30 
Alice West, blk m, 1873, by Almont 
Young Kate, by McDonald's Mam- 
brino Chief 2:26 

Alice Wilkes, b m, 1885, by Alcantara 
Maddie Karr, by Administrator. . . 2:17^ 
Alice Wilkes b m, 188, by George 
Wilkes Jr. Jennie W., by Brown 

Harry 2:23!, 

Alicia, b m. 1881, by George Wilkes 

Alma Mater, by Mambrino Patchen 2:30 
Aline, b m, 1884, by Almont Boy- 
Bessie Enfield, by Enfleld Jr 2-14% 

Alix, b m, 1888. by Patronage At- 
lanta, by Attorney 2:0394 

Alkali, b g, by Virgil 2:29% 

A. L. Keinpland, ch s, 1890, by Guy 

Wilkes Manon, by Nutwood 2:26% 

Allandorf, ch s, 1882. by Onward- 
Alma Mater, by Mambrino Patchen 2:19% 
Allan Roy, gr g, 1877, by Patchen 

Vernon Ellen Roy 2:17% 

Allegheny Boy, ro s, 1874, by Wood's 

Hambletoiiian 2 :27% 

Allegro, br s, 1878 by Swigert Miss 

Richards, by Goldsmith's Abdallah. 2:30 
Allegro, blk m, 1887, by Almont 

Wiikes 2:18% 

Allen, ro g, 188 2:29y a 

Allen b s, 1880, by Star Ethan- 
Nelly, by David Hill 2:30 

Allen, b g, 186 2:28% 

Allen B., ch s, 1888, by Brussels- 
Flora Belle, by Schuyler Coif ax 2:20% 

Allen Boy, b g, 1880, by Jay Gould.. 2:28% 
Allen Boy, br s, 1886 by Almont M. 

Nelly Nick, by Iron Duke 2:27% 

Allen H., ch g, 1882, by Ned Patchen 

Black Bees 2:25% 

Allen Kinney, b s, 188 by C. F. 

Clay, dam by Lyle Wilkes 2:24% 

Allen Line, rn g, 188 by Eagle 

Bird 2:27% 

Allen's Best, b s, 1884, by William 

H. Allen Maggie Mar, by Ajax.... 2:28% 
Allen Sprague, b g, by Gov. Sprague, 

dam by McConnell's Magna Charta. 2:30 
Allen Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Abdallah 

Wilkes Brown Nelly 2:29 

Allen Wilkes ro s, 188, by Jay Bird 

Biddy Donovan, by Honest Allen. 2:24y 4 
Allerio, b s, 1886, by Jay Bird- 
Susie Shoemaker, by Tremont 2:22 

Allerton, br s, 1886, by Jay Bird 

Guesie Wilkes, by Mambrino Boy.. 2:00% 
Alleta, blk m. 1888, by William H. 
Vanderbilt Kate Berry, by Yankee 

Dan 2:26%. 

Alley, b g, 1868, by Volunteer, dam 

by New York Black Hawk 2:19 

Alley Bonner, b g, 1879, by Startle- 
Bessie Forrest, by Edwin Forrest. . 2:23% 
Alley K., b g. 1881. by Deucalion- 
Emblem by Minchin's Tom Moore. . 2:29 1 / 2 
Alley W., b g, 187, by Western Fear- 

naught-Cal, by Caledonia Chief... 2:22V t 
Allibel, b m, 1891, by St Bel Alicia 

Wilkes, by Guy Wilkes 2:l!>'.' l . 

Allie Ambassador, b m. 1886, by 

Wirt's Almont, dam by Ambassador. 2:27 
Allie B., br m by Memento Wilke-.. 2:30 

Allie Gee, b s,' by Allie Wilkes 2:2fH/ t 

Allie Gee. b g, 188 by Allie Gaines 2:22% 
Allie Graham, br g, by Allie GainevS. 2:29% 
Allie J.. b m, 1890, by Mohawk Gift- 
Lady Holland, by Holland 2:26 

Allie * K., gr m 1889, by Badger 

Sprague Pet '. 2:26% 

Allie Medium, b m. 1889, by Country 

Medium A nnice, by Alroy 2:30 

Allie Rosebud, b m, 1887, by Happy 

Medium Allie Gano, by Almont . . . 2:28% 
Allie Sloper, ch m, 1889, by Elector- 
Calypso, by Steinway 2:28 

Allie Swift b m. 1891. by Artemas... 2:27 
Allie West, blk s. 1870. by Almont 

Fanny, by Mambrino Chief 2:25 

Allie Wilkes, b s. 1882, by Red Wilkes 



Alex, by Allie West .............. 

Allie Wilkes, ch m, 188, by Red 

Prince ............................... 

Allimore, blk m, 1887. by Altarnore 

Lizzie H., by Hinkstou Boy ...... 

Allo, br s, 1881, by Altoona Nelly . . . 
Allorita (Lena H.), ch m, 188 by 

Altoona Nelly ...................... 

All Monarch, ch s, 1888, by Alinonarch 

Lady Bostwick by Prince of 

Wales ........... .' .................... 

All Right, b s, 1891, by Gogebic . . . 
All Right Jr., b s, by All Right ..... 

All So, b s, 1884, by Blackwood Jr. 

So So, by George Wilkes ......... 

Alma, blk m, 1886, by Almont M. 

Barrett mare ..................... 

Alma, br m, 1872, by Rysdyk's Ham- 

bletonian Glara, by American Star. 
Alma, b m, 1883, by Electioneer 

Alvaretta, by George Lancaster.... 
Alma Alto, b m, 1891, by Palo Alto.. 
Almambro, br s, 1881, by Alar Clay 

Nigger, by Stanhope's Mambrino 

Pilot Jr. ... ........ . .............. 

Almarch, ch s, 1883, by Almonarch. . 
Almater, ch m, 1884, by Hambrino 

Alma Mater, by Mambrino Patchen. 
Almira Highwood, b m, 1891, by High- 

woodSally Cossack, by Don Cos- 

sack .............................. 

Almo, b s, 1880, by Hamdallah 

Topsy, by Alexander .......... ' ____ 

Almonarch', b s, 1875, by Almont Hi, 

by Asteroid ....................... 

Alrnonette, b in, 1881, by Altamont 

Favorite, by Post's Hambletonian. . 
Almonition, blk s, 1888, by Alcona 

Pansy, by Strader's Cassi'us M. Clay 
Almont, b g, 1877, by Alburn Lutie 

Ware, by Stanhope's Blood Hawk. . 
Almont, b g, pedigree not traced.... 
Almont, br g, 18, by Morris' Al- 

mont ............................. 

Almouta, b m, 1884, by Tilton. Al- 

mont Susie ....................... 

Almont Aberdeen, b s, 1884, by Aber- 

deenBrightness, by Almoiit ....... 

Almont Brunswick b s, 1881, by Al- 

mont Chief Affliction, by Duke of 

Brunswick ........................ 

Almont Eagle, br s, 1872, by Almont 

Mag Ferguson, by Mambrino Chief 
Almont General, b g, 1879, by Ham- 

lin's Almont Jr. Mrs. Pratt, by 

Niagara Champion ................ 

Almont Gift, b s, 1878, by Almont 

Chief Shoo Fly, by Hall's Mohawk 
Almont Gift Jr., b s, 188, by Al- 

mont Gift ......................... 

Almont Hambletonian, gr s, 1884, by 

Romulus Delusion, by Almont ..... 
Almontine, b m, 188, by King Al- 

mont ........................ .. ____ 

Almont Jr. (Bostick's), b s, 1871, by 

Almont Belle Forrest, by Edwin 

Forrest ........................... 

Almont Jr. (Hamlin's), b s, 1872 by 

Almont Maggie Gaines, by Blood's 

Black Ha 

Almont King, br s. 1885, by Al West 
Nelly Lee, by Mambrino Gay ...... 

Almont M., b s, 187 by Bostick'e 
Almont Jr. Dutch mare, by Ver- 

mont Boy 
Almont Maid, ch m 
Withers Winona, 

1885, by Gen. 
by Winthrop 

Almont Medium, b s, 1882, by Happy" 

2:15 Medium Lady Chiles, by Almont... 

Almont Patchen, b s, by Hamliu's 

2:28 Almont Jr. Kit, by Hamlin Patchen 

Almont Star, b s, 1881, by Almont 

2:29% Blanche Star, by Oonklin's Ameri- 

2:22% can Star ." 

Almont Star, b s, 1885, by Almont 

2:16% Pilot Stan Maid, by Magnolia 

Almont Wagoner, b s, 1884, by Al- 
mont Chief Kit Patchen, by Wild 

2:19Vis Wagoner !.... 

2:21 Almont Wilkes, br s, 1883, by Wilkle 

2:29i/2 Collins Almontress, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr 

2:20% Alonzo Hayward, gr e, 187, by Billy 

2:28% Alpha, blk m, 1880, by Alcantara- 
Jessie Pepper, by Mambrino Chief. . 

2:28% Alpha, ch m, 1887, by Pilot Champion 
Nell, by Hatfield's Jake Weaver... 

2:28% Alpha, b g, 1872, by Whalebone Knox, 

2:30 dam by Sanborn horse 

Alpha, b g, by Armagh 

Alpheus, b s, 1880, by Mambrino 

2:28% Wilkes Rose, by Majon Mono 

2:30 Alphington, b s, 1886, by Pilot Med- 
iumNell Buckman, by Masterlode. . 

2:24% Alpine, b s, 1886, by Hambrino 

Gwendolen, by Harold 

Al Q. Chase, b g, 1888, by Onslaught 

2:23% Dolly Carter, by Hambletonian 

2:30 Al R., b g, 1879, by Frank Nichols- 
Flora, by Coomb's Black Hawk 

2:24% Alrich, blk s, 1890, by Altus Na- 
mouna, by A. W. Richmond 

2:29% Alroy, b g, 1879, by Peacemaker- 
Mason Girl, by Arabian Chief 

2:21% Aisle, ch m, 1882, by Kentucky Prince 
Beatrice, by Rysdyk's Hambleto- 

2 :17Vi nian 

2:28% Alspur, b s, 1887, by Don Carlos- 
Alice, by Mambrino Dudley . , 

2:25 Alta, blk m, 1886. by Allie Gaines 
Malinda Weeks, by Star of the West 

2:25 Alta, br m, 1872, by Almont Lady 
by Bourbon Chief' 

2:22% Alta, b m, 1880, by Altamont Maud 

by Mike 

Alta, b m, pedigree not traced.. 

2:25-4 Alta A., b g, 1883, by Altamont, dam 
by Autocrat ' 

2:27 Alta Boy, b s, 1887, by Billy Wilkes 

Flocee, by Louis Napoleon 

Alta May, b m. 1887, by Herschel 

2:24'/ 2 Trapeze, by Tramp 

Alta May, b m, 1891, by Auctioneer 

2:27% Marie, by Greenbacks (dead) 

Altamont, b s, 1875, by Almont Sue 

2:29% Ford, by Brown Chief 

Altamont, b g, 188, by Almont Star 

2:23% Birthday, by Daniel Lambert . 

o 1-.I/ A1 ??. mu ^& te m ' 1883 b y Harold 
2:lt)% Alice West, by Almont . . . 

Altao, b s, 1886, by Altamont Sally 

M., by Oregon Pathfinder . 

2:29 Alta Patchen, ch s, 1885, by Seneca 
Patchen Nelly Daniels, by Seneca 


2:26 Altar, ch s, 1881. by Abdalbrino^-' 

I Laureta, by Daniel Lambert.. 
2:20% i Altaree, b m, 1891, by Alturas . 

| Alta Reina, b m, 1890, by Atto Rex 

Jay, by Jim Hawkins 

2:30 Alta Rose, b m, 188 by Highlawn 
Altena, blk m, 1884, by Altamont- 

Sleepy Kate, by Mike 

2:20 Althaia, b m, 1890, by Altamont 
Venetia, by Almont 











2:22y 4 












2:16V 4 







Althard, b m, 1888, by St. Gothard 
Alicia, by Harold 2:28% 

Althea, b m, 1886, by Ben Franklin 
Susie Hiker, by Blackstone 2:24% 

Altissimo, blk g, 1890, by Grandissimo 
Kate, by Toronto Chief Jr 2:25% 

Altitude, b s 2:27% 

Altitude, b s, 1872, by Almont Molly, 
by Oantrell's Sir Archy 2:28 

Altivo, b e, 1890, by Electioneer 
Dame Winnie, by Planet 2:18/2 

Alto, dn s, 1884, by Antar Lowville, 
by Green Mountain Boy 2:26% 

Altogether, gr g, 1885, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr. Kitty Stack, by Ste- 
phen A. Douglas 2:19 ! /4 

Alton Boy, ro s, 186, by Honest 
Allen 2:29% 

Altoona, b m, 188 , by Menelaus 
(pacing 2:16%) 2:22% 

Altoneer, br e, 1891, by Sphinx 
Pilotena Wilkes, by Pilot Wilkes.. 2:25 

Altus, b s, 1885, by Alcantara Gos- 
sip, by Mambrino Patchen 2:25'/4 

Alvan, b s, 1883, by Bostick's Almont 
Jr. Vanity, by Enfleld 2:26% 

Alvary, b s, 1887, by Alvarado Vic- 
toria, by Stockbrldge 2:30 

Alvin, ch s, 1885, by Orpheus Nancy, 
by Toronto Chief Jr 2:11 

Alvira, b m, 1876, by Stillson Fanny, 
by Harry Clay 2:29% 

Alviso, br g, by Brown Jug 2:20 

Alzippa, ch g, 1885, by Alroy Goldie, 
by Rifleman 2:14% 

Amani, blk m, 1889, by Wilton Alma 
Mater, by Mambrino 'Patchen 2:28% 

Amaranth, ch s, 188, by Ambassador 2:27V4 

Amazon, ch m, 1886, by Ambassador- 
Bishop mare, by Mohawk Jackson. . 2:29% 

Ambassador, blk e, 1875, by George 
Wilkes Lady Carr, by American 
Clay 221% 

Amber, b s, 1871, by Clear Grit- 
Jenny Jinks, by Royal Revenge 2: 2514 

Amber, b m, 1888, by Nelson Nellie 
Rampart, by Rampart 2:2i 

Amber F., ch s, 188, by Amber 2:30 

Amberlou, gr m, 1888, by 'Black Hawk 
McGregor Polka, by Pocahontas 
Boy 2:27% 

Amberlyte, br s, 1889, by Acolyte 
Louella, by Amber 2 :30 

Ambler, b g, 1871, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian 2:30 

Amboy, ch g, 1884, by Heptagon- 
Lady Burchard, by Rysdyk s Ham- 
bletbnian 2:13% 

Amboy, ch s, 1865, by Green's Ba- 
shawFan, by Spread Eagle 2:26 

Ambrosial, b s, 1889, by Tom Pugh 
Miss Harrington, by Regulato'r 2:17% 

Amboies, b s, 1892, by Altheus Hat- 
tie R., by Andy Johnson 2:26% 

Ameer, b s, 1890, by Nephew Amer- 
ica, by Ryedyk's Hambletonian. .. . 2:27 

Amelia, ch m, by Rustic Petaluma. . 2:22% 
Amelia C., b m, 1876, by Dexter- 
Bradford, dam by Volunteer 2:19% 

Amelia Rives, blk m, 1886, by King 
Richard Wanda 2:27% 

Amender, b s, 1884, by Meander 
~rady Anna, by Woodford Mam- 
ftrtno .. 2:25% 

America, blk s, 1886, by Kentucky 
Prince Alma, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:23V2 

American Girl, b nr 1862, by Amos' 
Cassius M. Clay Jr. (dead) 2:16y 2 

American Jay, ro s, 1888, by Eagle 
Bird Our Mary, by Lelays 2:24% 

Ameiican Lad, b s. 1885, by Ethan 
Wilkes Rarity, by Messenger Ba- 
shaw (pacing 2 :17%) 2 :26% 

Amherst Boy, b s, 1887, by Elyria, 
dam by American Boy 2:24% 

Arrigo, b s, 1885, by Electioneer 
Nadine, by Wiididle (died 1892).... 2:16% 

Arnorel, blk m, 1889, by St. Bel 
Adonai, by Dictator 2:26 

Amoskeag, ch s, 1887, by Ambassador 
Maud 2:28 

Amurath, b s, 1887, by Sultan Smug- 
gler Girl, by Smuggler 2:2o 

Amy, b m, 1865, by Volunteer Belle 
Brandon, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian (dead) 2:20% 

Amy Arney, b m, 1887, by Montgom- 
eryGoalie, by Rob Roy 2:22% 

Amy B., b m 186, by Frank Dunn- 
Daisy Dean, by Black Jack (dead). 2:24% 

Amy King, ch m, 1879, by Mambriuo 
King Belle Clay, by Kentucky Clay 2:22% 

Amy Lee, ch m, 1882, by Bay Star- 
Nell, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:14 

Ana, blk m, 1882, by Kentucky Prince 
Starbeam by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:28% 

Ancient Order Boy, ch g, 186, by 
Gen. Morgan, dam by a son of 
Brown's Bellf ounder 2 :27 

Andante, ch s, 1882, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr. Mary M., by Bas.singer 

Anderson, b g, 188, by Baron West. 

Anderson Wilkes, b m, 1884, by On- 
ward Magnet, by Strathmore 

Andrew Allison, b s, 1886, by An- 
dante Kate K., by Trouble 

Andrew O., b g, 1884, by Harlan 
Bess, by Robert Whaley 

Andes, g s, 1885, by Clay Cuyler 
Elsie Wilkes, by George Wilkes... 

Andy Cutter, gr g, 1888, by Cyclone 
Gray Maid, by Major Downing. . 

Andy Ensign, b s 1891, by Ensign- 
Linda, by Supervisor 2 :26% 

Andy K., b g, 18&-, by Barkis 2:25% 

Andy Mershon, gr s, 1870, by Curtis' 
Hambletonian Lucy Mershou, by 
Kavauaugh's Grey Eagle 2:25% 

Andy Pogue, b s, 1887, by Harry Pull- 
ingSarah, by Coriander 2:29% 

Angelina, b m, 1886, by Wilkes Boy- 
Molly, by Kentucky Clay 2:12 

Angus blk s, 188 by Wilkes Boy. 2:20% 

Anita, br m, 1887, by Baron Wilkes 
Mary F., by Mambrino Boy 2:29% 

Anita, br m, 1886, by Le Grand- 
Hannah Price, by Arthurton 2:25% 

Anita, gr m, 1886, by Rockwood Jr. 
Lucy, by Vermont 2:23% 

Angelica, ch m 188, by Young Ful- 
lerton 2:25% 

Angelus, ch g, 1891, by Whitby 
Winnif red, by Brennan 2 :23% 

Anglin, b g, 1876, by George Wi Ikes- 
Betty Brown, by Mambrino Patchen 2:27% 

Anna B., gr m, 1887, by Dirkee V. 
Lucy, by Petoskey 2:27 

Annabel b m, by Herschel, dam by 
Star Hambletoniau 2:29% 

Annabelle, ch m, 1888, by Dawn 
Pacheco, by Hubbard 2:27% 

Annabel -Lee, ch m, lbov>, by Aber- 
deenBetty Martin, by Mambrino 
Time 2:26 

Anna C., b m, by Hambletonian 


Tranby Irnogene 

Annacander, ch m, 1888, by Alcan- 
der Leona 

Anna K. b in, 1887, by Haw Patch- 
Ella B., by Alclrich Morgan 

Anna Kuowlton (Annie), ch m, 1877, 
Broken Leg Zulu Z., by Daniel 

Anna M., blk m, by Tom Allen 

Anna Mace, gr m, 1889, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor Ma ttie H., by Blue Bull... 

Anna May, b m, 1885. by Delmonico 
Sprague Nelly, by Jiggler 

Anna May, b m, by Deimonico 

Annette, ch m, 1887, by King Rene- 
Lady Pride, by Hamlet Jr 

Annette, b in, 1874, by Sentinel Min- 
nie, by Kentucky Clay 

Annie, b m, pedigree not traced... 

Annie B., b m, 1887, by Abdallah 
Mambrino Clip, by Hainlet Den- 

Annie Bennett, ch m, by Bayoime 
Prince, dam by Royal Fearnaught. . 

Annie Boone, b m, 188. by Daniel 

Annie C., b m, 188, by Commander. 

Annie C., gr m, by Melrose 

Annie C., b m, 188-;-, by C. M. Clay 
Jr., dam by Mambrino Black Hawk. 

Annie Collins, br m, 1862, by Paul 
Jones Morgan Belle (dead) 

Annie D., b m, 1884, by Port Leonard 
Dolly, by Wilson's Capt. Walker. . 

Annie E., b m, 1886, by Tilton Al- 
mont Nippy, by Henry Belmont. . . 

Annie G., br m, 1870, by Dictator. 
Annie Laurie, by Harris' Hamble- 
tonian (dead) 

Annie H. (Susie Walton), b m, 1884, 
by Gen. George H. Thomas Edge- 
field Girl, by Enfleld 

Annie Hazen, ch m, 188. by Rob- 
ert McGregor, dam by Onward 

Annie K., gr m, by Happy Medium, 
dam by Mercer Patchen 

Annie L., ro m, 1890, by Prince Or- 
loff, dam by son of Harold 

Annie Laurie, b m, 1877, by Echo- 
Black Swan, by California Ten 
Brpeck ! 

Annie Laurie, ch m. 1878, by Daniel 
Lambert Never Mind, by a son of 
Young Moscow 

Annie Lou, b m, by Daniel Lambert- 
Brown Nelly, by a son of Vermont 
Black Hawk 

Annie McGregor, b m, 1890, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Annette, by Young 

Annie Only, ch m, by George H. 

Annie Ossian b m, 188, by Ossian.. 

Annie P., b m, 1887, by Patchen Vol- 
unteerKitty C., by Landmark 

Annie Page, b m, 1872, by Daniel Lam- 
bertFanny Jackson, by Stonewall 

Annie Pixley, b m, 188. by Stock- 
ing Chief 

Annie Rooney, b m, 1884 by Spring- 
field Kate '. 

Annie S., ch m, 1877, by Almont 
Blanche Star, by Conklin's American 

Annie Stevens, b m, 1887, by Ken- 
tucky Prince Lady Horton, by 

2:28% | 

















Sweepstakes -:18y<fc 

Annie W., ch m, 1875, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr. Mary M.. by Bassinger. 2:20 

Annie Wilkes, b m, 1881, by WLkie 
Collins Fanny, by 'King George 2:21% 

Annie Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Arthur 
Wilkes Belle Barnard, by Dr. Herr. 2:24% 

Annine, ch m, 1891, by Warlock 
Puella, by Harold 2:21 

Annorean, b m, 1889, by Cyclone 
Neoma C., by Twilight 2:26% 

Anodyne, ch g, 1863, by Ross colt, 
dam by Young Hogarth 2 :25 

Ansel, b s, 1880, by Electioneer An- 
nette, by Lexington 2 :20 

Anselma ch m, 1885 t by Ansel- 
Elaine, by Messenger Duroc 2 :29y a 

Ansel W., rn g, 188, by Harbinger. . 2:29% 

Anson, b g, 188, by Landmark, dam 
by Rough and Ready 2:25 l /4 

Ansonia, br s, 1875, by Jay Gould ' 
Lady Ella 2:2714 

Answer, b g, 1887. by Ansel Flora, 
by Whipple's Hambletonian 2:14% 

Antarees, b s, 188, by Anteeo Bay 
Flora, by Skenandoah 2 :27 % 

Antecedent, gr s, 1889, by Wilton- 
Anna Lotta, by Red Wilkes 2:29% 

Anteeo, b s, 1879, by Electioneer 
Columbine by A. W. Richmond 2:16y> 

Anteeo Jr., b s, 1884, by Anteeo 
Lady Signal, by Signal 2:2.">Vi 

Anteeo Richmond, gr s, 1888, by An- 
teen Queen, by A. W. Richmond . . 2 :24*4 

Antella, b m, 1890, by Ansel Gara- 
phelia, by Gen. Benton 2 :2GV> 

Antelope, ch s. 1880, by Nutwood- 
Fanny, by Jerseyman 2:23% 

Anteeoyne, b s, 1890, by Anteeo 
Anna Lotta, by Red Wilkes 2:23 

Anterose, b m, 1888, by Anteros 
Ruby F., by Harry B 2:25 

Antevolo, br s, 1881, by Electioneer 
Columbine by A. W. Richmond 2:19y> 

Anthelia, b m, 1890, by Anteeo 
Wilksie G., by Robert McGregor.. 2:18 

Antlnous, b s, 1882, by Electioneer 
American Girl, by Toronto Sontag. . 2:28% 

Antioch, br s, 1889, by Antevoio 
Fanny, by Mambrino Wilkes 2:21% 

Antonina, b m 1888, by Antonio- 
Kitty Morgan, by 'Sam Purdy 2:26% 

Antonio, b s, 1880, by Messenger Du- 
roc Green Mountain Maid, by Harry 
Clay 2:28% 

Anvil, b s, 1889, by Manville Ance, 
by Amber 2:23% 

Aparka, b s, 1887, by Onward Lizzie 
K., by Magic 2:22 

Apex b s, 1882, by Prompter Mary, 
by *. . 2:26 

Apollo Wilkes, b s, 1883, by Alcantara 
Kit, by Gov. Banks 2:28% 

Appanoose, b s, 1885, by Egbert- 
Hope, by Magic 2:26% 

Aquarius, ch s, 1882, by Pancoast 
Doris, by Cuyler 2:26 

A. R., b g 1881, by Gold Leaf Jack- 
son 2:27% 

Ara, ch m, 1883, by Masterlode 
Fanny, by Magna Charta 2:2914 

Arab, b g, 1878, by Arthurton Lady 
Hamilton 2:15 

Arabella, b m, 1887, by Arabesque- 
Nell, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:26% 

Arabesque, b s 1882, by King Rene 
Alco, by Princeps 2:29% 

Arago, br s, 1885, by Steele Jenny 



Patchen, by Tom Patchen 2-22% 

Arasene, b m, 1887, by Arabesque 
Fantine, by Altorf , . 2-28vi 

Aravant, b s, 1887, by Arabesque 
Maggie Miller by Auditor 2:2' 

Arbiter, blk s, 1878, by Administra- 
torAlma Mater, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2 '22% 

Arbogast, b g, 1879, by Jack Shep- 
pard 2-29^ 

Arbutus, blk g, 1882, by Electioneer 
Amy, by Messenger Duroc 2:26'/> 

Arcadian, blk s, 1883 by Egbert 
Yaura, by Almont ..." 2 -23% 

Archbishop, ch s, 1886, by Wood- 
ward's Ethan Allen Jr. Nutshell, 
by Nutwood 2-19^ 

Archie, b s, 1870, by GaribaldiLady 
Mischief 2 -24^ 

Archie B., ch g, by Thought 2:18% 

Archie Sherman, b e, 1888, by Sher- 
man Maggie, by Mambrino Howard 2:29% 

A-chlight, blk s, 1886, by Rampart- 
Gypsy, by Robert R, Morris . . . 2:19% 

Arctic, gr s, 188 by Aristos 2:24 

Arctic B., b s, 1885, by Squire Tal- 
mage Belle, by Stephen A. Douglas 2:17% 

Arden, br s, 1884, by Detractor 
Music, by Goldenbow 2:29-% 

Ardent, b s, 1890, by Alcazar Nelly 
D by Echo . 2:30 

Ardoch 2*26 

Areida, ch m, 1884, by -Favorite 
Wilkes Aria O., by Neill Robinson. . 2:26 

Arena, b s, 1890, by Alcantara Mar- 
tense, by Gen. Knox 2:15% 

Argent, b s, 1882, by Sterling Madam 
Buckner, by Tom Hal 2-24 1 2 

Argentine, ch g, 1882, by Sweepstakes 
Lady Deyo, by Hasbrook's Black 
Hawk 2-2V/4 

Argo, br g, 1885, by Jerome Eddy- 
Alice White, by Walker's Denmark 2:25% 

Argo A., b s, 1882, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian May, by Dandy 2:28 

Argomont, ch s, 188 by Argomont. . 2:29% 

Argonaut, b s, 1873, by Fearnaught... 2:23% 

Argonaut, br g, 187, by Wood's 
Hambletonian Hackett Mare 2 :23}i 

Arguile, b s, 1887, by Alcantara Miss 
Alice, by Squire Talmage 2:25 

Aria, b m, 1891, by Bernal Ashby, 
by Gen. Benton 2:16% 

Arfal, b s, 1890, by Wildnut Nina, 
by Piedmont 2:27% 

Ariana, b m, by Ansel Rebecca, by 
Gen. Benton 2 :26 

Arias, b g, 1888, by Mambrino Clark 
Adele Wilkes, by Abdallah Wilkes.. 2:29% 

Arion, b e, 1889, by Electioneer Ma- 
nette, by Nutwood 2:07% 

Aristall, b s, 1891, by Energy 2:25% 

Aristides, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Monie West, by Almont 2:20% 

Aristomont, b g, 1882, by Aristos Al- 
monia, by Almont 2:27% 

Aristos, b s, 1870, by Daniel Lambert 
Fanny Jackson, by Stonewall 
Jackson 2:27% 

Aristotle, br s, 1885, by Aristos Lady 
Herbert, by Waltham 2:22% 

Arlene Wilkes, ch m, 1888, by Ham- 
bletonian Wilkes Lady Beach, by 
St. Lawrence 2 :22</2 

Arline, b m, 1888, by Noble Harold 
Zilla Golddust, by Gleneoe .. adust 2:25 

Arlington, b g, 1886, by Fleance 

Dolly '. 2:24% 

Arlino. b s. 1885, by Jerome Eddy 

Patchen Prewitt ' by Mambrino 
Aristos Chief! 'blk 's,' 1*8^-,' by 'Aristos,' 

dam by son of Black Tiger 
Armand, blk s, 1885, by Egbert-Dixie; 

by Richelieu ............. 

Armenian b s, 1892, by PelleYier.' '. '. 
Armory, b s, by Artillery Calliope 

by Onward 

vv b m ' 1887 b y Nutbourne 

Arabell, by Aristos . . . 
Arol, br m, 1880, by Electioneer 

Aurora, by John Nelson (dead) . 
Arona, ch m, 1890, by Hermit Miss- 

issippi Girl, by Anglo Saxon 
Aroon, b s, 1889, by Brown Wilkes 

Athene, by Harold ............. 

Arpansa, ch m, 1888, by Pancoast 

Arabell, by Aristos (pacing 2:23%).. 
Arrival, b s, 1886, by Charley Wilkes 

Aspasia, by Alcantara ...... 

Artemas B., br g, 1883, by Artemas 

Dolly Clay, by Honest Royal George 
Artemesa, b m, 1889, by Arbiter Star 

Queen, by Whipple ...... 

Arthur, gr g, 1869, by Columbus- 

Lasher Mare, by Milliman's Bell- 

founder ........................... 

Arthur, ch g, 1872, by Dorsey Gold- 

dustSylvia Pearl, by George Leigh- 

ton ............................... 

Arthur, b g, 1872, by Ethan Allen- 

Arcadia, by Canadian Grey Eagle.. 
Arthur, blk g, 1866, by Lexington.. 
Arthur, b g, 1880, by AVichita Lady 

Litchfield, by Clark Chief ........ 

Arthur Dodge,' b g, 18 by Albert W. 

Rosa Mary, by Re-Echo ......... 

Arthuretta, b m, 1886, by Hannis ____ 

Arthur M., gr g, 188, pedigree not 

t.iaced ............................ 

Arthur Sprague, br s, 1887, by Walker 

Sprague Molly Merrill, by Dakota. 
Arthur T., br g, 1869, by Col. Ells- 

worth, dam by Hector ............ 

Arthur T., b g, 1891, by Count Louis. 
Arthur Wilkes, b s, 1884, by Guy 

Wilkes Gracie, by Arthur ton ...... 

Arthur Wilkes, b g, 1882, by Mam- 

brino Wilkes Princess, by Honest 

Allen .............................. 

Artilla, br m, 1889, by Artillery Sym- 

pathy, by Gen. Washington ....... 

Artillery, b s, 1873. by Rysdyk's Ham- 

bletonian Wells Star, by Seely's 

American Star .................... 

Artisan, b s, by Onward Monette, 

by Bonnie Bay .................... 

Artist, blk g, '1880, by McCracken's 

Golddust, dam by Dave Hill Jr ..... 
Artist, b s, 1885, by Dictator Chief- 

Belle Morrow, by Belmont ......... 

Ashby, br s, 1883, by Dictator Filly, 

by Bald Chief ..................... 

Ashby, b s, 1890, by Vatican Wilkes 

Bird, by Mambrino Boy ........... 

Ashby Girl, br m, 1887, by King 

Wilkes Lady Ashby, by Morgan 

Black Hawk ....................... 

Ashland Boy, b s, 1882, by Fergus Mc- 

GregorBird. by Frank Bird ...... 

Ashland Girl, b m, 188, by Ashland 

Boy ............................... 

Ashland Kate, ch m, 1869, by Ashland 

Chief, dam by Capt. Walker ...... 

Ashland Prince, b s, 1883, by Happy 

Medium Josie Kenny, by Standard 

Bearer ............................ 

Ashland Wilkes, b s, 1882, by lied 













2:28V 4 


















Wilkes Daisy B., by Administrator 

Ashley, ch g, 1875, by Plumas, dam 

by George 

Ashman, br s, 1885, by Sherman 
Hattie R., by Andy Johnson 

Ashmaid, br m, 1887, by Sherman 
Hattie R., by Andy Johnson 

Ashmore, b s, 1885, by Strathmore 
Ashland Maid, by Ashland Chief. . . 

Aster, ch g, by Dexter Prince 

Astoria, br m, 1886, by Kentucky 
Wilkes Truant, by Messenger Duroc 

Asto:la, br m, 1870, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian Clara, by Seely's 
American Star 

Astral, b m, 1876, by August Belmont 
Patchen Maid, by Mambrino 

Astrione, b s, 1891, by Prairie Star- 
lone, by Wapsie 

At-A-Lanta, b m, 1886, by Young Jim 
Belle Sprague, by Gov. Sprague. . 

Atalanta W ilkes, blk m, 1887, by Guy 
Wilkes Atalauta, by The Moor 

Athadon, b s, 1890, by Matadon 
Athalia, by Harkaway 

Athena, b m, 1890, by Electioneer 
Ashland, by Ashland' 

Athalia Prince, br s, 188, by Walkill 
Prince Ruella Prince, by Athlone . . 

Athanio, b s, 1892, by Junio Athalia, 
by Harkaway . 

Athlete, br s, 1888, by Barkis Maggie 
Colburn, by Coeur De Lion 

Athlete Jr., b s, 188 by Athlete 

Athlete Rex, b s, 1884, by Athlete- 
Lady Blucher, by Richard's Bell- 

Atlanta Mileager, br s, 1887, by At- 
lanticMusic, by Captain 

Athlot, b g, 188. by Athlete 

Atlantic, blk s, 1878, by Almont Isa- 
abella Clay, by Kentucky Clay 

Atlantic General, b s, 1886, by At- 
lanticBay Sail, by Blazing Star.. 

Atlantic Jr.", b s, 1886, by Atlantic 
Gypsey, by Walter 

Atlas, ch s, 1880, by Amboy Nixie, by 
Red Eye 

Atto Rex, b s, 1884, by Attorney 
Roxy, by Brougham 

Atwood, b s, 1884, by Nutwood Prin- 
dine, by Princeps 

Aubertine, ch m, 1882, by Lucifer 
Florie, by Sharp's John Stanley 

Aubiue, br m, 1882, by Young Rolfe-r- 
Knox Girl, by Gen. Knox 

Aubrey, blk s, 1883, by Athlete Kitty 
B., by St. Lawrence 

Auburn, -ch s, 1883, by Woodford 
Lorna Doone, by Iron Duke 

Auburn H., ch g, by McMahon 

Auction, b s, 1886, by Onomwell 

Augusta, b m, by Mambritonian. . . . 

Augusta Schuyler, ch m, 1873, by 
Aberdeen Emeline, by Henry B. 

August Haverstick, b g, 1882, by 
St:-athmore, by Barclay's Clark 
Chief Jr 

Aulinda, b m, 1872, by Ethan Allen- 
Red Light, by Red Bird 

Aunt Delilah, 'b m, 1889, by Harold 
Patchen Georgie Wilkes, by Red 

Auntie Wilkes, b m, 1888, by Guy 
Wilkes Maude, by Speculation 

Aura D., gr m, 1888, by Nutbreaker 
Lady D., by Norman D 















2:20y 4 




2:29V 2 










2:12% I 

2:22% I 
2:27^ I 

Aurora, ch m, 18, by Hambletonian 

Aurora, ch m, 1866, by John Nelson 
Lamott Mare 

Aurora Prince, b s, 1887, by Florida 
M. Gabrella, by Wite's Trojan 

Australia, gr s, 1885, by Alecto Alice 
Drake, by Alexander's Norman 

Australia, b s, 1884, by Austerlitz 
Sadie R., by Scorcher 

Autograph, b s, 1883, by Alcantara- 
Flaxy, by Kentucky Clay 

Autrain, b m, 1889, by Princeton, dam 
by Glenview 

Autumn Queen, br m, 1879, by Volun- 
teerBrownie Clay, by Harry Clay. 

Avalon, b s, 1885, by Marlborough 
Gypsey Murray, by Fortune 

Avana, b m, 1890, by Squire Talrnage 
Ida T., by Harkaway 

Avelloni, ch s, 1888, by Maximus 
Bloom, by Ashland 

Avena, b m, 1886, by Black's Ham- 
bletonian Molly Warner, by Mam 
brino Bruce 

Avena, ch m, 189<X by Palo Alto As- 
toria, by Gen. Beuton 

Ayonmore, b s, 1881, by Strathmore 
Arline, by Almont 


Ayres P., ch g, 1887, by Prosper Meri- 

Axinite, blk s, 1891, by Axtell Sel- 

dom, by Durango .................. 

Axle, blk s, 1890, by Axtell Cora 

Ettie, by Adrian Wilkes ........... 

Axminster, b s, 1888, by Wilton- 

Louise Wilkes, by George Wilkes.. 
Axtell, br s, 1880. by William L. Lou, 

by Mambrino Boy ................. 

Axtella, gr m, 1891, by Axtell Dair- 

een, by Harold .................... 

Axtellite, b s, 1892, by Axtell Slstene, 

by Kentucky Prince ............... 

Axworthy, ch s, 1892, by Axtell 

Marguerite, by Kentucky Prince . . 
Axtelloid, ch s, 1892, by Axtell De- 

light, by Starlight . . . ." ............. 

Ayres' Hambletonian, br s, 1881, by 

Volunteer Goldsmith Fredonia, by 

Pacing Abdallah 

P., ch g, 1887, by 

mee Annie, by Rustic 
Aytoun, b s, 1884, by King Rene 

Ozella, by Regular ................. 

Azant, b g, 1889, by Bezant Terene, 

by Guide .......................... 

Azmon, b s. 1890, by Azmoor Ah- 

waga, by Gen. Ben ton ............ 

Azmoor, b s, 1882, by Electioneer 

Mamie O., by imp. Hercules ...... 

Azora, ch m, 1891, by Muscovite.... 

Azote, b g, 1887, by Whips Jovsie, 

by Whipple's Hambletonian ....... 

Babette b m, 1890, by Sir John Net- 

tie Rose, by Winfleld Scott ........ 

Babe Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Adrian 

Wilkes Maud ....................... 

Baby, b m, 1886, by Chestnut Joe 

Merry Lass, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 

tonian ............................... 

Baby, ch g, by Duplex .............. 

Baby, b m ........................... 

Baby Bashaw, blk m, 1886, by Ebony. 
Baby Blodgett, gr m, by Blodgett's 

Messenger ............. . ............. 

Baby Boy, gr g, 1865, by Winthrop 

Morrill .......... ................... 




























2:21)i/ 2 




Baby Buntiug, blk m, 1889, by Wax- 
ford Miss Crook 2 :28/i 

Baby Lambert, b g, 1880, by Daniel 
Lambert Meirose, by Melbourne Jr. 2:27% 

Baby Mine, rn m, 1873, by Stone- 
wall Jackson Dolly Mclntire/ by 
John Edwards 2:27% 

Baby Mine, b m, 1884, by Paramount 
Flora, by Gifford Allen 2:22 

Baby Mine, blk m, 1881, by Nephew 
Lady Burns, by Black Boy 2:27 

Baby Mine ch in, 1878, by Stillson. . 2:29% 

Baby S., b' m, by Cromwell 2:24V 2 

Bachelor Wilkes, 1890, by Victor 
Wilkes Nancy B., by Ben Franklin 2:30 

Backman Maid, b m, 1876, by Charles 
Backmau, dam by Godfrey Patchen . 2 :25% 

Bad Actor, b g, 1888, by Black Am- 
bassador Georgie, by Latham's 
Royal George 2:21% 

Baden gr g, 1886, by Steinway 
Bloomfleld Maid, by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonian 2:24% 

Badger Boy, gr s, 1882, by Swigert 
Badger Girl, by Black Flying Cloud 
(dead) . 2:27% 

Badger Boy, b g, 1872, by Leon, dam 
by Vermont Hero (dead) 2:29 

Badger Girl, gr m, 1866, by Black 
Flying Cloud (dead) 2:22% 

Badger State, b s 1884, by Billy 
Sprague Nelly Lefler 2:30 

Badoura, b m, 188, by Gideon, dam 
by Gen. Knox 2:26% 

Baker, b g, 1890, by Sphinx, dam by 
Pilot Medium 2:19% 

Balance All, b m, 1883, by Brigadier 
Nellie McCracken, by Billy Mc- 
Cracken 2:29% 

Baldwin, ch g, by Bacon's Ethan 
Allen 2:24% 

Baldy, b g, 188 by Baird's Hamble- 
tonian Prince, dam by Victor 2:29% 

Baldy T., b g, 1879, by Squire Tal- 
mrge Glasseye 2 :29% 

Balkan, br s, 1885, by Mambrino 
Wilkes Fanny Fern, by Jack Haw- 
kins 2:15 

Ballast, b s, 1887 by Onward Miss 
Redmond, by Bourbon Wilkes 2:29% 

Ballona, br m, 1889, by Stranger- 
Lady Banker, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:11% 

Balmoral Boy, br g, 1885, by Grif- 
fard, dam by Columbus 2:29y 2 

Baltimore, b s, 1891, by Bellman, dam 
by Lancewood 2:30 

Battullo br s, 1890, by Sphinx Flor- 
ence, by Brilliant 2:25 

Balzac Chief, b s, 1886, by Matter- 
horn Bicara, by Harold 2:26% 

Balzarine, b s, 1886, by King Rene- 
Crape Lisse, by George Wilkes 2:27 

Bamboo, br s, 1886, by Lumps Oria 
Wood, by Wildwood 2:28% 

Bamboo, blk g, 1888, by Nutwood- 
Emma, by Mambrino Boy 2:29% 

Bandoline, b m, 1884, by Ambassador 
Ida Miller, by Blue Bull 2:28V 2 

Banner Bearer, b s, 1886, by Standard 
Bearer Maggie Clay, by American 
Clay 2:28% 

Banner Boy ch s, 1887, by Jefferson 
Star Kitty F., by Bacon's Ethan 
Allen 2:23% 

Banner Boy, b g, 1881, by Standard 
Bearer Mattie, by Norman 2:25 

Banner Mark, b s, 1888, by Victor 

Bismarck Moonlight, by Alcyone. . 2:17% 

Bannockburn, ch s, 1888, by Aberdeen 
Abdalletta, by Strader's Cassius 
M. Clay Jr 2:29% 

Ftmquet. ch s, 1884, by Mambrino 
Patch e'nPodie. by George Wilkes . 2 :2i 

Banquo, b g, 1870, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:21 

Baptism, b s, 1889, by Sunolo Lady 
Mambrino, by North Star Mambrino. 2:30 

Barbara Patchen, b m, 1874, by Akers' 
Idol Lady Patchen, by George M. 
Patchen 2:24% 

Barberine, ch m 1882, by Bullion- 
Josephine, by Afambrino I'll it 2:27% 

Barbero, gr s, by Len Rose, dam by 

Crichton 2:29% 

Barclay, b g, 1885, by Monte Cristo 
Doris, by George Wilkes 2:20% 

Barkirola, b s. 1887, by Barkis Kit, 
by Glencoe Golddust 2:26% 

Barada br s, 1888, by Nutbreaker- 
Lavin'ia, by Cuyler 2:22y 2 

Barderah, br s. 1890, by Brown 
Wilkes Miss Lewis, by Nugget ... 2:26% 

Barkis, b g, 1872, by Whirlwind 
Collona, by Green Mountain Black 
Hawk 2:25y 2 

Barnetta. b m. 1892, by Barnhart 
Orianna, by Onward 2:27% 

Barney b g, 1868. by Mike-Kate... 2:25% 

Barney' Allen, blk g, 1879. by Panic 
Fairy Morgan, by Gifford Regu- 
lator 2:26V a 

Barney B., b g, 187, by Budd Doble. 2:27% 

Barney Clay, gr s, 1885, by Abdal- 
brino Fanny Clay, by American 
Clay 2:28 

Barney Clay, ch g, 1880. by Black 
Douglas 2:29% 

Barney Egbert, b s, 1890, by Egbert 
Genevra, by Barney Wilkes 2 :27% 

Barney F., ch s, 1886, by Achilles 
Patt'i, by Wheeler's Harnbletonian 
Star 2:29% 

Barney H., ch g. 186 -. pedigree un- 
known 2:30 

Barney K. ch g 2:25 

Barney Kelly, b g, 1865, by Holland's 
Ethan Allen Morrill Mare 2:25 

Barney Lee, ch g, 1880, by Case's 
Dave Hill 2:25 

Barney Wilkes, b s, 188 i, by Red 
Wilkes Avalanche, by .administra- 
tor 2:23% 

Barnev Wilkes Jr., b g, 188- by Bar- 
ney Wilkes 2:26i/ 2 

Barnhart, b s, 1887, by Jay Bird 
Gussie Wilkes by Mambrino Hoy... 222% 

Barolite. b s, 1889, by r.mvn Wilkes 
Lamberta. by Daniel Lambert ... 2:2iy 3 

Baron, b s, 1882. by Hersey Phillls, 
by Young Golddust 2:29% 

Baron Brown, blk s, 1892, by Ber- 
muda 2:24% 

Baron Brown, br s, 1887. by Baron 
Wilkee Brownie, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:26% 

Baron Crisp, b s. 1891. Dy Baron 
Wl.kes Maria, by Cuvler 2:24 

B''t"i Lillon. b s, 1891. hr Baron 
Wilkes Mattie Nutwood, by Nut- 
wood 2:18% 

Baroness, gr m, 1886 by Hambriuu 
Zephyr, by Mambrino Patchen... 2:30 

Baronet.' b s, 1890. by Baron Wilkes 
Lamberta, by Daniel Lambert... 2:11% 

Baron Jean, b s, 1890, by Baron 


19 Jean, by Kentucky jFrmce.. 

Baron Luff, b s, 1869. by Happy Med- 
iumBelle Boyd, by Sherman Black 
Hawk ............................... 

Baronmore, br s, 1890, by Baron 
Wilkes May Wagner, by Strath- 
more ............................. 

Baron Posey, b e, 1888, by Baron 
Wilkes Neva, by Nutwood ........ 

Baron Rogers, br s. 1890. by Baron 
Wilkes Ashland Maid, by Ashland 
Chief .... ............................ 

Baron Rose, b s, 1888, by Stamboul 
Minnehaha, by Stevens' Bald 
Chief ................................ 

Baron Russell, b s, 1886, by Baron 
Wilkes Alpha Russell, by Mam- 
brino Russell ........................ 

Baron Wilkes, br s, 1882 by George 
Wilkes Belle Patchen, by Mambrino 
Patchen ............................. 

Barry Golddust, br s, 1882, by High- 
land Golddust Kit Jarrard, by Har- 
wood's Turk (dead) ................ 

Ban-more, blk s, 1884, by Leland 
Bessie, by Victor Bismarck ....... 

Bartholdi, b s, 1884. by Belvidere 
Goshen Maid, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian ............................... 

Bartholdi Patchen, ch s. 1886, by 
Seneca Patchen Nelly Daniels, by 
Seneca Chief ........................ 

Bashaw (Butler's), b s, 1880, by 

Green's Bashaw Dolly 

s, 1882 

Bashaw Bill, ch s, 1882 by Harold 

C. Sally, by Green's Bashaw 
Bashaw Jr.. ch s, 1860, by Green's 

Bashaw Fanny Poss, by Young 

Green Mountain Morgan ........... 

Bashaw Maid, ch m, 1866, by Plow 

Boy ................................. 

Bashawmont, b s, 1886 by Egmont 

Lady McCoy, by Amboy ........ 

Basil Duke, rn g. 186, by Garrard 

Chief, dam by Copperbottom ....... 

Bassileen, b m, 188, by Nutbreaker 
Bassinger Boy, br g, 1880, by Black 

Bassinger Dot by Addison Jr ..... 
Bassora. br s, 1887. by Greenbacks- 

Bella B., by Pasaeaa ............... 

Bateman, b g, 186, by Black Harry 

Clay Nell, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 

tonian (dead) ....................... 

Bay, b g, 1868, by Gideon Fanny 

Knox, by Gen. Knox ............ 

Baybrino b g, 1872, by Swigert Bona 

zella .. ............................... 

Bay Cedar, b a. 1887. by Red Cedar- 

Kate Barr, by Broughton .......... 

Bay Charley, b g, pedigree and his- 

tory unknown ...................... 

Bay Chief tan, b g. 1874. by John F. 

Payne Fanny Williams, by Alex- 

ander's Abdallah .................... 

Bay Dick, b g, 1872, by Howser's 

Hiatoga dam by a son of Duff 

Green ............................... 

Bay Fanny, b m, 1869, by Nigger 

Baby Franchise .................... 

Bay Frank, b g, 1877, by Tornado 

Grover ................ . .............. 

Bay Frank, b g, 1881, by Commodore 

Vanderbilt, dam by Reddick's Mam- 

brino ................................ 

Bay Henry, b g, 185 by Mambrino 

Chief Orange Blossom (dead) ...... 

Bay Henry, h s, by Mambrino Swigert 
Bay Hull, b g, 1886, by Hull Flora, 


2:21V 2 


2:24y 2 







2:28 ',4 









2 :28 



by Black Squirrel 

Bay Jack, b g, 1863, by Victor . 

Barney K., ch g 

Bay Mate, b g, 1876, by Pacing Ab- 
dallah Lottie, by Parson's Abdallah 

Bayonne Prince, blk s, 1879, by Ken- 
tucky Prince Emily O. (dead) 

Bay Rose, b s, 1881, by Sultan- 
Madam Baldwin, by The Moor 

Bay Rum, br s, 1887, by John Seven- 
oaksKitty S., by Quien Sabe 

Bay State Morgan, b g, by Sherman 

Bay Sultan,' b 's,' 1887,' 'by ' 'Std'tan 
Annie Cook, by Pacing Abdallh.... 

Bay Thorn, b g, 1885, by Hawthorne 
B:'own Nelly, by Gen. McClellan. 

Bay Thornwood, b g, 1883, by Key- 
stone Thorndale Princess, by Thorn- 

Bay Tom, b g, 187, by Honest John, 
dam by Grey Jack 

Bay Tom, b g, 188, by Aberdeen 

Bay Victor, b s, 1887, by Black Victor 
Elnora, by Administrator 

Bay Whalebone, b g, 1862, by Whirl- 
wind (dead) 

Bay Wilkes, b g, 188 by Black 

Bay Wilkes, b s, 1883, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Anwood, by Forrest Patch- 

Bay Wilkes, b s, 1886 by Mambrino 
Wilkes, dam by Frank Hunter 

Baywood, b e, 1884, by Nutwood- 
Lady Cuyler, by Cuyler 

Baywood b s, 1885, by Blackwood 
Mambrino Lucy Woodruff, by Hi- 
ram. Woodruff 

Bayzant, b s, 1889, by Bezant Fanny 
Payne, by John F. Payne 

B. B. (Billy Barlow), blk g, 1875, by 
Millman's Bellfounder Blackey, by 

B. B. Ouster, b g, 1879, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr. Lady Belle, by Ethan 

B. B. P., b s, 1891, by Pilot Medium, 
dam by Schuyler Coif ax 

Beaconsneld, b g. 1878, by Dean Sage 
Cricket, by Happy Medium 

Beaulak, blk m, 188 

Beaufort Girl, blk m, 188, by Beau- 

Beaumont, ch s, 18, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr 

Beaumont, ch s, 1885, by Le Grand 
Oakgrove Belle, by Arthurton 

Beauregard, ch g, 1878, by Mohican- 
Nelly Mack 

Beaury Me, b g, 1886, by Nephew- 
Nelly, by Gen. McClellan 

Beautiful Bells, blk m, 1872, by The 
Moor Minnehaha, by Stevens Bald 

Beautiful Chimes, b m, 1889, by 
Chimes Maid of Honor, by Mam- 
brino King 

Beauty, b m, 188, by Chi&more 

Beauty (Effie G.), b m, 1874, by Blue 
Bull Cora 

Beauty Bells, b m, 188, by Bell Boy 

Beauty Bright, b m, 1878, by John 
Bright Tennie C., by Young Pacelot 

Becky Sharp, br m, 1882, by Cori- 
anderJudy O'Can, by Evan Dim. . . 

Beconian, rn s, 1890, by Jay Bird 

Bedah, b m, 188, by "Nutwood 





















2 '2% 






Medah, by Combat 2:27% 

Bedford, b s, 1881, by Strathmore 
Kate Patcnen. by Mambrino Patchen 2:30 

Bedouin, ro s, 1888, by Jay Bird Cin- 
namon .' 2:25% 

Bedworth, cb. s, 1890, by Wildnut 
Julia Benton. by Gen. Benton 2:27 

Bee, ch m, by Aaron Pennington 2:24% 

Beechnut, br s, 1883, by Masterlode 
Lady Beech, by Burwell'e St. Law- 
rence 2:29 

Beeswax, ch g, 1880, by Diamond Vol- 
unteerDolly Holmes, by Revenge. . 2:23 

Belfast , b s, 1887, by Mambritonian 
Daisy F., by Banker Messenger... 2:29^ 

Belford, gr s, 1881, by Woodford Pilot 
Belle Dudley, by Belmont 2:21 

Belford E., b g, by Champion Merrill. 2:27% 

Belfry, b g, 1891, by Bellman Black 
Kate, by Gould's Clay 2:24% 

Belgia, b m, 1889, by Belgium Mollie 
Brown 2:26% 

Belinda, b m, 1889, by Bezant Bessie 
Vogt, by Backman's Idol 2:21% 

Bella, b m, 1867, by Rysdyk's Hain- 
bletonian Lady McMann, by Jupiter 2:22 

Bellado, gr s, 1890, by King Wilson- 
Bird, by Legal Tender 2:25% 

Bellaire, br s, 188, by Quartermas- 
ter, dam by Daniel Lambert 2:28 

Bella Wilkes, b m, 1885, by Wilkie 
Collins Belle Messenger, by Mes- 
senger Duroc 2:18% 

Bell Bird, br m, 1890, by Electioneer 
Beautiful Bells, by The Moor 2:22 

Bell Boy br s, 1885, by Electioneer 
Beautiful Belle, by The Moor (dead) 2:19 ] 

Belie, gr m, 188, by Dauntless, .... 2:' 

Belle, b m, 1865, by Ericsson 2:28' 

Belle 2:18 

Belle, b m, 188 2:25% 

Belle A., b m, 1888, by Ashland Al- 
mont Lady Belle, by Richard's 
Bellfounder 2:30 

Belle A., b m, 1888, by Clayford 
Lucy Denmark, by Hamlet 2:29% 

Belle A., br m, 1882, by Tilton Al- 
mont Flora 2:29 

Belle A-cher, b m, 1887, by Rene- 
Mary Dake, by Enfield 2:12% 

Belle B., blk m, 188, by Jim Haw- 
kins, dam by Mormon Chief 2:26% 

Belle B., b m, 1888, by Alinont Ledo 
Oonchita, by Kentucky Prince 2:25% 

Belle B., blk m, by Hope So 2:26% 

Belle B., b m, 1887, by J. R. Shedd 
Abbie, by Bay Joe 2:24 

Belle Brandon, blk m, 188, by Can- 
didate 2:26% 

Belle Brasfield, b m, 1867, by Cripple 
Sally Chorister, by Mambrino 
Chorister (dead) 2:20 

Belle Cassett, gr m, 1888. by Wil- 
loughby Cleopatra, by War Call.. 2:13% 

Belle Chapman, b m 2:26% 

Belle Corbin, ch m, 188, by Corbin 
Bashaw 2:23% 

Belle D., ch m, 188, by Rocket .... 2:28% 

Belle D., ch m, 1884, by Warwick 
Boy, dam by Tattler Jr 2:29% 

Belle Dean, blk m, 1869, by Gen. 
Lyon Jessie Meader, by John Loher 2:30 

Belle Echo, b m, 1876, by Echo Titus 
Mare, by Williamson's Belmont 2:20 

Belle Electric, b m, 1889, by Elec- 
tioneerSapphire, by Jay Gould 2:29'/a 

Belle Electric, gr m, 188 by Elec- 
tioneer , 2 :30 

Belle F., b m, 1878, by Masterlode 

Belle Hastings, by Magna Charta. . 
Belle Ferguson, b m, 1886, by Fergu- 

sonBonnie ....................... 

Belleflower, b m, 1889, by Crown 

Prince, dam by Amber ............ 

Belleflower, br m, 1889, by Electioneer 

Beautiful Bells, by The Moor ... 
Belleflower, b m, 188, by Millman's 

Bellfounder ....................... 

Belle Franklin, blk m, 1879, by Ben. 

Franklin Dolly Richards, by "Black- 

stone ............................. 

Belle Freeman, b m, 1886, by Free- 

manGray Bird, by Gavanaugh'e 

War Eagle ........................ 

Belle Girl, b m, 188, by Artemas... 
Belle Girl, b m, 1886, by Ben Frank- 

linLady Beck, by Independent . . 
Belle Grande, ch m, 1887, by The 

Grande Oak Grove Belle, by Ar- 

thu-.-ton ........................... 

Belle H., ch m, 1871, by Fisk's Bel- 

mont Topsy ...................... 

Belle H., b m, 188 by Bishop ....... 

Belle Hamilton, b m, 1883, by John 

E. Wood, dam by Pilot Duroc ...... 

Belle Hamlin, br m, 1879, by Hamlin's 

Almont Jr. Toy, by Hamlin Patchen 
Belle Harper, b m, 188, by Harper. 
Belle Hyler, b m, 1880, by Hall's Mo- 

hawk Jr. Gypsey, by Tom Tucker 

Jr ................................. 

Belle Isle, b m, 1879, by Cuyler Kitty 

Johnston, by Mambrino Patcheu.... 
Belle J., b m, 1880 by Dauntless- 

Gypsy, by Simpson's Black Hawk.. 
Belle Jefferson, ch m, 188, by Alex- 

ander Jefferson .................... 

Belle K., blk m, 1882, by Ledger Sor- 

rel Kit, by Flying Cloud. . . ......... 

Belle Kerns, b m, 188, by Mohican 
Belle Lawrence, b m, 1867, by Lafol- 

ette's Red Buck, dam by George 

Bell .............................. 

Belle M., br m, 1887, by Ensign 

Sarah C., by Blackwood Jr ........ 

Belle Martin, b m, 1886, by Tom Cor- 

win Lou Martin by Connor's Hail- 

storm Jr ........................... 

Belle Medium, gr m, 1888, by Pilot 

Medium Medaline, by Day Star ____ 
Belle Medium, b m, 1883, by Happy 

Medium Argenta, by Almont Light- 

ning .............................. 

Belle Middleton, b m, 1884, by Bay 

Middleton Spider, by Lexington 

Chief Jr ........................ ... 

Belle Monte, b m, 1885, by Elec- 

tioneerMonte Belle, by Mohawk 

Chief ............................. 

Belle Mora, ch m, 1881, by Almore 

Belle, by Oliver .................... 

Belle Noble, br m, 1882, by Master- 

lode Lady Forrester by Field's 

Royal George ...................... 

Belle Oakley, ch m, foaled 186, by 

Garibaldi ......................... 

Belle of Abscota, b m, by Sphinx... 
Belle of Albany, br m, 1887, by Abra- 

hamNelly Pratt, by Pratt's Rifle- 

man .............................. 

Belle of Fitchburg, b m, 187 by 

Paragon .......................... 

Belle of Kalmia, b m, 1877. by Ridge- 

wood Kalmia Jane, by Schuyler Col- 

fax, ............... .: ...... ' ....... . 

Belle of Lexington, ch m, 1874, by 

Magna Gharta Polka, by Richard 

2 -28% 
2 -28% 




2 -21% 

_. J/.< 





2 :30 



2 :25 



2:27'/ 2 



2 :28 


2 :30 




Belle of Montour, b m, 1887, by Mo- 
hawk Chief Lady Weed, by Buck- 
ley's Clay 

Belle of Navarre, ch m, 1881, by Am- 
bassador dam by Scott's Hiatoga . . 

Belle of Portland, b m, 1850, by With- 
erell Messenger (dead) 

Belle of Saratoga, br m, 184, by 
Vermont Black Hawk Poll Roe 

Belle of Shelby, gr m, 1887, by FIsk'e 

Belle of Toronto, gr m, 1863, by To- 
ronto Chief (dead) 

Belle Ogle, br m, 1878, by Mohawk Jr. 
Hall's Lady Ogle, by Tom Tucker 

Belle Pedro, b m, 188 by Don Pedro 

Belle Pepper, b m, 188 by Pepper. . 
le Red, b m, 1891 by Red Wilkes 

2:2&y 4 



2:2iy a 

2:29y 4 


Krminie G., by Almont 

Belle Pedro, br m * 

Bellerene, ch m, 1882, by Tremont 
Lady Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:26% 

Bellronial, b m, 1892, by Baronial- 
Belle Clay by Strader's C. M. Clay 
Jr 2:29y 4 

Belle S., b m, 1875, by Andy Johnson- 
Flora Dunn, by Champion Fox-hun- 
ter 2:28% 

Belle S., b m, 1880, by Menelaus 
Belle, by Red Cloud 2:25 

Belle Shacket, ch m, 1876, by Abra- 
ham Cloverfed, by De Long's Ethan 
A;len (pacing record 2:27%) 2:27y 2 

Belle Smith, ch m, 1869, by Bearce 
Horse (dead) 2:26 

Belle Spencer, b m, 1875, by Black 
Ralph, dam by Langford 2:26>4 

Belle Stanton, br m, 1887, by Gen. 
Stanton Jenny, by Gilderoy 2:24^, 

Belle Strickland ch m, 1860, by Mer- 
row Horse Welch Mare, by With- 
erell Messenger (dead) 2:26 

Belle Thorne, b m, 1886, by Haw- 
thorne Gail McMahon, by McMahon 2:27 

Belletone, b m, 1892, by Bellman, 
dam by Othello 2:30 

Bellette, b m, 1892, by Bellman, dam 
bv Laucewood 2:24V4 

Belle Truitt, gr m, 1885, by Hazel 
Bashaw Hale Mare, by Telegraph 2:25^2 

Belle Truxton, blk m. 1889, by Trux- 
ton Miss Preston, by Prince Orloff 2:30 

Belle Underbill, b m, 1884, by Walter 
Lewis Flora, by John Bull 2:26'/4 

Belle Unrue, b m. 1884, by Ajax 
Jennie, by Blue Bull 2:29 J /i 

Belle Ure b m, 1888, by Hambrino 
Fashion,' by Curtis' Hambletonian. . 2:19V 2 

Belle Vara, b m, 1887, by Vatican- 
Nell, by Estill Eric 2:08% 

Bellevue Wilkes, ch s, 1887, by Rea 
Wilkes Lady Oassell, by Shelby 
Chief 2:27% 

Belle W., blk m, 1885, by Selkirk- 
Juno, by Sawdust 2-1914 

Belle W.. b m, 188 by Highland 
Chief 2:291,4 

Belle Weriie. b m 2:29' X 4 

Belle Whitney, gr m, 18S7, by White- 
line Hotspur Girl, by Hotspur Jr.. 2-30 

Belle Wilkes, b m. 1885. by Young 
Wilkes Belle of Johnson, by Narra- 
gansett 2:28% 

Belle Wilson, ch m, 1876, by Blue 
Bull Kate Jennings, by St. Law- 
rence II ." 2 -23% 

Belle Wilson, gr m, 1886, by Jim Wil- 

son, dam by Thomas A. Scott 2:2o 

Belle Wilson, b m, 187 by Mam- 
brino Bruce Miss Wilson 2:24*4 

Belle Wilson, ch m, 1880, by Georgt> 
Wood 2:28% 

Belle Wythe, b m, 1882, by Toronto 
Patcheu Lady Lightfoot, by Flax- 
tail 2:27y 2 

Bellini, br s, 1887 by Artillery- 
Merry Clay, by Harry Clay 2:13y; 

Bellman, b s, 1886, by Indiaman 
Lulu F., by Ericsson 2:14% 

Bellman, b s, 1888, by St. Bel Daisy 
D., by Goldstone 2:28% 

Bellona, br ru, 1889 by Brown Wilkes 
Lottie D., by Homer 2:29V4 

Belle Peters, b s, 1885, by Sterling 
Boy, dam by American Clay 2:29 

Bellton, b s, 1888, by Belden Boy 
Mollle Miner, by Steinbok 2:24% 

Bell Town, br e, 1888. by St. Bel- 
Rosa Blackwood, by Blackwood. .. .2:20V4 

Bellwether, ch s, 1888, by Viking- 
Christine, by Wood's Hambletonian 2:19*4 

Bellwood, b m, 1887, by Nutgrove 
Lady Gay, by Volunteer Star 2:30 

Belmout, b g. 1882, by Belmont Dolly 2:28& 

Belmont Prince, b s, 1888, by Wax- 
fordMaggie Shea, by Jefferson 
Prince 2:iT : /4 

Bel Onward, blk m, 1889, by St. Bel 
Hildegarde, by Onward 2:23 

Belva B., b m, 188, by Artemas... 2:20*4 

Belva May, ch m 188, by St. Glair. . 2:29V4 

Ben All, b g, 187 by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2:22 

Ben Anna, b g, by a Dreunon horse. . 2:29 

Ben B., b g, 1885, by Ridge wood- 
Jess, by Young Warrior 2:17*& 

Ben Bolt, dn g, 1884, by Giltedge 
Trouble, by Gus Henry 2:27*/ 2 

Ben Butler, b g, 2:29 

Ben Buxton, b g, 188^-, by Bartholo- 
mew Wilkes, dam by Roily Seymour 2:26% 

Ben Cole, b g, 1884, by Ben Lomond 
Jr. Molly Cole, by Cardinal 2:23% 

Ben Corbitt, b s, 1888, by William 
Corbitt Jessie M., by A. W. Rich- 
mond 2-21 

Ben Davis ch g, 1885, by Great Tom 
Lena 2-19y* 

Ben Downs, b g, 1889, by Allie Wilkes 
Madge, by Case's Dave Hill 2:29*4 

Ben Duroc, br g, by Duroc . 2:26*,4 

Benedicta, gr m, 1889, by Waterloo- 
Young Nelly Haynes, by Harry Wise 2:29*4 

Benediction, ch s, 1887 by Benefactor 
Abutillon, by Belmont 2:27*A 

Benefactor, ch s, 1882, by Egbert- 
Mary, by Woodford Mambrino 2:28 

Benefactor, b s, 1884, by Gen. Benton 
Frolic, by Harry Clay 2:29% 

Ben Flagler, gr g. 186, by Niagara 
Chief (dead) 2:26y> 

Ben Franklin, ch s, 1873, by Daniel 
Lambert Black Kate, by Addison.. 2-29 

Ben Gage, b g, 187, by Swigert 2:30 

Ben Gaines, b g, 188, by Allie 
Gaines, dam by Star of the West. . . 2:27>4 

Ben H.. b g, 1887, by McOurdy's 
Hambletonian Jr. Old Gal 2 :16^ 

Ben H., b s, 1888, by Star Ethan 
Merse, by Isham Morgan 2:30 

Ben H., b g, 1890, by Elyria, dam by 
Hotspur Jr 2:25*4 

Ben Haden, ch s, 1885, by Robert 
Burns Irene, by Almont Rattler 2:30 

Ben Hulett, b s, 1882, by Louis Napo- 



leon Mattie Hulett, by Bay Middle- 

ton .............................. 2:26y 4 

Ben Hur, b s, 188-, by Elial G ....... 2:29% 

Ben Hur, b s, 1884, by Hambrino 

Pearl, by Hero of Thqrudale ........ 2:24 

Beu Hur, ch g, by Jeft'e sou Prince- 

Bobbie, by Bacon's Ethan Allen ____ 2:29v4 
Ben Hur, ch g, 1888, by Howard's 

Champion, darn by Golddust ........ 2 :'2i^ 

Ben K., br g, 1881, by Ozark, dam by 

Abdallah Boy ..................... 2:27% 

Ben Kiuney, b g, 1888, by Black's 

Hambletonian ................... 2:21% 

Ben Lambert, oh g, 1883, by Daniel 

Lambert Lady Malcomb ............ 2 :2T 

Ben Lomond Jr., ch s, 1877, by Ben 

Lomond, dani by Morgan Sunipter 

(dead) ............................ 2:27 

Ben McOlellau, ch g, by Drew Horse 

(dead) ............................ 2:30 

Ben Morrill, br s, 1868, by Wlnthrop 

MoiTill, dam by Golurnbus. . .^ ...... 2:27 

Benny B., ch g 1888, by Butler's Ba- 

shaw Alfarata, by Somonauk ...... : 

Benny O., 1> g, 1888, by Indianapolis 

Jr. Clipper, by Albert .............. 2:22% 

Benoni, 1> s, 1886. by Pretender- 

Sport, by Onward'. ..." ............. 2 :22Vi 

Ben-no-nie, b s, 1884, by Joe Gavin 

Napoleon Maid, by Louis Napoleon. . 2:25 
Ben S., b g, 1886, tfy Intliamau, dam 

by Haihpton ..................... 2:25 

Ben Smith, gr g, 186, by Young 

Columb'us, aBOSt'lty Vermont Hamble- 

tonian ........................... 2:2T 

Ben Star, b g, 1876. by Tom Hazzard 

Dolly Buxton, by John Richards 

Jr^tpirCtng record 2:19%) (dead) ____ 2:21% 
Beuteer, b g, 1SS6, by Kentucky Vol- 

unteerBen Bay, b'y Ben Lomond Jr. 2:30 
Ben ton, b a-, 18Sa, by Gen Benton 

America, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:20% 
Bentoneer, b s, 1885, by Gen. Benton 

Guess, by Electioneer ............ 2:28"'/i> 

Benton M., ch s, 1888, by~ - Gov. Benton 

Sadie M., by Dauntless ............. 2:10V4 

Bentou Wilkes, b-s, 1889, by Alcone 

Jessie Benton, by Jim Scott ........ 2:22 

Ben V., b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 

Rena C., by Messenger Chief ....... 2:29% 

Ben Wallace, b g, 1886, by Hamenger 

Nettie, by Mambrino Pilot Jr ..... 2:19vi 
Ben Williams, b g, 18 (linger?), by 

Iron Dnke? ....................... 2:2V4 

Ben Wi-kes, blk g, 188, by Defender, 

dam by Motion ................... 2 :26 

Ben Wright, br s, 1879, by Royal 

Fearnaught Mag Peterson, by Mas- 

terlode ........................... 2:30 

Benzoni, b s, 1891, by St. Bel Beulah 

West, by Abdallah West ........... 2:30 

Berceto, eh s, 1890, by Antevolo 

Nelly Rose, by Sacramento ......... 2:29 

Bergen, b g, 1877, by Messenger 

Duroc Belle of Richmond, by 

Rysdyk's Hambletonian ........... 2:26% 

Berkshire Belle, b m, 1886, by Alcyone 

Belle Brasfield, by Viley's Cripple. 2:22% 
Be:imuda, bl s, 1883. by Banker Pat- 

tie Patchen, by Mambrino Patchen. 2:20^4 
Bermuda Boy, ro s, 1889, by Bermuda 

Baby Mine, by Stonewall Jackson. 2:20-)4 
Bermuda Girl, br m, 1892, by Ber- 

mudaAnnie McKee, by Red Wilkes 2:21V 4 
Bermuda Chief, b s, 188 by C. F. 

Clay-^Juanita, by Messenger Chief.. 2:29^4 
Berna Dotte, b s, 1890, by Wilton- 

Mary Morn, by Hambrino .......... 2:29 ; / 2 

Bernal, b s, 188 1 -, by Electioneer Re- 

becca, by Gen. Benton 2:17 

Bernice Medium, blk m, 1891, by 
Riley Medium 2:27% 

Berry, bl s, 188, by Delmarch 2:26'/ 4 

Bert B., ch g, 1881, by Dan Brown- 
Flora S., by Zero 2:29% 

Bertha, b m,' 1884, by Egmout Polka 
Dot, by Senator Madden 2:29% 

Bertha, ch m, 1877, by Blue Bull- 
Kit, by Wolf Cockspur 2:23% 

Bertha, br m, 1879 by Hambletonian 
Downing Belle Clay, by Strader's 
Cassius M. Clay Jr 2:27 Vi 

Bertha C., ch m, 188, by Warlock.... 2:29% 

Bertha C., ch m, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Bertha D., blk m, 1890, by Duraugo, 
dam by Fairy Gift 2 :22% 

Eertha Clay, bl m, 1874, by Henry 
Clay Jr. Rosekranz, by Edwin For- 
rest 2:30 

Eerthard, b m, 1880, by St. Gothard-- 
Grace Bertram, by New Jersey 2 :29 

Bertha S., b m, 1878, by Bonnie Bay 
Belle of Cayuga, by Post's Ham- 
bletonian Prince " 2:29% 

Bertie, gr m, 1867, by Blue Bull, dam 
by Tom Orowder. . . '. 2:27 

Bertie Girl, b m, 1889, by Jay Bird- 
Kate, by Abdalbrino 2:23% 

Bertie M., gr m, 188, by Iowa Chief. 2:27% 

Bertie R., b m, 1888, by Wilkomont 
Red, by Red Eagle 2:15';4 

Bertie Sprague, b m, 188, by Gov. 
Sprague 2 :24 

Bertnot, br g, 188 by Billy Wilkes.. 2:29% 

Bert Oliver, b s, 1889, by Ashland 
Wilkes lone Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 2:19% 

Eertrace, b m, 1871, by Rysdyk Polly 
Barber, by Bully King 2:27% 

Bertrace Patchen, br m, 1885, by Sen- 
eca Patchen Bertrace, by Rysdyk. . 2:29 

Bertrina, br m, 1885, by Jerome Eddy 
Miss Bryant, by Mambrino 
Patchen ' 2:23 

Bert Sheldon, br g, 187, by War- 
wick Boy Cole, by Priestinan 2:29 : / 4 

Eert Sheldon Jr., blk g, 1883, by War- 
wick Boy Cole, by Priestmai 2:16% 

Burwick, b g, 188, by Ned Wilkes, 
dam by Lambert Chief 2:30 

Berwick Boy, gr g, 1884, by Pilot 
Medium Sparta Girl (dead) 2:24% 

Beeor, b g, 1877, by Bartholomew 
Wilkes Puss Cook, by Mambrino 
Clay 2:28% 

Bees, ch m, 1887, by Elmo Miss Mor- 
rill, by Winthrop Morrill 2:29% 

Bessie, ch m, 1876, by Blue Bull Os- 
burn 2:17% 

Bessie br m, 1875, by Marmadiike 
Fanny 2:2(>% 

Bessie, b m. 1881, by Ben Franklin- 
Gypsy, by Bay Lambert 2:20% 

Bessie Allen, b m, 1888, by Dresden- 
Fanny Parvin, by Green's Bashaw.. 2:2U% 

Bessie Bell, g m, by Green's St. Bel- 
Belle D, by Dempsey's Belmout 2:29% 

Bessie Benton, ch m, 1888, by Gov. 
Benton Dolly Varden. by Clarence 2:2(5% 

Bessie Burton, b m, 1885, by Nut- 
woodMotto, by Cuyler 2:22% 

Bessie C., ch m, 1881, by Red Wilkes 
Belle, by Stockbridge Duke 2:30 

Bessie C., bl m, claimed to be Old 
Maid, by Monogram 2:29% 

Bessie Cecil, br m, 1888. by Gulvallis 
Lucy Cecil, by Driftwood 2:29% 

Bessie Chimes, b m, 1889 by 'Jhirnes 



dam by Hamlin's Almont Jr.. ..... 

Bessie D., b m, 188, by Aberdeen. . 
Bessie F., br. m, 1886, by Athlete- 

Lady Graves (dead) .......... ...... 

Bessie G., br m, 1878 by Almont Boy 
Bird, by Stansifer's Clay .......... 

Bessie H., b m, 188 by Abraham.. 
Bessie Jordan, b m, 1891, by Gam- 

betta Lucy's Last, by Danville 

Wilkee ............................ 

Bessie M., b m, 187 by Messenger 

Chief Lady Elgin ................ 

Bessie P., bl m, 1884, by Lumps Net- 

tie Howell, by Ashland Chief ...... 

Bessie B., b m, 188, by Webb's 
Hambletonian Bashaw ............ 

Bessie R., b m, 188, by France ---- 

Bessie S,, b m, 1884, by Prince Albert, 

dam by Vick's Ethan Allen Jr ..... 
Bessie S., b m, 188, by Clayford.. 
Bessie Sheridan, bl m. 1879, by Phil 

Sheridan Puss .................... 

Bessie Thorne br m, 188, by Haw- 








thorneBessie Sedgwiek 

y Joe 

Bessie Trego ch m, 1889, by Trego 

Preston Mare, by Frankfort Chief. . 
Bessie W., ch m, 188, by Como ...... 

Bessie Wilkes, bl m, 1886, by Sealskin 

Wilkee lette, by Mambrino Patchen 
Bessie Wilkes, b m, 1884 by Young 

Wilkes Bessie, by Bristol .......... 

Bessie Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Wilkes 

Boy Lucy Thorn, by Mambrino 

Thorne ............................ 

Bessie Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Major 

Fowler Ella Wilkes. by Red Wilkes 
Bessie Wilkeswood, ch m, 1889, u> 

Wilkeswood Silkie A., by Golden 

Bow .............................. 

Best Way bl g, 1891, by Prince Red 

Claypso, by Steinway ............. . 

Bethel, b m, 1885, by Beauclerc Nelly 

K. by Black Ranger .............. 

Bethlehem King, br a, 1887, by The 

King Lena Gist, by Almont Senti- 

nel ............................. .. .. 

Bethlehem Star, b s, 1882, by Volun- 

teer Star Grey Eaglet, by Dick 

Hambletouian ..................... 

Betina, b m, 188 , by Egbert ....... 

Bet Madison, b m, 1891, by James 

Madison Betsy Trotwood, by Ab- 

bottsford ......................... 

Betsey Ann, ch m, 187, by Hoag- 

land Horse, dam by Marshall Chief 
Betsey Baker, b m, 1879, by Dictator 

Mother Hubbard, by Johnston's 

Toronto ........................... 

Betsy Belle, b m, 1890, by Belmont 

Betsy Baker, by Dictator ........... 

Betsey Braun, bl m, 1881, by Master- 

lode Minnie, by Winthrop Mori-ill.. 
Betsy Britton, br m, 1888. by Egotist 

Crepon, by Princeps . '. 
Betsy O., b m, by Mohawk Hamble- 

tonian ............................ 

Betsy Cotton, rn, in, 1886, by Jay 

Bird Flora Pilot .............. ____ 

Betsy Trotwood, bl m 1883, by Atlan- 

tic ................................ 

Betterman, ch g, 188, by Betterton 
Betty, b m, 1887, by Dictator Chief- 

Annie by Nelson's Onward ........ 

Betty B., b m, 1878. by Enfield Jr. 

Midnight by Crim's Black Hawk .. 
Betty Battle, b m, 188 by Jessie 

James ......................... . . . 


2:26V 2 









2:29 l / 











Betty Jones, b m, 1880, by Abdallah 
Mambrino Charlotte, by John 

Betty K., ch m, 1881. by Mambrino 
Lexington Nelly 

Betty King, b m, 1890, by Bettertou 

Mambrino Beauty, by Mambrino 

Betty Mac, ch m, 188, by Abdallah 

Beulah. b m, 188, by La Crosse.... 

Beulah, b m 188, by Onawa 

Beulah, ro m, 1880 by William Rysdyk 
Curiosity, by Enquirer 

Beulah, b m, 1882, by Gen. Knox 
Lucia by Jay Gould '. 

Beulah C., ch m, 1891, by Badger 
Clay, dam by Gov. Wilkes (dead) 
(pacing record 2:28%) 

Beuzetta, b m, 1891, by Onward Be u- 
l?h, by Harold 

Beverly, br, s, 1890, by Sable Wilkes 
Huntress, by Arthurtcn 

Beiwilder, b g by Baywood 

Bezant, b s, 1885, by Chichester 
Bicara, by Harold 

Bezant Rule, b s, 1889, by Bezant- 
Kate Kelly, by Backman's Idol 

B. F. Solon, br s, 188, by Glenalen 

B. G. gr m, 188 by Plumstone 

B. G.,' b m, 188, by Puritan 

Biwabic, b s, 1892, by Bezant 

Bianca, b m, 1889. by Hampshire- 
Echo, by Don J. Robinson 

Bianca, b m, 1888, by Brown Wilkes 
Nicotera, by Nugget (dead) 

Bickford, dn g, 186-, by Black Chief 
dam by Gen. Taylor 

Biddy B., b m, 188 by Amboy 

Biddy Boru, bl m., 1882, by Iowa Star 
Railroad Maid, by Bonner 

Biddy Donovan, b m, 1887, by Allie 
Wilkes Kit, by Yankee Dan (dead) 

Bifty Duck, b m, 1889, by Bezant- 
Bay Duck, by Guide 

Big Ben, b s, 188, by Confederate 
Chief Maid of Beverly, by Jupiter 

Big Bone, gr g, 188, by Gambetta . . 

Big Brown Jug, br g, 1885, by Referee 
Lilly, by Doble 

Big Charley, b g, 1884. by St. James 

Cynthiana, by Goldsmith Boy 

Big F., b g, 1883, by Broken Leg- 
Myers Mare 

Big Fanny, br m, 1879, by John E. 
Rysdyk Mag, by Davis' Black 
Hawk Morgan 

Big Fellow, br g, 1865 by Edward 

Big Four, ch g, by Hambletonian 

Big Fox, b s, 1889, by Onslaught 
Kapiolani, by Mainspring 

Big Frank, b g, 1880, by Sultan- 
Gibson Mare 

Big Ike, gr g. 1873, by Nick Wall- 
Daisy Looker 

Big Jim, b g, 1881, by Gen. Benton, 
Dame Winnie, by Planet 

Big John, b g, 187, by Pilot Duroc 

Big Lize, b m, 1873. by George M. 
Patchen Jr. Long island Maid, by 
a son of Long Island Black Hawk. . 

Big Me., b s, 1886, by McMahon 
Molly Good, by Blue Bull 

Big Rock, b g, by Little Rock 

Big Soap, b g 1870. by Honesty 




2:26 ~ 


2:2Sy a 



2 29% 


2:23y a 


2:22y 2 









Betty ............................. 

Bijou, b m, 188 by Fred Arnold . . 
Bijou, br g, 1878, by Abdullah Messen- 

gerMcNeil Mare, by Farmer's 

Glory ............................. 

Bill Cody, br s, 1886 by Sprague 

Fanny Bright, by John Bright ---- 
Bill Ed, b g, 186, by Gen. Washing- 

ton (dead) ........................ 

Bill Granger, b g, 1888, by Hainble- 

tonian Wilkes Linnie, by Tom Hun- 

ter ................................ 

Bill Lindsay, gr g, 1889, by Vasco 

Albino, by Albion ................. 

Bill Thunder, b g, 1864, by Robin Clay 

Betsey Thunder, by Alexander's 

Abdallah, (dead) .................. 

Bill, of Expense, b g, 188, by Ham- 

bletonian's Last .................. 

Billy, ch g 185, pedigree not traced 

(dead) ........................... 

Billy, br g, 1871, by Victor Denmark 

Kate Bradley, by Clifton Pilot. . 
Billy, bl g, 188, by Durango ...... 

Billy A., b g, 1884 by Bay Tom Jr. 

Fidele, by Gibson's Tom Hal ..... 
Billy Acker, b g, 1881, by Squire Tal- 

mage Sally Fox, by Seniours' Davy 

Crocket ........................... 

Billy Allen, b g, 188, by Bacon's 

Ethan Allen ...................... 

Billy B, b g, 188, pedigree not traced 
Billy B., gr g, 1883, by Artemas 

Blue Mare, by Combination ........ 

Billy B, b s, 1887, by Little Billly 

Belle Harris, by Billy Cook ...... 

Billy Bachelor, br g, 1883, by Buck- 

eye Chief ....................... 

Billy Barefoot, bl g, 1866, by King 

Herod, dam by Young Green Moun- 

tain Morgan (dead) . T ..... . ......... 

Billy Barr, dn g, 185, by 'Ethan Al- 

len (dead) ......................... 

Billy Bashaw, ch s. 1881, by Golden 

Star Jenny, by Black Flying cloud 
Billy Bashaw, bl g, 188, by Harry 

Bashaw ........................... 

Billy Bell, b g, by Red Wilkes-Lucy 


Billy D., b g, 187, by Daniel Lam- 
bert Capt. Moore's Mary, by Ma- 


Billy D., blk g, pedigree and history 

not recorded 

Billy Day too, b g, 187, by Archy 
Mambrino, dam by Black Hawk 2d 
Billy Dolan, u g. 188, by Golden Seal 
Billy Dow, b g, 186, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 

Billy F., b g, 1887, by Morgrnont ... 
Billy F., b g, 188, by Daudy Boy . . . 
Billy F., br g, 1881, by Mike Logan . . 
Billy Ford ch g, 187, by Blondin 

O'Brien Mare 

Billy Freer, gr g, 1879, by Western 

2:2 ! Fearnaught Grey Nell 

i Billy G., b g, 188, by Brilliant Gold- 

2:27% S dust Ryastraw 

t Billy G., b g, 1886, by Hotspur Chief- 

2-80 i Winnie 

i Billy Guines. br g, 1885, by Allie 

2 :29i4 Gaines Fan 

2:23% Billy H., br g 188, by Dick Execu- 

2:131/4 Billy H., b g, 1885, by Don Pedro 

dam by Donerail 

i Billy H., br g, 1884, by Mambrino 
Dick Dolly 

2 24%; 


2 27% i 

2:23% i 

2:19y 4 







2:28y 2 

by Royal George 

Billy Beverly, bl g, 188 by Jerry 

Jule ............................... 

Billy Bird, ro s, 1887, by Jay Bird- 

Emma G., by Almont ............. 

Billy Blackburn, b g, 188, by Joe 

Blackburn ........................ 

Billy Bolton, br g, 188, by Almont 

Pilot .............................. 

Billy Boy, b g, 187, by Mambrino 

Temple Mary Harney, by St. 

Lawrence Jr .................. 

Billy Burr, b g, 187, by Walkili 

Chief ............................. 

Billy Burton, b g, 1883, by Gypsy Boy 

Lady Burdett ................... 

Billy Button, b g, 188 by Alexander 

Button ........................... 

Billy Button, ch g. 1876. by Baird's 

Hambletonian Prince Logan Maid, 

by Page's Logan 

Billy C.. b g, 188 by Volley 


Billy C., b g, by Middletown Jr. 

by Gen Benton .................... 

Billy Cramer, b s, 1886, by Egmont 

Hattie M., by Flaxtail ............. 

Billy D, b g, by Tarantalus ......... 

Billy D.. b g. 187. by Squire Tal- 

mage Lucy Pilot, by Roscoe Jr. ... 
Billy D., b g, 188, by Tempest ..... 










2:18y 4 
2:23'/ 4 


2:21i/ 4 



Billy Hoskins, gr g, 1861, by Edwin 

Forrest Santa Maria, by Pilot Jr. 


Billy Holmes, b s, 188. by Black 


Billy Hustler, b g, 188, by Charles 

Caffrey Nanny, by Long Island 

Billy Hood,' 'ch ' g" '.'.'.'.'. '. .' '. .' .' '. .' ! .' .' .' .' .* 

Billy K., ch g, 188, by Rysdyk 

Billy I., blk g, 187 by Harry Knox, 
dam by Beale's Horse 

Billy L., b g, 187, pedigree and his- 
tory unknown 

Billy L., br g, 1889, by Platte Flora 
L. by Jack Bambol 

Billy Lambertson, b g, 186, by 
Cloud Mambrino Fox, by Farmer 

Billy Leach, b g, 1882, by Strang's 

Billy M., b, s. 188, pedigree not 

Billy McGregor rn g. 188, by Fergus 

Billy Marshall, bl g, 1877, by Mam- 
brino Patchen Maggie Marshall, by 
Bradford's Telegraph 

Billy Mack, ch g. 1879, by Burger, 
dam by Golddust 

Billy McGregor, ro s, 188 by Robt. 

Billy McGregor, b s, 1883, by Mc- 
Gregor Chief Madam Kirkwood Jr., 
by Captain 

Billy McMahon, ch g, 1886, pedigree 
not traced 

Billy Miller, b s, 1886, by George 
Miller Nellie German, by Satellite... 

Billy Mitchell, b" g, 1884, by C. W. 
Mitchell Wild Duck, by Pearsall... 

Billy Oaks, gr s, 188, by John Sev- 

Billy O'Neil, b g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Billy Parks, gr s, 1891, by Dauntless- 
Cleopatra, by War Call 

Billy Platter, gr g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (deafy 2:26 





2 :2r> 













Marvin cut the world's record for trotters to 2 :08H with Sunol, the 
world's record for trotting stallions to 2 :15J4 with Smug- 
gler and 2 :08% with Palo Alto, and the two- 
year-old record for trotters to 2 :10%. 



The young man who was out with Pamlico 2 :10, 
David R. 2:10 1 / 4 and Miss Nelson 2:12%. 



Billy Q. (Columbus), b g, 1875, by 
BayardFlora, by Blanco ......... 

Billy B., b s, 188, by Billy Stranger.. 
Billy B., gr g, 188, by Young Volun- 

R.Y 'b' g, ' 1873', ' by ciay Pilot- 

Fanny, by Seely's American Star... 
Billy Ray, ro g, 186, by Wood's 

Hambletonian (dead) ............. 

Billy Red, b s, 1889, by Red Wilkes 

Columbia, by Dlxon ............... 

Billy Rysdyk, bl s, 1878, by William 

Rysdyk-Lady Annie, by Henry B. 

Patchen ......................... 

Billy S., b g, 1874, by Regulus, dam by 

Tillott's Hambletonian ............ 

Billy Shedd, b s, 188 by J. R. Shedd 
Billy Terrill, b g, 1880, by W. P. Max- 

wellBirdie Clay, by Tei-rill's Clay. 
Billy Thomas ...................... 

Billy Thomas, gr g, 1888, by Kellar 

Thomas Double Lick, by Mambrino 

Templar Jr ....................... 

Billy Thornhill, b s, 1884, by Beverly 

Wilkes Emily, by George Wilkes.. 
Billy Tompkins, b s, 1883, by Gen. 

George H. Thomas Ella, by Enfleld 
Billy W., gr g, ..................... 

Billy W., br g, 188, by Antar ...... 

Billy Warren, b g, 188, by Albe/t. .. 
Billv White, gr g, 187, by Maury 
Chief .............................. 

Billy Wilkes, br s, 1880, by Harry 

Wilkes Dora Seldon, by Clark Chief 
Billy Wilkes, b g, 1882, by Georgia 

Wilkes Miller Mare .............. 

Billy Wilton, bl s, 1889, by Wilton 

Patchen Lass, by Mambrino Patchen 
Billy Woods, ro s, 1884, by Wood's 

Hambletonian Fan .............. 

Billy Worthington, gr s, 1883, by 

Roger Hanson Rushville Maid, by 

Blue Bull ......................... 

Billy Young, bl s, 188. by Joe Younii'. 
Bion, br s, 1890, by Gen. Beverly Lu- 

laneer, by Piedmont .............. 

Bird, br m, 1882, by Starlight Tops.v, 

by Frank Forrester ............... 

Bird Allevton. ch m, 1889, by Allerton 

Bird, by Mambrino Royal ........ 

Pird Button, gr s, 188, by Alexander 

Button Lettie, by John Nelson . . . . 
Birdseye. ch HI, 1889, by Fred Queen. 
Birdie, b m, 1888, by Egotist Ber- 

nice, by Harold ................... 

Birdie, b" m, 1884, by Whirlwind Chief 

Splinter, by Beat tie's Norman.... 
Birdie, bl m, 1886, by Sidney Annie 

G.. by McClellau Duke ............ 

Birdie C, b in, 1872, by Garibaldi- 

Minnie. by Edward Everett ....... 

Birdie Kgmont, br m, 1884, by Egmont 

Coly Stone:-, by Black Timoleon.. 
Birdie Ensign, b m, 188 , by Ensign. 
Bird McGregor, ro s, 1887, by Jay 

Bird Cross-patch, by Robert Mc- 

Gregor ........................... 

Bishop Dudley, ch s, 1889, by Egotist 

Belle Dudley, by Belmont ....... 

Bishop He-o. b s, 1883, by Bishop 

Lida Kendall, by Hero of Thorndale. 
Bismarck, gr g. 188, by Joe Gavin. . 
Bismarck, gr g, 1886, by Young Joe. . . 
Bismarck, ch s. 1873, by Index Lady 

Weeks, by Williamson's Belmont... 
Bismarck, ch s, 1884, by Hlrsch Bel- 

mont ............................ 

Bismarck Monroe, b s, 1885, by Victor 

Bismarck Miss Monroe, 'by Jim 

Monroe 2 :25 

2:2992 Biemont, b s, 1885, by Victon Bis- 
2:29 l /4 i marck Ducky Almont, by Almont.. 2:18%. 
Bismuth, b s, 188, by Bourbon 

2:24% Wilkes Spot, by Westwood 2:30- 

Bismuth, br m, 188, by Ellerelie 

2:25% Wilkes 2:23% 

Either, b s, 1892, by Kremlin Kan- 

2:23% taka, by Bay State 2:28% 

Bitter Root, b s, 1890, by Lord Byron 
2:28% 'Easel, by Commodore Belmont.... 2:25 
Black Amble, bl g, 1881, by Joe Irving 

Flakey, by Gen. Knox 2:26 i / 4 

2:27 & Black Beauty, blk m, 188, by Heath- 
wood 2:24 

2:2S' M Black Bess, blk m, 188, by Edict... 2:Sl> 
2:30 Black Bass, gr m, 1888, by Monroe 

Chief Bessie, by Gibraltar 2:29% 

2:2S'/4 Black Bess, blk m, 188, by Edict 2:30 

2:2:v, Black Bess, bl m, 187. by St. Elino.. 2:30 
Black Bess, bl m, 1888, by Wellington 

Strathliene 2d, by Strathmore 2:22% 

2:23 Black Bess, bl in, 188, by Algardia.. 2:26'/ 4 
Black Bird, bl m, 188, pedigree not 

2:24^2 traced 

Blackbird, bl s, 1862. by Simpson's 
2:24% Blackbird Jane Smith, by Capt. 

2:25% Lightfoot (dead) 2:22 

2:25% Black Captain, bl s, 1881, by Mazeppa 
2:24'/2 Fillie Lawrence, by Robert Bonner 2:2y% 

Black Cloud, bl s, 1872, by Ashland 

2:281/2 Chief Mrs. Cluke, by Pilot Walker. 2:17'/ 4 

Black Cloud Jr., bl g, 1876, by Black 

2:29% Cloud Nelly Neff 2:25 

Black Diamond, bl g, 1878, by Pe- 
2:20U gasus Lady Taylor, by Stockbridge 

Chief 2:19% 

2:20 Black Diamond, bl g. 1889, by Scott- 
Lady Kale, by Black Damon 2:18% 

2:20% Black Diamond, bl s, 1879, by Gen. 

Lee Black Bess, by Enterprise 2 :29% 

I Black Diamond, bl m, 1877, by Dicta- 

2:27V4 tor Puss Prall, by Mark Time 2:29% 

2:20/4 Black Dick, bl g, 188, breeding un- 
known 2:27',4 

2:24% Black Douglass, bl g, 184, by Henry 

Clay (dead) 2 :30 

2:22 Black Frank, bl g, 1860, by Frank- 
Becky (dead) 2:28Vi 

2:29% Black 'Frank, bl g, 186, by Pony 

Frank (dead) 2:30 

2:29% Black Frank (Frank), bl g, 186, by 

2 :29y. Wild Wagoner 2 :24V 2 

Black Frank, bl s, 188- by Mam- 

2 :27% brino Swigert 2:2714 

Black George, bl g, 188, breeding 

2.28/2 unknown 2:30 

Black Hal, blk s, 188, by Onslaught. 2:29vi 
2:28 Black Hawk, bl g. 1880, by Orphan 

Boy Dolly R., by Billy R 2:20,4 

2:2Sv-( Black Hawk McGregor, g" s. 1883, by 
Robert McGregor Lizzie Drew, by 

2:29 Grey Eagle (Blind Eagle) 2:28 

2:25% Black Ide, bl m, 1882, by Cyclone- 
Madam Beatty, by Monroe Chief... 2:17 
1 Black Jack, bl g. 1882, by Sweep- 
2:23% stakes Emma, by Wilkins Micawber 2 -.2214 
Black Jim, bl g, 188, by Reconstmc- 

2:27 tion 2:29% 

Black Joe. bl s, 1883, by Black Frank 

2:24% Mag Kern, by Nichols' Teinnest. . . 2:29% 

2:28 Black Joe, bl s, 1886, by Altitude 

2:26% Lottie Lee, by Herman I). Patchen. . 2:27</4 

Black Johnny, bl g, 181, pedigree 

2 :29*A not traced 2:30 

Black Jug. bl g, 1875, by Bonnie Scot- 
2:22V4 land Miss Drum, by Black Morgan.. 2:27V4 
Black King, bl s, 1886, by The King 
Toddie, by Pilot Mambrino 2:29V4 



Black Mack, bl g, 186, pedigree noi 
traced (dead) 2: 

Black Morrill, blk s, 1882. by Ben 
Moi-rill .' 2 

Black Nathan, bl s, 1884, by Robinson 
D. Ino, by Morrill Drew 2 

Black Nelly! bl m. 1889. by Howe's 
McGregor Nelly Shaw 2 

Black Pilot, bl s, 1876. by Menelaus 
- Woodburn Maid, bv Woodburn 
Pilot 2; 

Black Pilot, bl s, 1868. by Roscoe - 
Eugenie, bv Swigert's Lexington... 2: 

Black Prince, bl s, 188, pedigree n<i 
traced 2 

Black Prince, bl g, 1877. by "Wilkin.- 
Micawber Miss Brunette.. by 
Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2 : 

Black Prince, bl g, 188, by Frank 
Lee 2 : 

Black Prince, bl s, 1884, by Karl- 
Midnight . . '. 2: 

Black Prince, bl s, 1887. by Bayonn.- 
Prince Pond Lily, by Seneca Chief.. 2: 

Black Raven, blk g, 1889. by Simmons 2: 

Black Shan, bl g. 1878. by Penobscot 
Boy -Fanny, by Crawford Horse... 2: 

Black Slayer, bl s, 1884, by Jackson - 
ville Rhode Island Etta May. by 
< ''ha 'lev Hammett 2: 

Blacksmith, bl g. 188, by a son of 
Von Moltke 2 : 

Blacksmith, bl s, 1878, by Champion 
Knox Rosa, by Oregon Pathfinder. . 2: 

Blacksmith Boy; bl g, 188. by Ben 
Morrill 2; 

Blackstone, bl g, 188 by Blucher 2: 

Blackstone, br s. 1884, by Guy Miller 
Fanny, bv Leyton's ('lay 2: 

Blackstone, >1 g, 187. by Ward's 
Mambrino Chief Brandy 2: 

Blackstone Belle, bl m. isrrfi. by 
Whalebone 2 : 

Black Storm, blk s. 18X6. by Simmons 
Molly Wood, by West wood 2: 

Black S'wan. bl m. 186, by Pratt's 
David Hill 2 : 

Black Tom, bl g, 187, pedigree un- 
known 2 ; 

Black Vic, blk s, 188, by Vitruvian. . 2: 

Black Victor, bl s, 1882, by Alcan- 
taraVictory, by Administrator.... 2: 

Black Wilkes, bl s. 1886, by Bay 
Wilkes Big Mary, by Blue Bull 2 

Black Wilkes, bl s, 1883, by George 
Wilkes Fanny Bell, by Confederate 
Chief 2 

Blackwood, bl s, 1879. by Rock wood- 
Fisher Mare, by Bi'.ly Jackson horse 2 

Blackwood Belle, bl in. 1886. by Phil- 
lips' Blackwood. dam by Horace 
Greely 2 

Blackwood Jr.. bl s, 1871. by Black- 
wood Belle Sheridan, by Blood's 
Black Hawk (dead) 2 

Blackwood Prince, bl s. 1873, by 
Blackwood Voluntary, by Volunteer 2 

Blaine. b g. issl, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Louisa. by Hanilin 
Patchen 2 

Blaine. bl g, 187 by Oregon Path- 
finderKate 2 

Blake, b s, 187, pedigree rot traced. 2 

Blake, b 8. 1890, by Nutwood Rosa 
Wilkes. by George Wilkes 2 

Blameless, b m, 1887. by Black's 
Hambletonian TOdna Spragne. bv 
Gov. Rprague 2 

P.lanalco, b s, 1887. by Artemas , 

Patsey, by Whirlwind 

r.lanohard, b g. 187. by Daniel Lam- 
bert Whalebone, by Carter's Co- 
li mbus 

Blanche, bik m. 1872. bv Draco Sofe. 
by Canada < 'hief ' \ 

Blanche, b m. 1876. by Grey Mc- 
Clellau Bihler Mare, by John Nel- 

Blanche, b m. LS7- -. by Little East- 
ern Clara, by Coming's C. M. Clay 

Blanche,' blk' in. 'ilSO .' liv 'Rail' splitter 
Lucy Beacon (dead) 

Blanche, blk m, 1884, by Star Ham- 
bletonian Peg * 

Blanche, b m, 188. by Independence. 

Blanche Amory. b m.'1872, bv Clark 
Chief Crop, by Pilot Jr 

Blanche B., b m, 1888, by Gen. Oa 4 --* 

Blanche Brown, b m, 1880. by Don 
Clay, darn by Gaines' Denmark 

Blanche Clemonp, ro in, 1877. bv llv- 
land Roan Pony, by Reuben. '...'.. 

Blanche G:*ant, gr in. 1885, by Gen. 
Grant Lady Messenger ' 

Blanche H blk in. 1875, by Blue Bull 
'Flora Temple Jr., by Grav's Tom 
Hal '........ 

Blanche Morrison, b m, 188, by Har- 
rv ( 'lay Lucy ' 

Blanche N, ch m, 1890, by Nutwood- 
Blanche I... by William L 

Blanche 1'.. br m, 1882, by Hull 
Gypsy Girl, by Black Chief' 

Blanche R.. ch m. 1885. by Achilles - 
SLsu-i Mix. by Fearnnught Jr 

Blautoii, ch N, 189O. by Simmons -An- Carey, by Pacing Abdallah 

Blarney, b s, 1881. by Jay Gould-- 
Uuby Allen, by Ethan Allen 

Ilauvelt. b s, 1887, by Deucalion Em- 
blem, by Tom Moo e 

Biazeberry, br m. 1886, by Roseberry 
Nelly, by Wallace's Crusader 

B. L. C., b g. 1SS . by Norwood, 
dam by Mambrino Blitzen 

Blew, ch g, 1887. by Seneca Patchen 
Nettie Burlew. by King's champion.. 

I'iic.8, b m, 1876. by Bayard Dolly 
Hazard, by Sam Hazard 

Plitzen, b s,' 18*8, by Betmont Oeala, 
by Cuyler 

Blitzen Jr.. blk s, 1879. by Mambrino 
lUtzen Queen, by G: lines' Conster- 

Blonde, gr m, 1859, by Grey Messen- 
gerBlonde, by Abdallah (dead) 

Blondie, ch s. 1886. by Leniont Mol- 
ly, by Frank Chapman 

Blondin, ch s. 1886, by Premier Maud 
< )'Neill. by Fel ton's" Slippery 

Rhmdine. ch in. 186, by George 
Wilkes Flaxy, by Kentucky Clay... 

Blontoniau. ch m. 1888, by McCurdy's 
Hambletonian, dam by Kentucky 

Bloom Boy. br g, 1886, by Darlington 
Roxy. by Billy .' 

Bloonineld, b s, 1884. by Billy Wilkes 
Rysdyk Maid, by Hambletonian .. 

Blossom, blk in, 18,86. by Pennypaek - 
Lady Miller. b\- Adjuster 

Blossom, br m. 1886, by Paganini 
Zittella, by Lakeland; Abdallah 

Blucher. blk g. 1882, by Rnshville 
Xemo -a. by Lakeland Abdallah 

]',!ue Bell, 'b m, 1889. by Chimes-- 

2:25'/ 4 







2:18 ! / 2 





2:29 V4 

2 '22 






Goldie, b\- Mambriuo King 

Blue Bell, V-h m, 187 by Blue Bull, 
dam by Bennett's Red Oak 

Blue Bell, b in, 188, by Tramp 

Blue Bell, ch m, by Overseer 

Blue Bells, blk m, 1887, by Quarter- 
iiiasrer Bel.e Medium, by Fairview 
Chief '. 

iUue Blood, b s, 1888, by Baron 
Wilkes Mary A. Whitney, by Volun- 

Blue Brig, br s, 1888, by Brignoli 
Wilkes Lady Schoneld, by Blue Bull 

Blue Bull (Grove's), blk s, 1878, by 
Blue Bui! Myra Shaw, by Tom 
Lang (dead) 

Blue Charley, gr g, 1884, by Wapsie 
nger, bv Panic 

Fanny Muu _ ... 

Blue Cloud, ro g, Ib76, by Ashland 
Chief Belle Clay, by American Clay 2:27 

Bluecoast, br s. 1887, by Pancoast 
Young Maid of Erin, by Blue Bull.. 2:29vi 

Blue Dawn, ro s, 1888, by Jay Bird- 
Widow's Mite, by Wave! and Chief . . 2:21y y 

Blue Dick, ro s, 1883, by Pretender- 
Fanny, by Dougherty's Rob Roy.... 2:30 

Blue Grass Hambletoniau, b s. 1883. 
by Victor Bismarck Hamletta, by 
Hamlet 2:l',/74 

Blue Grass Maid, br m. 1884, by Dic- 
tator, dam by Long Island Bashaw. . 2:30 

Blue Jav, ro g, 187, by Ben Lomond 
Emma, by Tom Hal .' 2:29^ 

Blue Jay, ro s, 1887, by Jay Bird, dam 
by son of Honest Allen 2:29% 

Blue John, ro g, 1884, by Young Rolfe 2:26 : /i : 

Bluelight. gr g, 188 , pedigree not 
traced 2:26V* 

Blue Mare, ro m. 186, by AVood's 
Hambletonian Betts (dead) 2:23 

Blue Knight, ch g. 1890, by Happy 
Day, dam by Blue Bull 2:2:'. 

Blue Prince, blk s, 188, by Blue 
Blood ' 2:2G 

Blue Queen, br m, 18S9, by Blue 
Blood Jessie 2 :2DVi 

Blue Stem, b s, 1889. by Damo 
Nancy B., by Uichinont 2:28 

Blue Wing, ro in. 1883. by Jay Bird- 
Ella Clay, by Springfield 2:29% 

Bluewood. dn s, 1886, by Tom Kirk- 
wood Belle Hamilton, by Hamble- 
hawk 2 :21V:2 

Boabdil. blk s. 1890, by Bermuda- 
Carrie Mack, by Champ Ferguson. .. 2:23 ! /4 

Boaz, b s, 1884, by Onward Ruth, by 
Pasacas 2 :17J/jj 

Bob, ch g, 1832, by Rob Roy Mc- 
GregorKate, by Little Johnny.... 2:30 

Bob, b g, 188, pedigree not traced.. 2:26% 

Bob Acres, ch g, 1876, by Honest Al- 
len Caro Nomo, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bietonian 2:28Va 

Bob Allen, ch s, 188, bv Judge Sal- 
islm-.-y ..." 2:27%, 

Bob Burdette, b s, 187, by Ensign- 
Lady Stowe, by a son of Henry 
Clay '. 2:30 

Bob ' Curtis, br s, 1887, by Bob 
Storague Bird, by Billy Shaker 2:23!4 

Bob Ford b g, 188, by Rocky Ford.. 2:28'/4 

Bob Henderson, gr g, 1883, bv Sacra- 
mentoBelle 2 :29 J i 

Bob Johnson, b g, 187 . by Hero of 

Thorndale . 2 :28Vi 

Bob's Jug. br g. 1877, by George 

Wilkes Amiability, by Honest Allen 2:22% 
Bob M.. b g, 1882, by O <ange Duroc- 
Lady May, by Marshal Ney 2:2fH 

2:22% Bob Mason, b s , 1879, by Echo Belle 

Mason, by Williamson's Belmont... 

2:26>i Bob Mason Jr., b s, 188, by Bob 

2:30 Mason, dam by luca ." 

2:30 Bob Pinkerton, br g, 1880, by Polonius 
Zelipha, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 

Bob Sprague. b s, 1877, by Gov. 
Sprague Kitty Lyons, by Honest 

Bob Swigert, b s, 1885. by Swigert- 
Merrimac, by Richard's Bellfounder. 

Bobby Howard, b s, 1886, by Circu- 
latorLady Frankfort, by Frankfort 


2:20W Bodine. b g, 1865, by Volunteer, dam 

by Harry Clay 

2:22 Bogardus, b g, 1886, by Lebed, dam 

by Stephen A. Douglas 

2:27 Bohemian, b m, 1887, by Onward- 
Kansas, bv William Rysdyk 

Bohemian Boy, b g, 1888, by Pilot 
Medium, dam by Beby Horse 

Bolly Lewis, b g. 185, by Seely's 
American Star (dead) 

Bomba. br m. 1884, by Beverly Wilkes 
Jenny, by Messenger Duroc 

Bon Accord, b s, 1885, by Dictator 
Mazourka, by Administrator 

Bon Ami, b m, 1889, by Nugget 
Thorndale Princess, by Thorndale. . 

Bonanza, ch s. 1883, by Arthurton 
Sister, by John Nelson 

Bon Bon, b in, 1886, by Fieldinont 
Ellen Belle, by Mambrino Patchen . . 

Bon Bon. b m, 1884, by Simmons- 
Bonnie Wiikes. by George Wilkes. . . 

Boneset, blk g, 1891. by Don Marvin- 
Nelly Ely, by Alpheus 

Bonesetter, b s, 1870, by Brooks- 
Jenny, by Stump tlie Dealer (dead). . 

Bonhomme, b m, 1887, by Red Wilkes 
Venus Almont, by Star Almont. . . . 

Boniface, b s, 1880, by Altorf Wyan- 
dot Queen, by Greever's Mambrino 
Chief ' 

Boniface, blk, 188, by Baron Wilkes, 
dam by Happy Medium 

Bonita. b m, 1879, by Electioneer 
Mayfly, by St. Clair 

Bon Mot, b m, 1886. by Baron Wilkes 
Mary A. Whitney, by Volunteer. .. 

Bonner, ch g. 1867, by Star of Cats- 
kill, dam by Skenandoah 

Bonner Boy, 'b g, 1868, by Gill's Ver- 

Bonner N. B., b s, 1888, by Daly- 
Nancy, by Gen. McClellan 

Bonner Steele, g:- g. 188, by Steele. . 

Honnibel, b m, 1890, by Azmoo/ Bon- 
nie, by Gen. Benton 

Bonnie, br m. 1879, by Gen. Benton 
America, by Rysdyk's Hambleton- 

Bonnie A., b m, 1887, by Stanley 
Bon Doon, by Legal Tender Jr 

Bonnie Annie, b m, 1883, by Rooker 
Blink Bonnie, by New York Black 

2 :30 

2:20y 2 

2 :29'/4 




2:29 r >i 






Bonnie Dean, gr s, 1889, by Aberdeen 
Bonnie Belle, by Almont 2:30 

Bonnie Donne, b m, 1886, by Rooker 
Blink Bonnie, by New York Black 
Hawk 2:29-'/i 

Bonnie F.. gr e, 1889. by Willie Mc- 
Mahon Cricket, by Gr'undy 2:26 

Bonnie G., br m. 188, by Regulator. . 2:28 

Bonnie Josie. ch m. 1887. by Bonny- 
castle Josie Logan, by Joe Logan.. 2:24V a 


Bonnie L., ch g, 1876. by Charley B. 

Juliet, by Cayuga Star ............ 

Bonnie McGregor, b s, 1879, by .Robert 

McGregor Fanny, by Reconstruc- 

tion ............................ 

Bonnie M. George, br s, 1880, by 

William H. Vanderbilt Brown Nib, 

by Lovejoy's Flying Cloud .......... 

Bonnie Mack, b s, 1886, by Bonnie 

McGi-egor Malviua, by Fear-naught 

Spy .............................. 

Bonnie Medium, blk in ............... 

Bonnie Nutwood, b s, 1887, by Nut- 

wood Bonnie Wilkes, by George 

Wilkes .............. ..... ...... . 

Bonnie Phallas, b s, 1888, by Phallus- 

Bonnie Doon, by Aberdeen .......... 

Bonnie S., br s, 1892, by Bonnie Mc- 

Gregor ........................... 

Bonnie Wilkes, ro m, 188, by 

Adrian Wilkes .................... 

Bonnie Wilkes, br m, 1876, by George 

Wilkes Betty Viley, by Bob John- 

son .............................. 

Bonnie Wilmore, b s, 1886, by Wil- 

more Molly R., by imp. Bonnie 

Scotland .......................... 

Bonny Bon, br m, 188, by Director, 

dam. by Geoiige Wilkes ............. 

Pon Ton, br s, 1886, by Richwood 
Louisiana ........................ 

Bon Ton, br m, 1890, by Wilton- 

Belle Bowen. by Richelieu .......... 

Boodle, b s, 1886, by Stranger Bride, 

by Jay Gould ..................... 

Boone Wilson, gr s, 1887, by Jim Wil- 

son. dam by Daniel Boone (pacing 

Booth-Barrett, br s, 1890, by Ross S., 

dam by Sultan ..................... 

Borden, ' ch s, 1885, by Cuyler Si- 

lence, by Alexander's Abdullah ..... 
Borden, ch g, 1884, by Mansfield 

Coralic. by llysdyk's Hambletoniau.. 
Border Wilkes, b s, 188, by Jay Bird 

Lizzie Mills, by Homer .......... 

Boreal, b s, 1892, by Bow Bells Rosy 

Morn, by Alcantara ............... 

Borneo, b s, 1889, by Sphinx Judea, 

by Mambrino Archy ... ............ 

Booque Bouita, b iu. 18Sr>. by Thomas 

K. Susie W ...................... 

Boss, b g, JSS , l>y Gladiator, dam by 

Consternation ..................... 

Boss H., b g, 187, by Bmulus, darn 

by Seely's American Star .......... 

Boston, b g, 1873, by Daniel Lambert 

Flyaway, by Patrick Henry ...... 

Boston, b g, 188 by Don Wilke-... 
Boston, ch s, 188, by Orient Hattie 

Lewis, by Forrest Chief .......... 

Boston Davis, blk g, 1874, by Atlan- 

tic Chief Fly, by Black Flying 

Cloud ............................ 

Boston Girl, b m, 1877, by Gideon 

Stickney, by Gen. Sheiman ........ 

Boston Globe, ch s. 1886, by Red 

Wilkes Lizzie H., by Star Almont.. 
Boulanger. blk s, 1886, by Mambrino 

Startle Kate West, by Enterprise 
Bovncer. b m. 1891, by Hummer 

Musette, bv Mambriuo Patchen . . . 
Bourbon Russell, b s, 1884, by ..lam- 

brino Russell Steinet.te, by Stein- 

wav .............................. 

Bourbon AVilkes Jr. ch s. 18SO. by 

Bourbon Wilkes Ashurst marc, by 

Black Prince ...................... 

Bow Bells, b s 1887. by Electioneer 

Beautiful Bells, by The Moor . . 

Bowman, b s, 1881, by Mambrino 
Paris Belle B., by Green's Bashaw 

Boxwood, ch s, 188. by Hull 

Boy Blue, rn g. 1889, 'by Grove's Blue 
Bull, dam Topsy, by Blue Bull 

Boy Blue, blk s, 1889, by Chimes- 
Bobolink, by Mambrino King 

Boyer, blk s. 1888, by Rumor Bijou, 
by Gen. Kuox 

Bozeman, b s, 188. by Marnbrino 
King, dam by Hainan's Almout Jr. 

Bracelet, b m, 1879, by Auditor Olio, 
by Dick Hambletouian 

Brad, b g, pedigree not traced 

Bradford b s, 188, by Fugleman 
Mollie McGregor, by Robert Mc- 

Bradstreet, b s, 1887, by Banker-- 
Fanny D., by Star Almont 

Bradtmoor, br s, 1888, by Fallis 
Ethel H., by Sultan 

Bramblette, b m, 1891, by Marvin . . . 

Braudoline, b s, 1886, by Brown 
Wilkes Abbess, by Wedgewood . . 

Brandy Boy, b g, 1876, by Admiral 
Patchen Jr. Flower, by Delaware 

Bran Slack, b g. 188, by Mambrino 
Hanuis ' 

Brantford, b g. 1882, by Little Billy . . 

Brava, b m, 1885, by Baron Wilkes 
Mary A. Whitney, by Volunteer . . . 

Bravado, br s, 1887, by Kentucky 
Wilkes Alicia, by Messenger Du- 

Braxton b s, 18, by Onward 

Brazil, b s, 1888, by Jorunalist Fan- 
tine, by Altorf 

Brazilian, b s, 1889, by Brown Wilkes 
Olive, by Lakeland Abdallah .... 

Breadwinner, b s. 1887, by Paucoast - 
Nelly L., by George Wilkes 

Break O'Day, blk m, 1890, by Dark- 
night Clarion, by Rumor 

Breastplate, b s, 1884, by Haw- 
thorne Ryan Mare, by McCrack- 
en's Black Hawk 

Breeze, b g 1867, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletontan Kate, by Bellaire (dead) 

Breeze Medium, b m. 1876, by Happy 
Medium Net. by Frank 

Brenda, b m, 1886, by Nelson Blise, 
by Fearnaught Jr. 

lirewster, br s 1879, by Hotspur 
Chief Fashion, by Toronto Chief . . 

Brewster F., br g, 1886, by BrewsU-r 
Flash by Marmaduke 

Brian Born, b g, 1880, by Iowa Star- 
Railroad Maid, by Homier 

Bric-a-Brac, gr m. 1889, by Alcazar- 
Blanche T., by Nephew 

Bridal Bells, b m, 1889. by Bell Boy- 
Trousseau, by Nutwood 

r.ridal Gift, br m, 1888, by Ambassa- 
dor-Silver Gift, by Grand Sentinel 

r.rigadirr, (Doty's) b g, 18'S5, by Briga- 
dierMaud D., by Challenge 

Brigadier, b s. 1873, by Happy Med- 
ium Lady Turner, by Frank Pierce 

: ! Brightma'rck.' b e,' '1887.' by Victor' Bis- 
marck Lulu Bright, by John Bright. 
2:30 I Brightmont, b s. 1888, by Montagu 

Brightness, by Pearsall 

P.righton. ch g. 1S7.'>. by Lippincott's 

2:VJ ; i -Jack Stewart Lucy 

Krighton. b s. issi>. by Brougham 



2:30 ! 



2:29 & 

2:14i/ a 


2:20i/ 2 
2:29V a 














2:16V 2 

2:24' 7 4 






Flip, by Ti I'.oy 

Bright Kattler, br s, 1880, by John 
Bright Roxie. by Alexander's Nor- 

Brightwood, b s, 1884, by Cromwell 
Topsey Morgan 

Brignolia, br s. 1855, by Marubrino 
Chief Sally Woodfdid (dead) 

Brignolia, 1> s. 1883, by Brigadier 

Brigntili Wilki-s, br s, 1883. by George 
Wilkes Patsey, b-y Brignoli 

Brilliant, blk s, 1881, by Swigert 
Annie Goldsmith, by Volunteer 

Brilliant, b m. 1883 by Electioneer 
Bright Eyes, by General Ben ton . . 

Brilliautiue, b in, 1885. by Nutwood 
Crepon, by Princeps 

BriuMld, b m, 1880, by Viking-- 
Daisy Wilkes, by Mambrlno Wilkes 

Brii.ker Sprague, br s, 1882, by Gover- 
nor Sprague Lizzie Blinker, by 
Brinker's Drennon 

Brieeom. b g, 

Bristol Bill, gr g, 186, pedigree not 
traced idead) 

Bristol Girl, b m, 187, by Jim Ervin, 
dam by Capt. Walker 

Brittle Silver, b g, 1881, by H iuidallah 
-Belle S., by Star of the West ... 

Broadway, b s, 1881, by Robert Smith 
Volunteer Maid, by Volunteer .... 

Brocade, ch H. 18S5, by Tramp ;$\\r- 
rie, by Captain 

Brogan. ch s, 1885, by Rolf Duke 
Lady, by Australian H 

Bromo, br, s, 1886 by Brougham- 
Belle of Clarence, by Finch's St. 

Bionco, b g, l^S , by Defiance 

Bronze, b in, 1878, by Morgan Messen- 
ger Jr. Kate, by Christie's Black- 

Brookie, b m 1S84. by Knickerbocker 

-Belle Archer, by Fred Pierson 

Brooklawn. b s. 1888. by Chesterwood 

Constance, by Hamlet 

- Brooklyn, br g. 1887, by Lawrence- 
Lillian Brooks by Pilot Hutchinson 

Brookside b g. IS' 8, by West Chester 

Brookside Flora, br m. 1871, by Ham- 

Broomal, b s, 1888. by Stranger- 
Brooch, by Jay Gould 

Brother Dan. ch g, 1882, by Joe Bas- 
sett Gary Mare, by Swetting's Ned 

Brother G.. b s. 1887. by Sentinel 
Wilkes Sister G., by Mambrino Boy 

Brother Jim. b s, 1887, by Intrigue- 
Minnie, by Windsor 

Brother Jonathan, T> g. 1802. by Pot- 
ter Horse, dam by Beattie'e Nor- 
man (dead) 

Bourbon Belle gr m. 188, by Bour- 
bon Prince ' 

Brown, br s, 1884, by Combat Gaunt- 
lette, by Dictator 

Brown Bess, br m. 1885. bv Culpepper 
Allen Black Bess, by Cox's Stump 
the Dealer 

Brown Billy, br g, 187. by Corbeau 

Brown Cedar br s. 1887. by Red Ce- 
darPolly Duck, by Guid<> 

Brown Daisy, br m, 1886. by Iron 
Duke, Jr., dam by Filken's Morgan 

Brown Dick, br g, 1888, by St. Cloud 
Maud R., by Escort 












2 -29V., 



2:29 l /i 


2:28 'A 



2:25 Vi 
2:22 : /4 





2 :12 

Brown Dick, br g, 1866. pedigree not 

traced (dead) ..................... 2 :24y a 

Brown Dick, br g, 1871, by Anthony 

Wavne Lucy Mason, by Vermont 

Hero ...... . ....................... 2:29% 

Brown Dick, br g, 1849, by son of 

Selly's American Star, (dead) ...... 2 :25V4 

Brown Domm. br s, 1890 by Brown 

Wilkes Nellie Lambert ' ........... 2:29% 

Brownie, b g, 188 by Wilkes ...... 2:24% 

Brown Jim, b g, 18S5. by Con Lettie 

Miller, by Honest John ............ 2:22% 

Brown Jim, br s, 1884 by Voltaire, 

dtm by Lexington Chief ........... 2:27% 

Brown Joe, br g. 1880, by Buck ..... 2:29% 

Brown Lace br m. 1889. by Volmer 

Point Lace, by King Rene ........ 2:28% 

Bio WE mark, br s, 1883, by Victor 

Bismarck Lucy Palchen, by Mam- 

brino Boy ......................... 2:24 

Brown Mat, br m, 188, by Maxim us 2:29% 
Brown Richmond, br s 188, by 

Brown Chief ...................... 2:28% 

Bicvu Russell, br s. 1891, by Ken- 

tucky Russell La Maecotte, by Rob- 

ert McGregor ................... 

Brown Silk, br m. 1887. by Baron 

Wilkes Nanny Etticoat, by Bell- 

Avuod .................... ...... 2 :22'' 2 

Brown Thorne, br g 188 by Haw- 

thorne ........................... 

Burcstone. br g, 188 , by Freestone 
Brown Velvet, br s, 1889, by Vatican 

Terrell Mare, by Tommy Wilkes.. 2:2S% 
Brown Wilkes, br s, 1876. by George 

Wilkes Jenny Irving, by Henry B. 

Patcben ........................... 2:21% 

Bruce, b g, 18S4, by Blf-ck's Hamble- 

tonian Mitt by Yeiser'e Norman . . 2:27% 
Bruce King, blk 8, 1886, by Th? King 

Bertha, by imp. Saxon ........... 2:28% 

Bruno, b s, 1S89, by Junio Dolly, 

by Mozart ........................ 2:19 

Bruno, br g, 1861, by Rysdyk's Ham- 

bletonian Kate, by Bellaire ..... 2:2:)'.'. 
E-ULsvIck, b s, 1885. by Walkill 

Prince Bonnie Lass, by Blue Bull.. 2:25 
Brushy John, blk, g, 186, by Rappa- 

hannock, dam by Owen Dale (dead) 2:27 
Brutus Girl, blk, m, 188. by Shef- 

field's Andrew Jackson ......... . 2:21% 

Bryan Girl, b m, 1887, by Glen Miller 

Emma, by German Boy (dead) . . 2:20% 
Bryan McGregor, ch s, 1883, by Rob- 

ert McGregor Thora, by Hambrino 2:23% 
Brysou, br s, 1890, by Simmons 

Lena, by Bramolefs Clark Chief Jr. 2:20% 
Bub McLaughlin, b g, 1882, by Charles 

Dickens Rikert Mare, ............. 2:29 

Buccleuch, blk, s, 1884. by Scott's 

Thomas Lady Strong, bv Mambrino 

Patchen .......................... 

Bucephalus, ch g 1879, by Niagara 

Chief Lady T., by Champion ---- 
Bucephalus, ro s, 1877. by Wood's 

Hambletonian Beauty, by Fish's 

Bertrand ......................... 2 :30 

Buck McGregor blk s, by Robert Mc- 

Gregor ...... . ..................... 2:29% 

Buck Morgan, ch g, 188, by Buckeye 

Bayard Morgan, by Blind Tom ____ 2:20% 
Buckshot, gr g, 1885. by Pilot Medium 

Alice Thornton, by Shelby Chief.. 2:20'/ t 
Buckskin Dick, b g, '1879, by Byerly 

Abdallah Flora, by Downy's Royal 

George ....... .................... 2:23% 

Bucyrus b g, 1892. by Wilton NutgaH 

by Nutwood .....' ............ ! . . . 2 :'23-v ( 


Bud Kwin.u. ch s. 1S91 by 
Gregnr. tiam bv Fleetfoot 

Budd Flax, ch g 1880, by Flaxmont 
Julia, by Frank 

Buddinger. ch s. 1X80. by Butler's P,a- 
shaw Petal, by Oolpora! 

Bud L., blk 8, 1889, by Don L. Jo- 
hanna, by Maxim 

Buffalo Bill, ro g, 187, by Limber 

Buffingtou. b s, 1892, by Sable Wilkes 
Annie G., by Le Grand 

Bullet, b s, 1887. by Lumps RenV. 
by Mambriuo Chief Jr 

Bullion, ch s, 187. by Blue Bull- 
Kate, by Archie Light foot 

Bully Brooks, b g 1801. by Dirigo 
One Eye, bv Whitney Horse 

Bulwer, ch g, 1877, by Blue Bull, dam 
by So 'rel Tom 

Bulwer, br g, 188, by Buccaneer. . . . 

Bumps, blk s, 1887, by Lumps 
Lorina, by King Rene 

Bunnie G., b m, 188, by Elial G 
Morley Girl, by Commonwealth 

Burdetta, blk m, 1885, by Kentucky 
Ruler Belle Chase, by Long Island 

Burglar, b s, 1879, by Auditor Pant a-- 
lette, bv Princeps 

Burleigh, br s, 1888, by Cheltou Maid 
of Racine, by Surfeit 

Bu -lesque, ch s, 1884. by Hambrino 
Roan Fanny, by Mainbrino King... 

Burns, b s, 1870, by Kirkwood Kate, 
by Mainbrino Eclipse 

Burns McGregor, b s, 1887, by Robert 
McGregor Birdie J.. by Young Jim 

Burt, b g., 1884, by Bonnie McGregor, 
dam by Romulus 

Burt G., b g, 1887, by Prince L. 
Griffin Mare, by Dick Linderman. . . 

Busbey, b g, 1873, by George Wilkes 
Dame Tansey, by Daniel Lam- 

Bush, blk in, 1886, by Alcyone Lady 
Garfleld, by Young Jupiter 

Burshnell Chief, b g, 1885, by Mam- 
briuo Messenger Smick Mare 

liushwacker, b s, 186, by ,K>e 
Hooker dam by Jupiter 

Business, b g, 186, by Gossip Jones.. 

Butte, b g, 1883 by Red Wilkes 
Naunearle, by Messenger Chief 

Buttercup, dn in, 1878, by Belmont 
Topsey, by St. Elmo 

Butterfly, br in, 1879, by Young Jim 
Tansey, by George Wilkes 

Butterscotch, br g, 1876, by Panic- 
Maid of the Mist, by Cummings' 

Davy Crocket 

Button, b g, 1883, by Polonius Dubois 

Buzz, b g, 1868. bv Toronto Chief- 
Lady Fulton, by Stubtail (dead).... 

Buzz Medium, b m 1873, by Happy 
Medium Rockefeller Mare, by Non- 
pareil ! 

Byron, ch s, 186, by Royal George- 
O'Brien Mare (dead) , 

Byron Sherman, b s, 1880, by Saturn- 
Kitty Clyde, by Pasacas 

Byron Smith, b s, 1882, by Reporter 

Jessie, by Roberts' Royal George. . 

C. A. B., ch g, 188, pedigree not 


('abash, ch s. 1880. by Bashtine 

( -achuca. by Eugene 

Cad, ch s. 1X83. by Bfiyonne Prince 




2:29'/ 2 



2:2oi4 j 
2:30 | 


2:26Va \ 
2:25% ' 

2:14Vi ; 
2:29% I 



2:29% ; 




2:28 '/, 

Emma K., by Bu ger (dead) ......... 

Cadnionia, blk m, 1887, by Cadmus 

Hambletoniau Hosier, by George 

Rolfe ............................. 

Cadmus Hambletonian, br s, 1880. by 

Squire Talmage Lena, by Clay 

Cadmus ........................... 

Cadmus Jr., blk s. 1SSS, by Cadmus 

Hambletonian Day tona, by Trouble 
Cad Wade, b m. 1XX4. by New York- 

May Day, by Pacing Abdallah. . . . 
Caesar, b g, 1885, by Norwood Chief 

Kit. b\- Col. Walter ............... 

Caesar, b s, 1870, by Caesar ........ 

Caesar, b g, 188, pedigree not traced 
Cairo, b g, 187 , by Chieftain ...... 

Calamus, b m, 1872 by Swigert Mer- 

rimac, by Richards' Bellfounder ____ 
Calwell Maid, b m, 188, pedigree not 

traced ............................ 

Caledonia Chief, ch s, 1865, by Howe's 

Royal George Jule, by Coates' 

Eclipse (dead) ..................... 

Caluouii, b s, 1885, by Pilot Medium 

Topsy, by Bay Middleton ........ . 

Calhoim. b g. 188, by Sam 1'urdy ____ 

California Damsel, ch m, 1852, by An- 

drew Jackson Jr. (dead) .......... 

California Lambert, b s. 188.'}, by 

Ben Franklin Maud, by Daniel 

Lambert .......................... 

Calinda, ch m, 1884, by Harold 

Claytona, by American Clay .... 
Cal. Kotch, b s, 188, by California- 

Mary, by Bloomfield .............. 

Oallahan Maid (Chicago Maidj, ch in, 

1872, by Revenge Illinois Maid, by 

Black Donald ............. . ...... *. 

Called Back, ch g. 1884, by Mark 

Field Daisy, by Revenge '. ........ 

Callie K., b m, 188, by Kirby's Cad- 

mus, dam by Hambletonian Pilot... 
Calliopsis, b in, 188 , by Montgomery 
Callino, b e, 1890, by Wikirino, dam 

by Itooker ........................ 

Callisto. b s, 1880, by Alcantara An- 

nie Page, by Daniel Lambert ...... 

Calnia:-, b g, '1889, by Bourbon Chief. 

dam by March's Boliver .......... 

( alvo, b s, 1888, by Rumor Cigarette. 

by Gen. Washington .............. 

Cambria Wilkes, br ,s. 1884, bv Clav 

Wilkes Nubia, by Harold .". ...... 

Cambridge Girl, ch m. 188, by Ben 

Franklin .......................... 

Cameo, ch m, 1888, by Ameuder 

Camptown, by Messenger Duroc.... 
Cnmilla, b m,' 1887, by Indiaman 

Lulu F., by Ericsson .............. 

Canaille, b m, 1880, by Happy Medium 

Bess, by Volunteer ................ 

Camille, b m, 1882, by Monmouth B. . . 
Cainilie, b m, 1888, by Harbinger- 

2 :29% 



2:23' H 
2:29 ; /4 




2:27 : 4 






2:29 3 /i 

2 -.291/4 




Abbie B., by Hambletonian Knox. .. 

Camlet, eh g, 188, by Andante 

Canunie L., b m, 1885, by Harold 

Pera, by Belmont 

2:20V* Cam'ors, blk g, 1864, by Gen. Knox. . . 

Camors, b g, 1871, bv Dirigo 

2:25^ Canary BJrd, ro m^ 1888, by Jay Bird 


2:20'/ u 




2:29% j 
2:29V4 I 

ClJJdJ.,7 AJU V*, J.VJ AJJ, J-U<J<J, WJ 

Blue Bells, by Gov. Sprague (dead) 
Candidate, blk s, 1885, by Electioneer 

Norah, by Messenger Duroc 

Caneland Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Young 

Jim Augusta, by Allie West 

Canemah, b m, 1887, by Altamont 

Ophelia Chiles, by Alinont 

Cantella Wilkes, b m. 188 br 





Caiitrell. ch s. 1X80, by Tennessee 
Wilkes Latona, by McCunly's Ilam- 

Capadura, b s. 1S74, bv I'earsall 
Sally Jones, by Kysdyk's Hamble- 

Capi>ilee, b g. isxx. by Reveille 

Capitalist, b s. 1888 by Hai>py Med- 
ium Etona. by Almont 

Capitana. blk s, 1.^89. by Young Wilkes 
Mill Girl, by Jay Gould 

Capitola, b m, 1862, pedigree not 
traced (deadj 

Capitola', b m, 1878. by Colonua 

Capitola, b m. 1880. by Ensign Peorla 
Belle, by Partridge's Star of the 
West . .' 

Capitola, blk m. 1S72, by Gilb/eta 
Knox Bridgham Mare, by Young 

Capitola Fisk. b m, 1890, by Dictator 
Almont Ladv Fink, by Masterlo-le. . 

Capoul, br s. 1874. by Sentinel Rosa 
Clay, bv American Clay 

Cappie Woodline, b m, 1892, by Wood- 
line Venture, by Voltaire 

Caprice, b m. 1.888. by Kentucky 
Wilkes Betty Adams, by Almont... 

Caprivi, br s. " 1887, by Woodbrino 
Belle Blackwood. by Biackwood 

Capson, ch s, 1886, by Baldman's idol 
Susan, by Guide '. 

Captain, b s. 186 , by Billy Dentou 
Seward Mare by De Kay's Bell- 
founder (dead) .' 

Captain, b g, 1879, by Tom Patcheu, 
dam by Keene's Brandywine 

Captain, b g (same as Deck, 2:29 1 /&, 
and Prince E.. 2<30) 

Captain, gr g, 1878, by Kansa Rat- 
tler, dam by Robert Bonner 

Capt. Ben. b g. 1870. by King Philip 

Capt. Bowman, ch s. 1887, by Ned 
Wilkes- Kathrine. by Daniel Lam- 
bert ." 

Captain Crouch, ch s, 188. by Gen. 
Smith ' 

Capt. Douds. eh g. 187. by Bishop.. 

Capt. Edwards, b s. 1884. by Dick 
Edwards Nellv Grant, by Como 
Chief '. '. 

Capt. Emmons, ch g. 1871. by Conti- 
nentalNelly, by Tiger Morgan... 

Captain F., b g. 188 by American 

Capt. Gill, br g, ixo--, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Capt. Hamner. ch g. 1882. by Albion- 
Molly, by Grey Norman 

Captain Hare, b' s, 1XM7, by Col. Hare 
Orphan, by Captain ." 

Capt. Herod, ch s, 1870, by Old Ring- 

Capt. Jack, b g, 186. by Fisher 
Patchen, dam by Black Douglass... 

Capt. Jenks, ch g, 186, pedigree not 


1 Capt. Lee. b s. 18X7, by Mambriuo 
Startle Indianapolis Maid, by In- 

Capt. Lewis, ch g, 187. by Spink. 
dam by Wallace's Phenomenon 

(apt. Lyons, b s. 1882, by Sweepstakes 
Maggie, by Edward Everett 

Captain Mac, b s, 1887, by Nutwood 
Rapidan. by Dictator 

Captain Macey. b s. 1890, by Macey 

Thorn'.eaf. by Hero of Thorndale. . 
Capt. O. (8:111 Diego, pacing 2:21i. bg 

188 by Victor '. . 

Captain Rette:-. br s, 1888, by Ketter 

Lady H., by Joe Young 
i, eh 








2:28 : /2 




2:25 i 

2:27% ! 



2:19k | 
2:29% | 
2:30 i 


Capt. Seth, ch s, 1882, by Tramp- 
Black Sally, by Barnard's Muscatine 

('apt. Smith, gr g. 18<> , by Fenian 
Chief Minnie Ralston . . . ." 

Capt. Smith, br g, 1876. by Locomo- 
tive Maid of Clay, by Henry Clay. . 

Captain Tom. b s, 1889. by Col. Tom 
Maggie H., by Magna Charts.. ... 

Captain Wade, gr g, 1888, by Reveille 
Oaprana. by Daniel L-ambert 

Capt. Wall-ridge, b s, 1890, by Arsaces 
Ruth Meditmi, by Happy Medium. . 

captain Wat tens, br s, 1883, by Judge 
Folger Mary S.. bv James R. Reese 

Captain White, fell s, 1890, by John G. 
Jane Mosley. by Mambriuo Patch- 

Captain Wilkes. br s, 1887, by Allie 
AVilkes Jenny Redwood, by Red- 

Capt. Wilkes, b s. 1888, by Hamble- 
tonian Wilkes or Gov. Hayes Mag- 
gie M., by Magua Charta 

Captor, gr g. 188, by Capri 

Cam Mia, b m, 1888, by Electioneer 
Bicara, by Harold . i 

Canbolic. b g. 187, by Logan Jr., 
dam by Bashaw Jr 

Cardinal, b s. 188. by Redneld 

Cardinal, gr g. 185, by Cardinal 

Careless Boy, b g. I860, by Brandy- 
wine (dead) 

Carilla, b m. 1887, by Nugget Cas- 
carilla, by Shelby Chief 

Carillon, b s, 1890. by Chimes - 
Charmer, by Mambrino King 

Carl, ch g. 1878. by Hidalgo-Lot ta 
Swigart. by Edenborough 

Ca-1, b g. 1885, by Chevron Daisy 

Carl G., gr g, 188, by French's Ba- 

Carldon, ch s, 1888, by Don Carlos- 
Lizzie Smith, by Scott's Thomas 

Oarleton. br s, 1885, by Mambrino 
King Barbara, by Kentucky Prince 

Oarleton Chief, b ,s, 1885. by Gen. 
Washington Nettie Hambletonlan, 
by Aberdeen 

Carlisle, ch ,*. 18X4, by Piedmont-- 
Idabelle, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 

Carlisle McGregor, blk s. 1884, by Fer- 
gus McGregor Bird, by Frank Bird. 

Caryl Carrie, gr g. 1891, by Hamble- 
tonian Mambrino. dam by Confed- 
erate Chief 

Carlos, ch s. 1886, by Don Carlos - 
Clara Dudley, by Mambrino Dudley 

Carlotta, ch m, 188. by Bob Lee . . . 

Carlotta, ch m, 1885, by Aristos 
Emma Abbott, by Broken Leg 

Carl S.. b g ....'. 

Carl Redwood, b g, 188. by Red- 
wood, dam by Detective Patchen... 

Carnieucita, b m. 1890, by C. F. Clay 
Messenger Princess, by Messenger 

Gannello. br s, 1891, by Sidney Pansy 
by Berlin 

Carrie, gr m, 1881, by George Wilkes 
Bashaw Belle, by Green's Bashaw 

Carrie, b m. 1867, by Volunteer, dam 
by S<H>iy'a American Star .... 

2:2r,< /4 







2:: 10 


) '>'2i 

2:27'/ i 





2:21V 4 . 



2 :30 



Carrie B., blk in, 1885, by Mambriuo 
Swigert Minnie, by Ivauhoe 2:20% 

Carrie Belle, b m. 1879, by Com. Bel- 
mout Pocahontas, by Conscript.... 2:23V> 

Carrie C., br m, 1881, by Electioneer 
Maid of Clay, by Henry Clay 

Carrio F., br m, 187, by Erwin Davis 

Carrie H., ch in, 1877, by Western 
Fearnaught, dam by Col. Moyers. . 

Carrie K., gr in, 1869, by Grey Eagle 
(Blind Eagle) 

Carrie L., ch m, 1885, by Judge Cra- 
ven-Belle, by Frampton's Wood. .. . 

Carrie M., b in. 1887, by Dispatch- 
Miss Herrington, by Star Hamiiie- 
toniau 2 :26 j 

Carrie Medium, b m, 187, by Happy 
Medium Jr 2:27U 

Carrie N., b m, 18-J8, by Young Wo- 
ful, dam by Hector 2:27 

Carrie R.. b m, 1882, by Jay Gould 
Enieline. by Henry B. Patchen 

Carrie Strawu, br in, 1885, by Strawu 
Minnie K., by Little Mose 2:27'/ 2 

Carrie T.., br m, 1879. by Dom Pedro 

Mince 2 :2<> l / t 

Carrie W.. b m. 1887, by Royalty- 
Gypsy, by Nat Lexington 2:2G'/4 ' 

Carrie Walton, b m. 1883, by Gov. 

Spragne Lida Lewis, by Sentinel... 2:2..'.,. 

Carrie Wilkes, br m, 1883, by Alcyone 
Josephine, by Mambrino Starlight.. 2:28 

Carrimont, b s, 188 2 :3i > 

Carroll Wilkes b s, 1887, by Ashlanu 
Wilkes Dinah, by Little Chief 2:25'4 

Carter, blk s, 1892, by Simmons 
Pattie by Black Doc 2:29% 

Carthage, b w, 1886. by Onward- 
Madge, by Bayard Jr 2 :29% 

Cartridge, blk s, 18SG. by Eidridge 
Lady Stout, by Mambrino Patobeu 
(dead) 2:14'-., 

Carver b g. 1879, by Volunteer Wo- 
burn Maid, by AVobnrn 2:27'/ t 

Cascarilla, b m, 1877, bv Shell) v CUief 
Missie, by Brignoli " '. 2 :25W, 

Cash, b s, 1887, by Olinedo Wilkes - 
Rosa, by Ira Wilkes 2 :26'4 

Cash Item, b g, 1889, by Harold- 
Lottie McGregor by Robert Mc- 
Gregor 2:2.t'4 

Cassidy, b s, 1884, by Steinway Nour- 
mahal. by Simpson's Blickbrd 2:30 

Caseie, b m, 188, breeding unknown 2:28% 

Cassie, ch m, 188 by Si Iney 2:28U, 

Caseie B., ch m, 1883 by Ben Frank- 
linClam, by Columbus 

Cassius Prince, ch s, 1867, by Bal- 
lard's Cassius M. Clay Jr., dam by 
Walker Horse 

Castalia, b m. 1883, by Jav Bird 
Podie. by George Wilkes 

Castianira. b m 1874. by Berbrino- 
Saluda. by Alexander's Abdallah. . . . 

Castle Boy. b g, 1864, by Gooding'fl 

Castleton. b g, 187, by Chesbronsfh . 

Ca-stor, ch s, 1888. by White Lino 
Chief Ixidy Hamlet 

Catalpa. ch s. 1884, by Toronto Patch- 
enMary Beachland. by Marion. . , . 

Catapult, b m, 1886, by Wilkie Collins 
dam by a son of Long Island Black 
Hawk : 

Catchfly, b m. 1876. by Administrator 
Cachuca, by Almont 

Catherine, b m'. 188. by Candidate- 
Daisy Gardner, by T-Tawkeye 

2:29'-i ! 
2:29% i 

2 '21 

I'nthenne, b in 1ST."., by McDonald 
Chief Heel and Toe Fanny, by John 

Catherine Leyburn, ch m, 1886. by On- 
wardMamie, by Star Almout 

Cato Boy, b g, 1886, by Oshkosh 
Black Frank, by Hod Gregory 

Catskill Girl, blk m, 1867, by Ivos- 
suth dam by Nonpariel (dead) 

CattaraguB chief, b g. 185, by Hough 
and Ready 

Caution, b s. 1888, by Electioneer 
Barnes, by VThipple's Hambletonian 

Cay wood, ch g, by Van Helinoiit, dam 
by Ledo 

Cavalier, blk s, 18X9. by Civilization 
Lady Stillson by Stlllson 

C. B. Kendall, b s. 1SS . by Lam- 
bertUK '. 

Ca/iqne Jr., ch s. ls^ . by ('azique.. 

C. C., b g. '1887. by Calumet, dam by 
Mambrino Time 

C. C., b s, 1886, by Evermond Pet 
Allen by Ethan Allen 

C. C. K., blk K. 1881, by Almont 
Eclipse Maggie, by Oen. Lyons ... 

C. E. A., b ir. 18s--. said to be by 
Mambrino Billy 

Cebolla. b s. isss. b.\>\St ranger Ca- 
tawka. by Jay Gould 

Cecie Lewis, ch m 1887. by Penrose 
Carrie, by Black Eagle 

Cecil, gr g, 188, pedigree not traced. 

Cecile. br m. ISS.'}. ' by Cyclone- 
Madam Beatty. by Monroe Chief. . 

Cecilian. b s. 18S9. by Electioneer 
Cecil, by Gen. Benton 

Cecilian. b s. 1889. by Gambetta 
AVilkes Jennie C., by Nutwood 

Cecilian Prince, b -s 1889, by C. F. 
Clay Sarah C.. by Metropolitan ... 

Cecil M.. ch m. 18'M. bv Tnsrarora S -a 

Cecil Wilkee, blk^ m. 1889, by Gam- 
betta Wilkes 

Cedric, b g. 188. by Jefferson Prince 

Cedarwood, b s, 1885, by Nutwood- 
Four Lines, by Blackwood 

Oelaya, ch m. 1891, by Allandorf 
Sister Wilkes, by George Wilkes.. 

Celerity, br m, 1888. by Kentucky 
Wilkes Alzairle by Strader's Cas- 
sius M. Clay Jr 

Celerrima, b m. 1888, by Happy Med- 
ium Esquimaux, by Aberdeen 

Cenateur, b g, 188, by Pasacas 

Centella, b m. 1872, by Sam Kirk wood 
Lady Washington by Sacklowie. . . 

Centlivre Wilkes, b s. 1890. by Wayne 
Wilkes Clara Blackwood, by Blue 

Centre, gr g, 1880, by Sultan Belle- 
vue Maid, by Acker's Idol 

Centurion, blk g, 1876, by Black 

Cephas, blk s. 1886. by Fairy Gift- 
Tola, bv Mambrino Patchen 

Cephas, "b g. 1887. by Cyril Molly 
Matchless, by Matchless . . . . , 

Ceresco, b s. 1886. by Chief Medium 
Gyp, by Magna Charta 

Cervik b's, 1891. by Sphinx Nellie 
Mac, by Tecumseh 

Chadron. ch s, 1886. by Attorney 
Jessie S., by George L 

Challenger Chief, b s. 1885. by Chal- 
lengerRosa Chief, by T). Monroe. .. 

Champagne, gr g. 100, by Edwin For- 

2:17i/ 2 

2:19V / 2 

2 :21% 









res t Grey Goose, by Nottingham's 
Norman * 2 :.'10 

Champion, ch g, 188, by Gooding's 
Champion, dam by Magna Charta. . 2:26% 

Champion Jr.. br s, 186, by Marn- 
briiio Champion, dam by Eureka... 2:24 

Champion (Jirl. br m. LSS . by Good- 
ing's Champion 2:28 

Champion Medium, b s, 1882. by 
Happy Medium Tamora, by Almont 

Champion Morrill, br s, 1867, by Ver- 
mont Ranger, dam by Vermont 
Champion II (dead) 

Champion Wilkes, b g. 1878, by Bar- 
ney Wilke-v Eueonstance. by Blue 

O. F. B., gr g 

O. F. Clay, b s, 1881, by Caliban- 
Soprano, by Strathmore 

Chance, ch g, 1870, Blue Bull Molly, 
by Pete Guffin 

Chance, ch g, 1882. by Royal Fear- 
naught Nance, by Western Chief Jr. 

Chance, b g. 1889, by Mohican Folly, 
by Hambletonian Tranby 

Chancert, gr s, 1891, by Pilot Med- 
ium Lucy Montgomery, by Mont- 
gomery (dead) ". 

Chancellor, ch s, 1884. by Bismarck 
Lucy, by George B. Patchen Jr 

Chancewood, b s, 1887 by Nutwood- 
Lucia, by Hambletonian 

Chandler, b s, 1881, by Louis Na- 
poleonBelle Isle, by Young Dic- 

Chandos, ch s. 1879. by Strathmore 
Arline, by Almont 

Chantilly. br ru, 1886 by Nephew- 
Hazel Green 

Chanter, b g. 1880, by Cuyler Au- 
gusta, by Rysdyk's Bellfonnder 

Chantward. br s, 1890, by Shadeland 
Onward Saxtena, by Enchanter 

Charity, b m, 1888, by Bob Link Zoa, 
by Dauntless 

Charlemagne, b s, 18S8, by Gambetta 
Wiikes Martha, by Rothschild . . . 

Charles A., blk g. 1878, bv Leighton 
Horse Nelly Edgerly 

Charles Anderson, ch g, 188, by 
Wilkes Chief ..'...... 

Charles B. b g, 188, bv Bav Middlo- 
ton ' * .....'.. 

Charles C., br g 

Charles Derby, br s, 1885, by Stein- 
wayKatie G., by Electioneer 

Charles Dickens, gr g. 188, by Dic- 
. tator 

Charles Dorsey, b g, 188, bv Green 
Boy " ". 

Charles E. Loew, blk s 185. by 
George M. Patchen, dam by Dutch- 
man (dead) ' 

Charles F.. b s. 1889, bv Seth P. 
Nettie Smith, by Ozark' 

Charles F. Iseminger, b g. 1884, by 

Charles H.. br s, 1882, by Old Charley 
Fly 2 :21% 

Charles Hen son, gr g 187. pedigree 
not traced \ 2:25 

Charles Hilton, b g, 1879. by Louis Na- 
poleonDolly Bryant, by Ned 2:17% 

Charles H. Hoyt. b s, 1889, by New- 
mont Reel, by Blue Bull 2:21% 

Charles James, b g. 1889, by Le 
Grand Hannah Price, by Arthrir- 
tou ' 2:22% 






2 :2"> 






2:27 'A 


2:29y 4 

2:20V a I 


Charles P. 188, by Gamaleon 2:1JJV* 

Charles M., b s, 1888, by Subscriber. . 2:29% 

Charles R., b g, 188, by Edgar 
Wilkes 2:29% 

Charles R., br g, 1868, by Gilbreth 
Knox, dam by Witherell Messenger. 2:27 

Charles Reade, ch s, 1886, by Wood- 
ard's Ethan Allen Jr. Princess Dag- 
mar, by Daniel Lambert 2:24% 

Charleston, ch s. 1884, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Mary Thomas, by Abdallah 
Mambrino 2 :12V* 

Charles W., gr g, 1872, by Honest 
Dan Lasher Mare, by Millman's 
Bellfounder 2:29% 

Charles W. Wooley, b g, 1868 by 
Crazy Nick Molly, by Morgan Mes- 
senger 2 :22 '/> 

Charles Z., gr g, 188, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr 2:28% 

< Charley, b g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:26% 

Charley Anderson, ch g, 188, by 
Wilkes Chief ?! 2:22% 

Charley B., b s, 1869, by King's Cham- 
pionOld Jane, by Magnum Bonum. 2:25 

Charley B., ch g, 186, by Chicka- 
mauga 2:30 

Charley Baldwin, blk s, 1883, by Iowa 
Chief, dam by American Eagle .... 2:23% 

Charley Boy, ch g, 187, by I. J., dam 
by Vermonter (dead) 2:25% 

Cha.'ley Burch, b s, 1885, by Artemas 
Kate, by Blue Bull 2:23vi 

Charley C., gr g, 1882, by Sam Purdy 
Bessie O'Malley, by Davis O'Mal- 
ley .* 2 :13% 

Charley C., b g, 187, by Woodard's 
Ethan Allen 2:28% 

Charley C., b g, by Accidental 2:29% 

Charley C., br g, 188, by Brown Jug 
Nellie O., by Napa Rattler 

Charley Champlin (Home Rule), b g. 
1874, by Messenger Duroc Mary 
Hulse, by Seely's American Sta .-... 2:21% 

Charley D., b s, 188 by Henry Clay 2:29% 

Charley D., b g, 187 pedigree not 

Charley D., ch g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2 :28'/i 

Charley Douglas, b g, 187, by Tom. 2:30 

( 'barley Downing, ro g, 1886, by Ham- 
bletonian Downing Nancy Carney, 
by Carney's Sam Hazard " 

Charley Ellis, b s. 1888, by William 
Rysdyk Miss Steel, by Oceana Chief 

Charley Ford, gr g, 187 by Cheney's 
Grey Eagle Sadie M 

Charley G., m g, 188, breeding un- 

Charley Gibson, gr g, 1877, by Brown 
Douglas Lady Grey, bv Blue Dick. . 

Charley Giibird, ch g, *by Gibbin's 
Sprague Waterloo, by Coleman's 
Abdallah J 

Charley Green, b g. 186, by Careless 

Charley Green, ch g, 1884, by Praetor 
Nob, by Gen. Stark 

Charley H., b g, 188 pedigree not 

Charley H., b 

g, 1888, pedigree not 

Charley H., g g, 188 by Sam Purdy, 
dam by Davis' O'Malley 

Charley H.. br s, 1888, by Pompadour 
Laura, by Rodolph 

Charley Hogan, b g. 1876, by Virgo 
Hambletoniau Seybolt 

Charley Hood, b g. 187, by Pearsall. 


2:27 ! /i 



2:29>' a 



Charley K.. b g. 1882. by Oak Hill 
Fenton Mare 

Charley K., b g, 188. by Dictator... 

Charley Kaile, b g, 1885, by Sweep- 
stakes Oceola. by Middletown. . . . 

Charley M., eh g, 187. pedigree not 

" 2:25) 
b g, .188. 1 
Charley Mac. ch g. 1868 ."by Holsbird's 

traced (pacing record 
Charley M., b g, 188. by Dictator 

Chazey Maid, b in. 1S7S. by ChM/.cy 

Checkmate, b s. 18S5. by Competitor- 
Miss Egbert, by Egbert 

Cheerful Charlie, b g, bv Broadway. .. 

Chelsea I)., ch g, 1883. by Index. 

Ethan Allen Stone Mare, by North 

Charley Mitchell, br g. 1882, by All- 
right Jenny, by Gen. Williams.... 

Charlie Moore, b g, 188, by Nut- 

Charley 1'.. gr ic. 1882, by Gov. 
Spraguo Martha, by Rothschild 
(pacing 2:lli4) 

Charley It., ch sr. ISM. by Madrid- 
Speed, by War Dance 

Charley K., b g. 188. by Gen. 

Charley Ray. ch s. 1883, by B<-n 
Franklin Ray Mare 

Charley Rolf, ch g. 1,SS . bv Bay 
Rolf ! 

Charley Ross, blk s, 1884. by John A. 
Kasson Pet It 

Charley S., b g, 187 , by Snowstorm.. 

Charley Shepherd, b g, 188, by 

Charley Sprague, gr g. 1885, by Gov. 
Sprague Jr. Lady Jane, by Brady's 

Charley Sta-tle, blk g, 188, by 
Startle Hambletonian 

Charley T., ch g, 187 , petligree not 

Charley Thome, gr g. 187. by John 
Green Fanny Hopkins, by Young 

Charley Tipton, b g, 188, pedigree 
not traced 

Charley Van. ch g. 1877, by Strang's 
Joker Lady Purely 

Charley West, ch s. 1876. by Allit 
West Clayette, by Strader's Caesius 
M. Clay Ji- ' 

Charley Wheeler, ch g. 1801. by B!it- 
xen Sally Allen 

Charley Wilkes, b s. 1882, by Red 
Wilkes Kate Bradley, by Clifton 

Charlie Rolfe, b g, 188 by Bay 

Charmer, blk m. 188, by Burns' 
Black Cloud Lady Knox, by Gen. 

Charmion, b m, 1889, by Spectator- 
Lady Lisle, by Ensign 

Charming Chimes, blk s. 181)1. b> 
Chimes, dam by Mambrino King. .. . 

Chartamount, b s, 1887. by Trouble- 
Lady Powers, by Magna Charta 

< 'hatterton, ch s, 1885. by Crittenden 
Sally Southworth, by Mambrino 

Charter, b m, 1888. by Onward 
Hecla. by Strathmo"e 

Chastelard, b s. 1884, by King Rene- 
Sally Wilkes, by George Wilkes 

Chatsworth. br 8, 1889, by Dictator 
Virgie Wilkes, by George Wilkes 

Chattel, b g, 1887, by Chatham Nelly 
K.. by Black Ranger 

Chauncy M. Bedle, b g. 1871, by 
Gooding's Champion 

Chauncy H., br g. 187- by Robert 



Cheltenham, b s, 1884, 'by Oxmoor 

Hildegarde. by Harry Clay 

Cherokee, b s, 1884, by Jefferson 
Mambrino Cumberland, by McFer- 

ran Cuyler 

Cherokee, gr g, 1888, by Pilot Medium 
Minnie Medium, by Happy Medium 
(dead) 2:20U 

Chester b g, 1866, by Hambletonian 
Julia Machree. by Seely's American 
Star *. 2:27 

Chester, ch g. 1867, by Patrick Henry 
Molly 2 :28H 

Chester, br K, 1888, by Wilkes Spirit 
Jr. Delilah, by Black Jake 2:17'4 

Chester A., ch g. 188. breeding un- 
known 2 :.' >O 

Chester 'Allen, b g. 1885, by Mohawk 
Hambletonian Wyandotte Maid, by 
Robert Fillingham Jr 2:22*4 

Chester F.. ch g, 1875, by Mercu y 
Mary Ann. by Magnolia 2:30 

Chester Morris, ro g, 188 . by Mount 
Morris 2:27^ 

( hestnut 2 :24V4 

Chestnut Boy, ch s. 1875, by Bnrtrrr- -- 
Lady, by Addisou 2:28^ 

Chestnut Hill, b s, 1872, by Strath- 
more Polly Barber, bv Bullv King 
(dead) ' ' 

Chestnut Wilkes. ch s. 1S.S5. by R;.l 
Wllkea Fanny D.. by Sta- Alniunt.. 

Chestnut Wilkes, ch m, 1884. by Fa- 
vorite Wilkes Kate Downing, by 
Joe Downing 2 iL'!) 1 '- 

Chet Wl'kes. IV s, 188, by Alcantara 
Prince '. 2:25 

Chetwood. gr 8. 1884. by Ohichester 
Vanity Fair, by Alexander's Abdal- 
lah 2:27 

Chevalier, br g, 1882, by Chevalier- 
Barbara, by Green's Bashaw 2:27 

Chevalier Ensign, b s, 1889, by En- 
signLady, by Chevalier 2:20^4 

Chevalita, ch m, 188, by Extra- 
Frosty 2:25% 

Cheyenne, b s. 1885. by Nutbourne 
Jeanette, by Messenger Duroc 2:14'4 

O. H. H., b g. 1883. by Chosroes 
Long Mary, by Derby's Bashaw 2:27U 

Chicadee, blk s. 1885, by Mambrino 
Boy Satinet te, by Sentinel 2:29 

Chicago, b g, 1-859. "by Ole Bull (dead). 2:24''., 

Chicago Jack, b g, 185. by Sherman 
Black Hawk 'dead) 

Chichester, b s. 1881, by Hsu-old 
Rosebush, bv Woodford Mambrino, . 

Chick Bills, b'g, 1888, by Black Mack. 
dam by Star Hambletonian. . . ._ 2:2<P 4 

Chico, b s. 188, by Monroe Chief- 
Orphan Girl, by Reavis' Black Bird.. 2:20% 

Chide, b m. 1891, by Chimes, dam by 
Bourbon Wilkes 2 :20Vi 

Chief, b g, 188, pedigree not traced.. 2:2ft 

Chief, b g, 188. by Danbignc 2:27-^ 

Chief (ringer?), br g, 188 pedigree 
not traced * J*i 

Chief Medium, b s, 1882, by Happy 
Medium Molly Crutcher, by Clark 
Chief 2:24% 

Chief Onward, b s. .1889. by Right On- 
wardFlora, by Cleveland Chief 2:22^i 

Chief Wilkcs. b' #. 1880. by Hinder 


Wilkcs Li//Jc. by Regular 2:28'/o 

Chieftain, b g, 187 by William 

Minor 2 :2-"U -2 

Chimes Boy, b , 1888. by Chimes 

Dorm, hy Mambrino King 2:l< l /4 

Chiniesbrino, b s, 1880. by Chimes 
The Countess, by Mambrino King 

(dead) 2:28*4 

Chimes ( 1 .. b s. 1887. by Roulette 

Sorrel Bess " -2:20 

Chimes E., gr g. 1882, by Chimes Eu- 
genia, by Louis Napoleon (pacing 

2:l. r i . . . .' 2:28V4 

Chimes Girl, b m. 1889. by Chimes 
Minnequa Maid, by Wood's Hamble- 

tonian * 2:20 

China Boy. blk s. 1887. by Wi Ikes- 
Nancy, by Young Rolfo 2:20v* 

Chinaman, b g. 187 pedigree not 

traced 2:20^ 

Chinch Bug. br m, 1884, breeding un~ 

known - :28Va 

Chippewa Chief, blk s, 18S7. by Swi- 

gert Plurenna. by Pinto 2:20v4 

Chiquerita, b m. 1888, by Jersey. 
Wilkes Gladys, by Hetxel's Hnin- 

bletonian ' 2 :16% 

Chiquita, eh m. 1887. by Tennessee 

Wilkes Aline, by Allie West 2:20 

Chiquita, oh m, 1888. by Kilda -e- 

Vanilla, bv Middletown 2:30 . 

C. II. K.. oh g 2:24^4 | 

Chloe. gr m. 1880. by- Wlldmont 

Blanche 2 :22Vi 

Chloe, blk m, 18S . by Dexter Prince 

Clyde, by Hawthorne 2:24 

Choice, b m. 1887. by Greenbacks- 
Minnie W.. by Trophy 2:24Va 

C. H. Pursell. b s. 18S8. by P. J. 

Pursell .' 2:11)14 

Chris. Lang, br s, 1801, by Stable 

Wilkes Annie G.. by LeGrand 2:20Vu 

Christabel, ch m, 1880, by Onward- 
Isabel, by Belmont 2:20% 

Christine, bin, 188, by Belmont.... 2:2.".',* 
Christine, b m. 1888, by Nut grove 

Enthusiast, by Mad'id 2:2Ti / 4 

Christine, br ra. 1884. by Hambriuo 

Kate, by Mambrino Foster 2:2.~>u;, 

Christine, ro m, 1870. by Wood's 

Hambletonian Lydia. by Foxhunter 2:29 1 4 
Chub, ro g, 1870, by Knox Boy. dam 

by Lewiston Boy 2:27 

Church Belle, b m, 1880. by Onward-- 
Carbon, by Cazique 2:27V 

Cicero, br s, 1877, by Swlgert Me^ 

dora, by Bayard 2:26V4 

Cicercne. b s, 1887, by Cyclone Lady 

Hamlet, by Hamlet 2:12% 

Cigarette, ro g, 1888, by Col. Ham- 
brick Age^ by Long's Hambleton- 
ian ' 2:2aV4 

Cimarron, ch s, 1881, by Companion- 
Nannie Beechler, by Lightning 2:27*4 

Cinderella, blk m, 1888, by Teak 
ftlackwood Lady Clark, by George 

Clark 2:22 

Circuit, ch s. 1888, by Onward Belle 

Thome, by Hero of Thorndale 2:27 

Circulator, ch s 1877, by Forrest 

Golddust, dam by Comet Morgan ... 2:27% 
Citizen, b s. 18x7. by Happy Medium 

Patsey F.. by Mambriuo Patchen 2:21% 
Civilian, ro s. 1S88, bv Civilization- 
Minnie, by Gouhl Clay 2:21 

Civilian, b a, 188, by* Lucifer 2:20 

Civiltine, b m. 1800. by Civil tea Hon. 
dam by Old Lei . .. 2:17U 



rivil.teaTlou. blk s, 1882, by J. 11. 
Welsh- Shirley, by Powell's Flying 


Claimant, ch s, 18&>. by Red Wilkes 
Alice, by Mambrino Patchen .... 

Clan Alpine, b s 

Clainnont, blk m, 1884, by Almont 

Pilot Carrie Tanner by Norwood . . 

Clara, ch in, 1880, by Leland Aralon. 

by Young Woful 2:21 

Clara, b m. 185, by Young Sports- 
man (dead) 2 :27 

Clara Belle, b m, 1870, by Maeterlode 
Ida Mills, by Fisk's Mambrino 

Chief Jr 2:20 v 

Clara C., b m, 188. by Alcantara.. 2:24 
Clara Cleveland, ch m, 187, by Am- 

boy Dolly Grey, by Youug Gleucoe 2:2.5 
Clara D., b m, 1888, by Belmont, dam 

by Cuyler 2:14% 

Clara G., b m, 186, by Son of Miles 

Horse Zella by Isman Horse 2:26 

Clara J., ch m, 1870, by Black Dia- 
mond, dam by Whalebone 2:2S 

Clara J., b m, 1886. by Landmark 

Tip, by Star of the Union 2:2? ; J 4 

Clara K.. b m. 188. by Clarion Chief 2:17Va 
Clara M., br in. 1874 by Jack Shep- 

pard Lady Walker.' by Fearnaught 2:20 l /4 
Clara Madison, b m, 1801, by Madison 
Jennie Sullivan, by Gen. Lyons . . . 
Clara Morris, ch in. 1878. by Daniel 

Lambert Clara, by Ethan Allen ... 2:20V4 
Clara P., b m, 1888. by Mambrino 

Wilkes Cora, bv Corsican 2:2!>V> 

Clara P., ch m, 1883. by Spink Nelly. 

by Champion King 2:17 

Clara T.. b m, 187, by Red Wi Ikes- 
Kentucky Belle, by Harold 2:2-8'.;. 

Clara Wilkes, b m, 1884. by Onward- 
Fisher, by American Clay 2:17 

Clara Wilkes, b m. 180O, by On- 
slaughtClara B.. by Almout Rat- 
tler 2 :2*i,.j 

CUaa Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Pilot 

Wilkes Wild Rose, by New York . . 2:2su,4 
Clara Z., gr. m, 188 by Capri, dam 

by A. W. Richmond 2:20-\ 

Clarence, blk s, 1882. by Pluto Lady 

Star, by Goldsmith's Star _:30 

Clarence, b g, 1881, by Pilot Medium 2:24% 
Clarence, ch g, 185, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2:27>i 

Clarence E., br g. 188, by Gooding'e 

Champion 2 -."0 

Clarence Girl, ch m, 1885, by Broug- 
hamBelle of Clarence, by 'Finch's 

i St. Lawrence 

I Clarence H., br s. 188 by Ajax 

; Clarence R., blk g, 187. pedigree not 


Caret, b m. 1801. by C. F'. Clay. 

dam by Metropolitan 

Clprice, b m, 1884, by Ilamllu's Al- 
mont Jr. Daisy, by Harolin Patchen 


Clarion, br m, 1887, by Ansel Conso- 
lation, by Dictator ." 

Clarkia. b m, 1870. by Administrator 

Miss Coons by Clark Chief 

Clark S., gr jr, 187. by Edward 

Everett Jane Murray 

Classic, b m, 1888, by Acolyte-Mis- 
tress, by Hamlin's Almont Jr. ... 
Class Leader, gr g, 1881, by Warwick 

Boy Tackey, by tMlot Jr. ... 

Classmate, br g. 188, by Lumps, 
dam bv Ashland Chief 2:1 > ; 




Claude, g g, 1887, breeding unknown 
ClKtana b x, 188, by Daly, dam by 

Gen. McClellan 

Clatina, b m, 1887, by ClayMelissa, 

by Mohawk Chief 

Claudia, b in 1882, by Sir Walkill- 

Merry Maid, by Abdallah Prince . . 
Claudius, b s, 1886, by Landmark- 

Lady Lambert, by Daniel Lambert 

Claudius, ch g 

t. by D; 

, 188, 

pedigree not 

Claudius b e, 1886, by Fairy Gift- 
May Day, by Harrison Chief 

Claudius, ch g, 188, by Hanable- 
touian Tranby 

Claudius, b s, 188, by Artemus 

Ciaus Almont, b g, 1888, by Sautu 
Claus Belh- Bjron, by Bowman's 
Clark chief 

Clay, br s, 1879, by Electioneer 
Maid of Clay, by Henry Clay 

C'ayberta, br m, 188G, by Egbert 
.Arnie Clay, by Tom Clay 

Clay Cross, b e, 188, by Koyal Wind- 
sorBelle of Happy Medium 

Clay Davis, ch s, 187, by Cassius M. 
Clay Jr 

Clay Duke, b s, 1883. by Alcona Met- 
amora, by Duke of Orange Jr 

Clay Duroc, b s, 188, by Glen Du- 


Clay France, b s, 188, by France . . . 

Clay Forrest, ch s, 1884, by Clay 
Davis, dam by Edwin Forrest 

Clay Herr br s, 1886, by Dr. Herr- 
Mattie Clay, by Whip Clay 

Clay King, br e, 1884, by King Clay 
Amy, by Volunteer 

Clavmore. b g, 1880, by King day- 
Time Enough, by Mambri 10 Time . . 

Clayola, b m, 1885, by Allie Clay- 
Jessica, by Bellwood 

Clay one b s, 1891, by Clay Nelly 
Stout, ' by Mambrino Time 

Clayton, b ,, 1886, by Perduro Molly 
Clay, by Neely's Henry Clay 

Clayton, b g, 1882, by Harry day- 
Star Maid, by Jupiter Abdallah .... 

Clayton Krtsnll, br s, 1S76, by Major 
Edsall, darn by Andy Johnson 

Glaytonia, ch m, 1884, by Hamble- 
'onlan Downing Belle Clay, by 
Strader's Casslufi M Clay Jr 

Claytonian ch s, 1883, by Hambie- 
tonlan Downing Belle Clay, by 
Strader's Cassius M. Clay Jr. ... 

Claytonian, b ni, 187, by Haven's 
Harry Clay Jr 

Clayton Lee, br s, 1888, by C. F. Clay 
Frescott Belle by Rysdyk 

Clay Toska, b s, 188 by King Toska 

Cleaimont, ch h, 188, by McGinnis 

Cleg? Wright, br e, 1888. by Aristos 
Jenny V., by Almout Eagle 

Clematis gr m, 1889, by Barkis Bes- 
sie Benton, by Major Benton 

Clementine, b in, 1888. by C. F. Clay 
Delilah, by Administrator 

Clementine, b m, by Addison Jr, dam 
by Young Emigrant (dead) 

Clemmie G., ch m, 1877, by Magic- 
Ned ', 

Clemmie G II, ch m, 1888, by Post 
Boy, dam by Phillips Blackwood . . 

Olendon, blk s, 1834. by Crittendeu, 
dam by Richelieu 

Cleo. b m, 1888, by Gambetta Sue 
Harden, by Thomas K 

2: 20 * -2 Cleo, b m, 187!). by Badger Bird 

Grant, by Gim Grant 2:21 

2:27% | Cleon, b g, 1882, by Heptagon Nelly 

Hoyt by Norwood ^'22 

2:28% Cleopatra, blk m 1890. by Dark 

Night Florine, by Administrator .. 2'2!/, 
2 29 Cleora, blk m, 1875, by Menelaus 

Thornleaf, by Mambrino Patehen .. 2:ls% 
2:2-j Clermont, ch g, 1873, by Almout Jean 

Wood, by Melbourne Jr. (lead) 2:29'/i 

2:21',+ Cleta Wiikes, b m. 188, by Wilkes 

2:29% ; Cleveland,' b s', 'lS83,' by' Ziieaadi 'Gold- 
dust Rosa, by Mambrino Reliance 2:29% 
2:21% Cieveliiod ch s, 188, by Sir Walter. 2 2GV> 
2:29% Cleveland b g, 1869, by Hughes' Ed- 
\* in Forrest Mary Elmore, by Mam- 

brunello 2 :28% 

2:26% Cleveland Boy, b g, 188, by Lothair 

Jr v ..- 2:23 

2:25 Cleveland Boy ch g, 1886, by Hara- 
bletonian Tranby Belva, by Wil- 

2:30 Ham's Blu? Bull 2 .2'J)4 

Cleveland S., b s, 1884. by Mont- 
gomery Topsy, by Tippoo Saib 

(pacing record 2:11%) 2:24 

2:28% Client, br s, 1887. by Climate Matt, 

by Gill's Vermont r 2:24 

2:29 Clifton, ch g, 1882, by Signet Eliza 

Jane, by Morgan Rattler Jr 2:27 

2.30 Clifton Bell, b s, 1883, by Electioneer 
2:26y 2 Olarabell, by Abdallah Star (dead) 2:24% 

Clifton Bov, b g, 1869, by Joe (dead) 2:23 
2:24% , Clifton Boy br g, 1872, by Major Win- 
field Lady Irwin, by George Wilkes 2:30 
2:16% ; Clifton Boy, br s, 1877, by Squire Tal- 

mage Nelly Draco by Draco 2:20% 

2:27% Clifford K., blk m, 1890, by Norwood 
Wilkes Goldie T., by Washington 

2:17% . Jr 2:29% 

Climatize, b s. 1886. by Climate Car- 
2:21% [ rie Pachen, by Mambrino Patcheu.. 2:24"*i 

i Cling, b g, 188 by Grey Jim 2:29% 

2:27%; Clingstone, b s, 1880, by Star Harn- 

bletonian-Fly 2:30 

2:20% Clingstone, b g, 1875, by Rysdyk 

Gretchen, by Cho.sroes 2:14 

2:19 Clingstone, 2d. b s, 1,884, by Rysdyk 

Gretcbeu, by Chosroes 2:29% 

2:22% Clinker Jr., b s, 1883. by Clinker- 
Bird 2:24 

, Clinton Wilkes, b s, 188, by Red 

2:2 M/a Wilkes 2:26 

Clio Wilkee blk m, 1888. by Guy 

Wilkes Directress, by Director 2:30 

2:27% Cllj.per, b g, 187- , by Lex '. 2:23% 

Clipper, ch g, 1887, bv Melville Chief 

2:27% Stockard Mare . . . '. 2-.24V* 

I C. L K., ch g, 188. by Gov. Benton 2:29% 
2:24% Clochette, ch m, 1885, by Chester 
2:26% Chief Abdaline, by Goldsmith's 

2:28 Abdallah 2:17% 

Clonmore, b e, 1882, by Connaught . 

2:29 Hopeless, by Hermes 2:21 

Clontarf, b s, 1885. by Nutbourne 
2:21% Duroc Cuyler, by Messenger Duroc 2:22 
Clorine, ch in 1888, by C. F. Clay 

2:29 1; Lady Pepper, by Onward 2:18% 

Clotilda, ch m, 1887, by Argonaut 

2:21 Clotyde, by Almont 2 :28% 

Clover, b g, 186. by Hindoo 2:25% 

2:15% Clover Leaf, b s, 1S89. by C. F. Clay 

Lassie, by Kentucky Prince 2:21% 

2:18% C M. P.. blk g. 188, by Junior .. 2:26% 
! Ccalburg. br g. 1886, by Com. Wilkes 

2-.20 | Coalburg Kit, by Oakwood 2:30 

Coast Boy. blk s 1885, by Bourbon 
2:1'.tu, Wilkos Alaatress. by Coaster 2:2i 


Coister, b e, 1870, by Caliban Sal, 
by Canada Chief 

Coaticook Boy, b s, 188, by Page's 

C. O. B., b g, 188, by Mainbritonian 

Cobee, cli g, 188 pedigree not 

Cobdellah, ch m. 188, by Cobden 

Cobden, ch s, 1874, by Daniel Lam- 
bertClara, by Ethan Allen (dead) . . 

Cobden, II., ch g, 188, by Cobdeu.. 

Cobwebs, ch g, 1888, by Whips Molly 
Cobb, by Gen. Benton 

Cocoon, blk m, 1887, by Cyclone- 
Fanny Conner, by Bourbon VV likes . . 

0. O. D., ch g, 1888, by Simmons 
Miss Linder, by Triumvir 

Code, b s, 1879, by Dictator Crop, by 
Pilot Ji- 

Cceur d'Alene, b e, 1887, by Dexter 
Bradford Belle H., by Williamson's 

Cobansey Boy, b g, 188, by Messen- 
ger Chief Jr 

Coincident, b ui, 1801, by Calabar- 
Daphne, by Kentucky Prince 

Colbourue, gr g, 186 , pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Coldeu Belle, b m, 1884, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr. Nell, by son of imp. 
Lapidist (dead) 

Coleridge, b s, 1888, by C. F. Clay- 
Susie Wilkes, by lied Wilkes (pac- 
ing 2:00%) 

Collmwood, b s, 1887, by Mambrino 
Startle Sarah C., by Metropolitan.. 

Colma, gr m, 1880, by Electioneer 
Sontag Mohawk, by Mohawk Chief.. 

Colonel, blk g, 1800, pedigree not 

Colonel, blk s, 1884, by Riley's Ad- 
ministrator, dam by Ellington Boy. . 

Col. Arthur Wilkes, gr s, 188, by 
Mambrino Wilkes 

Col. B., blk g, 188 

'ol. Barnes, ch g, 186 , by King's 

Col. Bismarck, b s, 1883, by Victor 
Bisnia ck Lucy Thornton, by Amer- 
ican Clay . . t 

Colonel Briggs,- br is, 1885, by Haruble- 
ton Bessie, by Floramour 

Col. BuLitt, b s, 1887, by Squire Tal- 
mage Black Ma ia, by Bosiick's Al- 
mout Jr 

Col. Burr, ch s, 1887, by King Will- 
iamLouie T., by Greenback 

Col. Colgrove, b g, 188, by Jim Hill. 

Col. Crockett, b s, 187s. by Ripple 
Belle Green, by Green's Bashaw. . . . 

Col. Crownbie, b s, 1888, bv A.caude 
Kitty, by Billy Bow Leg 

('ol. Dawes, b g, 187 , pedigree not 

Col. Dickey, b s, 1880, by 1'ilot Med- 
ium Mady L., by Honest Dick 

Col. Dorsey, b s, 1885, by Conner's 
Almont Betsey, by Golddust 

Col. Egbert, b s, 1881, by Egbert 
Maisie, by Shelby Chief 

Col. H., ch h, 1800, by Don McGregor 
Queen, by Bonnie Scotland,. 

Col. Hawkins, br s, 1877, by Echo- 
Thetis, by Morgan Black Hawk 

Col. Hickman, gr s, 188, by Nevada.. 

Col. Kip, b s, 1883. by Kenwood- 
Agnes, by Hamlet 

Col. Kip. blk s. 1S84. by Aristos 

2:261,4 ; 

2:26*. | 
2:20V 4 | 

2:27% ' 

2:28 : ;i 

2:30 | 
2:22V4 ' 

2:19 Vs. ' 













2:30 ! 


l : 25'/i 
2:20X 4 

Laura 2 :24V4 

Col. K. K., br s, 188, by Bay Rose 
Addie E., by Algona 2:22^4 

Col. Kuser, br s, 1800, by Stranger- 
Inez, by Jay Gould 2:16% 

Col. Lament,' b s, 1886, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr. Grand Duchess, by 
Mambrino Patchen 2:2644 

Col. Lewis, gr g, 1870, by Rifleman... 2:18% 

Col. Lillard, b s, 1884, by Jay Bird- 
Kitty, by Durant 2:25% 

Col. McNasser, ch g, 1886, by Star- 
lightLady Dexter, by Whipple'e, 
Hambletonian 2:19 

Col. Matson, blk s, 188, by Chance.. 2:27 

Col. May, br g, 1885, by May Boy- 
Fanny Bicknell, by imp. Hercules... 2:17 

Col. Moss, ch g, 1885, by Mambriuo 
Russell Hattie Fuller, by Strath- 
more 2 :27% 

Col. Moulton, ch e, 1861, by Daniel 
Lambert Jenny, by Bigelow Horse 
(dead) 2:28% 

Col. Neal, b s, 1883, by Squire Tal- 
mage Lizzie, by Clark's Mohawk Jr. 2:25% 

Col. Nuttingham, br s, 1888, by Nut- 
tingham Lou, by Western Fear- 
naught 2:22% 

Col. usgood, b s, 1887, by Wilkes 
Kitty Almout, by Constellation 2:18% 

Col. Owen, br g, 1887, by Spink's 
Clark Chief Topsey, by Confederate 
Chief 2:15% 

Col. P., b s, 1887, by Paramount- 
Flora, by Gifford Allen 2:24i/4 

Col. Pike, b g, 1860, by Young Cas- 
sius (dead) 2:29% 

Col. Pitt, b s, 1889, by Wilkes 
Hesperia, by Constellation 2:19U 

Col. Russell, b g, 1865, by Louis Napo- 
leon (dead) 2:25% 

Col. Simmons, b s, 1887, by Simmons 
Lena, by Bramblett's Clark Chief 
Jr 2:22% 

Col. Sterling, b s, 1883, by Sterling 
Meigs, by Robert Fillingham Jr 2:28% 

Col. Stevens, b g, 1888, by Adminis- 
tratorCoquette, by American Clay.. 2:28% 

Col. Taylor, b g. 188, by Thomas K.. 2:21% 

Col. Tom, b s, 1884, by Lumps Lulu 
Morton, by Whip Clay 2:22 

Col. Walker, b g, 1881, by St. Cloud- 
Minnie, by Gould Clay 2:24i/ 4 

Col. Wood, b g, 1878, by Billy Patter- 
eonFlora Andrews, by Gooding's 
Champion 2:21 V* 

Col. Young, b s, 1885, by Young Jim 
Emily, by George Wilkes 2:23J/ 4 

Col. Young, br s. 1887. by Joe Young 
Delia, by Sam Balch 2:29% 

Colonia, ch g, 188 , by Flaherty's 
Fearnaught 2:24-i/ t 

Colored Girl, blk m, 1881, by Victor 
Knight Beauty, by Trophy 2:J. r % 

Colored Man, blk s, 1887, by Celadon 
Kate Lee. by Harold 2:2-i 

Colossus, b g, 187 (ringer?) 2:2t' 

Columbia, b m, 1879, by Dixon. dam 
by Robert Bonner - ::'.0 

Columbia Chief, blk s, 186. by Mam 
b*ino Black Hawk Lady Jackson. 
by Kemble Jackson (dead) 2:28V 4 

Columbus Hambletonian, b s, 1873, by 
A jax Orphan Girl, by Young Co- 
lumbus - :2G 

Columbus S., b s, 1889, by McDonald 
Chief Fanny Rose, by Vick'e Ethan 
Allen Jr. . . .' 2:27% 

Colvina Spragne, blk m. 188ft. by Giv. 


Sprague Lady Colvin, l>y Richard's 


C.:mal, blk s, 1888, by Mii(iymion -Ro- 

<'ocu, by Onward 

Comanche, b s. 1891, by Antonio- 
Reality, by Princeps . . 

Comanche. b s. 188(5, by Mambrino 
King Mink, by liamlin' I'atchen. . .. 
Combine, gr in, 188, bv Combina- 
tion * 

Combination, b s, 188, by Don 


Combination, gr s, 188, by Hainble- 
tonian Knox. dam by Black Flying 
( !loud 

Combination, b s, 1883, by Egmont 
Alice, by Frankfort Chief 

Cume Along, b in, 188 

Ccmee, b g, 1866, by Daniel Lambert, 
by Hiawatha 

Comedy, b s, 1888, by Epaulet Amy 
Wen two :'.th, by Dean Sage . . . 

Comet, b s, 1880, by St. Bel Maud 
Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 

Comet, gr g. 1880, by Gen. Stanton 
Girl of the Period,' by Pel ham Tar- 

Comet, ch g, 388 

Comet Medium, b s, 1886, by Rupert 
Medium Daisy Golddust, by Sam 

Comfort, K. m, 1889, by Gambetta 
Mary V., by King Rene 

Commander, b s, 1877, by Blue Bull- 
Nelly Grey. by Miller's Daw 
Crocket .".'... '. 

Commercial Girl, b m, 188, by Com- 
mercial Traveller ' 

Commodore, b g^ 186, by Young Post 
Boy, dam by Edward Everett (dead). 

Commodore, b g, 188, by Prospect . . . 

!' mniodore, ch g, 188, pedigree not 

Com. Nutt, b g, 185, by Grantham 
t hief (dead) " 

Com. Perry, b s, 1866, by Nonpareil- 
Dolly (dead) 

Com. Porter, b s, 1887, by Nutwood- 
Rachel Ray, by Overstreet Wilkes... 

Com. Vanderbilt, b s, 1856. by Young 
Columbus, dam by Clinton Horse 

Commonwealth, br s, 1867, by 1'hi) 
Sheridan Madam Tiernan. by ST. 
Lawrence (dead) .... 

Commonwealth, br g. 1886. by Dread 
Bonnie (pacing record 2:18' ' \ 

C..MIO, -h s. 1H78. )>v Elmo Juno, bv 
Pat Malloy .' , 

Commotion, b g, 1881, by Electioneer 
Sontag Dixie, by Toronto Sontag. . 

Company, b g. 1880, by Kentucky 
Prince Harriett*, by Messenger 
Duroc (dead) 

Compeer,' ch g, 1878, by Kentucky 
Prince Jeannete. by Blackwood .... 

Competine, b s. 1879, by Corsair- 
Bird B.. by Pip McNair 

(Jonipwood. b s, 1884, by Compeer- 
Fashion, by Blackwood 

Comrade, b s, 1885, by Coriander Isa- 
bel, by Robert McGregor 

( -oinrade. b g, 188 

Comra4e, 1) s. 1889, by Stamboul 
Victoria, by Electioneer 

Concentrator, b s, 1889, by Sweep- 
stakesBelle Brown, by Joe Brown 

Conclave, b s. 1883, by King Rene 
Kirty Clyde, by Alcalde. 

Concord, b s, 18S7. by Harry Wilkes 
Kitty Cuyler. by < nyler. ,' 

Conde, ch g. IS*-, by Abbottsford- 
Katy Tricks, by Colonel 

Conductor, gr s, 1887. by Electioneer 




2 :2U 



2:24 ! /> 

O .'>J 

- :30 
'2 ::!'( 




Sontag Mohawk, by Mohawk Chief. 2-U 

Confederate Maid, b m, 187, by Con- 
federate Chief ->-2 

Confederate Medium, gr s isP. "bv 
Rebel Medium ......?...'. 

Confederate Star, b , 1885, by Spink's 
Clark Chief Lady Star," by sir 
Henry 1 

Confidence, gr s, 185. by Columbus, 
dam by Barney Henry (dead). . . . 

Confidence, ch g, 186 --, by Gillis 
Horse (dead) 

Congress, b s, 1884, by Egbert 
Ciceroni, by Cyclone ...'..... 

Conkling, b s, 1887, by Nelson Fanny, 
by Gen. McCIellan ". 

Coiiley, b s, 1887, by Barnev Wilkes 
Rena C ." 

Conn, b s, 188, by Inca 

Connaught, br s, 1879, by Wedge- 
woodConsuela, by Harold 

Connemara, b s, 187. by Brown's 
Volunteer, dam by Don Juan 

Connor, blk s, 1889, by C. F. Clay- 
Bessie V., by William Welch. . ..... 

Consolation, en s, 1888, by Charley B. 
Dolly, by Star of Catskill 

Constance, ch m, 18^0, by Aurora- 
Lady Sherman, by Williams' Bel- 

Constantine.' b m. 1884. by Egbert . . 

Constantine. b s, 1887. by Wilkee 
Boy Kincora, by Mambrino Patchen 

Consul, ch s, 1881, by Saturn Rou- 
lette, by Sentinel 

Consul Chief, blk s, 1S87, bv Consul 
Annie R. '. ' 

Content, b m, 1885, by Tramp Tip, 
by Green's Bashaw 

Contento, ch g, 1890, by Happy 
Prince Cassie, by Kentucky Clay 

Conte ROS.SO. b s. 1885, by Ellwood 
Medium Wertlawaya, by Lobed.... 

Contester Wilkes, ch s. 188. bv Vic- 
tor Wilkes ...'. 

Contractor, br g 188, by Sultan 
Madame Harding, by Overland 

Conundrum, b s, 1886, by Barkis- 
Maggie Colbnrn 

Convoy, gr g, 1873. by Woodford 
Mambrino Vanity Fatr, by Alexan- 
der's Abdallah 

O-i-way. br g, 1886, by Win. H. Van- 
derbilt Kate Berry by Yankee Dan 

Oooley. blk. g, 185, by Daniel Booue 

Cooloo. b g. 1862. by St. Lawrence-- 
Madam Sheridan, by Post Boy 

Coon Hollow, ch g. 1886. by Bea 
Wright Nance, by Western Clay Jr. 

Copeland, b g, 187. by Cromwdl 
Hutchinson Mare 

Coppennont. b s. 1883, by Egrnont-- 
Lucy ". 

Coqceta blk m, 1882, by Altamont-- 
Tecora. by Strader's Cassias M. 

Clay Jr. . .' 

Coquette, ch m, 186, by Jack Haw- 
kin's Jr ' 

Coquette, b in, 1885, by E!ecti' leer- 

Liua K . by Don Victor 

Cora, b in. 1ST -, by Charles Douglas 




2:2S)V t 













Cora, b in, 1887. by H&nilin'js Almont 
Jr. Coralinc. by Almouarch 2:26 

Cora Belie, b m, 1878, by Joe Gavin 
Owosso Belle, by Louis Napoleon .. 2:29% 

Cora Bflmout gr in, 1872. by Belraout 
Miss Russell, by Pilot Jr 2:24% 

Cora C., b in, 1880, by Coriander ... 2:28% 

Cora F., gr m, 186, by Brown Harry 
Cora, by French Tiger 2:28 

Cora F., b in. 18^5, by Kentucky 
rrii e Topsey, by Walkill Chief . . 2:20% 

Ccral. b in, 1887, by Electioneer 
Columbine, by A. W. Richmond 2:18% 

CoraJiie, gr m, 1890, by Coralloid 
Mocr K B.. by Banker Rothschild.. 2:2i'4 

Coiahoid. blk s, 1886, by Simmons, 
Coral by Clark Chief 2:13% 

Coral Queen, b m, 1891, by Covalloid 2:28% 

Cora McGregor, ch m, 1885, by Fergus 
McGregor Coranda, by Coriander . . 

Cora R., b m, 188 by Crazy Nick 
Jr " 2:25% 

Cora R., b m. 188 by Kent 2:19% 

Cora Riggs, b m. 1884, by Bourbon 
Wilkes En ; ma. by Westwood 2:28% 

Cora Ashwood. ch m, 188, by 
wt od, dam by Tatter sail 2:21% 

Cora Sterling, blk m, by St3rling Boy 2:26% 

Cora S., b m. 1886, by Elector .... 2:l.H<i 

Ctia S., gr m, 1884, by Harold Cora 
Belmont, by Belmont 2:25% 

Cera Woodward, b m, 1884. by Mohi- 
( an Adele Tyler ... 2:25*4 

Cora Bailum, b m, 1885, by Louis 
Napoleon Hoire Maid, by Royal 
Fearnaught 2:23% 

Corena ch m, 188, by Aberdeen . . 2:24% 

Coriander Maid, b m, 188, by Cori- 
ander , 2 :29% 

Gorinne br m, 1889, by Ambassador - 
Lucy Lincoln, by Masterlode . , 2-24% 

Coriander, b s, 1873, by Iron Duke- 
Clara Wood, by Harry Clay 2:29% 

Corie McGregor, b s, 1888 by Robert 
McGregor Coriander Maid, by Cori- 
ander 2 -9 l 

Corirne, b m, 1887, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor Constine, by Conductor . . . 

Corinne, ch m, 1890, by Valdemeer 
Nelly West, by Charley West ... 2.20 

Corisande, br m. 1869 by Iowa Chief 2:24% 

Corisco, b s, 1884. by Frank Noble 
Murv Safford. by Combat 2:21 

Corna. blk g. 1889. by Patchen Wilkes 
Corneta. by Coronet 

Cornelia, blk m. 1888 by Wilton Cor- 
nelia, by Col. Bonner 2:25*4 

Cornelia, blk in. 1875. by Col. Bonner 2:21V 4 

< 'ornelia Howard, b m. 1890. bv Wil- 
ton Lilith, br Robert McGregor 
(dead) ' 

Cornelia Wilkes. ch m. 1S87 by 
Wilkos Spirit Silver Tail bv Jupi- 
ter Pilot '. . .' . 2:23*4 

Cornelius M., b s. 188--, by Cornelian, 
dam bv Blue Bull 2:30 

Corner Belle, b m. 1890. by Bell Boy- 
Four Coiners, bv Manibrinn Time 
(dead) '. 2:23 

Cornwall, b s. 1887, by Kentm-ky 
Prince Atlanta, by Messenger Dii- 
roc 2 :20 

Corona, b m 1880. by Baird's Hum. 
bletonian Prince Flora, by State's 
Rights 2:24"> 

Corrie, br m. 1886. by Bolv >ir-L~>da, 
by Nobby 2'2^ 1 -. 

Coitoz. br B. 188. by Madrid ..'.'.'. 2:30 

Cosher, b s, 1881, by C-ipoul Lola, 
Administrator 2:30 

Cossart, b m, 188 2:29% 

Cottage Girl, ch m. 1870, by Main- 
briuo Star Lady Franklin 2:29*/- 

Cottonette, b m, 1880, by Western 
Chief Cotton Picker, by Red Buck 2:25 

Cottonwood Chief ch g, 1887, by Jay- 
wood 2 :21H4 

Cottouwood Chief ch s 1879, by Clark 
Chief Jr ' 2:29 

Counsellor, b s, 1881. by Onward- 
Crop, by Pilot Jr 2:21*4 

Counsellor, (Sabin's) b s, 1887, by 
Counsellor- -Julia, by Chickamauga 2:2U% 

Count Folsio, b s, by Onward Viola, 
by King lie tie 2 :26% 

Countess Eve b m, 188, by iiorval 2:29Vi 

Countess, br in, 1889, *>y Count \Vai- 
demar Mat tie S.. by Lumps 2:27 

Count Robert, b s, 1888, by Robert 
MdGrqgor Christine', 1)y 'Monte 
Chrieto 2 :!.;$% 

Country Boy, br g, 1882, by Reg-ilia 
- -Belie, by Danville Boy 2:23% 

Counterfeit b m, 1886, by Greenback 
Madge, by Trophy 2:30 

Country Medium, b .s, 1884, by Happy 
Medium- Country Maiden, by Coun- 
try Gentleman . . . 2:25*4 

Count Widdemar, b s, 18S4. by King 
Rene Evadne. by Long Island Ba- 
shaw 2 :2 > 1 /.. 

Coupon, blk c, 1892. by Director 
Chief, dam by Phallas 2:26*4 

C( upon, dn g, 1875. by High Jack- 
Nig, by Nigger Dick 2:26% 

Courier, b s. 1887. bv Crittendeu Til- 
lie C., by Jay Bird 2:15 

Courtland, b ;-s. 1882, by Kentucky 
Prince Ha rriette, by Messenger Du- 
roc 2:24y t 

Covey b s, 1883, by Steinway Katy 
G., by Electioneer 2:25 

Cow Boy, br g. 187, , Harper 2:30 

Coxcomb, ch s. 18.88, by Madri 
Miriam, by Egbert 2:25% 

Coxsackie King, oh ir, issi:. i>\ Young 
Jupiter 2:29i/ 4 

Coxette. blk m. 1863, by Black Ba- 
shaw.' dam by Star Gazer 2:19 

C. P. C., b P. 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:28^ 

C. P. R., b g, 188, by All Right .... 

Cranston, b g, 1884. by Sweepstake-- 
Miss Eager, by Post Boy 2 :27% 

Crayon b e, 1887, by Cuyler Dainty, 
by Contractor 2 :2'.)Vi 

Credo, b m, 1891, by Jersey Wilk-s . 2:29% 

Creel, br s, 1890, by C. F. Clay 
Springway. by Harkaway 2:29% 

Cremonia, b in. 1883, by Ansonii 
Cream by Messenger Duroc 2:28 

Crepe McNett b m. 18S6, by Turk- 
Nelly 2.2x14 

Crescent b m. 1884. by Belmont 
Chinchilla's dam. by ' Alexander's 
Norman 2 :25% 

Crescent, b m. 1888. bv Favorite 
Wilkes Seabolt, by Waeker 2 :25 

Crescendo, ch s. 1883, by Mambrino 
Dudley Mayer* ne, by Wedge wood 
(dead) 2:24 

Cressoii, b s. 1885. by Hambrino 
Emma, by Belmont 2:2iV 

Crete, ch in. 1885, by Dictator Chief, 
dam by Daniel Lambert 2:27% 

Crete, br m, 1888 by Onmore Belle 



of Dubnciue, by Minbriuo Boy ... 
Cricket, b ui, 1878, by Selkirk Nelly 

WooJmansee by St. Lawrence ..... 
Criterion, blk in, 1884, by Crittenden 

Mamie, by Star Alinont ......... . . . 

Crimrose, b s, 1800, by Gamaleon 

Hebe, by Guide ............... 

Crome, b g, 188, by Motion Lucy, 

by Foote's Black Hawk .......... 

Grotf-iran, b g, 1885, by Mrdrid 

Mary, by Mambrlno Hatcher ....... 

Grown Imperial b s, 1873, by Imper- 

ial Lady Bryant by Brignoli ...... 

Crownmont, b g, 188 by Monteilo.. 
Crown Point, cli s, 1870, by Specula- 

tionYoung Martha, by George M. 

Patchen Jr ....................... 

Crown Prince, ch g, 1886, by Dexter 

Prince-Clara by Chieftain ......... 

Crown Prince, gr g, 1862, by Logan's 

Messenger Lady Messenger, by 

Warrior (dead) .................... 

Croxie, b m, 1872, by Clark Chief- 

Molly Whitefoot by Little Priam .. 
Cruiser, b g, 1880, by Coaster Polly, 

by John Dillard .................. 

Crusader, b g, 1878, by Dauntless- 

Sally Hall, by Young America ..... 
Crysolite, ch m, 1890. by Acolyte 

Allanah by Red Wilkes .......... 

C. T. L., ch g, 1880. by Gen. Withers 

Lady Gilbreth, by Gilbreth Knox 
Cuba, b g, 187, by George Wilkes, 

dam by Gen. Knox ............... 

Cuba b m, 188, by Bonnie Doon .. 
Cubic, b g, 1883, by ^Electioneer 

Cuba, by imp. Australian ........ 

Cubit, br s, 3882, by Caliban Camlet, 

by Hamlet ....................... 

Cuckoo, 1878, by Frank Wolford- 

Jenny, by Corbeau ............... 

Cuckoo, b in, 188. by Cunard Jr. ... 

Cudahy, b s. 1890, by Ailandorf 

Nora Mapes by Furor ............. 

Cumberland, blk g, 188, by Maple- 

hurst ............................ 

Cunard, b s, 1885, by Virgo Ham- 

bletonian Slybolt, by Wacker .. ,. 
Cunard. b g, 3873, by Von Moltke, 

dam by Gen. Knox ...... ^ ...... 

Cunard Jr. ch s, 1881. by Cunard Pot 

Morris, by Young Hiram Drew ..... 
Cupid, b s, 1885, by Sidney Venus. 

by Capt. Webster ................. 

Curfew, b s, 1889 by Chimes-Mabel 

L., by Victor ..." ................... 

Curio, b m. 1890. by Alcantara Cigar- 

ette, by Gen. Washington ......... 

Currie D, b m, by Happy Medium, 

dam by Almont ................... 

Currier, b g, 1885. by McVeigh 

Weeks' Mar-e. by Mudget Horse.... 
Currito. b s. 1887, by Idol Gift Star 

Maid, by Jupiter Abdallah ......... 

f!i:rror Boll, b m. 1883, by Belmont 

Bertha, by Harold ..... " ............ 

Cuthbert, b s. 1881, by Cuyler 

Marcia S., by Williams' Mambrino. . 
Cuthbert H., b s, 188, by Cuthbert.. 
Cuylercoast, b s, 1886, by Pancoast 

Hilda, by Cuyler ...... '. ............ 

Cut Glass, b m, 1891, by Onward- 

Crystal, by Crittenden ............. 

C. V. B.. b s, 1884, by Ensign, dnm 

by Gen. Fletcher ................... 

C. W. S., b s, 188, by Abbottsford 

Muldoon. by George M. Patchen ____ 
Cy clone, blk s. 1876, by Caliban- 










2:23% i 




2 :1S 

2 :-<> 



Camlet, by Hamlet 

Cyclone, blk g, 1S7-, by Godfrey 


Cyclone, ch g, 188--, by Toronto 

Chief Jr 

Cyclone, blk g, 1884, by Tony Ensign 

Sorrel Nelly 

Cyclone, br g, 18, by Brigadier 

Cyclone, ch g, 188, by WMpple's 


Cyclone Jr., b g, 1885, by Hawthorne 

Lizzie Patchen, by Bully King 

Cyclone Wilkes, ro g, 1886, by Cyclone 

Ella Wilkes, by Favorite Wilkes.. 
clops, b s, 187^ by Marshal Ney 


itty Puss, by Frank Pierce Jr ____ 
Cypress, ch s, 1881, by Kentucky 

Prince Lady Hilton, by Sentinel.... 
Cypress. 1) s, 1882, by Cyclops Fanny 

Fern, by Worden's George M. 

Patchen Jr ........................ 

Cypress, b m, 1881. by Strathinore 

Aspinola, by Belmout .............. 

Cyprus K., blk s, 1881, by Nutwood- 

Belle, by Jack Hobo ts ............. 

Cythera, ch m, 1890, Ivy Jersey Wilkes 

Huma, by Connanght ............ 

Czar, ch s, 1889, by Russia Bon 

Doou, by Legal Tender Jr .......... 

Czarina, b in, 1882, by Egbert Dolly, 

by Mambrino Chief .............. 

Dacia, br m, 1868, by Woodford Mam- 

brino Dahlia, by Pilot Jr .......... 

Drciana, blk m, 1873, by Harold 

Dacia, by Woodford Mambrino ..... 
Daconis, b' s, 1886, by No:nvood Star- 

Lady Grace, by Hamlet ............ 

Daddy K., b g, 1888, by Wellington- 

Molly, by Kentucky Prince Jr. 

(dead) . . .......... *. .............. 

Dagheetan. b s,- 1890, by Stamboul 

Alta Belle, by Electioneer .......... 

Dahlia Wilkes," b m, 18S , by Almont 

Wilkes, dam by Abdallah Chief ..... 
Daily News, b s. 188. by Sagerser.. 
Dainty, b m. 1879. by Dictator Vic. 

, . . 

by Mambriuo Chief 

. gr 
Dahlia, by Pilot Jr 


in, 1881, by Harold 

Daisy, ch m, 1885, by Tecnmseh 
Daisy, by Mambrino Abdallah ...... 

Daisy, b ui, 188, by Wellington ..... 

Daisy, g m, 1891, by Conundrum ...... 

Daisy, b:< m, 188 by Miltonian ...... 

Daisy B., dr m, 1887, by Iowa Harold 


., , , 

Maud, by Hiatoga Jr 
Daisy Blackwood, br m, 1879, by 


Daisy Burns, b m, 1857, by Skenan- 

doah, dam by Harden Horse (dead).. 
Daisy C., b m, 1882, by Mountain 

Boy Smith Mare, by Darkle ........ 

Daisy C., b m, 1887, by Hambletonlaa 

Bashaw Warfielcl Mare, by Green's 

Bashaw ........................... 

Daisy D., b m, 1882, by Parmenus 

Lady, by Pat Maloy ................ 

Daisydale, b m, 1872, by Thorndale 

Daisy, by Washington (dead) ....... 

Daisy Dean, br m, 1876, by Damon. . . 
Daisy Deo, ch in, 188, by 'Sigma Nu 

Fanny, by Truesdale's Abdallah J:-. . 
Daisy Drew, b m, 1880. by Horace . . . 
Daisy Eyebright. b m. 1876, by Kirk- 

wood Quackenbush Mare, by Voor- 

hees' Abdallah Chief ............... 

Daisy G.. ch m, 1888, by Norwood 

Chief Kit, by Col. Walter .......... 

Daisy Gardner, br m, 1875. by Hawk- 























2:2S' '. 
2 :-S 



2: 22i 4 

2:29' 4 



Doble placed the world's record for trotters at 2 :1 
Dexter, at 2 :14 with Goldsmith Maid and 
2:04 with Nancy Hanks. 


J * * * 



The Canadian boy that conditioned and drove Danconrt 
when he won The Horseman Stake at Detroit in 1894. 



eye Peerless, by Deiianee 

Daisy G-arfield, b m, 18SO, by Garfleld 
Osborn Mare, by Reconstruction. .. 

Daisy Hamilton, b m, 1874, by Black- 
atone Lady Hamilton (dead) 

Daisy Hartshorn, ch m, 1878, by 
Aberdeen Eineline, by Henry B. 
Patchen : 

Daisy J., b m, 1867, pedigree not 

Daisy J.. ch in, 1886, by Golden 
Wing Lucy 

Daisy Kelly, b m, 188, by Don J. 

Daisy Kenmore, ch in, 1885, by Ken- 
more Little Wonder 

Daisy L., b m, 188, by Lawrence 

Diiisy Lambert, ch m, 1885, Toy Motion 
Dolly, by DeLong's Ethan Allen.. 

Daisy M., b m, 188, by Morris' Al- 

Daisy Mac 

Daisy N, ch m, 188, by Nutwood 

Daisy P., b m, 188 by Gov. Sey- 

Daisy Queen, gr m, 1883, by Sir Wal- 
ter Scott Kitty Scott, by Jim Scott. 

Daisy R., br m, 1881, by Lexington 
Chief Kate 

Daisy Rolfe, b m. 1881, by Young 
Rolfe Gretchen, by Gideon 

Daisy S., ch m, 187, by Tilton Al- 
niont, dam by Rattler (dead) 

Daisy W., blk m, 188, by Onawa 

Daisy Ward, b m, 188', by Ward's 




2:23% ! 



Dance-, b s, 1>-M>, by Alarm -Omaha 
Maid, by Fisk's Maiubriuo Chief Jr.. 

Dancourt, blk s, 1890, by Ambassador 
Lowland Girl, by Legal Tender Jr. 

Dan Cupid, b s, 1888, by Barney 
Wilkess Aster more, by Strathmore. . 

Dan Donaldson, ch g, 187, by Bon- 
nie Scotland 

Dandy, b g, 1884, by Atlantic Fancy, 
by Blazing Star 

Dandy (See Tayloreou). 

Dandy, b s, 1887, by Karatus Flora, 
by Novelty 

Dandy Boy, br s, 1881, by Almout 
Rattler Nelly Tole, by Baker Horse 

Dandy Boy, br g 

Dandy Boy, b g, 187 

Dandy C., b g, 1886, by Almont Chief 
Joqua, by Glenn's Hambletoniau. . 

Dandy Dan, ch e, 1886, by Attorney 

Topsy, by J. L. 
Dandy Jim, gr g, 1 
Caprara, by Daniel Lambert 

2:241/2 ! 


Daisy Wilkes, br m, 1880, by George 
Wilkes Daisy Dean, by Gov. Clark.. 
Daisy Wood, b m, 1891, by Silkwood. . 

Dakorna, b m, 1886, by De Soto Con- 
cord Maid, by Hamlet 

Dakota Maid, ch m, 187, pedigree 
not traced 

Dallie Wilkes, gr m, 1886, by Red 
Wilkes Ida, by Alta 

Dalphia D., gr m, 1889, by Nutwood 
Dalphine, by Harold 

Damania, ch g, 1887, by Nutmeg- 
Maud K., by Mambrino Sultan 

Daly, b s, 1883, by Gen. Benton 
Dolly, by Electioneer 

Dame Trot, blk m, 1870, by Messen- 
ger Duroc Green Mountain Maid, 
by Harry Clay 

Damon, br s, 1869, by Palmer Bogus- 
Old Grey, by Grey Eclipse 

Damosella, b m. 188, by Nelson- 
Flora S, by Gideon 

Dan, ch g, 1874, by Bay Billy (Wild 
Willie) *. 

Dan, ch g, 188, pedig.-ee not traced. 

Dan, br s, 1880, by Flaxtail Wild 

Dan, b g, 188 by Electioneer 

Dana Wilkes, b s, 188, by Victor 

Dan B., b g, 188. pedigree not traced.. 

Dan Backman, b s, 1884, by Charles 
Backman Thalia, by Bashaw Mes- 
senger ". .., 

Dan Bailey, b g, 188, by J. W. 

Dan Berry, ch g, 188, by Gua-antee 

Dan Brown, b g, 188, by Anteeo 
Miss Brown, by Brown's Volunteer. . 

Danbry, b s. 1884, by Catch Colt- 
Maggie B., by Menelaus 

Dan Bryant, ch g. 186, by Plow 
Boy, dam by Rappahannock (dead) . . 


2:29% ! 
2:22% | 




2:25V 4 




2:2SV 2 




1885, by Young Jim 

Dandy L., b s, 188, by Albington 

Dandy L., ch g, 188, by Antar Jr. ... 

Dandy R., b g, 188 by Bay Billy. . . . 

Dandy R., b s, 188, by Alley Russell 

Dandy Salisbury, ch s, 1889, by Judge 
Salisbury Belle A., by Shelby Chief. 

Dandy Sprague, b s, 188, by Ashland 
Sprague, dam by Blue Bull 

Dandy Time J:-., b s, 1889, by Dandy 
Time Fly Warwick, by Warwick. . . 

Dandy Whitestockings, ch g, 1879, by 
Rocket Jr. Magga 

Dandy Wilkes, b g, 1888, by Wilkes- 
mont, dam by Black Frank 

Dandy Wilkes, blk s, 1885, by Am- 
bassadorKentucky Whip, by Tiger 
Whip " 

Dandy Wilkes, br g, 1886, by Star 
Wilkes Nelly R., by Esperango. 









Danforth, b g, 188, by Dauntless 

Danger, b g, 1883, by Oddfellow- 
Fanny G 

Danger, b g, 188, by Nil Desper- 

Dan H., b g, 1881, by Grantham Chief 

Dan H., b s, 1890, by Brod Walnut- 
Peach Blossom, by Bruce 

Dan Howell, b g, 1864, by Young 
Highlander, dam by Brown's Bell- 
founder (dead) 

Daniel Boone, gr g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Daniel Lambert, ch s, 1879, by Aurora 
Lady Sherman, by Milliman's Bell- 

Daniel the Prophet, b g, 1870, by Red 
Eagle Flora, by Napoleon 

Daniel Webster, b g. 1873, by Amer- 
ican Ethan Nora Welsh, by Toronto 
Chief J- 

Dan Jenkins, gr s, 1879, by Joe 
Brown Ann B., by Chalmer's Jupi- 
ter (dead) 

Dan Jennings, b g, 1884, by Luke 
Brodhead, dam by Aaron Penning- 

Dan L., ch g, 188, by Sherman 

Dan Mace, b g, 1885, by Dunham Ab- 
dallah Hannah D., by Erie Abdal- 

Dan Mace, ch g, 1855, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Dan Mack, b g, 188, by Mammont. . . 

Dan Miller, ch g, 1884. by Daniel 
Lambert Lucy Miller, by 'Adminis- 
trator (dead) 


2 :25% 
2 :29V- 







2:23V t 



Dannomura, blk s, 1SS3, by Kermyoud 
Lady Anna, by Woodford Mam- 

Dan K,' b s,' 'l88^-', bjr'ban 'B. .' '. '.'. '. '. .' ! 2i2% 

Dan Neville, b s. 1887, by Hamdallah 
-Esther, by Silas Wright 2:28 

Dan O. en g, 188 by Edwin Pilot. . 2:25% 

Dan Phallamont, ch s, 1888, by 1'hal- 
lamont Lady Miles, by Me Almont.. 2:24Va 

Dan S., blk g,'1885, by Young Almont. 2:20 

Dan S., ro g, 1879, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian Nancy S., by a son of . 
Black Hawk 2:24% 

Dan Smith, b g, 187-, by Reporter, 
dam by Trustee 2:21% 

Dan Veiox, br g, 188. by Black 
Prince 2:16% 

Danville WilVes, b s, 1879, by Lyle 
Wilkes Flora, by Skedaddle 2:27 

Dan Voorliees, b s, 1880, by Daunt- 
lessBay Bessie, by Tom Hunter 2:30 

Dan Vorhees, ch s. 186, by Gen. 
McClellan Fisher Mare (dead)_ 2:23% 

Dan Voorhees, ch s, 0.877, by Black 
Frank Turdey Mare 2:30 

Dan Wilkes, gr g, 188, by Mambrmo 

Dan Wilson,' blk g,' 188, by Dan Lo- ^ 

<;m 2:23% 

Dai l:ne, b m, 1889. by Onward- 
Lady Alice, by Almont 2:25 

Daphne, b m, J8S">, by Col. Hambrick 
Belle Monroe by Nick Monroe ... 2:16% 

Dora H., b m,' 1891 2:26 

Tarlee, gr g, 188, by Almouarch . .. 2:23% 
Darby b g. 188, pedigree not traced 2:30 
Darby, b g. 1872. by Delmonico- 
lilack, by Cox's Stump the 

Dealer 2:16% 

Darkness, blk m, 1877 by Mountain 

Boy Fanny Walker .2:21% 

Darkey Wilkes, blk B, 188, by Billy 
Wilkes, dam b.y Rock Island Bashaw 2:28% 

Dark Mglit, b in, 1886, ly Fieldmont 
Night, by Herod 2:25% 

Darkwood, blk s, 1887, by Right On- 
wardLilly Pepper, by Pepper 2:27% 

Darling, b g, 188 ,_by DanJMitchell. . 2:24V 2 

Darlington, b s, 1882, by Wellington 
Boadicea, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:18% 

Darwinna br m, 1887, by Meredith 
Filgate, by Milliman's eBllfounder 
(dead) 2:23% 

Dashwool, b s, 1888, by Sentinel 
Wilkes Nutwood Queen, by Nut- 
wood 2:22 

Dash wood, blk s, 1889, by Simmons 2:30 

D. A. T., ch g, 1880, by Dorsey Gold- 
dustMontgomery Mare, by Smith's 
Emperor 2:23% 

Dauntess, br m, 1885 by Dauntless, 
dam by Tramp 2:28% 

Dauntless, (Parkis Abdallah) b s, 
186. by Taggart's Abdallah 2:26% 

Dauntless, L., ch g, 1888, by Daunt 
lees Jr. Black Mag 2:20% 

Dave Cook, b g, 1890, by Valdemeer 2:24% 

Dave Cox, b g, 188, by Eagle Bird, 
dam by Hambletonian Mambrino.. 2:29% 

Daveiiant. gr s, 1879, by Belmont 
Dahlia, by Pilot Jr 2:26% 

Dave Highland, ch s, 1890, by Thistle 2:30 

Don D'Loid, b g. 1890. by Conalold 2:26 

Dave Palmer, gr g, 188--, by Buch's 
Patchen (dead) 2:26% 

Davo Salisbury, ch s, 188, by Judge 
Salisbury 2:29/ 

Dave Wilson, b g, 1886, by Hamlet- 
Fanny 2 :24% 

Dave Young, ch g, 187 by Stephen 
A Douglas :. . . 2:28 

David B., b g, 188, by Forrest 
Prince, dam by Baird's Hamble- 
tonian Prince 2:28 

David B., ch g, 1889, by Young Jim- 
Rosa Clay by American Clay 2:10% 

David C., b g, 1872, by Case's Dave 
Hill Miss Heath, by Young Napol- 
eon 2:25 

David H., b g, 1888, by Young Wilkes 
Rosetta, by Pickering 2:29% 

David Jones, b g, 188, by Pearsall.. 2:17'/i 

David L., blk g, 187, by Fuller 
Wilkes Fields Mare, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian 2:19% 

David P., b g, 188 1 . by Almont Re- 
venge 2:24^4 

David R., br g, 187 by Swigert 
Kate, by Blue Bull 2:29% 

David Wallace, ch s. 187, by Man- 
brino Pilot 2:28 

Davy 15., b g, 188, by Davenant. . 2:27% 

Davis Boy, blk g 188-- 2:29% 

Davy Crockett, ch g, 188, by Gold- 
dust Chief 2:29% 

Dawn, ch s, 1881. by NutAvood 
Countess, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian 2:18% 

Dawnland b g, 188, by Dauntless.. 2:30 

Dawn R., br s, 1887, by Alcantara- 
Dainty, by Dictator 2:22% 

Dawson, b g, 1884, by Manslield 
Louie, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:19/t 

Dayball, ch g, 1885, by Banker 
Rothschild Daisy 2:80 

Daybreak, ch s, 188 by Green Boy 2:25% 

Day Dream, ch m, 1879. by Cuyler 
Lucia, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian.. 2:21% 

Daylight, 'br g, 1887, by Eros Crazy 2:27% 

Daylight, b g, 1888, by Chief of Echo 2:21% 

Daylight, b e, 1885, by Gen. Benton 
Ameriquita, by Electioneer 2:26% 

Daylight b g, 1884, by Starlight 
Boadicea, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:19% 

Dayton Belle, ch m, 187, by Blue 
Bull Dayton Belle, by Hall's Mo- 
hawk Jr 2:29% 

Dazzle, b m, 1887, by Slander- 
Daphne, by Jay Gould 2:29% 

D. C. b s, 1884, by Dictator Jane 
Carlisle, by Antar 2:23 

D. C S.. b g, 1874, by Joe Elmo- 
Alice Drye, by May's Sir Wallace. . 2:22%. 

Deacon, ch g, 1884, by Jefferson 
Prince 2:28 

Deadwood, br s, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:28% 

Dean Wilkes, b m, 1885 by Sherman 
Wilkes Saucy Dean, by Paladine .. 2:25% 

Dearest, b m, 188, by Thomas K... 2:26% 

De Barry, b g, 1879, by Nil Desperan- 
dum Susie, by Happy Medium .. 2:1.")% 

Deborah b m, 188, by Sable Wilkes, 
dam by Le Grande 2:21% 

Deceit, br g, 1869, by Jean Baptiste, 
(dead) 2:30 

Decider, br s, 1885, by Detractor, 
dam by Lire Oak 2:29% 

Deceiver, br g, 188, by Ethan Allen 
2d 2:29% 

Deceiver, blk g, 188, by Rampart 2:30 

Deception, gr g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:22V 2 

Deck Wright, b g, 1869, by Hinsdaie 
Horse -Doll Wicks, by Young North 


Briton ideadj 

Decorah, b s, 1884, by Mambrino 

Patehen Hattie Allen, by George 


Decorum, ch g, 1890, by Victor 

Wilkes, dam by Blitzen Jr 

Decorator, ro s, 1882. by Masterlode 

Pet Ferguson, by Mingo Chief 

Defender, blk s, 1877. by George 


Wilkes Mist, by Ward's 


Defiance, br s, 1880, by William Rys- 
dyk Begum, by Alcalde 

Defiance, br g, 186, by Chieftain 
(pacing 2 :17%) (dead) 

Delavan, gr s, 1887, by Pilot Medium 
Belle Paddock, by Magna Charta 

Delaware, ch g, ' 186, by Morgan 
Black Hawk Fanny, by Gen. Taylor 

Delaware, b s, 1886, by Chestnut Joe 
Merry Lass, by liysdyk's Hainble- 

Delaware Medium, b ,s, 1882, by Hap- 
py Medium Dolly, by Richelieu . . . 

Delbert, br s, 1891, by Ganialeon Al- 
tama, by Attorney 

Delcho, b s. 1885, by Oneco Dolly, by 

Delectus blk, e , 1887, by Dictator 
Patchen, by Mambrmo Patchen 

Delegate, b g, 1880, by Dictator- 
Bertha, by Blackwood 

Delegate, br s, 1884, by Dictator- 
Fanny H., by Red Wilkes 

Delegate, b s, 1888, by Harnliii's Al- 
rnoiit Jr. Toy, by Hamlin Patchen 

Delegate, b g, 1887, by Decorate 
Molly P., by Chester 

Delhi, b g, 186, pedigree not traced 

Delia Shipp, b m, 188, by Major 

Dell, br g, 1886, by Rowdy Boy- 

Delia, b m, 1884, by Little Dan Delia 

Delia McGee, ch m, 1886, by Walkill 
Prince Kate McGee, by Blue Bull. . 

Dell Brown, br s, 1888, by Boston 
Wilkes Venus, by Abdamed Allen 

Del Mar, b s, 1887, by Electioneer 
Sontag Dixie, by Toronto Sontag. . 

Delmarch, b e, 1884, by Hambrino 
Ella G., by George Wilkes 

Delmas, ch s 1886, by Almoon 

Delmont, b g, 1884, by Howe's Mc- 
GregorBelle, by Young Defiance . . 

Delmont b s, 1891, by Delmarch, dam 
by Royal Chief 

Del Monte, br g, 1879 by Fire Fly- 

De Long, br s. 1891, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Miss Moulton, by Nutwood 

Del Paso, ro e, 1885, by Dexter Prince 
Daisy D., by Electioneer 

Delph, b g, 1888, by King Almont 
Beck, by Hutchinson Chief (pacing 
record 2:24%) 

Del Ray, ch s, 1886, by Clay Duke- 
Madonna, by Strader's Caseiue M. 
Clay Jr 

Del Sur, blk s, 1876, by The Moor 
Gretchen, by Mambrino Pilot 

Dembert. b s, 188, by Wabash, dam 
by Egbert 

Democrat, b g, 188, by Sam Harris 

Democrat, b g, 1882, by Kisbar Kate 

Demonstrator, b s, 188. bv Walkill 
















2:25% I 



2:2iy 2 



2:24% j 
2:24 | 


Prince 2:30 

Dennis Ryan, br e, 1880, by Berlin 
Latiy Washington, by American Boy 
j r 2'2D 

Denmark, blk g, lbU4, by Country *' 
Boy, dam by Hawkeye (dead) 2:30 

Dennis, biK s, 188, by Dennis Ryan 2:27% 

Dennis, b g, 188, by Fairholm 2:24% 

DeuuiU H., be, 188, by Ben Frank- 
lin 2:28 

Dennis P., b s, 1884, by Abdailah 
Woodford Hannah by Volunteer. . 2:29*4 

Deposit, ch s, 1888, by Madrid- 
Gleaner, by Onward 2 :29% 

Deputy, b s, 1884, by Echo, Marie 
Rose, by Inca 2:19% 

Derby, b g, 1859, by Rough and 
Ready, dam by Wilcox's Dragon 
(deaa> 2:25% 

Derby Princess blk in, 1S92, by 
Charlts Derby Princess, by Ad- 
ministrator 2:25 

Deronda, b m, 188, by Strathmore, 
dam by Kentucky Prince 2:27*4 

Desdeniona, b m, 1876, by Old Joe- 
Toss, by Louis Napoleon 2:27 

De Soto, ch s. 188, by Ranchero, 
dam by Country Gentleman 2:24 

Despardo, b g, 18 by ~ Richard's 
Elector 2 :29% 

Despatch, (Windsor) ro g, 1872, by 
Lewiston Boy Nelly, by Berry 
Horse 2-^4*4 

Desperation, b s, 1887, by Nil Despeiv 
andum Lizzie, by Goldsmith's Ab- 
dailah 2:30 

Despot, ro s, 1878, by Dictator Spray 
by Bay Munson 2'29 

Deesie Wingate, b m, 1884, by On- 
wardDora, by Bayard Jr 2:28 

Deucalion, b s, 1867, by Rysdyk's 
Haimbletonian Trusty, by Maril- 
borough 2-22 

Deuxmillion, ch s, 1885, by Deucalion 
Blanche B., by Holabird's Ethan 
Allen 2 -29V, 

DeWitt C., b g, 1884, by Doncaster- 
Lulu, by Erie Abdailah 2 -29V. 

De Wulff ch g, 1886, by Henry Gil- 
bert Lida Bliss, by Toronto Patchen 2:21*/, 

Dexter, b s, 1886, by Mambrino Jester 2:27 

Dexter, br g, 1858, by Milliman's 
Bellfoupder, dam by Sumpter 2-27 

Dexter, br g, 1858, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian Clara, by Seely's Ameri- 
can Star (dead) 2-17*4 

Dexter, b g, 188 by Peter Blair!!!! 2:25 

Dexter, b g, 186, by Volunteer, 
dam by Seely's American Star 
(dead) 2-27 

Dexter C., b g, 188 by Dick Ed- 
wards .' 2:24% 

Dexter H., b g, 187, by Banker 
Messenger, dam by King Faro 2:29*4 

Dexter L., gr g, 188, by Abdamed 
Allen 2-25 

Dexter Princess, b m, 1887, by Dexter 
Prince Queen Wilkes, by Mambrino 
Wilkes 2:24*4 

Deyo. b s, 188, by Dauntless 2:24 

D. G. B., br g. 188, by Stillson 2:29*4 

Diadem, b s. 1886. by Diadem Nancy, 
by Col. Ellsworth 2:25*/ 4 

Diamond, blk g, 1890, by Forrest Bis- 
marck 2:24*4 

Diamond, blk s. 1874, by Wild Bashaw 
Debra. by Wapsie 2:28 

Diamond.' b g. 1R83. by Vandergriff 



Colt Mayfly Divunou 2 :15y 

Diamond, ch g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Diamund Joe, b g, 1886, by Maple- 
hurst dam by Young Cabell 2:18 

Diana, b m, 1887, by Claimant Josie 
H., by Talleyrand 2:29^ 

Diana, ch. m, 188, by Harbinger... 2:24 l /a 

Diatonic, br s, 1883, by Fairy Gift- 
Nelly, by Gage's Logan 2:27 1 / 4 

D. I. G., b g 188, by Tauutou 2:28y 2 

Dickard, ch g, 1873, by Daniel Lam- 
bert Doane Mare, by Young Colum- 
bus 2:25Vi 

Dick, b g, 1882, by Major Benton 
Topsey, by Bacon's Ethan Allen 2:2G>i 

Dick, b g, 1887, by William H. Van- 
derbilt 2:29 

Dick Brown br g, 188 , pedigree not 
traced 2:29^4 

Dick C., b g, 1887, by St. Cloud-Nelly 2:30 

Dick Dimple, b g, 1886, by Peoria 
Flora 2:30 

Dick Eddy, b s, 1886, by Jerome 
Eddy Daisy, by Index 2:2iy 2 

Dick Flaherty, ch g, 188 by Fear- 
naught (?) 2:2.9i/i 

Dick French, ch g, 188, by Little 
Hamilton 2:19y 2 

Dick Garrett, b g, 1877, by Tramp- 
Sylvia 2:2'Jv4 

Dick H., b g, 1884, by Hunt's Blue 
Bull Hunt Mare 2:29 1 / 

Dick Hardin, b s. 1888, by Shawmut 
Beauty, by Dictator 2:29 

Dick Hartford, br s, 1885, by Bay 
Dick Belle Hartford, by Hartford 
Hambletonian 2:25 

Dick Jamison, b g, 186, by Joe Down- 
ing (dead) 2:26 

Dick Jay, b g, 187, by Gen. Mc- 
Clellan Jr. (?) 2:30 

Dick Johnson, br g, 187 , by Swigert, 
dam by Phelps' Bellfounder 2:29% 

Dick Mitchell, b g, 188-, by Gov. 
Stantoii 2:28V4 

Dick Moore, ch g, 1871. by Belmont 
Mary, by Monmouth Eclipse (dead)! . 2:22^ 

Dick Organ, blk g, 1873, by Commo- 
doreCampbell, by Tom Hal 2:24 1 /4 

Dick Richmond, gr .s 1882, by A. W. 
Richmond Belle, by Ben Wade .... 2:20 

Dick Roach, gr g, 188, by Port Leon- 
ard 2:24^ 

Dick Smith, ch g, 1883, by Luke Brod- 
head Calaway Maid by Rfickaway. 2:17 

Dick Stauffer, ch g, '188, by Blue 
Bull 2:201/4 

Dick Swiveller, b g, 1870, by Walkill 
Chief Madam Swiveller, by Henry 
Clay Jr 2:18 

Dick Taylor, gr g, 1869, by Bob Bid- 
lake .....:. 2:24v4 

Dick Wilkes, b g, 188, by Sentinel 
Wilkee. dam by son of Lexington. . 2:30 

Dick AVIlls. b g. 188. by Wilkes- 
onian. dam by Indian Chief (pacing 
2:16V,1 2:25% 

Dick Wood, blk g 188--, by Elial G. . . 2:26y a 

Dick Richmond, br s, 1888, by Pre- 
tender Namouna, by A. W. Rich- 
mond 2:27y 2 

Dictator, b g, 1869, by Goldsmith's 
Abdallah Fanny, by Blood Royal. . . 2:27 

Dictator (Huckleberry), blk g, 1864, 
by Comet (dead) 2:22V4 

Dictator, ch g. 1883. by Rooker Big 
Bird, by John E Rysdyk 2:27y 4 

Dictator Chief, b s, 1882, by Dic- 
tator Judy , by Plato 

Dictator G., br s 1885, by Prince 
Dictator Fanny Play, by Toronto. . 

Dictator Prince, b s, 1889, by Dicta- 
tor Vinelaud, by Kentucky Prince. 

Dictator Sidney, b s, 188, by Sidney, 
dam by Dictator 

Dictionary, b s, 1884, by Dictator- 
San Waw. by Administrator 

Dictum, br' s, 1888, by Dictator Al- 
mont Hetty, by Frank Moscow. ... 

Diddie, b m, 188, by Brown Mark- 

Dido, b m ; 1885, by Judge Gould 
Russie, by Joe Young 

Die Vernon, rn m, 1888. by Jay Bird 
Young Winnie, by Woodford Mam- 

Digma, b s, 1889, by Rumor Daisy, 
by Socrates 

Diligent, b s, 1883, by Dictator Jane 
Carlisle, by Antar 

Dillard Alexander, br s, 1883. by Alex- 
ander Moonbeam, by John Dillard. . 

Dillernan, b m, 188, by Eros, dam 
by Grenadier 

Dinah, blk m, 188, by Norway Knox 
Fanny Patchen, by Tom Patchen . . 

Dinah, b m, 1887. by Israel Scofield 
Mare, by Scofleld Nelson 

Dinah, rn m, 1865, by Young Flying 
Cloud Dinah, by Vermont Hamble- 

Dinah, b m, 1882, by Little Billy, dam 
by Ontario 

Dinah Cossack, b m, 18, by Don 

Dinnie, b ni 1880, by Rochester- 
Miss Coons,' by Clark Chief 

Dio, b g, 1870, by Gen. Sherman- 
Fanny, by Ethan Allen (dead) 

Diplomacy, b m, 1885, by Don Cos- 
>uck Luella, by Hero of Thorndaie. 

Direct blk s, 1885, by Blrestor 
Echo'ra, by Echo (pacing record 2:06) 

Directa, blk m, 1886, by Director 
Alida. by Admiral 

Direct Line, b s, 1889, by Director 
Lida W., by Nutwood 

Director, blk s. 1877. by Dictator- 
Dolly, by Mainbrino Chief 

Director's Flower, b m, 1891, by Di- 
rectorSunflower, by Elmo 

Director's Jus;, blk s, 1885, by Di- 
rectorLizzie, by John Netherland. . 

Directress, br m, 1886, by Director- 
Aloha, by A. W. Richmond 

Directum. blk s, 1889, by Director- 
Stem Winder, by Venture 

Dirego. br s, 1888, by Principe, dam 
by Belmont 

Dirigo, br s, 1856, by Drew Horse 

Dirigo. b g, 186, by Foxhunter, dam 
by St. Clair 

Disputant, b s, 1886, by Harold- 
Debutante, by Belmont 

Distaff, ch m, 1888 by King William 
Tricotrin. by Stillson 

Dixie, b m, 1887, by Allegro, dam by 

Dixie, gr m. 1858, by Pilot Jr. Jenny 
Lind. by Bellfounder (dead) 

Dixie Spi-ague, b m, 1877. by Gov. 
Sprague Dixie, by Pilot Jr 

Dixie V.. br g. 1880, by Dixie Wickie. 
bv Green's Bashaw 


'2:2'. : ;, 



2:25y 4 






















2:18y 2 










D K. W. (See Monte Christo.) 

D Monroe, b s, 187. by Jim Mon- 
roeBetty, by Duvall's Mambrlno. . 

D N T., ch g, 1880 by Masterlode 
Kate Hunter, <by Pierre Horse 

Doble, blk s, 1870, by Ericsson Belle, 
by Scrugg's Davy Crocket ......... 

Doc F., blk g. 1882, by Scotch Prince 

Doc M., b g, 1886, by C. A. Niles 
Flora G 

Doc McLaughlin. b s, 1871, by Mor- 
gan Messenger Flora, by Getaway 

Dr. Alniont, ch g, 1881, by Almont 
Boy Enchantress, by Trouble 

Dr. Barth, b s, 188 by Eagle Bird. 

Dramatist, b s, 1889, by Egotist 
Worthea by Harold 

Dr. C., b s, 1887, by Swigert Al D., 
bv Alden Goldsmith 

Dr.' C., b g, 188, ' 

Dr. Carver, b s, 1885, by New York 
Dictator Kitty Morgan, by Joe 
Downing Jr 

Dr. Caton, b s, 1888. by Ganymede 
Atalanta, by Don Cossack 

1 >r Cronin, b s, 1889, by Brown Frank 
Lady Gray, by Hambletonian 

Dr. Day, b s, 1886, by Seneca Patchen 
Lady Hamblet, by Administrator. . 

Doctor E.. br s, 1886. by Hambletonian 
Downing Roda, by Morgan Mes- 

I >r. Dix, br g 188 

Dr. Forest, ch g, 188, by Forest 

Dr. Frank, rn g, 1877, by George Hall 
Kit. by Gen. Taylor 

Dr. Franklin Jr.. blk s, 188- by Dr. 
Franklin, dam by Hamet ~... 

Dr. French, b s, 1888, by Fred S. 

Dr. Fritts b g, 1889, by Garnet 
AVilke* Daisy 

Durtor II., rn s, 1889, by Mambrino 
Dick Fanny, by Bashaw Pilot 

Doctor Hooker, b s, 1890, by Vatican 

-Mary Ann, by White's Hanible- 


Dr. Kidd, blk g. 188, by Count 
Wilkes dam by Vindcx 

Dr. Lewis ch g, 1871. by Marshal 
Chief . ..' 

Dr. McFarland. b g, 1883, by Sterling, 
lam by Robert Fillingham Jr 

Dr. Miller, b g, 1878, by Young Volun- 
teer Dollv .....--. 

Dr. Morland, b s, 188, by Lewis Na- 

Dr. Xorman, b g. 1877. by Col. Moore 
Bay Liz. by McDonald's Hiatoga. . 

Dr. Puff, b s, 1892, by Bay Bird- 
Polly Puff .....: 

Dr. S., ch s, 1888. by Altitude Molly. 
by Allegro 

Dr. Sheppard. b s. 1S7.~>. bv Blue Bull 
-Bird !..... 

Dr. Smith, gr g, 1879, by Gov. Mor- 
rill Dixie 

Dr. Sparks b s, 18-87, by Cyclone- 
Lilly, by Monroe Chief 

Doctor T.. b g, 188, by Duquesno- 
Kit. by Young Toronto 

Dr Tilton. b g. 1885, by Twilight- 
Lady Tilton, by Abdallah Mambrino 

Doctor C.. b g. 188. by Clnyforrt... 

Dodger, ch s 1886. by Arminius City 
Girl . 




80. J 
















20 Vt 


DoilgevillK. b g. 1888, by Oberliu 
('(Miiitry Girl, by Country Boy 2:14V4 

Dohrmari, br s, 1890, by Abbottsford 
Eureka Belle, by Dexter Bradford 2:27 

Dollikans, g in, 18, by Robei-t Mc- 
Gregor 2:26% 

Dolly, br m, 1884, by Mambrino Dia- 
mondMaggie, by Live Oak 2:25 

Dolly, b m, 186, by Frank 2:30 

Dolly B., b m, 1884, by Austerlitz 
Ro'xy St. Law.-ence, by Charter Oak 2:27% 

Dolly B., b m, 188, by Alaric 2:21% 

Dolly C., b m, 1888, by Gen. Stanton 
Lady Collins, by St. Lawrence 
(dead)' '. 2:19 

Dolly Davis, ch m, 1871, by Almont 
Annie Eastiu, by Morgan Rattler... 2:29 

Dolly H., b m, 1888, by Abdallah 
Hambletonian, dam by Lord Earl- 
ington 2:201,4 

Dolly H., b m, 188, by Kennebeck 
Knox 2:25V4 

Dolly M., b m, 1888, by Copper Duke 2:23^4 

Dolly Rene, b in. 1886, by King Rene 
Florine, by Administrator 2:29 

Dolly S., dn m, 188, by Bolton 
Sprague 2:25% 

Dolly Withers, b m, 1887, by Aber- 
deenAnnabel, by George Wilkes... 2:29% 

Domestic, b s, 1880, by Volunteer 
Godiva, by Godfrey Patchen (dead). . 2:20% 

Domineer, b s, 1887, by Red Wilkes 
Lizzie H., by Star Almont 2:18*4 

Dom Pedro, ch g, 1872, by Blue Bull. 2:27 

Don, b s, 188, by Almont Ledo 2:193$ 

Don, b g, 188, pedigree not traced. . 2:22y 4 

Don, gr g, 1870, by Aker's Idol Mary 
Weaver, by Black Hawk Vermont.. 2:22% 

Donala, blk s, 188 2:20^4 

Donald, b g, 1875, by Dictator Bur ch 
Mare, by Brown Pilot 2 :27 

Donald, blk s, 1886, by George Wilkes 
Jr. Sonora 2:19% 

Donald McKay, gr g, 1885, by Allegro 
r-Minnie, by Hari-odsburg Boy 2:22% 

Don Anteros, br s, 1890, by Anteros 
Bonnie Bee, by Harry B 2:30 

Don Aristos, blk 's, 1885, by Aristos 
Jr. Dessie Lotta, by Haw Patch 2:29% 

Don C. b g, 1886, by Don Carlos 
Bryn Maur Maid, by Gen. Lee 2:18*4 

Don Carlos, b s, 1880, by Cuyle? Clay 
Lady Abdallah, by Alexander's Ab- 
dallah 2:23 

Don Carlos, gr g, 1877, by Highland 
Grey Polly Daly, by Eel 2:28-4 

Doncaster, b s, 1880, by Com. Belmont 
Virginia, by Mambrino Champion. . 2:28'/4 

Don Cossack, b s, 1876, by August 
Belmont Laytham Lass, by Alex- 
ander's Abdallah (dead} 2 :28 

Don Cossack, b s, 1887, by Tubal Cain 
Kate Wilson 2:30 

Don Cossack Jr., br s, 1887, by Don 
Cossack Etta May, by Charley 
Hammet 2:30 

Don Donnan, b s, 1888, by Dictator 
Wilkes Maggie Berne, by Totoway 2:29% 

Don Elipha, b g, 186, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Don Felix, b s. 1884. by Electioneer 
Adelaide, by Black Donald 2:27'/4 

Don H., ch R, '188 by Tramp Jr 2:30 

Don Gotha-d, b s, 1884, by St. 
Gothard Crescent, by Contractor. . 2:27 

Don Governor, ch g, 188 2:27% 

Don L., b s, 188. by Fieldmont Nut- 
meg Maid, by Thomas Jefferson 2:28% 

Don L.. br s, 188 . by Col Tom 2:23% 


Don Lowell, b s. ISSS, by Don Marvin. 

dam bv Brigadier 

Don Marvin, br s. 1SS1, by Fallis 

Cora, by Don Victor 

Don McGregor, ch -s. ISSIl. by Koborl 

McGreiro- Flora !/<>sllo. by Florida. 
Don MitV. br s. ISSri. by Diamoml Yol- 

uutee-- Aland \ .. by Vest's Uashaw. 
Don Monteith. b s, '1885, by Elec- 
tioneer Mamie, by Imp. I lercnles. . 
Donii-i, br m, 188, by Nelson Flora 

T. , by Gideon .' 

Donna' Inez, br in. ISS , by Sinbad, 

dam by Success 

Donovan, b ir. ISSt. by Uon Wicks. 

dam by Black Blncher 

Don 1'edro, b s. ISS , by Inkerman.. 
Don Pedro, br s. IS7.V by Knicker- 
bocker Pet, by Mulvev Clay 

Don Pedro, br s. 'ISS -. by Toilet 

Don Pedro, br *, 1SS7. by Tallett 

Myst ic. by Ambassador 

Don, br s. 1SS2. by Har-y 

Pulling Nelly Dncher, by Service's 

Hamblet. Milan 

Don Quixote, ^r jr, 187, pedigree not 


Don Kleardo. b s, 1SS7, by Belmont 

Lulu, by Harold 

Don S.. b -r. 1SS7. by Nestor Dolly. 

by Eastman's Flylnpr Cloud 

Don Tomas. blk ir. 1SS1, by Del Sur 

Vashti. by Mambrino Patchen .... 
Don Wllkes'. br s. 1SS7. by Ked Wllkes 

Princess, by Mambrino Pet 

Don Wilkes. br *. ISS,-?, by Alcyone 

Gossip, by Tattler 

Donzella, b m. 18. by Bros 

Do-a. br in. 1S71. by Corbean Chief . . 
Dora, b m. 1S70. by Gibraltar Nelly. 

by Black Warrior 

Dora, b in. 1SS1, by Fairy Gift Julia. 
Dora Cossack, b m. 1SS<>. by Don Cos- 
sack -Dora H. by Forrest Golddust 
Dora H.. b in. 1SOL by Forest Duke 

Molly Patterson, by Dr. Herr 

Do~a Mav. blk m, 1888. by Dictator 

Chief Dora M.. by Youne Rolfe... 
Dora Thome, b in. 1885, by Draco 

Medium Snip, bv Uomulns ' 

Dora W.. b m. 188!>. by Tllrsch Bel- 
mont Kosebud. bv Almont 

Dorfmark. b s, 1880, by Allandorf 

Jenny Bismarck, by Victor Bismarck 
Dorcas Pratt, b m. 1800. b\- Btamboul 

Almee, by Del Snr . . 

Doric, br s.' ISST. bv Santa Clans - 

Doris, by Jav Gould 

DorK b m. 1887. by Kent- Cla"k 

Mare, bv Don Giovanni 

Dorkinsr. b m. ISS . bv He-mi t 

Dot. blk m. 1S8 . bv Administrator 

LIU. by Dean Swift 

Dot. b <r. 1SSH. bv Patterson "Medium 

Cora, bv Focrcr's Star 

Dot. b m. 1888, by Dawn Ella 

Dot, b ir, 186 . by American "Emperor. 

dam by Doble's Black Bashaw 

Dottell.'eh m. 188 . bv Defender 

Hattie "R.. by Andy Johnson 

Dot L.. blk m. 1883; by Abdamed 

Allen Kit Hyer. bv Tom TTyer.... 
Doty, b jr. 186. bv Phallenjre TCmma 

F.. br Prince "Reynolds 

Dottv D.. b m. 188, bv Yon Moltke. 
Double Cross, blk m. 1800. bv Sable 

"WUkes Hinda Wllkes. bv Guv 










2:21 - 

0.0-1 j 

Doubtful, srr pr. 186. pedigree not 

t-aced (dead) 

Donchka. I) m. ls!M>, by 
Moni.iue. by Fallis . . . '. 

IVuirlas. .urr ir. IS7 , by ( 

Doujrlass. b ir. iss . by Charley P. 

Douglass, b w . ISS . by Bgbert 

Douglass Almont, b s. ISS , by A Hie 
Gaines ! 

Douglass Girl, br in. ISM. by Ste- 
phen A. Douglass Minnie, by Ham- 
tin Patchen 

Dia.-o, blk s, IS,-,:;, by Y.MIIII; Morrill, 
dam by Joseph Hoyt Horse (dead).. 

Draco Prince, blk S, 1MJO by Draco 
Lady Draco, by a son ' of Hill's 
K.aok Hawk (dead) . ... 

Dread, br ir. 1st! . by .lini Monroe 

Dreadnaugnt, cii u. istjo pedigree not' 
traced '. 

Drcsdi. b s. IS<L>, by st. Vincent dam 
b.\ Atlantic '. 

Din (Norwood), br -, L850, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambieionian Jenny \\it- 

wood. by Sultan . . . 
Driver, b . IstVS. by Volunteer' - 

Sllvortall. by Seeiy's Anicri.-an 

Star (dead) 

Drum Major, -r ir, ISS , by Vomig'jYm 
Drummer u<>y. b i:. is<> , i.\- .loim \v. 


Dryden; b s, 1SS7. by Bartholomew 
Wilkiv- -Dnranna. bv DurangO ... 

Duane. b s. issr>. by 'Deucalion Belle 
D., by Daniel Lambert 

Dubec. b jr. 1SS|. by Sultan Ladv 
Dey, by California Dexter ' 

Duchess, b in. 1SS(>. by Strathmo o - 
Lady HamhM. by Hamlet 

Duchess, b m. ISSS, by Sidney Vounsr 
Countess, by Sam Patchen ' . 

Duchess, irr m, ISS . by Pilot Almont 

Duchess Iviissell. b m. lSS. r > b v Mam- 
brino Kussell Duchess May. by 
Kysdyk's Hamblel (Milan (dead) 

Duchess Wilkes. b in. ISS I, by Fav- 
orite Wilkos Lady .letTorso'n. bv 
Clark Chief Jr. . . '. 

Duck. l)lk m. 187. by Scoff's Hla- 
tOga Jenny Lind, by .lohn Stanley. 

Dud Bonum. br s. 1SST>. by Mai'n- 
brlno Dudley Pet, by Mulvey Clay 

Dude, h s. 188. by Dentist..'.. 

Dude, b r. 1S77, by Jay Gould Mary. 
by Goo rue M. Patchen (pacinsr reo- 
o-d 2:28) ... 

Dude IT., blk p. 1870. podiirree nor 

Dudley, b jr. 188 

Dudley Oleott. ch s. 1S.SS. by Albert 
W. Cecilia, by Poscora Hayward.. 

Duellion. b s. 1.S84, by Deucalion 
F.stella TF. by Daniel Lambert 

Dukes, b p. by F:-ank Ellis White 
Rose, by Winfleld Scott 

Duke, b 'j*. 1867. bv Duke of York 
(demtt .' 

Duke, ch sr. 1881, by Iron Duke l\in 
nv, by Lakeland Abdallah 

Duke, blk s, 1SS . by Hambletonian 

Duke of Kent, ch s. 1SS.". bv Ajax 
Kitty Johnson, by Harry B 

Duke of Wellimrton. b sr. 1880. by 
We'Iiiiirtou Younar Daisy, by Strido- 

Dnnbar. br s. ISSS. by Gen. Hancock - 
Verbena, by Messenger Dnroc 






2 :2G 1 , 




2:1 174, 


2:2d% : 

Dundee, br s, 1876, by Jay Gould 
Meta, by Mambriiio Pilot .......... r : &,, 

Dundee, 6lk s, 188- by Clifton ..... 2:27% 

Dunnette, b m, 1884, by Kienzi-Kate 
Gano, by Garrard Chief ......... 2:22% 

Duplex, b g, 188, by Woodward's 
Ethan Allen, dam by Daniel Lam- 
k er t .............................. - :2o 

Dupree, blk s, 1888, by Rumor Daisy, 
by Socrates ................... 

Duquesne, ch s, 1875, by TIppoo Ba- 
shawWild Rose, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian (dead) .................. 

Durado, blk m, by Clay King, dam 
by Mambrino Time .............. 

Durango, br s, 1877, by Strader's 
Casshis M. Clay Jr.-Mattie West, 
by Almont ........................ 

Durango Belle, br m 1888, by Dur- 
augo Gazelle, by Lofty .......... 

Durango Maid, br m, 1883, by Dur- 
ango Polka Dot, by Senator Mad- 
den ............................... 

Duroc, br s, 1869, by Banker Messen- 
ge:-> Lady Parker, by Young Amen- 
can ............................... 

Duroc Gothard, br s, 1887, by St. 
Gothard Maggie Duroc, by Messen- 
ger Du-.-oc ........................ 

Duroc Maid, ch m, 1875, by Messenger 
Duroc Fanny Sleight, by Ethan 
Allen ............................. 

Duroc Wilkes, blk s, 1884, by Sher- 
man Wilkes Duroc Pet, by Messen- 
ger Duroc ........................ 

Duroc Wilkes. ch s. 1SS8. by Garnet 
Wi'kes- Molly Duroc, by Iowa 
Duroc ..................... ......... 

Duster, ch g, 188, by Cuuard Jr., 
dam by Live Oak ................. 

Duster Wilkes blk s, 1886, by Young 
Wilkes Nelly ....................... 

Dusty Heels, ch m. 1888, by Rush- 
vllle Bulla Mare .................. . . 

Diusty Miller, ro m, 1882, by Triceps. . 

Dutchess Boy, br g, 187, pedigree 

not traced .................... < ..... 

Dutch Girl rn m, 1874, by Ab- 
dallah Boy Flora, by Black Doug- 

Dutfh"Girl',"gr"inV 'i858, by Dusty 

Miller (dead) ....................... 

Dutch Girl, gr m. 1877. by Silvertail 

Wild Jin, by Wild Tom .......... 

Dutchman, gr g, 186, pedigree not 

traced (dead) ........................ 

Dwight S. ch g, 1886, by Mohawk 

Chief Topsey ....................... 

Dwyer, ch e, 1888, by Diplomat- 

Maggie Twain, by Mark Twain ---- 
Dynamite, br g, 1887. by Teak Black- 

wotxl Jr. Ida. by Bob .............. 

Dynamite, b s, 1882, by Hambletonian 

Downing Maude, by Mambrino 

Patchen Jr .......................... 

Dynamite, blk g 1884, by Ben Frank- 

linBess, by Blackstone .......... 

Dynamite, blk g, 18, by "Gavlota. . . 
Eager, b s, 1889, by Aristocrat Kath- 

leen, by Pilot Jr ........ .......... 

Eagle Bird, ro s, 1882, by Jay Bird 

Tansey, by George Wilkes ........ 

Eagle Lake, b m. 188-, by Walkill 

Prince ............................... 

Eagle Pass, b g, 1891, by Haskew 

Winnie Lee. by Abdallah West ..... 
Eagle Pass, rn g 1892, by Eagle Bird 

Bell, by Uncle ' Gyp ...'...... ....... 




2:21> 4 


2 :27% 











'1 :2:U a 

Eagle I'iunie, gr g, 1874, by Bayard- 
Speed, by Thomas Jefferson 2:29% 

Earl, b s 1880, by Princeps Juno, by 

Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:23% 

Earl, ch g, 187, by Revenue 2:20y^ 

Earl Baltic, b s, 1887, by Baron 
Wilkes Alpha Russell, by Mam- 

brino Russell 2:2o% 

Earl Beimont, b s, 1888, by Belmout 

Betsy Baker, by Dictator 2:2b l /-> 

Earldom, b s 1887, by Mambrino 

Startle Bell', by Stockbridge Duke.. 2:30 
Earl Finch, b g, 188-, by Robin- 

son's Blue Bull 2:26% 

Earlie, blk s, 188, by Guy Wilkes.. 2:2<vi 
Earline, b m, 1885, by Earl Piolotta, 

by Woodford Pilot 2:24 ... 

Earlite, ch m. 1887, by Earl Devo- 

tiou, by Cuyler 2:2a- t 

Earl King, b s, 1889, by Viking-Bess 

Bright, by John Bright 2:27 

Earl McGregor, ch s, 1879, by Robert 

McGregor Leona, by Bay Billy ... 2:21-,. 
Earlmont, b s, 1885, by Almont Gift 

Allie S. by Ethan Allen Jr 2:21 

Earle's Lad, ch s, 1886, by Eari- 

Helen Walker, by Pilot Mambrino. 2:2o 1 /- 
Earle's Laddy. b s, 1886, by Earl 

Daisy Volunteer, by Volunteer . . . 2:24% 
Earl's Lassie, b m, 1885, by Earl- 
Flora ^ : " 

Early Pird, rn s, 1886. by Jay Bird 

Beulah, by Harold 2:12y 2 

Early Bloom, br m, 1888, by Hermes 

Lillybloom, by Daniel Lambert 2:29% 

Early Dawn, b m, 1880, by George 

Wilkefr Lady Frank, by Mambrino 

Star 2:21% 

Early Rose, ch m, 1875 by Almont 

Jenny, by Ward's Flying Cloud 2:20% 

Earnscliff, br s, 1884, by Messenger 

Chief Minnie Helm, by American 

Boy 2:29 

Easter, b m. 1886, by Intrigue Belle 

Lyons, by Balsora 2:23Vi 

Easter Boy, b g. 188. by Abdallah 

Thome ..I..... 2:30 

Eastern Boy, br e, 188, by Gen. 

Knox Jessie, by Seal's Horse 2:29% 

Eastern Boy, b g, 1881, by Little East- 
ernRiver Lily, by Gen. Benton.... 2:27 1 , 
Easter Wilkes, b g, 1886, by Wilkes 

Spirit Jr. Ora by Young America.. 2:21 ',., 
Faet View br g, 1887, by Alcyone 

I'redwica, by Oxmoor 2:23% 

Eastwood, b g, 1888, by Nuthuuter 

Idlewood, by Blackwood Jr 2:24% 

Easy Billy, b g, 1873, by George M. 

Patchen Jr. Miss Miller, by Tom 

Kimball Jr 2:29V> 

Ebony Job, blk g, 1885. by Melrose 

Ingraham mare 2:28% 

Ebony Spink, blk s, 1884, by Spink 

Fanny, by Greyhound 2:29% 

Ebony Wilkes. blk s, 1886, by Adrian 

Wilkes Lady Patchen 2 :19% 

Ebony Wilkes blk s, 1883. by Am- 
bassadorNettie E., by Joe Hooker 2:29% 

Echo br g. 187, by Regulus 2:28% 

Echo Medium, b g, 188<>, by Starin 

Medium Winesap. by Van Dyke.. 2:21% 
Echo Chief, ch s, 1877. by Octibbeha 

Lady Bounce, by Orr's Mambrino 2:21% 
Echo Del Paso, b g, 188, pedigree 

not traced 2:28% 

Echora, br m, 1872, by Echo Young 

Mare, by Jack Hawkins 2:23% 

oh m, 18SS. by Guy Wilkes 


Maiioii, by Nutwood ............. 

Eclipse, b g, 1876, by Edward Ev- 

erettDolly Vardeu, by imp. Eclipse 
Economy, b m, 1884, by Echo Lady 

Berkey. by Muldooii ................. 

Ecru, b m. 1886, by Nephew Ritch- 

elders, by Messenger Chief ........ 

Ecru, dn IB, 1880, by Belmont Top- 

eey, by St. Elmo ................... 

Ed, b g, 188, by Erwin Davis 

Ed Biggs, br s 188, by Brigadier... 

Ed Clarkson, b s, 1886, by Idol 

Wilkes Maud X., by Mainbrino 

Pet Jr 
Ed Cook ch g, 188, by Warwick Boy 

Maggie Boy Ion, by Mercury ...... 

Ed Davis, b g, 188, by Counsellor.. 
Eddie B., br g 1885, by Plato Jr. 

Fanny ............................... 

Eddie G., b g, 188, by Jefferson 

Prince ............. ................ 

Eddie Hayes, blk s, 1888, by Charles 

Caff rey Eva, by Tippoo Bashaw.. 
Eddie Medium, b g, 1878, by Happy 

Medium Lizzie Lee by Edwin 

Booth ................ " ................ 

Eddie Wilkes, blk g, 187, by Com- 

monwealthLady Wilkes, by Jimmy 

Rattler ..................... * ........ 

Eddy, b s, 188, by Damo ........... 

Eddy Sherman, b s, 1889. by Sher- 

manAlma Eddy, by Jerome Eddy. . 
Ed Eaton gr g. 185, by White Ghost 

Fanny Phelps (dead) ............. 

Edelweiss, b m. 1880, by Colouna 

Eliza, by Hartman Horse ......... 

Edenia, ch m, '1888. by Endymion 

Empress, by Abdallah Mainbrino... 
Ed Fay, b g, 188. by CbriMmin 

Patchen. dam by Whipple's Hamblo- 

tonian . .............................. 

Edgar, b g. 188 . by Egbert ...... 

Edgar, ch g, 187,' by Col. WinfieM 

Molly McWhorter, by Young Dan- 

iel Webster ............ ............ 

Edgar A., b g, 1882. by Collins' Den- 

mark, dam by Collins' Denmark .... 
Edgardo, b s, 1885 by Rumor Lucia, 

by Jay Gould ...................... 

Edgar Dudley, b s. 1887, by Ion Heir- 

ess, by Administrator .............. 

Edgar Herr, b e, 188 , by Edgar 

Wilkes . . .................. " ....... 

Edgar Moody, b s. 18S8. by Moody 

Durango Maid by Durango ../... 
Edgar P.. b s, 1889, by Nutbreaker 

Lady Kate Sprague, by Gov. Spragve 
Edgar W.. b g, 188, by Manchester . . 
Edgar Wilkes. b s, 1885, bv Ethan 

Wilkes Callie T.. by Kentucky 

Prince ............................... 

Edged! ff, b g. 1875. by Baybrino Moll, 
by Ward Horse .................... 

Edgehill. br s. 1R78. by Dictator Sue, 

by Thorndale ....................... 

Edgemark. b s. 1885. by Victor Bis- 

marck Kdgewater Belle, by Edge- 

water ................................ 

Edgerton. b s. 1885. by Blackwood 

Enterprise, by Onward ............. 

Ed Getchel, br g, 1860, bv Winthrop 

Morrill ....... .. ......... i .......... .. 

Edge-wood, rn g 1885. by Tom Rogers 

Little One. by Corbeau ........ 

Edgewood. br g. 1878, by Black Ran- 

gerDoll ............................. 

F.dewood. b g. 187 . Ijv Aberdeen. .. 
TCd Graham, b g. 18,9 . by Gen. George 

2:2o : ;4 











2; 23 Vi 



2:24 : >i 
2:24'/ t 


2:26V 2 


2: 27V, 

H. Thomas, dam by Mambrino Cloud 

Edifice, b s, 1888, by Jerome Eddy 
Verney, by Haw Patch 

Edina, br m, 1885, by Jerome Eddy- 
Dolly Bryant, by Regular 

Edison, b g, 1878, by Gen. Knox 
May Bug, by Aberdeen 

Edith, b m, 1878, by Happy Medium 
Black Bess by Black O.scar 

Edith Almont, b m, 18S2, by King Al- 
niont Mary Ann, by Magnolia .... 

Edith F., b m, 188 by Stephen A.. 

Edith Gard, b m, 188, by Shade- 
land Onward 

Edith H., gr m, 1888 by Deucalion 
I'atti, by Nutbourne 

Edith N. b m, 1891, by Durango, dam 
by Laclede 

Edith R., b m, 1883, by Monaco Au- 
gusta Schuyler, by Aberdeen 

Edith Sprague, gr m, 188 by 
Geoige Sprague Kitty Bines ' 

Edith V.. b m, 1888, by Little Ben- 
Laura G., by Flying Duke 

Editor, b g, 1880, by Princeps Duroc 
Maid, by Messenger Duroc 

Edleen, gr m, 188 by Jerome Eddy. 

Ed Mack, br g, 1880, by Hambleton- 
ian George Flora, by Johnny 

Ed Marsh, b g. 188 . by Reliance... 

Edmonita, b m, 1878, by Dictator 
Wingate. by Blackwood 

Edmore, b s, 1881, by Louis Napoleon 
Fanny Mapes, by Alexander's Ab- 

Edna, ro m. 186, by a son of Wis- 
consin Tiger Mary Barden, by Hob- 
kirk's Sir Henry Jr. (dead) 

Edmund Burke, b s. 1882, by Solicitor 
Monette, by Bonnie Boy ........ 

Edna C.. br m. 1880. by Warwick 
Boy Fanny Talmage, by Squire Ta!- 

Edna M., b m, 1888. by Egbert Grace 
G., by Petoskey 

Edna W.. b m, 1887, by Broucrham 
Belle of Cla-ence, by Finch's St. 

Ed Sutherland, b s. 1884. by Egbert- 
Lizzie Winn. by Ericsson 

Ed Turner, ch s'. 1887, by Crittenden 
Jotlie, by Gibson's P,;W Pilot 

Edw:ird, ch g, 1872, by Masterlode 


Edward, b g, 1884. by Volney Daisy . 

Edw.-ird B., ch g. 1878. by Blue Hull- 
Jenny Curtis, by Morgan Messenger 

Edward K.. br g, 1880, by Knox 
Nelly Walker, by Mohawk Chief 

Edwardo. b , 1890, by Epaulet 
Eilith G.. by Young Volunteer 

Edwin H.. ch' s. 1879. by Alert Sten- 
cil, by Stillson 

Ed White, b g. 1803, by Jim Scott 
(dead) .' 

Ed Wilder, ch g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Ed Wilkes. blk g, 1885. by Bartholo- 
-Bell Lindsey, by Gir- 



2:28V 3 

2:2r, 1/3 







2:29V 2 








by Young 

mew Wilke? 

:ird Stockbrldge 
Ed Wilkes. b- s. 1882. 

Wilkes Flora Bush 

Edwin, oh g 188. by Gooding'8 

Ohamplon Fannv 

Edwin A., b R. 1872. by Gooding's 

fhiimpion Miss Prat), br Henry 




Edwin B., blk g, 1871, pedigree not 

Edwin C., cli g, 1880, by Guy ler Bon- 
nie, by Field's Royal 'George 

Edwin Clay, ch. g, 188, by Harry 

Edwin Forrest, b g, 1S71, by Ned 
Forrest Fanny Monday, by Smiling 

Edwin Q., ch g, 1879, by Chicago Vol- 

Edwin Thorne, ch g, 1873, by Thorn- 
la'.e Lady Lightfoot, by Ashland.. 

Edwyne, b m. 18S6. by Bonnie Wilkes 
Trixey, by Louis Napoleon (dead) 

Effie, b m, 1874, by Almont Bazaar, 
by Kentucky Chief 

Effie B., gr m, 1878, by Otego Chief, 
dam by Flying Cloud 

EfTie Deans, b m, 186, by Rysdyk's 

Hambletonian Molly, by Long 

Island Black Hawk 

Effie M., ch m, 1892, by Androla 

Effie Payne, b m, 1880, by Mam- 
brino Payne Flora, by Deacon 

Effie Rene, b ru, 1887, by Dictator 
Musetta, by King Rene 

Effie Thornton, ch m, 1884, by Ab- 
dullah Mambrino Millie, by ~>orton 

Effie Wilkes, ch m, 1889, by J. II. 
Shedd Berlinda, by Hero of Thorn- 

E.ualite, ch s, 1881, by Egbert Stock- 
bridge Belle, by Stockbridge Chief 

Egdalia, b m, 1886, by Egbert Sue, 
By Thomdale '. 

Egbertime. ch s, 1885. by Egbert- 
Nettie Time, by Mambrino Time 
(pacing record, 2 :10%) 

Etfdale, ch s, 1888, by Egbert Sue, by 

Egg Hot, b s, 1888, by Egbert Laura, 
by Billy Adams 


Egg Nog, br s, 1886, by Egbert- 
Blackwood, by Blackwood 

ng I 
7, b 

Eggnog, b m, 1887, by Egbert Lucille, 

Eglantine, b m, 1887, by Egbert, dam 

by Mambrino Howard ............. 

Ecrmont, blk g, 1881, by Egbert- 

Annie, by Cottrill Morgan ......... 

Egmont Cnief, br e, 1882, by Egmont 

Lady Frankfort, by Frankfort 

Chief ............................. 

Ego, b s, 1880. by Chief Justice Al- 

maid. by Almore .................. 

Egotist, b s, 1885, by Electioneer 

Sprite, by Belmoni ................ 

Egthorne. b? s, 1882, by Egbert Sue, 

by Thorndale ...................... 

Egwood. b s, 1885. by Egbert Lucille 

Blackwood. by 31ajkwood ......... 

Egyptienne. blk m, 1S85, by Mambrino 

King Bay Hambletonian, by Rys- 

dyk's Hambletonian ............... 

Eiffel T. Wilkes, srr s, 188 by Mes- 

senger Wilkes. dam by Blue Bull.. 
Eilers, b s, 1888, by Onslaught- 

Betty, by Iowa Almont ........... 

E. J. S.. b m. 1887, by Strait's Super- 

iorOld Knox . . .................. 

Elaine, br m, 1874, by Messenger 

Du'-oc Green Mountain Maid, by 

Harry Clay ...................... 

Elastic, br e, 1887, by Mambrino Ab- 

dallah Stelleta, by Sterling ....... 

Elastic Stnreh. b g.' 1RSO. hy Dirk 

Loonier ............... . 


2 ::>!)% 






2 :25 

2:21% | 

2:24% > 
2.12V, ! 
2; 13% j 

2:2fii/> , 

2 :20 
2 :24 

Elata, b m, 188 by Enright liiiMV'. 

E3 Banecia, blk s, 1888, by Alcyone- 
Remembrance, by George Wilkes.. 2: 20% 

Elbert, ch s. 1888, by Egbert Dicta- 
tor Belle, by Dictator 2:20% 

El Benton, b s, 1888, by Electioneer 
Nellie Benton, by G'en. Benton.. 2:28% 

Blbertie. b e. 1885, by Egbert- 
Amanda, by Blackwood 2:27% 

Elbert K., b g, 1887, by McKean 
Minnie S 2:28V 4 

El Capitan, b s, 1882, by Nutwood- 
Nelly, by Eastman's Black Hawk. 2:20 

El Capitau. b s, 1883, by Thorndale 
Gem, by Superb 2:24 

Elcho. gr m, 1880. by Daniel Boone 
Alice Dunn, by Famum Horse 2:27'/4 

Elda B., b m, 1880, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian May, by Dandy 2:20% 

Elden, br m, 1889, by Nephew- 
Eleanor, by Electioneer 2:11>V 

Eldine, b m, 188, by Muscatine 2:20% 

Eldine, b m, 1885, by Haw Patch 
Rozelle, by P. H. Baker 2:2Sy. 2 

Eldora, b m, 1890, by Elsmere 
Redowa, by Redwood 2 :23 

Eldredge, ch g, 1889, by Sprague 
Myrtle, by Green's Edward 2:23% 

Eleanor Malloy, ch in, 1888, by Mc- 
Curdy's Hambletonian Nelly Bly, 
by Conductor Jr 2:29% 

Elect, b e, 188, by Richard's Elector 2:26 

Electant, b s, 1890, by Electioneer 
Mano, by Piedmont 2:27 

Electee, gr s, 188, by Anteeo Maud 
Medium, by Milton Medium 2:29% 

Elect Cossack, b s, 1889, by Don Cos- 
sack Electa, by Electioneer 2:29\ 4 

Election, b s, 1885, by Electioneer 
May Queen, by Alexander's Norman 2:28% 

Election, blk m, 1891, by Ambassa- 
dorCeleste, by Electioneer 2:2G'/4 

Election Bel, br s, 1888, by St. Bel 
Corinne, by Starmont 2:22% 

Electioneer (Bowman's), b s, 1891, by 
Campbell's Electioneer 2:26% 

Electioneer (Campbell's), b s, 1886, by 
Electioneer Edith Carr, by Clark 
Chief ; 2:17% 

Electmont, blk s, 1890, by Chimes- 
Cologne, by Mambrino King 2:22% 

Elect Moore, b s, 1887, by Elect- 
Feny, by Bonner 2 :27 

Elector, b s, 1880, by Electioneer 
Lady Babcock, by Whipple's Haru- 
bletouian (dead) 2:21^4 

Elector (Richard's), blk s, 1881, by 
Electioneer Juniata, by St. Clair. . . 2:25 

Elector H., blk s, 1885, by Agile- 
Dolly H., by Western Fearhaught. . . 2:25 

Elector Jr., b s, by Richard's Elector.. 2:29% 

Electra, b m, 188, by Richard's 
Elector Moore Maid, by The Moor. 2:18% 

Elects, b m. 1882. by Charley B. 
Mag Schenck, by Lodi 2:25V- 

Electress, b m, 1886, by Richard's 
Elector Sugar Plum, by Lodi 2:27 l /4 

Electress, b m. 1888. by Electioneer 
Lora. by Piedmont 2:30 

Electric Coin b s, 1886, by Elec- 
tioneer Cecilina, by Gen. Benton... 2:I8 1 4 

Electric, b m, 1881, by Satellite, dam 
by Perue's Hambletonian 2:r;0 

Electric, b g, 187, by Edward Ever- 
ettFlora, by Jupiter 2 :20 

Elect:-ician, b s. 1884. by Electioneer 
Rebecca, by Gen. Benton 2:L V P4 

Electricity, 'b m, 188, by Nitrogen... 2:30 

Eleftrieity. br . 1884. by Electioneer 



Midnight, by Pilot Jr 2:17% I 

Electric King, b s, 1887, by Election- 
eerMamie C., by imp. Hercules... 2:24 

Electrina, b m, 1888, by Richard's 
Elector Stemwinder. by Venture... 2:20 

Hlectrix, b m, 1887, by Electioneer 
Lady Russell, by Ha -old 2:28V2 

Electro Bell, b m, 1890, by Electro- 
typePreamble, by Pancoast 2:27% 

Eleetrobenton. b s. 1889, by Election- 
eer Nettie Benton, by (Jen. Benton. 2:24 1 /2 

Electroid, b s, 1890, by Eros Ros.-i 
Bonheur, by Brwin Davis 2:.">0 

Electryon, b s, 1886, by Electioneer 
Lina K., by Don Victor 2:24-% 

Electuary, b s. 1887, by Electioneer 
Maria, by Don Victor 2:27 

Electwood, b e, 1886, by Electioneev 
Amrah, by Nutwood 2 :30 ! 

Elegance, ch s, 1889, by Sidney Dell 
Foster, by A. W. Richmond 2:"<> 

Elena, b m, 1888, by Capoul Barbara, 
by Egbert 2:24% I 

Elevator, b s, 188 by Sim's Clark 
Chief ' 2:22% i 

Elflnwood. ch s, 1889, by Nutwood 
Amora, by Attorney 2:15' / i 

Elfrida, b m, 1890, by Candidate- 
Gladness, by Nutwood 2:13% 

Elgin, b g, 188, by Lothair Jr 2:24^ 

Elgin, b g, 188, by Locomotive 2:27 

Elgin Girl, blk m 2:27 J /4 

Eli, br g, 1885, by Black Hawk Harry 
Pickle . 

Mi, b g, 1880, by Lothai-, dam by 
Kth'in. Allen 

Eli, dn g, 1877, by a Gypsy horse- 
Belle of Clarence, by Finch's St. 

Eli. b g, 1882, by Signal Worten 

Eli, ch g, 188, by Melrose, dam by 
Wright Horse 

Eli Almont. ch g. 1885, by Almont 
Pilot Flash, by Orlando 

Elina. blk m, '1885, by Messenger 
Duroc Green Mountain Maid, by 
Harry Clay 

Elista, blk m, 1883. by Messenger 
Duroc G'.'een Mountain Maid, by 
Harry Clay 

Elita Russell, b m, 1888, by Lord Rus- 
sell Elite, by Messenger Duroc 

Elite, b m, 1887, by Messenger Chief 
Laura Thompson, by Dictator 

Elixir, cr g. 1886, by Elyria. dam by 
son of Stranger 

Bliza Jane, b m, 1886, by Thomas K. 
McKenna Mare 

Eliza T., b m, 188, by Vitruvian .... 

Elkhorn. b s. 1887. by Onward Long 
Lane by Long Island Patchen . . . 

Klkln. ch s. 1886. by Abdallah Mam- 
brino, dam by Berkley's American 
Clay * 

Elkmont. ch g, 188, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr 

Elko, br m, 1885. by Lumps Katie 
C., by Mambrino Patchen 

Ella, b m, 1884. by Electioneer 
Lady Ellen, by Carr's Mambrino . . 

Ella, b m. 1885. by Melrose Belle 
Hammond, by Honest Dan 2:28'/i 

Ella B., b m. 188 by Guy Miller . . . 2:26/4 

Ella Belmont, b m, 1888, by Belmont 
Ella Clay by American Clay 2 :24% 

Ella Clay, b m. 1882. hy Wllsrus Clay 2:23 '4 

Ella Clay, b m. 1869. by American 
Clny, dam by Mambrino ('hi< i f 


2:30 ; 

2:18% I 
2:20 | 
2:22% ! 


2:29% j 






Ella D., b m. 1887, by Azim Maud 

Ella Doe, ch m, 1871, by Daniel Lam- 
bert Stickuose, by Cook's Colum- 

Ella E., gr m, 188, by Chicago Vol- 

Ella E., b m, 1882 by Prince Elma- 
Coaley ' ; 

Ella Earl, br in, 1872. by Almont 
Suse, by John C. Breckinridgc 

Ella Elwood, b m, 1860, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Ella Lewis, b in, 1869, by Vermont- 
Kate McDonough 

Ella M.. b m, 188, by Richard's 

Ella M., b m 188--. pedigree not 

Ella May. b m, 1891. by Nephew 
Tlieora, by Goodiug's Champion . . . 

Ella Madden, b m, 1868, by RysdykV 
Hambletouian Lady Vail, by 
Drew's Hambletonian *. 

Ella AIcGee. br m, 1887, by Elevator 
Valdue, by Vallive 

Ella Norwood, b m. 1878. by Norwood 
Lady Winfield, by Edward Everett 

Ello O., blk m, 1887, by Declaration 
Nelly Draco, by Draco 

Ella O. K., b in, 1887, by Wilkes Boy 
Daisy, by Daubigne '. 

Ellard. b s, 1888, by Charley Wilkes 
Daisy, by Fearless 

Ella Rene, b m. 1889, by Chastelard 
Anita, by Stockbridge 

Ella Vertner, b m. 1889, by Epaulet 
Ella Medium, by Happy Medium 

Ella W., b m, 188 

HI la Wilkes, ro m. 1884. by Favorite 
Wilkes Betty Hijgins, by Joe 

Ella Wilson, bin, 1866, by Blue Bull- 
Fanny Benson, by Jerry 

EHa Woodline, br m, 1891, by Wood- 
line Venture, by Voltaire 

Ella Wright, b m, 1863, by Trojan, 
dam by Hercules 

p]llemac, b m, 188, by Alvan 

Ellen Cooper, b m, 1877, by Star of 
C.atskill Nelly Haytaes, by Vol- 

Klleneer. b m, 1888, by Electioneer 
Lady Ellen, by Carr's Mambrino.. 

Ellen Mayhew, blk m, 1886, by Direc- 
torLady Earnest, by Speculation. . 

Ellerslie Wilkes, blk s, 1880. by 
George Wilkes Aileen, by Mam- 
brino Boy 

Ellington D., gr s, 1884, by Ellington 
Boy Lady D.. by Norman D 

Ellis, b g, 1886, by Zack Chandler- 

Ellis Medium, b s, 188, by Frank 

Elloree, ch m, 1890. by Axtell Flora 
McGregor, by Robert McGregor . . 

Elma, b m, 1891, by Quaker Boy- 
Lady Motor, by Mambrino Motor . . . 

Elma Sontag, b m, 1890, by Elec- 
tioneer Sontag Dixie, by Toronto 

El Mahdi, ch s. 1885, by Onward- 
Lady Bunker, by Mambrino Patchen 

Elmbrook. ro s. 1885. by Hamble- 
tonian Chief Pet Knox, by Gil- 
breth Knox 



2:22 t 





2:29 '4 











Elmer, br g, 1875, by Gooding's Cham- 
pion Belle, by Kysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:22%; 

Elmer Wilkes, ch s, 1883, by Favorite 
Wilkes Alma, by Almont Rattler. . 2:28 

Elmo, ch s, 186, by Wise's Mohawk 2:27 

Elmo, b s, 1876, by St. Elmo Jenny, 
by Tiger 2:27% 

Elmo Echo, br s, 1889, by Stoughton 
J. Fletcher Alma, by Elmore 2:30 

Elmo Maid, b m, 1885, by Joe Elmo- 
Nelly, by Doherty Horse 2:23 l /4 : 

El Monte, gr g, 1882, by Echo Light- 
foot, by Hubbard 2:29 

Elmore Everett, b g, 185, by An- 
drew Jackson Falka (dead) 2:30 

Elmwood Chief, br g, 1875, by Black 
Ranger Doll 2:13% 

Eloise, blk m, 1886, by Kentucky 
L*rince Camille, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian 2:15 

El Pastore, b s, 188, by Waterford 2:29 

El Kami, ch g, 1801, by Wiidnut 
Nellie Ben ton, by Gen. Benton .... 2:29% 

E L. Robinson, b s, 1889, by Epaulet 
'Lizzie M., by Thomas Jefferson... 2:17% 

Eliza S., b m, 188, by Alcantara Jr. 
Kataline, by Friday McCracken . . 2:16% \ 

Elsie, ch m, 1887, by Regent Maud, 
by Black Ranger 2:26%! 

Elsie B.. br m, 1884, by Springstein's 
Bashaw 2:29% i 

Elsie Good, ch m, 1871, by Blue Bull 
Molly Patterson, by Alexander's 
Abdallah 2:22% 

Elsie Groff, ro m, 1874, by Danville 
(dead) .-2:25 

Elsie Harris, blk m, 1889, by Scarlet 
Wilkes Miss Limestone, by Lime- 
stone 2:25V 2 

Elsie Manager, gr m, 1886, by Sample 
Josie Ferris, by Altorf 2:30 

Elsie S., ch m, 1888, by DuBois' Su- 
perior-Ruth 2:21% 

Elsie Sprague, ch m, 1885, by Rounds' 
Sprague Lady Rodman, by Bel- 
niont 2:18% 

Elsie Wilkes, gr m, 1890. by Thome 
AVilkes Eleie. by Greenwood 2:24% 

Elsie Wood, blk in. 1885, by John E. 
Wood, dam by Kentucky Whip... 2:30 

Elsie Y., br in, 1876, bv Whirlwind- 
Maud * 2:29% 

Elsinore. ch s, 1888, by Jersey Wilkes 
Lottie Patchen, by Mambrino 
Patcheu 2 :25 

Elton, br s. 1890, by Egotist Spring 
Time, by Nutwood 2:21 

El Trebizond, br e, 1887, by Stam- 
bond Ell wood, by A. W. Richmond 2:26% 

Elvira, blk m, 1880, by Ouyler Mary 
Mambrino, by Mambrino Patchen 
(dead) 2:18% 

Elwina, b m, 1890, by Electioneer 
Esther, by Express 2:27% 

Elwood, b g, 188 by Alaric 2:30 

Elwood. br g, 1889, by Kentucky 
Wilkes Melinda. by Oxmoor 2:26V4 

Elwood Medium, b s. 1874, by Happy 
Medium Blanche, by Hopkins' Ab- 
dallah 2:24% 

Elyria ch s. 1882. by Mambrino King 
Maggie Marshall, by Bradford's 
Telegraph 2:25% 

Elyrina, b m. 1887. by Elyria Minnie 

Hicks, by Garibaldi 2-20% 

Ely See. br 8. 1888. by Talarera 
Maud E.. by McMahon 2:27% 

Emaline, b m, 1884, by Electioneer 
Emma Robson, by Woodburn 

Emaline K., ch m, 1885, by Redden's 
Lancewood Jr. Magna 

Embassador, blk s, 1880, by Ambassa- 
dorJulia Anderson, by Highland 

Embassy, b m, 1885, by Ambassador- 
Jenny, by Robert Fillingham Jr. . . . 

Emblem, ch e, 1886, by Ambassador- 
Nettle, by Mambrino Patchen Jr. . . 

Emeline K., ch m, 188, by Lance- 
wood Jr 

Emerald, b g, 187, pedigree not 

Emerald, gr g, 187, pedigree not 

Emerson King, blk s, 1887, by Mam- 
brino King Mandrake, by Bla<-k- 
wood Chief 

Emily, b m, 1888, by Judge Hayes- 
Alice, by Menelaus 

Emin Bey, b s, 1888, by Guy Wilkes 
Tempest, by Sultan 

Eminence, b m, 1884, by Empire 
Soprano, by Strathmore 

Emma Armstrong, ch m, 1884, by 
Starmont Belle Hines, by Hylas . . 

Emma B., gr m, 1872, by Bayard, 
dam by Brown Harry 

Emma B., ch m, 1883, by Highland 
Grey Kathrina, by Daniel Lam- 

Emma B., b m, 188, by Sherman s 
Hambletonian Little Mag, by Lit- 
tle Woeful 

Emma B., br m, 188, by Hamble- 
tonian Bashaw 

Emma Balch, ch m, 1885, by Nabob- 
Jenny Lind, by Saxe 

Emma Carroll, b m, 188, by Charley 

Emma B., br m, 187, by Tom Moore 

Emma E., b m, 1881, by Jim Fisk 
Nelly, by Magna Charta 

Emmaetta, b in, 1887, by Autioch 
Volunteer Maid, by Volunteer 

Emma G., ch m, 1881, by Elmo- 
Lilly Shear, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian (dead) 

Emma Hayes, gr m, 1886, by Alaric 
Lucy, by Grey Eagle 

Emma J., b m, 188, by Platte 

Emma Nutwood, b m. 1880, by Nut- 
woodLady Emma, by McCracken's 
Black Hawk 

Emma R., b m, 1887. by Electioneer 
Emma Robson, by Woodburu .... 

Emma T.. b m. 1887, by Socrates- 
Patsy Labor, by Abdallah Pilot 

Emma Temple, b m. 1883, by Jackson 
Temple Lizzie R., by Emigrant 

Emma Westland, b m. 1892, by West- 

Emma W., b m. 1881. by Boxer 

Emma Wilkes. b m. 188. by Wilke- 
sonian, dam by King William 

Emmett, blk g, 187. by Mambrino 
Time Nelly, by Ashland Chief 

Emmett, gr g, 188, pedigree not 

Emmett, B., b g. 1877, by Strath- 
more Miss Spaulding, by Spauld- 
ing's Abdallah 

Emmet B.. blk s. 1887, by Ellerslie 
Wilkes Minnie A., by Younj? Jim. . 

Emmons. b g, 188, by Forest Prince 













2:27; 4 











Emoh'ta. 1) in. 1SS7, bv Sealskin 

Wilkefl Rosedale, by Aluiont Pilot 2:24V4 
Emory, b g, 1887, by Ethan Wilkes, 

flam by Jt'eavine 2 :30 

Emperor, blk s, 1865, by Newman 

Horse, dam by Lewiston Boy (dead) 2:29 1 4 
Emperor, b g, 1860, by Rollins Horse 

(dead) 2 ::io 

Emperor Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Wil- 
liam L., Pilot Anna, by Pilot Jr... I2:l20 ! i 
Emperor AVilliam. b s, 1867, by Gen. 

Knox Lady Hoi Its 2 :27U 

Empire Wilkes, b s, 1882. by George 
Wilkes Jane Moseley, by Mambrino 

Patehen 2 ;29'4 

Empress, b m, 1852, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2 :30 

Empress, ch m, 1875, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian Katy Tricks, by Col- 
onel 2:24. 

Empress, br m. 1878, by Flaxtail 

Lady Narley, by Marion 2:25)% 

Empress, ch m,1870, by Panic Coot 

Mare, by York.shire Whig 2:30 

Emulation, ch m, 1882. by Onward- 
Santa Clans, by Magic 2:21 

Enchantress, b m, 1874, by Happy 

Medium Kitty Clover, by Hero .... 2:26% 
E. N. Cook, ch s, 1887. by Wilkie Col- 
lins-Nelly F. by Mohican 2:26' / 4 

Encore, blk m, 1883, by Kentucky 
Pi-ince Maggie Duroc, by Messen- 
ger Duroc .' 2:24Vi 

Endeavor, -b s, 1889. by Counsellor 

Evermine, by Evermond 2:29ij 

Enderby, b s, 1887, by Victoria 

Electra. by King Philip 2:2!)% 

Endymion, blk s, 1879, by Dictator- 
Annie Eastin. bv Morgan Rattler... 2:23 ! /4 
Energy, b s. 1886, by Onward Fan- 

chon, by Hamlin's Almont Jr 2:24-/4 

Enfield, b s. 1868. by Rysdyk's Ilam- 

bletonian Julia Machree (dead) 2:29 

F.nfln, b- m, 1890. by Baron Wilkes 

E fie, by Enfleld 2:28Vi. 

Enigma, blk m, 1889, by Shermont 

Little Maggie, by Victor 2:2] 

Enigma, b m, 1864, by Alcalde Leila, 

by Downing's Vermont 2:2G 

Erjola, ch m, 1883, by R. F. Galloway, 

dam by Hoagland's Sam 2:21V2 

Enright, b s, 1885, by Nutwood La 

Gracie, by Cuvler 2:18 1 /4 

Ensign, b s, 1873, by Enchanter 

Oneta, by Volunteer 2:28'-'. 

Environ, br in. 1886, by Envoy Belle 

Green, by Green's Bashaw 2:20'X. 

Envoy, br s, 1871, by Gen. Hatch- 
Dolly, by Iowa 2:28 

Eola. ch m, 188 . by King Clay 2:24% 

Eoline. b m, 1890, by Anteeo- -Myriad. 

by Strange? '. ". 2 :1 4 r >4 

Epaulet, b s. 1880. by Auditor Panta- 

lette, by Princeps 2-10 

Eph, ch g, 1881, by Zachariah Lady 
Carpenter, bv Rysdyk's Hambleton- 
ian (dead) 2:24% 

Ephraim, br g, 188. by Dauntless... 2:29% 
Epithet, b m, 1880, by Princeps 

Fau tress, by Hamlet 2-29% 

Epitaph, b m! 188 . by Billy Slanton. 2:30 
Equinox, br s. 1882, by Strader's Cas- 
sia M. Clay Jr. -Sally M.. by Al- 
mont 2:27 1 ,4 

Equivalent, b s. 1890, by Reserve 

Fund Misdeal, by Sherman Wilkes.. 2: f) 9U ' 
Erelufi. blk g, 1873. by Scott's Hiatoga 

Fanny Moore, by Salsbu"^ S-im... 2:28' ( 
Erector, br . 1.S8S. by Director- 

Millie D., by Mambrino Gift. . 
Erena, gr m, 1886, by Alcyone Es- 

telle, by Clark Chief. . ....... 

Ergot, b m, 1888, by Wilkeswood-Pet,' 

by Haw Patch 

Eric, b g. 1872, by Ericsson jenny 

Bryan, by John Dillard. . 
Erica, blk m, 1889, by William L. 

Ca^ta, by Egbert 

Erie Girl, b m, 1883, by Lord Almont 

Erie Maid, by Star Hambletonian.. 

Erin, b g, 188, by Dexter Prince 

Erin, b s, 1880, by Belmont Eventide, 

by Woodford Mambrino 

Erma, blk in. 1886, by Director Ma- 

liss, by Werner's Rattle:- 

Ermine, blk m, 1886, by Plymouth 

Fan, by Hugeley's IMlot 

Erminic. b m, 1886, by Gen. Washing- 
ton Brenia, by Socrates 

Ernest B., b g, 1SSJ). bv Harnbleton- 

iau's Last Zilla, by Trojan Jr 

Ernestine, b m, 188, by Byerly Ab- 

dallah ' 

Ernest Maltravers, b g, 1879, by Hap- 
py Medium Priceless, by Volunteer. 
E-nest Wilkmont, b s, 1888, by Bob 
Link Fanny H., by Ira Wilkes 

Ernest Wilton, blk s, 188, by Wilton 

Ernsie, b m, 1891, by Wilkes Boy 
Einsiedora, by Sir Walter 

Eros, gr g, 1881, by Haw Patch-- 
Diane, by P. H. Baker 

Eros, br s, 1879, by Electioneer Son- 
tag Mohawk, by Mohawk Chief 

Eros, br s, 1883, by Onward Alva, by 

Ersilla,' ch rn, 1886, by Simmons- 
Beck Bedford, by Brown Ericsson. . 

Ervin, b g, 1883, by Jim Ervin 
Sally, by Thomas A. Scott 

Esca, b g, 1881, by Lexington P.ov... 

Escalanti, blk s, 1883, by Pathfinder 
Jr. Molly Nixon, by Post Boy 
Frank . . . ' '. 

Escape, b m, 1884, by Victor Bis- 
marck Miss Buchanan, by Clark 

Escort, br s, 188, by Guide 

Eskimo, br s, 1889, by G -een lander 
Pittie Sing, by Electioneer 

Esmeraldo, b m, 1889, by Hambrinn - 
Erma, by Belmont 

Esmeralda, ch m, 1884, by Rattler Jr. 

Esmond, blk s, 1887, by Nutwood 
Trix Esmond, by Ericsson 

Esperanza, b rn, 1888, by Phallamont 
Mattie, by Dave Bonner 

Esperto Rex! b s, 1891, by Piedmont 

Extra, by Electioneer 

Essex, br g, 1868, pedigree not traced. 

Essex, ch s, 1883; by Aristos Nelly, 
by Black Diamond 

Essex Jr., b s, 1888, by Essex Ham- 

Essex Maid, b m, 1860, by Wild Wag- 
oner (dead) : 

Estabrook, b g, 1885, by Alcantara 
Rosetta, by Strader's Cassius M. 
Clay Jr 

Estelle, b m, 1883. by Zilcaadi Gold- 
dustFlorence, by Comet Jr : 

Estelle, ch in. 1888, bv Sta- Almottt. : 

Estelle, b m, 1884, by Nutwood- 
Starling, by Cuyler : 

Etelka, br m, 1883, by Hamliii's Al- 
mont Jr. Ursula, by Lagow 

E. T. H.. b s, 2888. bv Victor i\\n- 
marek Minnie King, by Mambrino 


E\a, gr m, 1879, by George H. Low.. 2:23-4 

King : ' v;{ ' k ~ ' Eva Clay, b m, i88- by Fire Clay 2 :24 % 

Ethan Alien b s, 1849, by Black Evaline Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Olm- 
H an r V de b s '1889" by Ethan' Wilkes stead's Young Wilkes-Flaxie Fear- ^ ^ 

Rita Patchen, by Mambriuo Patch- Evanfeline', 'b' m,' 'i888,"by'b'irector ~ 

en VOQ- ' Ur iJA^art " Faunv H., bv Red Wilkes (dead). . .. 2:11-;* 

Ethan McGregor b s, 188o, by Rober ** u y , -y Florida (dead). 2:25V-i 

McGregor Akers Pet, bj ri ^ ^.^ gJJ T ' ^ m 188 _! f y Almont Med- 

Et^r*:- m, *# by Blue Bui^Gus S ; ^ E ^.^n%8^: ( bf Pasacas-Neliy \ 

& ch S; ^ PV -ought; ; E * a , n^Char r . .^ . ^ 2*> 

B cfM^Bonnie/Mj; ' ^feft ^^ ^ s(ar Wiikes ^ 
FSSBST^. ?8 e 86.' by y igber b t^ ^ -Maggie AVest, by Sta, Hambleton- ^^ 

gie Lee, by Blackwood . . . v ' /a Eva Wiikes,' ' b' mi 188- by Guy 

Ethel Dowues, blk m 1890, by Wilkes-Libbie B., by Winthrop. . . . 2:2o-> (i 

Boodle, dam by >,utwood.... ....... 2.24^ vvu^ , ^ ^ 

Ethel H., ch m, 18S5, by Beaumont- Wilkes-Lady Landesdown, by Stand- 
Fanny, by Allen Sontag. . . ..... . . **" , Bearer 2:28VJ 

Ethel Lambert, chm 1&80 by Col. E "J a b r m, 187O, by Black Dutchman 

Harrv Lambert Bessie Snow i.-Jj4 _phr>nhp ... 2:27 

Ethel Mack, b m 1887, by Anteeo- Evening StaV, blkm'.' 1881,' by Coinmo- 

Lou Milton, by Milton .Medium. . . . 2.21V. **g feelmont-Twilight, by Dictator 2:2iJ 

Ethel Medium, b m, 187, by Happy ^ Eventide, blk s, 1884. by Egbert Net- 
Medium :--A- m '^'i:' tie Time, by Mambrino Time ^^^Uh 

Ethel T\, blk TU, 188, by Gamb a 2>9Q1 ^ Everett Ray, b g, 186, by Edward 

Ethelw 6 yn' b ' m ' 1887, by vVedgewood Everett* Wiikes,' 'ch' s,' 'l88-, ' by B'OU '- 

Ethelberta, by Harold . --^/i. bon \yjikes -'-^ 

Ethelyn Fai/laun, b m, 1891, by *air- Evergood br s' 188 , by Evermoud... 2:24' /t 

liv.u Medium ._._...... ^v-,...^-.; ::J 2 - J ^ E vermond, b s, 1881, by Harold- 
Eventide, by Woodford Mambriuo 

(dead) 2 :- J '*V4 

Ewing, b g, 187, by Primus Lady 

Bt.ll..- -b s, 1883,-by King Kene- ^Kf^-f^S^&f:". $$& 

EgfSmf lllTiiy Afcauiara-Moiiy; \ &&> ^LS&iSSSS?^ MlK 

by Vindex ; 'I'm': ; ' ' o^v Excellence, b s, 1885, by Mambriuo 

IS 'fcS.V^ li T S?vy - S-^ iUaSWe . eP '. . ty . ^"^.^ 2:10% 

ES^Vm.-l^byDoug.asV-i-ady ^ Exception,- *__,, ^P^ - 2;26fe 

JgS^^harlS m-; ISsi^y 'Red ; ^S^^^ASrt^rSi? 2:24% 

K^ff^'risic srssspiB* ; ; 1/i ^S v $ 2:241/< 

E^i2 rr:: b fEuci^,aa y ^ -5gffi\^MSS 2;1 .v, 

Bu^^ r^'bT^e^^Seina *^ , ^ fT'i^-. pedigree not ^ 
Victoria, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:28V a jJJ b ' g' 'l882,' by' Eiectioneer- 

S-^^ti^e^ ;; 2 , ; -S?SSfes -v. 

^SiSawSSX^g- ^ Vy-sfa^utU 

:- i :;i 

^l^^^imp*^ !*; r^sssSS ' dijeoi; - Grey - ** 

^^yUSneV ^^r^? 2:25Vi ' F^Sy S, V nff^V Hysdy^ " 
ETa b m 18&-! byfeizier 2:29',i Hambletonian. dam by Green's Boll- 

"&* lffi4 by Amboy -; I :! 1 ! y '.. b5 ^ A { ^*rm--K-*t^i 

Evil br m V 2 :29& ' Blanche T. . by Nephew .' 2 :2b 

Eva b m.'ises: by Gooding's Cham- Fairest, ch s. 1883. ^ M^Curdy s 
pton- Kitty, by Seely's American Hamb'etonian-Georgie GoMdust, by 

tar . . . i^oVi : Messenger Golddust (dead) 2. la 

Eva b' in," 1879, "by* Sultan Minne- Fnirhavpn. b s. 1R89 bv Wilton 

ha'ha. bv Stevens' Bald Chief 2:23V 2 Lady France, by Red Wilkes 2:19V4 



Fairlawn M.vlhun, b s, JSS2, by 
Happy Me. limn Tolona, by S tra- 
der's CasshiM M. Clay Jr 2:25*4 

Fairmont, cli g, 1871, by Wild .Billy, 

dam by a Black Hawk horse 2:29 1 /> 

Fairplains, cli s, 1888, by Stoughtou 
J. Fletcher Belle of Fairfleld, by 

Toronto Chief 2:26% 

Fairport, ch g, 1885, by Burridge 

Horse, dam by S. A. Douglass 2:29 

Fair Rosamond, b m, 1886, by Pen- 
nantBeatrice, by Manibrino Ab- 
dullah 2:30 

Fairy Gift, b s, 1876, by Hero of 
Thorndale Fairy Belle, by Belmont 2:30 

Faith, blk m, 1887, by Cadmus 
Wilkes Zoa, by Dauntless 2:21 

Faith, b in, 188 -, by Dictator Chief 2:27% 

Falcon Jr., b s, 188G, by Falcon 
Dauntless Maid by Dauntless 2:21% 

Falfa, ch m, 1891, by Allerton Cy- 
prus, by Strathmore 2:20 

Falka, b m, 187, by Woodard's 
Kthan Allen Old Poll 2:29% 

Falkland, b s, 1886, by Happy Me- 
dium Toto, by Priuceps 2:23% 

Fallacy, br g 1889, by Fallis Beauty, 
by Mambriiio Wilkes 2:17% 

Fallis, b s, 1878, by Electioneer 
Felicia, by Messenger Duroc 2:23 

Falmon, b g, 188-, by Fallis 2:23% 

Falmouth Boy, ch g, 1865, by Potter 
Horse, dam by Witherell Messenger 
(dead) 2:29 % 

Famous Girl, b m, 1883, by Clifford. . 2:26% 

Fanchon br m, 1888, by Montello 
Fashion, by AValkill Chief 2:26y a 

Fanchon, b m, 1886, by Hamdallah 
Flora, by De Graff's Alexander . . . 2:19% 

Fancy, ch m, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Fancy, ch m, 1874, by Middletown 
Nelly Horton, by Horton Clay 2:24% 

Fancy Bess ch m, 1885, by Olmedo 
Wilkes Fiirt, by Arlington Den- 
mark 2:27>i 

Fancy Day, b m, 1873, by Alcalde- 
Die Veraon, by Kentucky Clay 2:30 

Fannette, ch m, 1885, by Erelong 
Acco, by Blue Bull 2:29& 

Fanny, ch in, 187, by Hutjjhiuson 
Morrill Miss Tucker 2 :27 

Fanny ch m 186, by Flying Banner 
(dead) 2:29 

Fanny b m, 188, by Major Ringgold 2:29^4 

Fanny A., b m, 1882, by Vermont Ab- 
dallah Philly, by Black Dutchman 2:29 

Fanny A., b m, 188, by Abdamed 
Allen 2:26% 

Fanny Allen, b m, 1855, by Ethan 
Allen-Cherub by Abdallah (dead).. 2:28% 

Fanny B., br m, 1880, by Lambert 
Chief Hannah, by Lapham Horse . . 2:29% 

Fanny B., blk m, 188, by Spurgeon 
Flora 2:27% 

Fanny Belmont, ch m, 1881, by Bel- 
mont Fanny Lyons, by Scott's Hia- 
toga 2:2514 

Fanny Brunswick, 188 by Bruns- 
wick Chief .' 2:29t/j 

Fanny Burroughs, b m, 1876, by Ash- 
land Dolly Burroughs (dead) 2:27'/i I 

Fanny C., gr m, 188 , by Venango 
Chief 2:27% 

Fanny Cope, b m, 1880, by Climax- 
Bessie 2:28% I 

Fanny D. ro m, 1883, by Mansfield 
Medium ' . 2:28% ' 

Funny D., gr in. iss . by Anteeo ... 2:26 
Fanny Fairbanks, b m, 188, by 

Hambletonian I'rince \ 2:30 

Fanny G., br m, 1889, by Simmons 
Caresa, by Triumvir 2:22% 

Fanny Jefferson, br m, 1870. by 
Thomas Jefferson ' 2 :29 

Fanny K., b m, 1885, by Masterlode 
Linna, by Magna Charta 2:30 

Fanny Lee, b m, 1857, by Ethan Allen 
Dolly Miriam, by North Horse 
(dead) 2:29^ 

Farny M., blk m. 187,' by Phil Sheri- 
danLady Mains 2 :29',4 

Fanny Mark, br m, 1890, by Victor 
Bismarck Fanny York, by New 
York 2:29% 

Fanny Miller, b m, 1885, by Harry 
Hamilton Gertie Good, by Pacing 
Abdallah . 2:22% 

Fanny Otis, b m, 1865 by Post Boy 
(dead) 2:28% 

Fanny Raymond, br m, 1865, by 
American Ethan, dam by Long Tor- 
iiado (dead) 2:80 

Fanny Robinson, b m, 186, by Blood 
Chief Sarah Robinson, by Alexan- 
der's Norman 2:2014 

Fanny S., ch m, 2:28% 

Fanny S.. br m, 1888, by Mandarin- 
Lady Fisher 2:29^4 

Fanny Swope, b m, 1886, by Florida 
Roan Fanny, by Mambrino King. . 2:19% 

Fanny T., b m, 1888, by Montgomery 
Mendon Girl, by Lexington Chief 
Jr . 2:28'/, 

Fanny W., b m, 1881, by Hardy Horse 2:25% 

Fanny Wilcox, b m 1885, by Jerome 
Eddy Evemont, by Piedmont 2:13 

Fanny Wilkes, b m, 188, by Mam- 
brino Wilkes 2:30 

Fanny Wilkes, br m, 1877, by George 
Wilkes Bazaar, by Kentucky Chief 2:2614 

Fanny Witherspoon, ch m, 1874, by 
Almont Lizzie Witherspoon, by 
Gough's Wagner 2:16^4 

Fantasia, b m, 1881, by Ranchero 
Lady Kate 2:25 

Fantasy, b m, 1890, by Chimes 
Homora, by Alinonarch 2:06 

Fantine. blk m, 1879, by Westchester 
Fantine. by Island Chief 2:26 

Farandole b g, 1883, by King Rene-- 
Carrie, by Volunteer 2:27 

Farce, b m, 1878, by Princeps Roma, 
by Golddust 

Fargo, blk g 

Farmer, b s, 1885, by Tramp Sally 
L., by Wier's Shakespeare 2:2914 

Farmer Boy. gr g, 186, by Young Co- 
lumbusDolly, by Morse Horse . . 2:28 

Farmer Boy, ch g, 188, by Th.>mas 
Jefferson Addle Carpenter, by Fly- 
ing Cloud Jr. (dead) 2:19% 

Farmer Boy, b s, 1886, by Ed R. Be 
Bay Dell 2:27V 4 

Farmer Maid, b in 1866. by Wilson's 
Onpt Walker Miss Hundley, by 
Eclipse Tecumseh 2:28% 

Faro, b g. 187, by Mambrino Gift 
Kitty, by Bay Norman 2:23% 

Fa* oination, b g, 1887. by Flatbush 
Abdallah Flirt, by Windsor 2:1614 

Fashion b m. 1886. by Swigert Lady 
Clare, by Volunteer 2:29 

Fashion, b m. 1872. by Clark's Mo- 
hawk Jr., dam by Surprise 2:23% 

Fashion Maid, b m. 188R. by Fashion 



Laurie, by Aluieut Pilot ... 2:24% 
Fatbourp, b s. 1.889, by Acolyte-- 

Flower" Girl, by Bourbon Wilkes.... 2:2oV4 
Faugh-a-ballagh, b g, 186, pedigree 

not traced :;:: 2:2G 

Pauntleroy, ch s, 188, by Albino- 
Alice, by Daniel Boone 2:2oVi 

Fauntine ch m, 1888, by Robert Burns 

Medley by Summit 2:29% 

Faust, g g, 1886, by Frorida Claire, 

by Bayard 2 :18 /i 

Faustina, blk m., 1875, by Phil Sheri- 

dan dam by Canada Grey Eagle .. 2:28y t 
Faust'ino, b s, 1888, by Sidney-Fans- 

Una, by Crown Point s. 2:14% 

Favonia, b m, 1879 by Wedge wood 

Fadette. by Alexander's Abdallah 

(dead) 2:15 

Fa^ora, blk m, 1890, by St. Bel-- 

Meroni, by Mambrino King 2:23!'4 

Ffcvora, b s, 1887, by Patchen Wilk>s 

Bessie Gilpin, by John Gilpin 2:12% 

Favorita, b m. 1879, >>y -Qworga 

"mikes Press Forward, by Albion 2:2o% 
Favtrile, blk m, 188, by Baabaw 

Prince 2:30 

Favorite, ch m, 186, by Senator ... 2:30 
Fayorite Girl, b m, 188, by Favorite 

Wilkes Idol Girl, by Akers' Idol.. 2:2814' 
Favorite Wilkes, b s. 1877, by George 
Wllkfie Fattottte, by Alexander's 

Abdallah 2:24% i 

Favor Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Favorite 

Wilkes Bald Mare, by Jim Monroe 2:20'/ t j 
Fi\*u, ro m, 1887, by Buckeye Ham- 

bletonian Celery Girl, by Kilbuck 

Tom 2:30 

Fay, b g, 1879, by Electioneer Mary, 

by St. Clair 2:25 

ord 2:20%) 2:27i/i 

Fern Slip, ch m, 188, by Red Fern. . 2:27% 
Ferris, blk s, 188, pedigree not 

traced 2:26 l / 2 

Ferrous, b s, 1886, by The King 

Leda, by Aberdeen 2:28 

F. H., ch g, 1879, by Almont Eclipse 

Clytie, by Gen. Lyons 2:29% 

Fiction, b m, 1881, by Argyle Fie- 

tion, by Princeps 2:24% 

Fides, ch g, 1877. by Gen. Stanton- 

Fidelia, by Black Bear (dead) 2:22*4 

Fides Stanton, ch s, 1886, by Gen. 

Stanton Capitola, by Brown Duug- 


Fielder, br s, 1891, by Barmaid-Fanny 

Field, by Ajax 2:209* 

Filbert, gr g, 186, by Chandler J. 

Wells (dead) 2:28 

Figet, b m, 188, by Toronto Patch- 
en 2:26% 

Fillmore. ch g, 1881, by Alcantara- 
Pinafore, by Strathmore 2:29% 

I Fillmore, ch s, 1890, by Palo Alto- 
Miss Gift, by Gen. Benton 2:21% 

! Fin Fan, b m, 1885, by Gen. Brock- 
Madam Herr, by Mambrino Patcheu 2:25% 
i Fire Clay, br s, 1885, by Shawmut 

Mercedes, by Cuyler 2:30 

! First Bell, br g, 1888, by St. Bel- 
Florence J., by Bigaroon 2:28 1/4 

First Born, blk m, 1890, by Volunteer 
Swigert Gypsy Sprague, by Bol- 

ton's Spragne 2:2i)V4 

First Call, b g, 1879, by Athlete- 
Lady Blucher, by Richards' Beil- 

founder 2:20V 4 

First Love, b m, 1878, by Happy Med- 
iumMary A. Whitney, by Volun- 
teer 2:22% 

Fay Gordon, b m, 1891, by Walsing- | Fitzgerald b g, 187, by Young Co- 
ham >:A% lumbus Dolly Root, by son of Hill's 

F. D... b _g_, 1878, by Emery Fear- _ Black Hawk * . . 

b g, 

naught-Moily L tint," by Victor 2:24% 

Fearless, b m. 1857, by Meeker Horse 
(dead) 2:28 

Fearnaught. b g, 1882, by Straight 
Flush Emily, by Volunteer Boy . . 2:17% 

Fearnaught, br s, 1868, by Canadian 
Black Hawk Bellaire 2:29 

Fearnaught, ch s, 1859, by Morrill 
Jennjf, (by 'Sitesve French Horse 
(dead) 2:23Vi 

P em-naught Jr. ch s, 1865 by Fear- 
n<! nght (dead) 2 :26 

Fearless, b s, 1886, by Dauntless- 
Emily Patchen, by Tom Patchen.. 2:30 

Fearless, b g, 188, by Iron Duke . . . 2:29% 

Feather Edge, b m, 1885, by Feejee 
Pittson Maid, by Orange County ... 2:18 

Fedora ch m, 1886, by La Crosse 
Ella D.. by Hambletonian Star Jr. 2:18 

Felina. ch m, 1885, by Sir Walter 
Goldpen, by Mambrino Abdallah 2:29% 

Felix, b g. 1875, by Nutwood Abdal- 
lah Maid, by Voorhees' Abdallah 
Chief 2 :18% 

Felix, gr g. 1885, by Melrose Carpen- 
ter Mare, by Highland Grey 2:23>i 

Fellis Parma 2:26% 

Femme Sole, b m, 1881, by Princeps 
Duroc Maid, by Messenger Duroc. . . 2:20 

Ferd S.. b g,' 187 by Godfrey 
Patchen Lady Hicks 2:27^ 

Ferguson Wilkes, br s. 1886, bv Pre- 
tenderRosalie Wilkes, by George 
Wilkes 2:2.- 

Fergustine. b s, 1886. by Fergus Mc- 
GregorLady De MOSK (pacing roo- 

Black Hawk 2:30 

Fitzsimmonis, ch g, 188, by Dexter 
Prince Lady Fracture 2:20 

Five Points, b g, 1884. by Jay Bird- 
Flora Lambert, by Daniel Lambert. 2:29% 

Five Points, br s. 1884, by McCurdy's 
Hambletonian Flora Ewing, by Bas- 
singer 2:19 

Five Points, br s, 1886, by Mambrino 
Boy Nannette, by Strathmore 2:30 

Flare, b m, 188, by C. F. Clay, dam 
by Jay Bird 2:20% 

Flash, blk m, 1878, by Bonesetter 
Jenny Prewitt, by Sir Alfred 2:10% 

Flashy, blk m, 1890, by Duke of Glen- 
lake Kit, by Commander 2:211/4 

Flavilla, ch m, 1886, by Baird's Ham- 
bletonian Prince Daisy 2:24% 

Flaxmont, ch s, 1883, by Egmont 
Daisy 2:26% 

Flax Seed, b s, 1887, by Egmont 
Daisy 2:29 

Fleet, blk m, 1887, by Sidney Flight, 
by Buccaneer 2 :18% 

Fle'etboy, blk s, 1890, by Sidney 
Flight, by Buccaneer. . . 1 2:24% 

Fleet Medium, b g, 187, by Happy 
Medium Jessie Cooper, by Legal 
Tender 2:29V 4 

Fleet Wilkes, blk m, 188, by Butler 
Wilkes 2:28% 

Fleetwood, ch g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:27% 

Fleetwood, blk g, 188, by Phil Sher- 
idan Jr ; 2:2714 

Fleetwood, b g. 1868, by Happv Med- 
ium, dam by Vernol's Black Hawk.. 2:29 



Fieetwoud. c-h g, !sr>;]. by Winthrop 
Morrill, dam by Withered Messen- 
ger 2:29 

Eleetwood Messenger, b g, 187, by 
Morgan Messenger J 2:27 J /t> 

Fleety Golddust, gr in, 186, by Gold- 
dust Fanny, by Jelni Morgan 
(dead) 2:20 

Fleety L., b g, 1884, by Clark Chief 
Maud, by M. L. Cummings 2:30 

Fleety Patchen, ch m, 1880, by Sen- 
eca Patcheu Maggie, by Andy 
Johnson '. 2:2'j: A i 

Fleety Wilkoswood, b m, 1888, by 
Wilkeswood Queen 2:28 

Fleta, b m, 188, pedigree not traced. 2:30 

Fleta. br m, 1866, by Gen Hatch 
Dolly, by Iowa 2:28 

Fleta West, br m, 1887. by Charley 
West Champion Kate, by Good- 
win's Champion 2:30 

Flight, br m, 1878, by Buccaneer- 
Prairie Bird, by Flax tail 2 :_'. 

Fli -t, b in, 1884, by Gilt Edge 2:30 

Flirt, ch m, 1867, by Champion King, 
dam by Bradley's St. Lawrence.... 2:2SV4 

Flode Holdeu, ch m, 1881, by Jim 
Monroe Miss Hollen, by Blue Bull. 2:29/4 

Flora, ch m, 1876, by Von Mo'-tke 
Frances, by Happy Medium '2:'2~j'/-2 

Flight, b m, 1888. by Hamdallah-Lil, 
by Star of the West 2:24 

Flora, br m, 1886, by Dan Rice Frost 
Mare, by Red Jacket 2:20% 

Flora B., b m, 1883, by Havoc Belle 
B., by Green's Bashaw 2:30 

Flora B., b in, 1885, by son of Johnson 
Hambletonian Old Duck, by Con- 
quest 2:20'/t 

Flora B., ch m, 188, by Whippleton.. 2:27 

Flora B., b m 2 :2--.i..j 

Flora B., b m, 1871, by Curtis' Ham- 
bletonian Nicola, by Underwood's 
Reveille 2 :24'/> 

Flora Belle, b m, 188, by St. Bel 
Sleighner Mare 2:20V, 

Flo-a Belle, ch m, 1866, by Abe Lin- 
colnOld Sorrel, by Staple's Rattler 2:27 l /4 

Flora Belle, b m. 1874, by Young 
Mambrino Chief Bird, by Camden.. 2:29'/t 

Flora Belle, b m, 1883, by Alcona 
Fontana, by Almont 2:25 

Flora Belle, ch m, 1870, by Prince- 
Black Hawk Belle 2:29% 

Flora Belle, b m, 1864, by Uwharie 
Kit (dead) 2:22-14 

Flora C., b m, 1880, by Abdallah 
Tranby Bessie Brown, by Bird 2:29Vj 

Flora D.. ch m, 187, by Black Dutch- 
man 2:29'>4 

Flom F., b m. 187 by Clear Grit- 
Lady Blanche 2:24V4 

Flora G., br m, 1881. by Altoona 
Susie, by Conway's Patchen 2:25 

Flora Huff, b m, 1878, by Daniel Lam- 
bert Whalebone, by Carter's Co- 
lumbus 2:29v4 

Flora Jefferson, b m, 187, by 
Thomas Jefferson 2:28% 

Flora L., b m 2:27 

Flora L., b m, 1880, by Jack Cook- 
Hilda 2:29 

Flora M., b m, 188, by Richards' 
Elector 2:16 

Flora Mack, b m, 188 by Bi:iy 
Kitchen 2:29% 

Flora Miner, br m, 1875, pedigree not 
traced 2:29Vi 

Flora O.. ch m, 18S5, by Jesse Lam- 

bertQueen, by Penny pack 

Flora P., ch m, 1877, Tby Mambrino 
Sample Dolly Varden. by Hiatoira 


Flora S., ro m, 188 by ' Dextor 


Flora S., blk m 1887, by"phil"Fo'-- 
tune. dam by Washington 

Flora Shepherd, ch m, 186, by Gen! 
McClel'.an Jenny Shepherd, by Will- 
iamson's Belinont 

Flora Temple, b m, 1S45J by "Bogus 
Hunter Madam Temple (dead) . ... 

Flora Wilkes, br m, 188, by Olniedo 

Flora Windsor, b in, 1S7O, by Wind- 
sor Atkinson Mare, by Empire.,. 

Florence, ch in, 1873. by Highland 
Grey-Polly Daly, by 'Ed Brown 

Florence B., b m, 1890, by Gilroy 

Florence C.. ch m, 188, by Ajax. 
dam by Blue Bull 

Florence D., br m, 1887, by Burl 
Frankie, by McAfee's Drennon 

Florence D., ch m, 1879, by Jay 
Gould Lady Shipley, by Price's St. 
Lawrence " 

Florence Dillard, b m. 1886, by Mon- 
acoLucy, by Jewell 

Florence Elmore, b m, 1882, by George 
Wilkes Victoria, by Akers' Idol 

Florence M., ch m, 1877, by Blue Bull 
Fanny (dead) '. 

Florence Palmer, ch m. 1887, by Al- 
cyoneHelen, by Charley B 

Florence 11., ch m, 1881, by Nutwood 
Irene, by Erwin Davis 

Florence S., b m, 1891, by Alcrayon 
Lady May, by Marshall Ney 

Florence S., b m 1884, by Barkis, 
dam by Smith's Morgan 

Florence Sultan, b in, 188 by Sul- 
tanFlorence M., by Blue Bu.l 

Florestine, ch m, 1884, by Rocheste - 
Miss Fritz, by John Dillard 

Florida, blk m. 1887, by Montana 
Wilkes Albertha, by Dalgamo 

Florida Monarch, b s, 1883, by Flor- 
ida Sontag, by Richards' Bellfouu- 

Florinda. gr m, 1887, by Pilot Med- 
ium Queen Middletown, by Bay 
Middletown '. 

Flossie, blk m, 188, pedigree not 

Flossie, b m, 1885. by Belmont Jes- 
sie, by Ashland Chief 

Flossie G., ch m, 1878, by Antar 
Fancy, by Iceberg 

Flossie M., blk m, 1883, by Onawa 
Lady Va:*ney, by Goodwin Hain- 

Floyd B., b g, 188, pedigree not 

Flossie Bezant, ch m. 1891, by Bezant 
Peon, by Nero 

Flossie R., br m, 1881, by Record's 
Black Hawk, dam by Dan 

Flosswood, ro m. 1888. by Look 
Tresswood, by Wood's Hambletonian 

Flossy, rn m, 1885, by Victor 

Floyd B., b g, 188, pedigree not 

Flury, b m, 188. by Judge Hayes. . . 

Flutter, b m, 1887, by Epaulet Buza 
Medium, by Happy Medmm 

Fly. blk m, 1885, by The King-Lady 





2:2C>y 4 
2:23V 4 



2:18 V4 



2: 19V, 


> > i 



Last season McHenry placed the world's record for pacing stallions 
at 2 :03% with John R. Gentry, and in 1893 he drove May Mar- 
shall in 2 :08J4, the world's record for pacing mares. 


An Ohio boy that placed the half-mile track race record at 2:1 
with Kitty Bayard. 


Fly, br m, by Electricity Mecca, by 
Mohawk Chief . . . 2:29% 

Fly-a-Way, blk m, 1886, by Joe Mack 
Fanny Poor ^ :^y /* 

F. O. Batch, b;- s, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Focus R., blk s, 1885, by Adrian 
Wilkes Maud 2:2% 

Foggy, b g, 1884, by Alcantara 
Thalmier Mare, by Hamlet 2:27% 

Folly, b m, 1885, by Happy Medium- 
Oriole, by Strader's Cassius M. 
Clay Jr..: 2:1514 

Folly, blk m, 188, by All Right 2:27 

Forest Boy, ch g, 1884, by Forest 
Mambrino Dell, by Tempest 2:16^4 

Forest Boy, b g, 188, by Walker 
Merrill 2:20% 

Fcrest King, b g, 1870, by j.ouest 
Dan, dam by Wildair 2 27 

Forest King, b s, 1S8 , by Arcadian 2:29% 

Fciest King, b e, 1879, by Woodford 
Knox Dolly 2:30 

F<iest Mambrino, ch s 1SS6. by 
Mambrii.'C Patchou 2:29% 

Forest Prince, b s, 1S'82, by Baird's ^ 
Harnbetonian Prince Majolica, by 
Harry Clay 2:17% 

Forest Queen, ch n, 1881, by Forust 
King Lucy B., by Star Hamble- 
tcnian . 2:29% 

Forest Wilkes, b s 1882, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Ned . . . '. 2 :24% 

Forget-me-not, b m, 188, pedigree 
not traced 2:27% 

Forrest D., b e, 1886, by Senator N. 

Bird, by Billy Jacobs Jr 2.27% j 

Forrest Girl, ch m, 188, by West 
Liberty 2:30 

Forrest Patchen, br g. 1875, by King 
Patchen, dam by Smith's Flying 
Cloud 2:10% 

Forsee, ch s, 1881, by Colman's Ab- 
dallah Jr. Missouri Girl, by Morey's . 
Lath 2 :27 

Fortunate, b g, 188, 2:30 

Fortuna, b m, 1886, by Florida- 
Emily, by George Wilkes 2:22 

Fortunia, b m, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:20% 

Foster, b g, 188, pedigree not traced 2:27% 

Ftur Corners, ah m, 1880, by Main 
brino Time Laura Wynn, by Hurst 
& Thornton's Abdallnh 2:20<4 

Four Lines, b s, 1888 by Western 
Sprague Egotism, by Princeps .... 2:25)% 

Fowler Boy, b g, 1883, by Electioneer 
Gazelle, by Primus %>& 

Fox ch g, 2:30 

Fox, b g, 186, by Peacock (dead).-. 2:30 

Foxhunter, ch g 1888, by Foxwood 
Mattie C., by Trouble 2-30 

Foxie, ch m, 1883, by Mansfield- 
Heiress, by Alexander's Abdallah. . 2:28% 

Foxie V., ch m. 1870, by King Herod, 
dam by Green Mountain 2:23% 

Foxtuont. b s, 1S1M), by Egmont Fox's 
Baby, by Gage's Logan 2:27% 

Foxwood, ch s, 1884 by Nutwood- 
Lady Foxie, by Daniel Lambert 2:24% 

Foxy Lambert, b s, 188, by Daniel 
Lambert ir 2 :29% 

France, b s, 1881, by France's Alex- 
anderMolly P., by George Wilkes 2:26 i 

Franceps. b s. 1884, by France Gos- 
sip, by Princeps 2:24% i 

Frances, gr m. 1866, by Harry W. 
Genet Miss Bean ......2:27 

Frances O., b m, 1882, pedigree not 

Frances C., b m, 188, by Lotus . . . 

Frances M., b m, 188. by Motor 

Frances P., ch in, 188, by Sir Nut- 
woodFlorence, by Oxmoor 

Frank, b g 186, pedigree not traced 

Frank, b g, 1876, by Abraham Root, 
by Green Mountain Boy 

Frank, b in, 1867, by Colton Horse, 
dam by Westf all Horse (dead) 

Frank, blk g, 1867, by Young Oneida 

Frank, b g, 187. (ringer?) 

Frank Allen, b s, 188, by Greenwood 

Frank Allison, b s, 1868, by Ather- 
ton's Blackbird Lucy Pope, by Har- 
ris' Morgan 

Frank B., br s, 1887, by Coligne 
Molly by Eugene Casserly 

Frank B., blk g, 3885, by William M., 
Topsey, by Ripton 

Frank B., br g, 1884, by Bog Oak- 
Belle, by Stephen A. Douglas 

Fiank Bellows, b s, 1889, by Herschcl 
Bessie Turner, by Harry Turner 

Frank Brown, b g, 188, pedigree not 

Frank Buford, b B, 1883, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr. Sleepy Lize, by Pat Ma- 

Frank C., blk g 

Frank C., b g, 1878, by Mambriuo 
Pilot Lilly Murray 

Frank Dana b g, 1880, i>y Aristos . . . 

Frank Davis, b g, 186, pedigree not 
tn ced 

Frank E., ch g, 1883, by Abdailah 
Ha nabletonian Daisy, by Gifford 
Black Hawk Jr 

Frank Ellis, b s, 1871, by Happy Med- 
iumDutch Girl, by Edwin For- 


Frank Ellis ,b s. 1879, by Hermes- 
Jane Early by Stranger 

Frank Irwin, b s, 1891, by Goodwood 
Jr., dam by Flaxuiout 

Frank F., b g, 1887, by Emperor Wil- 
liam, dam by John Bright 

Frank F., b g, 1887. by Sir Folko 

Frank Ferguson, br g, 186, by Billy 
Glenn, dam by Romulus (dead) . . . 

Frank Fisk, ro g, 1869, by Bertraad 
Black Hawk (dead) 

Frank Forrester, b g, 1841, by Ab- 
dallah (dead) 

Frank Forrester, b s, 1872, by Marks- 
man Strayer, by Hiagota 2d 

Frankfort, blk s, 1886, by Pratender 
Lizzie K., by Magic 

Frank G., b g, 1876, by Sweepstakes 
Sally Downs, by Edward Everett 

Frank H., b g, 188, by Highland 

Frank H.. b s, 188, by Laclede 

Frank H., b s, 1882, by Ben Frank- 
lin, dam by Gen. Sheridan 

Frank Hill, b s, 1888, by Edga Hill- 
Belle, by Ledger 

Frank Hull, br g, 1874. by Touch- 
sone Jessie J., by Main Sweep- 

Frankie H.. ch m, 1880, by Spink 

Frank J., dn g, 186, pedigree not 

Frank Jooes, b s, 188, by Prince 
Charles . 















2 26% 














2 27J , 



Frank K., blk g, 168 by Stephen 
A Douglas ........................ 

Frank Kernan, b g, 186, pedigree 
not traced ........................ 

Frank Kober, br s. 1887, by Gat Van 

Frank L., blk s, 1889, by Senciuei 

Wilkee Patty Haydon. by Mam- 

triao Foster ..................... 

Frank L., b g, 188, by Donny 

Brook ........................ 

Fienk L., blk g, 1884, by Beaufort, 

dam by Black Ilalpli ............. 

Frank Landers, b g, 1871, by Sad- 

dling Buck Roany, by Copperbot- 

tom Jr .......................... 

Franklin, b g, 188, by Gen. Reno. . 
Franklin, br g, 188, by Goldleaf .. 
Franklin, blk g, 1884. by Tobe Jr.~ 

Fanny Farmer, by American Farmer 
Frank M., blk g. 1877, by Sweep- 

stakes-Beauty .................... 

Frank M. t ch s, 1888, by Phantom- 

Belle Hulbut ...................... 

Frank M., ch g, 1884, by Priam, dam 

by Gen. Dana ..................... 

Frank McCune, ch g, 187-, by Wil- 

liam Miner Miller Mare, by King 

Frank McDonald, b g, 1888, by C. L. 

Martin ............................ 

Frank McGregor (Joe S.) b g, 1880, 

by Robert McGregor-rSusie Thorne, 

by North Star Matnbrino .......... 

Frank McMahon, b g, 1885, by Mc- 

Mahon Susie Bostwick, by Aroo- 

Frank MMdleton, " ch" g, " 1876,' by 
Bay Middleton Betsey Allen, by 
King's Champion ............... 

Frank Moscow, ch g, 1871, by Frank 
Moscow Draper Mare . . ---- 

Frank Munson, ch g, 1868, by Para- 
gonFanny, by Zimmermau s J Mi- 

Frank Nelson,* blk V/isS ,' by Flying 
Dutchman ................... ;"," 

Frank O'Neil, br g, 1881, by Whipple- 
ton Flight, by Gilparic ....... . . . . . 

Frank P., ch g. 1883, by Black Harp 

Fan .............. .............. 

Frank P., b g, 188 by Merchant.. 
Frank P., blk s, 1882, by Darwin- 

Nelly, by Sims' Morgan .......... 

Frank Palmer, b g, 186, pedigree 

not traced ........................ 

Frank Patchen ch g, 1875, by Seneca 

Patchen Maggie, by Andy Johnson 
Frank Potts ch g, 188, by Bonnie 

Boy .............................. 

Frank P. Porter, b s, 1884, by Egbert 

Puss, by Brown Chief ........... 

Frank Quirk, ro g, 1884, by Defiance 

Donegan Mare .................. 

Frank R., b g 187 by Blaok Dutch- 

man, dm by John B. Patchen ..... 
Frank Reeves, b g, 186, by Ske- 

daddle, dam b-F Black Hawk ..... 
Frank S. (Red Jim), b g, 1874, by Ab- 

dallah Pilot Lucy Lee, by Alexan- 

der's Norman ..................... 

Frank S., ch g, 1880, by Taylor Horse 
Frank S., br g, 1884, by Dr. 

Franklin Canada Belle, by Don 

Alonzo ............................ 

Frank S., b g, 188, by St. Gothard. 
Frank S., ch tr, 188, by Madrid Min- 

nie, by Redwood .................. 












2:29V 2 







Frank Sprague, br g, 1880, by GOT. 
Sprague Minnie Crawford, by Gold- 
smith's Abdallah 

Frank T., br g, 1880, by Hill's Duroc 
Belle Brandon 

Frank Walkill, b s, 188, by Sir Wai- 
kill :.... 

Frank Wilkes, br g, 1882, by George 
Wilkes Jr. Houghton Mare 

Frank Wood, b g, 186 by Volun- 
teer Kipp Mare, by Leievre's Star. 

Frantic, b s, 1886, by Strathmore 
Serene, by Sentinel 

Fraulein, ro m, 188 by Autograph- 
Miss Stewart, by Grey Norman 

Frazee, ch g, 1881, by Brussels Jenny, 
by Coulter's Davy Crocket 

Frazier, b s, 1887, by Zilcaadi Gold- 
dustNelly, by Shelbyville Chief... 

Freckles, gr s, 1889, by Wilton- 
Grey Diana, by Administrator 

Fred, b g, by Polouius, dam by Guy 

Fred, ch g, 186, pedigree not traced 

Fred, b g, 187, pedigree not traced. . 

Fred, b g, 187, by Democrat, dam 
by Rysdyk's Hambletouiau 

Fred B., br g, 187, by Tyler's Black 

Fred B., br g, 1886, by Reveille, dam 
by Black Squirrel 

Freda C., b m, 1891, by Princeer 

Fred C., b g, 188, " pedigree not 

Fred Casey, ch g, 1870. by Fessenden 
Fanny Allen, by Bacon's Ethan 

Fred Crocker, b g, 1878, by Election- 
eer Melinche, by St. Glair 

Fred D., b g, 1881, pedigree not traced 

Fred D., gr g, 188, pedigree not 

Fred Douglas, ch s, 1873, by Green's 
Bashaw Nancy Bell, by Gale's 
Morgan (dead) 

Fred Douglas, blk g, 1872, by Black 
Fraank Boggy, by Billy Case (dead) 

Fred Drake, b s, 1882, by Joe Gavin 
Minnie Drake, by Louis Napoleon. . 

Freddy, b g, 1888, by Alert Flora, by 
New Jersey Volunteer 

Freddy B., b s, 188, by Strathlan.. 

Freddy C., b g, 188, by Ferguson, 
dam by Volunteer f 

Freddy J., b g, 1880, by Sterling- 
Miss Saltsman, by Houser's Hiatoga 

Fred E., br g, 188, pedigree not 

Fred Ensign, b g, 188, by Sir Folko. 

Frederica, blk m, 1881, by Almonarch 
Jenny Lind, by Young Sir Walter. 

Frederick L., br s, 1888, by Herschel 
Lady Dingman, by Favorite Wilkes. 

Fred Folger, b g, 1881, by Kentucky 
Prince Flora Gardiner, by Seely's 
American Star 

Fred G., ch g, 188, by Indicator. . . . 

Fred Golddust, ch s, 1875, by Fancy 
Golddust, dam by Donerail 

Fred H., gr g, 188 by Rebel Hardee 

Fred Hambleton ch s, 1881, by Ham- 
bletonian Mambrino Springfield 
Maid, by Lakeland Abdallah 

Fred Hooper, b g, 186, by Royal Re- 

venge (dead) 

Fred Hull, br g. 1878, by Hull, dam 

by McClure's Hambletonian 

Fred Judson. gr g, 188, by George 






2:22V 4 

















2:24V 4 









L. Napoleon 

Fred K., br s, 1884, by Shenuan Med- 
iumPolly ,, .-. 

Fred Lothair, ro a, 1877, by Lothair 
Mary Ann 

Fred M., blk g, 1883, by Daniel Boone 
Snip, by Knox Boy 

Fred Mae. b g, 188, by Golden 

Fred McGregor, b s, 1880, by Robert 
McGregor Belle W., by Romulus... 

Fred McGregor, b s, 1887, by Robert 
McGregor Lilla, by Mambrino Eagle 

Fred Medium, b g, 187, by Happy 
Medium > 

Fred Neil, b g, 1878, by Bay Tom- 
Mary Neil, by Luke 

Fred Nelson, b g, 188, by O. F. C. . . 

Fred O., b g, 188, by Alinont Eagle. 

Fredonia, ch g 1887, by Black Cloud, 
dam by Hainbletonian Hunter 

Fred S. Wilkes, ro s, 1887, by Hector 
Wilkes Tillie, by Tattler Chief 

Fred Wilkes, b g, 1888, by Wilkes 
Randall Mare, by Nelson's Onward.. 

Fred Wilkes, b s, 1883, by Red Wilkes 
Black Princess, by Mambrino 

Fred Wilkes, blk s, 188, by The 


Fred wilkes, b s, 188, by Bourbon 

Fred Wilkes, b s, 188, by Conn's 
Harry Wilkes 

Free, b m, 1888, by St. Bel Nelly Y., 
by Stephen G 

Free Coinage, b g, 188, by Abbotts- 
fordAgnes, by Jim Lick 

Freedom, b s, 1889, by Sable Wilkes 
Laura Drew, by Artnurton 

Freeland, b g, 1891, by Alfonso Net 
Medium, by Happy Medium 

Freedom b g, 188, by Maxim Chi- 
cago Maid 

Freeman, blk g, 1872, by Macedonian 

Freeman, b g, by Hambletonian Knox 

Freestone, b g, 1883, by Capt. Web- 
ster, dam by Owen Dale 

Freestone, b g, 1877, by Republic- 
Fanny Dodge, by Dodge's St. Law- 

Freestone, b e, 1881, by Gatling 
Gretchen, by Chosroes. ." 

Free Trade, blk g, 1883, by Young 
Wilkes Kitty, by Sorrel Tom 

Free Trade, b g, 1882, by Smuggler 
Gift Prudence, by Plato 

Fremont, br g, 1880, by Almont 
Eclipse Celia O., by Taggart's Ab- 

Fremont, ch s, 1886, by Almont Star- 
Bonny Doon, by Beaufort 

Frenaldo, br s, 188, by Rinaldo 

French Girl, ch m, 188, pedigree not 

Frenchman, b g, 1885, by McDonald's 
Frenchman Jingle 

French Plate, br s, 1888, by Wedge- 
woodMary B., by Alcalde 

Frenzie L., b m, 1890, by Bay Ethan- 
Daisy L., by Dr. Herr 

Frenzy, gr m, 1887, by Florida Pa- 
tience, by Young Jim 

Friday, ch g, 1878, by Blind Tom 

Friday Jr., gr g. 1886, by Blind Tom, 
dam by Tom Telegraph 

Friendship, b g, 188, pedigree not 

Frisco, blk e, 1890, by Quartermaster 
Lady Schofleld, by Tippoo Saib 








2:24V 2 
2:29'/ 3 













2:25i/ a 









Fritz, b g, 187, by Bay Richmond.. 2:27Va 
Fritz, b g, 1882, by St. Gothard Fan, 

by Ralph 2:29Vi 

Frontier, b s, 1891, by Pioneer Clay- 
May B., by Western Fearnaught. .. . 2:29% 
Frou-Frou, ch m, 1890, by Sidney- 
Flirt, by Buccaneer 2:22 

Fugleman, b s, 1881, by Princeps 
Miss Fanny, by Hamlet 2:28% 

Fugleman, b g, 1882, by High Private 
Lady Forrest, by Edwin Forrest.. 2:27% 

Fugle, b m, 1880, by King Rene 
Fuga, by George Wilkes "(dead) 2:19V4 

Fulano, ch s, 1889, by El Mahdi Bay 
Hambletonian, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:22% 

Fulda, b m, 1886, by Hambrino 
Mabel, by Middletown 2:19% 

Full Prince, b g, 1887, by Young Ful- 
lerton Lida, by Hambletonian 
Prince 2:23% 

Fulton Maid, b m, 1871, by Cla> 
Pilot Old Bashaw, by Green's Ba- 
shaw 2:29^ 

Furniture Boy, b g, 1883, by Polonius 
Nelly, by Major Edsall 2:22</ a 

Future Gilbert, b s, 1886, by Henry 
Gilbert Red Wing, by Toronto 
Patchen 2:26% 

Futurity, b s, 1891. by Hinder Wilkes 
Maggie S., by Arnold 2:19 

Gabrielle, ch m, 1889, by Star Duroc 
Loretta, by Strathmore 2:20% 

Gail, b m. 1881, by Lakeland Abdallah 
Abigail, by Alexander's Abdallah.. 2:26% 

Galata, b m, 1888, by Stamboul, dam 
by A. W. Richmond 2:28% 

Galatana, ch m, 1891, by Muscovite 
Benedicto, by Hero of Thorndale... 2:24% 

Galatea, b m, 1873, by Fearnaught 
Grand Duchess, by Handley's Hia- 
toga 2:24-54 

Galatea, ch m, 1885, by Lockwood 
Coleus, by Iron Duke 2:27% 

Galatea, gr m, 1886, by Pilot Med- 
iumKit Wheeler, by Cady's Cham- 
pion 2:25% 

Gale, b m, 1883, by Commodore Bel- 
mont Irene, by Dictator 2:27% 

Galena, blk m, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkee Lady Yeiser, by Garrard 
Chief 2:28% 

Galen Prince, b e, 1885, by Judge Fol- 
ger Mary S., by James R. Reese. . 2:19 

Galette, blk m, 1891, by Jud Wilkes 
Gale 2:23% 

Galilee, b m, 1889, by Col. Hambrick 
Fragolett, by Juggler 2:26% 

Gallon Prince, b s, 188 2:30 

Gamaleon, blk s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Lady Pepper, by Onward... 2:25<4 

Gamarza, br s, 1888, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Winnie Wilkes, by Red 
Wilkes 2:27V a 

Gambart, b s, 1890, by Gamaleon 
Zorah, by Backman's Idol 2:27% 

Gambetta Wilkes, blk s, 1881, by 
George Wilkee Jewel, by Gill's Ver- 
mont 2:19'/4 

Gambonito, bile s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Maud, by Garrard Chief.... 2:19!4 

Gambnmo, br s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Dealil ah, by Administrator. 2:29% 

Gam Byron, b s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Ada Byron, by Enfield 2:19% 

Gammer, br s, 1889, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Annie Patchen. by Mam- 
brino Patchen 2:23% 

G. and M., b s, 1888, by Anteeo Rosa 



B., by Speculation .................. 

Gardner H., b s, 1887, by Butler's 

Bashaw ............................. 

Garneld, blk g, 1881, by Durau go- 

Dixie (dead) ........... ............. 

Garland, ch s, 1890, by Nuthuret, 

dam by Metropolitan .............. 

Garland M., b s, 188, by Garland... 
Garnet, ch g, 1881, by Young Jim 

Snipuose, by American Clay ....... 

Garnet, br m, 1887, by Paucoast 

Ruby, by Dictator ................. 

Garnett Girl, ch m, 1887, by Simmons 

Mag, by Hainbrino ................ 

Garnishee, b g, 1886, by Prairie King 

Lucy Elmo, by Elmo Adams ...... 

Garrett L., br s, 1886, by Saxony- 

Kit Lowry, by Mambrino Royal... 
Garrison, b s. 1880, by Orange Blos- 

somQueen Bess, by Backman's Idol 
Gas, br g, 188, by a Copperbottoin 

horse ................................ 

Gascoigne, b e, 1888, by Gambetta 

Wilkes Gondula, by Princeps ...... 

Gautier, b g, 1878, by Red Bank- 

Flora N., by Dolphin .............. 

Gavaroche, b g, 1884, by Wilkins 

Dolly ................................. 

Gazelle, b m, 1865, by Rysdyk's Ham- 

bletonian Hattie Wood, by Harry 

Clay ................................. 

Gazelle, blk m, 1888, by Prompter ____ 

Gazelle, blk m, 1891, by Gossiper 

dam by Edwin Booth .............. 

Gazette, b s, 1887, by Onward Siren, 

by Dictator (pacing record 2:09%)... 
G. B., b g, 1879, by Dom Pedro- 

Blanche, by Red Eagle ............ 

G. D. S., b g, 1880, by Tattler Jr ..... 

Gean Smith, blk g, 1878, by Daunt- 

lessNelly Hero ................... 

Geb b g, 1888, by Vigil Rene Lady 

Whitelaw, by Mambrino Clay (dead) 
Gebhardt, ch s, 1887, by Kentucky 

Prince Langtry, by Messenger Du- 

roc .................................. 

Gee Whiz, b s, 1890, by Billy Stan- 

ton ................................... 

Gene, b m, 1885, by Bonaflde Nelly 

L., by Darkey .................... 

Gene Briggs, br s. 1888, by Messenger 

Wilkes Straw Girl, by Alxaont .... 
General Alger, blk s, 1889, by Ambas- 

sadorLowland Girl, by Legal Ten- 

der Jr ................................ 

Gen. Banks, b s, 1882, by Gen. Brock 

Minnie Woods, by imp. Blinkiron 
Gen. Bartholomew b e, 1888, by On- 

wardFanny Alley, by William 

Rysdyk .............................. 

Gen, Beamish, gr g, 187, by Daugh- 

erty's Royal George (dead) ....... 

Gen. Benham, b g, 1884, by Gen. 

Washington Susie .................. 

Gen. Boyle, b s, 1888, by Gambetta 

Wilkes-Silly, by Alert ............. 

Gen. Buford, b g. 1882, by Harry 

Pulling Amy. by Black Ben ...... 

Gen. Butler, blk g, 1853, by Smith 

Burr Isadora (dead) ................ 

Gen. Ouster, br s, 1885. by Lenawee 

Chief Lady Wilcox, by Mambrino 

Hambletonian ....................... 

General Cass, gr s, 1888, by Daunt- 

less Clyburn mare .................. 

General Denver, b s. 1886. by William 

M. Lizzie O'Connor, bv Harrison 

Chief ................... '. ............ 


2:29 L 4 



















2:27y 2 








General Don, b s, 1889, by Daunt- 
lessMinnie Rowell, by Gov. Tilden 3:27% 

General Grant, b g, 188--, by H. W. 
Beecher 2:30 

General Herkimer, b s, 1889, by Knick 
Wilkes Lib bie, by Hambietoniau 
Prince ._ 2-24% 

General Macey, b s 1888, by Macey 
Thornleaf, by Hero of Thorudale 2:25% 

General Sphinx, b s, 1890, by Sphinx 
Ada, by Sir Denton 2:28% 

General Sprague, br s, 188, by Brink- 
er's Sprague 2:26^4 

General Wiles, b B, 1886, by Black 
Hawk McGregor Molly Young, by 
Joe Young , 2:19y 2 

Gen. Bwiiig, b s, 1876, by Windsor, 
dam by Tullytown (dead) 2:27'/4 

Gen. Garfield, b g, 186, by Kentucky 
Black Hawk Molly Walker, by 
Capt. Walker 2:21 

Gen. George A. Ballard, blk s, 1874, 
by Young Rex Ida Whalebone, by 
Whalebone 2:30 

Gen. Grant, ch B, 1869, by Wapeie 
Belle Wilson, by Handley's Hia- 
toga 2:21 

Gen. Grant, blk g, 188, by Steel's 
Walkill 2:2614 

Gen. Hancock, b g, 1872, by Lightning 
Miss Jones, by Perkins' Morrill... 2:24% 

Gen. Hardee, m g, 188, by Gen 
Hardee 2:27% 

Gen. Howard, br g, 186, by Badger 
Boy (dead) 2:26% 

Genie L., blk m, 1892, by Arcadian.. 2:25% 

Gen. James A. Garfield, ch s, 1881, by 
Mohawk GiftEmma B., by Fowler's 
Star Hambletonian 

Gen. Lee, ch g, 186, pedigree not 

Gen. Lee, ch e, 1875, by Green's Ba- 
shawBelle Wilson, by Handley's 

Gen. Logan, b e, 1886, by Alexander 
Button Winnie, by Deitz's St. Clair 

Gen. Love, ch s, 1865, by Field's 
Royal George (dead) 

Gen. Mack, b s, 187, by Hickey's 
Happy Medium 

Gen. McClellan, b s, 1854 by Drew 
Horse, dam by Shark (dead) 

Gen. McClellan, dn g, 185, by Mon- 
tauk (dead) 

Gen. Marion, b s, 1883, by New Jersey 
Volunteer Fleety, by Bay wood 

Gen. Picton, gr g, 186, by Rattler, 
dam by Suuiner Morgan (dead) 

Gen. Russ, gr s, 1876, by Blue Bull 
Christina, by Tom Crowder 

Gen. Sherman, gr g, 1860, by Pilot 
Jr. (dead) 

Gen. Sibley, b g, 1876, by Swigert 
Dollabel. by Richards' Bellfounder. 

Gen. Smith, ch s, 1886, by Albion- 
Nelly Dewar, by Royal Revenge . . . 

Gen. Stark, ch g, 187, pedigree not 

Gen. Storms, b g, 187, by Logan... 

Gen. Turner, b s, 1881 by Harold 
Claytona, by American Clay (pacing 
record 2:25%) 

Gen. Tweed, ch g. 186. by Myron 
Perry, dam by Hill's Black Hawk 

Gen. Wellington, b s. 1884, by Elec- 
tioneer Waxana. by Gk*n. Benton.. 

Gen Wiles, b , 1886, by Black Hawk 


















McGregor Molly Young, by Joe 
Young 2:15 

Gen. Wilkes, gr a, 1881, by George 
Wilkes Grace Goodman, by Peacock 2:21% 

Geneva, b m, 1882. by Princeps 
Ozone, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian. . 2:17% 

Geneva, ch s, 1887, by Lelaud Bes- 
sie Forrest, by Edwin Forrest 2:14 

Geneva S., ch m, 1883, by Abdallah 
Manibrino Ella Hopkins, by Octo- 
roon 2:1914 

Geneva Wilkee, blk m, 1883 by Bar- 
tholomew Wilkes Matt, by Holla 
Seymour 2:23% 

Geneve, blk m, 1885, by Nephew, dam 
by Jack Hawkins 2:26% 

Genevieve, b m, 1888, by Brougham 
Belle of Clarence, by Finch's St. 
Lawrence 2:26)4 

Genevieve, b m, 188 by Startle.. 2:28% 

Genevieve, br m, 1889! by Egotist- 
Genoa, by Priucepa 2:29% 

Genevra, b m, 187, by Butt's Mon- 
roe Chief, dam by Perrin Horse.. 2:24% 

Genevra, b m, 1888, by Abby, dam by 
Hawthorne 2:20 

Gense, br m, 1886, by Longfellow- 
Frolic by Corbeau Chief 2:19 

Genteel', blk g, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Susie Cheek, by Light- 
heart 2:29% 

Gentile, br m, 1889, by Col. Hambrick 
Belle Monroe, by Nick Monroe.... 2:30 

Gentle Annie, rn m, 1888, by Wiggins, 
dam by Scott's Hambrino 2:26 

Gentle Harry, b s 188, by Honest 
Charley ' 2:30 

Gentry, b g, 1887, by Gambetta 
Virginia Grigsby, by American Boy 2:30 

George, b g, 1883, by Bullet 2:27*4 

George, b g, 186, pedigree not 
traced 2 

George, b g, 188. by Dick Jones .. 2:26 

George, br g, 1885, by Scott's Thomas 
Laura, by Forester 2:20% 

George, blk g, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:24% 

George A., b g, 1891, by Glencoe 
Wilkes 2:29 

George A., b g 1875, by Daniel 
Lambert Pacing Kate 2:24% 

George A., b g, 1876, by Truesdale's 
Abdallah Jr. Kitty Foster, by Silli- 
man Morgan 2 :21% 

George Allen, b s, 1883, by William 
H. Allen Quickstep, by Foster 
Horse 2:28 

George Anthony, b s, 1889, by Nutal- 
wood Arthur, by Arthurton 2:29% 

George A. Ayer gr g, 1871, by Wood- 
ford Mambrino Diana, by Pilot Jr. 2:30 

George B., gr g, 187, by Winfield 
Scott Black Nina, by Waddell 2:29& 

George B. Daniels, ch g, 1869, by 
King's Champion Mamie Daniels, 
by Greyhound (dead) 2:24 

George G., ch g 2:30 

George G., b g, 1881 by Sweepstakes 
Maidy, by Jupiter Abdallah 2:23% 

George O., blk s, 1883, by Ben Frank- 
linFlora Cozzens, by Honest Dan. . 2:28% 

George Condit, blk s. 1892, by Gam- 
betta Wilkes Lady Watson, by 
Indianapolis 2:29% 

George Cooley, b g, 1853, by Neave's 
Cassius M. Clay Jr., dam bv Fridav 
(dead) 2:27 

George Dexter, br s. ISno, by Dextor 

Prince Nelly C., by Kilrush 2:18% 

George D. Sherman, blk g, 187, by 
Black Ralph 2:29% 

George F., b s, 1887, by St. Gothard 
Lotta by Chester 2:28% 

George F. Smith, b g, 18C5, by Ni- 
agara Chief Peggy, by State of 
Maine (dead) 2:28 

George Gift, b s, 1884, by Fairy Gift 
Topsey Talbott, by Long Island 
Patchen 2:29% 

George Gray, br s, 1885, by Redwood 
May, by Dolphin 2:27 

George H.. br g, 188, by Gen. Ben- 
ton 2:26% 

George H., rn g, 186, by Godfrey 
Patchen (dead) 2:25 

George Hait Jr., b g, 187, pedigree 
not traced 2:29% 

George Henry, b g, 186, pedigree 
not traced , 2:27 

George H. Mitchell, b g, 1865, by 
American Ethan dam by Long's 
Tornado (dead) 2:26 

George Judd, rn g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:26% 

George K., b g, 1884, by Coronet- 
Kitty Morgan, by Bartlett's Morgan 2:29% 

George K., gr g, 1872. by Swigert 2:25% 

George K., ch g, 18&-, by Hamble- 
tonian George . 2:22 

George L.. b g, 1880, by Harrison 
Chief Miss Ewalt, by Washington 
Denmark 2:26% 

George L., br s, 188, by Adjutant 
Letta, by Rush 2:24% 

George Lee, b g, 1879, by All Right, 
dam by Prince Edward 2:23% 

George L. Napoleon, br s, 1883, by 
Louis Napoleon Flora R., by Stone- 
wall 2:24% 

George M.. br g, 1885, by Deceive 
Kit, by Bacon's Ethan Allen 2:25% 

George M., b g, 1875, by Westfleld 
Boy Flirt, by Champion King 2:24 

George Miller, b g, 186, by Boston 
Boy (dead) 2:30 

George M. Patchen, b s. 1849, by Cas- 
sius M. Clay, dam by Head'em (dead) 2:23% 

George M. Patchen Jr., br s. 185, 
by George M. Patchen Belle, by 
Top Bellfounder (dead) 2:27 

George M. Rysdyk, b g, 1878, by 
Rysdyk Lady Patchen, by George 
M. Patchen 2:25 

George O., ch s, 1880, by Lakeland 
Abdallah Fanny B., by Autocrat.. 2:21% 

George O.. b g, 1876, by Hamble- 
tonian Chief, dam by Gen. Knox. .. 2:24% 

George P., ch g, 1886, by Gettysburg 
-Dolly, by Success ,2:26% 

George Palmer, br g, 1861, by Palmer 
Bogus (dead) 2:19% 

George R., ch g, 187, by Getaway, 
dam by Davy Crocket 2:27% 

George R., b g, 1878. by Daniel Lam- 
bertBrown Fanny, by Young Black 
Hawk 2:24 

George R., b g. 1875, by Bacon's 
Ethan Allen Haven mare 2:27% 

George Salisbury, b s, 1888. by Judge 
Salisbury Gertrude G., by Almont 
Lightning 2:30 

George St. Clair, b s, 1888, by Better- 
ton 111 Wind by Young Jim (pac- 
ing record 2:22%) 2:15% 

George Simmons, b s, 1884, by Sim- 
monsCrip, by Mambrino Time.... 2:28 


George S. James, ch g, 1884, by High- 
land Boy Jr. Lady Stanton by Gen. 
Stanton (dead) 

George Treat, br g, 1868, by Mc- 
Cracken's David Hill Jr. Kit, by 
McCracken's Black Hawk 

Georgette, blk m 1884, by Count 
Wilkes Nell, by Estill Eric 

George V., ch g, 1874, by Masterlode 
Nelly, by Magna Charta 

George W., br g, 1877, by Mambrino 
Pilot Jr. ...; 

George W., ch g, 187, by Lincoln 

George W.. b g, 188, by George K. 
Dawley mare, by Great Tom.... 

George W., blk g, 188 , by Mambriuo 

George Washington, b s, 1886, by 
Smith's Mambriuo Chief Jr. Fanny 
Rose, by Vick's Ethan Allen Jr 

George W. Davis, b g, 1878, by Glen- 
coe Golddust Jenny, by Eastman 

George Wilkes. br s, 1856, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian Dolly Spanker, 
by Henry Clay (dead) 

George Willis, br s, 1887, by Belmont 
Mona Wilkes, by George Wilkes.. 

George Wolf, b s, 1879, by Shelden 
Messenger Chloe, by Charley 

Georgia, b m, 188, by De Soto 

Georgia, b m, 1887, by Nutlane 
Molly Armgtrong,by Hosman's Pasha 

Georgia H., b m, 188, by Wilton... 

Georgiana, br m, 1880, by George 
Wilkes Kittle Patchen, by Mam- 
brino Patchen 

Georgie, gr m, 1884, by Pilot Medium 
Kitty, by Marshall Chief 

Georgia H.. b m, 1888, by Alcantara 
Rosa R 

Georgie Lee, blk m, 1890, by Gam- 
betta Wilkes Nutmontie, by Nut- 

Georgie Moshier, ch g, 1882, by Strath- 
more Topsey, by Williams' Mam- 

Georgie W., br m, 1878, by New York 
Pet, by Blazing Star 

Georgie Woodthorpe. gr m, 1884, by 
Altamont Puss, by Baldy 

Geraldine, b m, 1888, by Alcyone- 
Alice Stoner, by Strathmore 

Geraldine, b m, 1878, by Gen. Stan- 
ton, dam by Blue Dick 

Geranium, b m, 1883. by Com. Bel- 
raont Bouquet, by Woodford Mam- 

Germaine, b s, 1888, by Mambrino 
King Verdant, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr 

German Boy, ch g, 1871, by Old Nig 
Nell Wing .'. 

German Girl, b m. 1881. by German 
Boy Nelly, by Anthony Wayne . . . 

Geronimo. b g 1881, by Inca Molly, 
by Sacramento 

Gertrude, ch m, 1887, by Elyria 
Jenny D., by Tom Hunter 

Gertrude, br m, 1887. by Egalite 
Lizzie Tevis, by Harry Wilkes .... 

Gertrude Russell, b m, 1883. by Elec- 
tioneer Dame Winnie by Planet. . . 

Geatela Atwood, blk m,' 188, by At- 

Gettysburg, b s, 1883. by Gen. Han- 
cockNelly . 

2:25% ! 
2:20 | 
2:23% j 
2:30 I 

2:24% ; 






2:26/i ; 

2:28% ! 














2:2JV 2 ! 


G. H. F., b g, 1889, by Falcon-Gip- 
eey, by Beaufort 

Gibber, b g, 188, by Gibraltar 

Gibraltar, b s, 1872, by Echo (dead) . . 

Gideon, b g, 188 

Gift Jr., b s. 1874, by Mambrino Gift 
Little Dolly, by Young Bonnie Scot- 

Gift O'Neer, ch s, 1880,- by Spluux- 
Lizzette, by Mambrino Gift (dead) . . 

Gilbert, b s, 1891, by Gniubonito 
Mabel, by Messenger Chief 

Gilbirds Sprague, blk s, 1876, by Gov. 
Sprague Bohemian Girl, by Sir 
Qharles . . . 

Gilbreth Knox, blk s, 1862, by'Ge'u.' 
Knox Cahill Mare (dead) 

Gilbreth Maid, blk m, 1871, by Gil- 
breth Knox Kate, by Ivanhoe 

Gilfillan, b s, 1888, " by Gambetta 
Wilkes Jeannie C., by Nutwood . . . 

Gill Boyle, b B, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Gondula. bv Princeps 

Gillette, blk g, 1886; by Cyclone- 

Madam Beatty, by Monroe Chief . . . 
Gillig, br s, 1885, by Aristos Alice, 

by Pearsall 

Gilmore, b g, 1883, by Hamliu's Al- 

mont J:-. Long Mary (dead) 

Gilpatrick, b s, 188, by Junio, dam 

by Gilpatrick 

Gilroy, blk s, 1876, by Messenger 

Duroc Lady Finch, by Harry Clay. 
Gimcrack, ch s. 1884, by Mambrino 

King Hyaciuthe, by Hamlin's Al- 

mont Jr 

Giovanna, ch s, 1889, by Red Wilkes 

Lady Withers, by Aberdeen 

Gipsy, b m, 1875, by Wiuthrop Merrill 


.Gipsy A., blk m, 1882, by Star of the 

West Pet, by Derbyshire's Flying 


Gipsy Boy, blk s, 187, by Stonewall 

Jackson Fanny Bashaw, by Green's 


Gipsy Belle, "blk m, 188, by Atlantic. 
Gipsy Girl, blk m, 1883, by Junius 

Flora, by King William 

Gipsy Girl (Sally Howard), b m, 1880, 

by Aaron Pennington Calaway 

Maid,, by Rockaway 

Gipsy Maid, b m, 188, by Chicago 


Gipsy Patchen. blk m, 1885, by Fred 

Forrest Perkins Mare 

Gipsy Queen, b m, 1877, by Gen. Ben- 
ton Clara, by Coming's Cassius M. 

Clay Jr 

Gipsy Queen, b m, 1888, by Bomont 

Ella, by Enfield 

Gipsy Queen, ch m, 1883, by Rush- 

ville Bulla Mare 

Girard, b g, 1S8 , by Louisville 

Girflue, gr g, 1885. by Pilot Medium 

Ida, by Golden Dawn 

Gladiator, b g. 1875, by Blue Bull, 

dam Kit, by Cockspur 

Gladiator Jr., blk g, 1880, by Tom 

Patchen Molly, by Kentucky Clay. . 
Gladstone, b s, 1884, by Harabrino 

Fashion, by Curtis' Hambletonian.. 
Gladstone, blk g. 1887, by Wilmont 

Kate Gilmo'-e, by Tom BIngham.... 
Gladys, b m. 188. by Jersey Prince. . 
Gladys, br m, 1891, by Inveterate- 
May, by Charles G. Hayes 

Gladys, ch m, 1879, by RoyaJ_ Fear- 
t Kit 














Harris, bv Knott'c 


Magnum Bonum 

Ulalys, b m, 1882, by Baird's Haui- 
bletonian Prince Belle Stringer, by 
Walkill Chief 

Gladys, blk ui, 1881, by McMahon 
Orphan Girl, by West Wind 

Gladys Sprague, br m, 1887, by Badge:- 

Glamis, gr g, 1875, by Godfrey Patch- 
en Kitty Clyde, by Dark Lantern. 

Glamour, br s, 1883, by Strathlan 
Molly, by Thurmau's Columbus.... 

Glassware Girl, b m, 188, by Judge 
Advocate, dam by Gen. Knox (dead) 

Glaucus, blk s, 1887, by Whippleton 
Maud, by Paris 

Glaucus, b g, 188, by Haven, darn by 
Don Juan 

Glenarm, b s, 1878, by Constellation 
Skip, by Gideon 

Glenarma, b m, 1890, by Gleuarm, 
dam by Brown Harry 

Glendale, b g, 1872, by Mambrino 
Wagner Rosedale, by Barker's Ed- 
win Forrest 

Glendine, ch s, 1886, by Judge Salis- 
buryTempest, by Sultan 

Glengarry (Uncle Abe), br g, 1865, by 

Winthrop Morvill (dead) 

Glen Mary, ch m, 1887, by Nutwood- 
Tipsy, by Alcalde 

Glenkiller, gr s, 1876, by White Line, 
dam by Alexander's Abdallah (dead) 

Glenmore, b s, 1887, by Havoc Elva, 
by Christopher H 

Glenny, b g. 188, by Kent 

Glenview Belle, b m, 1886, by Nut- 
wood Melrose, by George Wilkes . . . 

Gien Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Wilkes 
Boy Kitty Tranby, by Mambrino 

Glenwood, b s, 1888, by Nutwood- 
Jemima, by Scotland Boy (pacing 
record 2:13^4) 

Glenwood, ch e, 1875, by Wapsie 
Bradshaw Mare, by Mambrino 

Glenwood, br g, 1887, by Glencue, 
dam by Silvertail 

Glenwood Belle, b m, 188, by Monte- 
zuma, dam by Ridgewood 

Glenwood Prince, b g, 1885, by Wal- 
kill Prince Lady McCounell, by 
Pocahontas Boy . 

Glide, ch s, 1871, b v Perkins' Morriil 
Sleepy, by North Morriil 

Glimmer, b m, 1887, by Wilkes Lady 
Crosby, by Gideon 

Glitter, ch m, 1887, by Golden Bow-- 
F -ankie, by Franklin 

Globard b s, 1887, by Belmont 
Georgie, by George Wilkes 

Globe, b g, 1881, by Hamlin's Almont 
Jr. Kate Patchen, by Hamlin 

Gloriana, b m, 188, by Puzzler 

Gloster. b s, 1883, by Tempest Caro- 
mel, by Com. Belmont 

Gloster, b g, 1866, by Voluntee:- 
Black Bess, by Stockbridge Chief 

Gloucester, b g, 187, by Highland 

Glycera, b m, 1886, by Onward ita- 
venna, by Prlnceps '. 

Goblin, b s, 188, by Wilton 

Godelia. b m, 1883, by Aberdeen Ino, 
by Ericsson 

Godelia, b m, 188, by Harold Jr 

2:23 Gold Coin, br g, 188, by Goldstone. 2:21% 
Godwin, br s, 1890, by Inheritance 

Mamie Porter, by New York 2:29% 

2:28 Gognac, b s, 1891, by Pilot Medium 

Intrigue, by Princeps 2 :27 

2:30 Goldbaden, br g, 1886, by Weisbadeu 

Goldy, by Rolla Golddust Jr 2:25V* 

2:19V 4 Gold Bar, b s, 1888, by Goldemar 

Belle Earlington, by Lord Earliugton 2:20% 
2:22J* Gold Bond, b m, 188, by Reserve 

Fund 2:28 

2:26% Gold Boy, ch g, 1887, by Charley B. 

Dolly, by Star of Catskill 2:23V 4 

2:19'/4 Gold Charm, ch g, 188, by Elmo . . . 2:25% 

Golddust, ch s 2:21% 

2:30 Golddust Prince, b s, 1882, by Star 

Bashaw Rose C., by Sleepy Fred .. 2:2-iyj 
2:25',i Gold Edge, b s, 1888, by Sherman's 
Hambletonian Pettie, by George 

2:23% Wilkes 2:2GV4 

Golden, ch s, 1882, by Royal Lambert 

2:26Vi Nelly Bates, by Daniel Lambert.. 2:2UVi 

Golden Belle, ch m, 188, by Gen. 

Grant Fly, by Gage's Logan" 2:30 

2:20% Goldenbow, ch s, 1871, by Satellite- 
Romper, by Volunteer . 2:27% 

2:20 Golden Boy, b s, 1886, by Grand Sen- 
tinel Jr. Kit Pringle, by Young 

2:27 Cobham 2:23% 

Golden Eagle, ch s, 1881, by Satellite 

2:25% Romper, by Volunteer 2:28% 

Golden Gem, ch s, 1888, by Amender 
2:18 Ruby Duroc, by Messenger Duroc. 2:24 

Golden Girl, gr m, 1873, by King's 

2:23^4 Champion . . ." 2:25',, 

2:29% Golden Girl, b m, 1875, by Goldenbow 

Roxy, by Sterling's Eclipse 2:2S 1 /a 

2:20% Golden Link, ch s, 1887, by Almoneer 

Crescent, by Satellite 2:30 

Goldenrod, br s, 1890, by Prospect 

2:25 Madam Killgove, by Foster 2:29k 

Golden Rod. ch g, 188, by Alcyone 

Annie Eastin, by Morgan Rattler. . 2:19 , 4 
2:29% Golden Russet, ch g, 1888, breeding 

unknown 2:29' / ; t 

Golden Slippers, b m, 1884, by E'.ec- 

2:27% tioneer Miss Knox, by Knox 2:30 

Golden Sprague, ch s, 1884, by George 

2:27 Sprague-Snip ' 2:18% 

Golden Wing, ch s, 1882, by Satellite 
2:29V 4 Belle T., by Mambrino Champion.. 2:24^ 
Goldflnder, ch s, 1874, by John Lam- 
bert 2:2H' i 

2:21 Goldgetter, ch e. 1889, by Bonrbon 

Wilkes Pressie Harold, by Prescott 2:2G'/i 

2:24 Goldie, ch g, by Eden Golddust 2:2:H' t 

Goldie May, b m, 1886, by Almoo>- 

2:23% Daisy, by Prospect 2:30 

Gold King, b g, 188. by Clear Grit.. 2:29-- 
2:22 7 i Gold Lace, br m, 1887, by Epaulet- 
Harmony Maid, by Happy Medium. 2:30 
2:1UV4 Gold Leaf, ch g, 18G , pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2:28 t 

Gold Leaf, br s, 1883, by Nugget 

2:14% Maple Leaf, by New York 2:16' ., 

2:2oV4 Gold Leaf Maid, b m, 188, by Al- 
mont Chief Allle S., by -an 

2:26 Allen Jr 2:24' 1 

Goldman, ch s, 1887, by Allandorf 

Minnie, by Young Jim 2:29U 

2:17 Goldmont, b s, 18S4, by Mammont 
Lady Golddust, by Brilliant Gold- 

2:23i,4 dust 2:23'.. 

Gold Note, b g, 1868, by Contraband 

2:20% Fanny Hayes, by Jack Hayes 2:2r> 

2:26V2 ! Gold Plate, b m, 1888. by Fairy Gift 

Nickel Plate, by Belmont 2:23'/-> 

2:U1& Gold Point, br s. '1889, bv St. Bel- 
2:20',; Nubin. by Harold ' 2r29% 



Gold Ring, ch s, 1884, by Eden Gold- 
dust Nelly Ingereoll, by Fearnaught 
Gift 2:12Vi 

Goldsmith Maid, b m, 1857. by Alex- 
ander's Abdallah Old Ab, by Ab- 
dallah (dead) 2:14 

Gold Star, ch s, 1885, by Mambriuo 
Patchen Golden Lake, by Lakeland 
Abdullah 2:2'J% 

Goldstone, ch e, 1881, by Masterlode 
Chicago Belle, by Sterling 2:27Vi 

Goldzil, ch e, 1891, by Zilcaadi Gold- 
dustVictoria, by Jefferson Maiii- 
briao 2:30 

Golita, br m, 1888, by Guy Wilkes 
Cora, by Buccaneer 2 :27!4 

Gondola, b m, 1883, by Belmont 
Betsey Baker, by Dictator 2:25& 

Gonzales McGregor, b g, 1885, by 
Norton McGregor Cora 2:1G',4 

Good-bye, b s, 1884, by Egbert Circe, 
by Bell Morgan 2:19V4 

Good Gift, blk s, 1881, by Fairy Gift- 
Restless, by Kentucky Clay 2:28 

Good Morning, b m, 1873, by Harold- 
Lady Limp, by Toronto 2:28J/ 2 

Good Time, ch s. 1886, by Mark 
Time Maggie O., by Felter's Ham- 
bietonian 2:18 

-Goodwin Jr., br s, 1886, by Good- 
win Hambletonian Stella, by Brown 
Chief 2:27& 

Goodwood Jr., ch s, 188, by Good- 
woodKitty Morrill, by Young Mer- 
rill 2:23Vi 

Go On, ch g, 1884, by Jimmy Gift 
Tenney Draper by Albert Draper. 2:28% 

Gordon Sim, b g,' 1888, by Uncle Sim 
Lady May 

Goesiper, b s, 1885, by Simmons- 
Lady Bryan, by Smuggler 2:14% 

Gordon, b g, 1883, by Sorrento Belle 
of Pawlett, by Warr Hulett 2:2614 

Go Some, b m, 188. by Happy 
Thought 2:26!4 

Gotell, b m, 1882, by Axtell Godelia, 
by Aberdeen 2:29Vi 

Gotham, ch s, 1884, by Nutwood 
Bden Lassie, by Golddust 2:29# 

Gothatum, b s, 1886, by Dictatum 
Ruby Gothard. by St. Gothard.... 2:29Vi 

Governor, gr g, 187, by Green's Ba- 
shawLady McNalr 2:24 

Governor, gr s, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:28 

Governor, b g, 1866, by Clark Chief- 
Ware Mare, by Canada Chief (dead) 2:30 

Gov. Benton, ch s, 1882, by Major 
Benton River Lily, by Gen. Benton 2:22*4 

Governor D., blk s, 1881, by Swigert 
Dolly Dutton, by Black Douglass. . 2:21 

Gov. P., b s, 1888, by Royalty M- 
frida, by Stocking Chief 2:21 

Gov. Hendee, ch s, 1886, by Duke of 
Brunswick Whirlcloud, by Jay 
Gould 2:23 

Gov. Hill b g, 1881, by Star Edmund 
Old Maid 2:18^4 

Gov. Hill, b g, 1885, by Gov. Benton 
Lady P., by Buell's Pathfinder... 2:25y a 

Governor Hogg, b s, 1891, by Obstacle 
Star Maid, by Bethlehem's Star.. 2:30 

Gov. Plaisted, br g, 1876. by Grey 
Dan Daisy, by a son of Drew horse 2:29/4 

Gov. Powell, blk s, 1888, by Col Ham- 
brick Biff Mary, by D. Monroe 2:25 

Governor Riddle, gr g, 188, by Nor- 
man Medium Puss Barber, by Tiger 
Morcran 2:23 

Gov. Rusk, b g, 1888, by Phallas 
Ghangelet, by Volunteer 

Gov. St. John, ch s, 1880, by Amboy 
Crazy Jane, by Little Snip Printer 

Gov. Sprague, blk s, 1871, by Rhode 
Island Belle Brandon, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian (dead) 

Gov. Sprague Jr., br s, 1887, by John 
B. Sprague Molly Scammon, byRob- 
inson horse 

Gov. Stanford, ch g, 186. by John 

Gov. Stanford, b s, 1885, by Elec- 
tioneerBarnes, by Whlpple'e Ham- 

Gov. Strong, b s, 1889, by Dr. Strong 
Julia Wilkes, by Governor Wilkes. 

Gov. Wood, ch s 1879, by Amboy 
Bird, by Billy Shaker 

Grace, br m, 1886, by Redwood Kitty 
Dean, by Gideon 

Grace, b m, 1869, by Knickerbocker 
Lady Denton, by Seely's American 

Grace, ch m. 1888, by Sidney Mar- 
guerite, by Speculation 

Grace, gr m, 186, by Lexington- 
Jenny, by Sorrel John Richards 

Grace B., gr m, 188, by Detractor. 

Grace Bertram, ch m, 186 by New 
Jersey, dam by Marshal Ney ' 

Grace Darling, b m, 188, by Alburn. 
Grace Darling, b in, 1880, by Grand 
Sentinel Molly Bawn, by Sir Henry 

Graceful, b m. 1880, by Happy Med- 
iumLady Grace, by Hamlet 

Grace Gothard, b m, 1884, by St. Goth- 
ard Grace Bertram, by New Jersey 

Grace Hasting, ch m, 1888, by Bay- 
onne Prince Kate K., by Burger.. 

Grace Lee, b m 1885, by Electioneer 
Addle Lee, by Culver's Black 

Grace Medium, blk m, 1887, by Ad- 
ministrator Jr. Pattie, by Happy 

Grace Napoleon, b m, 1885, by Louis 
Napoleon Kate Wilson, by Scott's 

Grace Simmons, blk m, 1889, by Sim- 
mons, dam by Pacing Abdallah 

Grace Thome, b m, 188 t by Eg- 
thorne * 

Grace W., br m, 1884, by Blackwood 
Mambrino Lucy Woodruff, by Hi- 
ram Woodruff 

Grace Walker, b m, 3886. by Royal 
Fearnaught Miss Johnson, by Beau- 

Grace Wilkes, rn m, 188, by Adrian 

Gracewood, blk m, 1887, by Nutwood 
La Gracie, by Cuyler 

Gracie, b m 1878, by Landmark .... 

Gracie Almont, blk m, 1886, by Al- 
mont Mambrino Fashion 

Gracie B., b m, 1882, by Blackwood 
Jr. Littfefleld, by Enfield 

Gracie S., ch m, 1882, by Speculation 
Jenny, by Bull Pup 

Gracie V. ch m, 1887, by Crittenden 
Lula D., by Woodford Abdallah. . 

Grafton, ch g, 1879, by Almont Boy- 
Lucy B., by Canadian Mohawk .... 

Grafton, ch g, 1868, by Waxy Gyp, 
by Kavanaugh's Gray Eagle 

Oranby, b s 1882, by Princeps 
Hamito, by Hamlet 









2:29 Vi 

2:14V a 
2:19y 3 











Gram O., b g, 188, by Hambleton- 
ian's Last, dain by Torn Wonder.. 2:23% 

Grand Central, b g, 1882, by Hins- 
dale Horse, dam by Bacon'g Ethan 
Allen 2:30 

Grandee, b g, 1885, by Le Grand 
Norma, by Arthurton 2:23% 

Grandee, ch s, 1884, by Grenadier- 
Flora 2:29% 

Grandee, b g, 1888, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Majorie. by Kentucky 

Grand Duchess, b m, 1858, by Hand- 
ley's Hiatoga Johnson Mare, by 
John Richards (dead) 2:26% 

Grand Duke, b g, 1877, by Shelby 
Chief Molly 2:29% 

Grand George, ch s, 1889, by Hamble- 
tonian Wilkes, dam by Magna 
Charta (pacing grecord 2:20%) 2:24% 

Grand Isle, b g 1884, by Winooski 
-Leona ' 2:24,4 

Grandissimo, b s, 1886, by Le Grand 
Norma, by Arthurton 2:23% 

Grandly, blk s, 1888, by Gambetta 
Wilkee-Effie Faulkner, by Abdal- 
brino 2:23% 

Grandmont, br s, 1882, by Almont 
Badoura. by Strader's Cassius M. 
Clay Jr 2:25% 

Grand R., b g, 188, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr 2:24% 

Grand Turk, b s, 1889, by Connaught 
Lurline, by Mambrino Patchen... 2:29% 

Grand Sentinel, b s, 1873, by Sentinel 
Maid of Lexington, by Mambrino 
Pilot (dead) 2:27% 

Grand Sentinel Jr. b s, 1887. by 
Grand Sentinel Lucy K., by Daunt- 
less 2:30 

Granger B., ch g, 1881, by Hamble- 
hawk Kitty Haldeman 2:30 

Granieta, br m, 1888, by Rockefeller 
Maud L., by Messenger Knox ... 2:25% 

Granite, gr g, 187, by Major Grant 
Nelly 2:24% 

Grannette b m, 1889, by Granby 
Maggie C., by St. Mark 2:21% 

Granny, b m, 1881, by Abdallah 
Hambletonian Black Bess, by 
Ketchuni Hoise 2:28 

Grant Sherman, b s, 1887, by Sher- 
manKatie C., by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:29 

Graesee, b s 2:25% 

Granville, ch g. 1868, by American 
Clay Lady Abdallah, by Alexan- 
der's Abdallah 2:26 

Grasshopper, ro g, 1882, by Princeps 
Brocade, by Volunteer 2:29% 

Grateful, ch g, 1867, by Brown Horse, 
dam by Crawford Horse (dead) ... 2:28% 

Grateful, gr s, 1888. by Gen. Wilkes 
Oxford Lass, by Mambrino Ledger 2:30 

Grattan, blk s, 1887, by Wilkes Boy 
Anna Alrnont, by Bostlck's Almont 
Jr 2:13 

Grata, b K, 1882, by Bourbon Wilkes 
Kate Henderson, by Cazique 2:17% 

Gravel, br 8. 1886, by Haw Patch 
Hortense, 'by Tramp 2:29% 

Graves, ch g, 187, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian Rose Austin 2:19 

Graydon, gr s, 1887, by Hambrino 
Zephyr, by Mambrino Patchen .... 2:17Vi 

Grayfleld, gr g, 1887, by Greenfield . . 2:17% 

Great Stakes b s. 1RS7. by Billy 
Thornhill Sweetstakes. by Sweep- 

stakes 2:24% 

Great Eastern, b g, 1869, by Walkill 
Chief Harnrnil Mare, by Riley's 
Consternation (dead) 2:18 

Great Eastern, b g, 1885, by Sweep- 
stakesAnnie Hough, by Kentucky 
Prince 2:23% 

Great Western, blk g, 1870, by Su- 
perb 2:29 

Green B., b g, 188, by Abdalbrino, 
dam by Cornwall 2:29% 

Greenbacks, b s. 1882, by Pdnceps 
Lorette, by Rysdyk's Hambletoaian 2:23% 

Green Boy, b s, 1877. by Johu Green 
Unis Green, by Green's Hamble- 
tonian 2:27% 

Green Bird, b g, 188 , by Lucas 
Brodhetul 2:24% 

Greeubiiar, b s, 1888. by Gambetta 
Wilkes -Nutwood Belle, by Nutwood 2:22% 

Greenbush Star, b s, 1883. by Green- 
bushMabel, by Byron 2:25% 

Greenceps, b g, 1888, by Greenbacks, 
dam by Trophy 2:18% 

Green Boy Jr. rn g, 188, by Green 
Boy 2:28% 

Green Charley, blk g, 186, by 
Crpen's Bashaw 2:264 

Greenfield Girl, g m, 188 by Jim 
Wileon 2:29% 

Green. Girl, b in, 1879, by Artamus 
Brigham, by Jay Gould 2:21% 

Greenlauder Boy, br s, 1887, by 
Greenlander Aurelia, by Election- 
eer 2:21% 

Greenlander Girl, blk m, 1890, by 
Greenlaader Aurelia, by Election- 
eer 2:21 

Greenleaf, b s. 1887, by Gold Leaf, 
dam by Case's Dave Hill 2:22% 

Greenleaf br g, 1886, by Simmons- 
Nelly Monroe, by Jim Monroe 2:10% 

Greenlight, b g, 1884, by Signal 
Tannie 2:24% 

Greenlander, 1S82, by Princeps Juno, 
by Rysdyk's Hambletoniau 2:12 

Green Mountain Boy, b s 1873, by 
Thomas Jefferson Belle 2:28% 

Green Mountain Maid, ch m, 1845, by 
Harris' Hambletonian (dead) 2:28% 

Green River, b s, 1887, by Principe- 
Maria, by Marabout 2 :22% 

Greenway, br s, 1888, by Greenlander 
Aurelia, by Electioneer 2:25 

Greenwood b s, 1886, by Greenbacks, 
dam by Butler Horse 2:20 

Greenwood, br g, 188, by Fergus 
McGregor 2:29 

Greenwood, b g, 188, by Jay wood.. 2:30 

Greenwood, ch g, 187, by Goodwood 
Shoo Fly. by Young Morrill 2:30 

Greenwood Belle, b m, 1885, by Cali- 
banGreenwood Maid, by Strath- 
more 2:29% 

Greever, br a, 1889, by Picco Queen 
Sprague, by George Sprague 2:23>4 

Gregorian ch s, 1888, by Prince 
George Beltina. by Mansfield 2:30 

Gregory, br g, 1884, by Bishop Ethel, 
by Contractor 2:30 

Grenadier, b g, 188, by Messenger 
Wilkes Modjeska, by Redwood .... 


Gretchen. b m, 1886. by Schuyler 
Nelly, by George D. Patchen 2:lGVi 

Gretna, b m, 1884, by Mambrino Dud- 
ley Bodil. by Peacemaker 2:22t 

Grex, blk s, 1888, by Gambetta 



Wilkes Walie Sprague, by Gov. 

Grey Bashaw, gr s, 188, by Charley 

Grey Belle, gr m, 188, by Anteeo. . 

Grey Bill, gr g, 1869, by Brandywine, 
dam by State of Maine (dead) 

Grey Charley, gr g, 186, pedig-ee 
not traced (dead) 

Grey Chief, gr g, 1808, by Louis Na- 

Grey Cloud, gr s, 1871, by Blue Grass 

Grey Cloud, gr s, 188, by Gilt Edge 
Comet, by Rattler 

Grey Cloud, gr s, 1885, by Reveille- 
Maud G., by Rex Hiatoga .... 

Grey Dan, gr g, 187, pedigree not 

Grey Dave, gr g, 1878, by Hotspur 
Chief-Miss Mason 

Grey Dawn, gr g, 1888, by Major 
White Belle, by Volga Jim 

Grey Dawn, gr m, 1889, by Startle- 
Daybreak, by Harold 

Grey Duke, gr g, 1874, by Hall Colt. 

Grey Eddy, gr g, 186, by Blue Colt. . 

G?ey Eddy, gr g, 184:-, by Morse 
Horse (dead) 

Grey Hawk, gr g, 1853, by Hawkeye, 
dam by Black Archy (dead) 

Grey Jack, gr g, 1860, by John Carrier 
Madam Huutley (dead) 

Grey Jim, gr g, 188o, by Strawn 
Grey Nell, by Hurst & Thornton's 
Abdallah ..'. 

Greylight, gr g, 1882, by Starlight- 
Young Daisy, by Strideaway 

Grey Mack, gr g, 1860, by Black 
Hawk Hero (dead) 

Grey Ned, gr g, 1882, by Goodhue's 

Grey Prince, gr g, 188, pedigree not 

Grey Salem, gr g, 187, pedigree net 

Greystone, g* g, 1881, by Altitude- 
Lady Miller, by Creeper 

Grey Swigert, gr g, 1886, by Mainbri- 
no Swigert Molly 

Greywood, gr s, 188, by Jim Mul- 

Griffin, b s, 1883, by Messenger Duroc 
Gimp, by Princeps 

Grimsby Gi":l, b m, 1886, by Hager's 
Staaton Greg, by Winfleld Scott.. 

Griselda, b m, 188, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Lady Yeiser, by Garrard 

Grit, b s, 1886, by Onward Griselda, 
by William Rysdyk 

Grosis, b s, 1889, by Grosjean Min- 
nie Benton, by Gen. Bent on 

Grosjean, blk s, 1883, by Belmont 
Sue Dudley, by Edwin Forrest .... 

Grover, br g, 1885, by Ed Kimble 
Blaze, by Frank Reynolds 

Grover C., ch s, 1884, by Gilt Edge 

Grover C., b s, 1888, by Sarcenett 
Lizzie H., by Ralston 

Grover C., b g, 1884, by Altar, dam 
by Britton 

Grover Clay, b s, by Electioneer 
Maggie Novfolk, by Norfolk 

Grover Cleveland, b g, 1884, by Red- 
wood, dam by Sherwood 

Grover Cleveland, b g, 1880, by Bunco 
Lady Woods, by Monte 

Grover Cleveland, "b s, 1883. by St. 



Arnaud Ontario, by W'atchman .... 2 :30 
2:28 ! Grover Wilkes, dn g, 188, by New- 
ton's Allie Wilkes 2:30 

2:30 G. T. Pilot, dn g, 1868, by McDonough 

2:27 -Jarod 2:24 

Guard, b s, by Guide Lady King, by 

2:30 i Hambletonian King 2:27 

I Guard, b m, 1891, by Clay King 

2:29 Hannah D., by Abdalbrino 2:28% 

Guardian, b g, 188, by Epaulet 2:24*4 

2:24% Guardsman, b s, 1885. by Alcyone - 

2:2316 Qui Vive, by Sentinel .'. 2:23^ 

Guelph, br s, 1882, by Princeps 

2:29%! Merry, by Messenger Duroc 2:16V 

! Guelph Jr., br s, 1887. by Guelph 

2:25 Trumpeter, by Honesty 2:20% 

Guess, b g, 1885, by Landmark, dam 

2:30 by Palmer Bogus 2:16V 4 

Guess Not, br m, 187 , by Baird's 
2:22Vi Hambletonian Prince Maxwell mare 2:27Va 

Guido, gr g, 188, by Ensign 2:21Vi 

Guiado, b s, 1889, by Pistachio- 
Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallah. 2:30 
Guide, br s, 1885, by Director Imo- 

gene, by Norwood 2:16^4 

Guilford Dudley, gr s, 1890, by Egotist 

Belle Dudley, by Belmont 2 :30 

Guinea, blk m, 1881, by Egbert 

Norma, by Alexander's Norman 2:29 

Guitar, b m, 1882, by Princeps Trio, 

by Volunteer 2 :29% 

ula, ch m, 1885, by Royal Fear- 
naught, dam by Tom Hunter 2:27!* 

Gus, b s, 186, by Millman's Bell- 
founderJenny Noyes 2 :26% 

Gurney, ch g, 1885. by Kentucky 
Prince Lady Horton, by Sweep- 
stakes 2:28% 

Gus Fellows, b g, 188, by Charles 

Caffrey 2:29V* 

Gussie Leonard, b m, 1890, by George 

Simmons Jessie Miller, by Magic.. 2:29'/4 
Gussie M., b m, 1889, by Moody- 
Stockings, by Young Amboy 2:22V4 

2:24 j Gussie T., b m, 1881, by Paragon- 
Anna Long 2 :'26V& 

2:2SVa Gus Spreckles, b s, 1879, by Specula- 
tion Jenny, by Blue Pup 2 :30 

2:2014 Gus Voltz, b s, 1887, by Phallas 

Grace Murray 2:29% 

2:27 i Gus Wilkes. b g, 1880, by Mambriuo 

Wilkes Fancy, by Bonner 2:22 

2:2014 i Guy, blk g. 1880, by Kentucky Prince 
Flora Gardiner, by Seely's Amer- 

2:20% I lean Star * 2:09% 

Guy, ch s, 1889, by Robert Rysdyk 

Red Rose, by Jester D 2:15Vt 

Guy Lambert, b s, 188, by Sir 

Thomas 2:22 

2:29% Guyon, b s, 1882, by Princeps Roma, 

by Golddust 2:30 

Guy Princeton, br s, 1887, by Prince- 
tonWait-a-bit, by Basil Duke 2:28V 4 

2:24% ; Guy Rene, br s, 188, by Guy Dar- 

rell 2:25 

2:28 '/ a Guy Sheridan, br s, 1885, by Chas. 

Caffrey Nelly Wooly, by Yeoman.. 2:22^ 
2:30 Guy Vernon, gr s, 188^-, by Guy 

Wilkes, dam by Patchen Vernon 2:28 

2:26 >/4 Guy Wilkes, b s, 1879. by George 
Wilkes Lady Bunker, by Mambriuo 

2:30 Patchen 2:15^ 

Gyp, gr m, 188 by Trouble, dam 

2 :23 Vi by Jim Sherwood . . ." 2 :26>i 

, Guvon. b s. 1882, by Princeps Roma, 

2:18% ; by Golddust 2:27'* 

Gvwv Maid, b m. 188. by Chicago 

2:24 Volunteer 2:24V 4 

frvpsv Earl, ch m. 1S1V\ l>y Earl. dftlD 








by Leland 2:19% 

Gypsy H., b m, 188-, by Sam 

Sharply 2:29V* 

Gypsy K., ch m, 188, by Billy Knox 2:29^ 
G. W. Howe, b s, 1891, by King Will- 
iam L. Envie, by Phallamont 2:25% 

Hackberry, b s, 1886, by Ha-old 

Alice Maud, by Belmont (dead) 2:25& 

Hades, blk m, 1880, by Leland Ara- 

Ion, by Young Woful 2:2<% ; 

Hagar, b m, 1887, by Nutwood Hilda, 

by Cuyler 2:26 

Ha Ha, br s, 1880, by Nephew Ryan 

Mare, by McCalkins' Black HaAvk... 2:224* 
Haidee B., ch m. 1888, by Charles G. 

Hayes Silent Friend, by Menelaus.. 2:26 
Hailstorm, b g, 1888, by Anteeo Jr. 

Star, by Geo. M. Patchen Jr 2:30 

Haldane. b s, 1883, by Mambrino Rus- 
sell Brownie, by' Daniel Lambert 

(dead) 2:26% 

Haley, b s, 1889, by Nelson Grey- 

nose, by Fearnaught 2:18% 

Halifax, b s, 1888, by West Egbert 

Flora Payne, by John F. Payne 2:2o% 

Hal J., b s, 188, by Limber Jim 2:29 

Hallie, ch m, 1887, by Harbinger, dam 

by Monte Christo 2:20 

Hallie B., b m, 1882, by Alcyone 

Elenora, by American Clay 2:26% 

Hallie Harris, ch m, 1890, by Combi- 
nation Miss Attorney, by Attorney. 2:23% 

Hallidan, br g, 188, by Haldane 2:28 

Hallington, b s, 1889, by Haldane 

Lilly Lexington, by Lexington Star 2:30 
Hall Terrell, b g, 186, pedigree not 

traced 2:28% 

Halo, b s, 1887, by Haldane Cora C., 

by Buckingham 2:27 

Hal Pointer, ch s, 1891, by Luke 

Brodhead, dam by Cottontail 2:18*4 ; 

Halvan, gr g, 1889, by Haldane 

ShenaVan, by Daniel Lambert 2:22% 

Hambleton, br s, 1875, by Florida- 
Lady Woodhull, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian 2:26'4 

Hambletonian (McCurdy's), ch s, 1874, 
by Harold Belle, by Mambrino 

Chief (dead) 2:26% 

Hambletonian (Worley's), ch s, 1880, 
by Squire Talmage Fanny Rolfe, by 

Tom Rolfe 2:28% 

Hambletonian (Bailey's), b s, 1886, by 
Thomas K., dam by Mambrino 

Priam 2:29& 

Hambletonian Bashaw, b s, 1870, by 
Green's Bashaw Lady Byron, by 

Gage's Logan 2:21 vi 

Hambletonian Bashaw, b s, 1876, by 
Fellers' Hambletonian Lady Dutch, 

by Hermit 2:29% 

Hambletonian, b s, 1873. by Master- 
lode Lady Emma, by Canada Cham- 
pion 2:29 

Hambletonian Knox, br s, 1873, by 

Gilbreth Knox, dam by Gideon 2:28 

Hambletonian Mambrino, b s, 1871, by 

Curtis' Hambletonian Topsy 2:21Vi 

Hambletonian's Last, br s, 1876. by 
Rysdyk's Hambletonian Lady Rus- 
sell, by Seely's American Star 2:25Vi 

Hambrino, b s, 1869, by Edward Ever- 
ett Mambrina, by Mambrino Chief. 2:21*4 
Hambrino Belle, b m, 1874, by Ham- 
brino Sally Neal, by Mambrino 

Chief 2:25% 

Hambrino Pilot, blk s, 1885, by Ham- 
brino Forest Queen, by Mambrino 

Pilot 2:2% 

Hambrino Prince, b g, 188, by Ham- 
brino 2:26 

Hamdallah, b s, 1879, by Hambrino 

Linda, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:23 

Hampden Girl, b m, 188, by Banquo. 2:27% 
Hamdallah (Aiken's), b s, 1884, by 
Hamdallah Flora, by DeGraff's Al- 
exander (dead) 2:24% 

Hamdallah Star b s, 1885, by Ham- 
dallah Lady Gregor 2d, by Star of 

the West 2:23 

Ham Jr., b s, 188, by Ham 2:24Vi, 

Hamletta, blk m. 1882, by Bourbon 

Wilkes Lady Hamlet, by Hamlet. . 2:27% 
Hammond, b s, 1881, by Tom Scott- 
Jury, by Hambletonian Bashaw 2:26y 2 

Ham Morrison, b g, 187, by Master- 
lode 2:30 

Hamoun, blk 8, 1886, by Watchmaker 

Nell, by Pilot Knox 2:28%. 

Hamperion, b s, 186, by Rsydyk's 

Hambletonian Fanny 2 :29% 

Hampshire, b s, 1885, by Woodford 

Wilkes Rosilla. by Swigert 2:22% 

Haruiock, br g, 18S9, by Hambletuuian 
Mambrino Da?sy James, by Rock- 
wood , 2:21 

Hancock, b g 187, by Hambletonian 
Jr. Young Martha, by George M. 

Patchen Jr. 2:1!9 

Hai cock Wilkes, b s, 1884, by Georgia 

Wilkes-Daisy 2:29%, 

Handicap, gr g, 1ST, by Stephen A. 

Douglas Howard Mare 2:22 

Hannah D., b m, 186, by Magua 

Charta 2:22W 

Hannen, b g. 188 , by St. Arnaud.. 2:29y 4 
Hannah Dustin, b m, 188, by Elial 

G., dam by Dutton Horse 2:29% 

Hannibal Jr. gr g, 18S3. Vy Hannibal 

Molly AVelsh, by Paul Jones 2:27y 4 

Hannis. ch s, 1870. by Mambrino Pilot 

Lady Stuart (dead) 2:17% 

Hannis Jr., ch s 1883, by Hannis 

May Queen, by Creeper 2:2614 

Happiness, b m, 1886, by Happy Med- 
iumBrightness, by Almont 2:29>i 

' Happy ch s, 1889, by Happy Prince 

Viola, by Vermont Abdallah 2:27% 

Happy gr m, 1870, by Mazeppg - 

Cinderella 2:27 

Happy Bee, br m, 1887. by Happy 

Russell Beeswing, by Kent 2:15% 

Happy Courier, b s. 1888, by Happy 

Medium Lady Chiles, by Almont.. 2:16-% 
Happy Damsel, ro m, 1888, by Happy 
Medium Maggie Keene, by Mam- 
brino Hatcher 2:26% 

Happy Day, gr s, 1886 by Happy 

Medium Eye See, by Nutwood 2:29% 

; Happy Doctor, b g, 188, by Happy 

Home 2:21% 

Happy Earl, b s, 1890, by Happy Rue- . 

Happy ' George, b s, 1891. by Happy 
Russell Lady Washington, by Gen. 

Washington 2:24% 

Happy Girl, ro m, 1880, by Happy 
Medium Berks County Maid 2:27% 

i Happy Glen, b s, 1890. by Union Med- 
ium Capicola, by Royal Medium.. 2:30 

i Happy Go Lucky, b s, 1885. by 

Happy Thought, dam by Wanderer 2:2v 

I Happy Gothard, b s. 1884. by St. 
Gothard Mignon Medium, by Happy 
Medium . '.......... 2:29% 


Happy Home, b g, 1884, by Happy 
Thought, dam by Palmer's Noraian 2:24% 

Happy Jack, ch g, 186, by Andrew 
Jackson Jr., dam by Seely's Ameri- 
can Star 2:30 

Happy Jack 2:28 

Happy Lady, br m. 1889, by Happy 
Russell Lady Washington, by Geu. 
Washington 2:16% 

Happy Maid, b m, 1877, by Happy 
Medium Rosa Bonheur 2:30 

Happy Man, b g, 188, by Master- 
lode 2:27% 

Happy Minnie b m, 1890, by Happy 
Russell Minnie Rifle, by Arbuckle's 
Rifle 2:17% 

Happy Pilot b s, 1888, by Pilot Med- 
iumLady Corrigan, by Milwaukee 2:22% 

Happy Princess, b m, 1876, by Happy 
Medium Black Bess, by Black Os- 
car 2:23*4 

Happy Promise, b s, 1888. by Happy 
Medium Bonny Belle, by Almont.. 2:13% 

Happy Thought, b s, 1872, by Happy 
Medium Lady Duval, by Strader's 
Cassius M. Clay Jr 2:22% 

Huppy Traveler, b s, 1873, by Baird's 
Hiamlbleto-Bian Prince Lady Lar- 
kins, by Little Jack 2:27% ; 

Happy Volunteer, b e, 1885, by Volun- 
teerMolly Medium, by Happy Med- 
ium Jr 2:27% i 

Happy Wanderer, br s, 1884, by Hap- 
py Medium Cornelia O., by Ohio 
Volunteer 2:20Va 

Hardiman, b g, 188 by Knicker- 
bocker, dam by Panic 2:28*4 

Hardshell, br g, 1887, by Com. Wilkes 
Molly C., by Contractor 2:28 . 

Hard Tack, b g, 1891, by Joe Humph- 
reye Sue Crockette 2:26% 

Hardwood blk s", 1875, by Blackwood 
Jr. Irene, by McKimmen's Colum- 
bus 2:24% 

Harkaway, b s, 1880, by Strathmore 
Wait-a-bit, by Basil Duke 2:28*4 

Harmonia, b m, 1885, by Memory- 
Bliss, by Western Chief 2:25% j 

Harold Jr. ch s, 3885. by Harold- 
Maiden, by Belmont 2:25 

Harold Chief, b s, 1884, by Harold- 
Lady Jane, by Banker Rothschild . . 2:24% ' 

Haroldine, b m, 1888, by Harold Jr. 
Bertha, by Almont Rattler 2:23*4 

Haroldson. b s, 1884, by Prescott- 
Queen, by Walker Horse 2:25% 

Harold M., b g, 188, by Dr. Frank- 
lin 2:2714' 

Harrie, blk m, 1886, by Blial G., - 
Kate Claxton, by Joslyn Horse .... 2:28% 

Harriet, b m 1886, by The King- 
Lady Harmond, by Democrat 2 :28% 

Harrietta, br m, 1888, by Anyone 
Harriet Clay, by Harry Clay 2:09% 

Harrison, b s, 1886, by Ottawa Chief 
Mary Wood, by Richard Wheelock 
(pacing record 2:19%) 2 :18V4 

Harrison b g, 1882, by Harrison 
Chief Fanny, by Joe Downing 
(dead) 2:26% 

Harrop's Tom, b g. 1877, by Almont 
Prince Maggie Lyons, by Gen. 
Lyons 2:26V a 

Harry, b g, 1871, by Happy Medium 2:26 

Harry, blk g, 188. pedigree not 
traced 2:28 

Harry, b g, 188-, pedigree not 
trs wd '< ^t 

Harry Admire, b s, 188, by Bay 
Henry 2-26 

Harry Almont, br g, 188 by Almont 
Eclipse 2-24/4 

Harry Arlington, gr s, 1871, by Prince 
Albert Mac, by Price's St. Law- 
rence 2 :29 1 /4 

Harry Arthur, b g, 1882, by Toronto 
Cbief Jr. Nelly Traveler, by Tom 
Traveler 2:25% 

Harry B., b g, 188, by Alniouarch. . 2:29V a 

Harry Bacchus, ch g, 1886, by VVUkie 
Collius Almontress, by Hamlm'e 
Almont Jr 2:23% 

Harry Baldwin, br s, 1885, by Reveille 
Roxy, by Cook's Bulrush Morgan 2:24% 

Harry Belmont, b g, 1884, by Ken- 
tucky Belmont Jennie Clute. by 
Louis Napoleon 2:29 

Harry C., br g, 1875, by Taylor's Red 
Buck ..;..... 2:21 

Harry C., bik g, 1886, by Green Boy 
Nora C., by New York 2:15 

Harry Cardh>!, b g, 1881. by Cardi- 
nalKate 2:27>/4 

Harry Chief, b s, IB83 by Harrison 
Chief Peg, by Green Walker Mor- 
gan 2:30 

Harry Clay, blk s, 1853. by Neave's 
Cassius M. Clay Jr. Fan. by imp. 
Bellfounder (dead) 2:29 

Harry Clay, blk g, 1871. by Strader's 
Cassuis M. Clay Jr. Zephyr 2:23% 

Harry O. Midnight, blk g. 1881. by 
Mambrino Patchen, dam by Har- 
rodsburg Boy 2:20Va 

Harry Conklin, b g, 187 by Superb 2:26 

Harry D., b g, 1885, by Black Cloud 
Pony Mare 2:27 

Harry D., b g, 1879, by Mott's Inde- 
pendent 2:2;)& 

Harry Eddy b g, 188, by Jerome 
Eddy 2:29% 

Harry Ensign, br s, 1884, by Ensign 
-Capitola 2:19% 

Harry G., b g, 188, by James A. 
Garfleld 2:19% 

Harry Gilbert, ch g, 1866, by Jupiter 
(dead) 2:24 

Harry Gould, b s, 1885, by Jay Gould 
Hester, by Young Jim 2:28% 

Harry H., br g, 188, by Sweep- 
stakes 2:23% 

Harry Harley, b g, 1863, by Young 
Columbus McGee Mare, by Barney 
Henry (dead) 2:25% 

Harry Hill, ch g, 188, by Edge Hill 2:25V4 

Harry Howe, b g, 1883, by Swigert 
Amanda by Western Chief 2:27 

Harry Hylas, ch s, 1882, by Hylae 
Belle Garfleld 2:26<4 

Harry K., blk s, 1887, by Consul- 
Maud K., by Saturn 2:22 

Harry L., br g, 188, by Gold King 2:28% 

Harry Laird, b g. 1879. by Legal Ten- 
der Jr. Rushville Maid, by Blue 
Bull 2:29V4 

Harry Lambert, b s, 1885, by Ward's 
Lambert St. Mary, by Tattersall.. 2:22 

Harry Lee, b g, 187, by Legal Ten- 
Harry ' Magee,' ' b ' g. ' 'l886,' ' by Gen. 
Magee Belle, by Gooding's Cham- 
pion 2:27*4 

Harry McGregor, b g. 1881, by Martin 
McGregor-Martin Mare 2:28 

Harry McNair, ro g, 188. ly Al- 
leghany Boy 2:18 


Harry Medium, b g, 1884, by Happy 

Medium Dolly Varden, by Bob Lee 2:2i l / 2 i 
Harry Mills, br g, 1875, by Sweep- 

stakes Taglioni, by Eureka . . . . . . . . 2:25% | 

Harry Mitchell, b g, 186-, by Foster's 

St Lawrence . ... J^s-y* 

Harry Noble, b s, 1885, by Frank 

Noble-yStell Storms, by Mambrino ^ 

Hambletonian ' I....... 2 :23% ' 

Harry P., blk g, 188-, by Paecarel 
(dead) 2 :2 ^ 

Harry P., b g, 1886, by Bay Middle- 
ton, dam by Magiia Charta 2:29% 

Harry Parker, blk g, 1876. by Post's 
Hambletonian Prince, dam by Tom 
McRabbie (dead) 2:2o 

Harry Pelham, gr g, 1876, by Thomas 
Jefferson Lady Jane, by Ryedyk's 
Hauibietouian 2:^dv*j 

Harry Pennington, b s, 188. by 
Aaron Penniugton Jr., dam by 
Brandt's Messenger Golddust 

Harry Phallamont, b g, 1887, by Phal- 
aamont Toptsey 

Harry Phelps, b s, 188, by Crumley 
Hiatoga (pacing 2:22%) 

Harry Pulling, b s, 1875 by Meuelaus 
Bird, by Smith's Ethan Allen 

Harry Reid, ch s, 1883, by Corbin Ba- 
shawDolly, by Warrior 

Harry Roberts, b g, 187, pedigree 
not traced 

Harry S., gr s, 1884, by Backman'e 
Idol Sebois, by Orange Duroc 

Harry Sherman, ch s, 1886, by Alex- 
ander H. Sherman Lady Vidette, 
by Vidette Boy 

Harry Spanker, b g, 1865, by Gen. 
Knox Lady Gay Spanker, by 
French Tiger (dead) 

Harry Strideaway, blk g. 1882, by 
Strideaway Molly, by Continental 

Harry T., br g, 1890, by Pelletier 
Zella, by Byron 

Harry T., ch g, 188, by Knick 

Harry Velox, b g. 187 by Velox 

Harry W., b g, 1881, by Edgewater 
Bertie Amos, by Blue Bull 

Harry W., ch g, 188, by The Mar- 
' quis 

Harry Wade, b s, 1886. by Reveille 
Idalia, by Strathmore 

Harry W. Genet, b s, 186, by God- 
frey Patchen Lady Danvers, by 
Rocky Mountain (dead) 

Harry Wilkes, b g, 1876, by George 
Wilkes Molly "Walker, by i^Capt. 
Walker .' 

Harry Wilkes, b g, 1888, by Fitzger- 

Harry Winchester, b e, 18S9, by 
stamboul Jessie Ballard, Archie 

Harry Y., ch g 

Hartford, b s, 1880, by Harold- 
Judith, by Mambrino Chief 

Hartford, blk s, 1882, by Peacock- 
Kate Patchen, by Hamlin Patchen 

Hartland, b g. 188, by Hartland 

Harvest Queen, b m, 1863, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian, dam by Seely's 
American Star 

Harvey, gr g, 1876, by Tom Hunter- 
Cypher, by Magna Charta ....;... 









2:24' /4 
2:28% : 
2:27'/i \ 


2:13% ! 

Harvey, b g, 1885, by Kentucky Vol- 
unteerLucy, by Kentucky Chief. . . 

Harvey Russell, b s, 188, by Har- 

Harvey Wilkes, b g, 188, by Red 
Wilkes " 

Hasdrubal, gr g, 1885, by Dillingham 
Fanny, by Paragon 

Hastings, b g, 1877, by Clarion Chief, 
dam by Tippoo Chief 

Hat Sprague, b g, 188, by Sprague.. 

Hathaway, b m, 188, by Regalia 

Hattie, ch m, 1862, by Trojan (dead) . . 

Hattie, b m, 1872, by Dixon Fan, 
by Sackett's Hambletonian 

Hattie Arnold (Lady Daniels), b m, 
187, pedigree not traced 

Hattie B., b m, 1886, by Alexander 
Button, dam by Don 

Hattie Belle, b m, 1887, by Brown 
Wilkes Policy, by Harold 

Hattie D., b m, 1886, by Electioneer 
Maple, by Nutwood 

Hattie H., br m, 1884, by Alleghany 
Boy Hall Mare, by Young Consul.. 

Hattie Hawthorne, b m, 1870, by Sen- 
tinelChristy Morgan, by Hunter 
Lexington (dead) 

Hattie Hull, ch m, 1886, by Hull 
Hattie Spa:-ks, by Sweepstakes 

Hattie K., b m, 1886, by Phallas 
Dutch Girl, by Abdallah Boy 

Hattie L., ch m, 188, by Tom Hal. . 

Hattie L., ch m, 1885, by Motion- 
Lady Grey 

Hattie S., ch m, 1886, by Alar Clay 

Jr. Nina S., by Bay Middleton 

o m, 1877, pedigree not 


Hattie T., ro 

traced ............................ 

Hattie Woodward, b in, 1871, by 

Aberdeen ........................ 

Haviland, b g, 1869, by Mountain 

Chief, dam by Bundy Horse ........ 

Havilla, b m, 1888, by Earl Daisy 

Eyebright, by Kirkwood ........... 

Hawthorne, ch s, 1883, by Black A*> 

thur Lady Miller, by Creeper ....... 

Hawwood, ch s, 1888, by Woodnut 

Fanny, by Adniur . . . . '. ............ 

Haydon, b g, 1885, by Ogden's Ham- 

bietonian Mambrino Daceue, by 

Duncan's Black Hawk .............. 

Hazel, br g, 1886, by Clay Aurora, by 

John Nelson ...... ................ 

Hazel, br m, 188, by Indianapolis 

Chief ............................ 

Hazel, br m. 1890, by Royal Fear- 

naught Emo. by Masterlode ........ 

Hazel, b m, i886, by Wilkee Daisy 

Rolfe, by Young Rolfe .............. 

Hazel O., b m, 188, by Count Folsio. 
Hazel Dell, b m, 1889, by Stranger- 

Hazel, by Jay Gould ............... 

Hazel King, ch s, 1887, by King 

Monte Mario Sisson Mare, by Black 

Dan .............................. 

Hazel Klrke, b m, 1879, by Brigadier 

Fancy, by Jim Brown ............. 

Hazel Maid, b m, 1886, by Charles G. 

Hayes Toney. by Coupon 
2:22% ! Haze! N., b s, i886, by Decatur Chief 
Alloa, by Abdallah Mambrino ..... 

2:30 Hazel Thome, br s, 1882, by Fairy 
2:29% Gift Hawthorne Belle, by Lexing- 
ton Hambletonian ................ 

i Hazel Wilkes, ch m, 1885, by Guy 
2:29% ; Wilkes Blanche, by Arthurton ---- 

i Hazel Wilkee, b m, 188. by Wayne 
2:24% I Wilkes . .......................... 



















Hazelwood, b in, 1891, by Atwood, 
dam by Dr. Talmage 2:-UVi 

Hazor, gr g, 180, by Young America 
(dead) 2:27 

H. B., blk g, 1887, by Winship Jr.~ 
Lady Hackett 2:18% 

Colt, dam by Holland's Ethan Allen 2:25Vi 
Hellas, b s, 18S8, by Phallas Helen, 

by Nutwood 2 :24% 

Helmsman, b s, 1887, by Pilot Med- 
ium Lady Gerster, by Western 

Pathfinder 2:28% 

Henderson, ch g, 187 by Strath- 
more Brignola, by Brignoli 2 '27& 

H. B." Lambert, ch g, 188, by Tom 
Lambert 2:30 

H. B. M., b g, 1887, by Belladonna ! Hendryr, gr g, 1882, by Dauntless- 
Lake Mare, by Bay Billy 2:29% Fan, by Comet .... .. 

, W i-u^ MW . 10 ^ A, .so i Henrico blk Bf 1889( by p a tchen 

H. B. Winship, blk s, 1876, by Aris- 
tos Willful, by Col. Moulton 2:20k 

H. C., b g, 188, by Wellington, dam 
by King Faro 2:22 

H. C. Hill, b g, 1860, a catch colt by a 

grey pacer ., 2:25'/j 

;. Clay, ch g, 188, by Grey Eagle, 

son of Walker Morrill 2:28-4 

H. C. T.,b s, 1887, by King Almont 

Black Bess, by Frank Wolford 2:17V4 

Header, ch g, 186, pedigree not 

traced 2:28 

Headlight, ch g. 187, by Scott's Hia- 
toga-Miss Woods, by Flying Hia- o 

toga 2 :30 

Headlight, b g, 188- ." 2:27& 

Headlight, ch s, 1883, by S. B. La- 

mont Belle Brandon 2:26% 

Headlight, ch m, 188, by DeLong's 

Ethan Allen 2:29V 4 

Hebron, b s, 1883, by Pdnceps Flor- 
ence, by Volunteer 2:30 

Heckothrift, br s, 1884, by Hermes- 
Katie Middleton, by Mambrino 

Patchen 2:29 

Hector, b g, 187, by Otego Chief 2:23 

Hector, gr g, 187, pedigree not 

traced 2:25^4 

Hedgethorne, b s, 1889, by Haw- 
thorneElla Boggs, by Tilton Al- 
mont 2:27 

Heir-at-Law, blk s, 1888, by Mam- 
brino King i Estabella, by Alcantara. 2:12 
Heiress, b m, 1885, by Woodford 
Wilkes Hambletonian Maid, by 

Charles Backman 2 :27 

Helen, ch m, 1877, by Baird's Ham- 
bletonian Prince Faith Derrick ./-2:28 

Helena, b m, 1889, by Ben Franklin 

Maggie Myers, by Phil Sheridan... 2:20*74 
Helena, b m, 1889, by Electioneer 

Lady Ellen, by Carr's Mambrino. ... 2:21 
Helena B., gr in, 188, by Coun'a 

Harry Wilkes 2:27 

Helene, ch m, 187, by Baird'a Ham- 
bletonian Prince Maxwell Mare. ... 2:21 
Helen G., b m, 1883, by Ensign Maid, 

by Norcross Horse 2:28Vi 

Helen Goodson, b m, 1886, by Good- 
eonNelly Crichton, by Crichto* Jr. 2:25 
Helen H., b m, 1886, by Earl Meta, 
by Thorndale .... ......... ....... 2:30 

blk B 
Wilkes Jenny West, by Allie West. 2:15 

Henrietta, b m, 1883, by Mambrino 
King Bay Hambletonian, by Rys- 
dyk*s Hambletonian 2:17 

Henrietta G., ch m, 1887, by Elyria 
Maud, by Star Hambletonian 2:19V4 

Henry C., ch e , 1886, by Midas Mag- 
gie V., by Revenue Jr 2:26Vi 


Helen Houghton, b m, 1878, by Happy 
Medium-^Molly Sheppard, by Jack 
Sheppard 2:29Vi 

Helen K., b m, 1890, by Patron Wed- 
ding Bell, by Nutwood 2:224*, 

Helen Leyburn, b m, 1890, by Onward 
Mamie, by Star Almont 2:14 

Helen Luce, b m, 1882, by Robert 
Bonner Jr. Glimpse, by Coupon 2:26^ 

Helen M., gr m, 1887, by Cobden St. 
Lawrence Maid, by Laundry Horse 
(pacing 2:17) 2:27 

Helen M., b m, 1889, by Sherman- 
Liza Jane, by Goodlng's Champion.. 2:29U 

Helen R., b m, 1880, by Pickett-Flor- 
ence, by Quinton's Magnet 2:27V4 

Helen Wilkes, b m, 1877, by Carlton 

:enry, b g, 188 by Bassett's Blue 

Bull 2:30 

i Henry, b g, 186, pedigree n9t traced 2:2iH4 
1 Henry, b g, 185 , by Canadian Lion 

(dead) 2:27^4 

Henry, b g, 1861, by Harry Lathrop 

Flora (dead) 2:20V* 

Henry Arnold, b g, 1883. by Pyeatt's 
Brown Henry Mattie J., by Miller's 

Frenchman 2:28V4 

Henry Bruce, b s, 188, by Onward.. 2:26V a 
Henry Colby, blk g, 188, by Charles 

G. Hayes . . 2:27ft 

Henry Esmond, br g, 1883, by Gov. 
Sprague Minnie Crawford, by Gold- 
smith's Abdallah 2:30 

Henry G., b g, 1889, by Harold- 
Molly Friend 2:28 

Henry G., ch s, 1887, by Albert Mack 

Mary B. . . . 2:28 

Henry Grady, b g, 188, by Barney 

Wilkes 2:28 

Henry H., b g, 188 pedigree not 

traced 2:27% 

Henry L., b g, 188, by Tony En- 
sign ........ ' 2:29U 

Henry L., ch g, 188, by Mohawk 

Hambletoniau 2:29'/i 

Henry Middleton, b s, 1878, by Bay 
Middleton Maggie Adams, by Hoi- 
comb Horse 2:26/4 

Henry O., b g, 1879, by Resolute- 
Doll, by Kemble Jackson 2:25\ 4 

Henry R., br g, 1884, by Gen. Stan- 
tonKitty Hudson, by Frank Por- 
ter. . 2:25V4 

Henry W., b g, 188 by Reveille 2:29& 

Hera, b m. 1889, by Mambrino Wilkes 

Kitty, by Conductor 2:23 

Heresy, b m, 1881, by Hermes Jes- 
sie Douglas, by Stephen A. Douglas. 2:27 

HerkimerT b s, 188. . . 2:29% 

Herman H.. br g, 1879, by Embassa- 

dor Felicity, by Enchanter 2:21V* 

Herman Nutwood, blk s, 1887, by Nut- 
wood Hermia, by Woodford Mam- 
brino 2:22^ 

Hermes, br s, 1871, by Harold Her- 

mosa, by Edwin Forrest 2:27^ 

Hermetic, b s, 1886, by Ira Wilkes 

Lady Gift, by Hambletonian Gift... 2:23V4 
Hernani, b s, 188, by Electioneer 

Gypsy, by Paul's Abdallah 2:29% 

Hero, ch s, 1882, by Stoner Boy- 
Fanny, by Blue Bull 2:28 

Herod, blk s, 1866, by King Herod 

Hilliard, by Green Mountain Boy.. 2:24% 
Heros, br s, "1890, by Eros-Cyrene, by 

Cyrus R 

Hersey, br s, 1874, by Macedonian 



Elect, by Young Jupiter. . . . ........ 2:25% 

HerBhon, b s, 1887, by Herschel-Lady 

Star, by Squire Talmage ............ Z^a^, 

llerzog, ch g, 1886, by Strathmore- 

Mambrino, dam by Bebey's St. Law- 
rence .................. * ' /4 

Hiatoga" Chief, "ch g, 1883, by King 
Patclien, darn by Tyrone. ........... 2.22W 

Hickory, b s, 1869, by Goldsmith's 
Abdallah Dollabella, by Richards' 
Bellfounder . ...................... 2-30 

Hickorywood', ' blk ' s, ' 1891*. by* 'Nor- 
wood Jet, by liavenswood ......... t'-tv 

Hidalgo, b g, 1882, by Sultan-Hunt- 

by EreChef % 

Hideaway b s,' 1882, by Almont Ford | 

Venus, by Hiatoga Chief .......... 2.2d% , 

Highland Boy, gr g, 1883, by Edge- 

water Carol, by Democrat ......... 2:28 W 

Highland Boy, b s, 1885, by Laclede 

Hazel, by Durango ................ ^ : d 

Highland Boy, gr s 1887, by Highland 

Grey-Rosa, by Honest Dan Jr ... 2:2^4 
Highland Girl, b m, 1885, by O. A. O. 

Darkness, by Highland Jr ........ 2:29% 

Highland Grey, gr s, 186-, by Darkey 

Grey, by Vermont Hambletoman 2:28 
Highland Lassie, gr m, 188 . by 

Young Highland Grey Blitzen, by 

Thorndale Prince .................. 2:20% 

Highland Lass, br m, 1887, by Sidney 

-Young Highland Mary, by Arthur- 

ton ............................... ITI 

Highland Maid, ch m, 1875, by Poca- 

hontas Boy Hippy, by Blue Bull . . .2-2914 
Highland Maid, b m, 1847, by Saltram 

-Roxana. by Hickory (dead) ..... 2:27 
Highland Mary, b m, 1871, by Poca- 

hcntas Boy-Bridget, by Blue Bull. . 2:26 
Highland Sidney, blk s, 1890, by Sid- 

rey Highland Lass, by Buccaneer 2:29% 
Highland Stranger, b s, 187 by 

Mambrino Patchen Highland Win- 

field, by Edward Everett .......... 2 -.2514 

Highland Tom, br g, 1882, by Hod 

Gregor Cedar Mountain Maid, by 

Mambrino Royal ................... 2:24 

Highland Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Bali- 

kla\a Forrest Queen, by Egmont .. 2:25 
Higtland Win b m, 1873, by Ashland 

Young Highland Maid, by Ethan 

Allen f.... ................... g. ... 2:26 

Fighmont, b g, 1885, by Piidn-.ont- 

Juliet, by Mohawk Chief ......... 2:2914 

High Mucky Muck, gr. s, 188, pedi- 

gree not traced .................... 2:2914 

Hightide, ch m, 188 by Harold, 

dam by Almont .................. 2:30 

Hlghwood, b s, 1887, by Nutwood 

Dalphine, by Harold .............. 2:21% 

Hilarlta, b m, 1887, by Alban Miss 

Shelton, by Electioneer ............ 2:2914 

HUbert gr s, 1884, by Egbert Head- 

ley Mare, by Alexander's Norman.. 2:28% 
Hilda, ch m, 1887, by Hambrino 

Pilot Rosa Wilkes, by George 

Wilkes ................... ., ........ 2:29% 

Hilda, b m ,188 by Balrd's Ham- 

bletonian Prince, dam by son of 

Benedict's Pathfinder .............. 2:29% 

Hilda, ch m. 1887, by Nelson Elsie, 

bv Fearnaught Jr 2:2854 

Hilda S., b m, 1891, by Stamboul 

Hinda, by Guy Wilkes 2:19% 

Hildeburn, b s, 1889, by Cheltenham 
Brunheilde, by Ryedyk's Hainble- 

tonian 2:18 

Hilberry, ch s, 1888, ly Nutmeg- 
Hickory Nell, by T. J. Scott (dead) 2:27% 
Hillcrest, br s, 1884. by Volunteer 

Ablet, by Pacing Abdallah 2:29 

Hilldale, br s, 1888, by Edge Hill 
Amanda B., by Hero of Thorndale.. 2:29% 

Hillsdale, b s, 1890, by Antinous 
Nettie Nutwood, by Nutwood 2:17% 

Hiuda Rose, br m, 18880, by Election- 
eerBeautiful Bells, by The Moor. . 2:19% 

Hinda W., br m, 1887, by Greenbusii 
King Maud L., by Mambrino Mor- 
gan 2:20 

Hinder Wilkes, ch s, 1883, by Red 
Wilkes Lady Almont, by Almont .. 2:20|4 

Hindoo, blk g, 188 2:2J 

Hippia, b m, 1889, by Favorite 
Wilkes LaRosa, by Blackwood 2:21% 

Hippona, gr m, 188, by Grey Dan, 
dam by Tempest (dead) 2:27% 

Hiram Miller, blk g. 1878, by Tom 
Kirnball 2:22% 

Hiram Woodruff, br g, 186, by Phil 
Sheridan Polly, by Canada Grey 
Eagle 2:25 

Hixie McGregor, ch m, 1887, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Lady Willis, by 
Squire Talmage 2:28% 

H. L. J., br m. 1885 by Almont Star 
-Dolly Rogers ...'. 2:27% 

H. M. Stanley, gr g, 1890, by Fla- 
herty's Fearnaught Nelly, by Old 
Bill 2:19% 

H. M. Strong, ch g, 1874, by Bay Mid- 
dleton Kitty Manny, by King's 
Champion 2:25% 

Hogarth, blk s. 1873, by Messeager 
Duroc Hattie Hogan, by Harry _ 
Clay (dead) 2:26 

Hokeland, br s, 1884, by Dundee 
Bnnette, by Lord Baltimore 2:19 

Holcomb, br g, 1887, by Holstein 
Jenny Lind, by King Patchen ...... 2:27 

Holden Davis, b g 188, by Allie 
West 2:24% 

Holland, b s, 1882, by Onward 
Pattie Williams by Haywood 2:29% 

Hollander, b s, 1886, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Myrtle, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian 2:30 

Hollister, b s, 1887, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Miranda, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:21 

Holly, ch g, 1885, by Kentucky- 
Pacific Maid 2:28% 

Holmdel, b s, 1885. by Hermes True 
Love, by Peacemaker 2:18% 

Holstein. b s, 1882, by Indianapolis- 
Belle Brasfleld, by Viley's Cripple. . . 2:2G 
I Home Brewed, b g, 188, by Tremont 2:24% 

Home Maid, ch m. 1877, by Royal 
Fearnaught Nance, by Western 
Chief Jr. 2:25% 

Homer, br g, 1883, by Heraies Min- 
nie H., by Gen. Knox 2:22% 

H<,mer Wilkes, gr g. 1885, by Mam- 
brino Wilkes, dam by Gen. Lyons . . 2:29% 

Hcmer Wilkes, b o. 1888 by Wi'kes 
Boy Hallie, by Homei 2:28 

Hcmfetake, b g, 1881, by Gibraltar- 
Kate, by Volunteer 2.14% 



Homestead, b s, 1SSG, by Nutwood- 

Precept, by Pancoast .............. 

Homewood, ch 8 1878, by Hamble- 

tonian Tranby Belle Wurman, by 

Fred Pier&on ..................... 

Horest Billy, b g, I6 , by Given 

Mountain Morgan Beach Mare, by 

.Astelot Morgan (dead) ............ 

Honest Billy, ch g, 1886, by Tom 

Jtfferson Nelly Young, by Little 

Hamilton ......................... 

Honest Byerly, b s, 1887, by Byerly 

Abdallah Nina K., by Honesty ---- 
Honest Clay, br s, 1889, by C. F. 

Clay Cbance, by Tom Stamps .... 
Honest Dutchman, ch s. 1802, by Grey 

Messenger, dam by Bellfounder 

(deadj .......................... 

Honest George, b g, 1385, by Albert- 

Fanny Crow Jer .................. 

Hoiiettt Harry, ro g, 1869, by Win- 

throp Morrlll ..................... 

Honest Jake, b g, .188, by Honest 

John ............................. 

Honest Joe. b g, 188, by Fred Boone 
Honest Lyon, ch g, 1870, by Gen. 

Lyons ............................. 

Honest Tommy, blk g, 18& , by Dud- 

ley Buck ......................... 

Honesty, ch s, 1877, by Priam West- 

ern Girl, by Chieftain ............. 

Honey B.. b m, 1881, by Charley B., 

Flora Andrews, by Gooding's Cham- 

pion .............................. 

Honey Dew, br m, 1889, by St. Bel- 

Lonely, by Volunteer ........ ^ ..... 

B.cneywood b m, 1890, by St. Bel 

Shelbourne Maid, by Holibird's 

Ethan Allen ..................... 

Hoodwink, b m, 1881, by Hermes 

Oharmis, by Belmont (dead) ...... 

Hooka, b m, 1886, by Messenger Chief 

Minerva, by Strathmore ......... 

Hoosier Girl, blk m, 1873, by Blue 

Bull Kate, by Darley Arabian ..... 
Hope, ch g, 186, by Telegraph ..... 
, 1866, by Godfrey 

Hopeful, gr g, 

by Bridgham Horse 


Hopemont. br m, 1877, by Ool. Cross 

Miss Robinson ................... 

Horicon, br g, 1881, by Hoepodar 

Mary, by Darkey ................. 

Hornell Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Red 

Wilkes Laura, by Capt. Sykes ____ 
Hornet, ch m, 1880, by Goodiug's 

Champion Fanny ................. 

Hornpipe, blk e. 1883, by Banker 

Jeannette, by Mambrino Howard . . 
Hortense, b m, 1890, by Quartermas- 

ter Saratoga, by Grand Sentinel. . 
Hortense, b m, 188, by Judge Advo- 

cate .............................. 

Horton. b g, 1883, by Polonius Mag- 

gie Horton by Major Edsall Jr. . . 
Hot Shot, ch g, 188, by Deucalion.. 
Hotspur, b g, 1861, by Ethan Allen, 

dam by True John (dead) ......... 

Hotspur Chief b s, 1871, by Hotspur 

(dead) ............................ 

Hotspur Girl, b m, 1878, by Hotspur 

Jr. Flora ............ . ............ 

Hotspur King b s, 1883, by Hotspur 

Houri, b m, 1884, by Onward Jessie 
Turner, by Mambrino Patchen ..... 

Howard, b s, 1887, by Vermont Ab- 
dallah Vernet, by Edward Everett 

























Howard, b g, 187, by George "Wilkns 
Lady Adams, by Amos' Cussius M. 

Howtrd Jay.' 'ro' g, ' 1876', ' by ' W Jod's 
Hf mbletonian Emma Montour bv 
Seneca Chief * 

Howard L., ro g, 1887, by Monarch Jr. 
Tii-ey B., by Black Pilot 

Howard Medium, b s, 188, by Sax- 
ony .' 

Howard S., b s, 1888, by Western Boy 
Smith Mare 

Howell, b s. 1880, by Haidane Shena 
V^n, by Daniel Lambert (pacing 
record 2:24i4) 

H. P. E., br g, 188- by Gen. Garfleld 

H. R. C., b g, 18?* , by Independence, 
dam by Swigert 

Hudson, b g, 187, by Tippo 

Hudson, b g, 1881, by Kinlock Flora 

Hugh G., blk g, 1S8 , by Governor D. 

Hugh McLaughlin, b s, 1873, by Aber- 
deenLady Ham (dead) 

Hugh Patrick, gr g, 187, pedigree 
not traced 

Hugo, b g, 1889, by Hope So, dam by 

Hugo, b s, 1887, by Electioneer 
Hglpanate, by Planet 

Hugo H., blk g, 1885, by Hugo Prince, 
dam by Bonnie Scotland 

Huguely, b s, 1889, by Vatican Edna 
O., by Hogan's Mambrino 

Hulbert, br s, 1888, by Sherman's 
Hambletonian Alice G., by Allie 

Hulda. b in. 1888, by Guy Wilkes 
Jenny, by Bull Pup 

Huldy B., ch m, 1886. by Ben Frank- 
lin Topsey, by Green Mountain 
Banner ,. 

Humbert, b g. 1878, by Bona Fide 
Belle of Paylet, by Warr Hulett 

Humboldt, b g, 187, by Stockton 
Chief, dam by Parish's Davy Crocket 

Humbolt Maid, b m, 18!.)1, by Wald- 

Humbug, gr g. 188, by Billy *Knox, 
dam by Major Goldsmith 

Hundley, ch s, 1887, by Harkaway- -- 
Burton Mare, by Peavine 

Hunter, ch g, 1867, by Black Dutch- 
man, dam by Walters' son of Sala- 
din (dead) 

Hunter, br g, 1878. by Jerry Ladd 

Hunter, gr g. 1877, by Banker Roths- 
child, dam by Glencoe 

Hunter Rye, b g, 1884, by Orange 
Blossom Carrie, by Andy Johnson 

Huntress, ch m, 1878, by Admiral- 
Black Flora, by Black Prince 

Huntress, b m, 1864. by Volunteer- 
Lady Sears, by Seely's American 
Star (dead) 

Huntsman, b s, 1887, by Heptagon- 
Big Head Mary, by Virgo Hamble- 

Huon, b s, "1879, by Hainlin's Alniont 
Jr. Polly, by Hamlln Patchen 

Hurlingham, br s 1887, by Wilkee- 
dale Loretta, by Bostick's Almont 

Hurly Burly, ch s. 1886, by Rumor 
Lucia, by Jay Gould 

Huron Boy. t-h g, 1885, by Pasaeas 
Jenny Bell 

Hurricane, gr s, 1877, by Ringwood 
Maggie Mitchell, by Phil Sheridan . . . 




2:25y 4 









2:23 & 







Splan cut the world's record for trotters to 2:13J4 with Rarus, 
and the world's record for pacers to 2 :06J4 with Johnston. 


The momber of the Doble family that marked Gertrude 2:12 
and Peveril 2:141/3. 


Huseholt, br s, 188, by Reno Defi- 
ance 2:25 

Hussar, b s, 188, by Sweepstakes- 
Lady Power 2:29V a 

Hussar, b s, 1886. by Jersey Wilkes 
Lady Swiveler, by Walkill Chief 2:18% 

Hustler, ch g, 188, by Haldane 
Lady Pearl, oy Abraham (pacing rec- 
ord 2 :27V 2 ) 2:20%; 

Hustler, b s. 1890, by Hummer Mu- 
sette, by Mambrino Patchen 2:20% ! 

Hustler, ch g, 188, by Rustler 2:29V4 j 

Huxham, ch s, 1887, by Nest Egg 
Hagar, by Woodford Mambrino Jr.. 2:18% 

Hyacinthe, b m, 188, by Pasacas... 2:20% 

H. W. Beecher, blk s, 1872, by Phil 
Sheridan Lady Clement 2:28'/4 ! 

Hydrogen, b s, 188 , by Nitrogen. .. . 2:27% 

Hylas, ch s, 1869, by Alcalde Santa 
Maria, by Pilot Jr 2:24% ; 

Hylas Boy, b g, 1884, by Hylas, dam 
by Indian Chief. ... 2:23 

Hylas Maid, b m, 1880, by Hylas, 
dam by Robert Bonner 2:29% : 

Hyperion, ch s, 1886, by Piedmont- 
Mamie, by Hambletonian Jr 2:21% i 

Hyson, b s," 188, by Hyperion 2:26 : /j 

H. Z. Leonard, b s, 1878, by Du- 
Bois's Hambletonian Prince Leon- 
ard Maid, by New York Boy 2:30 j 

lago, b g, 188, by Tempest Etulogy, 
by Commodore Belmont 2:15 

lanthe, b m, 1887, by Bostick's Al- 
mont Jr Littlefield, by Enfield 2:16 

Ibis, b m, 1884. by Princeps Lorette, 
by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:19% 

Ice Cream, dn g, 188, by Swigert 
Chief 2:26 

Ichi Ban, b s, 1883, by Belmont 
Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallah.. 2 :29 ! /i 

Ida, gr m, 1875, by Belmont Molly 
Quick, by Scott's Blue Bull 

Ida A., b m, 188, by Princeer 

Ida B., ch m, 188, by Ashland 

Ida B., b m, 188, by George Brooks, 
dam by Key's Miller 

Ida Belle, b m, 1880, by Maj. Miller 
Lady Konkle, by Wood's Hamble- 

Ida O., b m, 188, pedigree not traced 

Ida D br m, 1883, by Maxim Nut- 
meg Maid, by Thomas Jefferson 

Ida D., ch m, 188--, by Doncaster 

Idah, br m, 1892, by Sidney Juno, by 

Ida H., br m, 1876, pedigree not 

Ida K., b m, 1891, by Robert Mc- 

IdjLho Patchen, b s, 187, by Henry 
BT Patchen Kate Wallen, by Lusby 
(dead) 2:26% 

Ida May, br m, 1885, by Hawthorne- 
Baron Tempest, by Chieftain 2:28 

Ida Norwood, b m, 1881, by Norwood 
Arabian Girl, by Arabian Chief... 2:26% 

Ida P. J., br m, 1882, by Dread- 
Fanny Castleman, by Punch 2 :29Vi 

Ida S., b m, 188, by Indiaman 2:24% ; 

Ida T., b m, 188, by Dauntless- 
Lady Tramp, by Tramp 2:25 

Ida T., b m, 188, by Wagner Ba- 
shaw 2:27 

Idavan, b s, 1885, by Earl Meta, by 
Thorndale 2:19% 

Idia, b m, 1891, by Duquesne 2:30 

Ideal, b m, 1889, by Onward Idyl, by 
Challenger 2:29& 

2:29> 3 

2:25% ! 

2:27% ; 

2:17% ! 


Idelia, b m, 1886, by Electioneer 
Clarabel, by Abdallah Star 2:30 

Idleweise, b m. 1889, by Idolater- 
Lady Rownd, by Square Dealer 2:24V4 

Idle May, b m, 1885, by Electioneer 
May, by Wildidle 2:27'i 

Idle Thought, b m, 188, by Happy 
Thought , . 2 :29% 

Idlewild, blk m, 1878, by Glenair 
Lady Henkley, by Bartiett's Black 
Hawk (dead) 2:29>/4 

Idler, rn m, 188, by Raymond 
Abbie, by Onderdonk 2-28 

Idol, ch m, 1857, by Bob Ridley- 
Friendship, by Gossip Jones 2:27 

Idol, br in, 1869, by Stephen A. Doug- 
lass, dam by Seely's Black Hawk... 2:23 

Idol, b s, 1887, by Gambetta Molly, 
by St. Elmo 2:27 1 4 

Idolater, ch s, 1884, by Backman's 
Idol Nelly B., by Brougham 2:28% 

Idolf b s, 1885, by Backman's Idol- 
Molly Jackson, by Stonewall Jack- 
son 2:13% 

Idol Gift, blk s, 1881, by Aker's Idol- 
Lady McKenny. by Sweepstakes.... 2:24 

Idol Jackson, blk s, 1886, by Back- 
man's Idol Mary Jackson, by Stone- 
wall Jackson 2-27% 

Idol Stone, b g, 188, by Backman's 
Idol 2 ' > 9 1 

Ignaro, b s, 1884, by Princeps Olio, by 
Dick Hambletonian ,. 2-25V-, 

Ignia Fatuus, b s, 1884, by Editor- 
Lulu Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:20v 2 

I. Jay S., ch s, 1883, by Tramp De- 
laucy, by Green's Bashaw 2:2 j*i 

Ike Shultz, b g, 187, by Vosburg 
Kitty Bu -son, by Rainbow 2:30 

Ike Wilkes, b g, 1887, by Grand 
Wilkes Fanny, by Blue Bull 2:17'* 

Illinois Egbert b g, LS82, by Egbert- 
Hippy, by Bowman's Clark Chief... 2:10'.. 

lima Cossack, b m, 1888, by Don Cos- 
sackTrue Blue, by Blue Bull 2:21% 

Uton, b s, 1885, by Tempest Bonetta, 
by Commodore Belmont 2'2S ] ^ 

Image b m, 1890, by Delrnarch 
Bright Light, by Autocrat Jr 2-19 

Imitato", b s, 1881, by Delineator 2:23% 

Immense, ch g, 1890, by Stockwell 
Alice W. by Black Chief 2:25',.. 

Imogene, b m, 1884, by Princeps 
Ozone, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian.. 2:22 

Imogene, blk m, 1890, by Inmaus dam 
by Shooting Star 2:2<;% 

Impetuous, blk m, 1892, by Dictator- 
Ethel wyn, by Harold 2 :ir> U 

Ina, b m, 188, by Ridgeway 2:254 

Ina G., bm, 1875, by Blue Bull 2:24% 

Inca, br s, 1872, by Woodford Mam- 
brino Gretchen, by Mambrino Pilot. 2:27 

Inca Jr., ch s, 1881, by Inca Black 
Hawk Belle 2 :2D ! /> 

Incas, br s, 1884, by Inca May Day, 
by Ballard's Cassius M. Clay Jr... 2:14V-> 

Incense, b m, 1885, by Young Jim- 
India, by Happy Traveler 2:17 r > 4 

Independence, gr s. 1871, by Gen 
Knox Skip, by Gideon 2 :2U 4 

Independence, b s, 1873, by Young 
Hindoo Fanny Fern, by Tom How- 
ard 2:23U 

Independence, blk g, 188, by Edward 
Everett 2 :19Vi 

Independence B., br s, 1885, by Thun- 
der Dumpty, by Mambrino Thatch- 
er 2:29% 

Independent, ch s, 1889, by Lincoln 



Dolly K 2:28% ! 

Index, b 8, 1877, by James R. Reese 

Rosa Belle, by Bacon's Ethan Allen. 2:21 
Index, b s, 188 by Dexter Prince, j 

dam by Abbottsford 2:2<y 

Indiana Belle, b m. 1885, by Chief- 
Belle of Kentucky, by Woodford 

Mambrino 2:2*% 

Indiana Boy, b s, 1885, by Argonaut 
Mambrino Belle, by Mambrino 

Patchen 2:29% 

Indianap, br s, 1886, by Indianapolis- 
Mi Ladi, by Harold 2:18% 

Indianapolis, br s, 1808, by Tattler- 
Indiana, by Mambrino Chief (dead).. 2:21 
Indian Pet, br m, 1876, by Marshal 

Key Dilatush Mare, by Reed Horse. 2:2816 
India Kubber, blk g, 185, by Rocket 

(dead) 2:29% 

Indicator, ch s, 1869, by Golddust 

Capitola, by Bob Jordan 2:2oV 4 

Indigo, blk m, 1881, by Indianapolis- 
Nannie Jordan, by Kinkaid's St. 

Lawrence 2 :23' /4 

Indo Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Ferguson 

Mag, by Little Wof ul 2 :29 

Irez, blk in. 1872, by Sweepstakes- 
Dolly Bull, by Bertrand 2 :22% 

Inez, b m, 187o, by The Moor Katy 

Did, by Fireman 2:30 

Inez, b m, 188, by Dexter Prince, 

dam by Abbotteford 2:30 

Ing.enook, br g, 1890, by Jersey . 

Wilkes Susie Thorn, by Romulus.. 2:29>/4 i 
Inglewood, b s, 1884, by Onward 

Mary, by Wilkes Booth 2:24 

Ingomar, ro g, 1874, dam by Wood s 

Hambletonian .. 2:2914 

Ingot, br s, 1884, by Nugget-Maple 

Leaf, by New York 2:2o% 

Inis Wilkes, gr m, 188, by Lumps, 

dam by Administrator 2 :29 

Inlaid, ch g, 1880, by Belmont or son 
of Lexington Mosa, by Woodford ( ^ / 

Mambrino 2:2oVa 

Imuan, b s, 188, by Strathmore, dam 

by Gov. Sprague 2:30 

Ino, b m, 1873, by Cheney's Grey 

Eagle Dolly 2:21% 

Ino, ro m, 1885, by Wood's Hamble- 

toniau 2:19% 

Instant, b m, 1885, by Startle Integ- 

rity, by Belmont A" " Y ' 2:14/4 

Integrity, br s, 1886, by Capoul 
Gauntiette, by Dictator. .......... .. 2:27/4 

Interior Boy, b s, 188, by Interior.. 2:29'/ 4 
Interval, b m, 1890, by Norval Aral, 

by Amber 2:2o'/i 

Inventor, b s, 1884, by Dauntless 

Lady Washington, by Republic 2:2o< 

Investigator, b s, 1888, by Recorder 
Grace Woodard, by Dictator. ....... 2:19% 

Inveterate, b s, 1886, by Woodford 

Wilkes Rosilla, by Swigert 2:29-4 

Invincible (Cory's), b 6, 1889, by In- 

vincible-Ida C., by Rufus O 2:27 

Invincible, b s, 1884, by Prmceps 

Duroc Maid, by Messenger Duroc. .. 2:19-} 4 
Io, ch m, 1886, by McCurdy's Ham- 
bletonian Lulu, by Golddust. ...... 2:13 

Iodine, br g, 1881, by Aker's Idol- 

Phinny Mare 2:29% 

lola, b m, 187- by Peter-Iola, by 

Wright's Rattler 2:29% 

lolantne, b m, 1879, by Victor The 

Countess, by Drew 2:30 

lona, blk m, 1882, by Alcyone- Jessie 
Pepper, by Mambrino Chief. ....... 2:17% 

lona tor m, 1888, by Combat Daley, 

by Dictator 2:27 

lona, ro m, 188, pedigree not traced. 2:29% 
lona S., ch m, 1886, by Albrino Nixie 

B., by Daniel Boone 2:17% 

lone, b m, 1885, by Alcyone Lotta, 

by Alburn 2:27 

Ionia, gr m, 1873, by Shuuganunga 

Cinderella 7 2:29% 

lora, b m, 1890, by Ira Daisy Hay- 
ward, by Poscora Hayward 2:28 l /> 

Iowa Harold, b g, 1880, by Harold- 
Iowa Maid 2:25% 

Ira, b s, 1884, by Piedmont Irene, by 

Mohawk Chief 2:24va 

Ira, b g, 1884, by Hinsdale Horse, 

dam by Harris' Mambrino Chief Jr . . 2 :27 
Ira Gaines, b g, 1886, by Allie Gaines 

Lucy Bird,. by Abdallah Bird 2:13',; 

Iral N., b m, 1888, by Muucie 2:24% 

Ira M., gr s, 1878, by Blue Bull 

Nelly Miller, by Coulter's Daw 

Crocket .'.2:30 

Ira Wilkes, b s, 1876, by George 

Wilkes Nelly B., by Harry B. 

Patchen (pacing 2:22%) 2:28 

Ira Wilkes, b g" 188, by Mambrino 

Wilkes 2:29% 

Irene, b m. 1886, by Star Wilkes 

Iiena 2:16% 

Irene, blk m, 1885, by Alcantara lola, 

by Administrator 2:23% 

Irene, gr in, 1871, by Dusty Miller- 
Minnie., by Vanderver's Abdallah . . 2:20V 2 
Irene, I m, 1S<0, by Idolater Bassie, 

by Dear-on 2:30 

Irene Crocker, gr m, 1890, by Will 

Crocker Irene 2 :20 

Irene White, blk m, 1884, by Principe 2:25% 
Irene Wilkee, blk m, 1SS7, by Frank 

Wilkes Jenny, by Pilot 2.27 1 A 

Iris b m, 1877, by Mambrino Star 

lady Dolphus, by Dolphus 2:29% 

Irish Lad, b g, 1872, by Aberdeen Catherine 2:23% 

Irish Pullett. b m. 1884 by Phil Sher- 
idan Jr. Estella B., ' 2:28 

Irl N., b s, 1888, by Nuncio Minnie, 

by Gill's Vermont" 2:27% 

Irrna C., gr m, 1884, by Jim AVilson 

Fanny, by Pocahontas Boy 2 :23 J / 4 

Irina H . b m, 1888, by Onward Lulu. 

by Harold 2:29% 

Iron Age, ro g, 1871, by Jules Jurgt-'it- 

sen Miss Hastings, by Drew 2:19% 

Iron Bar, gr s, 1890, by Temple Bar 

Camelia, by Old Bodo 2:24% 

Iron Duke, Jr. b s, 1880, by Iron Duke 

Maggie by Mambrino Chief 2:25 

Iron Kins b gr, 1S6 , pedigree not 

traced 2:30 

Ironwood, gr g, 1882, by Jim Wilson 2:23 1 /4 

Ironwood, b g, 2:27 

! Iron Worker, b s, 1888, by M imbrino 

King Topaz by Strathmore 2 :29% 

i Irvington, br s, 188, by Mambrino 

King 2:29 

! Iroquois, b g, 188 by Hurricane .. 2:25 
Isaac, b g, 1878, by George Wilkes 

Fanny, by Charles E. Loew 2 :25% 

Isaac d, gr g. 1880, by Athlete- 
Oriole, by Orient 2:2% 4 

Isabella, b m, 1876, by Dictator Miss 

Roberge 2:2v\ 

Isa Belle, br m, 1888, by Jay Bird 

Kate, by Prince Almont 2:1<% 

I. S. French, ch g, 1888. by Pilot Al- 

mont 2:12 ^ 

Island Wilkes, gr s, 1888. by Red 



Wiikes Minnie Patcheu, by Mam- 
brino Patcheu 2:13% 

Islam, b s, 1889, by Sphinx Maggie 
Hubbard, by Magna Charta 2:26 

Isreal, b s, 1884, by Rampart Jessica, 
by Bellwood 2:19% 

Iseaquena, br m, 1881, by Pancoast 
Laythain Lass, by Alexander's Ab- 
daiiali 2:21V4 

Item, b s, 1882, by Artillery Godiva, 
by Auditor 2:26 L / 4 

Ithuriel, b s, 1888 by Red Wilkes 
Topsey, by Strathmore 2:29% 

Ivauhoe, b s, 1883, by Amber Lysan- 
der Maid, by Lysander 2:27% 

Ivica, b s, 1884, by DeGraff's Alexan- 
derGenoa, by Cuyler 2:24% 

Ivo b s, 1887, by Electioneer Vic- 
toria, by Don Victor 2:26 

Ivy E., b m, 1887, by Electioneer 
Ivy, by Don Victor 2:29% 

Ivy Medium, b m, 188, by Prince 
Medium 2:24% 

Ivy Princess, ch m, 1886, by Jersey 
Prince Fanny Fern by Wood's 
Hambletonian ' 2:30 

I. York, b g, 188, by Gen. Thomas 2:29% 

1. X. L., b g, 1883, by Walker Merrill 
Sesesh, by Atkins' Trustee 2:25% 

Jack, br g, 188, by A. W. Richmond 2:26 

Jack, b g 188 by Aristos 2:29% 

Jack, gr g, 1883, by Pilot Medium- 
Carrie Russell, by Magna Charta... 2:11% 

Jack B., br g, 188, by Annapolis 
Hippitaca, by Hermes 2:28% , 

Jack Barry, b g, 186, pedigree not 
traced 2:29 

Jack Cade b s, 1885, by Coriander- 
Judith, by Robert McGregor 2:26% 

Jack Clark, blk g, 1884, by Antar 
Yankee, by Ace of Diamonds 2:27% 

Jackdaw, br s, 1888, by Jay Bird- 
Biddy McGregor, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor 2:28% 

Jack Dawson, bik s, 1888, by Director 
- Favorita, by George Wilkes ... 2 :30 

Jack Draper, b g, 186, by Humbiru 2:27 

Jack Heyden, b g 187, pedigree not 
traced '. 2:23% 

Jack Lewis, b g, 185, by Clifton 
Pilot (dead) 2:28% 

Jack On'utt, ch s, 1887, by Nantucket 
-Euclid Maid , " 2:26 

Jack Raleigh, br g, 188, by Black- 
stone Prince Waldo Mare, by Sher- 
man Horse 2:23% 

Jack Riley, b s, 1888, by Dan Mc- 
GregorSunset, by Solferino 2:25% 

Jack Roth ro g. 188, pedigree not 
traced 2 :28% 

Jack Sailor, br g, 1874, by Sweep- 
stakes Fanny D., by Black Morgan 2:25% 

Jack Sheppard, b s, 1887 by Ander- 
son Wilkes 2 :14% 

Jack Sheppard Jr. b g, 1879, by Jack 
Sheppard Baby, by Ethan Allen . . 2 :29% 

Jack Slade, ch s, 1885, by Prince Mon- 
roeDaisy, by Stockbridge Chief. . 2:29% 

Jackson, b s, 1865, by Fine Cut 2:27 

Jacksonian, b s, 1887, by Longstride 
Kate Tiffany, by Monarch 2:22% 

Jacksonian, b g, 1889, by Autograph 
Miss Fanny Jackson, by Bav Lam- 
bert . . ; 2.10% 

Jacksonian. br 3, 1889. by Schuyler 
Colfax Lady Jackson, by Mohawk 
Jackson 2 :22% 

Jacksonville Boy. b g. ISf . pedigree 

not traced ....................... 

Jack Splan, b 6, 1870, by Almout 

Jecny Martin, by Star Denmark . . . 
Jack Spratt, b g, 188, by Tinder . . 
Jack Spratt, b g, 1888, by Hamble- 

tonian Wilkes Water Lily, by 

Magna Charta .................... 

Jack Spratt. br g, 3875, by Tom 

Palchen Fowler .................. 

Jack the Ripper, b g, 188, pedigree 

not traced ........................ 

Jack. Wiman, b g, 1888, by Harold- 

mont, dain by G libretti Knox ..... 
Jaco, blk s, 1888, by Patchen Wilfcss 

by Mambrino 

Lida Patchen, 

Patchen .......................... 

Jacobin b s, 1885, by Princeps Lulu 

Wilkes, by George Wilkes ......... 

Jadie Allen, b m, 188 , by Petoskey, 

dam by Freeman ................. 

J. A. K., ch g, 188, pedigree not 

traced ............................ 

Jake, b s, 1884, by Messenger Chief- 

Sal Swope by Bourbon Chief ...... 

J Alba, b g. 188, by Glen Knox . . . 
Jalisco, b s, 1882, by Durango Purl, 

by Haw Patch ..................... 

James, ch g. 188, pedigree not 

traced ............................ 

James A. Garfield, blk g, 188, pedi- 

gree not traced ................... 

James D., b g, 188, by Mambrino 

Pilot .............................. 

James D., ch g, 1886 by Clay Abdal- 

iah Field Mare .................. 

James D. McMann, b g, 186. by 

George M. Patch en Jr. (dead) ---- 
James P., b g, 1883, by Reporter- 

Jessie by Roberts' Royal George . . 
James G., ch s, 1881, by Royal Chief 

Sunbeam, by Alhambra .......... 

James G. Blaine, blk g, 1866, by 

Messenger Hunter L-ally Mare, by 

Call Horse ........................ 

James II. , b g, 1873, by Amboy, dam 

by Finch's St. Lawrence ......... 

James H. b g, 1876, by Gladiator- 

Fanny Collier, by Collier .......... 

James H., b s, 1887, by Nil Deeper- 

andum Maggie, by Thorndale ..... 
James Halfpenny, b g, 1875, by Blue 

Bull, dam by Pearsall .............. 

James H. Burke, blk g, 186, by Tip- 

poo (dead) ........................ 

James Howell Jr. br g. 1866, by Rys- 

dyk's Hambletonian-^Jessie Sayre, 

by Harry Clay (dead) .............. 

James L., b g, 1887, by Dexter Prince, 

dam by Tom Veruon 
James M., b g, : 
Lady Haskins, by Haskins Horse 

1885, by Landmark 

James Madison, b s, 1884, by Anteeo 
Lucy Patchen. by George M. 
Patchen Jr 

James Morrison, b g, 188, by Gov. 

James P., b s, 1887, by Princeps 
Gracie Van Cott, by Jay Gould 

Jane L., br m, 1879, by Hamble- 
tonian Mambrino Molly Welsh, by 
Paul Jones 

Jane R., b m. 1879, by Alden Gold- 
smith Medora, by Bayard 

Janesville. b g, 186, by Robert Ful* 
ton. dam by Gen. McClellan 

Janet, br m, 188, by Black Rolfe. . 

Janet, b m. 1886, by Bourbon Boy- 
Lady Wellington, by Wellington . . 











2:29y 4 





















Janie (Opal), b m, 1870, by Jay Gould 

Ruby Allen, by Ethan Allen 2:21*4 

Janifer, br m, 1883, by Red Wilkes 

Stella O'Neal, by Pacing Abdallah 2:22 

Jasper, b g, 1881,. by Altimont 2 :25*4 

Jasper, b g, 1875, by Jasson 2:26Va 

Jaunita b m, 1887, by Sultan Beulah, 

by Harold 2:29 

Jay Bird, b m, 1975, by Kent Molly, 

by Warchester 2:30 

Jay Oaldwell, b s, 1887, by Hamdal- 

lah Molly, by Oliver Goldsmith.... 2:22% 
Jay Cook, blk g, 1869. by Joe Hooker 

Spy, by Sweet Owen (dead) 2:27 

Jay-Eye-See, blk g, 1878, by Dictator 

Midnight, by Pilot Jr. (pacing 

record 2:06%) 2:10 

Jayfoot, ro s, 1888, by Jay Bird 

Fleety, by Baywood 2:28 

Jay Gould, b s. 1864, by Rysdyk's 

Hambletonian Lady Sanford, by 

Seely's American Star (dead) 2:2iy 2 

Jayhawk, b s, 1888, by Jaywood 

Grenadine, by Grenadier 2:29% 

Jaw Hawker, ro e, 1890, by Jay Bird 

Sorrento, by Grand Sentinel 2:14% 

Jay See Bee, b s 1886, by Paramount 

Molly B., by Panic 2 :28V> 

Jay See Ell, blk s, 1891, by Round's 

Sprague 2 :24# 

Jay TJ. See, ch s, 1883, by Vermont 

Abdallah 2:25% 

J. B., b g, 1880, by Dick Turpin- 

Lady Belle by Emigrant 2:24^ 2 

J. B. C., b m, 188 by Strait's Su- 
perior : 2:27% | 

J. B. Richardson, b g, 1877. by 

George Wilkes Tullahoma, by Al- 

mont 2 :16% 

J. B. S., br g, 188 by White's Ethan 

Allen, dam by Black Ralph 2:29% 

J. B. S.. b g, 1882, by Allie Gaines 

Belle S., by Star of the West 2:19!4 

J. B. Thomas, b g, 1874. by Sterling 

Lady Hooker, by Defiance 2:18 1 X> 

J. O., b g, 188-, by Oshkosk 2:29% 

J. C. (Frederick) b g, 1882 by Winne- 

bacro Chief Kit .' 2:20 

J. D. O., gr g, 1883, by Roscoe C. 

Lady Bromley 2:30 

J. D. Creighton, blk s., 1890, by C. F. 

Clay Gambettina, by Gambetta 


J._D. L., br g, 1886, by Mambrino 

" ig, dam by Stephen A. 
Jeanette, b ra, 1886. by The King 

2:25 '/a 

King, dam by Stephen A^Doiiglas. . 2:29V4 


Jenny, by Young Columbus 

Jean Look, b m, 188, by Look 2:30 

Jeannette, b m, 1882, by Don Cossack 
Lotta, by Bashaw Drury 2:26V4 

Jeannie, b m. 1877, by Abraham Old 
Sorrel, by Breed Horse 2:27 ? 4- 

Jeannie C., b m, 1884, by Nutwood- 
Delilah, by Administrator 2:22 

Jean Valjean, b g, 1883, by Critten- 
den Fantine, by Alcalde 2:14 

Jean Wilkes, b m, 1884, by Red 
Wilkes Belle Brino, by Hambrino. . 2:27 1 /4 

Jean Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Guy 
Wilkes Rosalie, by Sultan 2:24% 

Jean Wilkes, b m, 1888, by Young 
Wilkes Jeanette, by Messenger Du- 
roc .' 2:29'4 

Jeff Davis, b s, 188, by Wedgewood. 2:27% 

Jeff Davis, br g, 1884. by Atlantic- 
Doxy Morgan, by Red Lion 2:17'/4 

Jeffersonian. b g, 1889. by Ajax 
Fanny, by Gray's Tom Hal 2:27 

Jefferson Wilkes, blk s, 1891, by Al- 

cone .......................... 2-26 

Jeffie Lee, ch m, 1887, by Red Pilot' 

dam by Cramer ....... 9-22 

Jeff Smith, b g, 1881, by Ohio-Doll,' 

by Manchester Tuckahoe (pacing rec- 

ord 2:29%) ............ ...... 2-2744 

Jeff Wilkes, b g, 1879, by George 

Wilkes Lady Adams, by Amos' Cas- 

sius M. Clay Jr ........ , 2-'Wi 

Jellyby, b s, 1885, by Walsiughainr- 

Nonie, by Golddust ................ 

Jenny, b m. 1865, by Red Eagle 

Topsy Reamy, by Patalaska (dead).. 
Jenny, ch m, 1871, by Dandy Nich- 

ette, by Guest Horse ............... 

Jenny, b m, 1881, by Richwood Han- 

nah, by Don J. Robinson ............ 

Jenny B., b m, 1882, by Blue Bull- 

Lady Hassin ..................... 

Jenny B., gr m, 1880, by Dan Brown- 

Jenny Lind, by Tucker's Good Ike.. 
Jenny Bell, b m, 188, pedigree not 

traced .......................... 

Jenny C., b m, 1884, by Kent Sorrell 

Lambert, by Daniel Lambert ........ 

Jenny D., blk m, 1887, by Lake Erie 

Nelly, by Star of Ulster ............ 

Jenny Hill blk m, 188, by Egthorne 
Jenny Holton, b m, 1868, by .may 

Bacchus ......................... 

Jenny June, br in, 188, by Motor... 
Jenny K., b m, 1887, by Phallas 

Dutch Girl, by Abdallah Boy ....... 

Jenny Ki:-k, ch m, 1877, pedigree not 

traced ........................... 

Jenny L., gr m, 1869, by Terhune 

Horse Emma, by Grey Messenger 

(dead) ........................... 

Jenny M., ch m, 1880, by Joe Hooper 

Hull Mare, by Von Moltke ........ 

Jenny M., br m ...................... 

Jenny Q., gr m, 1890, by Gen Wilkes 
Miss Barlow, by Dr. Keene ........ 

Jenny It., b m, 188, by Como ....... 

Jenny Rolfe, b m, 188, by Young 

Rolfe, dam by Summerset Knox ____ 
Jenny R., blk m, 188, by Warwick 

Boy .................. ' ........... 

Jenny Sprague, ch m, 1882, by 

Rounds' Sprague Kit, by Gage's 

Logan ........................... 

Jenny Star, br m, 1885, by Master- 

lode Star Maid, by Magnolia ....... 

Jenny Thombs, b m, 1887, by Senator 

Jenny, by Corbin Bashaw ......... 

Jenny W., br m, 1870, by Brown 

Harry Blackbird, by Black Hawk. . 
Jenny Wilkes, b m, 1885, by Coronet 

Kitty Morgan, by Bartlett Morgan. . 
Jc-nny Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Wood- 

ford Wilkes China Wilkes, by 

Adrian Wilkes .................... 

Jenny Wren, b m, 188, by Coligue... 
Jenny Wynne, br m, 188 , by Wade 

Hampton ......................... 

Jeremiah, b g^ 1879, by William 

Welch Lady Gregory, by Corbeau.. 
Jericho (Everett), b g, 1867, by Henry 

Clay Jenny, by Grinnell's Cham- 

pion (dead) ...................... 

Jerome, b g, 188, pedigree not 

traced ............................ 

Jerome, b g, 1880, by Caesar ......... 

Jerome, b g, 1870, by Rysdyk's Ham- 

bletonian Fanny Fiske, by Young 








2 -28U 


2:26V a 

2:l'jy 4 













Jerome, b g, 1873, by Hamilton 
Blonde, by Ashland . . '. ............. 

2 :25% 


I i 

Jerome, ch g, 180--, by Keokuk 2:27 

Jerome Eddy, b s, 1875, by Louis Na- 
poleon Fanny Mapes, by Alexan- 
der's Abdullah 2:16% 

Jerome Turner, b B, 1879, by Byerly 
Abdallah Nettie, by Gray's Tom 
Hal 2:15/2 

Jerry, b g, 1888, by Garnet AVilkes 
Hazel, by Iowa Duroc 2:2i J /4 

Jerry, b g, 188, by Henry B. Patch- 
en 2 :28% 

Jerry Alrnont, blk g, 1882, by Almon- 
tonian, dam by Ericsson 2:2b'/4 

Jerry L., gr g, 1879, by Stonewall 
Jackson Jr., dam by Bayard 2:13% 

Jerry M., b g, 1885, by Bright Clay 
Dolly 2 :60 

Jerry W., ch g, 188, by Hannis 2:22% 

Jerry Wilkes, b s, 1888. by Wilkes 
Spirit Jr.-Jessie 230 

Jersey Boy, b g, 1870, by Young Vol- 
unteer Libby, by Gen. Taylor 2:21' /4 

Jersey Belle, blk in, 188, by Jersey 
Wilkes, dam by Star of the West... 2:lS ! / a 

Jerseynian, br s, 1885, by Jersey 
Prince Lulu K., by Goldsmith's 
Star 2:23% 

Jersey Prince, ch s, 1879, by Ken- 
tucky Prince Erneline, by Henry B. 
Patchen (dead) 2:27V4 

Jersey Wood, b s, 1885, by Jersey 

Billy Patterson 2:27% 
ee not traced. 2:2t>'/ 4 
gr g, 1, y eucalion 2:21 

Jesse Hammond, b g, 1880, by Signal 
Jenny Amos, by Middleton's Gold- 
dust 2:23% 

Jesse Hanson, b g, 1884, by Roger 
Hanson-Nelly Mac, by Blue Vein. .. 2:13% 

Jesse James, ch g, 1883, by Don J. 
Robinson Black Mora 2:29% 

Jessie A cli in, 1874, by Veruol's Black 
Hawk 2:21 

Jessie, br in, 188, by Dexter Prince 
Lady Fracture 2:22 

Jessie B., ch s, 1885, by Gen. Grant- 
Lady McBeth 2:24 

Jessie B., b m, 1880, by Don J. Robin- 
sonNovice 2d, by Fisk's Manibrino 
Chief Jr 2:24% 

Jessie Ballard, b m, 1877, by Archie 
Hambletonian 2:23 

Jessie G., b m, 1889, by Civilization.. 2:24% 

Jessie Clark, b m, 1889, by Norwood 
Star Lady Sutherland, by Clark 
Chief " 2:27% 

Jessie D., ch m, 1888, by Elyria 
Kate, by White Line 2:10% 

Jessie Dixon, b m, 1872, by Main- 
brino Patchen 2:28% 

Jessie Fly, br m, 1886, by Swigert 
Lady Lambert, by Mambrino Medley 2:29% 

Jessie Gaines, br m, 1883, by Allie 
Gaines, dam by Shakespeare 2:15% 

Jessie Gould, b m, 1881, by Jay Gould 
Dolsey, by Shaeffer Pony.' 2:29% 

Jessie Hayes, b m, 1868, by Ned For- 
rest, dam by Highlander 2:24 

Jessie Hood, b m, 188, by W. H. 
Cassidy " 2:23-% 

Jessie K., b m, 1885, by Landmark- 
Nelly, by Haskins Horse 2:26% 

Jessie Maud, gr m, 1870, by Regulus 
Quakeress, by Washington 2 :29 

Jessie McCorkle, ch m, 1889, by 
Amboy Lilly, by Amber (dead) 2:15 

Jessie Sheridan, b m, 1888. by Elial 
G. Jr. Chestnut Fan, by Phil Sheri- 
dan 2:21% 

Jessie Wales, blk m, 1859, by West's 
Ajax (dead) '. 

Jessie Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Pilot 
Wilkes Notre Dame, by Hurst and 
Thornton's Abdallah (dead) 

Jessie Wilkes, br m, 1888, by Algeria 
Wilkes Alice G., by Black Knight.. 

Jettie, blk m, 1890, by Bonnie Boy- 
Lady Cooper, by Andrew Jackson. . 

Jewell, ch g, 1882, by Clayton Edsall 
Fanny Crawford 

Jewell, br g. 1875, by Buckingham- 
Kate Coe, by Rhode Island .. 

Jewell, ch g, 1882, by Clayton Edsall- 
Fanny Crawford 

Jewel C., b m, 1887, by Kentucky 
Ruler Hazel Kirke, by St. Almo 

Jewel Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Woodford 
Wilkes Pearl, by Ashland Patchen. 

Jewett, blk g, 1876, by Allie West- 
Heel and Toe Fanny (pacing record 
2:14) .. 

Jewmont, b s, 1888, by King Almont 
Jewel, by Gill's Vermont 

J. G. Morrill, ch g, 1872, by Winthrop 
Morrill, dam by Eaton Horse 

J. H. McCormick, ch g, 187, by Wag- 
ner Bashaw Lucy, by Flaxtail 

J. H. S., ch g, 188, by Naubic 

Jilt, ch m, 1854, by Allegheny Chief- 
Jenny Lind (dead) 

Jim, ro g, 1874, by Daniel Lambert- 
Pacing Kate 

Jim, gr g, 1882, by Billy Norfolk- 

Jim, b g, 188, by Electioneer 

Jim Alone, ch s. 188, by Eolus 

Jim Anderson, b g, 1879, by Robert 
McGregor Nelly 

Jim Elaine, b g, 1884, by Dundee 
Ora, by McKinney 

Jim Elaine, b s, 1891, by Eastwood.. 

Jimbone, ch g, 188, by Bonesetter. . 

Jim Bowman, b g, 187, by a son of 

Jim Burns, br g, 188, by Belmont 
Chief f. 

Jim Burns, blk g, 1889, by Temper- 
ance Flora, by Harrington Hunter 

Jim C., b g, 1885, by Jim Swigert 

Jim Orandall, dn g, 187, pedigree not 

Jim Crow, blk s, 188, by Abbotts- 
ford, dam by Lumps 

Jim Dean, gr s, 1888, by Dr. Spurr 
May, by Bayard 

Jim Deyo, ch g, 188, by, S. J. 

Jim Dunn, ro g, 1885, by Mambrino 
Startle Flora, by Lanigan 

Jim Early, ch g, 1875, by Fitzsim- 
mons' Champion Nelly Early, by 
Pilgrim Eclipse 

Jim F., b s, 1886, by Int-igue Min- 
nie, by Windsor 

Jim Fuller, b g, 1880, by Golden Bow 
Maggie, by Fletcher 

Jim Golden, blk g, 1880, by Alaric 

Jenny Ross 

Jim Graham, b g. 1883, by Harry 
Franklin Patterson Girl 

Jim Irving, b g, 1863, by Wilson's 
Snowstorm Lear Mare, by Sir Will- 
iam (dead) 

Jim Knox, ch s, 188 

Jim L.. ch s, 1881, by Dan Voorhees 
Gracie B., by Uncle Sam 








2:22V 2 












2:20V 4 











Jim Lane, b g, 187, by Dauntless- 
Kitty Hunter, by Harrington's 

Hunter .' 2:29% 

Jim Leach, b g, 1879, by Inca Molly, 

by Sacramento 2:28%; 

Jim Matt, b g, 1884, by Young Jim, 

dam by American Clay 2:28% 

Jimmy G., b g, 188, pedigree not 

traced 2:29% 

Jimmy C., b g, 1879, by Col. M., 

Fanny Griffinstein 2:23% ; 

Jimmy Puzzler, b s. 187 by Whirl- 
wind Jr 2:30 

Jimmy Steward, b g, 187 by Daniel 

Lambert 2:24% 

Jimmy Temple, blk g, 1882, by George 
Wilkee Lady Patchen, by Mambrino 

Patchen (pacing record 2:23%) 2:22y ? 

Jim Nutwood, b g. 188, by Cornelius 2:21 % 
Jim Raven, blk g, 186, by Star of 

the West (dead) 2:30 

Jim Riddle, ch s, 1887, by Pilot 
Wilkes Emma Armstrong, by Star- 

mont 2:25% 

Jim Savery, b g 1892, by Blitzen.. 2:29%' 
Jim Schriber, gr s, 1872, by Rhode 

Island Dutch Girl, by Dusty Miller 2:21% 
Jim Smith, b s, 1886, by L. J. Sutton 

Hattie B., by Don J. Robinson .. 2:22% 
Jim Sneaks, b g, 188, by McLeod 
Molly Graydon, by Green's Ba- 
shaw '. 2 :23'/a 

Jim Star, gr s, 1882, by Star of the 

West Emma, by Flying Gypsy . . 2 :29 
Jim Ward, b g, 1871, by Young Co- 
lumbusBlack Star, by Darkey 2:23% 

Jim Wilkes, b g, 1885, by Young Jim 

Anna P., by Stockbridge Chief Jr. 2:19y4 
Jim Wilkes, blk s, 188 by Young 

Jim Kate Scott, by Clark Chief. . . . 2:15% ! 
Jim Young, b s, 1886, by Young Jim- 
Cricket, by Mambrino Abdallah .. 2:26%i 
Jingles, b s, 1886, by Baron Wilkes 

Lamberta, by Daniel Lambert .... 2:28% 
Jingo Jim, br g, 188, by Bemis' 

Black Cloud 2:26% 

J. Irving C., b g, 188, pedigree not 

traced .. 2:27% 

J. J. Audubon, ch s, 1887. by Alcyone 

Dolly Pomeroy, by Highland Grey 2:19 ; 
J. J. Bradley, b g, 186, pedigree not 

traced 2:25% 

J. J Douglas, br g, 1880, by Mam- 
brino St. Lawrence dam by Geta- 
way ' 2:20'/2 

J. M., b g, 188, by Cornell, dam by 

Lothair Jr 2:22% 

J. M. B., b s, 1882, by Selenite Cap- 

iola 2:26% i 

J. M. D., b g 188, by Harry Ham- 
ilton, dam by Little Oak 2:13% ! 

J. M. G., gr g, 188, by Whiteline . . 2:20 j 
J. M. K.. gr' g. 1888, by Jet Nelly 

Grey, by Jack Splan 2:18 

J M. T., b g, 188. pedigree not 

traced 2:22% 

Joan, b m. 1880, by Waveland Chief, 

dam by Joe 2:30 

Jockey, b g, 188 by Powers Ham- 

bletonian 2:3O 

J. O., blk g, .. 2:27% 

J. O. C. gr g 2:25 

J. O. D.', ch m. 1889. by Earl 2:30 

Joe, ch g, 188, by Tom Hunter .... 2:30 
Joe. ch s. 18<S6 by Osmonicns Nelly 
Ferguson, by McKeeson'a Gray 

Enjrle 2 :19 

Jor. oh g. 1860, by Young Plenipo 

(dead) 2.1T.V4 

Joe, b s, 1887. by Marco Kate, by 

Milliman's Bellfounder 2:-!9% 

Joe, b g, 188 by Elial G., -Jones' 

Mare, by son of Tom Jefferson ... 2 :29% 
Joe, b g. 1881, by Sweepstakes, dam 

by Jupiter Abdallah 2 :30 

Joe Arhurton, b g, 1878, by Avthurtou 

Flora, by Langford 2:20% 

Joe Bassett Jr., b s, 1883, by Joe Bas- 
sett Gary Mare, by Sweetiug's Ned 

Forrest 2:18% 

Joe Barney, b g 188, by Barney 

Monroe 2 :26 

Joe Bluffer, b s, 1882, by Wilkesonian 
Kitty, by Washington Hamble- 

tonian 2:27% 

Joe Brown, gr s. 1863, by Woodward's 
Rattler, dam by Burdick's Engineer 

(dead) 2 :22 

Joe Bunker, gr g, 1874, by George 
Wilkes Lady Dunn, by American 

SUr 2:19i4 

Joe D., b g, 187 by Oafferty Horse 
Fancy Fairbanks, by Hines' Black 

Hawk Morgan 2:27% 

Joe Davis, br g, 1877, by Dr. Herr 

Molly, by Mambrino Pilot Jr 2:17% 

Joe Dayton, br s, 187, by Puzzler, 

dam by Honest Tom 2:25% 

Joe Eastman, b s, 1883, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor Josephine, by Gen. Grant.. 2:29% 
Joe Fifer, b s, 1889, by Bloomfleld 

Dell by Bay Joe 2:18 

Joe Giiines, b s, 1889, by Allie Gaines 

Lucy Bird, by Abdallah Bird 2:25 

Joe Gales, ch g, 1889, by Elyria 

Shoo Fly, by Young Tippoo Sultan 2:29V 
Joe Gilbirds, b s 1885, by Gilbirds 

Sprague .' 2:29% 

Joe Green, b g, 186, pedigree not 

traced 2:26% 

Joe H., blk g, 188, by Canadian 

Champion 2:26% 

Joe Hal, br s, 1879, by Blood Chief 

Jr. Babe 2:30 

Joe Holmes, ch s, 1888, by Sir Walter 

dam by Blackwood 2:26^ 2 

Joe Hooker, ch g, 186, by Andy 

Johnson (dead) 2:30 

Joe Jefferson, br s, 1878, by Hamble- 
tonian Downing Mila Thomas, by 

Blue Bull 2:27% 

Joe Kellogg, b g, 186, by Tuckahoe 

Post Boy 2 :30 

Joe Kinney, b g, 188, by Alwood, 

dam by Millliman's Bellfounder.... 2:2(U/> 
i Joe M., br g 1882, by Joe Cool Dolly 

M ' 2:2D/ 2 

J Joe Mark, b s. 1887, by Victor Bis- 
marck Miss Monroe, by Jim Monroe 2:23 t .' i 
i Joe MoLaujrhlin, b g. 1885, by Red 

Luke Dolly, by Duroc 2:26V 2 

Joe Moreland. b s, 1881. by Woodburn 

Lottie Loe by Herman' D. Patchen 2:22 
i Joe Petti t. b er. 1868, by Ashland 

Belle of Fairflolrl. by Toronto Chief 2:30 

Joe Pv.. br ft. by Kirk' 2:17% 

.Toe R.. Lambert, oh g. (rinirer) 2:30 

Joe Ray, b g, 188, pedigree not 

traced' 2:30 

Joe Rhea, b g, 187 , pedigree not 

traced 2:23 

Joe Ripley, b g. 1SG8, by Sa win's 

Hamblotonian. dam by Black Arrow 2:25 
Toe S., b g, 1869. "by Daniel Lambert 2:30 
Joe S., flii s. 1883. by Oeole Mary 
McMolly . .... 2:30 



Joe Thorndale, b e, 1882. by Young 

Thorndale 2:30 

Joetta Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Wood- 
ford Wilkes Kate Griffith, by Alden 

Goldsmith 2:29% 

Joe Udell, b g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Joe W., b g, 1887, by Stanton Jr. 
Fanny, by Brant 2:26!4 

Joe Wilkes, br s, 1885, by Alcantara 
Kit by Belmont Hambletonian.. 2:30 

Joe Wonder, b g, 1885, by Bonuie 
Richards-Bay Doll 2:17% 

Joe You See, b s, 1885, by Joe Young 
Lucy, by Antar 2:17% 

Joe Young, blk s, 1876, by Star of the 
West Lady Gregory, by Green's Ba- 
shaw 2:19% 

John A., b g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% , 

Tohn A. Logan, b g 188, by Major 
Ringgold (pacing record 2:26%) 2:30 

John A. Logan, b g, 1884, by Tornado 
M. Kitty M.. by Mosher's Clay 2:25 ; 

John B., b g, 1869 pedigree not traced 2:27 

John Bascomb, b s, 1880, by Wilkie 
Collins Josephine, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian 2:25 

John Bury, b g, 1891, by Antinous, 
dam by George M. Patchen Jr 2:22 

John Carter, b s, 1887 by Regulator- 
Dolly Fritts, by Marshall Chief ... 2:30 

John C. Shelly, b s, 1884, by Haw- 
thorneOld Tempest, by Morgan 
llattler 2:29% 

John Cody Jr., b g, 188, by Sir Wal- 
lace 2:29% 

John D., gr g 1884, by Royals ton 
Canadian Girl 2:28% 

John D., b g, 188, by Dr. Downing. . 2:30 

John D., b g, 1874, by Messenger 
Duroc Lady Kate, by Keuible Jack- 
son 2:23% 

John Dickson, b s, 1882, by Monarch 
Jr. Jessie Dixon, by Mambrino 
Patchen , 2:28 

John Dotldridge, gr g, 188, by John 
A. Allen 2:23% 

John E., ro g, 1868, by Clark Chief, 
dam by Alexander's Abdallah 2:28% 

John E., gr s, 1887, by Moody Lady 
Olmetead, by Young Wilkes 2:29% 

John F. b s, 1880, by Seneca Prince 
Bandy Heyl 2:30 

John F., b g, 1883, by Mohawk Ham- 
bletonian 2:30 

John Ferguson, b g, 1880, by Forest 
Mambrino Lady Scott, by Winfleld 
Scott 2:25% 

John Fero (Western Boy), b g, 1862, 
pedigree not traced 2:27% 

John F. Phelps Jr., b s, 1873, by Al- 
mont Sue Monday, by Conscript ... 2:26 

John G., gr g. 188-, 2:29% 

John Goldsmith, br s, 1866, by Volun- 
teerIda, by Marlborough 2:28% 

John Grant, gr g, 187. pedigree not 
traced 2:25% 

John G. Carlisle, b s, 1890, by Norval 
Mete, by Idol Patchen 2:20 

John H., b g, 186, by Black Ba- 
shaw, dam by Morgan Hunter . . . . 2:20 

John Hall, b g, 187. by Daniel Lam- 
bert, dam by American Ethan 2:24% 

John Hall blk g, 1869, by Gen. How- 
ard ....' 2:25 

John Head, gr g. 1885. by St. Elmo.. 2:26V 2 

John Henry, ch g. 1880. by Pilot Mam- 

brino Sada Belle, by Stark's Mor- 
gan 2:26 ',.', 

John I., b s, 188, by Aristos 2:26% 

John I Cook, g g, 186, by Star of 
the West Fanny Jewett 2:29% 

John L., b s, 188, by Hermit 2:27% 

John L., b g, 1874, by Marshall's 
Patchen Kate, by Daniel Webster 2:29% 

John L., b s, 1886, by Bourbon Wilkes 
Elsie by Westwood 2:19% 

John L., ch s, 1887, by Al West- 
Fanny Barge 2:29% 

John L., b g, 1887, by Landmark, dam 
by Bett's St Lawrence 2:291,1 

John Love, b g, 1872, by Billy Denton 
Trusty, by Marlborough 2:28% 

John McDougall, b g. 187, by Bay 
Billy f. 2:29 

John Merrill, b g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:28% 

John Mitchell, b g, 1884, by C. W. 
Mitchell Pearsall Mare, by Pearsall 2:26',; 

John Morgan, ch g, 1854, by Pilot Jr. 
Croppy, by Medoc (dead) 2:24 

John Merrill, b g, 1874, by Winthrop 
Morrill 2:27% 

John Murphy, b g, 188, by Clipper 2:28 ',4 

John M., b g, 187, (ringer.) 2:29% 

John M., ch g, 1881, by Greenback . . 2:27% 

John W. ch g, 188, by Appleby. . 2:29% 

Johnny A., ro g, 1886, by Ben Lomond 
Jr. Fidele, by Gibson's Tom Hal . . 2:22% 

Johnny B., gr g, 1881, by St. Omer 
Moss Rose, by Man Eater 2:27% 

Johnnie B., b g, 188, by Handy B. 
Cora B., by Artemas 2:25% 

Johnny Boggs, b s, 1887. by King of 
the West Maggie Gift, by Mam- 
brino Gift ^ 2:23 

Johnny Bull, b g, 1886, by Jim Wilson 
Daisy Boone, by Daniel Boone ... 2:27 

Johnny H., b g, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Johnny Hayward, gr g. 188. by Pos- 

cora Hayward Mabel, by The Moor 2:26 
Johnny Golddust, br g, 1886, by 
Thompson's Golddust Fanny, by 
Toronto Chief Jr 2:17 

Johnny Gordon, ch g, 1869, by Toron- 
to Chief Jr.. dam by St. Lawrence. . 2:25% 

Johnny Knott, br cr 1883, by Mohawk 
Hambletonian Flora Belle 2:22 

Johnny R., ch s, 1886, by Egmont 
Daisy 2:25% 

Johnny Skelton, g g, 188-, by Mil- 
ton Medium 2:3< 

Johnny Wilkes, b s, 188, by Wilkes. 2:27% 

John R., b g, 187 by Aker's Idol- 
Kate Smith, by Spaulding's Abdal- 

John R., blk g, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:25% 

John R. Wise, ch g, 1878, by Ham- 
bletonian Tranby Lizzie Brown, by 
Belmont 2:23% 

John S., blk g, 1884, by Jersey Prince 
Ladv Augusta, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian ............... 2:21% 

John S., g g 2:29% 

John S., dn g, 1886, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

John S. Clark, ch g, 1873, by Thomas 
Jefferson Annie, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:10% 

John S. Heald, br g, 1868. by Whale- 
bone Knox Cooney, by Stewart 
Morgan 2:27% 

Johnson, br g, 1885, by Sto"m Lady 
Washington 2 :27 



John Stewart, b g, 186 by Tom 
Wonder Park Mare, by Harris' 
Hambletonian (dead) .............. 2 -30 

John Taylor, b g, 1869, pedigree not 
traced (dead) ..................... 2 :25 

John Thomas, b s, 1885, by Egmont 
Phallas Maid, by Phallas. .. f ...... 2-28% 

John Virgin, ch g, 1870, by Dirigo... -29 

.John W., b g, 1877, by Knight 
Chance Mare, by Morgan Black 
Hawk ................ 2-23-i 

J ohn W. b g, 1881, by 'Messenger 
Duroc Astraea, by Asteroid ....... 2:24*4 

John W., b g, 1883, by John Went- 
worth Bay Jenny, by Colonel.. ,. 2 -17^ 

John W., b g, 188-V by Senator N.. 2 29% 
W. Oonley, b S) 1862, by Tom 

j Josie J., b m, 1887, by Edge Hill 

Diamond Maid, by Diamond! . . .2-21% 

| Josie King, blk m 1884, by The King 

Kincora by Mambrino Patchen... 2'29 1 ,4 
Jo " rdan Wilkes, b s. 1886, by Jersey 
^^^IK^ *& <^ 2:20% 


Wonder, dam by Abdallah ...... 2-24 

John W. Hall, ch g, 1866, by Inde- 

pendence, dam by Monarch..' ,. 2-25 

J bn Wilkes, blk s, 188-, by Young 

VY11KC6 *,,. ^ "27 

Joker, b s, 1886, by Johnston's' Gen' 

Lee Jr. Lady Guy, by Prescott's 

Sambo .............. . 2 -20 

Joker, br g, 186, by Parris ; Hamb'iel 

toman Gleason Mare, by Andrus' 

Hambletonian ......... 2-2V> 

Joker, b m, 1890, by Aladdin. .'.'.'.'." 
Jolly Wilkes, b s, 188, by Bartholo- 

mew Wilkes - Puss Patchen, by 

Patchen Chief ........... 2-30 

J ker H. br g, 1888, by Maplewood 

Chief Blaze, by Magna Charta Jr. .. 2:30 
Jokton, b s, 1892, by Lord Jenkiiison. . 2-24% 
Joiiesyille, b s, 1886, by Haroldson- ' ** 

Olivia, by Woodburn Pilot ......... 2'29' ! i 

Joseph, b g, 1871, by Blue Bull-Jo- 

sephine ........................ 2-29i,i 

Joseph A., b g, 1870, by Sackett's 

Hambletonian ............... 2-24 

-Josephine, blk m, 1880, by Kentucky 

Prince Madam Felter, by Happy 

Medium ............... . 2-?4V, 

Josephine, b m, 188, by Rienzi, darn 

by Magic ...................... 2-24X4 

Josephine, blk m, 1888, by C. F. Clay 

Maud, by Bell Brino ............ .2 :20Vi 

Josephine, blk m, 188, by Secretary. 2:28% 
Josephine, b m, 187. by Green's Ba- 

shaw Seely, by Cassius ........... 2-30 

Josephine, b m. 1884, by Castillian, 

dam by Yorkshire Lexington ...... 2:39^4 

Josephine S., blk m, 1874, by Guy 

Miller Swartz, by Ethan Allen ..... 2:24V- 

Joseph R., br g, 188 ................ 2:28^ 

Joseph See, b g, 1884, by Egmont 

Jessie Farwell, by Bell Clay ........ 2:27Vi 

Jo&ephus ch g, 1873, by Green's Ba- 

shaw Simmons Mare ............. 2:19% 

Jose S., g.r m, 1878, by Landmark ..... 2:22v 

Josh Billings, ch g, 186, by Mott's 

Independent Scofield Mare ........ 2:29% 

Josh Morse, blk g, 1880, by Wilson's 

Messenger Duroc Nelly, by Henry 

clay ........ ......... ::..: ....... . 2:2014 

Josie A., b m, 188 ................ 2'23 1 ^ 

Josie B., br m, 1888, by Lew Wann 

Bess, by Fred Douglas ............. 2:17% 

Josie B., ch m, 188, by Watchmaker. 2:2SV4 
Jcsie Bates, blk m, 1880,by Almout 

Prince Josie. by King William ..... 2:27^4 
Jcsie Campbell, b m, 1880. by Dom 

Pedro Kitty Mori-Ill, by Winthrop 

Morrill ........................... 2:29V4 

Josie Chimes, b m, 1890, by Chimes- 

Josephine, by Mercury ............ 2 :29V4 

Josie D., ch m, 1879, by Charley 

Wicker Miss Brown .............. 2 :?>0 

J. P., b g, 1883, by Louis R. Flo : a 
Belle by Black Horse.... 2-26V4 

J \?' S ^?' br %> 1873 J bv Robert R. 

Morris Brown Bess, by Billy 2-2014 

j J. Q., blk g, 1880, by Kentucky Prince 

I T J Kitt y Clyde, by Skinner's Joe.. 2:17^ 

i J. R. (Joslyn), br g, 1886, by Elector 

Topsey, by a son of St. Lawrence 2-20 

' \ n hed '. b s ' 1882 ' b y Red Wilkes 

Belle Ericsson, by Ericsson 2:19li 

J. S., b e, 1885, by J. W. South- 

J. T., blk g li-, by MeFose. :..'.'::; 2-24? 

Jube, b g, 1887, by Stillman-Zolia by 
Confederate Chief 2-26 

Jubilant, b s, 1885, by Princeps 
Humming Bird, by George Wilkes.. 2-22 

Jubilee, b s, 1872, by Satellite En- 
chantress, bj Volunteer 2:30 

Jubilee, ch m, 188, by Melbourne 
King 2:2514 

Jubilee, gr s, 1885, by Princeps Olio, 
by Dick Hambletonian , . 2-26 

Jubilee de Jarnette, b s, 1883 by 
Jubilee Lambert Lady de Jarnette, 
by Indian Chief 2 -29Va 

Jubilee Lambert, br s, 1863, by Daniel 
Lambert Harvey Mare, bv Taft 
Horse " 2-25 

Jubilee Lambert Jr., b s, 1882 by 
Jubilee Lambert, dam by Joe Down- 
ing 2-27U 

Judd Boy, gr g, 1880, by Marlborough 
Kit, by Bajardo (dead) 2.-29V4 

Judd's Baby, ch m, 1885, by Roscoe 
Conkling Daisy, by Greenleaf's Ba- 
shaw 2 -19^4 

Judean, b s, 1885, by Princeps 
Hamite, by Hamlet 2 :29% 

Judge Austin, gr g, 188, by Mc- 
Curdy's Hambletouian Jr 2:12V4 

Judge Brown, br s, 1889, by Brown- 
Addle Hayes, by Judge Hayes 2:29V4 

Judge Conway, gr g, 1888, by Con- 
way Finey, by Searcher J:- 2:28V4 

Judge Davis, b g, 1876, by Joe Brown 
Lady Sherman, by Millman's Bell- 
founder 2 :18% 

Judge Fisher, ch s, 1888, by Linkwood 
Chief Linkwood Maid, by Tripoli! an 
Chief 2:14 

Judge Fullerton, ch g, 186, by Ed- 
ward Everett (dead) 2:18 

Judge G., ch s, 1888, by Sidney, dam 
by Ly nwood 2 :21V4 

Judge Hampton, br g, 188, by Frank 
Hampton 2:27% 

Judge Hawes, b g, 187, by Jim Mon- 
roe Laura Logan, by American 
Clay 2:24 

Judge Keeler, blk s, 1888, by St. Ar- 
naud Mabel L., by Victor 2:2Hi 

Judge Lindeey, b g, 1880, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr., dam by Clifton Pilot... 2:21V4 

Judge MoCue, b s, 188, by Douglas- 
Lady McCue, by Kent 2:25^ 

Judge Parsons, b g, 1876, by Power's 
Hambletonian Miss Doty, by Sweet 
Owen (dead) 2:23^ 



Judge Pollard, ch g, 1871, by Brown's 
Tom Crowder 

Judge Purple, b g, 1880, by Sir Wal- 
klll Mohawk Dixie, by Mohawk 

Judge Rider, b s, 1886, by Billy 
Wilkes Miss Bemis, by Mambrino 

Judge Rysdyk, br B, 1883, by Judge 
James Lucy Plumb, by Rysdyk 

Judge Wilkes, ch s, 1885, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Leona Patchen, by Mam- 
brino Patchen 

Judgment, b:- g, 1870, by Black Mllo, 
dam by Morgan Rattler 

Jndy, gr m, 188 

Jud Wilkes, b s, 188, by Ira Wilkes 
Champion Maid, by Champion 

Juggler Boy, b s, 1883, by Jubilee 
* Lambert Hattie, by Smuggler 

Julia O., b m, 187 by Phil Sheri- 
dan Sherllne, by Johnny Heanan... 

Julia C., gr m, 187, pedigree not 

Julia Coulter, br m, 1889, by Wilkes 
Boy Birdie, by Egbert 

Julia D., ch m, 188, by Robert Ful- 

Julia G., b m, 188, by Daly, dam by 
Gray McClellan 

Julia H., ch m, 1883, by Monaco- 
Kitty Merchant 

Julia Jackson, b m, 1885, by Mam- 
brino Startle Kate Stanhope, by 
King Rene 

Julia L., b m, 188, by Landmark 

Julia M., b m, 188, by Clifton's Kent 
Violetta, by Young Morrill 

Juliana, blk m, 1886, by Patchen 
Wilkes Jenny West, by Allie West. 

Julian, b s, 1883, by Mambrino Boy, 

' dam by Surprise 

Julia O., br m 

Julietta, gr m, 1886, by Fieldmont 
Cropear, by Pilot Duroc 

Jumbo Wilkes, ch s, 1888, by Victor 
Wilkes Daisy, by General She-man. 

June Bug, b m^ 1889, by Chimes- 
Lady Bug, by Hamlin's Almont Jr.. 

June France, b m, 1885. by France- 
Kit Hoy t 

Junelight. b s, 188, by Vatican, dam 
by Lexington Hambletonian 

Junemont. ch s, 1883, by Tremont 
Fanny Carey, by Jack Rosey 

Jungfrau, ch m, 1888, by Matterhorn 
Jontile, by Hambletonian Prince 

Junio, b s, 1882, by Electioneer Nel- 
ly, by Granger 

Junius, blk s, 1879, by Dictator Con- 
stine. by Conductor 

Juno Wilkes, ch m, 1889, by Victor 
Wilkes Nelly Lambert, by Daniel 

Juno Withers, ch m, 188, by Gen. 
Withers Jr., 

Jupiter, b s, 1887. by Stillman Net- 
tie S., by Raples' Hiram Woodruff. . 

Jupiter Jr., blk s, 188, by Jupiter 
Abdallah, dam by St. Lawrence 

Jura, b s, 188, by Billy Wilkes 

Jura, ch m, 1881, by Sir Walkill 
Middletown Belle, by Middletown. .. 

Juror, b s, 1885, by Pilot Mambrino 
Florence, by Volunteer 

Justina, b m, 188, by Baymont 

Justin M. li m, 1879, by Hamlin's Al- 





2:2G% ' 


2:27 I 
2:23V4 ' 
2:29 I 
2:27 | 

2:30 ! 

2:30 i 

2:21 Vi ! 
2:29% ' 
2:29V4 ! 

mont Jr. Black Golddust, by Ham- 

lin 2:20 

Justinette, b m, 188, by George W. 

Shakespeare 2:28% 

Justinian, b s, 1882, by Solicitor 

Capitola, by Knickerbocker 

Jrst_ Right, ch g, 188-^, by Haldane. ;. . 2:25% 

J. V. C., ch g 

Right, ch g, 188, by 
J. W. Gould, ch g, 1874, by Jay Gould 

Idol, by Bob Ridley 

J. W. O., b g, 1889, by Princeps 
Bromide, by Volunteer 

J. W. South, b s, 1880, by Princeps 
Roxie, by Melbourne Jr 

J. W. Tedford, gr g, 1882, by Ensign- 
Peg, by Bill Shaker 

J W. Thomas, ch g, 1874, by Scott's 
Thomas Belle W., by Herr's Black 

J. Y. G., b g, 1883, by Harvester 

Kadijah, br m, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Our Mary, by Lelaps 

Kaffir, b s, 1887, by Alcazar Flower 
Girl, by Arthurton 

Kaiser, br s, 1882, by George Wilkes 
Fair Lady, by Dictator 

Kalula, b m, 188, by Constellation. . 

Kansas Boy, b s, 1884, by Tendoy 
Prairie Queen, by General MiClellan 

Kapolina, g m, 188, by Little Billy 

Kansas Chief, b g, 186, by Young 
Josephus Ella, by Young Copperbot- 
tom (dead) 

Kansas Wilkes, b s, 1881, by Georgf* 
Wilkes Puritana, by Almont 

Kaota, blk m, 188 by Sir Knight 
(pacing 2:15%) 

Kat-1 K., blk g, 1889, by Prophet 
Wilkes Jenny R., by Pilot Medium 

Kate, blk m, 1887, by Woodbridge Jr. 
Dolly Ahart, by Capt. Goodwin.. 

Kasper. b s, 1887, by Kensett 
Orphan Queen, by Lakeland Abdal- 

Kate, ch m, 1877, by Morrill Drew, 
dam by Grey Fearnaught 

Kate Agnew, gr m, 1883, by Hamble- 
tonian Chrisman Nelly, by Oakland 

Kate B., b m, 1886, by Lucas Brod- 
head Dutch Kate by Jimmie 

Kate Bennett, ro m, 1868, by Blue 
Bull Jane Oliver, by Gen. Taylor.. 

Kate Bradley, b m, 1892, by Axtell 
Ola Moore by Onward 

Kate C., ch m, 1879, by Cuyler Ash- 
land Kate, by Ashland Chief 

Kate C., ch m, 188, by Gilbirds 

Kate C., b m 1885, by Phoenix Lady 
Forrester, by Field's Royal George 

Kate Caffrey, blk m. 1887, by Charles 
Gaffrey Eva, by Tippoo Bashaw... 

Kate Campbell, b m, 1862, by un- 
named horse, claimed to be a son of 
Bthan Allen, dam by Blind Tucka- 
hoe (dead) 

Kate Castleton. ch m, 1885, by Kel- 
ly's Ethan Allen Athol, by Ashland 

Kate Clark, b m, 1881, by Thomas 
Jefferson Lady Goldsmith, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian 

Kate Cloud, blk m, 1881, by Harry 
Clay Kate, by St. Lawrence 

Kate Cuyler. b m, 1887. by Cuyler 
Kate Middleton, by Mambrino 




2:22 | 

2:27% j 


2:27% I 
2:30 * 

2:23 ! 
2:22 to 

2:26'/4 i 
2:24% j 
2:25 ! 




















Kate Dillard, ch m, 1885, by Hamen- 
ger, dam by John Dillard 

Kate Ethan, b m, 1887, by Ethan 
VVilkes Kate Westwood, by West- 

Kate Ewing, br m, 1879, by Berlin- 
Lady Washington, by American 
Boy Jr 

Kate F., b m, 1885, by Fugleman-- 
Katie Bashaw, by Rinaldo 

Kate Hall, ch m, 1870, by Blue Bull 
Little Nell, by Proud American Jr. 

Kate Ham, b m, 1888, by Glen Miller 
Rilee, by Hotspur Jr 

Kate Hamilton, b m, 1888, by Ravens- 
wood Laura Wilson, by Smuggler 
, 1878, b: " 

Kate Isler, gr m 

- , , r . . ,. Jf Munsey, 

darn by Rel 

Kate Jordan, br m, 187, pedigree not 

Kate Keener, br m, 1880, by Messen- 
ger Golddust Fanny Keener 

Kate McCall, gr m. 1874, by Blue Bull 
Carol, by Democrat 

Kate O'Brien, b m, 188 

Kate Owen, b m, 1877, by Lee's Ed- 
win Forrest 

Kate Phallamont, b m, 1887, by Phal- 
lamont Flora McVeane 

Kate Preston blk m, 1878, by Pacing 
Pilot Lizzie 

Kate Rowell. b m, 1880, by Byeriy 
Abdallah Lou Rowell, by Louis Na- 

Kate Sparks, blk m, 1888, by Mam- 
brino Diamond Lizzie, by Jubilee 

Kate Sprague, br m, 1875, by Gov. 
Sprague Fan by Lance 

Kate Taylor, b m, 1872, by Aberdeen 
Emeline, by Harry B. Patchen . . 

Kate Thomas, rn m, 188, by G. C. 

Kate V., br m, 1888, by Heptagon- 
Cripple, by Orange County 

Kate Wilton, b m, 1888, by Wilton- 
Kate Wilkes, by George Wilkes .... 

Katharina, b m, 1873, by Flying Hia- 
toga Kit Alfred, by King Alfred . . . 

Katherine, b m, 188, by Jerome 
Eddy . . 

Katherine S., ro m, 1883, by Messen- 
ger Chief Forest Maid by Forest 
Vermont ' 

Kathleen, b m, 1887, by Stranger- 
Carmen, by Socrates 

Katie B., b m, 1879, by Lord Nelson 
Nelly, by Fowler Brandy 

Katie B., b m, 1876, by Legal Tender 
Rody, by Copperbottom Jr 

Katie Cahill, b m, 1884, by Ogden's 
Hambletonian Mambrino Lilly Ca- 
hill, by Albert Dudley 

Katie Drew, blk m, 1885, by Castelar 
Lona G., by Crozier 

Katie Earl, ch m, 1888 by Earl-Kit- 
ty Wilkes, by Red Wilkes (dead) . . . 

Katie Jackson, b m, 1873, by Almont 
Fanny, by Iron's Cadmus 

Katie L., b m, 1884, by True Bred- 
Pacing Bessie, by Victor Bismarck 

Katie Lee, br m, 1884, by Rockwood 
Lady Kisbar. by Kisbar 

Katie, b m, 188, by Knight Tem- 

Katie M., ch m. 1879, by George M. 
Van Norte Lilly, by Daniel Lam- 

Knti Mack, b m. 1889, by Robert Mc- 

Gregor Celia, by Sealskin Wilkes . . 

2:22^ Katie Middleton, ch m, 1873, by Mam- 
brino Patchen Flora, by Alexan- 
der's Abdallah (dead) 

2:25 Katie R., b m. 188 by Landmark, 

dam by Bacon's Ethan Allen 

Katie S., blk m, 188, by Director 

2:21% Alpha Medium 

Katie Wood, b m, 1884, by John E. 

2:16% Wood Anna, by Hambletonian 

2:24i/2 Katisha, br m, 1886, by Ben Frank- 
linPixie by Pratt's Rifleman 

2:28y 2 Katrina, b m, 1889, by Conn's Harry 
Wilkes Elsie V., by Sir Charles . . . 

2:30 Katrina Bel, blk m, 1892, by St. Bel 
Katrina, by Nephew 

2:22% Kay S., ro m, 1889, by Spectator Fly, 

2 :28% Kebir,' b' s,' 'l889.' by' Alcazar Yerb a 
Santa, by Santa Glaus 

2:29~;4 Keeler, b s, 1884, by King Rene- 
Ada Wilkes, by George Wilkes 

2:23 Keeler, br s, 1884, by Dictator Sally 

2:80 Fox, by Senour's Davy Crockett . . 

Keene Jim, ro g, 1873, by Lookout 

2:26% Laura Fair, by Rattler 

Keepsake, b s, 188, by Black Ralph 

2:17% Keewaydin, br s, 1889, by Brown 
Wilkfs I He wild by Nugget 

2:27^ Keller Thomas, gr s. 1885, by Pilot 

Duroc Ida T., by Dictator 

Keller V., ch s, 188-, by Abdallah 

2:29% Mambrino Josie, by Gen. Wayne . . 

: KeMe, b g, 1872, by Iron Duke Mc- 

Whorter Mare 

2:19 Kemble Maid, br m, 1878, by John 
Goldsmith, dam by Harry Clay .... 

2:18 Kendall, b s, 188 by Kent, dam by 
Daniel Lambert 

2:23% Keney, ch g, 187, pedigree not 

2:24i/ 2 traced ...... 

Kenilworth, br g, 187, by Woodford 

2:23 Abdallah Mary, by Wilkes Booth 

2:27 Kenmar. b s. 1889, by Goldemar 
Sally Brass, ' by Florida 

2:30 Kenneth, b g. 1883, by Kentucky 
Prince Mary A., by Messenger Du- 

2:29% roc 

Kenneth, b s, 1886, by Kensett 
Princeton Belle, by Woodlawn .... 

2:17% Kenneth, blk s, 1884, by Strathlau 
Kate Cooper, by Joe Cooper 

2:25% Keno, b g, 188 'by Greenbacks . 
Keno, b g, 1873, by Magic Ladv, bv 

2:22% Black Jeff 

Keno F., ch g. 1883, by Mohawk 

2:28% Hambletonian Fan 

Kensett F., b m, 1878 by Kensett 

2:261/2 Kensett Maid, rh m, 1881. by Ken- 
sett, dam by Pomp Shafer Horse. . 

2:28 I Kenton Belle, blk m, 1879, by Den- 
mark Jr. Coaly W., by Rino Welf . . 

2:161/2 Kentuckian, ch 's, 1871. by Balsora 
Nonesuch, by Brignoli 

2:25% Kentucky Bird, br s, 1887. by Jay 
Bird Kate Clay, by Kentucky Clay 

2:23% (dead) f...* 

Kentucky Blanche, b m, 1879. by Kon- 

2:29% tucky Prince Blanche by Railsplit- 

2:30 Kentucky Boy, b a, 1883. by Victor 
Bismarck Bourbon Girl, by McDon- 
ald's Mambrino Chief . . . .' ... 

2:2o'/, | TContnckv Dictator, br s. 1882 hv THo- 
tntor Xettle Time, bv TM"aM<l;niK> 



2:2iy 2 


2:26y 2 


2:20y 2 



2:28 '4 

2 :24% 



2:22" t 







Time 2:29% 

Kenucky Girl, b m, 1874, by Edward 

G. Kitty Clover by Tom Hal 2:28% 

Kentucky Hambletoniau, b 8, 1883, by 
Victor Bismarck-Jenny Wallace, by 

Joe Downing (dead) 2:27 

Kentucky Jim, b s, 1883, by Black 
Diamond, dam by Bailey's Star Den- 

irark . 2:28 

Kentucky Lew, b s, 1890, by Wilkes 
Boy Aimie Almont. by Bostick's 

Almont Jr 2:24% 

Kentucky Ruler, b s, 1S81, by Egbert 

Lady Almont, by Almont (dead).. 2:29 
Kentucky Russell, ch s, 18-85, by 
Mambrino Russell Annie Steele, by 

Fearnaught 2:18% 

Kentucky Star, b g. 1864, by Volun- 
teer Star-Sally Hamlet, by Pwacock 
Kentucky Union, ch m, 1889, by Aber- 
deenKentucky Central, by Balsora 2:11% 
Kentucky Wilkes, br s, 1874, by 
George Wilkes Minna, by Red 

Jacket 2:2iy 4 

Kenwood, b g 1885, by Fairy Gift.. 2:17 
Keokee, ch LU, 1884, by Ambassador 

Fearless, bv Western Fearnaught 2:20% 
Kepler, b s, 1884, by Kensett Prince- 
ton Belle, by Woodlawn 2:29% 

Kent, b s, 1890, by Sable Wilkes Ma- 
cola, by Le Grand 2:28 

Kerneer, b s, 1888, by Electioneer 

Frolic, by Harry Clay 2:23% 

Kerwin, b s, 1887, by Slander Cigar- 
ette, by Gen. Washington 2:20% 

Kesterson b s, 188, by Seth P. 

Jessie Hunter, by Mambrino George. 2:27 
Ketch, blk g, 1882, by unknown sire 

Kate Wright, by Abraham 2:18% 

Keturah, ch m, 1885, by Keneett 

Golden Era, by Countersign 2:30 

Keystone, b s, 1883, by Guarantee 

Black Mare 2:28% 

Key West, ch s 186, pedigree not 

traced .' 2:28% 

Keywood, ch s. 1886, by Onward- 
Mary K., by Ericsson 2:21 

Khedive, b s, 1884 by Landseer 

Lady Orion, by Orion 2:24% 

Kiki. b g, 186, by Henry B. Patchen 

(dead) 2:28 

Kilburn Jim, b s. 1865, by Wood's 
Hambletonian, dam a Canadian 

Mare (dead) 2:23 

Kildee, b m. 1883. by Happy Med- 
iumSally Clay, by American Clay 2:29% 
Killona. b m. 1892. by King Wilkes 

Chenille, by Crittenden 2:20 

Kilrain, b e, 1886. by Hawthorne 
March Forth, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian 2:23% 

King, blk s, 188, by The King, dam 

by Bob Sprague 2 :28% 

King Almont. b s, 1874. by Almont 

.Tennv. by Crockett's Arabian 2:21*4 

King Bird, ro g. 1884.. by Jay Bird 

B"-mii" 2:27% 

Kineholt. h e 18S7. by The King 

Al>rli-i. bv Young Jim .., 2:27% 

King Cardinal, ch s, 1885. by Cardinal 

Pilot Queen, by Hylns. .' 2:26Vi 

King Charles, b s. 1883. bv Sir 
Charles Lady D'A-chy, by Robert 

R. Morris 2:22V4 

King Charles, blk s, 1883. by Pocahon- 

tas Boy Rapalee. bv Seneca Chief. . 2:29% 
King Chester, b s. 1887. hv Prnirie 
Kins- Lady Prince, by Tlamhleton- 

ian Prince 2:19' / 4 

King Clifton, gr g, 1881, by Volante 

Lady Naylor 2:22 

King D., b s, 188, by Red Wilkes. . . 2:29V4 
King Darlington, b s, 1887, by King 
Wilkes Marguerite, by Kentucky 

Prince (dead) 2:16 

King Fo:-est, b g, 188 -, by Forest 

Mambrino, dam by Mat Cameron... 2-21% 
King Gaines, b s, 1887, by King of 
the West Victoria Gaines, by Allie 

Gaines ". 2:29% 

King Goldemar, b s, 1891, by Pelletier 2:25% 
King Gillig. ch s, 1892, by Gillig, 

dam by Aristoe 2:26% 

King G'olddust, b s, 1890, by Indi- 
cator, dam by Special Hambletonian 2:30 
King Grover, br s, 1886, by Herod- 
Dolly, by Andrew Burnham 2:28% 

King Harry, b s, 1889, by Red King 

Beulah S., by Sweepstakes 2:22 

King Herod, ch s, 1887, by Fayette 

Chief Siloam, by Capt. B:xx>ks 2:16% 

K'ng Holliday. b s, 1887, by Holliday 

Ada May. by Maxie Cobb 2:22% 

King Mavibrino, b s, :'8S8 , by Ham- 

brino 2:30 

King Midas, br g. 187. by Woodford 

Pilot, dam by Whirlwind 2:28',i 

Kingmoor, b s. 1888. by Enrlymion 

Josie Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:28!4 

Kincr Nasir, b s. 1889, by Ambassador 

Envie, by Phallamont 2:2i 1 /4 

King of the Ring, ch g. 1889, by Sil- 
ver King Knight Hawk, by Briga- 
dier "... 2:23U 

King of the West, b s, 1879. by Ham- 

da'llah Belle S.. by Star of the West 2:27 
King of Wales, b s, 1883, by Mam- 
brino King Miss Burton, by Gov- 

erno- 2:30 

King Orry, ch s. 1887, by Alcona Clay 
Pansy, by Strader's Cassius M. 

Clay Jr 2:21% 

King Patchen, br s. 1887, by The 
King Hatcher, by Mambrino Hatch- 
er 2:101,4 

King Patchen. ch s. 1883. by Mam- 
brino King Kitty Patchen, by Ham- 

lln Patchen 2:23% 

King Philip, ch s. 1876. by Mambrino 
King Lady Rothschild, by Mam- 
brino Patchen 2:26& 

King Philip, b s. 1870. by Jay Gould- 
Factory Girl, by Rysdyk's, Hamble- 
tonian 2:21 

King Piedmont, b s, 1888. by Pied- 
montDaisy D., by Electioneer 2:30 

Kincr P-inceps. b s. 1888, by Count 
Frineeps Lady Almont, by Almont 

Lightning ...! 2:23'/i 

King Rex. br s. 1887. by King Rene- 
Molly, by Sweepstakes 2 :23% 

King Rock, b s. 1882. by Alden Gold- 
smith Fanny Dunlap, by Black 

Rock * ....: 2:30 

Kinsr Russell b s. 1886. by Lord Rus- 
sellMist, by King Rene 2:2<>U 

Kiusrshnry. b g. 1883, by Kentucky 

Clay Jr. '. 2:28',i 

Kingsley. b g, 187 by Wilkins Mi- 
pflwher Lady Be'lfounder, by Rys- 
dyk's Bellfounder '. 2:2(T"i 

King Sprncrue. blk s. 1882, by Gov. 
Sprague Molly Whitefoot, by Little 

Priam ' 2:12 

King Star, blk s. 188. hy Startle- 
Venus, by Jupiter '. 2:20% 



Kingston, b g, 188, by Ed Ellis ..... 2:18% 
King Sultan, b s, 1890, by Sultan- 

Kitty Wilkes, by Red Wilkes ....... 2:23 

King Walkili, br s, 1886, by Sir Wal- 

kill _ Lady Brownell, by American 

Ethan ........................... 2:24% 

King Warlock, ch s, 1890, by Warlock 

Lady G., by Oorbin Bashaw ......... 2:24% 

King Wilkes, b s, 188, by Ready 

Money, dam by King Tom .......... 2:2o% 

King Wilkes, b s, 1876, by George 

Wilkes Missie, by Brignoli ........ 2:22% 

King William, blk g, 1877, by King 

William Lizzie Abdallah, by Pacing 

Abdallah ........................ 2:20% 

Kingwood, br s. 1886, by Kentucky 

Dictator Burch wood, by Blackwood 2:17' 4 
K 4 neman, ch g, 1880, by Stranger- 

Jenny, by Young Country Boy (pac- 

ing record 2:1T ................ 2:2314 

Kinsman Boy, b g. 1870, by Case's 

Dave Hill Lady Trumbull, by Ver- 

mont Trotter ......... < .......... 2:28% 

Kioto, b s, 1883, by Marmion Gold- 

dust Mischief, by Volunteer ...... 2:20% 

Klowa, b s, 1888, by Midas Jessie P., 

by Administrator ................. 2:29% 

Klrkwood, br a, 1860, by Green's Ba- 

shawMadam Kirkwood, by Young 

Green Mountain Morg.-m (dead) ..... 2:24 
Kisbar, b s, 1873,' by llysdyk's Ham- 

bletonian Lady Fallis, by iSeely's 

American Star (dead) .............. 2:27% 

Kismet,-b s, 1882, by Sultan Sauce- 

box, by Samson (dead) ........... 2:25% 

Kitchen Belle, b m, 1885, by King 

Alrnont Jane Hubbell, by Roland .. 2:21% 
Kitty B., br m. 1888, by Volunteer 

Swigert Trojan Maid, by Barley- 

corn ................................ 

Kitty B., b m, 188, by Nutgold.... 

Kitty B., b m, 188, by Sidney ....... 

Kit Baker, b m, 188 , by Meander. . 2:27% 


2:29% I 

2:24V ? | 


Kit Clover, b g, 187 pedigree not 

traced . .. ............................ 2:23% 

Kit Curry, br m, 1880, by Mambrino 

Bruce Kate Curry, by Dave High- 

lander .......... . ................... 2:18% 

Kitefoot, b in, 1878, by Landmark- 

Lucy, by Rough and Ready ...... 2:17% 

Kitewood, ch m, 1886, by Brent- 

wood . ........ . ...................... 2:23 

Kit Sanford. b m, 1873, by Wood's 

TTambletonian Polly Den ton, by 

Billy Denton 2d ................... 2:21% 

Kit Webber, b in, 1891. by Fast Mail 2:30 
Kitty, b m, 1870, by Billy Bowlegs 

Eddy Mare, by Byington's Young 

St. Lawrence ...................... 2:30 

Kitty Abbott, b m, 1874, by Abbott 

Lady Franklin, by Eureka ........ 2:26% 

Kitty Almont, blk m, 1880, by Tilton 

Alruont ............................. 2:22% 

Kitty B., br m, 1880. by Magna Chief 

Kicking Kate ..................... 2:27'/4 

Kitty B.. br m, 1883, by Silverheels 

Brown Pet ....................... 2:29% 

Kitty B.. b m, 1885, by Sweet Meats 

Pauline, by Rolnnd .............. 2:25%. 

Kitty B.. ch 'm, 1881 by Rego ..... 2:29% I 

Kitty Bates, gr m, 1868, by Jim Mon- 

roe Popcorn ........................ 2:19 

Kitty Bayard, gr m. 1885. by Bayard 

Del', 'by Billy Campbell .......... 2:12'/4 

Kitty P.urch. ch m. 1S7 . by George 

B.' MfClellan Kitty Burch ...... 2:24'/i 

Kitty C.. b m, 1877, by Dauntless- 

Lady Welch, by Jupiter .......... 2:30 

Kitty C., ch ru, 1882, by Attorney- 
Helen, by Green's Bashaw '. . . 2:30 

Kitty Can, blk m, 188, by Elial G . 2:30 

Kitty Clyde, b m, 187 by Sam Kirk- 
woodMolly 2:29% 

Kitty Clyde b m, 1886, by Phallamont 
Lady Coakley, by Wagner Gold- 
dust 2:28% 

Kitty Clyde, br m, 1873, by Reed's 
Splendor Jenny, by McMahon's Bos- 
ton 2:30 

Kitty Cook, b m, 1869, by Abraham, 
dam by Ethan Allen 2:26 

Kitty Cook, blk m, 188, by son of 
Godfrey Patchen 2:28% 

Kitty D., br m, 1861, by Rattler Tuck- 
ahoe Mary Hup, by Consul (dead). . 2:26% 

Kitty Edsall, rn m, 1882, by Clayton 
Edsall Cheney Mare, by Fortune.. 2:28% 

Kitty Fisher, b m, 1874, by Glenn's 
Hambletonian 2:29*4 

Kitty Frazier, br m, 188 , by Peace- 
makerKitty Frazier 2:21% 

Kitty Greenlander, b m. 1890, by 
Greenlander Kitty Hetzel, by Het- 
zel's Hambletonian 2:23% 

Kitty Grey, gr m, 1881, by Grey Bill 
-Kate Wilson . 2:29% 

KiUy Ham, br m. 18^ by Hamble- 
tonian Mambrino Kitty Lewis, by 
Silver Duke 2:26 

Kitty Hayes, b m. 1884. by Judge 
Hayes Laura Swigert, by Swigert. 2:25% 

Kitty Hiatoga. b m, 1885, by Harry 
Phelps Bawley, by Blanco 2:18% 

Kitty Hooker, b m, 1886, by Egbert 
Laura, by Joe Hooker 2:29% 

Kitty Hudson, ch m. 188, by Hud- 
son, dam by Ironwood 2:25 

Kitty Ives, gr m, 1872. by Dolan 
(Canadian) Kinkora, by Alger Horse 2:28% 

Kitty Kilburn, gr m, 1877, by Kilburn 
Jim Jr. Belle by Honest John... 2:21 

Kitty L., b m, 188. by Paddy Ma gee 2:27V 4 

Kitty Lynch, br m, 187 by Mill- 
iman's Bellfounder, dam by Morgan 
Sumpter 2:26% 

Kitty Mills, b m, 188, by Horry Mills 2:28% 

Kitty Morris, b m, 1872, by Lon Mor- 
ris 2:30 

Kitty M Patchen. b m, 1878, by 
George' D. Patchen, dam by Sir 
Henry 2:30 

Kitty Patchen, ch m, 187. by Jeb 
Stuart Lady Jones, by Hefling's 
Hiatoga 2:21% 

Kitty Silver, ch m, 1876, by Mambrino 
Patchen Silk Ribbon, by Joe Won- 
der 2:27% 

Kitty Story, b m. 188, by Everett 
Clay, dam by Roland 2:22% 

Kitty Van, b m. 1876. by Walker Mor- 
rili Belle Hastings, by Magna 
Charta 2:24 

Kitty Vera b m. 1887, by Tnlavera 
Kittie Lisk. by Seneca Chief... 2:23% 

Kitty Waite. br m, 188, pedigree 
not traced 2:26% 

Kittv Wiikes. b m. 1877, by George 
Wilkes Gilbert Mare, by Clifton 
Pilot 2:30 

Kitty Wood, rn m. 1871. by Wood's 
Hambletonian Fame, by Cham-y 
Moore Horse 2:24% 

Klamath. b g, 18S5. Morookus Bob, 
by Ophir 2:13 

Klnto. br s. 1890. by Pluto Belle 
King, by Mambrino King 2:28% 




. , 

Daisy Dean, by Magna Charta... 

Knight, br s, 1888, by Woodford 

Wilkes China Wilkes, by Adrian 

Knightmare'/b'inj'isSS, by Sir Knight 

Lady Austin, by Envoy ..... / 
Knightmont, ch s, 1889, by Sir Knight 

Actress, by Alroy .......... . ..... 

Knighthood, b s, 1885, by Aberdeen 

Ophir, by Alamo .................. 

Knight Templar, br s, 1884, by Eg- 

bertLaura, by Billy Adams ....... 

Knita, b m, 188, by Sir Knight ..... 

Knotty Boy, blk g, 188 by Clay.... 

Knotwood, b s, 1883, by Monaco- 

Annie Birch, by Almont ........... 

Knox, blk s, 1875, by Gen. Knox 

Clemontine, by Logan ....... . ..... 

Knox Boy, br e, 1868, by Gen. Knox 

Juniata ...................... 

Knoxie Magnet, blk m, 188, by Mag- 

Knoxie* Walker,' ro 'm, 188^-,' 'by Jay 
Bird ............................. 

Koaline, b m. 1888, by Montgomery- 

Volga, by Sobol ................... 

Kokomis, b s, 1886, by Victor Bis- 

marck, dam by Goldsmith's Abdal- 

lah ............................... 

Kolena, b m, 1890, by Kokomis 

Laura Hatcher, by Mambrino Hatch- 

er ............................... 

Konantz, b s, 1881, by Lyle Wilkes 

Lady Gregory, by Corbeau .......... 

Konie, ch m, 1889, by Konantz Orna, 

by Woodford Mambrino Jr ......... 

Konovalinka, ch s, 188, by Chestnut 

Wilkes ........................... 

K. P., b g, 1881, by Young Padlock- 

Mohawk Belle, by Mohawk Jackson 
Kratz, b s, 1890, by Cyclone Neoma 

C., by Twilight .................... 

Kremlin, b s, 1887, by Lo:-d Russell- 

Eventide, by Woodford Mambrino . . 
Kris Kringle, b s, 1883, by Santa 

Glaus Toto, by Princeps ......... 

La Bessa ........................... 

La Bel, br s, 1SS8, by St. Bel Ella 

Jackson, by Hamlin's Almont Jr. . . 
La Belle, ch m, 1892, by Sidney- 

Anna Belle, by Dawn ........... 

Lace Dealer, b s, 1880, by Smuggler 

Tullahoma, by Almont .......... 

La Crosse Jr., b s, 1890. by La Crosse 
Lady Alcy. b m, 1892, by Alcyo 

Annie Rooney, by Lolhair ....... 

Lady Alert, ch m, 1878. by Mambriuo 

Lance Queena, by Sampson ....... 

Lady Alice b m, 186, pedigree not 

traced (dead) ..................... 

Lady Almont. b m, 1885 by John 

Burdine Ruby, by Mingo Chief . . 
Lady Anderson, b m, 1889, by Ander- 

son Wilkes Bird, by Edge water. . 
Lady B., ch m, 188> . by Springtime 
Lady B., ro m. 1885, by Clark Chief 

Puss, by Vinco .................. 

Lady B.. ch m, 188. by Goldemar. . 
Lady Augusta, b m, 1857, by Rys- 

dyk's Hambletonian (dead) ........ 

Ladv B.. ch m. 188, by Warwick Boy 
Lady Babcock, b m, 188, by Happy 

Medium Jr ........................ 

Lady Banker, b m, 1865, bv Rysdyk's 

Hambletonian Banker Mare, by 

Boston (dead) . . . ". ................. 


2:12y 2 
2:29V 2 

























Lady Barefoot, br m, 1877, by Kent 
Dolly, by Ballard's Cassius M. 
Clay Jr. .. 2:26% 

Ladv Beach, blk m, 1885, by Altamont 
Hollywood, by Hambletonian Mam- 
brino 2:20% 

La<ly Belle, gr m, 1887, by Pilot Med- 
iumMinnie Hoag, by Bay Mid- 
dleton 2:1414 

Lady Blanchard, gr m, 1864, by Whip- 
pie's Hambletonian Lady Living- 
ston, by Gen. Taylor (dead) 2:26Vi 

Lady Blanche, b m, 188, by Don 
Carlos 2:26& 

Lady Blanche, b m, 186, pedigree 
not traced (dead) 2 :28>i 

Lady Blesoington, b m, 1868, by Mid- 
dletown Jenny Hawkins, by Seely's 
American Star 2:28 

Lady Bomont, b m, 1891, by Bomont. 2:29% 

Lady Bonner, b m, 1875, by Honest 
Allen Ledger Girl, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian 2:24% 

Lady Brooks, b m, 1873, by Whit- 
comb's Feamaught, dam by Big- 
ler's Bashaw 2:25% 

Lady Bug, blk m, 188, by Green Boy 2:24V4 

Lfr Bug, b m, 1881, by Burton Lucy 
White, by Young Toronto' Chief .. 2:22< / 4 

Lady Bullion, b m, 1884, by Pilot 
Medium Hattie Iloyer, by Bullion 2:10% 

Lady Burton, b m, 1887, by Col. Bur- 
ton 2:28 

Lady Byron, blk m. 1861, by Royal 
Geo.ige, dam by Sir Lovell (dead).. 2:28 

Lady Clare, ch m, 1888, by Elyria 
Lou, by Mambrino Sterley 2:18% 

Lady Capom, b m, 1879, by Capoul 
Nelly 2:2S 

Lady Clark, ro m, 1874, by Clark's 
Mohawk Jr. Fanny Cox, by Kos- 
euth 2:27 

Lady Collins, b m, 188, by Good- 
win's Hambletonian 2:30 

Lady Connaught, b m, 1888, by Con- 
naught, dam by Boston 2:30 

Lady Crossan, b m, 187, by Sus- 
sex Chief 2:28 

Lady Daggett, gr m, 1867, by Logue 
Horse Lady Johnson (dead) 2:26 

Lady Dahiman, b m, 1865, by Robert 
Bonner Miss Seeley, by a son of 
Hill's Black Hawk 2:28 

Lady Daphne, blk m, 1888, by Alta- 
mont Nell, by Duroc Prince 2:21% 

Lady Dawson, b m, 1876, by Jay 
Gould Daisy Burns, by Skenandoah 2:28 

Lady De Jarnette, b m, 1874, by In- 
dian Chief Belle, by Lytton's 
Warfield '. 2:28 

Lady Dinsmore, b m, 186, pedigree 
not traced 2:30 

Lady Don, b m, 187, by Don A. ... 2:29% 

Lady Douglas, b m, 188, by Arling- 
ton 2:24% 

Lady Douglas, b m, 1865, by Vermont 
Hero Sal by Dicky 2:30 

Lady Douglass, ch m, 1884, by Clay- 
ton Edsall Stebbin's Mare, by a 
son of Stephen A. Douglass 2 :2S>% 

Lady Egmont, b m, 1887, by Egmont 
Chief Nelly S., by Wichita 2:30 

Lady Elgin, b m, 1876, by Legal 
Tender Jr. Nelly, by Blue Bull 2:25% 

Lady Ellen, b m, 1875, by Carr's Mam- 
brino Ida May Jr., by Owen Dale. 2:29% 

Lady Emma, blk m, 1883 by Alcan- 
tara Advantage, by Administrator 2:23% 

Lady Emma, ch m. 1855, by Jupiter 



Empress, by Abdallah (dead) 2:26 ! /i 

Lady Emma, ch ni, 18(36, by Canada 
(Jliampion. duun by imp. Consterna- 
tion (dead) 2:28 

Lady Escott, ch in, 1881, by Arthur- 
ton Young Lady Vernon, by David 

Hill 2:26V& 

Lady Ethel, br in, 1887, by Baron 
Wilkes Princess Ethel, by Volun- 
teer 2:24"M 

Lady Euclid, b m, 1885, by Euclid- 
Maud, by Keene George 2 :25 

Lady F., gr m, 1878, pedigree noi 

traced 2:20% 

Lady Fairlawn, b in, 1889, by Fair- 
lawn Medium lolanthe, by Oceanic 

Chief 2:28Vi 

Lady Fargo, b m, 188, by Happy 

Medium 2:24V4 

Lady Fern, b m, 1890, by Red Fern... 2:2UVt 
Lady Fay, ro m, 188, pedigree not 

traced 2:29/ a 

Lady Finch, b m, 1880, by Star 

Patchen Polly, by Winalow Horse. 2:30 
Lady Finch, br m, 188, by Jim Fincli 2:27^ 
Lady Fox, ch m, 1863, by Druvy's 

Ethan Allen Lady Partington 2:30 

Lady Foxie ch m, 1869, by Daniel 

Lambert Foxie, by Breed Horse.. 2:24V* 
Lady Franklin, b m, 188, by Ben 

Franklin, dam by Brown Hurry-... -:25>i 
Lady Franklin (Carrie), ro m, 1847, 

pedigree not traced (deadj 2:29% 

Lady G., b m, 1890, by Antonelle... 2:29'/ 4 
Lady Garfield, b m, 186, pedigree 

not traced (dead) 2:23'/a 

Lady Gay, ch m, 1885, by Sir Walter 
Lady Alinont, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino 2:27V4 

Lady Gilbert, gr m. 189, by Red 
Wilkee Annie B., by Hambletonian 

Mambrino 2:25V 4 

Lady Governor, b m, 188, by Gold- 
smith '. 2:25 

Lady Griswold, gr m, 186, pedigree 

not traced (dead) 2:29 

Lady Griswold, blk m, 188 by Mid- 
night 2:30 

Lady Groesbeck, gr m, 1869, by Star 

of the West Old Fly (dead) 2:25V& 

Lady Grosvenor, b m, 1885, by Gros- 

venor Lady Nutwood, by Nutwood 2:27 
Lady H., gr m, 1868, by Manchester 

Tuckahoe 2:27 

Lady Hamilton, gr m, 1859, by Toron- 
to Chief Kate King, by Sir Tatton (dead) 2:30 

Lady Hamilton, b m, 1884, by Ralston 

Sally H., by Weedman's Dexter. . 2:25% 
Lady Hamilton, b m, 188, by Gen. 

Hatch 2:24V4 

Lady Hannie, b m, 1885. by Hannis 

Miss Trotwood, by Enfleld 2:25 

Lady Hare, ch m, 188, by Col. Hare 2:16% 
Lady Hassan, b m, 1885, by Mambrino 
Hassan Lady Penrose, by Moscow 

Jr 2:30 

Lady Havoc, b m, 1882 by Havoc- 
Kit 2:23 

Lady Helen, ch m, 1879, by Wood- 
burn Chief Princess, by American 

Clay 2:22 

Lady Hendryx, br m, 1880, by Daunt- 
less, dam by Tom Hunter 2:30 

Lady Houk, b m, 1887, by Ambassa- 
dorFlora West by Scott's Hiatoga 2:29'/a 
Lady Hughes, b m, 1860, by Jupiter, 
dam by Webber's Tom Thumb (dead) 2:30 

Lady I., b m, 1882, by Billy Norfolk 2:21) 
Lady Idol, b m, 1887, by Idol Wilkes 
Net Star, by Spencer's Vicar of 

Wakefleld 2:25 

Lady Independence, blk in, 1872 by 
Black Dutchman Fanny, by Voor- 

hees' Abdallah Chief 2:29^4 

Lady J., b m, 1889, by Darknight 
Belle Oakwood, by Black's Ham- 
bletonian (pacing record 2:20) 2:30 

Lady Jane, b m, 1885, by Mambrino 

Swigert, dam by Bismarck 2:17*4 

Lady Jane, b m 184, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2 :30 

Lady Jefferson, blk m, 188, by 

Thomas Jefferson 2:22^4 

Lady Jerauld, b m, 1878, by Billy 
Denton Jr. Bay Golddust, by Gold- 
dust 2:241/4 

Lady Juno, blk m, 1890, by Quarter- 
master Electa, by Electioneer 2:.">0 

Lady Jupiter, ch in, 1874, by Jupiter 2:30 
Lady K., ch m, 1885, by Hunter- 
Virginia Kemper, by Woodmausee'e 

Tuckahoe 2:30 

Lady K., b m, 1873, by Gen. George 
H. Thomas Lady Crane, by Fazoi- 

etta 2:29V& 

Lady Kate Sprague, b m, 1879, by 

Gov. Sprague Bonnie Smyle 2:27*4 

Lady Kelso, gr m. 1872, by Belmout 

Diana, by Pilot Jr 2:29 

Lady Kensett, b m, 1878, by Kenseit 

Prouty 2:21*4 

Lady Kerns, b m, 1876, by Ainboy, 

dam by Blacknose 2:29ya 

Lady Kildeer, b m, 1862, by Blacic 
Dutcheman. dam by Sterling's May 

Day (dead) 2:28 

Lady Lightfoot, b m, 1888, by Almon- 

eer Weasel 2:28& 

Lady Lannon, br m, 188, by Auster- 

litz 2:2o'/a 

Lady Lear, gr m, 1872, by Morgan 

Horse Wiley, by Nelson 2:24/2 

Lady Lemmon, b m, 1872. by Knicker- 
bocker Leinmon Mare, by Paul Clif- 
ford 2:27 

Lady Linda, ch m, 1879, by Haven 

Star Kate 2:26 

Lady Lockwcod. b m, 1853, by Neave's 
Cassius M. Clay, dam by Rediker s 

A'exander W., (dead) 2:25 

Lady Low, ch m, 1869 by Justin 

Morgan 2:28 

Lady Loye, b m, 1879, by Confederate 

Chief, dam by Ethan Allen 2:23% 

Lady Lumber, blk m, 1870, by Lum- 
ber, by Iron Duke 2:291,4 

Lady M., ch m, 1878. by Dick Preble 
Sabin Mare, by St. Lawrence 

(Thunderbolt) 2:24 

Lady M., b m, 1878, by Hamlet Nell, 

by Conant's Black Hawk 2:23 

Lady M., gr m, 1870. by Vermont 

Hero Loveland, by Night Hawk 2:30 
Lady M., br m, 1885, by Indiamaii 

Daisy, by Volunteer 2:21 

Lady M., gr m, 1886, by Billy H. 

Blister, by Brister Horse 2:21V* 

Lady M.. b m, 188, by Black's Ham- 
bletonian 2:23!4 

Lady Ma-?, b m, 1878, by Mapletcn 

Susan, by Wheeler's St. Lawronce 2:29*/ 
Lady Mac, b m, 1885, by Lemont 

Codicil, by Administrator 2:23Va 

Lady Mac, b in 1S78, by Mambriuo 



King dain by Mambrino Pilot 2:25 1 / 

Lady Mac, b in, 1868, by Whirlwind 
Madonna ^ : ^ 

Lady Mac, b m, 186, pedigree not 
traced * :< >v 

Lady Mack, b m, 1884, by Chisinore 
Lady Mac 2 :2o V2 

Lady McCune, br m, 1882, by Mait- 
kind, darn by Babeock Horse 2:28% 

Lady McFatridge, b m, 1868, by 
Woodford Mambrino Bayadere, by 
Bay Chief (dead) 2:29 

Lady McGregor, b m, 1887, by Robert 
McGregor Leda, by Aberdeen 2:2o'/$j 

Lady McGregor, br m, 1888. by Gil- 
niau Me Gregor Lady Almont, by 
Royal Almont - 2:30 

Lady McKeeu b m, 188, by Mohi- 
can, dam by'Dr. Herr 2:29% 

Lady Majolica, b m, 1878, by Dicta- 
tor Lyd, by Brown Chief 2:25 

Lady Marie, b m, 1876, by Windsor, 
dam by Voorhees' Abdallah Chief. . 2:29 

Lady Martin, ch m, 1878, by Davis' 
Honest Allen Lady Ling, by Tag- 
gart's Abdallah 2:29 1 X> 

Lady Martin, b m, 187, by Downing 
Abdallah 2:23 

Lady Mascotte, b in, 1882, by Red 
Wilkes Belle, by Alcalde 2:25% 

Lfldv Maud, br m, 1882, by Rockwood 
Lady Clark, by Kisbar 2:23V a 

Lady Maud, br in, 1867, by Gen. Knox 
Fanny, by Sabek 2:18% 

Lady Maxim, b m, 1885, by Maxim- 
Lady Graves, by Smuggler 2:20% 

Lady 'Mills, b m, 1871, by Ohosroes, 
dam by Othello 2:24% 

Lady Monroe, gr m, 1870, by Jim 
Monroe, dam by Bald Stockings 2:20V4 

Lady Monroe, b m, 1884, by Sagerser 
Lucy, by Old Morg 2:29 

Ladymont, b m, 1889, by King Al- 
moiit Baughman Girl, by Messenger 
Chief 2:28% 

Lady Moore, br m, 1870, bv Peace- 
makerNelly Moore, by Westchester 2:25 

Lady Morrison, b m, 1867, by Volun- 
teerStella, by Seely's American 
Star 2:27% 

Lady Moscow, br m, 183, pedigree 
not traced (dead) 2:30 

Lady Nelson, ch m, 1886, by Nelson, 
dam by son of Emperor William 2:21% 

Lady Nutwood, fo m, 1891, by Nut- 
wood Francis Medium, by Happy 
Medium 2:25% 

Lad v O., br m, 188, by T. O. M. 
Baby 2:24 

Lady O., gr in, 1884, by Young Prince 
-Nell 2:28% 

Lady of Lyons, b m, 1882, by Argyle 
Miss Lyons, by Blue Grass 2:21% 

Lady Onward, b m, 188, by Game 
Onward 2:28 

Lady Pasemore, ch m, 188, by Peter 
Pinder 2:2.V/^ 

Lady Peek, ch m, 1885, by Star Duke, 
dam by State Rights 2:26 

Lady Potter, gr m, 1891, by Young 
Fullerton Mary, by Harry Long... 2:27 

Lady Powell, b m, 1888, by Hope So, 

dam by Annapolis 2:25% 

Lady Preston, ch in, 1877, by Dr. 
Herr Kitty Preston, by Mambrino 

Pilot Jr 2:30 

Lady Prewitt, br m, 1871, by Clark 
Chief Lady Wallenstein, by Lex- 

ington .......................... 

Lady Pritchard, ch m, 1868, by Green 

Mountain Banner Pritchard Mare, 

bv Flying Morgan .................. 

Lady Red, b m, 1891, by Glenelg ..... 

Lady Redwood, br m, 1885, by Red- 

woodBelle ..................... 

Lady Reid, b m, 188, by Corbin Ba- 

Lady RJchaVds! W \n,' 1880,' 'by* Bu- 
cephalus Etta Knox, by Roan 
Prince ........ ................... 

Lady Richards, b m, 1886, by Swigert 
Ladv Star, by Goldsmith's Star... 

Lady Richwood, b m, 1876, by Rich- 
wood Oriana, by Ericsson ......... 

Lady Robert, br m, 1890, by Robert L. 
Mira, by Ajax ................... 

Lrdy Rooker, b m, 188, by Rooker. . 

Lady Rolfe, b m, 1874, by Tom Rolfe 


Nelly, by Montezuma (pacing rec- 

ord 2: 

Lady Ross, b m, 1860, by Vergennes 

Black Hawk, dam by Neave's Cas- 

sius M. Clay Jr .................... 

Lady Rowena, ch m, 188 by George 
Lady Russet, ch m, 1891, by Joe You 

See Lady Homer, by Homer ....... 

Lady Sampson, b m, 1872, by Dolph- 

us, dam by a Copperbottom horse. .. 
Lady Sargeant, b m, 1873, by Good- 

ing's Champion Lady Allen ....... 

Lady Savage, b m, 188, by Hinkston 

Boy ............................. 

Lady Scud, b m, 186, by Edward 

Everett .......................... 

Lady Shannon, gr m, 1845, by Har- 

ris' Hambletouian (dead) ........... 

Lady Shepard, b m, 1884, by Scobey's 

Feamaught Molly Allen, by Wood- 

ard's Ethan Allen Jr ............... 

Lady Sheridan, b m, 186, pedigree 

not traced (dead) .................. 

Lady Sherman, br m, 1874, by Gen. 

Stiernxan, dam by Darkey ........... 

Lady Snell, b m. 1865, by Godfrey 

Patchen Lady Stevens, by Biggart's 

Rattler (dead) . . . ., ................ 

Lady Spanke:-, b m, 1878, by Wide 

Awake Swift, by Richard's Colt... 
Lady Spencer, b m, 1888, by Idol 

Wilkes Lizzie Howes, by Harrison 

Chief ............................ 

Lady Star, b m, 186, by Sir Henry.. 
Lady Stillman, blk m, 1879, by Hiram 

WoodruffDolly, by Trojan Jr ...... 

Lady Stout, ch m, 1871, by Mambrino 

Patchen Puss Prall, by Mark Time 
Lady Suffolk, gr m, 1833, by Engineer, 

dam by Don Quixote (dead) ......... 

Lady Sutton, blk m, 1880, by Dash- 

wood Sutton .................... 

Lady Sutton, br m, 1839, by Morgan 

Eagle (dead) ...................... 

Lady Tessa, ch m, 1883, by Alcantara 

Miss Bluff, by Wilkins Micawber. 
Ladv Thistle, b m, 1878, by Pineapple 

Fanny, by Volunteer ............. 

Lady Thompson, gr m, 1886, by Sim- 

monsLady Humphrey, by Victor. . 
Lady Thorn, b m, 1856, by Mambrino 

Chief Rhodes Mare, by 'Gkino (dead) 
Lady Thorne, b m, 1873, by Darlbay 

Sally Messenger, by Starlight (dead). 
Lady Thornton, b m, 1871, by Mapes 

Horse, dam by Edsall'a Jupiter ..... 
Lady Tighe, b m, 1874. by Felter's 

Hambletonian Spider Legs ........ 






2:29'/ 2 










2:23'/ 4 
















Lady Triceps, b m, 1878, by Triceps 
Goodwin Mare, by Dolan (Cana- 
dian) 2:28 

Lady Turpin, blk m, 1869, by Bell 
Morgan Nonesuch, by Brignoli 
(dead) 2:23 

Lady Ulster, b m, 1885, by Clay Ham- 
bletonian Maggie S., by Gallagher's 
Prince of Orange 2:20 

Lady Underbill, br m, 188 by Mike 
Logan 2:29Va 

Lady Upton, b m, 1870, by Gen Grant 
(Canadian) Nancy, by American 
Eagle 2:29 

Lady Van, b m, 1887, by George Steck 
Reubie Newman, by Magic 2:28 

Lady Vernon, gr m, 1845, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:29^ 

Lady Voorhees, ch m, 1870, by Man- 
chester Tuckahoe 2:23Vi 

Lady Walker, br m, 188, by Captain 
Walker Jr., dam by Flaco 2:30 

Lady W., b m, 188 by Weisbaden.. 2:18% 

Lady Warren, b m, 188, by Royal 
Fearnaught 2:29% 

Lady Washington, b m, 188, by On- 
slaught 2:25% 

Lady Washington, b m, 1887, by Prin- 
ceps Ella, by Enfield 2:24% 

Lady Watson, blk m, 188, by Sim 
Watson 2:20% 

Lady Weeks, ch m, 1884, by Dow S. 
Dolly Stover, by Honest Dan 2:25^ 

Ladywell, b m, 1886, by Electioneer 
Lady Lowell, by Shootz's St. Clair. 2:10V a 

Lady Wellington, blk m, 1882, by 
Victor Fanny Crafts 2:25!i 

Lady Whitefoot, b m, 1881, by Will- 
iam M. Rysdyk Nelly, by Matthews' 
Black Hawk 2:18% 

Lady Whitman, b m, 1861, by Seely's 
American Star Nance, by Durland'e 
Young Messenger Duroc 2 :30 

Lady Wilkes, blk m, 1889, by Ellers- 
lie Wilkes Lady Eclipse, by Abdal- 
lah Eclipse 2:lGy a 

Lady Wilkes, b m, 1882, by Bed 
Wilkes Grey Nelly, by John Dillard 2:29% 

Lady Williams, br m, 1886, by Lumps 
Betty, by Red Chief 2:29% 

Lady Williams, ch m. 1867. by Par- 
son's Horse Logan Maid, by Page's 
Logan 2:2S ; /i 

Lady Wilson, b m, 188, by Wild 
Wagoner 2:29% 

Lady Wilton, br m, 1888, by Wilton 
Lemonade, by Kentucky Prince Jr. 2:21U 

Lady Winehip. br m, 1881, by H. B. 
Winship Daisy, by Black Ralph.... 2:23V 2 

Lady Wonder, ch m, 1878, by Little 
Wonder Pet, by Whitehall Jr 2:25 

Lady Wonder, ch m, 188, by Fergus 
McGregor Nell, by Manhattan 2:23& 

Lady Woodhull, b m, 1879, By Corn- 
wallWarwick Star 2:29ii 

Lady Woodruff, b in, 1851, by Wash- 
ington, darn by Gen. Coffee (dead).. 2:29 

La Ferine, b e, 1889, by Garnet Wilkes 
Daisy Wilson, by Lucknow Jr 2:23Vji 

La France, br s, 1891, by France 2:26Vi 

La Grange, blk g, 1879, by Sultan 
Georgiana, by Overland 2:23'/ 

La Grippe, b m, 1886, by Lumps- 
Black, By Protos 2:17% 

La Haute,' b m, 1891, by Re-Election 
Elite, by Messenger Duroc 2:24^ 

Lah-da-dato, b m, 1876, by Ferdinand 
O. Laconia 2:26 

Lakeside Norval, b s, 1889, by Nor- 

yal Mattie, by Rysdyk's Harnble- 

Lakewood *b e, 1889, by Norwood- 
Jet, by Ravenswood 

Lakewood Maid, b m, 1882, by Wilke- 
sonian Mirabeth, by Woodfo -d 

Lakewood Prince, b s, 1884, by Wilke- 
sonian Mirabeth, by Woodford 
Mambrino (dead) 

Lakoto, br s, 1886, by Bourbon Wilkes 
Ella Ellis, by Westwood 

Lallah Wilkes, blk m, 1889, by Sable 
Wilkes Susie Hunter, by Arthurton 

Lamar, br g, 1881, by Baker Pilot- 

Lamartine, b s, 1886, by Egbert An- 
nie, by Cottrill Morgan... 

Lambert B., b s, 1884, by Daniel 
Lambert Lotta B., by Messenger 

Lammermoor, b g, 1884, by Rumor- 
Lucia, by Jay Gould 

La Mode, ch s, 1887, by Nan tucket, 
dam by Almont Smith 

Lament, b s, 1883, by Redwood Nelly 
F., by Coupon 

Lamp, ch g, 1884, by Lively Nelly, 
by Hickory Boy . . . '. 

Lanark, blk s, 1885, by Egbert Kitty 
Gibson, by Alcalde 

Lancelot, b s. 1887, by Messenger I Mi- 
roc Green Mountain Maid, by Har- 
ry Clay 

Lancet, blk g, 1849, by Vermont Black 
Hawk Old Squaw, by Lee Boo 
(dead) ;.. 

Lancewood, ch g, 1875, by Lance- 
woodKate, by Young Napoleon... 

Landmark, ch g, 187, pedigree not 

Landmark Maid, gr m, 188. by Land- 
mark Lysander Maid, by Lysander. 

Langton, ch s. 1887, by Alfred Laura 
C., by Electioneer 

Langtrey, br in, 1882, by Administra- 
torFanny Osborne, by Volunteer. . 

Lanie-, b s, 1890, by St. Just Dora, 



2: 13 ft 












1886, by Mansfield 


by Bayard Jr 

Langford, b g, 

Laomi, b m, 188, by 

La Oscaletta, br m, 1874, by Dictator 
Lady Ketchum, by imp. Osirus... 

La Petite Bel. blk m, 1801, by St. Bel 
Pet Cub, by Administrator 

Laprairie Girl, br m, 1880. by Ben 

Laporte, ch g, J885, by Jappo, dam 
by Slasher 

Laputa, ch s, 1888, by Royal Fear- 
naught Maggie Roys, by Shurtz 

Larco, gr s, 188, by A. W. Rich- 
mond, dam by Overland 

Largesse, b m, 1874. by Scott's 
Thomas Fanny Howard, by Woful 

Larkin, b g. 1871, by Young Woful 
Lady Forrester, by Field's Royal 

Larry, b g, 1883, by Beaufort Aiken 

Larry, b g, 1883, by Tangle 

Larry Boy, br g, 1880, by Stockholm 
Leary Girl 

Larry C.. b s, 1892, by Ponce De Leon 

Lasella, b m, 1887, by Grand Sentinel 
Governess, by George Sprague . . . 


2:29V 4 





2:29V 2 



In 1894 Geers placed the world's record for pacers at 2 :0l l /z 
with Robert J., and gave Fantasy a four-year- 
old record of 2:06. 


An Ohio product that was out last year with Eloise 2 :15. In 1895 
he will wear the colors of the Two-Minute Stock Farm. 



Lasis, b m, 1884, by Champion 
Sisal, by Harold 2:20% 

Lassie, b 111, 1887, by Masterlode 
Ester, by Fisk's Belmont 2:30 

Last Chance, b g, 1892, by Regal 
Wilkes, dam by Arthurton 2:2614 

Last Chance, b m. 1885, by Victor Bis- 
marck Dicta, by Dictator 2:2&%, 

Lath, blk s, 1881, by Gypsy Boy- 
Lady Burdett 2:29^4 

Latitude, b s, 1886, by Walsingham 
Easel, by Princeps 2:15 

Laundry Girl, br m, 1889, by King 
Rene Good Morning, by Harold ... 2:23'/4 

La Tosca, b m, 1888, by Madrid- 
Fantasy, by Onward 

Laura b m, 188, by Bearer 

Laura* B., b m, 1887, by Prairie Star 
lone, by Wapsie 2:27% 

Laura B., b in. 188, by Willie Schep- 
per 2:27 

Laurabel, ch in, 1885, by Belmont 
Laura, by Joe Hooker 2:27% 

Laura C., b m, 1881, by El3Ctioneer 
Fanny Lewis, by imp. Buckden ... 2:29% 

Laura E., b m, 1881, by Swigert 
Blucheretta, by Richard's Bell- 
founder 2:28 

Laura F., blk m, 188, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr. Black Maid, by Black- 
wood Jr 2:19% 

Laura M., b m, 1874, by Washing- 
tonLaurel 2 :27 

Laura McGregor, ch m, 1888, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Laura Forrest, by 
Forrest Golddust 2:22 

Laura R., b m, 1885, by Electioneer 
Ladj- Farmer, by Leachmen'.s Lex- 
ington 2:211/4 

Laura S., ch m, 188, by Starmont Jr. 2:23% 

Laura Williams, gr m, 1870, by Hola- 
bird's Ethan Allen Stone Mare, by 
North American 2:24>a 

Laura Z., br m. 1886, by Alexander 
Button Black Dolly 2:18 1 /4 

Lauretta, b m, 1891, by Patchen 
Wilkes Dinnie, by Rochester 2:30 

Lavender, b m, 1887, by Alcantara 
Modjeska, by Royal Fearnaught ... 2:28V4 

Lavina, b m, 1889, by Woodford 
Wilkes Pearl, by Ashland Patchen 2:28 

Lavoca, b m, 188, by Anderson 
Wilkes 2:22>4 

Lawrence, br s. 1882, by Dr. Frank- 
linMiss Morrill, by Mori-ill Cham- 
pion 2 -25 'A- 

L. B. R., b g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2-29% 

Lea. ch m, 1890, by Sidney Venus, 
by Capt. Webster 2:2 i 1 ^ 

Leap Year, b m, 1888, by Tempest- 
Eulogy, by Com. Belmont 2:26-"l 

Leek, br g, 1887, by Elector 2:29 

Leckwood, b s, 1886. by John E. Wood 
Bessie Lee, by Siberian 2:28% 

Le Count, b s, 1880, by S\\ eepstakes 
Maggie, by Edward Everett 2-29 

L. D., b s, 188-, by South Jersey 
Patchen, dam by American Jack- 
son 2-2514 

Leda, b m, 1871, by Aoerdeen Pattie 
W., by Brandywine 2:25% 

Leda Wood, br m. 1879, by Black- 
woodFanny Goldsmith, by' Edward 
Everett 2-30 

Lee, ch g, 188, by Gen. Lee Sister, 
by Gen. Taylor 2'17ld 

Lee Forester, b g. 1886, by Kentucky 

Belmont, dam by Halsey's Ham- 

Lee Hope, br s, 1882, by Kentucky 

Lee M., gr g, 188, by Osier Horse 

Lee R., b g, 1879, by Mountain Bird- 
Maggie, by Snip Printer 

Lee Russell, b s, 1888, by Lord Rus- 
sell Myra, by Electioneer 

Leesee, br m, 1887, by Quartermaster 

Lee W., b g, 187 by Bourbon Blue 
-May Fly ........ 

Legacy, br m, 1888, by St. Bel- 
Lonely by Volunteer 

Legal R., b g. 1876, by Legal Tender 
Jr. Betty Hudson, by Frank 

Legal Tender, b g, 187, by Legal 
Tender Liza Boston, by Boston . . . 

Legal Test, b s, 1886, by Electioneer 
Maria, by Don Victor 

Le Grand, b g. 188, by Le Grand- 
Henrietta, by Bell Alta 

Leicester, ch e, 1884, by Deucalion- 
Lady Winship, by H. B. Winship. . 

Leighton, gr g, 188, by Jay Bird . . 

Leiah H., b m, 1880, by Homer- 
Lady Sentinel, by Sentinel 

Lelaud, b g, 188, by Senator 

Leland Medium, br s, 1887, by Fair- 
lawn Medium Kit Ackman, by 
Judge Leland 

Loland Stanford, b s, 1884, by Strath- 
more Chum, by Duke's Norman . . . 

Lelawah, blk m, 1885, by Ambassador 
Bird, by Orr.'s Flying Cloud 

Lem, b s. 187, by Orange County 
Clara, by Tom Thumb 

Lemonce, b m, 1890, by Wilton- 
Lemonade, by Kentucky Prince Jr. 

Lemonade, b m, 1879, by Kentucky 
Prince Jr. Susie Melbourne, by Mel- 
bourne Jr 

L'Empress, blk m, 188, by L'Ein- 
peror Belle Stevens by Stevens' 
Bald Chief '. 

L'Empereur, b s, 1883, by Alcyone- 
Fair Lady, by Dictator 

2:22 ,. 



2:23 , 



2:27y t 






2:27' /t 




Drew Girl, by Winthrop 

Lena Holly, ro m. 1889, by Direcor 
Steinola, by Steinway 

Lena Miller, ch m, 1885, by Onward- 
Long Lane, by Long Island Patchen 

Lena Sprague, blk m, 1883, by Gov. 
Sprague Helene, by Administrator 

Lena Swallow, b m, 1877, by Blue 
Bull, dam by Aachy Lightfoot 

Lena V., b m. 188, by William H. 

Lenawee, br s, 1884, by Sickle Ham- 
bletonian Fanny Patchen, by Fisk's 
Mambrino Patchen Jr 

Lena Wilkes, b m, 1883, by Barney 
Wilkes Gin Burner, by Frank Al- 

Lenity, b m, 1885 by Hiram Wood- 
ruff Jessie, by George M. Patchen 

Lenmar, b s, 1882, by Admar Le- 
nore, by Gladiator 

Lenore Moody, blk m, 1888, by Moody 
Lauretta, by Durango 

Lenox, br s, 1888, by Quartermaster 
Lorna. by Enfield 

Lent, b s, 1886. by Electioneer 

2:26i t 


2:22 : /t 

2:29' i 

2:16! i 



2:26> 2 

2:22'/ 3 



2:22V 4 


Lizzie, by Wildidle 

Leu, b g, 1884, by Pluto Miss Sibley, 

bv Swigert, in, 1890, by Rockefeller 

Mudeua, by Messenger Wilkes 

Leola, b m, 1888, by Quartermaster 


Leon, gr g, 1886 by A. W. Richmond 

Nelly, by Grant 

Leona, ch m 1887, by Almoon Daisy, 

by Bob Woodring 

Leon Boy. ch g, 1877, by Spriug- 

ville Chief Fanny Greeley, by Peter 

Jones 2 :29% | 

Leone, ch m, 1891, by Lancelot Nida, 

by Monon 2:28',4 \ 

Leon H., blk s, 1888, by Young 

Wilkes Nettie Hawkins, by Belvl- 

dere 2:29'/i i 

Leonor, 1) m, 1884. by Dashwood 

Geraldine, by Echo 2:24 ; 

Leontine, b m, 1874, by Hamlet Bet, 

by Clark Chief 2:23-4 j 

Leopard Bob, ch g, 1889, by Little 

Wonder Bess Sparks, by Parsons' 

Abdallah 2:28 ! 

Leopard Rose, sp m, 1882. by Kilbuck 

Tom Flora Green, by Thorpe's 

Guerney 2 :15Vi 

Leo Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Brown 

Wilkes Maggie Monroe, by Monaco 2:25 l ,i 
Leo Wilkes, br s, 1885, by Guy 

Vv'ilkes Sable, by The Moor 2:29% 

Leroy, b g, 1881. by Trample 2:29 14 

Leroy, ch g, 188, pedigree not 

traced 2:29;, 

Leroy, blk s, 1887, by Joe Young ... 2:2-3-4 
Lesa Wilkes, br m, 1890, by Guy 

Wilkes Hannah Price, by Arthurton 2:11^ 
Leslie Boy, br s, 188, pedigree not 

traced 2:26 1 / 2 

Le Simmons, b s, 1888, by Simmons- 
Clara, by Strathmore 2 :2G 

Leta Howe, b m, 1886, by Balaklava 

Lelia S., by Sweepstakes 2:27% 

Letcher, gr s, 1888, by Director-Alice 

Grey, by iSignal 2:18% 

Letell, ch s, 188, by Axtell Amy 

Lee, by Bay Star 2:20& 

Letta C., ch m, 1886, by Walkill 

Prince Kitty Wilson, by Blue Bull 2:10 t 
Letter B., b m, 188, by Ward B.- 

Browu Irish, by Judge McKinley... 2:27 1 /. 

Lettie D., gr m 2:28/j 

Letitia, b m, 1885 by Louis Napoleon 

Maud, by Garibaldi 2:27Vi 

Lettie Watterson, gr m, 188, by Jim 

Schriber 2:21% 

Levi Aristos, br s, 1882, by Aristos 

Lady Snip, by William Tell 2:2Gy' 2 

Lewand, br g, 1884, by Legal Tender 

Jr. Luan, by Sovereign Gleucoe . . 2 :25% 
Lewellyn, ch s, 1887, by Aberdeen 

Selina, by Strader's Cassius M. Clay 

Jr 2:10i-i 

Lewe S., ch s, 188 by McCurdy's 

Hambletouian 2 :26% 

Lewinski, b g, 186, by Mambrino 

Messenger (dead) 2 :25Vi 

Lewis, blk g, 188, by Brown llolf 2:28% 
Lewis K., ch s, 1880, by Mammont 

Lady Powers, by Davis' Boston . . 2:23 
Lew Ives, b g, 186, by Bacon's 

Ethan Allen, dam by Studtail 2:28 

Lew Pettae, b g, 1860, by Benson 

Horse (dead) 2:29 

Lew Sayers, ro g, 185 by Neave's 

Cassius M. Clay Jr. (dead) 2:2*% 

Lew Scott, b g, 186, by Scott's Hia- 
toga (dead) ........................ 

Lew Wanu, br s, 1883, by Egmont 
Lady Samson, by Rover ............ 

Lew Wallace, blk s, 188 by Gold 
stone ........................... 

Lexington, br s, 1883, by King Philip 
Diana Patchen, by Mambrino 
Patchen .................... -. ..... 

Lexington Belle, b m, 1888, by Lexing- 
ton Chief Jr. May Hamilton, by 
Little Hamilton ...... ........... 

Lexington Boy, b s, 1884, by Egbert- 
Dixie, by Richelieu ...... ... 7 ...... 

Lexington Chief, sp g, 188, by Aris- 
tos Dolly Varden (pacing record 


Lexington King, b s, 1888, by Hunter 

Chief Daisy T., by Governor Hayes 
Libby S., TO m, 187, by Walker's 

Corbeau Dolly, by Dreunou (dead). 
Liberty Bell, b s, 1890, by Bell Boy 

Prenx, by Pancoast (dead) .......... 

Liberty Boy, b ., 1881, by Ainboy 

Kate ............................. 

Libretto, br s, 1887, by Mambrino 

Swigert Fannie Harris Cutle:-, by 

Grey Major ...................... 

License, ch g, 1S59, pedigree nut 

traced (dead,) ..................... 

Lida Bassett, b m. 1873, by Forest 

King Belle, by Alcalde ........... 

Lida D., b m, 188, by Brilliant Gold- 

dust .............................. 

Lida Picton, l>r m, 180, pedigree not 

traced (dead) ..................... 

Lida Wilkes, b m, 1888, by Young 

Wilkes Lida, by Hambletonian 

Prince .......................... 

Lifemark, b s, 1890, by 

Gipsy M., by Eclair ................ 

Lightfoot, b g, by Bostick's AlniouL 

Jr ................................ 

Light Hall, ro s, 1888, by Vatican- 

Nell, by Estill Eric ................ 

Lightning b m, 1887, by Alcantara- 

Portia, by Startle ................. 

Lightning Maid, blk m, 1880, by Al- 

mont Lightning Gritsette, by Draco. 
Lightwood, b m, 1886, by Nutwood- 

Belle Lightning, by Lightning ...... 

Likewise, br s, 1889, by Gideon Chief 

Nelly Boone, by Daniel Boone. . . . 
Lilac, br m, 1889, by Clay Lizzie 

Miller, by St. Clair ................ 

Lillian, ch m, 1870, by Almont Lilly 

Shields, by Cadmus ................ 

Lillian 1)., br m, 1881, by Wilgus 

Ciay, dam by Edwards' Cadmus.... 
Lillian Smith,' ch m, 1888, by Clay 

Duke, dam by B ightwood ......... 

Lillian Wilkes, br m, 1886, by Guy 

Wilkes Flora, by Langford ......... 

Lillis H., b m, 1885, by Chesterfield 

Kate ............................ 

Lilly, ch in, 186, pedigree not traced*- 
Lilly B., b m, 1885, by Foster Palmer. 
Lilly C., blk m, 1880, by Dr. Herr 

Mattie Clay, by Whip 'Clay ........ 

Lilly Dale, b m, 1877, by Alden Gold- 

smithQueen of Meadow Lawn, by 

Goldsmith's Abdallah ............. 

Lilly Dale, b m, 188, by Conductor.. 
Lilly H., b m, 1886, by Nutwood- 

Lottie, by Sentinel ................ 

Lilly Irwin, b m, 1876, by Virgo Ham- 

bletonian Lady Huggins, by Vol- 

unteer ........................... 

Lilly J., blk m, 1875, by Bayard 





2:24V 3 
2:27'/ a 

2:29V 2 





2:27 '/ 








2:28V 4 






Speed, by Thus. Jefte-.'sou 2:20% 

Lilly Kahn, b in, 188, by Star of the 

V\ est 2:27% 

Lilly Langtry, b m, 1877, by Mambrino 
Hanible Ionian cream Mare, by Sen- 
eca Chief 2:23'/4 

Lilly McCarthy, ch m, 188, by Dick 
Flaherty Mollie McCarthy 2:30 

Lilly Mack, b in, 1886, by Auctioneer 
Johnny Ole Sue 2:24^ i 

Lilly Moreland, b m, 1888, by Red 
\Vilkes-Neva, by Squire Talinage.. 2:26% ' 

Lilly Cj., ch m, 1890, by Key wood 
Kittle S., by Dispatch 2:29'/4 | 

Lilly Rysdyk, ro m, 1882, by William 
Rysdyk Curiosity, by Enquirer 2:25% ! 

Lilly Shields, ch m, 186, uy King's 
Cadmus Jane Shields, by Snow- 
storm (Canadian) (dead) 2:29% ! 

Lilly D., g m, 188 -, by Giltedge 2:28 '74 ' 

Lilly Stanley, br in, 1881, by Whipple- 
ton Dolly McMann 2:17% 

Limouero, b s, 1891, by Piedmont 
Lulaneer, by Electioneer- 2:15% 

Limber Jim, b g, 188, by Alhambra. 2:30 

Lime Bullard, b g, 187 2:30 

Limestone, b g, 1884, by The King- 
Curd Mare, by Marshall 2:19|/a 

Liuda, b m, 1882, by Volunteer Boy- 
Lady Franklin, by Eureka 2:29% j 

Linda Fister, br m, 1888, by Gam- 
betta Wiikes Bess Wiikes, by Har- 
ry Wiikes 2:27% 

Linda Sprague, b m, 1881, by Gov. 
Sprague Mary Coleman, by Grey's 
Mambrino Chief 2:17% 

Linden Wiikes, b s, 188, by Wood- 
ford Wiikes 2:25 

Lindie, br s, 1886, by Pretender 
Meta, by Idol Patchen 2:20^4 

Linkwood, br s, 1886, by Walsingham 
Ermine, by Princeps 2:2% 

Linkwood Chief, ch s, 1883, by Han- 

nis Myrtle, by Norman D 2:18% 

Linkwood Maid, ch m, 1883, by Tri- 

politan Chief Mrs. Rhoades 2:20 

Llnmont, b s, 1886, by Almont Med- 
iumLivonia, by Almont 2:23% 

Linnet, br m, 1888, by Electioneer 

Lizzie Whips, by Enquirer 2:29% 

Linnette, b m, 1883, by Onward Josie 

Sellers, by Mambrino Time 2 :29 1 4 < 

Linnette, dn m, 1886, by Reveille- 
Nelly, by Jones Acuff 2:28Vi 

Linnie, b m, 1885, by Egbert Mary 

Cap, by Mambrino Time 2:25 

Linwood, b m, 1880, by Mercury 

Stroud Mare 2:30 

Lion Moscow, ch s, 1890, by Musco- 
vite Epiph a nie Girl ; . . 2:21U 

Lisette, b m, 1887, by Laclede 
Myrtle Her:-, by Dr. Herr (dead) 2:22/i 

Liska, b m, 1889, by Electioneer 
Lizzie, by Wildidle , . 2:2SU 

Lissa, dn m, 1888, by Patchen Wiikes 
Lady Shaw, by Rochester 2:16 ">4 

Lister, b g, 187, by Almont Mother 
Hubbard, by Johnston's Toronto... 2:25^4 

Litchfleld, ch s, 1887, by Mansfield- 
Heiress, by Alexander's Abdallah... 2:29>>4 

Litta, b m, 1885, by Haw Patch Mat- 
tie, by Bourbon Chief Jr 2:22 

Little Albert, ch g, 1884, by Albert 
W. Star Mare, by Roach's Ameri- 
can Star 2:10 

Little Belle, b m, 1885, by Chestnut 
Hill Jr. Fanny C., by Black Dia- 
mond 2:22% 

Little Belmoiit, b i;. 1*85, by Gratz's 

Edwin Forrest Molly Gordon 2:30 

Little Ben, blk g, 187, by Ben Mor- 
rill 2:28Vi 

Little Betz, ro m, 1888, by John W. 
Daniel Betz Springer, by Captain.. 2:23% 

Little Billy, b s, 1874, by Clear Grit- 
Molly, by Thorn burn's Royal George 
(dead) 2:23)4 

Little Billy, b g, 188, by Antar 2:21% 

Little Billy, b g, by VWlliani Irvin.... 2:30 

Little Crocker, b g, 1890, by Will 
Crocker Lady iiica, by Inca 2 :30 

Little Crow, blk s, 18V 1, by Recon- 
structionDolly Wright, by Sher- 
man Black Hawk .2 :28 1 / 4 

Little D., spt g 2:2iy 4 

Little Datey, br m, 17S>, by French's 
Bashaw Kate, by Magna of Avon. 2:20V4 

Little Dan, b g, 188, by Star Ethan.. 2:liM/4 

Little Dan, b g, 188, by Biackwood 
Chief 2:21% 

Little Dick, b g, 1884, by The Banker, 
dam by Ohio 2:29 1 /i 

Little Dick, ch g, 1874, by Holabird's 
Ethan Allen Josie, by Goldd/op 
(dead) 2:24% 

Little Ethan, b g, 1886, by Ashley's 
Ethan Allen, dam by Holabird's 
Ethan Allen 2:19% 

Little Eva, b m, 1879, by Post's Hain- 
bletonian Prince Kit, by Joe Bates. 2:20% 

Little Frank, ch g, 186, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Little Frank, b g, 1883, by Ira Wiikes 
Idlewild 2-25 

Little Frank, b g, 1880, by Swan- 
brough's Hambletonian Prince 2:30 

Little Frank, b g 2:27% 

Little Frank, b g, 1882, by Autocrat. . 2:24"*t 

Little Fred, b g, 1860, by Dii-igo (dead) 2:26% 

Little Fred, blk s, 1882, by Star of the 
West Dolly 2:30 

Little Fred, b g, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Little Fred, b g, 186, by Eastman 
Morgan Frederica, bv Simpson's 
Blackbird 2:20 

Little Gem, b g, 187, by Henry B. 
Patchen 2:29 i /a 

Little George, ch g, 188, by Hurst 
& Thornton's Abdallah 2:25% 

Little George, br g, 188, by Morgan 
Wiikes 2:27'A 

Little Gift, b s, 188, by Fairy Gift.. 2:29% 

Little Gipsy, b m, 186-, by_ Gray's 
Tom Hal 2:22 

Little Goldie, ch g, 1881, by Little 
Frank Dolly G., by Golden Bow... 2:27 

Little Harry, ch g, 1878, by Young 
Banner, dam by Bal lard's Cassius 
M. Olay Jr 

Little Harry, br s, 1885, by Potter's 
Hambletonian Nelly, by Leo 2:29 l /4 

Little Ida, b m, 188, by Kentucky 
Prince 2:29V4 

Little Jake, ro g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Little Jersey, ch g, 1885, by Jersey 
Prince Fanchon, by Ajax 2:29% 

Little Jim, b g, 188, by Wildbrino.. 2:23% 

Little Joe, br g, 1876, by Bob Hunter, 
dam by Fitzsimmons' St. Lawrence. 2:21% 

Little Joe. blk s, 1875, by Joe Bates. . 2:25'/4 
Little Johnny, b g, 188, by High- 
land Jr 2:30 

Little Kahn, ch m, 188, by Salamon 2:27% 

Little Leo, blk g, 188, by Leo 2:26% 

Little Longfellow, ch g, 186, by Fly- 
ing Morgan (dead) 2 :29% 



Little Mac, b s, 188, by Stone's Elec- 

tion. .......................... 2-28 

Little Mack, br s, 1867, by McKim- 

min's Columbus Old Fly . . . 2-28^^ 

Little Mack, b g, 188-, by Harry 

Plummer ..................... 2-29% 

Little Mack Jr, b s, 188, by Little 

Mack ...................... - 2 '27V> 

Little Mag, b m, 188, by Prince '6r- 

loff ............................... 2:26 

Little Mary, ch m, 1868, by Billy 

Mustapha ..................... 2'25 

Little Mat, b g, 1880, by Iron Duke- 

Maggie Anderson, by Rourke's Cad- 

mus ............................. 2 :28% 

Little Maud, b m, 188, by Patchen. . 2'2G^ 
Little Mike, b g, 188 ..... ^ ........ 2:24 

Little Mike, ch s, 1887, by Champion 

Prince Nelly, by Gen. Burnside ____ 2:23 1 /2 
Little Miss, b m. 1876, by Goldsmith's 

Abdallah Old Lady, by Oapt. Walk- 

er ............................... 2:26% 

Little Nancy, rn m, 188, by Henry 

C., dam by Macbeth ................ 2-29 

Little Ned, ch g, 1875, by Hotspur Jr. 

Nell Johnson .................... 2:29U 

Little Ned, br g, 1884, by Hampton- 

Nelly Green, by Green's Bashaw. . . 2:29 1 / 4 
Little Nell, b m, 1881, by Jefferson 

Prince Musa, by Hugo .......... , . 2:19V4 

Little Nell, blk m, 1882, by Romulus 

, , , 

Polly Perkins, by Blue Bull 
Little Rock, b g, 1884, by Bullet (pac- 

2:29V 2 

ing record 2:26) ' . .". ~ . . . 2:20 

ttle Sam, ch g, 186, by Hall Horse 
Concord Girl (dead) 2:28 

Little Sioux, b g, 1873. by Monitor- 
Eugenia, by Ben Roodhouse 2:22% 

Little Snap, gr g, 1890, by Kellar 
Thomas Maud M., by Crazy Nick 
Jr : 2:17% 

Little Sport, gr g, 1884, "by Happy 
Thought, dam by Palmer's Norman. 2:25% 

Little Tobe, b s, 188. by Pamlico... 2:19V4 

Little Thome, b g, 1879, by Dauntless 
Nannie Thome, by Hamlet 2:23 1 /4 

Little Tommy, b g, 187 by Black- 
wood Jr 2:27V4 

Little Walter, b g, 187, by Clarion 
Chief 2:29'4 

Little Witch, ch m, 1884, by Ben 
Franklin Grey Bessie, by Wood- 
stock ". 2:29 

Little Witch, gr m, 188, by Director, 
dam by Capt. Hanford 2:27 

Little Wonder, gr g, 1885, by George 
B. Swan Nellie Hackett, by 
Whalen's Grey Eagle 2:24% 

Little Wonder, ch g, 188 by Star 
Ethan 2:24y 2 

Little Wonder, ch s 1872, by Blue 
Bull Polly, by Sovereign Glencoe . . 2:30 

Little Wonder, b s, 187, by Tom 
Wonder, dam by May Day 2:30 

Little Wonder, ch g, 1879, by Chip- 
muckMag, by William's Magua 
Charta 2:27% 

Liva, b m, 188, by Patchen Wilkes 
Rosa, by Rochester 2:25% 

Live Oak Girl, b m, 188, by Dead- 
wood 2:22% 

Lizzie 2d, b m. 1874. by Trouble 
Lizzie Craig, by Paragon Morgan. . 2:23% 

Lizzie Chapin, ch m, 188, by Em- 
peror William 2:30 

L zzette. ch m, by Chestnut Joe 2:25 

Lizzie P., ch m, 1875, by Windsor, 
dam by St. Charles 2:27% 

F b in, 1887, by Elector, dam 
by Duke McClellan 2-16U 

Lizzie Gibson, b in. 1884, by "Gen.' 
Stauton Mattie, by Major Macon 
(dead) 2-29^ 

Lizzie H., b m, 1884. by Winooski- ' 
Lady Walkill, by Walkill Chief .... 2-24V4 

Lizzie H., b m, 1883, by Don Robin- 
sonNovice, by Fisk's Mambrino 
Chief Jr 2 -27V 

Lizzie H., b m, 1881, by ' Orange 
County Bessie, by Middletown ., ,. 2:28% 

Lizzie Harold, b m, 1887, by Manetho 
Belle Mambrino, by Ashland Chief 2-28% 

Lizzie K., ch m, 1882, by Deucalion- 
Emblem, by Minchin's Tom Moore. . 2:26% 

Lizzie L., blk m, 1886, by Thomas 
Carlyle Clytie, by Young Cham- 
pion 2 -27^4 

Lizzie Lansing, b m. 1889, by Prince- 
tonMaud Stonestreet, by Conn's 
Harry Wilkes 2-22% 

Lizzie M., b m, 1873, by Thomas Jef- 
fersonQueen Pin by Legal Tender 
(dead) 2:20% 

Lizzie M., b m, 1885, by Nutwood 
Lucina, by Cuyler 2:24 

Lizzie O., b m, 188 by St. Gothard 2:27% 

Lizzie O'Brien, ch m, 187, pedigree 
not traced 2 :23% 

Lizzie R., br m, 1877, by Mambrino 
Boy Ella, by Cripple 2 :23yi 

Lizzie S., br m, 1885, by Iowa Chief 
Blanche 2-22^ 

Lizzie S.. b m, 1883, by Honest Dick 
-Kit 2:30 

Lizzie S., blk m, 1886, by Wildfire 
-Kit 2:22v 4 

Lizzie S., b m, 1880, by Wild Wagon- 
er, dam by Foote'e Bellfounder. . 2:27% 

Lizzie Wilkes, blk m, 1880 by George 
Wilkes Laura, by Joe Hooker 2 :22%, 

L. L. C., b g, 188 pedigree not 
traced 2 :28y4 

L. L. D., b s, 1889, by Woodford 
Wilkes China Wilkes, by Adrian 
Wilkes 2:24V4 

L. M. Wing, b s, 1887, by Glenview 
Clayette. by O. B. Gould 2:26vi 

Loafer, ro g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:24% 

Loafer P., b g, 188.- by Inspector . . 2:24V4 

Lobasco, b s, 1886, by Egmont Fleta 
Maid, by Gen. Hatch (dead) 2:10% 

Lobelia, ch m, 1887, by Alcazir 
Malla, by Sir Walkill 2:24% 

Lock Boy, br g, 188, by Dorsey Gold- 
dust ..v 2:22V4 

Lockheart, b s. 1886, by Nutwood- 
Rapidan, by Dictator 2:13 

Locomotive, ch g-, 1887, by itBen 
Wright Clara Lincoln, by Mister- 
lode 2:2!)% 

Lodina, b in, 18^9 bv California- 
Belle of Lodi, by Antar 2:27% 

Logan ch s, 1860, by Wadleigh'e 
Logan 2:28 

Logan B., br g, 1883. by Winernan'e 
Logan Madam Jenne, by Green's 
Bashaw .. 2:22% 

Logan Chief, blk s, 1878, by I. J. 
Fanny by Vermonter 2:23 1 /i 

Logan Grant, ch s, 1881. by Gen. 
Grant Olive Logan, by Sage's Lo- 
gan 2:2 

Lohengrin, b g, 1882, by Echo Vixen, 
by George M. Patchen Jr 2:27 '4 



Lola, ro m, 186- -, by Kenyon's Kemble 

Jackson Jr 2:30 

Lula Anderson, b m, 188, by Wood- 
burn llambletonian 2:29^ 

Lola D., b m, 1881 by Copperbot- 

tom Horse Nettie, by Flying Bird.. 2:29% 
Lottie T., b m, 1872, by Vermont 

2:24V 2 


Nance, _by Red Fox 
J, b g, 

Loiupoc, b g, 188, by Dan Rice ---- 
Lona Guffin, b in, 1876, by Blue Bull 

Queen Guffin, by Pete Guffin ..... 
Lonely Medium, b m, 188, by Shan- 

non Medium ..................... Star, b s, 1890, by Memento 

Wilkes-^Golden Measure, by Golden 

Bow .............................. 

Londema Wilkes, b m, 1891, by Ash- 

land Wilkes ................ ---- 

London, ch g, 1876, by Mambriuo 

Patchen Beckey, by Edwin Forrest 
Longfellow, ch g, 1877, by Whipple's 

Hambletoniari Reviere ........ ... 

Longfellow Whip, br s, 1877, by Ken- 

tucky Whip Bessie Brown, by Bird 
Longford, b g, 1881, by Chosroes 

Long Mary, by Derby's Bashaw . . . 
Long John, b g, '1884, by Mambriuo 

Templar Jr. Nelly H .............. 

Lon M., blk g, 1879, by Bonnie Scot- 

land Fanny Lee ................. 

Lonsbury, b g, 188, by Pickering . . . 
Lookaway, b s, 1888, by Look Rosa- 

lind, by Harry Clay ............... 

Lookout, b g, 1881, by Arab, or Stan- 

ford ..... . ......................... 

Lookout, b g, 1873, by Gen. Light- 

foot Shoo Fly, by Rising Sun . . . 
Loraneer, b m, 1890, by Electioneer 

Lora, by Piedmont ................ 

Lora J., gr m, 1885, by Gloster, dam 

by Fred .......................... 

Lord Brino, blk e, 1889, by Wood- 

brino Flirtilla, by Ballard ......... 

Lord Byron, b s, 1885, by Gen. Ben- 

ton May Day, by Wissahickon ..... 
Lord Caffrey, blk s, 1887. by Charles 

Oaffrey Patsy, by Brougham .... 
Lord Clinton, blk g, 1885,, by Denning 

Allen Fanny .................... 

Lord Nelson, b s, 1882, by Wellington 

Miss McLeod, by Holbert Colt . . 
Lord Nelson, b s, 188 - by Bashaw. . 

Lord Palm, b s. 1886, by Mambrino 
, by Thoiras '"f- 

Startle Lady Palm, 

Lord Shelburne, b s. 1890, by Home- 
steadSister, by Holabird's Ethan 
Allen ......... '. .................. 

Lord Stanley, br s, 1889, by Nephew 

Snsette, by Electioneer .......... 

Lorella, b m, 1888, by Jerome Eddy- 

Nanny Payne, by Homer ......... 

Lorena. blk m. 1887, by Jim Mulvenna 

Elmorene, by Elmo .............. 

Loretta, ch m 1881, by Strathmore 

Ella, by Cripple .................. 

Lorotta. b ?n, 187, pedigree not 

traced ........................... 

Loretta B., b m, 188, by Greenbacks 
Loretta -F.. b m, 1877. by Hamlet- 

Lady Grayson, by Col. Grayson.. 
Lorita. ch m. 1883 by Piedmont- 

Lady Lowell, by Shootz's St. Clair 
Lorna Doone, b m, 1884, by Hambrino 

Star Vexation, by Belmont Prince. . 
Lorody. ch s. 1884. by Harold Nata, 

by Woodford Mambrino ........... 

Los Angeles, fc , 1891 by Woodlark 





2:20 l / 4 

2:20% ; 

2:28% : 

2:30 ! 



2:26</ 2 














Lothair, blk s, 1867, by Gilbreth 
Knox Bunker Mare, by Eaton Horse 

Lothair Jr., b s, 1877, by Lothair 
Topsy, by Young Drew v 

Lot Slocum, b g, 1882, by Electioneer 
Glencora, by Mohawk Chief 

Lotta, b m, 1877, by Florida Kate 
Porter, by Daniel Lambert 

Lotta Prall, b m, 1875, by Mambrino 
Patchen Puss Prall, by Mark Time 

Lottery, gr g, 186. by Rysdyk's 
llambletonian Jane Murray 

Lottery Ticket, b s, 1887, by Dexter 
Prince Emma Nutwood, by Nut- 

Lottie, blk m, 1890, by Luniinator, 
dam by Atlantic 

Lottie, b m, 188, by Thompson 

Lottie, b in, 1870, by Potter's Foxhun- 

Lottie, br m, 1866, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian Molly, by Long Island 
Black Hawk 

Lottie C., b m, 1879, by Seneca 
Chief Rosalind, by Strader's Cas- 
sius M. Clay Jr 

Lottie E., br m, 1892, by San Diego 
Flora B., by \Vlii ppleton 

Lottie E., b m, 1890, by Blind Tom 

Lottie G., b m, 388, by Gibraltar ... 

Lottie K., b m, 187, by American 
Emperor Jr. -Lady Konkle, by Het 
zel's Hambletonian 

Lottie K., gr m, 1879, by Squire Tal- 
mage Varina, by Strader's Cas- 
sius M. Cl.-iy Jr 

Lottie M.. b ra, 187, by Nephew 
Lucy, by Chieftain 

Lottie Moore, b m, 1890, by Red 
Wilkes Lady Backman, by Ken- 
tucky Prince 

Lottie P., b m, 183, by Volney ... 

Lottie Thorn, b m, 1879, by Mambrino 
Patchen Lady Ayres, by Redmon's 

Lottie W., b m, 1880, by Clark Chief- 
tain Judea, by Mambrino Archy . . 

Lottie Williams, b in. 1887, by Pilot 
Medium, dam by Jefferson Mambriuo 

Lottie Woodruff, b m, 188, pedigree 
not traced 

Lou, b m, 1890, by Ira Electra, by 
Newland's Hambletonian 

Lou Edsall, ch m, 188 by Edsall 

Louetta, b m, 187, by Romulus 
Pickelomiuia, by Bashaw Drury .. 

Lou Gates, b m, 1880, by Al West 
Dolly Bruce, by Robert Bruce 

Loughran W., br g, 1887, by Newton s 
Allie Wilkes Belle of Peru 

Louie C., b g, 188 by George Milo 

Louisa Almont, br m, by Bostick's Al- 
mont Jr. Lady Ella 

Louis D., b g, 187 by King William 

Louise, b m, 1873, by Volunteer, dam 
by Ethan Allen 

Louise, blk m 

Louise B.. b m, 1887. by Young Ful- 
lerton Stella, by Blackstone 

Louise Kellogg, b m, 188, by Al- 
mont Star 

Louise Macey, b m, 1887, by Thomas 
K. Lucy Avent, by Peayine 

Louise N., b m 187, by Alpine 

Little One, by Columbus 

Louise Watt, blk m, 1891, by Wai 
























2:29 ',4 

2:20i/ 4 



singham ......................... 

Louis O\vosso, b -s, 1885, by Louis Na- 

poleon Mambrino Babe, by Mam- 

brino Gift ........................ 

Louis P., b g, 1882, by Pickering 

Lady Pierson, by Happy Medium . . 
Louis'P., 1) s, 1885, by Charles Caffrey 

Julia, by Happy Medium ........ 

Louis R., b g, 1879, by Louis Na- 

poleon Mambrino Girl, by Fisk's 

Mambrino Chief Jr ................ 

Louis S., c:h g, 1880, by Bashaw Pi- 

lot Belle, by Honest John ........ 

Loui< T.. blk g, 1884, by Mambrino 

Boy-Cricket, by Cuyler ........ 

Louis Victor, ch g 1889, by Tusca- 

i-ora King-May Bloom, by Black- 

wood Patchen 
Louisville, blk s," 1888'," by" Green- 

lander-Helen Walker, by Pilot 

, by 


2:29' / i 




Lucky Jim, blk g. 18S3. by Riptou 

Princess, by Battler Jr ............. 

Lucre, b s, 188 .................... 

Lucrece, b m, 1876, by Robert Whaley 

Jenny ......................... 

Lucretia, b m, 1885. by Hamlin's Al- 

mont Jr. Louisa, by Hainlin Patch- 
r en .............................. 

Lucy, b m, 1857, by George M. 

Patchen Lady Clifton, by May Day 
T (dead). . . . . ..................... 

Luc T, b m, 1874, by Felter's Hamble- 

toman Dolly Varden, by Hiatoga 

Johnny.... ............. . ...... 

L c y ^ k m, 187- by Royal Revenge, 

dam by Harkaway (dead) .......... 

Ll v J .i ' T? ? J 88 ^ b T , ^^ Rene T 
Yellow Dock, by Clark's Mohawk Jr 

Lucy Abbott, ch m 1884, by Abbotts- 
T ford - P( g8y> b J Q ^o n Juan . . ...... 

Lucy B., b m, 188, by Gipsy Boy ____ 

*. by Alexander But- 

a, wbii,: 2:27K 

pie's Hambletonian-Lady Hibbard 2:26% 
Lou White ch g, 1883, by Raven 

GolddUSt Nelly ................... 2:zlyi 

Lou Wilkes, blk m 1880, by Sable 

Wilkes-Hmda Wilkes, by Guy 

Wllkee ........................... 2 :19% 

Lovelace, br s, 1891, by Egotist Cre- 

pon, by Princeps . . . . ... .......... 2 :20 

Lovell, blk s, 1886, by Walsingham 

Lo-ette, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian. 2:26k 
Lowland Girl, b m, 1877, by Legal 

Tender Jr. Fanny, by Blue Bull.... 2:19'/ 2 
Lowland Mary, ro m, 187o, by Conk- 

lin's American Star, dam by George 

M. Patchen ....................... 2:25 

Loyaleer, b s, 1887, by Woolsey Lady 

Dooley, by McCrackin's Black Hawk 2:?>0 
Loyalty, b m, 1880, by Harry Vane 

Belle Thorn, by Strader's Cassius 

M. Clay Jr ........................ 2 :2T 

L. R., 1> g, 1885, by Coriander-Mi- 

nerva. by Fisher's Mohawk ......... 2:27/4 

Luby, ch s, 1886, by Post Boy, dam by 

Kentucky Prince ................. 2:20 

Lucca, b m, 1866, by De Long's Ethan 

Allen^-Boston Queen, by Thurston's 

Black Hawk ...................... 2:30 

Lucetta, b m, 1886, by Victor Bis- 

marck Lady Wilkes, by Bourbon 

Wilkes .......................... 2:22U 

Lucilla, br m, 1880, by Nephew Lu- 

cinda, by Gen. McC!ellan ........... 2:28 ; /4 

Lucille, b m, 1869, by Exchequer 

Fanny ............ .' ............. 2:21 

Lucille, ch m, 188, by Pasacas ...... 2:29V4 

Lucille, blk m, 188 , by Dexter Prince 2:26 
Lucille Golddust. b m, 1866, by Gold- 

dust, dam by Bald Hornet (dead)... 2:1CU 
Lucille's Baby, b m, 1880, by Prin- 

ceps Lucille Golddust. by Golddust 2:20% 
Lucina, b~ m, 1884, by Sorrento 

Mary, by Darkey ................. 2:29^ 

Luckv B., br s, 1889, by Prompter 

Josie N. bv Bedouin ............... 2:20V 7 > 

Lucky Baldwin, b g, 188 by Scott's 

Chief ............................ 2:22 

Luckv Baldwin, ch g, 188 by Seneca 

Patchen ........ .................. 2:24 

Luckv Boy, b g. 1S82. by Highland 

CBiief Vousie, bv Sontinel ......... 2:29 

tain Mran 
Lucy CoSpf?, g'r m,' 1886/ by porite 

Wilkf^ _ T nr-v Afnnvp hv ^tprlino- 

LuTvFTem^ch m ^ bv Pefvine 
-Lizzie Brinke.-, by Brinker's Dren- 
non ..... 

Lucy Fry. b m, 1876, by 'Blue' Bul'l 

Kitty Bates, by Jim Monroe (dead) . . 
L ucy H., b m, 188, by Henry F ..... 
Lucy Hayes, ch m, 1886, by Scotch 

Prince Stella ...... 

Lucy K., ch m, 1886. b v Guilford Boy 

Silver Belle, by King Patchen.... 
Lucy M., cr m, 1882, by Louis R ..... 
Lucy Macey. b m, 1884, by Macey 

Reddy, by Alleghany Boy ........... 

Lucy May, b m, 1886, 'by Havoc Elva, 

by Christopher H ................. 

Lucyneer, b m, 1888, by Electioneer 

Lucy . . .............. 

Lucy P., br m, 1882, by Henry S. 

Polly ....................... ' ...... 

Lucy Page, gr m, 187, by Rex Hla- 

toga ............................. 

Lucy Pancoast, ch m, 1888. by Pan- 

coast Lucia, by Jay Gould ......... 

Lucy R., blk m| 188, pedigree not 

traced .......................... 

Lucy R., b m, 1886, by Sultan Lady 

Mackay, by Silverthreads .......... 

Lucy W., blk m, 1881, by Ambassador 

Julia Anderson, by Highland Mor- 

gan ............................. 

Lucy W., b m. 188, by Arthur 

Wilkes, dam by Singleton. .' ......... 

Lucy W., b m. 1888. bv Chief Med- 

ium. dam by Magna Charta ........ 

Lucy Walter, b m, 1879, by Sir Wal- 

ter Senorita. by Sentinel ......... 

Luella, b m. 1875. by Chickamauga 

Dart, by Trojan .................. 

Luella Cilly, b m, 188, by Montgom- 

e-y ............................. 

Lugano, b s, 1889, by Rumor Lucia, 

by Jay Gould (dead) ...... ......... 

Lula, br m. 1864, by Alexander's Nor- 

man Kate Crocket, by imp. Hooton 

(dead) ........................... 

Lula B., b m 1885, by Botterton- 

Kate, by Gladiator ................ 





2:25y 4 
























2 :30 



Lula F.. b m, 187, by Ericsson- 
Mary Messenger, by Downing's Bay 
Messenger 2:29 

Lnia Hambletonian, b m, 1877, by Mc- 
Curdy's Hambletonian Sue McCurdy 2:27 

Lulie C.. b m, 1885, by Nutwood- 
Lottie, by Sentinel 2:16'/ 2 

Lulo, blk m, 188, by Atlantic, dam 
by St. Omer 2:27Vi 

Lulu, b m, 188, by Bayoune Prince, 
dam by Blue Medium 2:26V 4 

Lulu B.. b m, 1885, by Bassett M. 
Luciuda, by Haw Patch 2:24'/4 

Lulu B., b m, 1880, by Louis Napo- 
leon Libbie , 2:29-/4 

Lulu C., b m, 1889, by Alcona -Mother 
Taylor, by Gen. Taylor 2:29% 

Lulu F., b m, 188, by Christmas 2:25 

Lulu H., gr m, 1874, by Quaker Gen- 
eral Vickey Mare 

Lulu Judd, blk m, 1878, by Royal 
Duke Moscow Belle, by Field's 
Royal George 2:20/ 2 

Lulu Wilkes, b m, 1890, by Onward- 
Lulu Harold, by Harold 2:22% 

Lump, blk s, 188, by Ruby 2:26'/-2 

Lumps, br s, 1875, by George Wilkes 
Mother Lumps, by Pearsall 2:21 

Lulu P., b m, 1889, by Sankey 2:29% 

Lulu Stanton, b m, 188, by Gen. 
Stanton 2 :19!4 

Lumpson, br s, 188, by Lumps 2:29-V<> 

Luuipwood, b s, 1890, by Cedarwood 
Absinthe, by Lumps 2:21% 

Luna, b m, 1887, by Phallamont, dam 
by Tyler's Patchen 2 :21% 

Luner, b m, 188, by Beamer 2:29',4 

Lunette, b m, 1885, by Lumps Lady 
K., by Gen. George H. Thomas 2:25% 

Lurline, blk m, 188 
Prince. .. 

by Dexter 

Lurline, br m, 1888. by Paramount- 
Flash, by Hambletonian Bashaw 2:17U 

Lustre, b s, 1888, by Fallis Patti, by 
Nutwood 2:23V> 

Luzelle, b m, 1890, by Patron Rachel 
Ray, by Overstreet Wilkes 

Ltfzerne, b g, 1879, by Gen. Washing- 
tonMartha Nutwood, by Hamlet . . 

Lycurgus, b e, 1884, by Aberdeen 
Zoette, by Almont Prince 

Lycurgus, br s. 188. by Lumps 


Lydi, blk m, 1890, by Joe You See- 
Idyl, by Chadwick 

Lydia C., b m, 1886, by Bay Rose- 
Lofty, by Algona '. 

Lydia Thompson, b m, 1861, by Wild 
Wagoner, dam by Saladin ..'. 

Lyman, dn g, 1871, by Bay Chief, dam 
by Canadian Redbuck 

Lynde, ch m, 188, pedigree not 

Lyndon, ch s, 1884, by Egbert Nelly 
Stout, by Mambrino Time 

Lyndon Boy, blk g, 1884, by Black 
Morrill Rundel Mare 

Lynne Bel, blk s, 1890, by St. Bel 
vashti, by Bayonne Prince 

Lynette, b m. 1887, by Lynwood Lady 
Belle, by Skenandoah 

Lynn Sprague, blk m, 188$, by Gover- 
nor Sprague Windom Belle, by 
Mambrino Foster 

Ljnn W., blk g, 1879, by Sponseller 
Tuckahoe Topsy. by Rollman Horse 

Lynwood. jrr s, 1879. by Clinker 
Belton Maid, br Stuart Lindley 

Lynwood. b s. 1890, by Guy Wilkes, 
dnm by Sultan Jr 










2:22V 2 





Lynnwood, b s, 1889, by Look Flirt, 

by Baird's Hambletonian Prince.... 
Lynx, br g, 1885, by Lexington Chief 

Jr. (dead) ........................ 

Lyra, blk m 1877, by Antenor Morn- 

ing Star, by Peacemaker ........... 

Lyric, b m, 1891, by Launcelot Lyre, 

oy Arthurton ..................... 

Lysander Boy, ch g, 1870, by Lysan- 

der, dam by Wine Creek Black 

Hawk ............................ 

McCurdy Jr., blk s, 188, by Mc- 

Curdy 's Hambletonian ............. 

Mab, blk m, 1885, by Defiance QUCQII, 

by Republic ....................... 

Mabel A., ch m, 1881, by Attorney- 

Sally, by Tramp .................. 

Mabel C., b m, 188, by Gloster ..... 

Mabel F., gr m, 1880, by Monahaii's 

Patchen Blue Bell, by Harry Blufic. 
Mabel H., b m, 1888, 'by Alexander 

Button Winnie, by Dietz's St. Clair. 
Mabel H., ch m, 1879, by Col. West- 

Nelly Gray, by White Mountain Jr. . 
Mabel H., blk 'm, 188 by Lambert 

Chief ............................ 

Mabel M., b m, 1882, by Athlete ...... 

Mabel Mack, b m, 1885, by Sweep- 

stakes Lady Bowman, by Star 

Mambriuo ....................... 

Mabel Mack, blk m, 188, by son of 

Gen. Knox ....................... 

Mabel Parmeter, br m, 1883, by Ham- 

bletonian Gift ............. " ....... 

Mabel R., br m, 1883. by Deceive 

Old Frankie, by Trojan ........... 

Mabelle, ch m, 1890, by Betterton 

Queen Sweepstakes, by Sweepstakes 
Mabel S., b m, 1881, by Landmark, 

dam by Niagara Champion .......... 

Mabel W. f br m, 188, by Thought. . 
Maby, b m, 1889, by Oxford, Boy- 

Lady May, by Marshal Ney ........ 

Mac Ivor, br s, 1889, by Harry Plum- 

mer Trixey, by Deucalion ......... 

Mac, dn g, 1885, by Giltedge Bell 


2:26V 4 




2:23' t 

2: 17 '4 


Mack, br g, 1843, by Morgan Caesar, 
dam by Bush Messenger ............ 

Mack, b s, 1885, by Thought To psey, 
by Billy Ring .............. 

Macleay,'blk s, 1889, by Sable Wilkes 
Mamie Comet, by Nutwood (pacing 

McClelland Stewart, b g, 188, by Di- 

McAlister, b g, 1883, by Black's Ham- 
bletonian Katie James, by Waterloo 

McAllister, b -s, 1885, by Egbert- 
Laura, by Billy Adams 

McOeady. blk s, 1882, by Arnold 
Mattie Stockbridge, by Stockbridge 
Chief Jr ?.:..: 

McCullough, ch s, 1887, by Robert 
McGregor Laura, by Joe Hooker . . . 

Mac D., ch s, 1883, by Robert Mc- 

McDoel (Sedalia Boy), ch g, 188, by 
Fred Pony 

McDuff, b g, 1885, by Fergus Mc- 
GregorJudy O'Can, by Evan Dhu. . 

McDuff, b g, 1887, by Flying Hiatoga 

McEiree, b g, 188, by Martine 

McEwen. ch s, 1885, by McCurdy's 
Hambletonian Mary M.. by Bass- 

McFarlnnd. br s. 1881. by Charle< 
Caff rev Eva, by Tippo Bashaw . . 


<> '[. 













McGinty, br e, 1889, by Inveterate- 
Nelly, by John A. Rawlins 2:29*4 

McGinty, b g, 188, by Jim Mul- 
venna 2 :26 

McGinty 2:20% 

McGlynn, br g, 188, by Bishop 2:25 

McGregor (Hood's), ch s, 1888, by 
Robert McGregor Sally Denmark, 
by Star Denmark 2:26% 

McGregor Boy, ch s, 1880, by Robert 
McGregor Lydda by Romulus 2:29% 

McGregor Time, ch s, 1888, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Ollie Stout, by Maiu- 
brino Time 2:30 

McGregor Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Dewey Eve, by 
George Wilkes 2:27% 

.McGregor Wilkes, ch e, 1887, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Alice Wilkes, by Red 
AVilkes 2:21 

McGuire, b s, 1888, by Egbert Sue 
Monday, by Tattler Jr 2:29V 2 

Mclntosh, b s, 1885, by Mountain Boy 
Sister Cawley, by Northrup's Rat- 
tler 2:27</o 

McKean, b s t 1883, by Volunteer- 
Black Meg, by Kentucky Prince . . 2:27% 

McKee, b g. 188, by Calamity Dick 2:30 

McKelvey, ch s, 1884, by McGregor 
Jr. Fanny, by Strathmore 2:29</i 

McKenna, b g, 188 2:29% 

McKenzie, gr g, 187, by Antenor 
Silver Islet, by Young Columbus... 2:25Vt 

McKinney, b s, 1887, by Alcyone- 
Rosa Sprague, by Gov. Sprague ... 2:11% 

McKinney Belle, ch m, 188, by Bel- 
mont Chief 2:29% 

McKu-uck, b s, 1885. by Olympus- 
Lady Burns, by Burn's Trotting 
Childers 2:26% 

McLane, g s. 1889, by Pilot Medium 
Stella Paddock, by Magna Charta 2:28% 

McLeod, b g, 1877. by Mambrino Blit- 
zen Jenny Bryan, by John Dillard 2:21V4 

McLeod, ch s, 1879. by Saturn- 
Madge, by Vermont Hero 2:19% 

Maclure, blk g. 1871. by Messenger 
Duroo Xelly Wilmarth, by Raven . . 2:30 

McMahon, br s. 1876, by Administra- 
tor Mattie West, by Almont 2:21 

McMillan. c-Ti g. 1883, by Kensington 
Lizzie Stillson, by Stillson . .. 2:29% 

McMinnville Maid, blk m. 1888. by Al- 
tamont BbllytooocP, by |Ha.mjble- 
tonian Mambrino 2:22 

McMullen Boy, br g, 188 by Sweep- 
stakes 2:29'4~ 

McMyatt, ch s. 1885. by Ben Frank- 
lin Myatt, by De Long's Ethan Al- 
len ..' 2:251,6 

McVale. ch s. 1888, by McCurdy's 
Hambletoniari Fernvale. by F.nfield 2:29 

McVern. b s, 1889, by Talavera. dam 
by McMahon 2:21% 

McZeus, br s, 1891. by McKinney 
Grace Kaiser, by Kaiser 2:29% 

Macaroon, b s. 1889, by McCurdy's 
Hamttetonian Susie G.. bv Sr-imo 2:21 74 

Madawnska Maid, ch m, 1862. pedi- 
gree not traced (dead) 2:29Vo 

Madeleine. 1> m, 1875, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian Nancy Whitman! by 
Seely's American Star 2:2.W t 

Mad Eye, oh s, 1886. by France's Allie 
Wilkes Mog. bv Sir Henry 2:26' '. 

Mndero D.. b m. 1882 bv Case's Dave 
Hill Kate C.. hy Tonne: Waxoy ... 2:.>0 

Madgo Fnllerton. b m. 1SS -'. by 

Young Fnllerton Lucy, by Big Daii 2-30 

Madge Hatton, br m, 1885, by Glen- 
coe Jr. May Waddle 2:17V A 

Madge Wilkes, ch m, 1890, by Victor 
Wilkes Nelly Lambert, by Daniel 
Lambert 2 -21% 

Madison, b e, 1887, by Leland Young 
Gypsy, by Mambrino Pilot 2:24 

Madison Chief, b s, 1888, by Madison 
Wilkes Fanny Mambrino, by Har- 
ris' Mambrino Chief 2 -21% 

Madison Wilkes, b s, 1878, by George 
Wilkes Minna, by Red Jacket 2:24% 

Madras, b g, 188 by Madrid 2:25% 

Mad River Belle, b m, 188 by Kins 
of Bel air ; 2-29% 

Madwood, b s, 1887, by Nutwood- 
Ella Madden, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:20% 

Maestro, blk s, 1889, by Rumor- 
Bangle, by Slander 2 :29% 

Magdalene, b m, 1890, by Bermuda- 
Maggie C., by Hailstorm 2:20 

Magdallah, ch m. 1873, by Primus 
Maud by Mambrino Rattler 2-23% 

Magenta, b m, 1870, by Woodford 
Mambrino Madge, by Alexander's 
Abdallah 2:24% 

Maggie, ch m, 1891, by Jerome Heath 
Maggie, by Edmoie 2:29% 

Maggie, b m, 188, by Dexter Prince 2:20 

Maggie B., blk m., 1880 ty Shelby"- 
ville Chief Buck, by Red Buck .... 2:20 

Maggie B., b m, 1885, by White Line 
Jr. lanthe, by Ocoana Chief 2:26 

Maggie Briggs, b m, 1869, by Ameri- 
can Clay Jenny Morgan, by Sebas- 
tapol 2:27 

Maggie C., b m, 187, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian, dam by Eldred 2:25 

Maggie C., b m, 18SO, by Joe Hooper 
Pattie, by Bush's Messenger 2:27% 

Maggie C., ch m, 1879. by St. Almo 
Puss, by Jehu Morgan 2:29% 

Maggie O., br m, 188, by Gen. Stan- 
ton 2:29% 

Maggie Campbell, br m, 188, by 
Pamlico 2:25% 

Maggie Dot, b m. 188, by Tornado 2:24% 

Maggie E., b m, 1880, by Nutwood- 
May, by George M. Patchen Jr. ... 2: 19 % 

Maggie F.. b m, 1876 by Menelaus 
Molly King, by Yorkshire Lexington 2:27 

Maggie F., b m, 1873, by Newry 
Flora 2:26 

Magscie F.. b m, 1882, by Young Jim 
Molly, by Young Diamond 2:22-4 

Maggie 'G. Middleton, b m, 1879 by 
Bay Middleton Gyp, by Magna 
Charta '. ' 2:20% 

Maggie H., gr m. 1876, by Iron Duke 
Jordan, by Stonewall 2:28!4 

Maggie H., b m, 188 by Nero 2:27% 

Maggie H., b m, 2:24 

Maergie H. b m, 1885. by Barney 
Wilkes-Alice '. 2:28% 

Maggie K.. br m. 1874. by Brown 
Chief Doll Burger, by Myer's Fox- 
hunter 2:29% 

Maggie K. b m. 188, by Deceiver. . 2:26 

Mficpio Kevin, b m, 1879, by Star of 
the Wost Kir Kevin, by Wadding- 
ton's Snmpson 2:25% 

Maereie Knox, ch m. 1877. by Oceans 
Chief Molly iiawn. by Sir Henry .. 2:2l'i 

Alnsr^'o T/imbert. br m, 1876, by 
Daniel Lambert Brown Fanny, by 
Young Bla. k Hawk 2:25% 


Maggie Lew.?, blk m, 1887, .by 
Siraiigei- Irene Fell, by Mambrmo 

Maggie M., bik m, 1869. by Patrick 
Henry, dam. by Prince Moscow...* 

Maggie M., b m, 1881, by Jehu Hrignt 

Maggie May, b IB, 1881, by Volunteer 
lazzie it., by Emigrant 

Maggie Miker, br m, 1878. by Harry 
Kuox, daiu by Bay State 

Maggie Miner, br in, 188, by Audi- 

Maggie Mitchell, br in, 1882, by C. 
W. Mitchell Pearsall Mare, by 
Pearsaii (dead) 

Maggie Monroe, b m, 1885. by Monaco 
--.tunny Monroe, by Jim Monroe,. 

Maggie Mori-ill, ch m. 1876, by 
Cnaney B.--Maggie Lee 

Maggie N., ch in, 1886, by Cupid 

Maggie S., b in, 187 by Roland 

Maggie S., blk in, ISO, peuigree not 
traced (dead) 

Maggie S., b m, 188!), by Shawmut 
Maggie H., by Homer 

Maggie Sherman, ch m, 1888, by 
Alexander H. Sherman Bernice, by 
Sm.iser's Mohawk 

Maggie's Last, b m, 188, Pappalee 

Maggie bprague, b m, 1889, by Boltou 
Sprague Kittle, by Young Wofui.. 

Maggie Sultan, br in, 1687, by Sultan 
Maggie Prescott. by Jim Monroe .. 

Maggie i., b m, 1884, by St. Charles 
Maggie 2d, by Tom Patchen 

Maggie u'ilkeewond, b m, 1888, by 
\\ iikeswood Maggie, by Magna 

Maggie Wilton, b in, 1891, by Wilton, 
dam by Homer 

Maggie Wilton, b in, 1887, by Wilton 
Aiaggie Prescot, by Jim Monroe . . 

Maggie VNright, ch m, 1885, by Silas 
Wright Maggie Gift, by Mainbrino 

Magic, bik g, 1874, by Jim Fisk, dam 
by Sam Slick 

Magic Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Onward 
Santa Claus, by Magic 

Magua Medium, br s, 1889, by Chief 
Medium Gyp, by Magna Charta . . 

Magna Sphinx, b s, 1890, by Sphinx 
Belva Ann. by Magna Charta 

Magua Wilkes, b g, 1880, by George 
M iikes Molly, by Magna Chartu.. 

Magnet, b s, 1875, by Magnolia Mis- 
cnief, by Alexander's Abdallaa 

Maguetta, b m, 1888, by Cornelian- 
Magnet, by Strathmore 

Magnolia, b m, 1887, by Haw Patch 
Mag, by Bourbon Chief Jr 

Magnolia, gr g, 186, by Magnolia. . 

Magnoma, blk m, 1886, by Alhainbra 
Chief Nettie Forrest by Forrest 

Maliala, blk m, 1887, by Cyclone- 
Madam Beatty, by Monroe Chief 

Mahaska, b s, 1887, by Advance- 
Bay Sally, by Corsair 

Mahlon, blk s, 1888, by Alcantara- 
Blanche Jefferson, by Thomas Jef- 

Mahogany b s, 1889, by Bayonne 
Pri nee Sandal, by Jay Gould 

Mali met. b e, 18&-, by Mambrino 



2:28y 4 

2:29y a 






Clay Jr., dam by son of Planet . . 
Mahomet, b g, 158, by Consteiia- 

tiou ............................. 

Maiden, b rn, 1884, by Electioneer 

May Queen by Alexander's JSormau 
Maid of Monti, b m, 1871, by Comet- 

Monti ........................... 

Maid of Oaks, ch m, 1880, by Duke 

McClellau Oregon Nell .......... 

Maid of the VViiderness, br in, 1888, by 

Sherman Aristos Silvertail, by Had- 

win Horse ....................... 

Maidstoue, b m, 188, by John B. 


Majella, b m, 1886; by Counsellor- 

Ma jester, b e, 188, by Sterling .... 

Majolica, b g, 1876, by Startle Jessie 
KirK, by uiark Chief 

Major, gr g, 1876. by Gen. I'utnam 
Kate, by Flying Cloud Jr 

Major, b s, 1888, by Don McGregor, 
dam by Fleetf oot 

Major, b g, 188, pedigree not traced 

Major, ch s, 1890, by Golf's Mohawk, 
dam by Gould Clay 

Major Brown, br g, 188, by Philos- 

Major Brown, b s, 1886, by Tennessee 
Yv iikes Aline, by Aiiie West 

Major Hiwing, b s 189, by Strath- 
moreMies Kirksey, by Mambrino 
Le Grand 

Major F., b g, 1883, by Jersey i'riuce 
Jessie, by Henry B. Patciieii . . . 

Major Lacey, b s, 1887," by Mugadore 
Lucy, by Flaxtail 

Major Mapes, b s, 1888, by Bonnie 
Vv ilkes Aora Mapes, by Furor .... 

Maj. A., ch g, 1880, by Maj. Edsall. . 

Maj. Allen, ch g, 1864, by Frank Al- 

Maj. Biiford, *gr*g,' "l884] ' by ' Charles 
Caffrey Lady Belle, by Tip Crans- 

Maj. Edsall, b s, 1859, by Alexander's 
Abdallah, diam by Harris' Haiuble- 

tonian (dead) .....' 

Maj. Flowers, ch g, 1884, by Bourbon 

Wilkes, dam by Caliban 

Maj. King, ch g, 186, by Careless 


Maj. Lord, dii g, 1870, by Edward 

Everett Phoenix Mare 

Maj. Lynn, ch g, 1881, by Young Ba- 
shawSnow Flake 

Maj. iioot, br g, 186, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 

Maj. Roes, br s, 1890, by Anteros 

Blanche H., by Blue Bull 

Maj. S.. b g, 188, by Kuick WLkes. . 
Maj. S., b g, 186, pedigree not 


Maj. Thome, blk s, 1886, by Haw- 
thorneOld Tempest, by Morgan 


I Maj. Ulrich, b g, 188, by Vermont 


2:30 Malabar, b e, 1884, by -Wedgewood- 

_ .,__. i Kitty Abbott, by Abbott 

^:1J% | Malacca (Caivie B.), br in, 1875, by 
Elial G. Country Maid, by Hinsdale 

2:25 Horse 

Malachi, b s, 1886, by Monaco Dolly 

Varden, by Daniel Lambert 

2:13% ! Malheur, b s. 1888, by Altamont 

Belle Price, by Doble 

2:12* | Malvina, b m, 1874, by Fearnanght 
I Spy 











y * 


^ 4 





2:09y 4 











2: 21 * 



Mambrinette, b in. 1S7G, by Mambrino 
Gift Lady Alice, by Mambrino 
Chorister '. 

Mambriuo (Graham's), blk s, 1882, by 
Mambrino Bashaw Kitty Clay, by 
Kentucky Clay 

Mamb ino Archy, br s, 1876, by Main- 
brino.Boy, dam by John Dillard 

Mambrino Belle, dn m, 188, by 
Mambrino Chief Jr 

Mambrino Boy, blk s, 1868, by Mam- 
brino Patchen Roving Nelly, by 
Strader's Cassius M. Clay Jr. (dead) 

Mambrino Clay Jr., br s, 1875, by 
Mambrino Clay Lousch, by Search- 

Mamb.ino Diamond, blk s, 1873, by 
Mambrino Patchen Lucy, by Stra- 
der's Cassius M. Clay Jr 

Mambrino Dick, br s, 1879, by Mam- 
brino Time Scottish Maid, by imp. 
Bonnie Scotland 

Mambrino Dudley, b s, 1874, by 
Woodford Mambriuo Sue Dudley, 
by Edwin Forrest 

Mambrino General, br g, 186, by 
Fisk's Mambrino Chief J:-. Black 

Mambrino George, b s, 1871, by 
Fisk's Mambrino Chief Jr. Bay Wi- 
ley, by Royal George 

Mambrino Gift, ch s, 1866, by Mam- 
brino Pilot Waterwitch, by Pilot 
Jr. (dead) 

Mambrino Girl, b m, 1883, by Victor 
Bismarck Lady Mambrino, by 
Walker's Mambrino 

Mambrino Jefferson, br s, 188, by 
Thomas Jefferson 

Mambrino Kate, gr m, 1869, by Mam- 
brino Patchen, dam by State of 

Mambrino Lambert, ch g, 1881, by 
Merry Boy Shadow, by Daniel Lam- 

Mambrino Lumps, b s, 188, by 

Mambrino Maid, ch m, 1880, by Chief 
Hetty, by Case's Frank Moscow.. 

Mambrino Maid, b m, 1885, by Mam- 
brino Startle Winnie Wilkes, by 
Red Wilkes 

Mambrino Maud, blk m, 1884, by 
Mamb vino Duke Daisy C 

Mambrino Medium, b s, 1885, by Hap- 
py Medium Kate Keene, by Mam- 
brino Champion 

Mambrino Patchen (Flack's), blk s, 
188. by Mambrino Tuckahoe 

Mambrino Payne, b s, 1884, by King 
Mambrino Katy B., by John F. 

Mambrino Prince, br s, 1885, by Jef- 
ferson Prince Mambrino Lizzie, by 
Harris' Mambrino Chief Jr 

Mamb-ino Queen, ch m, 1889, by Ely- 
ria Schaible Girl, by Bobby 

Mambrino Queen, b m, 1884, by Nob- 
byBeauty, by Sim's Prophet 

Mambrino Sotham, blk , 1874. by 
Mambrino Gift, dam by Young Black 
Hawk. .., \ 

Mrmbrino Sparkle, b m. 1878. by 
Fisk's Mambrino Chief Jr. Kate 
Sparkle, by Sparkle (dead) 

Mambrino Star (Leggatt's), b s, 1862, 
by Mambrino Chief Lady Fairfleld, 
by Red Buck (dead) 

Mamb-ino Startle, blk s. 1884. by 

2:27!4 i 
2:24 : } 4 

2:23 I 




2:30 ! 

2:20 i 

2:30 I 


2:30 ! 





2:28% i 


2:26 ] / 


2-'>S l / 1 

Mambriuo Startle Maggie, by Black 

Flying Cloud ..................... 

Mambriuo Swift, ch m, 1800, by Ely- 

ria Schaible Girl, by Bobby ..... 
Mambrino Swigert, blk s, 1876, by 

Swigert-Jenny Hamilton, by Lake- 

land Abdallah .................... 

Mambrino Thorn, br s, 1885, by Gen. 

Washington Cuba, by Mambrino Pi- 

lot ....T ......... . : ............... 

Mambrino Wilkes, gr s, 1875, by 

George Wilkes Hattie Fitch, by 

Williams' Mambrino ........ . ____ 

Mambritonian, b s, 1883, by Belmont 

Sonnet, by Bourbon Chief ......... 

Mamet, b s, 188 ..... ............... 

Mamie, b m, 1885, by Mercury Mam- 

brino Rose, by Mambrino Joker. . . . 
Mamie, b m, 1878, by Blue Bull Sil- 

verella ........................... 

Mamie A., b m. 1884, by Landmark, 

dam bv Clear Grit .................. 

Mamie Allen, b m, 188-, by Wilker- 

son .............................. 

Mamie C., gr m, 1886, by Barkis 

Flora, by Bacon's Ethan Allen ...... 

Mamie Case, b in. 1886, by Jalisco - 

Bird, by Fetter Home ............. 

Mamie Comet, ch m, 1880, by Nut- 

woodBlack Betty, by Sportsman.. 
Mamie D., b m. 1887, by Woful 

Belle, by Oysterman ............. 

Mamie Griffin, b m, 188, by Reavis' 

Blackbird ....................... 

Mamie Haywood, b m, 188, by Mar- 

quette ........................... 

Mamie J., ch m, 188, by Ben Wrisht 
Mamie M.. br m, 1877, by Crittenden 

Lucy Marshall, by Clark's Daniel 

Boone .......................... 

Mamie Phillips, ch in, 1885, by Ham- 

bletonian Downing Mattie, by Red- 

wood ............................ 

Mamie Strike, blk m, 188 by Strike 
Mamie Tyler, b m, 1884. by Squire 

Talmage Belle Maxwell, by Cla-k's 

Mohawk Jr ...................... 

Mamie W., b m, 1882, by Pickpocket 

Hattie .......................... 

Mamie W., ch m, 188. by Hannis.. . 
Mamie Woods, ro m, 1884, by Wood's 

Hambletonian Mary Ann, by Mag- 

nolia ............................ 

Manawa, br s, 1888. by Mambrino 

Yorick Adele Tyler, by Chester. . . . 
Manchester C., b s, 1887, by Madison 

Smith Toney, by Hamdallah ....... 

Mandame. ch m. 1884, by Mambrino 

King Sally Griffin, by Crosby's 

son of Field's Royal George ......... 

Mandolin, ch g. 188 ..... . ........... 

Manille. ch m, 1887, by Whips MoCa. 

by Almont ...................... 

Manipulator, b s, 1886 by Nutwood- 

Gladys, by Hetzel's Hambletoui.m . . 
Maiming, b's. 188. by Elial G ....... 

Manning (Col. Bradshaw). b g. 18.,. 

by Messenger Clay Jewell, by Gi'l's 

Vermont .. ...................... 

Man on. b m. 1877, bv Nutwood 

Addle, by Hasbrouck's Hambleton- 

ian Chief ....................... 

Mnnisfield, ch s, 1876. by Messenger 

Pairoc Green Mountain Maid, by 

Harry Clay ....................... 

Mnnvilie. b s. 1886. by Meamle" 

Norma. by Scutari ................. 

Mnnxnnita, 'b m. 1882. bv Electioneer 

Mayflower, by St. Clair .......... 

2:26V 4 
















2 '27'/i 






2:1 ft 


Maralia. ch m, 1883, by Gen. Benton 
Maybell, by Electioneer 2:24 14 

Maraquita, b rn, 1886, by Eros Ida, 
by Chieftain 2:30 

Marble, b m, 1891, by King Clay 2:23yi 

Marble Chief, b s, 1891, by Madison 
Wilkes Fannie Mambrino, by Fisk's 
Mambrino Chief Jr 2:29% 

March, gr s, 1884, by Climax Belle 
Brandon 2:25"& 

Manchester, b e, 1886, by Chichester 
Mara, by Black Rat 2:29 

Marchioness, b m, 1891, by Sidmore 
Kitty Irvingtou, by Dawn 2:29 

March Onward, b s, 188, by Onward. 2:28 ; /a 

Marcus, b s, 1884, by Sorrento Win- 
some, by Messenger Duroc 2 :29 l ,i 

Marcus, b g, 188 by Navarre 2:21 

Marcus, g: 1 g, 1882, by Administrator 
Emily C. (dead) 2:29'/ 4 

Marcus "Daly, ch s, 188 by Satin- 
wood 2:2214- 

Marea, ch m, 1888, by Hambrino Ella 
G., by George Wilkes 2:22 

Marengo Chief, b s, 1884, by Maxwell 
Sadie B., by Orange Duroc 2:30 

Margaret, ch m, 1891, by Capoul 
Grace B., by Strode;- 2:20 

Margaret, b m, 1880, by Sultan May 
Sproule, by The Moor 2:28 

Margaret J.," ch m, 188, by Gomo... 2:24rVa 

Margaret C., b m, 188 by William 
L.-Mochilles. by Achilles 2:10% 

Margaret Knox, blk m, 188, by Nor- 
way Knox, dam by Daniel Lambert. 2:2314 

Margaret L., b m, 1890, by TJLlc 
Wilkes Mattie B.. by Bonner Boy.. 2:16% 

Margaret M., b m, 1887, by Pickpocket 
Lady Hittinger, by Cheuery's Grey 
Eagle 2:19 

Margaret S., b m, 1886, by Director- 
May Day, by Ballard's Cassius M. 
Clay Jr 2:12^ i 

Margaret W., ch m, 1889, by C. F. 
Clay Emma T., by GOT. Sprague... 2:25Vi 

Ma 'garet Worth., b m, 188, by Alex- 
ander Button 2:17 l /i 

Margrave, ro s, 1890, by Baron Wilkes 
Spanish Maiden, by Happy Med- 
ium 2:15i/j 

Marguerite, b rn, 188, by Dexter 
Dictator 2:20V4 

Marguerite, b m, 1868, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian Kate Smith 2:29 i 

Maria Legacy, blk m, 1882, by Legacy 
Jessie Sheridan, by Phil Sheridan. 2:22 1 /4 

Ma-ie Ansel, br m, 188, by Ansel... 2:25 ! 

Marie B., b m, 188, by Oberlin 2:30 

Marie D., gr m, 1892, bv Patron Cleo- 
patra, by War Call. .' 2:25^4 

Marie M., ch m, 1886, by Spartacus 
Jenny Wood 2:1914 

Marie Wilkee, b m, 1888,- by Woodford 
Wilkes Lucille, by Western Chief. .. 2:30 

Marin. b s, 1875, by Quinn's Patchen 
Fay Ma-e 2:22Vis 

Marin 'Jr., gr g, 188 by Marin Sil- 
ver, by Silverthreads 2:13 

Marion, ch g, 186, by Jamison's Tom 
Crowder 2:23\< 2 

Marion, ch g, 187, (ringer?) 2:30 

Marion, b m, 1883. by Piedmont Lady 

Morgan, by Rysdyk's Hambletoniau. 2:26% 
Marionette, b e, 188 by Mlddletown, 

dam by Blackwood Jr 2:2714 

Marion H., b m, 187, pedigree not 

traced 2:30 

Marion IT., b m. 1888. by Prince Al- 
dine Fanny IT., by Danbry Horse. . 2:24 1 1 

Marion Messenger, b ni, 1891, by Ely- 
ria, darn by son of Stranger H:oi 

Marion Wilk'es, oh s, 1888, by Garnet 
Wilkes Lady Rock, by Iowa Duroc 2:17 '.; 

Marion Wilkes, b s, 1890, by Red Lam- 
bert 2:22% 

Mark B., ch g, 1879, by David Bonner 
Black Kate, by Andrew Jackson. . 2:28 : . 4 

Mark Field Jr., b s, 1890, by Mark 
Field Daisy, by Revenge 2:29^ 

Ma-k Medium, b g, 1887, by Almont 
Medium Rene G., by Alcona 2:1G< 4 

Mark Monroe, b s, 1883, by Victor 
Bismarck Maggie Monroe, by Jim 
Monroe 2:25V 2 

Mark P., br s, 1887, by Du-ango Chief 
Lady Y., by Gipsy Boy 2:25 : U 

Mark Sirius, ch s, 1887, by Sirius 
Louisa R., by Blue Bull 2:13 

Marksman Maid, 1> m, 1881, by Marks- 
manFanny, by Ben Abdallah 2:21! 4 

Mark Time, br s, 1878, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor Lloyd, by Glancev's Morgan 2:19 

Mark W., b g, 188^-, by Mark Monroe. 2:28'% 

Marquetta 2:23 :> i 

Marquette, b s, 1886, by Victor Bis- 
marckIda, by Favorite Wilkes 2:20 

Marquis, blk s, 1878, by Clay Abdal- 
lah Fly by Spaulding's Abdallah... 2:2fr% 

Marquis, b g, 1881, by The Marquis, 
dam. by Mambrino Gift 2 :ll>',i 

Marquis of Eden, b s, 1889, by Prince- 
tonBell Almont, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino 2:2:r'., 

Marron. ch g, 1886, by Gold Beater 
Annie Wilson, by Henry Wilson ... 2:U> ; '4 

Mars, b g, 1881, by Administrator 
Watersprite, by Belmont 2 :2v :, 

Mars, ch s 1874. by Gen. Sherman- 
Jenny, by Superb 2 -27' ', 

Marshal B., br s, 1877, by Chadwic-k 
Lady Tartar, by Pelham Tartar 2:26 ! /> 

Marshall Maid, b m. 1884, by Dom 
Pedro Folly, by Thalaba 2:23i<, 

Marshal T., ch s, 187. by George 
Sherwood Kit. by Rook Miranda . . 2:20 

Marston C., b s. 1891, by Peidmont 
Maiden, by Electioneer 2:l9vj. 

Martha, b m, 187. by Prosper 2:30 

Martha H., ch m. 1888, by Egmont 
Dora Belle, by Hartford Hamb'.o- 
tonian 2 :2o''j 

Martha Washington, ch m, 1870 by 
Blucher ."....2:2014 

Martha Wilkeg, b m. 1883, by Alcyone 
Ella, by Clark Chief 2:08 

Martie G., b m, 188, by India man 2:2s 

Martin B., b s, 1S89, by Alvardo 
Leon Maid, by Springville Chief. . 2:30 

Martin K., ch g, 188, by Hannibal. . 2:1RV, 

Martin M.. b g. 188 .*. 2:29', 

Martyr, blk s. 1887, by Rumor Mig- 
non, by Gen Knox 2:22H 

Marvel, b g. 1876, by Messenger Chief 
Kit Dunn 2:2* 

Marvel, ch s, 1888, by Fordstan 
Frankie Eaton by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonian 2:24 ! i 

Marvel, b g, 18, by Mainbrino Pilot 
Jr. Kate O'Brien 2:21'- .', 

Marvel, b g, 1887, by Adjuster Mam - 
brino Girl, by Pennvpack 2:1S ! ; 

Marvelous, b s, 1889, by Woodbrino 
Aetna, by Belmont 2:2. 

Marvin, b s. 1886. by Electioneer- 
Bright Eyes, by Gen. Benton 2:23<<, 

Marwood. ch R, 1888. by Atwood 
unurn T>rander. by Glendale L'^O 



Marsy, b in, 185, by George M. 
Patchen, dam by Saladiu (dead) . . 

Mary, b m, 1890, by MacUuliuinmore, 
dain by Aladdin 

Mary, b m, 1888, by tSt. Just Dolly, 
by Hamlet 

Mary A., b m, 1886, by Altaniont 
Daisy A., by Kisbar 

Mary Anderson, b in, 188, by Hain- 
iin'b Alinout Jr. Mmo, by Wood's 

Mary Anderson, cli m,1884, by Light- 
wood Molly Hal, by Moore's Tom 
Hal . . 

Mary Ann, b in, 1879, by Bay State 
Grand Duchess, by Handiey's Hia- 

Mary A. Whitney, b in, 1867, by Vol- 
unteerPeggy fc>iender (dead) 

Mary B., br m, 1878, by Alcalde- 
Mary Weaver, by Black Hawk Ver- 

Mary B., b in, 188 

Mary Best, ch m, 1890, by Guy Wilkes 
Montrose, by Sultan 

Mary Brown, b m. 1885, by Egbert- 
Annie Brown, by Ashland Chief . . 

Mary C., br m, 1884, by Wagner Ba- 
shaw Puss Cunningham, by Green's 

Mary C., br m, 1880, by Wilson 
Horse Maggie Day 

Mary Caldwell, b m, 1888, by Wilkes 
Boy Lulu Patchen, by Tom Patchen 

Mary Cecil, b m, 1884, by Thomas K. 
Fanny, by Thornton's Abdullah . . 

Mary Grit, blk m, 188, by Roomer 
(pacing record 2 :19) 

Mary Davis, b m, 186, by Werner's 
Rattler Mary Rotan 

Mary Ferguson, b m, 1888, by Gran- 

Mary Hanford, b m, 1887. by Chosroes 
Mary Long, by Bashaw 

Mary G., b m, 188, by Almonarch, 
dam by Stephen A. Douglas 

Mary Karr, br m, 1884, by Gov. 
Sprague Maddie Karr, by Adminis- 
trator A 

Mary Kent, br m, 1881, by Kent 
Burbank Mare, by Gen. Grant.... 

Mary Lee, blk m, 1887, by George O. 
Koxie Belle, by Squire Talmage 

Mary Lou, ch m, 1885, by Tom Ben- 
ton Brown Jenny, by McCracken's 
David Hill Jr 

Mary Maderia, ch m 1889, by Strath- 
roy Mattie Lake, by Pacing Abdal- 

Mary Magdalene, ch m, 1890, by Du 
Bois' Superior Magdalene, by 

Mary Marshall, b m, 1885, by Billy 
Wilkes Bennie Sydner, by Mam- 
brino Abdallah 

Mary Me, b m, 188, by Lumps, dam 
by Lexington Chief 

Mary O., ch m, 1885, by Brown Jug 
Betsey, by Budd Doble 

Mary Powell, blk m, 1880, by De 
Witt Clay, dam by Young Cardinal 

Mary R., ch m, 1885, by McCurdy's 
Hambletonian Maggie 

Mary Russell, gr m, 1871. by Joe 
Brown Kate Odell, by Burt's Young 

Mary S.. br m, 1882, by Barney 












2:28!/ 2 

2:29y a 



Wilkes Gin Burner, by Frank Al- 
len 2-28 

Mary S., ch m, 1881, by Alcantara 
Lady Carr, by American Clay ... 2:28 

Mary Spillman, b m, 1883, by Rolling 
Wave 2:30 

Mary Sprague, br m, 1879, by Gov. 
Sprague Little Ellen, by Gold- 
smith's Abdallah 2 21 

Mary W., br m, 1883, by Gov. 
Sprague Dora Dun ton, by Smuggler 2:29% 

Mary Wilkes, b m, 1885 by Tennessee 
Wilkes Mcdjeska, by'Enfield 2:19 

Mascot, ch m, 1884, by Triceps Kit 2:24% 

Mascot, b s, 1887, by Stamboul Min- 
nebaha, by Steven's Bald Chief 
(dead) 2:25% 

Mascot Bob, ro g, 1882, by Col. Howe 
Pet, by Pacing Joe 2:2<Hi 

Mason, b s, 1885, by Greenbacks 
Frazel. by Trophy 2:27% 

Mason Nutwood, b s, 1891, by Ira 
Nutwood 2:22 

Maseasoit, ch s, 1835, by Phallaraont 
Theresa Lambert, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:25% 

Master, b s, 1883 by Maeterlode 
Maggie Hubbard, by Magna Charta 
(dead) 2:27% 

Master Dudley, br s, 1884, by Mam- 
brino Dudley Octavio, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian 2:29^4 

Master Medium, b s, 1885, by Happy 
Medium Venture, by Volunteer ... 2:29% 

Matanzas, b m, 1885. by Lord Russell 
- -Malmaison, by Alexander's Ab- 
dallah 2:27% 

Matchless, b g, 187 by Nil Desper- 
adum Mattie Lyle, by Young Mor- 
rill T 2:24% 

Matchless, br s, 1886, by Dauntless- 
Jenny, by Iowa 2:25% 

Matchwood, b s. 1887. by Woodbrino 
Smuggle, by Hampton 2:27 

Matilda, b m, 1884, by Nutwood 
Luallaba, by Berkley's Edwin For- 
rest . 2:30 

Mathewson Sprague, b s, 1888, by 
Sprague Daisy May, by John 
Bright 2:29^4 

Matrimony, b m, 1889 by Aberdeen 
Happy Choice, by Happy Medium 2:23% 

Matt, b m, 1877, by Louie Napoleon 
Magg 2:30 

Matt Fisher, b g, 1876, by Ripon Boy 
Daisy, by North Star 2:2fH4 

Matthew Smith, b g, 186 pedigree 
not traced (dead) 2;26% 

Matthew W., gr g, 1887, by Neighbor 
Ups Lady Lorn 2:30 

Mattie, b m, 1867, by Rvsdyk's Ham- 
hletonian Lucy A'lmack, by Young 
Engineer 2:22% 

Mattie B., b m, 188, by Louis Na- 
poleon 2:28V, 

Mattie B. h m. 1877. bv Phil Sheri- 
dan Jr. Flint, bv McTntvre Horse 2:27% 

Mattie B., b m, 187 pedigree not 
traced 2:25*4 

Mattie Bassort. b m, 188 . hv Hermes 
Lirta Brigand, by Brigand 2:26V 2 

Mnttie C.. ar m. 1883 bv American 
Rthnn Jessie, by Hisrhlanrl Grey. . 2:25% 

Mnttio C.. ch m! 18.81. bv Spnoea 
flhipf Bay Dolly, by ingersoirfl 
Young Trustee . .'. 2:28% 

Mnttio D.. ch m. 1880. by Bay Middle- 
ton--Kit. by Hero Jr 2:25% 



Mattie G., b m, 188- by Pan ...... 2:22% 

Mattie Graham, b m, 1874, by Harold 

Vic, by Mambrino Chief ......... 

Mattie H., b m, 1886, by Abdallah 

Mambrino Ella Hopkins, by Oc- ^ 

Katt?e n H',"gr"m,'i874,"by Blue Bull 
Nelly Miller, by Coulter's Davy 
Crocket ^J.Zi^j 

Mattte Hunter, b m, 1884, by Stride- 
away Jr.-Clara Benton, by Robin- 
son's Benton mw* 

Mattie Hunter, b m, 1877. by Glen- 
dale Flora b y Jim Crow (dead).. 2:30 

Mattie K., b m. 187- by Hinsdale 
Horse, dam by Harris' Mambrino 
Chief Jr &'.4 f l / 

Mattie Lyle',' br'm, 186, by Young ^^ 

Matti" Marco.' b 'm,' 1885, ' by Monaco 
Mattie Hunter, by Prmge Pu aski 2:2o 

Mattie Merrill, b m, 188 by Wilkes, 
dam by Mayhew *'-W 

Mattie Mosier, b m, 1890, by Wilkes- 
wood z :<:< ,4 

Mattie P., b m, 1884 by Jackson 
Temple, dam by Tom Hyer ...... 2:26% 

Mattie Price, br m, 1873, by Wood- 
ford Mambrino Miss Taylor, by 
Aker's Idol 2:29% 

Matlie Scott, blk m, 188, by Estill 


Mattie Solomon, blk m, 1885. by Di- 
rectorMartha Solomon, by Reavis' 

Blackbird 2:30 

Mattie S. Wilkes, ch m, by Simmons 

Celeste, by Alcyone 2:26Ms 

Mattie Swope, ro m, 1884, by Young 
Jim Roan Fanny, by Mambrino 

King 2:30 

Mattie Wilkes*. br m, 1881. by Lyle 

Wilkes Molly Lumber, by Lumber 2:30 
Mattie Wilkes, b m, 1885, by Barney 
Wilkes Maggie Underwood, by Ti- 

tus 2:24% 

Matt Kirkwood, b g, 1870, by Kirk- 
woodMaggie Davis 2:29% 

Maud, b m, 1882, by Clay Cadmus- 
Jenny Lynn 2:29M> 

Maud, b m, 1866. by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian Starlight, by Seely's 

American Star 2:29% 

Maud, b m, 1881, by Young Napoleon 
Minnie RJfel, by Arbuckle's Rat- 
tler 2:181/2 

Maud, b m, 188. by C. V. B 2:29y 4 

Maud, br m, 1883, by Othello Betsy 2:29y 2 
Maud, ch m, 1882. by Aurora Lady 

Sherman, by Milliman's Bellfounder 2:27 
Maud, blk m, 1884, by McDonald 

Chief Puss, by Gen Taylor 2:20% 

Maud ch m, 188, by Hiram 2:30 

Maud,' ch m, 188, by Hotspur Jr 2:29Vi 

Maud, ch m, 1882, by Abdallah Duroc 

Nancy 2:291,4 

Maud, b m, 188 by George Sprague 2:28*4 
Maud A., b m, 188, by Embassador, 
dam by Billy Green (pacing record 

2:28%) 2:29% 

Maud A., b m, 1877, by By sdyk Jes- 
sie, by Roebuck 2:26% 

Maud A., br m, 1886, by Pyramid- 
Judith B.. by Lord Almont 2:1 

Maud A., 188, 2:2 

Maud Almeda, gr m, 188 by Gaviofci 2:24 
Maud Archibald, br m, 1881, by Glen- 
wood 2 :27% 

Mau<] B.. Hi m. 18.9. by Dow S 2:28'/> 

Maud B., ch m, 1884 by Charley B. 

Doll .' 2:23& 

Maud B., b m, 188, by Barkis 2:20% 

Maud Banks, ch m, 18&- , by Dictator 

Chief Empress, by Sterling 2:27^, 

Maud C., blk m, 1889, by Binderton 

Nita, by Atlantic 2:15% 

Maud C., ch m, 1886, by California 

Nutwood Zola, by Steinway .... 
Maud C., b m, 1882, by Sir Charles- 
Bessie, by Southerner 

Maud C., b m, 1883, by Alexander 

Button Gipsy, 
Maud G., b m, 
Maud Clay, gr 

Lou, by Pilot Duroc 2:24 

Maud Cook, b m, 187, by Iron Duke. 2:30 

Maud Cooper, rn-.xn, 188 2:28% 

Maud D., b in, 1881, by Burns, dain 

by Tippoo Saib 2:29V 3 

.Maud D., ch m, 188, by Clarion 

Chief Nelly, by States Rattler 2:29% 

Maud D. N., b in. 1889, by Hamdal- 

lah Esther, by Silas Wright 2:25 

Maud E., b m, 1885, by Clifford 2:22% 

Maudee, b m, 1887, by Anteeo Maud, 

by Nutwood 2:24% 

Maud F., b m, 1882, by Troy Maud 

Oarlin, by Hugo 2:25% 

Maud F., b m, 1882, by Oneida Chief 

Babe 2:30 

Maud Fowler, b m, 1888, by Anteeo 

Eveline, by Nutwood 2:21% 

Maud G., b m, 188, by Woodman, 

dam by Atlantic 2:28% 

Maud Greenwood, br m, 188, by 

Gen. Knox 2:26% 

Maud H., b m, 188 by Jay Bird. ... 2:26 
Maud H., br m, 1883, by Duroc Volun- 
teerLady Hamilton 2:21)% 

Maud H., ch m, 1883, by Carr's Mam 

brino Flora, by Dan Voorhees 2:24 

Maud H., ch m, 188, by Landmark, 

dam not traced 2:29% 

Maud Halbert, b m, 188, by Halbert 2:30 
Maud Haywood, b m, 1890, by Garn- 

betta Wilkes, dam by Almont 2:24% 

Maud Howe, ch m, 1883, by Bashaw 

Hambletonian Kate P. 2:27% 

Maudie Belle, b m, 1882, by Wood's 

Hambletonian Helen V., by Enfield. 2:29% 
Maud J., b m, 1886, by Winfield Scott. 2:25% 

! Maud J 2:25% 

! Maud Knox, ch m, 1882, by Winthrop 

Knox 2:27 

i Maud L., b m, 188, by Seaside 2:29% 

! Maud L., b:- m, 1880, by Grey Dan, 

dam by a son of Hiram Drew 2:30 

Maudlen. b m, 1883, by Harold Nutu- 

la, by Belmont 2:25% 

Maud Lightfoot, ch m, 188, by 

Prince Almont 2 :25 '/ 

i Maud M., ro m. 1884, by Crazy Nick 
Jr. Dolly Elder, by Young Prince 

Albert 2.:28 

i Maud M., b m, 188, by Abdallah 

Hambletonian 2:20% 

Maud M., br m, 1888, by Janus 

Fi-olic, by Dick 2:2?, 

Maud M., b m, 1881, by Little Hamil- 
ton 2:2*% 

Maud M 2:25 

Maud M., br m, 187, pedigree not 

traced 2:30 < 

Maud M., br m, 188, by Anteeo 2:20% 

Maud M., ch m, 188. by Gift Jr 2:30 

Maud Mace, br m, 1885, by Dan Mace 

Maud, by Quaker General 2:27V 4 

Maud Macey, ch m, 1871, by Joe 



Hooker Jenny Martin, by Siar Lieu- 

Maud Medium, br in, 188, by Chief 

Maud Medium, b m, 188 

Maud Menill, blk m, 1888, by Ante- 
ro'.o Belle A., by Tilton Almont... 

Maud Messenger, b m, 1877, by Mes- 
senger Chief Eliza Jane, by Gentle 

Maud Muller, gr m, 1873, by Coupon 
Chesley, by John Robinson 

Maud Muller, ch m, 1882, by Locker- 
bie Bessie Turner, by Kentucky 

Maud P., b m, 1891, by Idaho Patchen 

Maud N., br m, 188, by Col. Crock- 

Maud Patchen, b in, 1887, by Idaho 
Patchen Maud W. W. W., by Gen. 

Maud It., ro m, 1879, by Cunard 

Maud S., br m, 188, by Oapt. Jinks. 

Maud S., ch m, 1874, by Harold Miss 
Russell, by Pilot Jr 

Maud Singleton, b m, 1885, by Single- 
ton Lettie, by Wayland Forrest... 

Maud S. M., b m, 1887, by Pedo 
Fanny M., by Louder' s Printer 

Maud Stillson, ch m, 1880, by Still- 

Maud T., b in, 3877, by Hainlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Fanny Fern, by Sover- 
eign Jr 

Maud V., ch m, 1887, by Nutmeg- 
Maggie W., by Richmond Boy 

Maud W., ch m, 1891, by Epicure, 
dam by Hotspur Jr 

Maud White, ch m, 1886, by Little 
Ben Nelly, by a son of Cub 

Maud Wright, b m, 1889, by Silas 
Wright Fanny Newton, by Allie 

Maud W. W. W., blk m, 1875, by Gen. 
Reno, dam by Bidwell's Rattler 

Maud Y., bm,'1889, by Dexter Prince 
Nelly Nelson, by John Nelson 

Maud Z., rn m, 188 

Maumejan, b g, 1885, by Messenger 
Chief Edna D., by Dr. Almont 

Maurice S., b g, 188, by Coupon, 
dam by Col. Heywood 

Mauston, b s, 1886, by Rysdyk Helen 
McGregor, by Robert McGregor 

Max, b g, 188, by Black Ben, dam 
by Don Juan 

Max, gr g, 1887, by Pilot Medium- 
Kit Reese, by Billy D 

Max, ch g, 188, by Young America. . 

Maxey, ch s, 1885, by Ben Franklin- 
Kitty Cook, by General Sherman... 

Maxie, b e, 188, by Joe Hooper 

Maxie B., b s, 188, by Ashland 

Maxie Oobb, b g, 1881, by Donny- 
brook, dam by Rocket 

Maxie Cobb. b s, 1875, by Happy Med- 
ium Lady Jenkins, by Black Jack 

Maxie Cobb Jr., b s, 1881, by Maxie 
Cobb Wheeler Mare, by Brown 

Maxie McGregor, blk g, 1886, by I'.m 

McGregor Jessie Grant, by Gen. 


Max O'Rell. b g, 1884, by Altitude 
Jule. by Slasher 

Max T.. blk g, 1M)1, by I'iloton. dam 
by Nopt uno 





2:08% ' 
2:28Vi | 
2:22 | 
2:29% i 

2:19% I 

2:22 | 

2:15% | 
2:23 y 4 i 







2:28% j 
2:24% i 
2:20 (/ . 

Maxwell, gr s, 1882, by William Tell. 2:28 '4 

May, ch m, 1873, by Jordan's Young 
Moscow Belle Windflower, by 

May B., blk m, 188, by Altoona, dam 
by Wapsie 

May B., l>r m, 188, by Sir Knight. . . 

May Be b m, 1883, by Ben Franklin 
Pedunk, by Vermont Volunteer 

May Bee, br m, 1889, by Happy Rus- 
sellBeeswing, by Kent 

May Belle, b m, 1892, by Phallainont 
Daisy Maid, by Hickory 

May Bird, blk m, 1868, by George 
Wilkes, dam by John C. Fremont. . 

May Bird, b m, 1867, by Jirnmie Kate 
Smith, by Cady's Champion 

May Bird, b m, 1877, by Blue Bull 
Fmley, by Bou.bon Chief 

May Bird, b m, 1886, by Jay Bird- 
Maud B., by Seneca Chief 

May Boy, b s, 1878, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian Harvest Queen, by 
Rysdyk's Hambletonian 

May Breaker, ch m, 1889, by Nut- 
breaker May H., by Chicago Vol- 

May Brino, ch m, 18S7, by Dall Brino 

May Clark, ch m, 1873, pedigree not 

May Coukling, b m, 1885, by Roscoe 
Conkling Sally Mills, by Moore's 
Orange Chief 

May Day, br m, 1877, by Dread Kitty 
Whaien, by Fenian Chief 

May Day, b m, 1870, by Ballard's Cas- 
sius M. Clay Jr. Kate, by Hiram 

May Day, b m, 1890, by Abdallah 
Mambrino Mignon, by Messenger 

May Day, b m, 1888, by Dominion- 
Idol Belle, by Akers Idol 

May Douglass, gr m, 1885, by Fred 
Douglass Badger Girl, by Black 
Flying Cloud 

May Eddy, b m, 1887, by Jerome Eddy 
Flora Hebel, by Young Dick Tay- 
lor (pacing record 2:22%) (dead) 

May F., b m, 188 by Gen. Stiautou, 
dam by Young Cadmus 

May F., gr m, 187, by Adirondack.. 

Mayflower, b m, 187, by Mambrino 

Mayflower, br m 1881, by Walkill 
Mayflower, by Victor Bismarck 

Mayflower, b m, 1891, by Young Jim, 
dam by Robt. McGregor 

Mayflower, b m, 1889, by Israel- 
Lucy, by All Right 

May Gould, b m, 1874, by Jay Gould 
Columbia, by Draco 

May H., ch m, 1876, by Chicago Vol- 
unteer, dam by Plow Boy 

Mayhill, br m, 1887, by Edge Hill- 
Maywood, by Blackwood (pacing 

May Homer, b m, 1889, by Homer 
Hannie, by Jerome Eddy 

May Howard, gr m, 1865, by Capt. 
Hanford McCormick Ma-e 

May King, b s, 1886, by Electioneer 
May Queen, by Alexander's Norman 

May McGregor, ch m, 188, by Bonnie 

May Mitchel, gr m, 1884, by Pasacas 
Maid of the Mist, by Oonklin's 





















2:29V 4 


2:24V 4 







American Star 



Maymout. b m, 1882, by Treniont I Medium, b g, 

Kitty Robinson, by Frank Moscow. 2:23% traced 

May Morgan, b m, 1888, by Onward 
Rachel Russell, by Woodford Ab- 
dallah 2:19% 

May Morning, b m, 1871, by Daniel 
Lambert May Queen, by Ethan Al- 
len " 2:30 

May Not, b g, 188, by Judge Advo- 
cate 2:2i!4 

Mayonne, b m, 188, (ringer?) 2:30 

May Queen, b m, 1853, by May Day 
(dead).... 2:2G 

May Queen, b m, 1868, by Alexan- 
der's Norman Jenny, by Crockett's 
Arabian 2:20 

May Queen, b m, 1883, by Haiubleton 
Wai-wick Star 2:27 

May Queen, ch m, 188--, by Ben 
Franklin 2:29% 

May Queen, gr m, 188, by Duroc. .. 2:28^4 

May Queen, b m, 1878, by Western 
Fearnaught Maggie Crofoot, by 
Mugmi of Avon. . . . 2:29% 

May Quesne, b m, 1888, by Duquesne 
Lottie, by Albu-.-n 2:21 

May II., b m, 1882, by Charley B. 
Lucy 2:2914 

May Rose, b m, 1886, by Indiaman 
Magnet 2:26% 

Maytell, b m, 1891, by Axtell Delta, 
by Nutwood 2 :24 

May Thorne, b m, 1874, by Thorn- 
dale Sunbeam, by Jupiter 2:24% 

May Virginia 2:24^/4 

Maud B., ch m, 1884, by Charley B. 
Doll 2:24V4 

Maud B., b m, 188, by Barkis 2:29V4 

Maud Banks, ch m, 188, by Dictator 
Chief Empress, by Sterling 2:27% 

May Wilkes, b m, 1884, by louug 
Wilkes Kit, by Star of Catskill.... 2:26Vij 

May Williams, b m, 1881, by Cham- 

Sion Prince Ida, by Mott's Indepen- 
ent 2:26V4 

Maywood, blk in. 1880, by Gov. 
Sprague Lady Byron, by Royal 
George 2:20 

Mazie McGregor, ch m, 1885, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Belle Far well, by 
Ladd's Ethan Allen 2:28 

Mazoinania, ch g, 1867, by Gen. Mor- 
ganOld Belle, by Brown's Bell- 
founder 2:20Vi 

Mazssintiue, ch g, 1887, by Fitzger- 
ald's Enterprise Palena, by Strath- 
more 2 :29V4 

Mazzone, b s, 1885, by Gen. Han- 
cockVerbena, by Messenger Duroc 2:29% 

M. C., oh m, 188, by Deceive 2:27 

M. C. S., b s, 1890, by Billy Mont- 
Kitty Midnight, by Charley B 2:30 

Meade, ch m, 188 by Rattler 2:25 

Meander, b s, 1879. by Belmont 
Minerva, by Pilot Jr 2:26% 

Mecca, b g, 1880, by Jay Gould- 
Martha Nutwood, by Hamlet 2:28 

Mechanicsville, b s, 1891 by Myrtle- 
ton Sally Wilkes, by Baron Wilkes 2:28*4 

Meda. ch m. 188, by Harold 2:25 

Medajfci, b m. 188, by Combat, dam 
by Dictator 2 :27i4 

Mediator, b s, 1886, by Happy Med- 
ium Abdalletta, by Strader's Cas- 
sius M. Clay Jr 2:25% 

Medina, b g, 188, breeding not 
traced 2:27 

Medio. b s. 1890 by Pilot Medium- 
Lady Epicure, by Epicure 2:14% 

188, pedigree not 

Medium Boy, b s, 1888, by Shennan 
i Jessie B., by Knicker- 

185 , pedigree not 


Medoc, gr g, 
traced (dead) 

Medonias, gr s, 1885, by Pilot Med- 
iumMercedes, by Masterlode 

Medora, b m, 1882, by Gov. Sprague 
Olivia, by Ashland Chief 

Medora, blk m, 1884, by Bourbon 
Wilkes, dam by American Clay . . 

Medora, br m, 1882, by Young Rolfe 
Knox Girl, by Gen. Knox (dead) . . 

Medora, b m, 1888, by Gambettu 
Wilkes Mary Bruce, by Von Arnim 

Megibben, oh s, 1886. by Simmons- 
Big Six, by Hambrino 

M'liss, b m, 1884, by Commander 
Little Lassie 

M'liss, blk m, 1885, by Simmons- 
Dolly Hazard, by Sam Hazard.... 

Melissa, blk m, 1884, by Nutwood 
Eudora, by Guyler 

Mella G., gr m, 1881, by Dr. Herr 
Lady Gist, by George Bell 

Melophene, br m, 1891, by Quarter- 
master Mattie C. , by Trouble .... 

Me rose, br g, 1879, by Sultan, dam by 
California Ten Broeck 

Melrose, b s, 1874, by Victor Bis- 
Marck Cinderella, by Mambrino 
Pilot . . . .: 

Melrose, b s, 1883. by Monaco Lady 
Alice, by Mambrino Chorister (dead) 

Melton, b s, 1885, by Frank Noble- 
Mary Safford, by Combat 

Melvar, ch s, 1888, by Fordstan 
Frankie Eaton, by Whipple's Ham- 

Memento, b m, 1884, by Electioneer 
Mamie, by Hambletonian Jr 

Memento Wilkes, b s, 1884, by Red 
Wilkes Ducky Almont, by Almont 

Memona, ch m, 1886, by Aberdeen- - 
Senorita, by Coaster 

Mendicant, br g, 188, by Monaco. . 

Menlo, b s. 1879, by Nutwood, dam 
by imp. Hercules 

Menlo Belle, b m, 1887, by Menlo 
San Mateo Belle, by Speculation . . . 

Menlo Fallis, b s, 188, by Fallis 

Mentor, gr s, 1884. by Middletown 
Ethics, by Princeps 

Mercurius, gr s, 1887, by Kensett 
Delusion, by Almont 

Merle Moore, b m, 1886, by Victor 
Bismarck Maud by Lightwood.. 

Merlin, b s, 1883, by Phallas Mila 
C., by Blue Bull 

Mermaid, b m, 1884, by Von Moltke 
Skip, by Gideon 

Merman, b s, 1890, by McEwen 
Myrtis, by Tennessee Wilkes 

Merodock, ch s, 1887, by Matterhorn 
Mosa, by Woodford Mambrino.... 

Merrilies. ch m, 1881, by Dr. Herr 
Dolly, by Dusty Miller 

Merren. b g, 1891, by Lucky Cross, 
dam by Favorite Wilkes 

Merriment, ch m, 1877, by Happy 
Thought Lady Morgan, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian 

Merry Bird, br s, 188, by Jay Bird, 
dam by Norman Jr 

Merry Christmas, b s, 1885. by Santa 







2:27 '4 










2 :27% 


2 :27',4 



2:22Y A 


2:2SV t 




Glaus Easter Medium, by Happy 
Medium 2:27 

Merry Thought, b m, 1879, by Happy 
Medium Four Lines, by Black- 
wood ....2:22i4 

Mertis Wilkes, ch m, 1888, by Ash- 
land Wilkes Daisy 2:29% 

Mertzy, b m, 1891, by C, F. Clay, 
dam by Red Wilkes 2:2*1-4 

Merula, b s, 1887, by Frank Noble- 
Manila, by Joe Gavin 2:29% 

Merva K., gr m, 1880, by Mambrmo 
Bo y_Grey Fan, by Grey Hawk Jr. 2:27% 

Merzalla, b m, 188, by W. H. Max- 
wellLady Annie, by Cazenovia 
Star 2:291,4 

MesquJte, br m, 1892. by Lancelot 
Malvasia by Lord Russell 2:29% 

Messenger 'Knox, gr s, 1866, by Gen. 
Knox, dam by Prince " 2:30 

Messenger Wilkes, b s, 1883, by Red 
WUkes Rena a, by) Messenger 
Chief 2:28 

Metal, b m, 1886, by Referee Silver- 
foil, by Jackson's Flying Cloud ... 2:27Vi 

Metamora, b s, 1886, by Jerome Eddy 
Madeleine, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:19% 

Meteor, blk s, 188, by Commodore 
Belmont 2:28% 

Meteora, ch m, 1888, by Tennessee 
Wilkes Aline, by Allie West 2:20% 

Metropolis, br g, 188, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Metzger. gr g, 1889, by Moody, dam 
by Peacock 2:21 

Metta, b m, 2:24^ 

Miami Chief, b e, 1885. by Squire Tal- 
mage Lena, by Clay Cadmus (Joe 
Hooker) 2:28 

Michael, b g, 1883, by Herod Queen 
West, by Ware Colt 2:28% 

Michael O'Harra, b g, 188 pedigree 
not traced 2:25% 

Michael, b g, 188 by Lexington 
Chief Jr. 2:291,4 

Michigan Jim, br s, 1888, by Dictator 
Almont Jess, by Hambletonian 
George 2:20V 4 

Michigan Prince, blk s, 1884, by 
Young Wilkes Fanny Easier, by 
Nighthawk 2:26-% 

Middlesex, ch g, 1872. by Seneca 
hief Nelly Litchfleld, by .Grey- 
hound 2:24 

Middletown Jr., ch s, 1875, by Middle- 
townNelly Warner, by Andrew 
Jackson 2:27*4 

Middleway, b g, 1884, by Bay Middle- 
ton Ida Mills, by Fisk's Mambrino 
Chief Jr. <dead) 2:22'/ 4 

Midge, b m, 187, by Wilkie Collins 
May Thome 2:27% 

Midget Wilkes, b m, 188, by Wilkes 2:29% 

Midnight, blk s, 188, by Adrian 
Wilkes 2:23*4 

Midnight, blk g, 1872, by Peacemaker, 
dam by Drew Horse 2:18% 

Midnight Chimes, b m, 1889. by 
Chimes Jennie Jackson, by Mam- 
brino King (dead) 2:16'4 

Midvale Prince, b s, 1885, by Red 
Wilkes Belle Brino, by Hambrino 2:25 

Midway, b m, 1886, by Middlesex 2:20% 

Mignon, b m, 1873, by Sentinel 'Sally 
Warfleld, by Toronto 2:27^4 

Mikado, b g, 1881, by Highland Chief 
Nelly Grey 2:20% 

Mikagan, b s, 1884, by Onward A!- 

dine, by Woodford Mambrino ...... 

Mike, br g, 1877, by Beecher Kate 

Bradley, by Clifton Pilot ......... 

Mike Bowerman, b g, 188, by Wil- 

tonElla, by Cripple ............. 

Mike Jefferson, ch g, 1868, by 

Thomas Jefferson Mizema ........ 

Mike Knight, b s, 18S7, by Sir Knight 

Polly, by Morgan Star .......... 

Mike Scott, gr s, 188, by Winfield 

Scott ............................ 

Mike Wilkes, b g, 1875, by George 

Wilkes Nelly B. by Harry B. 

Patchen (pacing record 2:15% dead) 
Mila C., ch m, 1866, by Blue Bull- 

Cutaway ......................... 

Mild Cloud, ch s, 1888, by Black 

Cloud, dam by Hambletonian Hun- 

ter ............................... 

Mildred, c-h m, 1888, by Egotist Ray, 

by Pilot Mambrino .............. 

Milkmaid, b m, 1880, by Forbse Miss 

Soules, by King's Champion ...... 

Milkshake, sp g, 1885, by Strathrnore 

, sp g, 
Birthmark by Kentucky Prince.. 

g, 1 
Daisy Miller, by Electioneer 

Millard, ro 



by Gen. Benton 

Mill Boy, b g. 187 by Jay Gould 

Dolsey. by Shaffer Pony ......... 

Miller's Damsel, ch m, 184, by Jack- 

son, dam by Little Duroc (dead) ____ 
Mill Girl, br m 1878, by Jay Gould 

Dolsey, by Shaffer Pony ....... 

Millie Wilkes, br m, 1887. by Guy 

Wilkes Rosetta, by The Moor ..... 
Millionaire, b s, 1887, by Happy Med- 

iumYoung Winnie, by Woodford 

Mambrino ....................... 

Mill Lady, b m, 1891, by Count 

Wilkes Mill Girl by Jay Gould 

(pacing record 2:30) ............... 

Milo, b s, 1874, by Milwaukee Minnie 

B., by Bay Mambrino ............ 

Milton, b s, 1879, by Smuggler Lizzie, 

by imp. The Knight of St. George 
Milton, b g, 1884. by Hickory Jr. 

Kitty Glyde, by Abdallah Hamble- 

tonian .......................... 

Milton Blackwood, blk g, 1879, by 

Blackwood Irene, by Enchanter ... 
Milton Medium, b s, 1871, by Happy 

Medium Fan, by Sackett's Ham- 

bletonian ........................ 

Mimic, b s, 1884, by Messenger Chief 

Rose Chief, by Brown Chief ...... 

Miner, b s, 1890, by Nutwood Velvet, 

by Volunteer .................... 

Minerva, gr m, 1884, by Pilot Medium 

Silky Lambert, by Daniel Lambert 
Minet, b in, 1885, by Electioneer 

Minx, by Don Victor .............. 

Mink, blk s 1877, by Michie Abbie, 

by Oiulerdonk .................... 

Mink, blk m, 188. by Alcantara- 

Souvenir, by Administrator ...... 

Mink Wilkes, blk s. 1886, by Young 

Wilkes Doll Thayor, by North 

Hawk Jr ......................... 

Minneola, ch s. 1883, by Young Jim- 

Jessica by Hamlet ................ 

Minnesota, b m, 1878, by Portion 

Lorena, by Mambrino Patchen ..... 
Minnie, b"< m. 1883, by Sweep Lady 

Julian, by Toronto Chief ........... 

Minnie A., b m, 1884. by Hamdallah 

Topsey, by DeGraff's Alexander. . . . 
Minnie B., br m, 1889. by Billy Thorn- 

























2:22y 4 


2 ;27% 



Either placed the world's record for trotters at 2:10 with Jay- Eye-See, 

the world's record for stallions at 2 :13% with Phallas, 

and at 2 :072 with Kremlin. 


Keyes was for a number of years identified with the Elyria 

family. He is now at the Forest City Farm and 

was out last year with Hyannis 2 :11M- 




hill Laura R., by Electioneer. ...... 2:29% , 

Minnie B., ch m, 1881, by Charley B. 
Belle, by Seneca Chief 2:29% 

Minnie B., b m, 1887, by John Wilkes. 2:30 . 

Minnie Brown, b m, 1889, by Pilot 
Medium Sunbeam, by Grand Senti- 
nel 2:20U I 

Minnie O., b m, 1877, by Jack Shep- 
pard Lady Cummings, by Taggarrs 
Abdallah . 2:25',* | 

Minnie Clay, b m, 1886, by King Ash- 
land Beck, by McDowning 2:27% 

Minnie D., b m, 1875, by Nonpareil- 
Black Kit. .... 2:23% 

Minnie Dale, b m, 1883, by Hero of 
Thorndale Maggie Fred, by Raven. 2:29% 

Minnie G., m m, 1888, by Jay Bird- 
Betsey Higgins, by Strathmore 2:19% 

Minnie Grey, gr m, 1881, by Harry 
Morgan B loss, by Jacques Cartier. . 2:30 

Minnie Keene, gr m, 1881, by Young 
Jim Miss Weeks, by Joe Downing. . 2:21% j 

Minnie L., ch m, 1884, by Emery 
Fearnaught Molly Lunt, by Victor. 2:20% I 

Minnie L., gr m, 188 " 2:27 

Minnie Lee, b m, 188, breeding not 
traced .- 2:29% 

Minnie May, b m, 188, by Mark 
Twain 2:29% 

Minnie Maxfield, b m, 1865, by Char- 
ley . 2:2SVi 

Minnie Moak, b m, 1885, by Mohawk 
Hambletonian Flora, by Baskins 
Horse 2:28% 

Minnie Monroe, b m, 1888, by Mark 
Monroe Minnie, by Whirlwind Chief 2:25% 

Minnie Moore, b m, 188, by Toronto 
Chief Jr., dam by Clarion Chief. ... 2:27% 

Minnie Moulton, blk m, 1875, by Lam- 
bert Chief Jenny, by Drew Horse.. 2:27'/4 

Minnie O., b m, 1884, by Young Volun- 
teer 2:21iA 

Minnie P., b m, 188, by Port Leon- 
ard 2:19-, 

Minnie R., b m, 1872, by John C. 
Breckinridge (pacing record 2: 161/2)-. 2:19 

Minnie ~R., dn m, 188, by Rescue 
(pacing record 2:20%) 2:25 

Minnie Shaffer, b m, 188, by Hani- 
bletonian Bashaw 2:30 

Minnie's Almont, br s, 188, by Al- 
mooit Sentinel 2:2S'4 

Minnie Warren, ch m, 1875, by Night 
Hawk 2 :27v^ 

Minnie Whitestone, blk m, 1885, by 
Little Rock Nancy 2:24'/ 4 

Minnie Wilkes, b m, 188, by In- 
vader 2 :30 

Minnie Wilkes, b m, 1886, by King 
Wilkes Ma, by Little Ben 2:17 

Minnola, b m, 1890, by Earl Lady 
Wedgewood, by Wedgewood 2:24 ! 4 

Minot, b g, 1880, by Rochester Es- 
telle Eastin, by Mambrino Patchen. 2:26/, 

Minting, b s. 1891, by Kllerslie 
Wilkes, da,m by Abe-deen 2:29'4 

Minnetto, br s, 1889, by Epaulet, dam. 
by Administrator 2:27 J /j 

Mira, b m. 1883. by Roy Executor- 
Adeline, by Antar 2:28% 

Minta Linder, blk m, 1890, by Jersey 
Wilkes 2:22-% 

Mintur Wilkes 2:30 

Mira Startle, b m, 1885, by Mambriuo 
Startle Fleetwood, by Lyle Wilkes. 2:21% 

Mischief, b m, 1885, ' by Mambrino 

Wilkes Kitty Ooram, by Col Gross. 2:17% 
Mischief, br 1 m, 1889, by Brown Jug 
Flora, by Ford's Belmont 2:22% 

Misdeal, b s, 1888, by Midas jUiwuup, 
by Caishmian 2:20% 

Misfortune, gr m, 187, by Chancel- 
lor Black Hawk 2:21% 

Miss Albert, b m, 1889, by Albert W. 
Young Woodbine, by Electioneer. . 2:2oi4 

Miss AJice, b m, 1884, by Alcantara 
Thorndale Maid, by Thorndale 2:13% 

Miss Carroll, b m, 1890, by Santa 
Claus, dam by Mambrino Pilot 

Miss Oawley, br m, 1879, by Jack 
Lambert Madam Cawley, by 
Broughton Horse 2 :23>^ 

Miss Cecil, b m, 1890, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Jeannie C., by Nutwood. .. 2:21% 

Miss Clay, g m, 1890, by Clay 2:29)4 

Miss Cleveland, b m, 1887, by Aytoua 
Ole Mammy 2 :17% 

Missi Edith, b m, 1888, by Midas- 
Maggie V., by Revenue Jr 2:19 

Miss Egbert, b m, 1885, by Egbert- 
Miss Patchen, by Mambrino Patchen 2:29% 

Miss Fanny Jackson, b m, 1880, by 
Bay Lambert Fanny Jackson, by 
Stonewall Jackson 2:30 

Miss Foxie, b m, 1887, by Inca Lady 
Foxie, by Daniel Lambert 2:22 

Miss Fullerton, b m, 188, by Young 
Fullerton 2:19% 

Miss Grace, b m 1888, by Ambassa- 
dorGrace Darling, by Grand Sen- 

Miss Grant, br m, 1891, by Round's 
Sprague 2:27% 

Miss Harper, b m, 188, by Harper.. 2:29% 

Miss Hoke, b m, 1888 by Osrick 
Kate Hoke, by Ned Patchen 2:29% 

Miss Hunter, br m, 188, by Intrigue 
Idia, by Dutchman 2:21% 

Miss Huon, b m, 1886, by Huon 
Dolly Dutton. by McCIellan 2:24% 

Miss Ida, b m, 1887. by Linkwood 
Chief Sunbeam, by Backman's Idol 2:27% 

Miss Kent, b m, 1887, by Alcamont 
Rowenn, by Black Hawk Traveler. 2:25 

Miss Kate, b m, 1892, by Direct 
Fannie K.. by Redwood. 2 -24% 

Miss Kirkman. b m, 1888, by Wedge- 
wood Queenie, by Enfleld Jr 2:17 

Miss Ledo. br m. 1885, by Ledo Nell, 
by Black Sultan 2:29 

Miss Legacy, b m:, 1872. by Legacy 
Manr A., by Dusty Miller 2:24% 

Missi Leland. b m, 1879, by Leland 
Rose-ma, by Young- America 2:25% 

Miss Lida. b m. 1889, by King Clay- 
Moll v C., by Contractor. 2- 10% 

Miss McCurdy. b m,. 1884, by McCur- 
dy's Hambletonian Dot, by Black- 
wood Jr .. 2-2S ;{ l 

Miss McGregor, b m. 1889. by Robe-t 
McGregor Morgan Belle, by Ad- 
ministrator 2:19% 

Mifis McLain. b m. 1889. by Gregor 
McGregor Hattie Woodruff, by 
Hiram Woodruff . . 2:23% 

Miss Majolica, b m. 1884. by Startle 
Jeissie Kirk, by Clark Chief 2:24i,o 

Miss Maud 2:28 " 

Miss Mnv. b m. 1887 hy Hidalgo- 
Edith Beloit, by Beloit. '. . . 2:27% 

Mtes Millpr. b m. 187, by Mono- 
gramBerkshire Girl ". 2:29''l 

Miss Monroe, b m, 1S85, by Mon-oe 
Chief Aloha, by A. W. Richmond. . 2:27% 

Miss Murray, gr m, 1878. by Doty's 
Union Grey Kate, by Lent's Mes- 
senger 2:28% 

Miss Xaude, b m. 1SSO. by Electioneer 



Nadine, by Wildidle 

Miss Nelson, b m, 1889, by Norfolk 

Miss Patchen, b m, 1888, by Link- 
wood Chief Lady Patchen 

Miss Olive, ch m, 188, by Mam- 
brino King 

Miss Pilot, blk m, 188, by Sealskin 
Wilkes Sally J., by Administrator. . 

Miss O'Neil, b m, 188, by Brignoli 

Mies Q., b m, 1886, by Wilkesonian 
Nell, by Abdallah Mambrino (dead). 

Miss Rachel (Skylark), blk m, 1890, by 
Bourbon Wilkes Lark, by Abdallah 

Miss Redmon, b m, 1881, by Huuvuon 
Wilkes Becky Bird 2d, by West- 

Miss Simmoms, ch m, 1885, by Sim- 
mons Alberta, by Red Norman 

Miss Sontag. eh m, 1879, by Victor 
Mohawk Sontag Dixie, by Toronto 

Miss Strathmore, b m, 1888, by Strath- 
more Miss Kirksey, by Mambrino 

Miss Superior, gr m, 1890, by James' 
Superior, dam by Winfleld Scott 

Miss Thompson, br m, 1885, by Too- 
dies Jr. Primrose, by Hetzel's 

Miss Van S. ch m, 1887, by Simmons 
Lizzie Martin 

Miss Vida, b m, 188, by Red Jacket 

Miss Wilkes, br in, 1885, by Kaiser- 
Nonpareil, by Morrill Champion 

Miss Wilkes, b m, 1876, by George 
Wilkes Gilbert Mare, by Clifton 

Miss Wifton/br'm,' 188*9', by Wii ton- 
Miss Lane, by Mambrino Patchen... 

Miss Woodford, b m, 1882, by Black- 
wood Jr. Lizzie Anderson, by Clark 

Miss 6 Woodford, "b " in,' ' 188,' ' by 

Miss Zura Belle, br m, 1891, by St. 
Bel Zura, by Osman 

Miss Woolsey, b m. 1889, by Queechy 
Dolly Pomeroy, by Highland Gray . 

Mist b m, 1879, by King Rene Snow- 
bird, by Steele's Snowstorm 

Mista, b m, 1887, by Alcazar Lady 
Dey, by California Dexter. 

Mistake, b m, 1883, by Marshal Kleber 
Lady Yeiser, by Garnard Chief 

Mistletoe, blk m, 1875, by Mambrino 
Patchen Josie Railey, by Gen. 
George H. Thomas 

Misty Morning, b m, 1880, by Marks- 
manMorning Mist, by Aker's Idol. 

Mitchell, blk s, 188 

Mite, b m, 1891, by Delmarch Bright- 

Mizfe Douglas's', 'b' in,' 188^-', 'by Doug- 
lass Lady Hooker, by Ericsson..... 

M. J. Henderson, b g, 1887, by Land- 
markKit, by Lysander 

Mocking Bird, ch m, 1884, by Mam- 
brino King Mabel A., by Toronto 

Mode?. br r 's','i880' by 'Lexington' Chief 
Jr. Fanny Buck, by Flushing Boy . . 

Modesty, b m, 1869, by Tom Wonder 
Wells' Star, by Seely's American 

Modesty, blk m, 1886, by Pascarel 

2 :20% 























2:20V 4 


Fancy H ......................... 

Modesty, b m, 1891, by Count Folsio. 
Modie H., ch g. 1874, by Bayard 

Colie, by Footed Clay .............. 

Modjeska, b m, 1876, by Advance- 

Gipsy, by Clark's Black Hawk ..... 
Modoc, ch g, 1866, by Tornado, dam 

by Powers' Morgan Rattler ......... 

Modoc, gr g, 187, by Morgan Hunter 
Modoc, ch g, 187, by Aberdeen ..... 

Modred, b e, 188, by Lumps Isa- 

bella, by Wedgewood ...... . . ...... 

Mogul, b g, 1884, by Middletown 

Lady Shamrock, by Shamrock, ...... 

Mogul, b g, 1888, by Baymont Maud. 

by Black Ranger .................... 

Mohawk Blondi, b s, 1884, by Hall's 

Mohawk Jr. Lady Washington, by 

J. H. Welsh ..... .' ............. ..... 

Mogul, b g, 1888. by Baymont Maud, 

by Black Ranger .................. 

Mohawk Chief, ch s, 1869, by Hall's 

Mohawk Jr. Mary Bostvvick ..." ____ 
Mohawk (McCue's), ch s, 1881, by Mo- 

hawk Island Lady Richardson ____ 
Mohawk Gift, ch s, 1874, by Hail's 

Mohawk Jr. Sis James, by Camp- 

bell's His toga .................... 

Mohawk Jr. (Clark's), b e, 1866, by 

Mohawk Moselle, by Robinson's 

BoHfounder ...... ............... 

Mohawk Jr., (Hall's) b s, 1865, by Mo- 

liawk Lady Weaver .............. 

Mohawk Kate, b m, 1875, by Hall's 

Mohawk Jr. Lady Wheeler, by Fly- 

ing Hiatoga ....................... 

Mohawk Mr-Gregor, ch s, 1884. by 

Robert McGregor Minerva, by Fish- 

er's Mohawk ..................... 

Mohawk Prince, b g, 187, by The 

Commodore ....................... 

Molde, b m, 1891 ................... 

Molino, ch g, 188, by Belmont ...... 

Molly, b m, 1859 by Dolphus (dead) 
Molly, b m, 1863, by Magna Charta 

Fox Cline, by Young Florizel (dead) 
Molly, blk in, 1867, by Monro Cham- 

pion, dam by Way Horse (dead).... 
Molly B., b m, 1873, by Duke of Sara- 

togaJenny ..................... 

Molly B., b m, 1883, by Hamdallah 

Maud, by Altitude ............... 

Molly B., b m, 1877 by Fearnaught 

Gift, dam by Charles' Royal George 
Molly B., b m, 1885, by Sovereign 

Katy P ........................ 

Molly 'B., br m, 1885. by Willie Schep- 

per Black Suse, by Lovelace's 

Black Hawk ..................... 

Molly Bell, b m, by Consternation.. 
Molly C., b m, 1884, by Marnmont 

Nelly, by Prince Billett ........... 

Molly C., ch m, 1887, by Young Dirigo 

Daisy, by Daniel Boone ......... 

Dolly D., b m, 188 by Goldenbow 
Molly Drew, ch m, 1874, by Winthrop 

Fanny Fern, by Jack Hawkins .. 
Molly G., blk m, 188 by Charles 

Caffrey ......................... 

Molly G., b m, 188, by Pickett, dam 

by St. Charles ............... .... 

Molly G., gr m, 1881 by Eclipse Clay 

Grey Dolly, by Ranger ........... 

Molly Green, br m, 188, by Pontiac 
Molly H., ch m, 188 by Young De- 

tective .......................... 

Molly Harris, blk m, 187, by Couch's 

Bashaw .......................... 







2:29y 2 

2 21% 

2 :26 

2 :26% 







2:25 ' 





Molly J., b m, 188, by Hambletonian 
Tranby 2:19% 

Molly K., b ra, 188, breeding not 
traced 2:29->i 

Molly K., ch m, 1884, by Bashaw 
Hambletonian Katie P. ... 2:29% 

Molly Kistler, b m, 1875. by Blue Bull 
Moss Rose, by Man Eater 2:2iy 

Molly Long, br in, 1876, by Mambrino 
Champion Kate Learner, by Beam- 
er's Hiatoga 2:29% 

Molly Me, b m, 1885 by Long Branch 
Fan, by Steer's Indian Chief 2:13% 

Molly Middleton, b m, 3872, by Bay 
Middleton Betsey Allen, by King's 
Champion 2:25% 

Molly Mitchell, gr m, 1881, by Ken- 
nebec, dam by British Hunter 2:20% 

Molly Merrill, b m, 1872 by Walker 
Morrill Molly ' 2:28% 

Molly Morris, ch m, 186, pedigree 
not traced 2 :22 

Molly Morton, gr m, 1883, by Banker 
Rothschild Lady Forrester, by 
Field's Royal George 2:30 

Molly O'Connor, br m, 1880, by Swi- 
gert 2:25% 

"tolly Patten, blk m. 1886, by Whip- 

pleton Napa, by Naubuc 2:29% 

lolly S., g m, 188, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:24% 

Molly S. Lightfoot, b m, 1886, by 
Richmond Crane Mare 2 :21i/i 

Molly Sprague, ch m, 1888, by George 
Sprague Perlie Cardinal, by Wilkes 
Booth 2:16i/2 

Molly Stanton, b m, 1882, by Gen. 
Stauton 2:29% 

Molly T., b m, 1887, by Dr. Talmage 
Blanche, by Cardinal 2:29 l /4 

Molly Talbert, ch m, 1878, by Mam- 
brino Gift Kitty Talbert 2:29% 

Molly Wilkes, b m, 1882, by Young 
Jim Augusta, by Allie West 2:22% 

Molly Work, blk m, 1888, by Combina- 
tionPatch Work, by Haw Patch.. 2:24% 

Moloch, br g, 1892, by Warlock, dam 
by Strathmore 2:26% 

Moloch, blk s, 1888, by Stranger- 
Mystery, by Socrates 2 :17 

Molsey, b m, 1863, by Whiteside's 
Black Hawk Moll by Dallas .... 2:21% 

Mona, b m, 1886, by Jay Gould Mol- 
ly B., 2:29 

Mona Lka, blk m, 1888, by Monroe 
Chief, dam by Reavis' Blackbird. . 2:21 

Monadock, b s, 188, by Allandorf 
Mosella 2:29% 

Moiia B., b m, 1888. by Monon 
Princess Annie, by Kentucky Prince 2:28% 

Monaco, b s, 1889, by Electioneer 
Mano, by Piedmont 2:19% 

Monarch, br g, 188, by Brown 
Frank 2:25% 

Monarch, b g 1869, by Woodburn 
Victress, by Belmont 2:28% 

Monarch, b s, 188. by Mambrino 
Jackson 2:25% 

Monarch Jr., ro s, 1866, pedigree not 
traced 2:24% 

Monarch Rule, b m, 1869. by Monarch 
-Young Bob Rule, by St. Lawrence 2:24% 

Monbars, br s. 1889, by Bagl-i Bird- 
Lady Maud, by Gen. Knox (pacing 
record 2:16%) 2:11% 

Mondace, b g, 1882, by Ringgold 
Fanny Whetstone, by Tobe Drum 2:27% 

Monette, blk m, 1887, by Monon 

Doska, by Woodford Mambrino . . 

Money hunter, b s, 1883, by Fleeting 

Money Maid, b in, 1888, by 'Money- 
makerLady 0., by Canada Black 

Moneymaker, br s, 187, by a son "of 
Young Columbus (dead) 

Monie, b m, 188 by Baird's Ham- 
bletonian Prince, dam by Victor 

Monitor, gr g, 1876, by Strathmore^ 
Martha Myers, by Benton's Diomed 

Monitor Chippie, b m, 1886, by Moni- 
torBay Dixie, by Coleman's Abdal- 

Monk, ch g, 1888, by Gift Jr. Miss 
Stanley, by Snap Dragon 

Monk, blk s, 1888, by Seneca Patchen 
The Nun, by Gatlin 

Monocacy, b s, 1887, by King Wilkes 
Vivandier, by Volunteer 

Monocrat, b s, 1887, by Monitor 
Prince Bay Dixie, by Coleman's 
Abdallah Jr. (dead) 

Monogram, blk m, 1878, pedigree not 
traced . . . . , 

Monologue, b m, 1888, by Monroe 
Chief Susie, by Ayers' Mambrino 

Monopolist, b s, 1878, by Jupiter 
Abdallah Undine, by Rysdyk's 

Morning Glory, b m, 188, by Rich- 
ard's Elector 

Monroe, ch s, 1867, by Iron Duke- 
Young -Saline, by Guy Miller 

Monroe, b s, 188, by Monroe Chief 
Lady Tlffany by Gibraltar 

Monroe Chief, br s, 1870, by Jim 
Monroe Madam Powell, by Bay 
Chief ....; 

Monroe Prince, br 8, 1886, by Monroe 
Chief, dam by Buccaneer 

Monroe Wilkes, b g, 1883, by Barthol- 
omew Wilkes Nelly R., by Jim 

Montague, b g, 188, by Russel's 

Mont, b s, 188 

Monta Lee, b m, 1888, by Montaigne 
Nancy Lee, by Almont Chief 

Montana, blk s, 188, by Montana 
Wilkes Alberta 

Montana, b s, 1890. by Sidney Hat- 
tie, by Commodore Belmont 

Montclalr, b s, 1884, by Montello, 
dam by James. Bludso 

Monte Carlo, b s, 1881, by Monaco 
Bicara, by Harold 

Monte Christo, gr g, 1882. by Malta- 
Kate Prasch, by Grey Eagle (Blind 

Monte Christo, b s, 1887, by Baymont 
Kate, by Oapt. Thompson 

Monte Christo, ch g, 188, by Jubilee 
Kit, by Monogram 

Monte K., ch g, 188, by John W. 
Norton Nigger 

Monteo, b s, 1887, by Montgomery 
Minnie S., by Pasacas 

Monte Phlster, b g, 1884, by Jot O., 
Belle B., by Hero of Thorndale 

Monterey, b s, 1886, by Electioneer 
Minx, by Don Victor 

Monto Vista, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood 
Totsey, by Mambrino Transport. . 

Monte West, br g, 1882, by West- 








2:27y 2 


















mont 2:25% 

Montgomery, b s, 1878, by Inheritor 
Bazarr, by Kentucky Chief (dead) 2:21% 

Montgomery Boy, ch g, 1875, by 
Sweepstakes Mag, by Smith's 
Henry Clay 2:28% 

Montreal Girl, b m, 1871, by Tiger. . 2:30 

Mont Rose, b m, 1888, by Electioneer 
Rosemont, by Piedmont 2:18 

Montrose, b s, 1882, by Dartmouth, 
dam by McAllister Horse 2 :26% 

Moody, gr s 1874, by Swigert Moll, 
by Ward Horse 2:18% 

Moody, b g, 1881, by Moody Fanny 
Bond, by McComrnon's Magna 
Gharta 2:18 

Moonlight, b m, 1879, by Richmond, 
dam by Toledo 2:25% 

Moonstone, b m, 1888, by Sultan- 
Montana Maid, by George Wilkes . . 2:28% 

Moorzouk, b s, 1890, by Sidney Sul- 
tan Queen, by Sultan 2:26 

Moose, b g, 187, by Washburn Horse 
Morrisey Mare 2 :19% 

Moquette, br m, 1889, by Wilton 
Spirea, by Stillson 2 :30 

Moquette, ch m, 1889, by Belmont 
Mosa, by Woodford Mambrino 2:27*4 

Moquette, b s, 1888, by Wilton Betsy 
and I, by Ericsson 2:10 

Morea, b m, 1882, by Electioneer 
Maria Pilot, by Mambrino Pilot ... 

Morefleld, b s, 1881 by Richwood 
Fanny Cox, by Kossuth 2:29^4 

Morelein, b s, 1886, by Monte Carlo 
Nora Wilkes, by Lyle Wilkes 2:25% 

Morelight, b g, 1883, by Starlight- 
Violet, by Volunteer (dead) 2:28 

Morelight. b s, 1885, by Twilight- 
Lady Oarr, by American Clay 2:30 

Morgan Ethan, b s, 1880, by Ameri- 
can Ethan Dolly Perry, by Orange 
County Morgan 2 :29y> 

Morgan Wheeler, br g, 188 by Pal- 
adine 2:29% 

Morgan Wilkes, blk e, 1889, by Bour- 
bon Wilkes Fern by Rebel 2:27 

Morgwood, b s, 188 1 -, by Atwood 2:29% 

Morning, gr m, 1869, by Mambrino 
Pilot Granite, by John Plowman.. 2:30 

Morning Glory, b s, 188, by Harry 
B 2:30 

Morning Star, b s, 188, by Valde- 
meer 2:27 

Moro, blk m, 1883, by Pasha Adele, 
by Messenger Duroc 2 :25 

Moiccco, b g, 1875. by Jarnes R. 
Reese Patchen Maid, by Henry B. 
PAtchen 2:30 

Morris, br g, 186, by Ed Sherman 2:29 

Morris H., br s, 188 by Hero 2:26% 

Morris H., br s, 1882, by Lowell 
Chief Myrtle, by Wood's Hamble- 
tonian 2:22% 

Morrisey, ch g, 1857, by Black War- 
rior * ; 2:26% 

Mortimer, br s, 1884 by Electioneer 
Marti, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian 2:27 

Morton, ch g, 188, by Wilkes Spirit 
Nelly Brown, by Kentucky 2:29% 

Moscova, ch m. 1883, by Belmont 
Mosa. by Woodford Mambrino .. 2:28% 

Moscow, b g, 183, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:28% 

Moscow, br g, 188 2:28% 

Moscow, gr g, 1881, by Privateer 
Goldie, by Hendric Hudson 2 ^e 1 ^, 

Moscow, blk g, 180 , pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Moses, gr g, 1889. by Nutbreaker 
Maid of Windsor, by Peaviue 

Moses 8., b s. 1S85, by Hawthorne 
Ityan Mare, by McGracken's Biack 

Moss Rose, ch m, 1880, by Vitalis . . 

Motion, ch s, 1873, by Daniel Lam- 
bertNever Mind, by a son of 
Young Moscow (dead) 

Motion Golddust, b g, 1884, by Gold- 
dust Jr. Ella Leonard, by Judge 

Motor, b s, 1884, by Onward Griselda, 
by William Rysdyk 

Motor, b s, 1882, by Colonna Emma, 
by Tippoo Sultan Jr 

Mott, b g, 188, by Ulster Prince, 
dam by Edsall's Hambletonian 

Mott Medium, b g 187 , by Happy 
Medium Belle Veruon, by Gen 
Mott . 

Motto, b g, 188 by Col Bruce 
Mouche Guise, gr i 
Mountain Boy, b g, 

r m, 188-, 
g, 1860, by Edward 
Everett, d'arn by Gridley's Roe- 
buck (dead) , 

Mountaineer, b s, 1884, by Young 
Rolfe Ink, by Louis Napoleon 

Mountain Girl, b m, 1877, pedigree 
not traced 

Mountain Maid, br m, 1858, by Morrill 

Mountain Maid, b m, 188, by An- 
teeo, dam by Nutwood 

Mountain Quail, b m 1871, by Weige 

Mount Airy, b s, 1887, by Walsing- 
ham Belle, by Volunteer 

Mount Hood, br s, 1885, by Eros- 
Alice, by Almont 

Mount Morris, ro s, 1882, by Smug- 
glerChristine, by Wood's Harnble- 

Mount Vernon, b s, 1881, by Nutwood 
Daisy, by Chieftain 

Mount Vernon, ch s, 1878, by Cham- 
pion Knox 

Moxie, br g, 1887, by Opal 

M. R., br g, 188, by Raven Gold- 
dustNelly Dean, by Major Buck 

M. R., b g, 1871 by Jupiter Molly 
B., by Mambrino Black Hawk 

Muchado, b s, 1889, by Judge Salis- 
buryLady Simmons, by Simmons 

Mudrona, ( br * m, 1888, by Baron 
Wilkes Mudra, by Sentinel 

Muggins, ch m, 1887. by Elyria Mny 
Lady, by Alexander's Norman 

Muggins, b m, 188, by Embassador 

Muggins, b m, 188, by Haro 

Mulatto, br s. 1883, by Aberdeen- 
Nig, by Mambrino P+chen 

Multiform br s, 1887, by Pero Maria, 
by Guide 

Murtha, b m, 1887, by Stamboul 
Posey, by Flsxtail 

Muscovite, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood- 
Roma "Victoria, by Rysdyk's Ham- 

Musette, gr m, 1886, by Lew Scott- 
Linda, by Star Mambrino 

Musette b m, 187 -, by Almont Mag 
Cooper, by Ashland 

Music, ch m, 1867, by MIddletown, 
dam by Roe's Fiddler 

Music, b m, 187, pedigree not traced 

Mustache, br s, 1883, by Sweepstakes 




2:27V 4 









2:24y 4 




2:20y 4 







Mag, by Smith's Henry Clay .... 
Mustapha, ch e, 1889, by Guy Wilkes 

Lalla Rookh, by Grand Moor ... 
Musty, ch. g, 188- by Hambletonian 

Prince ........ .................. 

Muta Wilkes, b m, 1888, by Guy 

Wilkee Montrose, by Sultan ---- . . 
M. W., ch g, 184, by Billy Hensly 

Bat ........................ 

M. Y. D. Colt, ch m, 1877. by Daniel 

Lambert Fanny Jackson, by Stone 

wall Jackson ..................... 

My Charley, ch ts, 188 , by Motor.. 
My My, b m, 1885, by Bros Nettie 

Walker, by Mohawk Chief ........ 

Myra Simmons, b m, 1890, by Sim- 

mons Nelly West, by Allie West 
Myriad, b m, 1885, by Stranger 

Myra, by Gen. Knox ............ 

Myritte Thome, br m, 1890, by 

Grandiesimo Belle Thome, by 

Hawthorne ................ * ...... 

Myron McHenry, ch s, 1888, by Ash- 
land Wilkes Dame Wood, <by 

Wedgewood ..................... 

Myron Ferry, b g, 1860, by Young Ci> 

lumbus, dam by Hopkin's Abdullah 

(defcd) .......................... 

Myrtella G., ch m, 1879, by Blue Bull 

Myra Shaw, by Tom Lang ...... 

Myrtle, b m, 1876, by Louis Napoleon 

Nelly Hulick, by Fisk's Mambrino 

Chief Jr .......................... 

Myrtle B., b m, 1884, by George Chief 

Lady Wonder .................... 

Myrtle Peak, b m, 1887, by Wilke- 

fconian- -Kitty Kimbrough, by Kim- 

brough's Abdallah ................ 

Myrtle, b m, 187, by King's Cham- 

pionOld Jane, by Magnum Bonum 
Myrtle, ro m, 1872, by Flying Cloud - 

Lottie Moon ..................... 

Myrtle, gr m, 1882, by Warwick Boy 

Kit, by Kilpatrick ............. 

Myrtle, br m, 1888, by Anteso 

Luella, by Nutwood, .............. 

Myrtle, ro m, 1886, by Oxford Boy. . 
Myrtle Boy, blk s, 1891, by Myrtleton 

Bertha James, by Dictator ...... 

Myrtle N., b m, 1890, by Alburn- 

Kitty it,.,, by Honest Irishman ... 
Myrtle R., b m, 1886, by Monaco- 

Lucy, by Trascan ................ 

Myrtle S., b m, 1886, by Charley 

Wicker, dam by William M. Rys- 

dyk's ............................ 

Myrtle T., blk m, 1888, by Grand 

Moor Gyp, by Devoy'.s Vermont . . 
Myrtle Twig, b m, 1890, by Myrtle- 

ton Vado, by Cyclops ............ 

Myrtlewood, b s, 1883, by Wedge- 

wood Myrtle, by King's Champion 
Mystery, b s, 1876, by Magic Ned .. 
Mystery, b m. 1888, by Phallas 

Mystic, by Nutwood ............... 

Mystery, b s. 188 by Milwaukee Jr. 

Nelly B., by Stockholm .......... 

Mystic, b g, 186, by Reliance ..... 

Nabby G., br m, 1876, by Hamble- 

tonian Bashaw ................... 

Nabocklish. blk g, 1853, by Rising- 

Sun (dead) .......................... 

Nabob, b g, 1887, by Willet Adele 

Tyler, by Chester ................. 

Naboth, b s, 1888, by Walsingham 

Tinsel Maid, by Messenger Duroc. . 
Nadji, br m, 1886, by Earl Frankie, 

by McAfee's Drennon ......... 


2 :26 % 






2 :28% 

2:20 ; } 

2. :28 



2 :29';i 


2:28% i 

2:30 ! 

2:25 1 /> i 








2 :26/> 
2:22 " 

2 :30 


Nadjy, b m, 1887, by Stamboul Lady 
Graves, by Nutwood 2:26 

Nadjy, ch m, 188, by Declaration.. 2:28 

Naiad King, b s, 1888, by Recorder 
Naiad Queen, by Gooding's Cham- 
pion 2:23 

Naiad Queen, b m, 1875, by Good- 
ing's Champion Tackey, by Pi- 
lot Jr 2:20% 

Nailor, b s, 1886, by Sultan Nelly, 
by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2 :29 

Namouna, b m, 1873, by Pelham Tar- 
tarKit Jackson 2:28% 

Naiia, b m, 1891, Rockefeller Mo- 
dena, by Messenger Wilkes 2:29Va 

Nana, b m, 188, pedigree not traced 2:24% 

Nancy, ch m, 1872, by Daniel Lam- 
bertMay Day, by Miles Standish.. 2:23% 

Nancy B., br m, 188, by Wade 
Hampton 2:29% 

Nancy Carr, br m 1888, by Kenny 
Wilkes Miza Jane, by Girrard 
Chief 2:25 

Nancy H., br m, 188, by Japan . . . 2:24% 

Nancy Hackett, rn m, 187, by Wood's 
Hambletonian Hackett Mare 2:20 

Nancy Hackett, rn m, 1886, by Alle- 
gheny Boy Quibble, by Solicitor ... 2:29 

Nat Howe, b g, 188, by Ben Frank- 
lin , 2:28% 

Nancy Haas, b m, 188, by Jim Swi- 
gert 2:29% 

Nancy Hanks, br m, 1886, by Happy 
Medium Nancy Lee, by Dictator.. 2:04 

Nrncy K., br m, 188, by King Will- 
iam 2:29% 

Nancy Rice, b m, 1891, by Alcantara- 
Belle Medium, by Happy Medium. . 2:25 

Nancy S., b m, 188, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian , ... 2:27 

Nancy Time, b in, 188, by Phillip's 
Blue Bull 2:29% 

Nancy V., br m, 1887, by Mambrino 
Bashaw Nelly Elmo, by St. Elmo... 2:24% 

Nancy W., b m, 1889, by Patron Lo- 
crine, by Duke of Brunswick 2:26% 

Nankeen, ch s, 1888, by Mambriton- 
ian Nancy, by Jones' Independence 2:28 

Nannie K., b m, 1880, by Deucalion- 
Emblem, by Minchin's Tom Moore.. 2:27% 

Nanny B., b m, 1878, by Daubigne 
Miss Christian, by Darnaby's Bay 
Messenger 2:27 

Nanny Talbott, eh m, 1877, by Strath- 
moreKitty Morgan, by Joe Down- 
ing Jr 2:29% 

Nannie Wilson, blk m, 1890, by Sim- 
monsAlga, by Indianapolis 2:28 1 /j 

Nantilla J., blk m, 1883, by Rockwood 
Old Fly, by Fly-by-Night 2:30 

Natila, b m, 188, by Goldmine, dam 
by Arnold ". 2:25% 

Naomi, b m, 1888, by Indian Hill- 
Juno, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian... 2:25 

Napoleon Belle, br m, 1881, by Am- 
bassador 2:27% 

Narcua, b g, 1890, by Messenger 
Wilkes, dam by Hampton 2:25% 

Narka, b m, 1888, by Messenger 
Wilkes Tribon. Mare, by Hampton. 2:29 

Narka, b m, 1885, by Young Jim-Lu- 
cille Goldduet, by Golddust 2:27'A 

Narragansett, br g, 188 , by Narra- 
gansett '. 2:23% 

Nashville, gr g, 1885, by Chesterfield 
Jenny, by Carlisle 2:28 

Nat Bruen, ch s, 188, by Egmont. .. 2:21% 
Natchez, b g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 



Nathalie, eh m, 1888, by Jersey Wilkes 

Nemea, by Nutwood 

Nathalie, ch m, 1890, by Simmons 

Katy Eastman, by Enfield 

Nathan, blk g, 1877, by Empire 

Frisky, by Mahew 

Nathan Wilkes, b m, 188-, by Red 

Wilkes, dam by Monroe Chief. . 

Natila, b m, 188, by Goldemar 

National, b s, 1887, by Wellington- 
Agues, by Aberdeen 

Native SA to s, 1889, by" Sable 

Wilkes Blanche, by Arthur-ton... 
Native Son, br s, 1890, by Waldstein 

Gertrude, by The Moor 

Native State, b s, 188-, by a eon of 


Naughty Clara, b m, 1890,"by "Young 

Jim Miss Mamie, by Contractor.., 
Naumkeag, br e, 188, by Lexington. 
Navarro, b s, 1887, by Nutmont 

Nelly G., by Electioneer 

Nayidad, b g, 1886, by Whips Lady 

Thorne Jr., by Williams' Mamb ino 
Navy Wilkes, blk s, 1886, by Black 

Ambassador Black Hawk Beauty 

by Champlain John 

Neal Whitbeck, blk g, 1883, by Black 

Bashaw Dot, by Gen. Knox 

Ned, b g, 187 by Overland 

Ned Biddle, b g, 187. 



2:2.') fc, 





2 :29 V4 

2:26 | 
2:25% | 
2:28% ! 




Ned Allen, ch g, 188, by Rex Patch- 

Neddie D., b g, 188, by R. F. 'Gallo- 

Ned Forrest, blk g 1864, by Keene's 
Brandywine (dead) 

Ned Forrest, ch g, 187 by 'Reavis'' 

Ned Hastings, b s, 187 by Taggart's 

Ned Lock, dh s, 188, pedigree" not 

traced ...*.. 

b s, 1868, by Taggart's 

Needham's Wn'i'pp'le, ' blk 's, 1891, ' by 
Steve Whipple Young Flora Hill, by 

Neernut, b s, 1892, by Albert W 
Clyte 2d, by Nutwood 

Nehushta, b m, 1885, by Stamboul 
Neluska. by Sultan 

Nekima, dn g, 188, by Hailstorm. '. . 

Nell' b m, 1872, by Thomas Jefferson 
Rose Terry, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2'27 

Nelia, b m, 1871, by Camden Denmark 2 -24 1 / 

Nell blk m, 187 pedigree not traced 2:29'/4 

Nellette, br m, 1887, by Grand Senti- 
nelNellie G., by Brentham 2:26yo 

Nelly, b m, 1886, by Oberon Nelly, 
by Glencoe .. 2-23Vi 

Nelly, blk m, 188-, by Little Hamil- 
ton 2-28 

Nelly, b m, 1871, by Green's Hambie- 
tonian Holcomb Mare, by Young 
Morrill ' 2'30 

Nelly, b m, 1879, by Baird's Hamble- 
tonian Prince Kit, by Victor 2:29 ! A 

Nelly, b m, 188, by Oberon 2:271/4 

Nelly A., b m, 1891, by Wilkes Boy 
Wilksie G., by Robert McGregor... 2:16<4 

Nelly Aldine, blk m, 1889, by Wilkes 

i^? 7 "?^ 816 KIng ' by The King. ..... 2:2114 

Nelly Alfred, b m, 188. by Alfred G. 2:271.', 
Nelly Allison, br m. 1883,' by Forest 

Hiatoga Black Polly 2 -191/4 

Nelly B., br m, 1876, by Gooding's 

Champion Nelly, by Henry Clay Jr. 2:29U 

Nelly Barrett, blk m, 1882, by John 

Sherman-Cloud, by' Black linger 2-'> 
Nelly Benton, b m, 1880, by Gen. Beu- 
XT to . n Norma, by Alexander's Norman 2-30 
Nelly Blackwing, blk m, 188 by Al- 

mont M 2->ty ' 

N ffii B #' K b m ' i^.' by 'Advance^ ' 

Molly C., by Gov. Scott. . 2-' J ,O 

Nelly Bly b m, 1886, by Middletown 
AT M ~ lack r4 to bv Andrew Jackson 2-23VG 
Nelly Bryant, b m, 1872, by Palmer's 
Norman Lady Bryant, by Robinson 

Morse 2- < >~t, 

Nelly Burns, b m, 187 ,"by"Miiiil 
man's Bellfounder-Lucy Foster, by 
James W. Foster.., y o.o-. 

N SterSf te m> 188 *' by D ' a ^l"Web'- 

fersou Ida Shepper,' by Mo t?s In- 
dependent 2-7V 

Nelly C., br m, 188-, by Grimalkin 
Molly H., by Rothschild 2-30 

Nelly C. b m, 1883, by Wattle's 
Little Grant Bay Ann 2-29% 

Nelly C., ch m, 1883, by Ben Butler 
Duster, by a son of Cassius M. 
Clay 9">5i<f 

Nelly Ghatterton, b m, 1890, by Chat- 
ter ton Mo dje ska, by Harold 2:29% 

Nelly Cobb, b in, 188 by Charles 
Oaffrey 2 -20V 

Nelly D., br m, 1882, by'Tayior"dam 
by Allen C. Patchen '. 2-27% 

Nelly D., b m, 188 by Toodles Jr. 
Romany 2 -19V 

Nelly D., blk m, 188, by 'Robinson 
D., dam by Dow Rysdyk . 2-27 

Nelly Earl, b m, 188-. by Earl 2^29% 

Nelly F., rn m, 188, by Rex Patchen 2:23% 

Nelly F., ch m, 1888, by Alroy-Pet.. 2:2sl 

Nelly F., b m, 1888, by Anteros- 
Sharlie. by Roger Hanson (pacing 
2:13i4) 2-25 

Nelly G., br m, 1874, by Brentham 
(dead) 2 >>:> 

Nelly G., ch m, 1883, by St. Aimo- " 
Kate McCann 2-29^4 

Nelly G., b m, 188 by Kearsarge. . 2:28?! 

Nelly G., blk m, 1885, by Ira Wilkes 
Molly, by Espie's St. Lawrence. . 2:24 

Nelly Gamwell, b m, 188, by 
Elial G 2-30 

Nelly Grant, oh m, 1874, by Major 
Grant Madam Mauk, by Frank 
Pierce Jr 2-281,4 

Nelly Gray, gr m, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2-29% 

Nelly Gray, gr m, 1883. by Ned 
Patchen Dolly, by Patrick Henry. 2:20 

Nelly Gray, gr m, 187, by Young 
Oassius 2-2614 

Nelly H., b m, 1882, by Raven Gold- 
dust 2:24% 

Nelly H., blk m, 1884, by Ambassador 
Lady Greer. by Joe Curry 2:28% 

Nelly Hardwood, b m, 1885, by Hard- 
woodLucy 2:18% 

Nelly Holcomb, gr m, 1853, by Adams' 
American, dam by Harris' Hamble- 
tonian (dead) 2:28 

Nelly Howard, br m, 1886, by Gen. 
Stanton Nelly T.. by Fulton 2:18% 

Nelly Irwin, b m, 186, by Middle- 
town, dam by Bay Abdallah (dead). 2:25 

Nelly J., b m, 1890, by George J. 
Black R.ose, by Revolution 2:29% 

Nelly K.,"b m, 1879, by Young Wash- 



tenaw Chief ........................ 

Nelly L., b m, 1878 by George Wilkes 
Lady Oaks, by Gill's Vermont ---- 

Nelly Loyd, b m, 1885, by Elgin Boy 
Jenny Roberson, by Pilot Duroc. 

Nelly M., b m 1877, by Daniel Boone 
Page Mare, by Page's Gen. Sher- 
man ................................. 

Nelly M., gr m, 188, by Barkis- 
Maggie Colburn, by Coeur De 
Lion Jr ............................. 

Nelly M., b m ....................... 

Nelly McGee, b m, 188, by Spring- 
brook ................................ 

Nelly McGregor, b m, 1882. by Mc- 
Gregor Chief Nelly Weeks Jr., by 
Captain ............................. 

Nelly McGregor, ch m, 1887, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Minnie Brown, by 
Dictator ............................. 

Nelly Mason, b m, 1887, by Onward 
Rachel Russell, by Woodford Ab- 
dallah ............................... 

Nelly N., blk m, 188, by Alcyoniuin 

Topsy Knox ...................... 

Nelly O'Neill, b m, 1884, by Petoskey 

Fannv, by Iron's Cadmus ........ 

Nelly Orioff, b m, 1886, by Prince Or- 

loff Fanny Bashaw, by Bashaw Jr. 

Nelly P., b m, 1883. by Meeker Harn- 
bletonian Sprague Mare, by Amer- 
ican Eagle ......................... 

Nelly Patchen, b m, 187, by Alex- 
anderJenny Shepherd, by Will- 
iamson's Belmont .................. 

Nelly R., ch m, 1881, by Red Cloud 
Nell, by Cole's Black Hawk ..... 

Nelly R., b m, 188, by Santa Glaus 

Helena, by Lancewood .......... 

Nelly R., b m, 187 by Gen. McClel- 

lan Jr. Susie Rose, by Sam Mc- 

Clelland .......................... 

Nellie R., b m, 1876, by Stephen A. 

Douglas .......................... 

Nellie R., blk m, 1891, by Don Felix, 

dam by St. Elmo ................... 

Nelly Rose, b in, 1872, by Heni-y B. 

Patchen ............................. 

Nelly Rose, ch m, 1878, by Sacra- 

mer to Nelly Walworth, by Toronto 

Patchen ............................ 

Nelly S., b m, 188 by Jersey Wilkes 
Nelly S., blk m, 1867, by Commander, 

dam by Ross' Tom Crowder ..... 
Nelly S., b in, 1889. by Jim Wilson 

Maud, by New Jersey Volunteer. 
Nelly S., b m, 1884, by Pickett (pac- 

ing 2:16%) ......... . ........ ..... 

Nellie Shank, b m, 1890 by Dr. Tal- 

mage Annie Penn, by Simmons... 
Nelly Sherman, blk m, 1881, by John 

Sherman Nichols Mare ........... 

Nelly Stillson, b m, 1882, by Stillson 

Nelly, by Hiatoga Chief ........ 

Nelly T., b m. 188, by Mambrino 

Morgan .............................. 

Nelly T., b m, 188, by Hambrino.. 
Nelly V., b m, 187- pedigree not 

traced .................... i ......... 

Nelly W., gr m, 1884, by Rolla Gold- 

dust Belle, by Norman Temple ____ 

Nelly W., b m, 1886, by Sweepstakes 
Nelly W., blk m ..................... 

Nelly W., ch m, 188 , by Woolsey 

Nelly Reynolds, by Inca ......... 

Nelly Walton, b m, 1865, by Jules 

Jurgensen Nelly, by Defiance (dead) 
Nelly Webster, br m, 1865, by Amer- 

2:29% 1 lean Ethan Colonel's dam, by Big- 

gart's Rattler (dead) 

2:23% Nelly Wilkes, b m, 188, by Red 


2:22% Wilkes Belle, by Kimbrough's Ab- 


| Nelly Wilson, b m, 1885, by Baird's 
2:28% Hambletonian Prince Nelly, by Vic- 

Nelly Woodruff, gr m,'1871, by Rooker 
2:27% Nelly Woods, ch m, 188 by Emer- 

2:28% i son Golddust Topsy 

Nelson, b e, 1882, by Young Rolfe 
Gretchen, by Gideon 









2:28% ! 


2:23% | 





2:29y 2 . 
2:20% i 


2:23% : 
2,-29% ' 

2:17% ] 
2:26V 2 

Nelson, ch g, 1883, by Sir Walkill 
Floretta, by Messenger Duroc 

Nelson D., b g, 188, by Lord Nel- 

Nelson Jr., b s, 188, by Nelson.... 

Nemesis, b m, 1883, by Nutwood- 
Four Lines, by Blackwood 

Nemo, br g, 1884, by Ed Barton 
Uarda, by Buckeye Chief 

Nemo, b g, 186, by John Nelson 

Nemo, br s, 1884. by Clay Nettie 
Benton, by Gen. Benton 

Nemoline, blk m, 1890, by Jersey 
Wilkes Nemesis, by Nutwood .... 

Nenox, br g, 1888, by Nephew Miss 
Knox, by Knox 

Neome, b g, 186. by Post Boy Frank 
Fanny Snyder, by Dave (dead) . . 

Neponset, b s, 1887, by Nutwood- 
Maud S. T., by Gov. Sprague 

Neponset, b s, 188, by Alcyone- 
Betsey Bump, by Stockholm 

Nerea, ch m, 1867, by John Nelson- 
Sally Taylor, by Gen. Taylor (dead) 

Neri Newcome, b s, 1883, by Star 
mont Gipsy, by Young Belshazzar. 

Nerissa, b m, 1886. by Pennant Aller, 
by Almont 

Nero, b s, 1888, by Valley Chief, dam 
by Darkey 

Nest Egg, ch s, 1881, by Amboy 
Molly Merrell, by Kentucky Chief. 

Nestor, ch s, 1880, by Pasacas Celia, 
by Knowles' Stranger 

Nestor, b s, 1880, by Alden Gold- 
smithHarriet, by Swigert 

Nestor, b g, 188 . . 

Nestwood, b 
mont by McAlmont 

Neta Medium, b m, 1874, by Happy 
Medium Sally, by Yankee Tricks.. 

Neta Pine, br m, 1881, by American 
Ethan Dolly Perry, by Orange 
County Morgan 

Nettie, ch m, 1882, by Blue Bull Jr. 
Kate, by Col. Ellsworth 

Nettie, b m, 1866, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian County House Mare, by 
Seely's American Star (dead) 

Nettie, blk m, 188, by Atlantic 

Nettie, b m, 1885, by The King- 
Nelly, by Kirkwood 

Nettie, dn m, 188. by Ben Harrison 

Nettie B., br m 1887, by Ansel Net- 
tie Benton, by Gen Benton 

Nettie B., b m, 1883, by Jim Erdn 
Kate, by Pilot Duroc 

Nettie B., br m, 1884, by Keystone- 
Blanche C. Arthurs, by Kentucky 

Nettie Burlew, b m, 1869. by King's 
Champion Nipper, by George M. 

g, 1886, by Nestor Jes- 


















2:25</ a 




2 :23% 










Nettie O., b m, 188, by Richards' 

Nettie D., ch m, 1881, by Messenger 
Duroc Antoinette, by Shepherd's 

Nettie D., ch m, 188, by Phil Sher- 
idan Jr 

Nettie H., gr in, 1881, by Richmond 
Liz, by Eubank's Gray Eagle 

Nettie King, ch m, 1887, by Mainbrino 
King Nettie Murphy, by Hamlin 

Nettie Mac, gr m, 1880, by Caliban 
Little Jane, by Strader's Cassius 
M. Clay Jr. 

Nettie T., b m, 188, by Thatcher 

Nettie T., br m, 1877, by Gen. Stan- 
ton Shoo Fly, by Toronto Chief. . 

Nettie Thorne, b m, 1876 by Thorn- 
dale Young Gipsy, by Mambrino 

Nettie W," cn"m,"i88 ' '.'.'.'.'.'. *.'.'.'.'.'.'..' 

Nettie Wilkes. b m, 1890, by Young 

Wilkes-Nettie Hawkins, by Belvi- 


Nettie Ward, ch m, 186, by Peavine, 
dam by Sir Wallace 

Nettle Leaf, b m, 1883, by Nuggett 

Zelinda Wilkes, by George Wil 
Neva, ch m, 1885, by 

George Wilkes 
gella, by Belmont 

Neva, b m. 1876, by Squire Talinage, 
dam by Tom Traveler 

Neva, b m, 1888, by Steinway 
Princess, by Administrator 

Nevada, blk g, 1885, by Nevada Bird, 
by Old John 

Neva Seeley, br m, 1886, by Herschel 
Lady Star by Squire Talmage... 

Neville, b s, '1888, by Walslngham 
Belle, by Volunteer 

Newago, br s, 1888, by Tallmage 
Crete, by Haw Patch 

New Berlin Girl, ch m, 1864, by Gray 
Eagle Nelly Walworth (dead) 

Newbold, gr g, 1883, by Nutbourne 
Jeanette. by Messenger Duroc 

Newbrook, blk g, 1870, by Wilson's 
Henry Clay 

Newburg, ch g, 186, by Seely's Amer- 
ican Star 

Newcastle, b g, 1887. by Cornelian- 
Daisy P., by son of Joe Bowers . . . 

Newcomb, ch s, 1883, by Nutwood- 
Maggie Wilkes, by George Wilkes. 

New Fashion, b in, 1889, by Black 
Wilkes Fashion, by Sirius 

Newflower, b s, 1889, by Nephew- 
Flower Girl, by Electioneer 

Newmont, b e, 1883, by Belmont 
Lulu, by Harold 

Newport, b s, 1888, by Mambrino 
Olark Nelly G., by Electioneer... 

Newsboy, ch g, 1871, by King's Cham- 
pionMiss Lockwood. by Louis Na- 

N.'wsboy, dn g. 1886, by Brentwood 
Lemons, by Dan Allen 

N<- \vlon, br s 1883, by Nugget Duck, 
by Scott's Hiatoga 

Newton B., gr g, 1881, by Rex Hia- 
toga Nelly 

Newton G., b g, 188, by Highland 

New York Central, b g. 1886. by Sim- 
mons Jassamine. l>y Mainbrino Boy 










2:17^2 i 
2:29% j 
2:23% | 
2:30 | 
2:23% | 
2:20'/ t ! 
2:29% ' 
2:29i/ 2 ! 
2:27i/ 2 I 






2:1 HI/, 

New York Dictator, b s, 1882, by 
New York Ida T., by Dictator .... 2-2QVj. 

N. H. R., br g, 1884, by Gov. Sprague ' 
Lizzie Lewie, by Ericsson 2-23% 

Niblo, br s, 1888, by Walsingham 
Mies Fanny, by Hamlet 2-27Vi 

Nicholas, blk s, 188, by Victor 
Patchen, dam by Silver Boy ... ,. 2:29% 

Nickel, b g, 187, by Oak Hill 2-21 

Nickle D., br g, 1889, by Elyria, dam 
by Gen. Hayes 2:2944 

Nickel Plate, b g, 188, by Bay Tom 
Jr 2-22 

Nickel Plate, br s, 1881, by Swigert 
Rosabel, by Goldsmith's Abdallah 2:20% 

Mickel Plate, b g, 1883, by Hotspur 
Jr. Molly, by Joe Hooker 2:25% 

Nick L., b g, 188, by Inauguration 2:25% 

Nicola, br s, 1890, by Guardsman, 
dam by John Dillard 2:23% 

Nicollet, b in, 1887, by Epicure- 
Daisy, by Hotspur Jr 2:30 

Mcolet Boy, br s, 1888, by Page's 
Hnmbletouiun Black Kate, by Mi- 
gantic Boy 2:29% 

Nickwa, b g, 188 2-29% 

Nigger Baby, blk g 1870, by Yankee 
ander Shoofly 2 :22% 

Nigger Baby, blk g, 1870, by Yankee 
Bill, darn by Drew Horse 2:27% 

Ni?iitingale, ch m, 1885, by Mam- 
brino King Minnequa Maid, by 
Wood's Hambletonian^ 2:10% 

Nightingale, blk m, 1884, by Osgood's 
Patchen Mabel, by Mambrino How- 
ard 2:10% 

Nightingale, b m, 1869, by Ericsson- 
Heiress, by Alexander's Abdallah. . 2:28% 

Nighttime, gr g, 187, by Rustic, 
dam by Sawyer's Stockbrtdge Chief 2:29% 

Nil Desperandum, b e, 1871, by Bel- 
mont Lady McKinney 2:24 

Niles Beauty, b m. 1885, by Ulster 
Chief Puss by Skenandoah 2:19 

Nilee Jr., b g, 188 by C. A. Niles.. 2:27y 2 

Nimbus, b s, 1884, by Ben Franklin 
Lady Mills, by Broken Leg 2:26% 

Nimrod, ch g, 188, pedigree not 
traced ..2:26% 

Nina C., b m, 1881, by Little Hamil- 
tonDolly 2:26% 

Nina Cobb, b m, 188-, by Maxle Cobb 
Jr 2:25 

Nina De, ch m, 1885, by Nutwood- 
Adelaide, by Phil Sheridan 2:26y a 

Nina Diusmore, b m, 1887, by Ham- 
dallah Lady Gregor Jr., by Star of 
the West 2:23% 

Nina K., b m, 1878, by Honesty Bay 
Pet, by Black Hawk Champion 2:28% 

Nina Medium, br m, 1887, by Riley 
Medium Amorette, by Blackwood 
Jr 2:14 

Ninette, ch m, 1878, by Gen. Benton 2:28 

Nino, b g, 187 pedigree not traced 2:27 

Nino, gr m, 1875, by Deucalion Nelly, 
by Billy Denton 2:30 

Nira Belle, b m, 1875, by a son of 
Ethan Allen 2:29 

Nita Pancoust, b m. 1888, by Pan- 
coaet Benita, by Electioneer 2:24% 

Nix blk m, 18S7. by Norwood Wilkes 
-Nan F., by J H. Welch 2:22% 

Nixon br g. 187, by Elial G.. Jonas 
Mme. by a son of Tom Jefferson.. 2:26% 

Nixon, b s, 188. by Abd.illah WiMcos 2:237 a 

N. J. Fuller, br P. 1874, by HInsdale 
Hoi so Doll Wicks, by Young North 



Briton ........................... 

Nobby br g, 1870, by Nobby Fanny 

Rawlings, by May's Sir Wallace. . . 
Noble Harold, b s, 1883, by Harold 

Wilna, by Rulmont .............. 

Noblemout, b s, 1887, by Frank Noble 

Tremona, by Tremont ........... 

Noblesse, b s, 1887, by Dictator 

Fuga, by George Wilkes .......... 

Nobody's Claim, blk s, 1384, by AI- 

mont l^lot Pet, by Erie ........... 

N. O. D., b g, 1884, by Ben Frank- 

linTrinket Girl, by Jubilee Lam- 

bert ............................. 

Nogero, b g, 1886, by Kingston Betty 

No Hurry, b g, 188, by Harry Clay 
Nomad, b g, 1883, by 
A. Whitney, by Volunteer 

by Smuggler Mary 

Nominator, b s, 1887, by Stranger- 

Sapphire, by Jay Gould ........... 

Nominee, b g, 1888, by Rescue Molly 

Wilson, by Sirrocco .............. 

Nominee, b s, 1885, by Stranger- 

Sapphire, by Jay Gould ........... 

Nona Downing, b m, 1887, by Patter- 

son's Joe Downing Jr. Flora L., 

by Sandy ......................... 

Nona Y., b m, 1881, by Admiral- 

Black Flora, by Black Prince ____ 
None Better, b m, 1886, by Allandorf 

Bashaw Belle, by Green's Bashaw 
Nonesuch, b g, 1879, by Netherland 

Lady Shire, by Comus ........... 

Nonesuch, oh m, 1862. by Daniel Lam- 

bertJenny, by Bigelow Horse.... 
Noonday, br s, 1883, by Wedgewood 

Noontide, by Harold .............. 

Noontide, gr m, 1874. by Harold- 

Midnight, b v Pilot Jr .............. 

No.-a, ch m, 188 , by Walkill Nelly. . 
Nora, ch m, 1873, by Springville 

Chief McAleese Mare, by Parker's 

Black Hawk ....................... 

Nora B., ch m, 1889. by Betterton 

Sunmyside, by Richelieu ......... 

Norn U, ch m. 188, by Del Sur ..... 

Nora G., b m, 1878, by Ahue Beatrice 
Nora Lee, b m, 1874, by Woodford 

Mambrino Young Portia, by Mam- 

brino Chief ....................... 

Norn Lee, br m, 188, by Penny Pack 
Nora Temple, b m, 1877, by Belmont 

Bland Temple, by Lexington ...... 

Norhawk, br m, 1888, by Norval Son- 

tag Mohawk, by Mohawk Chief ____ 
Norman, gr g, by Whipple's Hamble- 

tonian Lady Suffolk, by Harry Bel- 

rnont .............................. 

Norman Medium, gr s, 1881, by Happy 

Medium Alice Drake, by Alexan- 

der's Norman ..................... 

Nornette, ch m, 1888, by Norway 

Katana. by Rochester ............. 

NoiTick, b g, 188, by Richwood ..... 

Norrie. ch s, 1887, by Ansel Norm a, 

by Alexander's Norman ........... 

Norris N.. br g, 1884, by Gilt Edge 

Coleta, by Odin Bell .............. 

Norseman, br s, 1884, by Dean Sage- 

Bertha Duroc, by Messenger Duroc. 
North Ann, ch m, 1881, by Antar 

Belle Sanderson, by Brigand ....... 

Norther, b s, 1889. by Onward Ellen 

Prewitt, by Ashland Chief ....... 

Northlight, b s, 1886, by Twilight 

Sally Western, by Empire .......... 

North Star Mambrino, b s, 1860. by 

Mambrino Chief, dam by Davy 

Crocket (dead) .................... 




















2:29 1 /i 












Northwest, b s, 1885, by Egmont Tot, 
by Dictator (pacing 2:15) 2:22% 

Norval, b s, 1882, lay Electioneer- 
Norma, by Alexander's Norman 2:14% 

Norvalson, br s, 1889, by Norval 
Trustie, by Messenger Duroc 2:28% 

Novia, ch m, 1887, by Robert Mc- 
GregorDuenna, by Woodford Mam- 
brino ! 2:27& 

Norvadlne, b s, 1891, by Norval, dam 
by Onward 2:25% 

Norvin G., br s, 1891, by Norval Con- 
go, by Blackwood 2 :20% 

Norway, ch g, 1885, by Gen. Grant- 
Columbia Maid, by Columbia Chief. 2:29% 

Norway Knox, blk s, 1879, by Phil 
Sheridan Jr 2:29% 

Norwood Haimibletonian, b s, 1884, by 
McCurdy's Hambletonian-Lula Gold- 
dust, by Messenger Golddust 2:22\4 

Nosegay, b m, 1886. by Gen. Washing- 
tonNaomi, by Socrates 2:16% 

Notre Dame, b m, 1890, by Robert Mc- 
GregorChristine, by Hambrino 2:23% 

No Trouble, b g, 1886, by Waterloo- 
Nell, by Star of Catskill . 2:21V4 

Novelett, b m, 1890, by Norval No- 
rilla, by Tennessee Wilkes 2:29i/i 

Novelist, b m, 1889, by Norval 
Elsie, by Gen. Benton 2:27 

Novelty, b e, 1878, by Graphic Maid 
of Mount - View, by Woodward's 
Ethan Allen Jr 2:29 

Novelty, ch m, 1875, by Gooding'n 
Champion Minnie, by King's Cham- 
pion 2 :2-3% 

Novelty, br m, 1881 by New York- 
Polly, by Clark's Tom Hal 2:28% 

Novi, b g, 1880, by Highland Gold- 
dust 2:29V4 

Novice, b e, 1888, by Walsingfham 
Silica, by Princeps 2:26% 

Noya, b m, 1885, by Kentucky Prince 
Prolific, by Electioneer 2:24 

N. T. H., b g, 1885, by Pilot Mam- 
brino Molly, by Shelby Chief 2:17% 

Nubbin, b g, 1884, by Herod Jr. 
Maud, by Prince 2:17% 

Nubia, b g, 1889, by SoudanEmma 
Anderson, by Wapsle 2:24% 

Nubbin W., blk s, 188, by Sim- 
monette Mulatto Girt. . 2:26i4 

Nuggett, ch s, 1878, by Wedgewood 
Minerva, by Pilot Jr 2:26% 

Nugetta, ch m, 1889, by Nugget- 
Belle Lambert, by Godfrey Patchen. 2:24V4 

Nugget Jr., ch e, 1886. by Nugget 
Marchesa, by Woodford Mamb:ino. 2:28 

Number Seven, b g, 1885, by Favorite 
Wilkes Bettie. by Joe Downing 2:20% 

Numero, ch s, 1884, by Nugget Ves- 
per Bell, by Belmont 2:27 

Numidian, b s, 1881 by Almont or 
Happy Medium Susan Brady, by 
Strader's Oassius M. Clay Jr 2:25% 

Nuncio, b s, 1883, by Nutwood Star- 
ling, by Guyler 2:23^4 

Nutallee, ch m, 1886, by Nutwood- 
Dot, by Bird 2:29 

Nutant, b s, 1888, by Nutmeg Juno, 
by Administrator 2:20% 

Nutbreaker, b s, 1883, by Nutwood- 
Bonny Doon. by Aberdeen 2:21% 

Nutbrown Maid, br m, 1888, by C. F. 
Clay Margarita, by Lightheart 2:28% 

Nutcoast, b s, 1886, by Nutwood Au- 
gustine, by Pancoast 2:19 

Nutgall, b g. 1877, by Nutwood Wild 
Rose, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian . . . 2:2i> 



Nuthunter, b s, 1884, by Nutwood- 
Fanny, by Scott's Thomas 

Nutiand, b s 1883, by Nutwood Nelly 
Locke, by Kremer's Rainbow 

Nutling, b s, 1885, by Nutwood Queen 
West, by Ware Colt 

Nut Maid, Ch m, 1888, by Nutbreaker 
Annie Sprague, by George Sprague 

Nutmeg, ch s, 1883, by Nutwood Co- 
quette, by American Clay 

Nutmont, b s, 1882. by Nutbourne 
Strabo, by Knickerbocker 

Nutmont, ch s, 1884, by Almont Nut- 
shell, by Nutwood 

Nutpick, b s, 1888, by Nutbreaker 
Lady W., by Tramp 

Nutrition, blk s, 1885, by Nutwood 
Beckey, by Edwin Forrest 

Nutshell, b m, 1889, by Bayonne 
Prince Nutmeg, by Nutbourne 

Nuttalite, b m, 1887, by Nutbourne, 
dam by Backman's Idol 

Nutting King, ch s. 1883, by Mam- 
brino King Nutting Mare 

Nutwith. b s, 1887, by Nutwood Vir- 
ginia Maid, by Sam Purdy 

Nutwood, ch s, 1870, by Belmont 
Mies Russell, by Pilot Jr 

Nutwood Chieftain, ch s, 1886, by 
Nutwood Bettie G., by Red Chief.. 

Nutwood Jr., ch g, 187. by Nutwood 

Nutwood Prince, b s, 1886, by Nut- 
woodSister Ruth, by Jim Monroe . . 

Nutwood Wilkes, ch s, 1888, by Guy 
Wilkes Lida W., by Nutwood 

Nyanza, b m, 1889, by Quartermaster 
Kitty Lambert, by Daniel Lambert 

Nyanza, b m, 1889, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor Tel os, by Almont 

Nymphia, blk m, 1879. by Mambrino 
Patchen Fairy Belle, by Belmont 

O. A. Hickok, b g, 186, pedigree not 

Oakbourne, eh s. 1889, by Gold Leaf 
Ohloe, by New York 

Oakdale Dot, blk g, 188, by Wan- 
derer '. 

Oakhurst, b s, 1884, by Victor Bis- 
marck Abby, by Bassett's Abdal- 

Oakland Ba-on, b s, 1892, by Baron 
Wilkes Lady Mackey, by Silver- 
threads .. 

Oakland Maid, gr m, 1868, by Specula- 
tionLady Vernon 

Oakleaf, ch s, 1887, by Gold Leaf 
Chloe, by New York 

Oak Leaf, b g, 1887, by Boltou 
Sprague Fanny Belle 

Oakley Maid, ch' m, 1889, by Russia- 
Jenny, by Ajax 

Oaknut, ch s, 1885, by Dawn Miss 
Brown, by Brown's Volunteer 

Oakville Maid, blk m, 188, by Whip- 

Oakwood, b s, 1889, by Cadmus Ham- 
bletonian Queen Mab, by Black- 
wood Jr 

Oakwood, b s, 188. by Twilight.... 

Oasis, b m, 1885, by Onward Mis- 
tress, by Hamlin's Almont Jr 

Obediah, br s, 1888, by Obe-lin 
Mambrino Betty, by Mambrino Chor- 

Oberlln Boy, ch s, 1887. by Elyria 
iy Star of the West. . . 














2:23% ! 
2:19 i 
2:30 ! 

2:26^ ! 
2:30 | 
2:27% ' 


Observer, ch g, 1868, by Revenge 

Ocala, b m, 1885, by Ouyle:- Nora 
Norman, by Blackwood 

Occident, br g, 1863, by Doc Mater 
Oocidentis (dead) 

Oceana Chief, ch 's, 1863, by Aldrich 

Octavia, blk m, 1877, by Goldenbow 
Allie Davis, by Joe Davis 

Octavius, b s, 1881, by Oxmoor Oc- 
tavia, by Ryisdyk's Hainbletonian. . . 

Octo, b g, 1888, by Jerome Eddy Miss 
Koch, by Homer 

Ogle Boy, b s, 188, by Lord Harold.. 

Odessa, blk m, 1886, by Adrian Wilkes 
Nelly, by Dewey Horse 

Oddity, b m, 1889, by Princeps Jeza 
Belle, by Pilot Mambrino 

Odin, blk'g, 1890, by Out-Cross 

Ofellus, b s, 1889, by Ellei-slie Wilkes 
Victor Maid, by Sir Walkill 

Ogdensburg, ch e, 1885, by Mambrino 
Pafcchen Variety, by Orange Blos- 

Ohio Boy, b g, 

Ohio Maid, br m, 1877, by Orr's Fly- 
ing Cloud Maggie 

Oima, b g, 1885, by Onward Clio, by 
Christian's Edwin Forrest 

O. K., b s, 1887, by Walkill Prince 
Gu'ssie G., bv Blue Bull 









Gyp, by 
O'Blennis, b g 

186, pedigree not 

1841, by Abdallah 

O. K., b s, 1891, by Walsingham ..... 
O. K., b g, 188, by B:x>wumout ..... 
Okalona, blk m, 1881, by Warwick 

Boy Brown Kate, by Virginia ..... 
Olaf, blk g, 1878, by Waveland Chief 

Jenny Bryan, by John Dillard. ... 
Olaf, b g, 1885, by Mambrino King. . . 
Old Crow, ch s, 1885, by Onward 

Meta, by Idol Patchen (dead) ....... 

Old Judge, ch g, 1874, by Mambriuo 

Pilot Jr. Nannie Hedges, by Ned 

Hawkins ......................... 

Old Nick, b g, 1878, by Electioneer 

Stockton Maid, by Chieftain ....... 

Old Put, br g, 1859, by Clarion- 

Kate Fay, by Mambrino Messenger 

(dead) ............................ 

Old Sport, dn g, 188, pedig.-ee not 

traced ............................ 

Olga, b m, 1887, by Alcantara ........ 

Olive, b m, 188, pedigree not traced. 
Olive Branch, br m, 1882. by Bonnie 

Bay Musette, by Ohio Volunteer. .. 
Olive K., br m, 188, by McFar land's 

Hambletonlan .................... 

Oliver, br g, 188, by Adrian Wilkes. 
Oliver, ro g, 187 .pedigree not traced 
Oliver C., b g, 1887; by Dexter Prince 

Lady ............ '. .............. 

Oliver K., b g, 1880, by King Wilkes 

Bessie Turner, by Virginia ....... 

Oliver Twist, b g, 188, by Graduate. 
Oliver Ross, br s, 1885, by Charley 

Rose ............................. 

Oliver W., b s, 1884, by Wagner Ba- 

shawPuss Cunningham, by Green's 

Basibaw ....................... .... 

Oliver West, br s, 1885, by Great 

Western Snip, by Magna Charta . . . 
Olivette, b m, 1885, by Rescue May 

Queen, by Dr. Herr. '. .............. 

Olivette, b m, 1877, by Black Sultan 

Jr., dam by Cobb's Brandy wine ..... 

Olivette, b m ....................... 

Olivette, ch m, 1883, by Leon Gilkey 




2:29V 4 














:28 1 ,4 



Mare, by Knapp's Hero 2:28% 

Olivette, br m, 1879, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian Belle, by Eas ton's 
Dave Hill 2:24 

Olivia, b m, 188, by Melrose Lam- 
bert, by Daniel Lambert 2:29'/i 

Olivia, b ni, 1887, by Hambrino 
Cambria, by Middletown Chief 2:24 

Ollie, b m, 1882, by Strathmore Ma- 
rina, by Norman Jr 2:24 

Ollie B., b m, 1886, by Valiant, dam 
by Fortune 2:24Vi 

Ollie Drake, b s, 1884, by Joe Gavin- 
Minnie Drake, by Louis Napoleon. .. 2:25 

Ollie K., br m, 1890, by King Wilkes 
Chesella, by Chichester 2:17%' 

Ollie Wilkes, b m, 1884, by Favorite 
Wilkes Miss, by Jim Monroe 2:16V* j 

Olmedo Wilkes, b s, 1882, by Onward 
Alma, by Almont 2 :2GV4 j 

Olney Wilkes, b s, 1888, by Olmedo 
Wilkes Jenmont, by Tremont 2:25 '/I 

Omar, b s, 1881, by Oapoul Mary 
Mason, by Ericsson 2:25Vj 

Onmia, b s, 1888, by Adrian Wilkes 
Dolly, by John F. Payne 2:20% 

Ouawa, blk s, 1873, by Goodwin Ham- 
tletonian Bessie, by Sammy Bluch- 
er 2:2214 

Onawa Jr., b s, 1885, by Onawa 
Pruie E 2:30 

O'Neill, ch s, 188 by Andes 2:20 

Oneco, b s, 1881, by Altamont Belle 
Price, by Doble 2:29% 

Oneida, b m, 1889. by Florida Lady 
Ham, toy Hambvino 2:17 

Oneta, b m, 1890, by S'hadeland On- 
ward Alta E., by Enchanter 2:23 

Oney, b g, 1884, by Mambrino King 
Oney Mare, by Damon 2:19- / i 

Onida, b m, 1887, by Sweepstakes 
Tressie, by Chester Chief 2:29 ',4 

Onie Sprague, br m, 1884, by George 
Sprague Fanny Play, by Toronto. . . 2:26 

Onequa, b m, 1891, by Keeler, dam by 
J. 11. Shedd 2:11^ 

Onslaught, b s, 1883, by Onward- 
Sally Johnson, by Bell Morgan 
(dead) 2:28% 

Onset, b s, 188, by Onslaught 2:2(5% 

On Time, b m, 1886, by Konantz 
Mink, by Contractor 2:25Vi 

On Time, ch s, 1887, by Onward- 
Maud, by Mambrino Time 2:20% 

On Time, b g, 1891, by Polonius Du- 
Bois Mare 2:29 j 

Onward, oh g, 188, by Clematis 2:30 : 

Onward, b s, 1875, by George Wilkes 
Dolly, by Mambrino Chief 2:25Vi i 

Onward, b g, 188, by Riley's Dean.. 2:29Vi 

Onward, br g, 1875, by Knickerbocker 

Vivandiere, by Reserve 2:20V.i 

Onward Boy, b s, 1887, by Onward- 
Alice S., by Almont Boy 2:30 

Onward Fewell, blk g, 188, by El 

Mahdi 2:27'/4 

Onward Jr., b s, 1886, by Onward 
Zeler Wilkes 2:29% 

Opal, ca m. 1883, by Hen-y S. Sol- 

taire, by Judge Evans 2:30 

Opal Patch en, b g, 1885, by Seneca 

Pate-hen 2:29% 

Ophelia, b m, 1881, by Durango 

Emma S., by Indian Chief 2:30 

Ophir, blk m, 1886. by Simmons Miss 

Smalley, by Indianapolis (dead) 2:28% 

Optimist, b s, 1886, by Hamb ino 

Erma, by Belmont 2:28% 

Optimist, ch g, 1884, by Tennessee 

Wilkes Ada Brungard, by Black 

Hawk Rattler ..................... 2:27 

Opus, b m, 1889, by Prineeps Jolly, 

by Pilot Mambrino ................. 2:30 

Ora, br m, 1889, by Sprague Golddust 

Mamie, by Blue Bull ____ . ........ 2:16 1 ^ 

Orange Bloom, ch m 1879, by Orange 

Blossom Sally Miller, by Rossman 

Horse ........................... 2:25& 

Orange Blossom, b & 1867, by Middle- 

townNelly Post, by Seely's Ameri- 

can Sta? .......................... 2:26% 

Orange Blossom, b g, 1883, by Victor 

Bismarck Kitty Coons, by Adminis- 

trator ........................... 2:26% 

Orange Boy, b g, 1878, by Orange 

Blossom Racola, by Rysdyk's Harn- 

bletonian ......................... 2:18% 

Orange Bud, b s, 1877, by Middietown 

Nelly Post, by Seely's American 

Star ............................ 2:21^ 

Orange Chief, b s, 1887, by Orange 

Blossom Josie Bowman, by Bow- 

man's Clark Chief ................. 2:16V4 

Orange Girl, b m, 1871, by Rysdyk's 

Hambletonian Dolly Mills, by See- 

ly's American Star ................ 2 :2O 

Orangelander, br e, 1888, by Green- 

lander Orange Girl, by Rysdyk's 

Hambletonian. ................... 2:22^ 

Orange Leaf, b s, 1881, by Orange 

Blossom Queen May, by Creeper... 2:29'/i 
Crania, b m, 1889, by Indian Hill 

Gabrino, by George Wilkes ......... 2:22 

Ora to?, b s, '1886, by Dictator Ethel- 

wyn, by Harold ................... 2:24 

Oreide, ro s, 1889, by Osman Pa- 

yonia, by Peacock. . . . .............. 2:26V4. 

Oiiana, b m, 1877, by Rochester, dam 

by Black Hawk Flyaway ........... 2:25 

Orianna, ch m, 1888, by Onward 

Romona, by Harold ................ 2:17% 

Orianna, b m, 1880, by Red Wilkes 

Anna, by Bourbon Chief ............ 2:27 J /4 

Orient, b g, 1868, by Mambrino Patch- 

enKate .......................... 2:24 

Orient, b m, 1887, by Gov. Paine 

Olga, by Challenger ............... 2:2714 

Oiient, ch m 1875, by Ouyler Eden 

Lassie, by Golddust ............... 2:30 

Orinoco, b e, 1886, by Simmons Miss 

Wilson, by Sterling ................ 2 :19% 

Oriole, dn m, 1886, by Dr. Hen- Mat- 

tie E., by Creole ................... 2:29^4 

Oriole, blk m, 1890, by Thistle Ori- 

ole, by Monroe Chief ............... 2:20 

Orlando, ch g, 1888, by Cypress Ma- 

tilda, by Jupiter ................... 2:23^ 

Qrmond, t> s. 1882, by Happy Medium 

Queen Lizzie, by Mambrino Chief. 2:27 ! /a 
Oro Fino, b m, 1885, by Eros Ma- 

nette, by Nutwood ................ 2:1S 

Orono Boy, blk g, 1887, by Island 
Chief ............................ 2:21 Vi 

Oro Wilkes, blk s, 1890, by Sable 

Wilkes Ellen Mayhew, by Director. 2:11 
Orphan Boy, blk s, 1880, by Stillson 

Nettie E., by Joe Hooker ........... 2:22</j 

Orphan Boy, br 
Orphan Wilkes, 


188. by Winooski. 2:29% 

s, 1887, by Keene 
Wi'.kes Prinky Wilson, by Joe Dren- 


non .............................. 2:27% 

Orphan Girl ........................ 2:25 

O-ryhan Lass, b m, 1886, by Florida- 

Lou, by Mambrino Pilot ........... 2:24% 

Oroheus, b s. 1881, by Oxmoor 

Emelia. by Rysdyk's Hambletonian. 2:30 
Orphia, br m, 1880, by Almont Rat- 

tler Orphan Lady, by Mambrino 



Boy 2:27% 

Orphina, b m, 1889, by Nonral Or- 
phan Girl, by Piedmont 2:17% 

Orrvllle, b s. 1884, by Redwood 
Maggie Lambert, by Daniel Lainbevt 2:27% 

Ortine, b s, 1891, by Elyria Schaible 
Girl, by Bobby 2:22' /4 

Ortolan, blk m, 1891, by Wilton 2:28Va 

Orwell, blk s, 1883, by Ben Franklin 
Dolly Richards, by Blackstone 2:24. 

O. S. B., ch s, 188, by Sir John 
Franklin ." 2:27 

Oscar, br g, 1868, by Reserve, dam by 
Hector 2:30 

Oscar J.. b s. 1884, by Thomas K. 
Dixie, by Mamb-nnella 2:28% 

Oscar Jr.. br g. 188--, by Oscar 2:28% 

Osoar W.. c!h g, 188, by Mambrino 
Duncan 2:25% 

Oscar Bang 1 , b s. 1886, by Mambrino 
Kin? Lady Barnes, by Hamlin 
Patehen 2:26V a 

-Oficar William, b s, 1890, by Simmons 
Lottie Mambrino Patch- 
en 2:18% 

Osito, b s, 1892, by McKinney, dam by 
Othello ! . 2:30 

Osman. ch s. 188, by Ossidlne, dam 
by Gen. Benton 2-27 

Ossian Pet. b g. 1871. by Josh Bil- 
lings, dam by imp. Lapidist 2:29Vi 

Otalgie, br s. 1889, by Greenlander 
Amal. by Clay 2-24% 

Otard. b g, 1880, by Jay Gould Mar- 
tense, by Gen. Knox. '. 2 -26% 

Othello, br s, 1883. by Sultan Atlan- 
ta, by The Moor. . .' 2:28 

Otho. blk g, 1877, by Green's Bashaw 
Nell, by Prophet 2:22% 

Otis Shaw, b s. 1886, by Don Carlos- 
Nelly Otis, by Winthrop Morrill 2:191/4 

Otis N., b g, 188, by Triceps 2:26% 

Ottawa Chief, b s, 1878, by Byron 
by Morgan 2 :25 

Ottawa MaM, b m, 188, by Climax. . 2:28% 

Ottinger, br g, 1,88, by Dorsey's 
Nephew 2:11V 2 

Otto, b s, 1889, by Landmark- -Nelly 
Day. by Tower Colt 2:25 

Otto J./b g, 1886, by Adjuster Ola 
Gurney, by Gurney 2:19% 

Otto K:, b g, 1874, by Blue Bull- 
Queen Gnffin. by Pete Gnffiii 2:24% 

Ottumwa Maid, ch m. 1874. by Wil- 
liams' Mambrino Chief Jr. Lucy, 
by Honesty 2 :27% 

Ouida. b m. 1885, by Smuggler, dam 
by Charles Dickens 2:25% 

Ouray, b s 188, by Onward Bonita, 
by Idol Patchen 2:28% 

Outcross, ch. s, 1885, by Jeb Stuart 
Hanpy Sis, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:30 

Oudan. br s, 1890, by Epaulet- 
Ella Nutwood, by Nutwood 2:20 

Outlaw, br g. 1873. by Draco Iodine, 
by Gill's Vermont 2:281/4 

Overholt, b s. 1889. by Pilot Medium 
Silky Lambert, by Daniel Lambert 2:19 

Overman, ch g. 1876. by Elmo Fern 
Leaf, by McCracken's Black Hawk 
(dead) 2:19% 

Ovid, b s. 1883. by Capoul Mar.v, 
by Woodford Mambrino 2:18% 

Owol'.t.i. blk s, 1884, by Onawa 
Lady Carney 2 <y 9<4 

Ox Eye, b s. 1885. by Gen. Wash- 
ingtonDaisy, by Socrates 2:28i/ 9 

Oxford, b g, 188 by Cerokee Chief 2:25Vt 

Oxford, b g, 1S78, by Deucalion- 
Alice, by vroom's Toronto Chief Jr 2-29U 

Oxford Boy, b s, 1883, by Bucknian's 
Idol Lucy Tramp, by Tram, . 2-2t>% 


Oxfoid Chief, b s, 1884, by 

Chief-Kit, by Wild Irishman ..... 
Oxide, blk s. 1887, by Rumor- Odo, 

by Gen. Knox ................... 2:29Vo 

Pebst, b g, 1889, by Pilot Medium, 

dam by Oady's Champion .......... 2:21 

Packer, b B, 1879, by Sweepstakes- 

Lady Rockafellow, by Harry Clay.. 2:23% 
Packet, ch g, 1890, by i'actol-is ..... 2:27 
Pacifica, b m, 1889, by Electioneer 

Bicara, by Harold . .. .............. 2-30 

Pacolet, b s, 1889, by Phallas-Lady 

Rolfe, by Tom Rolfe ............ 2-29% 

Pactolus, b s, 1887, by Patronage 

Buda, by Tramp .......... ,. 2-12% 

Paddy Collins, blk g, 187, by Capt. 

Bogardus ..... .................. 2-29% 

Paeony, b m, 1884, by Happy Med- 

iumKentucky Central, by Balsora 2:22 
Pagan, blk s, 1880, by Wedgewood 

Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:30 
Paladin, ch s, 188, by Hawthorne 

March Fourth, by Whipple's Ham- 

bletonian ........................ 2:29^ 

Palatina, sp m, 1883, by Milton Med- 

ium Snowflake, by Snowstorm .. 2:22% 
Palatine, blk m, 1891, by Palo Alto- 

Elaine, by Messenger Duroc ....... 2:18 

Pailas, b m, 1885, by Gen. Stanton 

Roxy, by Caledonia Chief ........ 2:26% 

Palermo ........................... 2-24% 

Pall Mall, br s, 188, by Pancoast... 2:22% 
Palm, b g, 1887, by Messenger Wilkes 

Jenny Allen .................... 2 :28% 

Palma, ch g, 1869, by Matchless, dam 

by Seal's Horse .................. 2:22% 

Palo Alto, blk s, 188, by Barks- 

Maggie Colburn, by Coeur De Lion 

Jr ................................ 2-2o% 

Palo Alto, b s, 1882, by Electioneer 

Dame Winnie, by Planet (dead).. 2:08% 
Palo Alto Belle, b s, 1886 by Elec- 

tioneerBeautiful Bells,' by The 

Moor ............................ 2 :22% 

Palo Chief, b s, 1890, by Benefit.... 2:30 

Pama, b s, 188, by Woodford Pilot 2:30 
Paloma Prince, b s, 188, by Dexter 

Prince Bessie Miller, by Gen. Mc- 

Olellan ........................... 2:17^ 

Panama, b s, 1885, by Jay Gould- 

Pandora, by Clark Chief .......... 2:24y 2 

Pamlico, b s, 1885, by Meander- 

Birthday, by Daniel Lambert (dead) 2:10 
Pan, ch s, 1885, by Pancoast Midge, 

by Beluiont ..................... 2:28% 

Pancoast, b s, 1877, by Woodford 

Mambrino Bicara, by Harold (d^ad) 2 '21% 
Panel a re, b s. 1888, by Pancoast 

Lady Clara by Young Morrill ...... 223% 

Pandetta, b m. 1891, by Pandect - 

Wanatah, by Wedgewood ......... 2:29% 

Pandora, br m, 188 by Ichi Ban . . 2:30 
Pandora, b m, 18S7, by Planter Sally 

Burrell, by Autocrat .............. 2:27 

Pangold, ch s, 1887, by Pancoast 

Anthem, by Cuyler .............. 2:24% 

Panic, b g, 1853, by Sherman Black 

Hawk, dam by Harris' Hamble- 

toniaa (dead) .................. 2:28 

Panic, b m, 188 . by Hannis ...... 2:21^ 

Pankey John, ch s, 1881, by Capt. 

Pankey Suse ................. ..2:28% 

Panstone, b s, 1889, by Plumstone 

Bessie, by Pancoast ............... 2:19% 



Pansy, b m, 1887, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Barbara, by Kentucky 
Prince '. 2:17% 

Pansy, blk m, 1881,, by Berlin Lady 
Hubbard by Benicia Boy 2:24% 

Pansy, br'm, 188 by Mink Chloe, 

by New York 2:28% 

Pansy Blossom, b m, 1887, by Glen- 
coe Wilkes Jessie, by Cilley Horse 2:23 

Pansy Blossom, br m, 1890, by Albert 
W. Pansy by Berlin 2:28% 

Pansy McGregor, ch m, 1892, by Fer- 
gus McGregor Cora, by Coriander. . 2:17% 

Pantomime, b m, 1890, by Arthurton 
Iota, by Princeps 2:21% 

Paola, b s, 1887 by Electioneer 
Dame Winnie, by Planet 2:25% 

Paragon, b g, 1887, by Storm King 
Canace, by Lord Coke 2:13% 

Paragon, b s, 1884, by Deceive 
Waldo Mare, by Gray's Hamble- 
tonian 2:27% | 

Parana, b m, 1874, by Mambriuo 
Hambletonian Belle of Cayuga, by 
Post's Hambletonian Prince (dead) 2:19% | 

Parapet, b s, 1888, by Harold Mary 
Belle, by Belmont 2:21 

Parker Jr., b g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:29%! 

Paris, b s, 1881, by Mohican Merry 
Lass, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian.. 2:29% 

Parkside b s, 1888, by Clay Uiuta, 
by Gen. Benton 2:22% | 

Parkwood, ch s, 1888, by Nutwood- 
Irene Wood, by Combat 2:2C'/a 

Parnell, ch s, 1885, by Enfleld-Ida 
Elliot, by Allie West 2:23 

Parnell, b s, 1885, by Aberdeen- 
Betty Brown, by Mambrino Patchen 2:29 

Parole, b s, 1889, by Patron Rachel 
Ray, by Overstreet Wilkes 2:16 

Parone, br s, 1883, by Almont Rattler 
Pavonia, by Peacock 2:25% 

Parrott, b g. 1873, by Vermont 
Clough, by Lumox 2:26 

Parthenia, b m, 188, by Dexter 
Prince 2 :27% 

Parthenia Pedro, b m, 188, by Dom 
Pedro 2:29% 

Parthenon, b s, 1884, by Aberdeen- 
Maggie Dunn, by Bourbon Chief. . 2:27% 

Pasadena Belle, br m.. 188, by Nav- 
igator 2-18 

Pascal, blk g, 188, by Pascolett . ,. 2:27% 

Pasha, b s, 1882, by Echo Young 
Fashion, by Correct 2:27% 

Passenger, b s, 1887, by Red Wilkes 
Susie Patchen by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:30 

Pastime, gr s, 1888, by Lord Rus-- 
sell Noonday, by St. Elmo (dead) 2:27% i 

Pastoral, br m, 1888, by Acolyte- 
Cathedral, by George Wilkes .'. ..2:30 

Pat, br g, 1882, by Thomas A. Scott 
Betts, by Legal Tender 2:26% ! 

Pat, b g, 1885, by Fortunotus 2:29% 

Patch, b ,g, \1873, by , ; Detective 
Patchen, dam by Draco Prince . . 2-29% 

Patchen, ch g, 1869, by King's 
Patchen Old Jane by Wigwam 
(dead) 2:18% 

Patchen (Gidding's), ch s, 1884, by 
Seneca Patchen Fanny G., by 
Mambrino Hambletonian 2:27% ! 

Patchen, b s, 187 pedigree not 
traced 2 :28% 

Patchen Maid, ch m, 1875, by Henry 
B. Patchen Maggie 2:30 

Patchen Medium, b s, 1884. by Happy 
Medium Mainbrino Maid, by Mam- 
brino Patchen 

Patchen Wilkes, blk s, 1882, by 
George Wilkes Kitty Patchen, by 
Mambrino Patchen 

Patchen Wilkes Maid, br m, 1888, by 
Patchen Wilkes Daisy B., by Ad- 

Patchmore, b s, 1886, by Byerly Ab- 
dallah Colon, by Strathmore 

Pat Dempsey, blk g, 1878, by Roman 
Chief, dam by Benedict's Path- 

Pat Donoven, b s, 1888, by Newton's 
Allie Wilkes Kit, by Yankee Dan. . 

Pat Downing, b s, 1885, by Abe 
Downing Dagmar, by Mambrino 

Patenter, br s, 1887, by Pancoast 
Tot, by Dictator 

Pat Farrel, b g, 188, pedigree not 

Pathfinder Jr., br s, 1877 by Buell's 
Pathfinder Maggie, by Golddust. . 

Pat Hunt, ch g, 186, by Tecumseh, 
dam by Doc (dead) 

Patience, blk m, 1879, by Gen. Knox 
Sappho, by Jay Gould 

Patience, b m, 1880, by Strathmore 
Grey Fan, by Selim 

Patience, b m, 1886, by Alcyone Con- 
stance, by Aurora 

Patience, ch m, 1885, by Hull Wel- 
come, by Iron Duke 

Pat L., b s, 1892, by Republican . 

Pat McCann, blk g, 1871, by Sir 

Pat McGinty, br s, 188 by Indianap 

Pat My Boy, ro g, 1887, by Hinder 
Wilkee Bird, by Black Prince Jr.. . 

Patoka Boy, b g, 1891, by Patoka 

Patola, blk m, 1886, by Altitude- 
Julia, by Star of the West 

Pat Quinn, br g, 1879, by Modoc 
Chief-Flora . . . 

Patrician, b s, 1873, by Thomas Jef- 
fersonSylph, by Dunbaxton . 

Patrick H., 

Pat Ring, b g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Patriot, b e, 1888, by Phallas 
Clarinda, by Nutwood 

Patron, br s, 1882, by Pancoast 
Beatrice, by Cuyler 

Patroness, b m, 1887, by Patronage 
Flirt, by Gen. Hatch ~. 

Patroness, b m, 1888, by Patron Ab- 
bess, by Wedgewood 

Patroon, b s, 1889, by Patron Souve- 
nir, by Harold 

Patsy Curtis, br s, 1888, by Ever- 
mon.l Bessie Curtis, by Mainbrino 
St Lawrence 

Patti, b m, 1879, by Jay Gould 
Thornetta, by Gen. Knox 

Patti, gr m, 1886, by Director, dam 
by Bayswater 

Pattie, b m, 188, by Clay Chief 

Pattie Coopor. blk m. 1881, by Black 
Doc Lucy Marshall, by Clark's 
Daniel Boone 

Pattie Moore, b m. 188, by The King 

Pattie P., b m, 1878, by Ricbmont. . . 

Pattie R., ch m, 188 by Bronze 

Paul, gr g, 1883, lv\ Messenger Duroc 
-/Tittania. by Golddust Jr 

Paul B., b g, 188 




























Paul Hacke, gr g, 187, by Strath- 
more Ingoma, by Aker's Idol 2:24% 

Pauline, ro m, 1883, by Gov. Sprague 
Lida Lewis, by Sentinel 2 :27% | 

Pauline, gr m. 1888, by Electrotype- 
Kitty Earl, by Earl 2:26 ! 

Pauline, ch m, 1890, by Planter, dam 
by Rockwood 2:29%; 

Pauline C., blk m, 1888, by Rolla 
Golddust 2:29 ! 

Pauline H., b m, 1888, by Kidnapper 
Nickel Mare (pacing 2:17%) 2:24 ; 

Pauline Lambert, b m, 1880, by Dan- 
iel Lambert Pauline, by Lily's 
Shakespeare 2 :29 ! 

Paul Pinkham, b e, 1887, by L. P. 
Thompson Lydia Pinkham, by St. 
Regis 2:24 

Pawling, ch s, 1891, by Colonel Kip- 
Merriment, by Happy Thought 2:21% 

Pawnee, b s," 1889, by Stamboul 
Minnehaha, by Stevens' Bald Chief. . 2:26% 

Pawnee, b g, 1882, by Jim Wilson- 
Legal, by Legal Tender 2:21% 

Peaceful, blk m, 187, by Gen Knox 
(dead). 2:26 

Peach, b g, 1878, by Bismarck Lizzie 
Mott, by Gen. Mott 2:27% 

Peace Blow, br g, 1878, by South Jer- 
sey Patchen 2:29% 

Pearl, b m, 187, by Gentle Breeze- 
Jane, by Gill's Vermont 2:30 

Pearl, b m, 187, by Regulus Cora 
F., by Brown Harry 2:23% 

Pearl, b m, 1880, by Ooleman's Abdal- 
lah Jr. Missouri Girl, by Dr. 
Morey's Lath 2:30 

Pearl, gr m, 188, by Star Ethan 2:25% 

Pearl Belle, b m, 1892, by Bermuda- 
Pearl Pinkerton, by Thomas K 2:26 

Pearl O., rn m s 188, by Alexander 
Dumas 2:30 

Pearl Fisher, b m, 1886, by Altamont, 
dam by Kisbar 2:18% 

Pearl McGregor, ch m, 1888, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Maud B., by Seneca 
Chief 2:23% 

Pearl Medium, b m, 1883, by Happy 
Medium Pearl, by Gentle Breeze... 2:24 

Pearl P., br m, 188, by Aladdin 2:29% 

Pearl Wilkes, br m. 188, by Wilkes 
Spi-it Jr. Giddy Ann 2:22% 

Pearl Winship, b m, 1886, by Legal 
Tender Jr. Nelly Me., by Blue Vein 2:23% 

Pearwood, b s, 1888, by Patronage 
Zora, by Backman's Idol 2:25 

Pedlar, br s, 1887, by Electioneer 
Penelope, by Mohawk Chief 2:23% 


ro, gr 

g, 1870, by Grey Jim, dam 

by Paddock's Black Hawk 2:25% 

Pedro L., gr g, 1884, by Bassett M. 
Suse, by Tom Hunter 2:18 

Peek-a-Boo, ro g, 1882, by Blue Boy- 
Sully, by Green's Bashaw 2:27 

Peeler, b s, 1890, by Patron, dam by 
Swigert 2:27 

Peep O'Day, ch g, 1887, by Dawn- 
Emma Steitz, by Mountain Boy.... 2:21 

Peerless Ben, ch s, 1886, by Ben 
Franklin Dolly Spooner, by Hola- 
blrd's Ethan Allen 2:26'4 

Pegasus, br s, 1881, by Harold Pera, 
by Belmont 2:30 

Peko, b m, 1889, by Electioneer Pen- 
elope, by Mohawk Chief 2:24 

Peleg, b s, 1890, by Reno Defiance- 
Lucy Q., by McKinney Horse (pacing 
2:15%)..... 2:23% 

Pelerine, b m, 1889, by Madrid 

Blythesome, by Onward 2:19 

Pelham, b g, 1837, pedigree not traced 

(dead). . . . . . . . . .". . . 2:28 

Pemberton, br g, 1872, by Fearnaught 

Jr. Fanny, by Dirigo 2:29% 

Pembroke, ro s, 1887, by Sherman's 

Hambletonian Nancy Dillard, by 

John Dillard 2:27% 

Pembroke, b s, 188 by Jay Bii'd.... 2:28% 
Pence, br s, 1885, by Rienzi Lady 

Pence, by Almont Forrest 2:24% 

Penelope, dn m, 1871, by Kleckuer's 

Kern-ble Jackson 2:27 

Penelope, b m, 188, by Hinder 

Wilkes 2:27V2 

Penelope b m, 1890, by Quartermas- 
terBohemia, by Rumor 2:29% 

Penelope, b m, 1891, by McEwen 

Elnora, by Tennessee Wilkes 2/.20% 

Pendelum, b g, 1892, by Panclare 2:< 

Penhorn, b s, 1887, by Stranger Bes- 
sie, by Shelby Chief 2:24% 

Penistau, b g, 1880, by Administrator 
Princess Medium, by Happy Med- 
ium 2:28% 

Pennant, b s, 1880, by Abe Downing 
Louisa Duvall, by Harold 2:15 

Penryn, br s, 1889, by Kentucky 
Wilkes Felice, by Mambrino Dud- 
ley .' 2:18% 

Pequa Princess, ch m, 188, by Pequa 
Prince 2:27% 

Pequot, br s, 1880, by Piedmont Lady 
Duval, by Strader's Cassius M. Clay 
Jr....... 2:26 

Peralto, ch g, 187, by Baird's Ham- 
bletonian Prince Logan Maid, by 
Page's Logan 2:26% 

Perlette, ch m, 188 by Juror 2:22% 

Perduro, blk s, 1881, by Durango 
Maggie Wells, by Wadsworth Tuch- 
aiioe 2:29% 

Perduro K., b g, 1887, by Perduro 
Fan Stark 2:19% 

Perhaps, b s, 1883, by Hambletonian 
Tranby Easter, by Gen. Geo. H. 
Thomas 2:30 

Pericles, ch s, 1881, by Mambrino 
Patcben (Fancy, by Curtis Clay.... 2:30 

Perihelion, b s, 1880, by Admiral- 
Black Flora, by Black Prince 2:25 

Periwinkle b m, 1891, by Ponce de 
Leon Rowena, by B'lack Hawk 
Traveler 2:28% 

Perkins, ch s, 188, by C. F. Clay.... 2:29% 

Pero, b s, 1883, by Backman's Idol- 
Cora Jackson, by Stonewall Jackson 2:25 

Perplexed, ch m, 1879, by Locksmith 
Early Rose, by Godfrey Patchen. . 2:24% 

Persica, b m, 1883, bv Belmont Nec- 
tarine, by William Welch 2:'38% 

Persimmons, br s, 1885, by Simmons 
Nona B., by Administrator 2:29% 

Peru, gr s, 1889, by Sphinx Pilot 
Belle, by Pilot Medium 2:29 ! / 9 

Pet, b g, 188, by Black Ethan 2:19% 

Pet, gr m, 188, by Orphan Boy 2:25 

Pet Davis, gr m, 1888, by Grit Davis 
Maud T., by Tuckahoe 2:19% 

Pete, b g, 187, pedigree not traced. 2:28 

Pete Ourran, b g, 188, by Chicago 
Volunteer 2:28% 

Pete Lindley, ch g, 1881, by Royal 
Fear-naught Lindley Mare, by 
Fisk's Mambrino Chief Jr 2:27% 

Peter Cooper, br g 2:21% 

Peter Hardwood, br s, 1886, by Hard- 
woodEugenia, by Louis Napoleon. 2:20 

Peter K.. Ch g, 1880, by Royal Fear- 



naught Kitty, by Magma Charta 2:2944 

Peter R., gr g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:28% 

Peter W., b g, 1887, by Roscoe Hat- 
tie Barnum, by son of Gladiator... 2:24% 

Peter Whetstone, b g, 1884, by Mc- 
Quaid's Sprague Fashion, by Norme 2:29\i 

Petitioner, b s, 1887, by Sherman's 
Hambletonian Nannie Dillard, by 
John Dillard 2:26& 

Petrolia, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Belle Newman, by Long Boy 2:27% 

Pet Thorne, b m, 1887, by Hawthorne 
Lady Pet, by Reuben 2:29 

Peveril, ch s, 1889, by Elyria Jennj 
D., by Tom Hunter 2:14% 

Pew House, ch g, 1889, by Mohawk 
Gift Lady, by ^tar Hambletonian. . 2:30 

Phialen, blk g, 188, by Montello, dam 
by Billy Ring 2:22% 

Plain Dick, b g, 188 by South Side, 
dam by Duke 2:29 

Phallamiss, b m, 1888, by Phallamont 
Athena, by Mack Almont 2:29% 

Phallamont B'oy, b s, 1887, by Phalla 
mont Pocahontas Girl, by Pocahon- 
tas Boy 2:18 

Phailamont Chief, b s, 1887, by Phal- 
lamont Athena, by Mack Almont. .. 2:30 

Phallamont Girl, b m, 1885, by Phal- 
lajaont Pocahontas Girl, by Poca- 
hontas Boy 2:27% 

Phallamont Sprague, b s, 1890, by 
Phallamont Carrie Dexter, byJBilly 
Sprague 2:27*4 

Phallamont Swigert, b g, 1889, by 
Phallamont Mattie, by Dave Boii- 
ner 2:28 

Phallas, b s, 1877, by Dictator Betsy 
Trotwood, by Clark Chief 2:13% 

Phallene, b m, 1885, by Phallamontr- 
Maud McK., by Richard 2:30 

Phantom, b m. 1889, by Alcazar Ap- 
parition, by Sir Walkill 2.24% 

Phantom, b s, 1886, by Strathmore 
Princess Ethel, by Volunteer 2:29V t 

Phay. b s, 1888, by Burdette Mar- 
gery D., by Broken Leg 2:27% 

P. H. Chapin, b s, 1885, by Ohapin 
Egmout Fanny Parvin, by Green's 
Bashaw 2-29*4, 

Pheon, gr m. 1882, by Jim Ervin 
Oropea-, by Pilot Duroc 2:24 

Phil, b g, 186, pedigree not traced.. 2:23*4 

Phil Casweli, ch g, 188, by Whale- 
bone '. 2:28 

Phil Dougherty, ch g, 186, by Frank 
Pierce Jr. (dead) '. 2:26 

Phil Dwyer, b g, 1871, by Island Chief 
Peerless, by Defiance 2:29V4 

Philip H., b s, 188 by Red Bird 2:27% 

Phillis, b s, 1888, by Masterlode- 
Gomet, by Lexington Chief Jr 

Phil Mack, b g, 188, by Phil Sheri- 
dan Jr 

Phillis, b g, 188, by Pickering 

Phil O., b g, 188, by Jim Swigert. . . 

Philosee, b m, 1881, by Polonius 
Philosee, by Warlock 

Phil Sheridan, br s, 1862, by Young 
Columbus Black Fly, by a son of 
Tippoo (dead) 2:26% 

Phil Sheridan, gr g, 1866, by Creeper 
Lady Alice (dead) 2:26% 

Phil Sheridan J-., blk s, 1877, by Phil 
Sheridan Estelle B " 2:28% 

Phil Thompson, gr g, 1878. by Red 
Wilkes Grey Nelly, by John Dil- 
lard 2:16% 





Phil W., ch g, 1885, by Great Western 
Nettie H 2:21 

Phoebe Wilkes, br m, 1885, by Ham- 
bletonian Wilkes Dolly Smith, by 
Fisk's Mambrino Chief 'Jr 2:OS 1 /i, 

Phurah, b s, 1884, by St. Gothard 
Jessie D., by Niagara Chief 2:30 

Phyllis, br DOL 1874, by Phil Sheri- 
danNelly Wagner, by Tom Sayers 
(dead) 2:15% 

Phyllis Tee, b m, 1890. by Ashland 
Wilkea Nelly Carson, by Pea vine. . . 2:23*4 

Fickard, b g, 1874, by Abdallah Pilot 
Lady Bowman, by Bourbon Chief 2:18*4 

Pickering, b s, 1872, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian Lady Fallte, by 
Seely's American Star 2:30 

Pickett, ch g, 1887, by Pickett 
Amanda, by Goldsmith Chief 2:16% 

Pickpania, b m, 1884, by Pickpocket- 
Lady, by Panic 2:14% 

Pickwick, br g, 1869, by Backinan's 
Idol Lady Brown, by Seely's Amer- 
ican Star 2:29% 

Pickwick, b g, 1876, by Hatch Horse, 
dam by Young Ethan Allen 2:27% 

Piedmont, ch s, 1871, by Almont 
Mag Ferguson, by Mambrino Chief 
(dead) 2:17Vi 

Piletta, gr m, 1889, by Pilot Medium 
Maggie, by Hambletonian- Charta 2:14% 

Pilgrim, br s, 1885, by Coriander 
Abdallah Duchess, by Silver Duke 2:2414 

Pilgrim, br s, 1889, by Acolyte- 
Cathedral, by George Wilkes 2:20% 

Pilgrimage, b s, 1882, by Egbert- 
April Fool, by Norwood 2:30 

Pilot, blk g, 1850, by Pilot Jr. (dead) 2:25% 

Pilot, b g, 1886, by Middletown Jr. 
Jessie, by David Bonner 2:22% 

Pilot, (Lee's) gr s, 1887, by Pilot Med- 
ium Mady L., by Honest Dick 2:12% 

Pilot Boy, b g, 187, by Kilmore 2:27% 

Pilot Boy gr g, 1878, by Edward H. 
Tackey, by Pilot Jr 2:20 

Pilot Glaus, blk s, 188, by Santa 
Glaus 2:26 l / 4 

Piloteen, b m, 1892, by Pilot Med- 
iumMidget, by Orion 2 :28*/> 

Pilot H., gr g, 1886, by Pilot Medium 
Gypsy, by Tom Hunter Jr 2:29*/> 

Pilot Knox, b s, 1875, by Black Pilot 
Nancy Knox, by Gol. Ellsworth 
(pacing 2:20%) 2:19% 

Pilot Lemont, ch s, 1887, by Lemont 
Mellia Mack, by Deadshot 2:21% 

Pilot Maid, b m, 1887, by Black 
Pilot- Alice, by Harry W. Genet.. 2:21% 

Pilot Middleton, gr s, 1884, by Pilot 
Medium Topsy*. by Bay Middle- 
ton 2:26% 

Pilot Jr., blk s, 1688. by Black Pilot, 
dam by Constellation 2:21 

Piloton, br s, 1878, by Middletown 
Forest Queen, by Mambrino Pilot. . 2:30 

Pilot R., b g, 187, by Black Knight, 
dam by Grey Wallace 2:21% 

Pilot R. Jr., b g, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Pilot Temple, b s, 1859, by Pilot Jr. 
Madam Temple (dead) 2:24% 

Pilot W., gr s, 1884, by Pilot Duroc 
Kitty Wilson, by Blue Bull 2:24*4, 

Pilot W., gr g, 1885, by Pilot Medium 
Maggie 2:24 

Pink, ch m, 1882, by Inca Fairy 
Queen, by Echo 2:23% 

Pip, blk s, 1890, by Durango Pyro- 



gellic, by Fairy Gift 2:28 

Pisgah, br m, 1886, by Jacksonville 
Rhode Island Etta May, by Char- 
ley Hammet 2:30 

Pitt Kellogg, b e, 1887, by Chester 
Chief Alice, by Brown's Toronto 
Chief Jr 2:27% 

Pittsburg Wilkes, b g, 188, by 
Wilkesonian 2:16% 

Pixley, b m, 1885, by Jay Gould- 
Lotto, by Gen. Washington 2:08% 

Pixie, ch g, 188, by Black Pilot .... 2:29% 

Placida, b m, 188, by Swigert 2:30 

Piano Boy, b g, 1878, by Panic or 
Revenge 2:21% 

Piano Prince, ch s, 188, by Walter 
V., 2:28% 

Planter Boy, b. g, 186, by Redbird 

Plato, ch g, 1887, by Chance Bell- 
founder Girl, by Milliman's Bell- 
founder 2:29*4 

Play Boy, ch g, 188, by McCurdy's 
Hambletonian Maggie 2:18% 

Play Boy, b g, 1884, by Hainlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Play Girl, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:18% 

Pleasanton, b s, 188, by Richard's 
Elector 2:29% 

Playful, ch m, 1890, by Play Boy, 
dam by Pluto 2:2694 

Pluck, blk g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:29% 

Plumed Knight, blk g, 1876, by Mike 
Logan Betsy Slasher, by Wilehire 
Horse 2:26% 

Plush, b m, 1881, by Masterlode 
Velveteen, by Joe Printer 2:19% 

Plutone, br s, 1887, by Wilkie Collins 
Maggie Patchen, by Pluto 2:23% 

Pluto Wilkes, ch m, 1884, by Wilkie 
Collins Maggie Patchen, by Pluto.. 2:26% 

Plutrusse, ch m, 1889, by Pluto Min- 
nie Bell Jewett, by Duke of Lexing- 
ton 2:30 

Plympton, b s, 1886, by Beaumont- 
Souvenir, by Harold 2:30 

Poco, g m, 188, by Pluto 2:29% 

Pneumatic, ch s, 1890, by Egmont 
June Bug, by Wineman's Logan.. 2:29% 

Pocahontas, b m, 1859, by Ethan Al- 
len Pocahontas, by Iron's Cadmus 2:26% 

Pocahontas Prince, blk s, 1884, by 
Pooahontnb Boy Faro Queen (pac- 
ing 2:19%) 2:20% 

Poco ^.ernpo, ro s, 1883, by Happy 
Medium Bonny Belle, by Almont . . 2:23% 

Poem, b s,, 1885,by Gen Washington 
Sonnet, by Jay Gould 2:13% 

Podgis Stanton b s, 188, by Gen. 
Stanton ' 2:23% 

Point Breeze, b g, 185, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:28% 

Pointer, ch s, 1883, by Pancoast 
Midge, by Belmont (dead) 2:26% 

Polka Dot, ch m, 1877, by Pocahontas 
Boy Itushviile Maid, by Blue Bull 2:28 

Polk Laffoon, b g, 1883, by Principe- 
Rep ton Belle, by Marabout 2:21% 

Polly, ch m, 188 by Oakland Boy . . 2:29 

Polly B., br m, 1873, by Toronto Ab- 
dallah Fanny Green, by Montauk 2:28% 

Polly Nelson, gr m, 1886, by Nelson- 
Lena Boone, by Daniel Boone 2:30 

Polly Stanton, ch m, 1887, by Gen. 
Stanton Girl of the Period, by Pel- 
ham Tartar 2:23% 

Pomona, b s, 1885, by Electioneer 

Pearl, by George Lancaster . 

Pomona, ch m, 1886, by Hambrino 
Fashion, by Curtis' Hambletonian 

Pomp, b g, 188 by Gen. Lee, dam 
by Royal Tanner 

Pompey, ch g, 186, pedigree not 

Ponce de Leon, blk s, 1887, by Pan- 
coast Elvira, by Cuyler 

Pond Lily, b m, 187, by George M 
Patchen Jr 

Poneto, ch s, 188, by Strathmore 
Lotah, by Haw Patch 

Pontiac Chief, ch s, 1886, by Golden 
Bow Lowry 

Pontoon, ch s, 1888, by Patronage- 
Dolly Brighton, by Tramp .... 

Pohtoosuc, dn s, 1880, by Ambassa- 
dorLady Hamilton, by Flying Hia- 
toga . . 

Porcellain, b s, 1888, by Alcantara 
lima, by Smuggler 

Portia, ch m, 1875, by Startle Lady 
Pettee, by Pettee's son of Toronto 

Portugue Printz, blk s, 1881, by'l.' ii! 
Singer Portugue, by Old Joe 

Poscora Hayward, gr s, 1874, by Billy 
Hayward Poscora Maid, by Leon- 
ard's Poscora 

Poser, b g, 188, by Pure Gold- 
Polly, by Shaefer Pony 

Position, b m, 1888, by Acolyte- 
Santa Glaus, by Magic 

Poseell, br g, 1887, by Land Pilot 
Topsy, by Virginia Ben 

Post Boy, ch s, 1872, by Magic Ned 

Potens, ch g, 188, pedigree' not 

Poughkeepsie, br g, 1884, by Stock- 

Powers, br g, 1869, by Volunteer- 
Jenny, by Seely's American Star . . 

Praetor, ch s, 1872, by Messenger 
Duroc, dam by Vandal 

Prairie Belle, b m, 188, by Gen. 
Stanton, dam by Phil Sheridan .... 

Prairie Boy, b s, 188, by Lucas 

Prairie Chief, br s. 1882, by Rural 
Chief Nicey, by Rifleman 

Prairie King, b s, 1877, by Chester 
Clhief Jenny Clay, 'by Houston's 
Harry Clay 

Prairie Star, b s, 1880, by Johnny 
Hawkins Lightning Bug, by Satel- 

Pratt, br g, 186, by Strideaway 

Praytell, b m, 1892, by Axtell Jane 
Look, by Look 

Precieuse, b m, 1891, by Stamboula 
Devotee, by Pancoast 

Precocious, b m, 1886, by Almont 
Rattler Pavonia, by Peacock 

Predicate, b s. 188, by Princeps 
Arlena, by Baird's Hambletonian 

Prelude, br m, 1887, by Billy Wilkes 
Miss Nettie, by Mambrino Gift . . 

Prelude, b m, 1887, by Onward- 
Laura S., by Almont 

Prelude, b m 1888, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor Normls, by John Bnrdine 

Premier, b s, 1884, by Hambrino 
Belle, by Alcade 

Prescctt, b g, 1889, by Primiiont, dam 












2:23V 2 


















' Give me races and few records, as I want the money and 

have no craving for honors." has been the motto 

of John E. Turner through life. 



One of the cleverest of Westorn drivers. He brought out 
Manager 2 :06% and Keno F. 2 :17. 



bj Phil Sheridan '2 :l7 

Prescott, ch g, 1882, by Knox A u- 
netta, by Messenger Duroc '2:'21\-> 

Present, b g, 1882, by Young Rolfe, 
dam by Whalebone Knox 2:23% 

Presquile, b s, 1889, by Norfolk, dam 
by Mambrino King 2:29% 

Presto, b s, 1887, by Gen. Washing- 
ton Gilda, by Jay Gould (dead) ... 2:19y 2 

Preston, du g, 186, by George Wash- 
ington (dead) 2:28% 

Preston, b s, 1888, by Wilkes Boy 
Katherine, by Shelby Chief 2:27% 

Preston Wilkes, blk g, 1876, by 
Wilkes Spirit Glencoe Maid 2:29y 3 

Pretty Belie, b m, 1884, by Messen- 
ger Chief Sorrel Belle, by Bay 
Dick (dead) 2:22% 

Pretty Boy, br s, 1880, by Mambrino 
Patehen Dixie, by Mokhladi 2:29% 

Pricemont, b s, 1885, by Altamont 
Belle Price, by Doble 2:26 

Pride, b m, 1888, by Aquarius Aggie 
G., by Trauipaway 2:18 

Pride of Idaho, br s. 1884, by Har- 
perBrown Jug, by Green's Bashaw 2:29% 

Prime, br m, 1888, by Primo Dolly 
Smith, by Fisk's Mambrino Chief Jr. 2:21% 

Primmont, b s, 1884, by Belmont 
Electric, by Princeps 2:21% 

Primrose, b s, 188, by Melrose 
May Day 2:29% 

Primus, ch g, 1888, by Wilkie Russell 2:29 

Prince, blk g, ' 1885, by Appleby 
Ann M., by Nimrod Tom 2:18% 

Prince b g, 1882, by Swanbrough's 
Hambletonian Prince Kate 2:26% 

Prince, b g, 1846, by Long Island 
Black Hawk (dead) 2:24% 

Prince, ch g, 1860, by Jupiter Abdal- 
lah Van Wyek Mare (dead) 2:27 

Prince, b g, 188, pedigree not traced. 2:28% 

Prince, ro g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:27% 

Prince, b g, 1875 by Baird's Hamble- 
tonian Prince Baird, by Superb 2:23 

Prince, blk 

Prince, b g, 188, by Waxford 2: 

Prince, ch g, 1882, by Lysander 
Harry's Daughter, by Harry Clay Jr. 2:20% 

Prince, b s, 188, by Beaufort, dam 
by Black Ralph 2:27% 

Prince, b g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Prince, blk g, 188, by Belmont 
Prince 2:30 

Prince A., b g, 1886, by Swanbrough's 
Hambletonian Prince 2:26% 

Prince A., br g, 1880, by Major Miller 
Jenny 2 :22% 

Prince A., b g, 1884, by Backman's 
Idol, dam by Orange Duroc 2:19% 

Prince A. G., ch s, 1887, by Princep- 
ter Byron Girl, by Byron 2:29% 

Prince Albert, b g, 1888, by Hamilton 2:28% 

Prince Albert, b g, 1882, ' by Golden 
Bow, dam by Western Fearnaught. . 2:25% 

Prince Albert, b s, 1885, by Strath- 
more Patchienie, by Mambrino 
Patehen 2:26 

Prince Allen, ch s, 1859, by Honest 
Allen, dam by Green Mountain 

Eagle (dead) 2:26% 

Prince Allen, b g, 1865, by Vick's 
Ethan Allen Jenny Lind (dead) 2:27 

Prince Allerton, b s, 1891, by Allerton 2:28% 

, per 

ce, blk g, 187, by Royal Re- 
ngeLady, by McKerson's Grey 

Prince Almont, gr g, 1885, by Ham- 
lin's Almont Jr ". 2:27 

Pilnce Arthur, b g, 1873, by Volun- 
teer 2-29 

Prince Arthur, b g, 187, by Western 
Fearnaught 2:18 

Prince Axtell, b s, 1891, by Axtell 
Athmaid, by Athlete 2:28% 

Prince B., ch g, 188, by Senator 2:26'/ 4 

Prince B., b g, 1880, by Brilliant- 
Maud, by son of George M. Patohen 
Jr Q -24% 

Prince Belmont, b s, 1886, by Prin- 
cipeJenny Belle, by Belmont 2:29% 

Prince Boy, b g, 1883, by Black Tom. 
Bay Nell, by Clarion Chief 2:27% 

Prince Brino, ch s, 1884, by Mambrino 
Barker Polly Hopkins, by Mam- 
brino Star 2:29% 

Prince Daniels, b g, 1887, by Dexter 
Prince, dam by Joe Daniels , . 2:22/ 

Prince Dexter, blk g, 1887, by Dexter 
Prince Cole Mare, by Western. Boy 2:19 

Prince Dudley, b s, 1887. by Princeps 
Belle Dudley, by Belmont (dead).. 2:29% 

Prince Eddy, b s, 188, by Jerome 
Eddy 2-29% 

Prince Edsall blk s, 1888, by Prince- 
tonLady Edsall, by Westwood. . , . 2:18% 

Prince Edward, b s, 188, by King 
Rene Smyrna, by Japhet 2:20 

Prince Egbert, .b s, 1886, by Egbert- 
Ella, by Clark Chief. ...... .f 2:28% 

Prince Eugene, b s, 1887, by Bayonne 
Prince Dolly Star, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian ^ . 2 '27% 

Prince Eugene, b g, 1884, by Bourbon 
Wilkes, dam by Edwin Forrest Jr.. 2-28%' 

Prince Fearnaught, blk s, by Fear- 
naught Jr., dam by Col King 2:23% 

Prince G., b g, 188 pedigree not 
traced 2:28 

Prince Gould 2 24 1 4 

Prince H., b g, 1885. by Haw Patch- 
Mag, by Tom Hunter 2:17% 

Prince H., b g, 188, by Marsh Young 
Bird 2-29 

Prince H., b g, 188-, by Sweepstakes 2:26% 

Prince Harbinger, b g, 188 by Har- 
binger, dam by Von Moltke 2-30 

Prince Henry, blk g, 1883, by Lothair 
Chief Maestro, by Rifleman 2-23% 

Prince Herschel, b e, 1889, by Her- 
schel Hibernia, by Princeps 2-13 

Prince Hogarth, blk s, 1885, by Ken- 
tucky Prince Hattie Hogan, by 
Harry Clay. . 2-27% 

Prince Imperial, b> s, 1879, by Gen. 
Stanton Dolly, by Prince of Wales. 2:27% 

Prince Karl, b s, 1886, by Command- 
erKatie, by Regalia. .' 2:26% 

Prince Karl, gr s, 1888, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Lady Haseltine, by Mam- 
brino Startle " . 2:30 

Prince L., b s, 1882, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Daisy Monroe, by Monroe 
Chief 2-21% 

Prince Lavalard, gr s, 188, by Lava- 
lard Young Daisy, by Strideaway. .. 2:29% 

Piimce M., b g, 1884, by Lucas Brod- 
head, dam by Coldwater Chief 2:16% 

Prince M. b g, 1884, by Swan- 
brough's Hambletonian Prince. .... 2:29>4 

Prince McMahon, blk g, 1883, by Mc- 

Mahon 2'21 

j Prince Medium, br s, 1882, by Happy 
Medium Pensora, by Strader's Cas- 
sius M. Clay Jr 2:26 



Prince Medium, b s, 1886, by Paris 
Medium Lady Patchen, by Bully 
King ............................. 

Prince Middleton, b g, 1877, by Kay 
MMdleton Crosley, by Prince 
Charles 2d ....................... 

Prince Miller, br s, 1887, by Maj. 
Miller Starine, by Deucalion ...... 

Prince N., b g, 188. by Princeton... 

PrincenJo, br g, 1890, by Princeps 

Olympia, by Oxniooc 
rince Ner 

Prince Nero 

Prince Nutwood, b s, 1885, by Nut- 

wood Empress, by Draco ......... 

Princlonia, b m, 188, by Prince 

Edward .......................... 

Princeppa Belmont, b in, 1890, by 

Belmont Hesione, by Princeps ..... 

Prince R., b g, 188 ................. 

Prince Regent, ch s, 1885, by Mam- 

brino King Estabella, by Alcantara 

(dead)..... ..................... 

Prince S., b g, 1885, by Volunteer Swi- 

gert Kit, by Gray Eagle (Blind 

Eagle ....................... ..... 

Prince S., br g, 188, by ^oinping 

Prince .......................... 

Prince S., br g ...................... 

Princeps Jr., Elk s, 188, by Priuceps 
Princess, blk m, 1870, by Dictator- 

Flora ............................ 

Princess, b m, 1846, by Andrus' Ham- 

bletonian feaiah ^\ilcox Mare, by 

Burdick's Engineer (dead) ......... 

Princess, b in, 188. by Black Morgan 
Princess, gr m, 1888, by Woolsey 

Oakland Maid, by Speculation ---- 
Princess, b m, 1881, by Baird's Ham- 

bletonian Prince Kitty B., by Ed- 

ward Everett ...................... 

Princess, b m, 1878, by Hemlock- 

Queen of Trumps, by Continental.. 
Princess, ch m, 1875, by Tramp 

Barnford Mare, by Green's Bashaw 
Princess, ch m, 1878, by Masterlode 

Kate Hunter, by Pierce Horse... 
Princess Belle, br m, 1890, by Bell 

Koy Musetta, by King Rene ...... 

Princess Clara, b m, 1892, by Prince 

George Reality, by Princeps ...... 

Princess Eboli, ch m, 1889, by Don 

Carlos Lizzie Thomas, by Wedge- 

wood ................................ 

Princess M., ch m. 188, by Merri- 

worth, dam by Ethan Allen ...... 

Princess M., b m, 187, pedigree not 

Princess Maid, b in. 1890, by Dresden 

Trice Maid Kighter, by Victor Bis- 

marck ............................... 

I-riiice Kene. 1) n. 3889, by King Rene 

-Amy ....... ....... .... ...... . ...... 

Princess Orlotr, b in. 1887, by Prince 

Oiioff Lucy, by Frank Pierce Jr.. 
Princes.; K<>v;il. br m, 1890, by Chimes 

Estabella, by Alcantara ......... 

Princeton, b g. 5876. by Honest Abe 

Lady Johnson, by Tornado ...... 

Princeton, br s, 1881. by Princeps 

Reina Victovua, by Rysdyk's Ham- 

bletonian ............................ 

Princeton, b g, 3889. by Alcazar 

Echo Belle, by Echo ............. 

Prince T.. ch s. 188, by George o. 

Boscabel ........................... 

Princeton Boy. ch g, 18ft. by Ver- 

mont Hero (dead) ................ 

Prince AVilkes. ch g. 1*^1. by Rod 














2 :19% 

2:27y a 


2:29/ 2 




2:24y 2 







Wilkes Rose Chief, by Brown Chief 2-14%. 

Prince Wilkes, b g, 1887, by Red 
Wilkes 2-20W 

Princewood, b g, 188, by Lakewood 
Prince 2:21U 

Princewood, blk s, 1888, by Princeps 
Jet, by Raveuswood 2:18}4 

Princewood, blk g, 1889, by Dexter 
Prince Hattie B., by Hawthorn^, 
(dead) 2:16 

Principe, b e, 1880, by Princepe Nan- 
nie Dixon, by Velox 2:24V-s 

Prlnsondan, ch s, 1888, by Man> 
britonian Ellen M., by Baird's Ham- 
bletonian Prince 2:20 1 /. 

Prior, b s, 1888, by Primmont Emma 
Clay, by American Clay 2:20V, 

Priscilla, blk m, 1888, by William 
Rysdyk Jessie Downs, by Holmes' 
Wandering Jew 2 :29< i 

Pritchard, ch g, 187, pedigree not 
traced , 2:24/i 

Private Joe, ch g, 188 , by Golddust 
Lambert 2:29 ft 

Prize, b s, 1882, by Piloteer Glasseye 2:22% 

Problem, b g, 1881, by Kentucky 
Prince Mary A., by Messenger Du- 
roc * 2:18 

Procrastination, br s, 1884, by Chal- 
lengerBelle, by Woodford Abdallah 2:29V t 

Proctor, b g, 186, by Harris' Mam- 
brino Chief Jr. (dead) 2:23 

Proetor W., b s, 1889, by Jim Wilkes 
Alice Hook, by Goldsmith Star. . 2:26y a 

Prodigal, b s, 1886, by Pancoast 
Beatrice, by Cuyler 2:16 

Proem, b m, 1884, by Dictator Lady 
Holloway, by Hollo way's Denmark 2:28(4 

Professor, b g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:27% 

Prohibit, br s, 1885, by Woodford 
Pilot Van, by Baker's Hambleton- 
ian 2:25i/j 

Prohibition, b s, 1885, by Petoskey 
Lulu Parrish, by Alrnoore 2:27V t 

Promoter, b s. 1888, by Acolyte Mu- 
sette, by Ohio Volunteer 2:19 

Prose, b s, 1888, by Gen. Washington 
Sonnet, by Jay Gould 2 :27^4 

Prospect, br s, 1886, by Reno Defiance, 
dam by Sir Den ton 2:18% 

Prospect, ch s, 1886, by Dominion- 
Penelope, by Album 2 :27 Vi 

Prospect Maid, br m, 1874, by George 
Wilkes Xeilsson, by Mambriuo Pi- 
lot ' 2:23V4 

Prospect Simmons, ch g, 1890, by Sim- 
monsMaud A., by Almont Hoy 2:23% 

Prosperity, blk s, 1887, by Lelnnd-- 
Integrity, by Belmont -' :'2',\ 

Prosper Merimee, b s. 1x77. by Fritz 
Anticipation, by Clav Pilot 

Prospero, blk g, 1869, by Messenger 
Duroc Green Mountain Maid, by 
Harry Clay (dead) 2:20 

Prosperous, b s. 1XX7. by Vucher 
Ida Oharta. by Masma Chartsv 2:29-% 

Protection, b g. 1x80, by Ernest 

Molly, by Gray Eaglo . ..' 2:19% 

Protien, b in. 1888, by Glenwold 
Portia, by Startle ....' 2:15Va 

Proteine, br m, 1871, by Blackwood 
Sally Chorister, by Mambrino Chor- 
ister ' (dead) '. 2:18 

Proth. 1) in. . by Onward Lady 
Allen 2:29% 

P. R. T.. br g. 188 2:2Sy, 

Prue, b m, 1889, by Pure Wilkes 



Lilly day, by Kensington 2:21% 

Psyche, ch m, 1888, by Declaration- 
Bessie Clay, by Strader's Cassuis 

M. day Jr 2:24% 

Psyche, dh m, 1889, by Wilkes Gold- 
dust Beauty, by Lowell's Gold- 
dust 2:15^4 

Puck, blk g, 188 by Taooma Har- 
mony, by Middletown 2:17} 4 

Puella, b in, 1887, by Post Boy Ella, 

by <3ripple .' 2:29 | 

Puella, ch m, 1878, by Harold Mary 

Bell, by Belmont 2:20 ! 

Punchellino, br g, 1887, by Kentucky 

Prince, dam by Sweepstakes 2:28 

Pure Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 

Purity, by BrignoU 2 :17% 

Puritan, b g, 1886, by Steele Har- 
mony, by Smuggler 2: IS 1 /* 

Puritan, h" g, 1878, by Champion 
D:-ew Belie Knox, by Gilbreth 

Knox 2:30 

Puritan, blk g, 1889, by Sable Wilkes 

Jane E. by Milliinan's Bellfounder. 2:29% 
Purity, oh m, 1864. by Blue Bull 

Susan Loder, by Daniel Boone 2:30 

Purity, br m, 1884, by Royal Almont 

Kate 2:28 

Purity Wilkes, b m, 1887, by King 

Wilkes Purity, by Middletown 2:15% 

Puzzle, br s, 188'9, by Phallas 

Lizzie W., by Swigert 2:30 

Pygmalion, b s, 188, by Jay Gould.. 2:25% 
Pythias, ch s, 1883, by" King Rene 

Romona, by Harold 2:2894 

Qu Allan, b s, 188, by Champion 

Medium 2:20 

Quaker Boy, b s, 1888, by Ohio Knick- 
erbocker Lady B., by Bayard 2:24 

Quaker Boy, b g, 185, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2:28% 

Quaker Boy, eh g, 1887, by Cashier 

Miimehaha, by Star of the West ... 2:30 
Quaker Girl, br m, 1870, by Hail- 

storm^-Fanny H., by Independence. . 2:30 
Quality, b m,' 1889, by Electioneer- 

McCa, by Almont 2 :25 ! /2 

Quarryville Boy, br g, 188, by Mes- 
senger Chief, dam by Red Wilkes.. 2:26 
Quarter-main, b s, 1888, by Quarter- 
master Patcheu Maid, by Marn- 

brino Patchen 2 :27% 

Quartermardh, b e, 188, by Quarter- 
master, dam by Sir Walter 2:19 14 

Quarterniam, b s, 1888, by Quarter- 
master Patcheu Maid, by Mani- 

brino Patohen 2 :27% 

Quartermaster, br s, 1883, by Alcyone 

Qui Vive, by Sentinel 2 :21l 4 

Quarteretretch, br s, 1888, by Quarter- 
masterLady Schofield, by Tippoo 

Saib * 2:15 

Quartette, b g, 1880, by Richwood 

Coronet, by Almont 2:22% 

Quay, b s, 1887, by Beaumont Nelly 

Green, by Billy Green 2:28 l /a 

Queechee Maid, br m, 186, by Bal- 
lard's Cassius M. Clay, dam bv 

Morse Horse .". 2:25 

Queechy, b s, 1886, by Alcyone Myra 

B., by Joe Brown 2:14V4 

Queen, b m, 188, by Nelson, dam 

by Old Abe 2:19% 

Queen Alfred, b m, 1891, by Alfred 

G. Alls Star, by Jay Bird '. 2:lS'/4 

Queen Allah, ch m, 1891, by Almon- 

arch Flit, by Leader Jr 2:21Vi 

Oueen Almo-nt, b m, 188 , bv King 
Almont 2:27% 

Queen Ann, b m, 188, by State of 

Maine 2:28 

Queen Anne, gr m, 1885, by Totoway 

Queen 2:25 

Queen Anne, dh in, 1885, by Alcantara 

Princess 2:30 

Queen day, br m, 1886, by King 

Clay Irene, by Dusty Miller 2:28 

Queen Esther, b m s 1888, by Viking- 
Ada W., by Gideon 2:29% 

Queen Fearnaught, b m, 1886, by Al- 
cantara Modjeska, by Royal Fear- 
naught 2:25% 

Queen H., b m, 1889, by Hanover, 
dam by Atlantic 2:29% 

Queen Garrett, b m, 1891, by Garrett. 2:30 

Queen Mab, gr m, 1877, by Daniel 
Lambert " 2:29^4 

Queen Mab, b m, 188 2:24% 

Queen Mark, b m. 1889, by Victor 
Bismarck Big Six, by Hambrino. . . 2:27 

Queen Nutwood, b m, 1889, by King 
Nutwood Mattie Windsor, by Wind- 
sor 2 :27Vi 

Queen of Cedars b m, 1889, by Epau- 
letPrincess Medium, by Happy 
Medium 2 20% 

Queen of Scotts, ch m, 1889, by Scott 
Chief Minnie Wilson, by Spring- 
field 2 :28 

Queen, of tihe West, gr m, 1860, by 
Pilot Jr., Nelly, by Young Turk 
(dead) 2:26V4 

Queen of Upland, b m, 1887, by 
Epaulet Audacity, by Happy Med- 
ium 2:22Vi 

Queen Susie, b m, 1889, by King 
Wilkes Vinette, by Belmont 2:29% 

Queensware, blk m, 1888, by Wedge- 
woodElvira, by Cuyler 2:25 

Queen T., b m, 1885, by Monitor- 
Katie Belle, by Peacemaker Jr 2:26'/4 

Queen Tempo, gr m, 1890, by Poco 
Tempo Jenny A., by Lepanto 2:28V4 

Queen Wilkes, 'blk m, 1879. by George 
Wilkes Lady Ethan, bv Ethan Allen 2:23% 

Queen Wilkes, br m, lfi86. by Jay 
Bird Jessica, by George Wilkes 2:26'/> 

Quickstep b in, 1889, by Pilot Med- 
ium Tnxey, by Louis' Napoleon... 2:27 

Quilisine, b g, 188, by Judge Bald- 
win 2:22% 

Quilp. b s, 188, by Boston Wilkes.. 2:27% 

Quinine S., b s, 1884, by Abdallh 
Mambrino Ella Hopkins, by Octo- 
roon 2:28% 

Quiver, b g, 188, by Indus 2:29% 

Quiz, b m, 1890, by Wilklemont 
Corida, by Bono. Fide 2:231/4 

Rabb Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Memento 
Wilkes Golden Rule, by Golden 
Bow 2:26 

Rabe, ch g, 1883. by Strader Susie, 
by Green's Bashaw 2 :24 

Rachel, br m, 187, by Woodford 
Mambrino Princess Ann, by Alex- 
ander's Abdallah '. 2:26% 

Rachel, ch m, 1891, by Warlock 2:25V 4 

Rachel B., b m. 1884, by Chester Chief 
Mattie H. by Deucalion 2:18Vi 

Rachel B., blk m. 1876. by Allie West 
Molly, by Williams' Mambrino.... 2:28% 

Racer, b g, 1888, by Reveille Nanny 
Talbot, by Strathmore 2:19 ! /4 

Racine, gr g, 1886, by Pilot Medium, 
dam by Mamb-ino Bruce 2:14 

Racine, b a. 1884, by Swigert Lady 
Belle, by Richard's Bellfoainder 2:30 

Rjicket, br g, 1883, by Cylburn Meta, 



bj Mambrino Pilot 

Radius, g g, 188, by Tangent 

Bag Baby, b g, 188, by Hambie- 

toniaix Downing 

Rainbow, b s, 1891, by Silver Bow, 

dam by Reliance 

Rajah, br s, 1883, by Sultan Kitty 

Wilkes, by George Wilkes 

Ralph Vfalkes, ch s, 1889, by _.__ 
Wilkes Mary Mays, by Mambriuo 


Ramon, b g 

Remona, blk m, 188, by Elevator . . . 

Ramona, br m, 1886, by Pilot Wilkeo 
Neat, by New York 

Ramona. b m, 1886, by Alcyoue 
Rachel, by Woodford Mambrino 

Ramona, b m, 1884, by Coftlaud 
Wilkes Wingate, by Blackwood. . . . 

Ramona, br m, 1888, by Whitney- 
Empress, by Kensett 

Ramoiia Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Brown 
Wilkes Lady Whitelaw, by Mam- 
brino Clay . .' 

R&mpart Jr., b s, 188, by Rampart, 
dam by Constellation 

Ranchero, ch s, 1877, by Clark Chief 
Jr. Mary Eagle, by American Clay. 

B-andall, dh g, 186, by Chauncey 
Goodrich (dead) 

Range/, b g, 1886, by Nil Desperan- 
dum Eugenia, by Thorndale 

Range- H., br g, 1886, by Typhoon- 
Fan, by Richmond Boy 

Raola, br m, 1889, by Greenlander 
Brilliant, by Electioneer 

Rapid Ann, sp m, 187 pedigree not 

Rapid Transit, b g, 1889, b y Auto- 
graphMiss McGree, by "C. W. 

Rapid Transit, b s, 1889, by Onward 
Monette, by Bonnie Bay 

Rare Ben, b s, 1885, by Ben Franklin 
Dolly Spooner, by Holadird's 
Ethan Allen 

Ra;-e John, blk g, 1889, by Rare Ben, 
dam by Wheeler Horse 

Rarely, gr g, 1875, by Ericsson, Miss 
Weeks, by Joe Downing 

Rare Ripe, b g, 1877, by Autocrat- 
Turner Mare 

Rarus, b g, 1867, by Conklin's Ab- 
dallah Nancy Awful, by Telegraph 

Rashleigh, ch s, 1887, by Inglewood 

Rattle Bones, b g, 1885, by Sterling- 
May D., by Joe David 

Rattler, ro s, 188, pedigree not 

Rattler (Rowley's), ch s, 1877, by 
Allard Horse 

Raven, blk s, 1883, by Ogden's Ham- 
bletonian Mambrino Melissa, by 

Raven, blk s, 1886, by Cyclone Kate 
Westwood, by Westwood 

Raven, blk m, 1884, by Alinont Raven 

Raven Boy, blk s, 1888, by Mam- 
brino Duke Polly, by Ajax Jr 

Raven Sprague, blk g, 1883, by 
Rounds' Sprague Betsy King, by 
Menelaus Jr 

Raven Wilkes, blk s, 188, by Lyle 

Raven Wilkes, blk s, 1888, by Guy 
Wilfces Lady Maud, by Rockwood. . 









2:24i/ a 






2:18'/ a 



2:28V 4 






2:29!/ 2 

Ray, b g, 188, by Epicure 
Ray C.,l> g, 188, by Antar . 

Kay T^v Id> m v lh75 ' b y Ja 
Emeline, by Henry B. Patches 

Ray Jackson, b s, 1883, by Whirlwind 
Chief Lady Austin, by Envoy . , 

Raymon, b s, 1885, by Simmons Lady 
Raymond, by Carlisle 

Raymond, b s, 188, by Rex Patchen. 

Raymond Wilkes, ch s, 1888, by Ray- 
mondKitty Clover, by Captain.... 

Rayometta, b m, 188, by Anteeo 

Razor B., b g, 187, by Robert 

R.. B., b {* 1877, by Wood's Hamble- 
tonian^Fanny S., by Watkius 

R. C., ch g, 188, by Black Bonner. . 

R. D. F., b g, 1884, by Aristos Em- 
press, by Bay Lester 

Readington Prince, b s, 1886, by 
Bayonne Prince Belle Medium, by 
Happy Medium 

Ready Boy, gr s, 1884, by Arnold 
Pearly Rothschild, by Rothscihild. . . 

Reality, b m, 1881, by Reliance- 
Ernestine, by Mambrino Rattler.... 

Reality ch s, 1885, by Pretender- 
Etta Mambrino, by Henry Mam- 

Realization, b s, 1884, by Great Hopes 
Speedy Fanny, by Black's Ham- 

Reaume, br g, 188, by Chandler 

Rebel Medium, gr s, 1885, by Happy 
Medium Bonny Belle, by Alinout. .. 

Reciprocity, b s, 188, by Strait's 

Rectitude, b s, 1884, by King Rene 
Virgie Wilkes, by George Wilkes. . 

Redalia, b m, 1890, by Red Wiikes 
Ethel, by Commodore Belmunt. . . 

Red Baron, br s, 1887, by Baron 
Wilkes Lady Wilkes, by Red 

Red Belle, ch m, 188, by Red Cloud 

Red Bells, ch s, 188 by Red- 
mond C 

Red Bird, ch m, 1883, by Weisbaden 

Red Bird, b g, 1851, by Red Bird 

Red Bird, b g, 1875, by Chenery's 
Gray Eagle Dolly 

Red Bird, ch m, 1890, by Red Fern 
Laura, by McCurdy's Hamble- 

Red Brook, b s, 1886, by Meadow 
Brook Fanny, by Col Hambrick 
(dead) '. 

Red Buck, br g, 1879, by Dr. Herr 
Rhoda Red Buck, by Red Buck. . 

Red Bud, ch s, 1891, by Red Fern, 
dam by Brown Dick Jr 

Red Cedar, ch g, 1887, by McCurdys 

Red Cherry, b m, 1889, by Red 
Wilkes Madam Herr, by Mambriuo 

Red Cloud, b g, 1860, by Legal Ten- 
der (dead) 

Red Clover, b s, 1886, by Principe- 
Maria, by Marabout 

Red Cross, b g, 186, by Night Hawk 

Red Cross, ch s, 1873, by Brigand- 
Fanny, by Dole's Young Magna 





2:21i 4 










2:14y 2 


2:2U/ 2 


Red Davis, ch g, 188 2:24*4 

Bed Dick, ch g, 1866, by Gen. Mor- 
ganSally, by Hiatoga (Old Togue) 
(dead) 2:28 

Reddie Clay, b m, 1892, by Red 
Wilkes Jennie Clay, by Harry Clay 2:28*4 

Red Duke, ch s, 1882, by Duke of 
Brunswick Whirlcloud, by Jay 
Gould 2:30 j 

Reddy, b s, 1890, by Prairie Star 
lone, by Wapsie 2:29% j 

Red Express, b s, 1892, by Right On- 
ward 2:22% i 

Red Fern, ch s, 1885, by McOnrdy's 
Hambletonian Fernvale, by Enfleld 2:27% j 

Red Flame, ch g, 188, by Bed Buck 
dam by Davy Crockett 2:25*4 ! 

Red Flame Jr., ch s, 188, by Red 
Flame, dam by Blue Bull 2:24y 4 ! 

Red Girl, b m, 188 by Red Wilkes 2:23% 

Bed Hawk, b s, 1884, by Red Wilkes 
-Judy, by Plato 2:28%' 

Red Heart, b s, 1889, by Red Wilkes 
Sweetheart, by Sultan 2:19 i 

Red Hot, ch s, 1888 ,by Red Wilkes 
Clayola, by Strader's Cassius M. 
Clay Jr 2:26*4 

Red Ink, ch g, 1889, by Col. Lillard 
Nelly Smith, by Almont Pilot 2:22*4 

Red Knight, ch s, 1886, by Sir Knight 
Lady Hatch, by Gen. Hatch 2 :2 I 

Red Lake, b s, 1890, by Red King, 
dam by Sweepstakes 2:24% i 

Red Lambert, b s, 1886, by Red 
W T ilkes Lady Lambert, by Daniel 
Lambert 2-28%! 

Red Lassie, b m, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Lady Willis, by Squire Talmage.. 2:20 

Red Leaf, b s, 1889, by C. F. Clay- 
Lady Heart, by Red Wilkes 2:28 ! 

Red Leaf, b s. 1887, by Reveille Maple 
Leaf, by New York 2:29*4 

Red Light, b g, 1883, by Signal 2:27*4 l 

Red Line, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Molly Bawn, by Smuggler 2:15 I 

Red Line, b g, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:25*4 i 

Red Line, ch g, 188, by Hidalgo 2:24%i 

Red Line, b g, 188, by Bourbon 
Wilkes 2-27 

Red Mack, ch s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Lizzie, by Harrodsburg Boy 2:27%! 

Bed Mark, b s, 1888. by Victor Bis- 
marckLucille Miller, by Miller's 
Hambletonian 2-26%! 

Redmont, b s, 1884, by Atlantic Red- 
bird, by Blue Bull 2:21 

Red Nutwood, ch s, 1885, by Nut- 
woodBessie, by temptation 2:27% 

Red Oak, b g, 187 pedigree not 
traced 2-28*4' 

Red Oak. b s, 1890. by Redwood- Vic- 
tress, by Victor Patchen 2:21 

Red of Waranoke, b s, 1890, by Hor- 
nell Wilkes Fifine, by Aberdeen... 2 -22% 

Redondo, b s, 1888, by Stamboul 
Dido, by Scott's Hiatoga 2 '23 ' 

Red Queen, b in. 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Arnica by Almont 2 -27% 

Red Rover, ch s, 1886, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Mary Turner, by Westwood 2:28% 

Red Shnwmwt, b s, 1889, by Shawmut 
Kate Mitchell, by Red Wilkes.. 2:25% 

Red Star, b s, 1887, by Red Wilkes 
Fanny Clay, by Union Olav 2:23 

Redstone, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 

Kate M., by Prince Albert 2:26% 

Red Tom, ch g, 188, 2:27% 

Redwald, b e, 1885, by Lord Bus- 
sell Primrose, by Alexander's Ab- 

Red Wedge, b s, 1889, by Red Wilkes 
TJ1 va, by Wedge wood 

Redweed, ch g, 1888, by John O'Rourke 
Fanny, by Dr. Syntax 2:29Uj 

Red Wilkes (Kitchel's), b s, 1889, by 
Red Wilkes Mambrino June, by 
Mambrino Patchen 2:19*4 

Red Wilton, b s, 188, by Wilton... 2:29^ 

Red Wing, b s, 1885, by Red Wilkes 
Elenora, by American Clay 2:29'4 

Red Wing Maid, b m, 188, by a son 
of Gen. Knox 2:29*4 

Redwood, b s, 1885, by Anteeo Lo 
Milton, by Milton Medium 

Redwood, ch e, 1880, by Nutwood- 
Alice R., by Naubuc 8:27 

Redwood Wilkes, ch s, 1886. by 
France's Allie Wilkes Jenny Bed- 
wood, by Redwood 2:28*4 

Reed Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Red Wilkes 
Nelly Crow, by Mambrino Eagle. . 2:25*4 

Re-Elect, b s, 1886, by Elect Lizzie, 
by Nephew 2:28 

Re-Election, gr s, 1888, by Electioneer 
Lady Russell, by Harold 2:27*4 

Reference, br g, 1881, by Referee 
Modjeska, by Enfleld 2:18 

Regal Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Guy 
Wilkes Margaret, by Sultan 2:11% 

Regie, b s, 188, by King Rene Cay, 
by Ward's Flying Cloud 2:26*4 

Regina, br m, 1880, by Electioneer 
Accident, by Elmo 2:18% 

Reginald, b s, 1887, by Mambrino 
Dix Dot, by Mambrino Jet 2:30 

Regret, ch m, 188, by Lord Welling- 
ton 2:15*4 

Regmont, b m, 1887, by Tremont 
Dolly D., by Regulator 2:29*4 

Rego, blk s, 188, by Duraugo, dam 
by Regalia 2:23 

Regulator, ch g, 1881, by Rooker 
Jet 2:27% 

Reina, blk m, 1885, by St. Arnaud 
Mabel L., by Victor 2:1214 

Reina B., b m, 1884, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino-Jane, by Frank Wolford 2:28% 

Beindeer, blk g, 1848, pedigree not 
traced (dead) .2:29 

Reita U., b m, 1890, by Senator Up- 
degraff Molly TL, by Almont Pilot. 2:25% 

Reliance, b s, 1874, by Alexander- 
Maud, by Mambrino Rattler 2:22% 

Remsen, b s, 1885, by Mansfield Vel- 
vet, by Volunteer 2:24*4 

Rena, b m, 1883, by Alhambra Helen 
De Long 2:26*4 

Rena, ch m, 1884, by Ralston Bally, 
by Bashaw Drury 2:25 

Rena N., gr m, 1886, bv Hamdallah 
Nelly Gray, by De Graff's Alexan- 
der 2 :22 

Rena Rolfe, b m, 1888, by Revenue- 
Daisy Rolfe. by Blackwood Jr. ... 2:19% 

Rene, b s, 1880, by King Rene Effie, 
by Regular 2:26 

Renie Silver, br s, 1886. by King 
Rene Mary Blackwood, by Black- 
wood Jr 2:24*4 

Renne, gr m, 188. by King Rene 2:29*4 

Reno, b g, 1887, by Boniface Crazy 
Jane, by Crazy Jack 2:23% 

Reno, ch s, 188, by Captain 2:27 

Reno Defiance, br s, 1877. by Louie 
Napoleon Mambrino Princess, by 



* Fisk's Mambriuo Chief Jr 2:29% 

Reno's Baby, br s, 1887, by Reno De- 
fianceLucy Q., by McKinney Horse 2:25% 
Kensselaer Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Al- 
cantara Nena, by Nutwood 2:18% 

Repetition, b s, 1885, by Red Wilkes 

Nannie Dillard, by John Dtllard. . 2:19% 
Repetition Jr., b e, 188, by Repeti- 
tion 2:26 

Reporter, ch g, 188, by Richwood.. 2:29% 

Republican, b s, 1887, by Almont 
Wilkes, dam by Coaster 2:19% 

Resemble, b m, 1887, by Earl Wan- 
nie Minor, by Pilot Mambrino 2:29% 

Resolute, b g, 1870, by Swigert Bay 
Fanny, by Richards' Bellfounder. . 2:27% 

Resolute, ch g, 188, by Aristos 
Fanny D., by^De Long's Ethan Allen 2:245% 

Resolute, rn s, 1885, by Lothair Jr. 
Kitty Lambert 2:26% 

Resolution, b s, 1887, by Rampart 
Kate 2:28% 

Result, b s, 1868, by Jupiter Abdallah 
Compromise, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:25 

Retta, br m, 1880, by Whipple Betty, 
by Clark Chief 2:28% 

Rettie, b m, 188 by Envoy 2:27y 2 

Reveille, b s, 1875, by New York- 
Fleet, by Kearsarge 2 :21% 

Reveille, b g, 1888, by Quartermaster 
Roll Call, by High Private 2:27% 

Revel, b s, 1888, by Reveille Folle 
Farine, by Strathinore 2:29% 

Revenge, blk g, 1878, by Patchen 
Chief Jr. Wilsonia 2 :24% 

Revenue, b s, 1876, by Smuggler May 
Morning, by Daniel Lambert 2:22% 

Reve So, b in, 1886, by Revenue So 
So, by George Wilkes 2:28^ 

Review, blk g, 1881, by Adjutant, 
dam by Saracen Chief 2:29% 

Review, b m, 1879, by Joe Elmo 2:28% 

Revolver, ch g, 188, by Don Carlos- 
Devotee, by Pancoast 2:29% 

Revolt, b s, 188!). by Reveille I va 
Dea, by Clark Chief Jr 2:19 

Reward J., ch s. 1887, by Bourbon 
Wilkea Lark, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino (pacing 2:10%) 2:29 

Rex, b g, 1880, by Sweepstakes Nelly, 
by Volunteer 2:24% 

Rex, b g, 1884, by Anteeo Accident, 
by Elmo 2:22% 

Rex, b g, 1879. by Orion Mary Belle, 
by Breckinridge 2:22% 

Rex, br g, 1877, by Earthquake Kit 
O'Neil. by Sumner Hazen 2:22V> 

Rex, blk g, 1877, by Rex Patchen, 
dam by Hiram Drew 2:28</> 

Rex Americas, b s, 1890, by Onward 
Gleam, by Dictator 2:11% 

Rexford, b s, 1883, by Electioneer 
Rebecca, by Gen. Benton 2:24 

Rexford, br g, 188, by Starlight... 2:30 

Rex M.. b g, 1884, by Somonauk 
Bird M., by Stoneman 2:26% 

Rex Patchen, b s, 1866, by Godfrey 
Patchen 2:30 

Rex Patchen, b B, 1882, by Seneca 
Patchen Maggie, by Seneca Chief. 2:29% 

R. F. C., b g, 187 by Darlbay 
Caimes. by John Dillard 2:23% 

Rhahemes, b m. 188. by Earl Helen 
Walker, by Pilot Marabrino 2:30 

Rhode Island, br s, 1857, by White- 
hallMag Taylor, by Davy Crockett 
(dead) 2:23% 

Rhoderick Dhu, blk s, 1886, by Mam- 
brino Boy Cricket, by Cuyler 2-20 

Rialto, b g, 188, * 2-30 

Ricetta, b m, 1885, by Odd Fellow- 
Buttercup 2 % 2*>% 

Richard, ch g, 187, by Red Wilkew, 

dam by Rattler 2-30 

Richard, ch g, 1867, by Blue Bull, 

dam by Pete Guffin 2:21 

Richard Almont, b s, 1890, by Almont 

Medium Lady Onyx, by Onyx 2:28% 

Richard E., b g, 188, pedigree not 

traced 2 :27% 

Richard E., b g, 1874, by Swigert 

Fanny, by Rhodes' Blood Royal Jr. 2:28% 
Richard H., b g, 1883, by Hayner's 
Pathfinder Jenny, by Gray Fear- 
naught 2:30 

Richard Lambert, ch s, 188, by Ben 

Franklin 2 :-5 : } 4 

Richard Wilkes, b g, 1876, by George 
Wilkes Miss Montague, by Wilson's 

Snowstorm 2:26% 

Richbrowu, br s, 1886. by Defiance- 
Brown Kate, by Brown Chief 2:22% 

Richelieu, b g, 188 by Reno De- 
fiance 2:23% 

Richelieu, gr g, 1886, by A. W. Rjcn- 

inond Ventura Belle, by Ventura.. 2:29% 
Richmond, blk g, 1871, by Gen. Lyons 

Smith Mare 2:26 

Richmond Jr., b g, 1883; by A. W. 

Richmond 2:15 

Richwood, b s, 1883, by Mambrino 
Patchen Sally Fox, by Seuiour's 

Davy Crockett 2 :27 

Richwood, b s, 1880, by Squire Tal- 
mage Lady Clay, by Strader's Cae- 

sius M. Clay Jr 2:24% 

Richwood, b g, 187, pedigree not 

traced 2:27 

i Ricliwood Boy, b g, 188, by Billy 

Hinsley .' 2:29% 

! Rideau Belle, b m, 1886, by George 

Wood Belle, by Glenell 2:23^ 

! Rickreal, ch g, 188, by Rockwood.. 2:29' 
Rienzi, b g, 1872, by Erie Abdallah 2:25% 
Rienza Alrnont, br g, 1886, by Almont 

Pilot Kit 2:28 

Rifle, blk g, 1890, by Elyria, dam by 

Star Wilkes 2:18% 

! Rifleman, br g, 1878, by Rifleman, 

dam by son of George M. Patchen 2:27% 
Rigmarole, b g, 188, by Prince Or- 

loff 2:29-4 

1 Rigolette. b m, 1874, by Exchequer- 
Belle Gentry 2:22 

Riley, b g, 1872, by Enoch 2:30 

! Riley S 1 ., br s, 1891, by Riley Med- 
ium 2:21% 

Rinaldo. b s. 1883, by Mambrino Dud- 
ley Wanatah, by Wedgewood ... 2:27' 4 
' Rinaldo, blk s, 18S4, by Reveille- 
Lady Tennis, by Mambrino Patchen 2:27 
i Rinconada, b g, 1886, by Eros Ac- 
cident, by Elmo 2:17 

; Rintoul, br s, 1884, by Mambriuo 
Dudley Alicia, by Messenger Du- 

roc 2:24% 

' Ripple P., blk g, 188, by Simmons Jr. 2:26% 
I Rio Alto, b s, 1891, by Palo Alto- 
Elsie, by Gen. Benton 2:16% 

! Ripon Boy, br s, 1863, by Ira Allen, 

dam by Wiley's Blucher (dead) 2:25 

: - Ripple, br m, 1881, by Hill's Duroc 

Onoto, by Volunteer 2:17% 

Ripple, ch m, 1886, by Crit Davis- 
Lady Claire, by Risdon 2:20'^ 



llippk't, b m, 1889, by Phallas Rip- 
ple, by Hill's Duroc 

Rip Hap, br g, 1869, by Mambrino 
Brave, dam by a Copperbottom 

Ripton, b s, 1889, by Ben Harrison 
Betsey, by Sycamore 

Ripton. b g, 1870, by American; Boy, 
dam by Seely's American Star 

Ripsee. b s, 1889, by J. R. Shedd 
Misa Logan, by Gage's Logan 

Rival, gr s, 186, by Whiteside's 
Black Hawk, dam by Black Hawk 

Riverbend, b s, 1885, by Belmomt Sea 
Gull, by Strathmore 

River Side, b s, 1887, by Cadmus 
Hambletonian Daisy Dayton, by 
Rysdyk's Bellfounder 

Riverside, b s, 188, by Red Wilkes. . 

Rizpah. b m, 1889, by Haroldmont 
Lily Bowei*s, by Louis Napoleotni. . . . 

R. M. Lewis, b g, 1880, by Brown 
Harry, dam by Black Pilot 

R. M. Wilkes, gr g, 1882, by Mam 
b.iino Wilkes Lady Davis, by Kear- 
sarge ' 

Roach-mane, ch g, 1878, by the Scotia 
Horse, dam by Tebo Horse 

Roadster, b a, 1886, by Rex Patchen 
Novelette, by George Wilkes Jr... 

Roan Boy, rn g, 188, by Eastlight 
Strathanna, by Strathmore 

Roanoke, b s 18"80, by Lysander Chief 
Hammil Mare, by Riley's Conster- 

Roanoke Maid, br m, 1882, by Roan- 

Roanoke Maid, b m, 185, pedigree 
not t \aced (dead) 

Robbie P., b s, 1886, by Charles Caf- 
frey Nanny, by Long Island Chief. 

Robbing, ro s, 188, by Black Walnut 

Robbins, br g, 188 by Swigert 

Robert, b g, 1880, by Antar Dark 
Dale, by Bale 

Robert A., b g, 188, by Tasoo 

Robert A., b g, 1889, by Hartford Re- 
gardless, by William M. Rysdyk. . . . 

Robert B., ch s, 1884, by Squire Tal- 
mage Lida J 

Robert Baso, blk s, 188, by Diatonic 

Robe.-t Bell, b s, 1892, by St. Bel 
Neocile, by Robert McGregor 

Robert Bonner Jr., b s, 1881, by Van- 
dergrif t 

Robert B. Thomas, ch g, 186, by 
Prince Allen (dead) 

Robert Burns, Ch s, 1873, by Green's 
Basnaw Dolly Weed, by Lamson's 
Iowa Chief..'. 

Robert H., b g, 187, pedigree not 

Robe-t H., br g, 188, by Robert Ful- 

Robert L.. b g. 1885, by Sierra Boy, 
dam by Tom Atchinson 

Robert L., b g, 188. by Wellington. . 

Robert L., blk s, 1884. by Haw Patch 



2:20 : k 

2:24V 4 

2:25V 4 






2:25Y 4 



2:29i /4 





Nora Shy, by Mambrino Patchen.. 2:26',4 
Robert L., b s. 1880. by Artemas. . , . 2:29% 
Robert Lee, blk g, 187. by Ridley 

Honse Molly Stone, by Root Horse. 2:23% 
Robert Lee, blk s, 1890. by Alcantara 

Meg Merillies, by Electioneer 2:18% 

Robe-t McGregor, ch s, 1871, by Mai. 

Edsa 11 Nancy Whitman, by Seely's 

American Star 2:17\4 

Robert McGregor Jr.. ch s, 1888, by 

Robert McGregor Dayton, by Dic- 

Robert Medium, b s, 1878, by Happy 
Medium Sally, by Yankee Tricks. .. 

Robert M. Taylor, blk s, 1884, by Al- 
cantara Cora M., by Air Lin 

Robert R., b g. 

Robert Ransom, br s, 1887, by Gani- 
betta Black Maria, by Strader's C. 
M. Clay Jr 

Robert Ryan, b s, 1886, by Goldsmith 
Pilot Lassie, by Aladdin 

Robert Rysdyk, br s, 1881, by William 
Rysdyk Queen B.. by Kearsarge .... 

Robert S., b s, 1887, by Pero Bird, 
by Guide 

Robert T. McGregor, b e, 1886, by 
Silver King Kit, by Young Tucka- 

Robert Wilkes, blk s, 1885, by Bour- 
bon Wilkes, dam by Trojan 

Robin, gr g, 1874. by Euneld Mary 
Weaver, by Black Hawk Vermont. . 

Robin, b s, 1891, by Axtell Ozone, by 
Rysdyk's Hambletonian 

Robinson D., b s, 1881, by Daniel 
Boone Gurney Mare 

Rob Roy, b g, 1886, by Aubrey Doc- 

Rob Roy, b g, 188, by Crawford 

Rockbridge, b s, 1884, by Nutwood 
Rapidan, by Dictator 

Rockbuim, ch g, 188, by Woodburn 

Rockefeller, b s, 18"84, by Electioneer 
Edith Carr, by Clark Chief 

Rocket, blk g, 1879, by Knox Boy 

Rocket, br g, 188, by Capt. Webb. . . 

Rocket, b s, 1878, by Blue Bull Kitty 
Patterson, by Dick Consternation. . . 

Rocket, gr g, 1876, by Clematis 

Rockingham, gr g, 1845, pedigree not 
traced (dead) ., 

Rock Island Maid, b m, 187, pedi- 
gree not traced 

Rocknight, ch s, 1885, by Beaumont- 

Rocko, b , 1891, by Sphinx Non-a D., 
by Louis Napoleon 

Rockton, b g, 187, by Highland 

Rockwell Boy, b g, 188, pedigree not 

Rockwood, b g, 1886, by Treewood 
Lady Hustler, by La Rock's Ben 

Rocky Mountain Tom, gr g, 187, ped- 
igree not traced 

Rodney J., b g. 188, by Auctioneer. . 

Roger, b g, 1885, by Gordon Windsor, 
dam by Will's Patchen 

Roger, b g, 188, by Black's Harry 

Roge- 1 Hanson, gr s, 1873, by Alta 
Lualaba, by Berkley's Edwin For- 

Roger K., b s, 1886, by Attorney 
Roxy, by Brougham 

Roland, br s, 1872, by Crown Chief- 

Roleo. b s, 1890, by Nephew Oamnia, 
by Norway 

Rolfe K., blk g, 188, by Black Rolfe. 

Ro'la. ch g, 1879, by Shelby Chief 
Kate ." 

RoEa, b g, 1879, by Clark Chief Jr. ... 

Rolla Golddust. br g, 1860, by Gold- 
dust, dam by Bartlett's Mohawk 




2:29V 4 


2:24V a 



2:29 ; )4 






2:25y a 














Chief (dead) 

Rolla Ryan, gr g, 188, by Wade 

Roman, b s, 1889, by ArmaghMary 
M., by Pennypack 2:29 

Romance, br m, 1873, by Princeps 
Roma, by Golddust 2:29% 

Romancer, b s, 1887, by Happy Med- 
iumLizzie Downs, by Magic 2:28% 

Rome, b g, 1881, by Wheelock Lucy 
Lowry, by McMurtrie Horse 2:29k 

Romeo, b s, 1874, by Menelaus Dolly 
Martin, by Defiance 2:29'4 

Romeo, b g, 1884, by Ringgold Matt, 
by Coat's Black Bagle 2:19% 

Romero, gr s, 1877, by A. W. Rich- 
mond Gretchen, by Mambrino Pilot 2:19% 

Rcmola, b m, 1889, by Belton Ella, 
by Bashaw Jr 2:2014 

Romulus, b g, 1883, by Judge Advo- 
cateDiamond, by King Drew 2:2414 ! 

Romulus, b g, ISS-^ by Edgewood 2:28% i 

Rosa, b m 2:29% ! 

Rosa B., b m, 1882, by Charley B. 
Lady Allen, by Philip Allen 2:26% i 

Rosa C., b m^ 1883, by Dauntless- 
Lady Grey, by Tom Hunter 2:22 

Rosa Gothard, b m, 1882, by St. 
Gothard Mignon Medium, by Happy 
Medium 2:25 

Rosa K., b m, 188, breeding not 
traced 2;29% 

Rosalind, b m> 1865, by Alexander's 
Abdallalh Burch Mare, by Brown 
Pilot 2:21% 

Rosalind, gr m^ 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Rosalind Wilkes, b m, 1882, by Conn's 
Harry Wilkes Cigarette, by Zilcaa- 
di Golddust 2:14% 

Rosamond, b m, 1889, by Fairy Gift- 
Amy, by Climax 2:27% 

Rosa Pease, b m, 187, by Jack Rosie 2:27 

Rosa S., b m, 1890, by "C. F. Clay, 
dam by Almont 2:2414 i 

Rosa Wilkes, b m, 187, by George 
Wilkes Black Jane, by Mambrino 
Patdhen 2:18% 

Roscoe, br s. 1876, by Rescue Roany, 
by Oopperbottom Jr 2:30 

Roscoe C., gr s, 1880, by Highland 
Grey Polly Daly, by Ed Brown 
Horse 2:26%' 

Roscoe Conkling, br s, 1878, by Gov. 
Sprague Bertie, by Blue Bull 2:30 

Rose, blk m, 1879, by Wellington 
Jeanette, by Blackwood 2 :29% 

Rose, b m, '1887, by Bashaw Chief- 
Helen Medium, by Happy Medium. 2:18% 

Rose Almont, b m, 1885, by Almont 
Star Mary Lawrence, by Wood- 
wa:id's Ethan Allen 2:30 

Roseberry, ch s, 1887, by Charley B. 
Nelly Rose, by Henry B. Patchen.. 2:24V 2 

Roseberry, b s, 1880, by Strathmore, 
dam by McConnelTs Mambrino 
(dead) 2:15% 

Rose Copeland, b m, 188, by Charles 
Caffrey 2:29 1 /4 

Rose Croix, b s, 1885, by Laclede 
Gulnare, by Duffy Horse 2:28% 

Rose Filkln, br m, 1886, by Melrose 
Lambent, by Daniel Lambert 2:22 

Rose L., eh m, 188, by Olympus 2:27% 

Rose Leaf, br m, 1890, by Gold Leaf- 
Florence B., by Atlantic 2:14% 

Itoseline, br m, 1889, by lied Wilki-s 
Susie Patcheu, by Mainbrinu 

Re se Medium', ' b m', ' isV ,' 'by ' HaimV 
Medium Clara Jones, by Mambrino 

Rosemont,' ch in,' issi' by Almont Pilot 
Nannie Hedges, by Ned Hawkins. 

Rose of Washington, gr m, 1866, by 
Green's Bashaw Lady McNair, by 
a son of Bush Messenger . . . 

Rose S., ch m, 188- by C. F. Clay, 
dam by Almont 

Rose Standish, b m, 187, by Cor- 
beau, dam by Tom Hale ... 

Rose Turner, b m, 1889, by Jerome 
Turneiv-Lakewood Maid, by Wilke- 

Rosewald, gr s, 188, by A. W. 

Rosewood, blk m, 1870, by Blackwood' 
Tennessee, by Frazier's Mambriuo 

Rosewood, br &, 1873, by Creole Rose 
Swader, by Gardner's Red Buck 

Rosewood, b m, 188-^, by Redwood.. 

Re fie wood, blk m., 188, by Mecca... 

Rosita, b m, 1888, by Stamboul Nelly 
May, by Electioneer 

Rosita, ch m, 1881, by Balsora None- 
such, by Brignoli . ." 

Rosiyn, b s, 1886, by Robert Mc- 
GregorHope, by Magic 

lloss, sp s, 186, pedigree not traced 

Ross, b s, 1888, by Mikagan Flight, 
by Harnbletonian Downing 

Rpss S., b s, 1881, by Nutwood, dam 
by State of Maine (dead) 

Rostoko, blk s, 1887, by Brown 
Wilkes Dominica, by Harold 

Roswall, b s, 1885, by Hambrino 
Pearl, by Hero of Thorndale 

Rosy Mac, b m, 1882, by Alexander 
Button Young Rosedale, by Saw- 
yer's Messenger 

Rosy Thorne, ch m, 187 , by Thoru- 
dale Dolly Thorne, by Foxhunter. . 

Rockwood, b m, 1892 

Rowdy, ch g, 187, by Kickapoo .... 

Rowena, b m, 1877, by George Wilkes 
Capitola, by Jeff Moore- 

Rowena, b m, 1890, by Azmoor 
Emma Robson, by Woodbarn 

Rowena Sprague, blk m. 1882, by Gov. 
Sprague Minnie Crawford, by Gold- 
smith's Abdallah 

Rowland, ch s, 1886, by Time Med- 
ium Clayala, by Strader's Oassius 
M. Clay Jr 

Rowood, ch s, 1888, by Nutwood 
Resa, by Romulus 

Roxane, b m, 1888, by Robert Mc- 
GregorI. O., by Red Wilkes 

Roxiana, blk m, 1891, by Ambassador 
Roxie McGregor, by Robert Mc- 

Roxie Lee, ch m, 1881, by Bay Star- 
Nell, by Scott's Hiatoga 

Roxie M., blk m, 1875, by Jack Fow- 

Roxy McGregor, ch m, 1879, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Roxy, by Romulus . . 

Roy, ch g, 1882, by Royal Fearnaught 
Winning Ways, by Masterlode . . . 

Roy, b g, 1882, by Carlos Neilson, by 
Star of the West 

Roy, br g, 1887, by Harkaway Kate 
loawardg, by Bay Dick 























RoyaL ch g, 1879, by Royal Fear- 
nanght Fanny Harris, by Kidder's 
Morgan - 

Royal Ambassador, b s, 1888, by Am- 
bassadorBelle M., by Empire 

Royal Bounce, b g, 187, by Blue 
Bull Clarionette, by Volunteer Jr. 

Royal David, ch s, 188, by Kanka- 

Royal Duke, b s, 188, by Florida, 
dam by Night Hawk 

Royal George, gr g, 186, by Wil- 
liam H. RJpley (dead) 

Royal Guard, b s, 1890, by Beecher 
Fanny Crowder 

Royal John, gr g, 186, by Wood- 
stock, dam by Putnam Morgan 

Royal King, ch g, 1883, by Mambrino 
King Polly, by Hamlin Patchen. . . . 

Royal Ki&bar, b s, 1882, by Kisbar, 
dam by Garrison's Pathfinder 

Royalmont, ch s, 1880, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr. Louisiana 

Royal Phallas, blk s, 1886, by Prince 
Phallas Blonde, by Woodward's 
Ethan Allen 

Royal Prince, ch s, 188, by Dexter 
Prince Ida W., by Abbottsford 

Royal Red, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Christine, by Strathmore 

Royal Rysdyk, br s, 1884, by Rysdyk 
Gypsy Maid, by Crown Imperial . . 

Royalty, b s, 1876, by Swigert Bay 
Fanny, by Richard's Bellfounder. . 

Royal Wilton, blk s, 188, by Wilton 
Mary Sprague, by Gov. Sprague.. 

Royal Wilkes, br s. 1887, by Lumps- 
Lucy, by Royal George 

Roy B., blk g, 1886, by Gilroy Lady 
Loomis, by Claybrino 

R,oy K., b g, 1889. by Ethan Wilkes, 
dam by Grand Sentinel 

Roy McGregor, ch s, 1887, by Ben 
McGregor Belle Farwell 

Roy Rex, b g, 1887, by Atto Rex, 
dam by Wapsie 

Roy Princeton, b s, 1892, by Prince- 
ton, dam by Westwood 

Roywood, ch B, 1889, by Neatwood 
Aldina, by Alroy 

R. P., b g. 1874, ry Happy Medium- 
Sunflower, by Bartholomew's Amer- 
ican Star Jr. 

II. R. H., ro g, 1871, by Emulus 
Nelly Gray, by Gov. Banks 

Rubinstein, b s, 188, by Durang) 
Belle Bowen, by Richelieu 

Ruberta, b m, 1889, by Bermuda 
Rena G., by Messenger Chief 

Ruby, b m, 188, pedigree not traced 

Ruby, b m, 188, by Clinton 

Ruby, b m, 1889, by Independence 

Ruby, b m, 1880, by Sultan Fleet- 
wing, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian . . 

Ruby, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Docia Payne, by Almont 

Ruby, b m, 188.1, by Mnsterlode 
Gypsy, by Resolute 

Ruby, b m, 1887, by St. Arnaud 
Mabel L., by Victor 

Ttnby Maeldin, ch m, 1885, by Pre- 
tenderQueen B.. by Kearsarge. . . . 

Ruby Wilkes, b s, 1885. by Young Jim 
Jennv Daniel, by Rysdyk 

Ruby Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Memento 
Wilkes Ruby Queen 

Rufus. br g, 1872. by Bacon's Ethan 

Allen Lady Fulton, by Stubtail .... 

Ruf us, b s, 1877, by Sir Henry 

Bumor, blk s, 1879, by Tattler Mar- 
tense Maid, by Jackson's Flying 

Rupert Gillig, b s, 1889, by Gillig 
Cecil, by Waltham 

Ruprecht, b s, 1891, by Favorite 
Wilkes Kate Sprague, )by; GOT. 

Eiu-ik, br s. 1888, by Lord Russell- 
Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallak 

Rusenole, b m, 1888, by Electioneer 
Rebecca, by Gen. Benton 

Russell, b g, 188, pedigree not 

Russell, gr g, 1867, by Blue Bull 

Russ Ellis, b g, 1873, by Bacon's 
Ethan Allen 

Russellmont, b s, 1888, by Lord Rue- 
sell Yolande, by Belmont 

Russell R., b g, 188 by Thomas K. 
-Molly ...... ...f 

Russia, gr m, 1883, by Harold Miss 
Russell, by Pilot Jr 

Russia, ch s, 1883, by Nutwood 
Reina Victoria, by Rysdyk's Ham- 

Russian Spy, b g, 1871, by Murphy's 
Royal George (dead) 

Russia White, ch g, 1889, by Russia, 
dam by Blue Bull 

Rustic, gr s, 186, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian Lady Suffolk, by 
Harry Belmont , 

Rustic, blk s, 1885, by Wildair 
Lydia, by Aristos 

Rustic Lady, b m, 188 by Mam- 
brino Rule 

Rustic Maid, b m, 1888, by Mam- 
brino Russell Maud Righter, by 
Victor Bismarck 

Rustique, b m, 1888, by Electioneer 
Miss Russell, by Pilot Jr 

Rusty, b m, 188, by Aristos 

Ruth, b m, 188, by President Gar- 
field (?) 

Ruth H.. b m, 1889, by Laelede 
Durango Queen, by Durango (pac- 
ing 2:22) 

Ruth M., g m, 1891, by Alastor Kit 
Harris, by Young American 

Ruth Nutwood, b m, 1885, by Nut- 
woodSister Ruth, by Jim Monroe. . 

Rnth S., b m, 1877, by Jim Fisk, dam 
by Grey Eagle 

Ruth Wilkes, ch m. 1888, by Victor 
Wilkes Nelly Lambert, by Daniel 

Rutledge, b g, 1867, by Conqueror, 
dam by Cassius M. Clay (dead) ... 

Rutledge, gr g, 1883, by Onward 
Estelle, by Clark Chief 

R. W. S., blk g, 188, by Ben Frank- 
lin Fleda, by Ridler 

Ryland T., b g, 1886, by Ledger Jr. 
May, by TJlverston 

Rysdyk Maid, b m, 1872, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian Flora, by Benedict's 

Ryswood, b s, 1884, by Bell wood- 
Lucy Plumb, by Ilysdyk 

Sabina, br m, 1889, by Sable Wilkes 
Eva, by LeGrand 

Sabledale, b m. 1890, by Sable Wilkes 
Viven. T>y Nutwood 

SableOiurst, blk s, 1890, by Sable 





B:24y a 








2:26y a 


2:27y 3 





2:15y 2 
2:18y a 



Wilkee-Gina Wilkes, by Guy Wilkes 2:25 

Sablennt, br s, 1892. by Sable Wilktts 
Auntie, by Dawn 2:22(4 

Sable Wilkes. blk s, 1884, by Guy 
Wilkes-Sable, by The Moor 2:18 

Saca/.a. b s, 188, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor, dam by Banker 2:29-% 

Sacramento, br s, 188 , by Monroe 
Chief, dam by Gen. Reno 2:20% 

Sacramento Girl, b m, 1888, by Alca- 
zar-Viola, by Flaxtail 2 :30 

Sadie, br m, 1885, by Mambrino Bov 
W r est Union Girl 2:29% 

Sadie Allen, b m, 1888, by Kentucky 
Jewel Lady Jane, by American 

Sadie B., blk m, 188, by Ashtabula 

Sadie Belle, ch m, 1872, by Odin Bell 

-Molly, by Sebastapol 
lie G., - ' 

Sadie G., blk m, 188 pedigree not 

Sadie H., b m, 1865, by Price's St. 
Lawrence (dead) 

Sadie Hasson, ch m, 1889, by New- 
ton ' Allie Wilkes Mabel, by Mauu- 
brino Howard 

Sadie Howe, b in. 1S69, by Mam- 

Sadie L.. b m, 1883, by Young Rolfe 
Gretchen, by Gideon 

Sadie M., b m, 1886, by Prince Orloff 
Fossil, by Princeps 

Sadie Moor, blk m, 189ft, by Grand 
Moor, dam by Poscora Hay ward. . 

Sadie S., gr m, by Pequawket Kate 
Dudley, by Bayard 

Sagasta, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood Ver- 
bena, by Princeps 

Sagwa, ch m 1884, by Ben Atwood 
Ohestmit Girl, by Alroy 

St. Albans, blk g, 1876, by Monmouth 
Pate-hen Black Lady; by Daniel 

St. Arnaud. b s, 1876, by Cuyler 
Emma Arteburn, by Mambrino 

St. Auhi n, br s. 1890, by St. Bel 
Chantilly, by Nephew 

St. Bel, blk s. 1882, by Electioneer 
Beftntlful Bells, by The Moor (dead) 

St. Charles, ep g, 1868, by Grey Eagle 
(Blind Eye), dam by Dandy Jim . . 

Sr. CloTid, b g, 1873, by Conklin's 
American Star, dam by Bay Rich- 

St. Olond, b s, 1876. by Swis?ert 
Flora Lambert, by Spaulding'e Ab- 

St. Cloud Jr., b s. 1887, by St. Cloud 
Susie T.. by Trumpeter Golddust 

St. Oroix. b , 1888, by Wilkes 
7ulah, by Gideon 

St Oroix. b m. 1891. by St. Bel- 
Ton^, by Will Crocker 

St. Oroix Jr., b s. 1S91, by St. Croix, 
dam by Fred Bonne 

St. Denis, b g. 1877, bv Blue Bull 
Little Marg, by Gray's Tom Hal.. 

St. TOlmo. br s. 1860, by Alexander's 
Abdallah (dead) ! 

St. TJlmo, gr g, 1865. by Brown Harry 
^Jackson Mare, by French Tiger 

St. "Rl-no. br g. 1S7S. by Royal Fear- 
m^e;ht Lucy TJncoln, by Master- 
lode ' 

St. ?Tmo, br g. 1S79, by Frank Tuck- 





2:29i/ 2 













St. Elmo, br s, 1879, by Duke Alexis 
Nelly 8:25% 

St. Felix, br e, 1891, by St. Bel 
Beulah West, by Abdallah West.. 2:25% 

St. Gothard, b s, 1876, by George 
Wilkes Zora, by American Clay.. 2:27 

St. Helena, b m, 186, by Gen. Mc- 
Clellan (dead) 2:27% 

St. Ives, b s, 1886, by Harbinger- 
Red Rose, by Gideon 2:29% 

St. Jacob, b g, 1878, by Hiram Drew 2:27 

St. James, b g, 1866, by Gooding's 
Champion (dead) 2:23 ! ,4 

St. James, b g, 188, by son of Good- 
ing's Champion 2:26V4 

St. James, b g, 188, 2:2t>V 2 

St. Joe, br g, 188-, by Winthrop 
Knox 2:18 

St. Joe, b g, 1886, by Juuio Emma, 
by Luceonia 2 :26 

St. Jonathan, br s. 1889, by Ken- 
tucky Dictator Fanny Goldsmith, 
by Edward Everett (pacing 2:22%.. 2:1*21 1 

St. Juiien, b s, 1S . by Gen. Wilke* 2:2i>% 

St. Juiien, b g, 3869, by Volunteer- 
Flora, by Harry Clay 2 :!Ui 

St. Lambert, ch a, 1879, by Bay Star 

-Lady Douglas, by Bourban Chief 2:29',4 

St. Lawivmv. b g, 1881, by Grey Dan 2:23i 

St. Lewis, b s. 1888, by St. Nicholas 
-Trinket G.. by Harry Glenn 2:19 

Si. Lookout, b s, 1889, by Sultan- 
Kitty Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 2:26 

St. Louis, b g, 187, by Colossus 
Mambrino 2 :-~> 

St. Louis Maid, br ffl, 1885, by 
Rysdyk Chief-nJenny Crews, by 
Aleck Douglas 12 :24' > 

St. Michael Boy, b g, 188 2:28 

Sr. Minx, blk s, 1892, by St. Bel 
Miux, by Mambrino Patchen 2:20% 

St. Patrick Jr., b s, 1888, by St. Pat- 
rickYoung Mountain Maid, by 
Long Island Patchen 2 :28% 

St. Regis, b s, 1R86, by St Arnaud 
Mabel L., by Victor 2:29% 

St. Remo, b g, 1870, by Volunteer- 
Flora, by Harry Clay 2:28% 

St. Simon, br s,' 1889.' by Winfleld 
Scott Raven, by Highland 2:L ) 4 1 4 

St. Valentine, br s, 1881. by West- 
wood Laura Logan, by American 

St. Vincent, b s, 1884, by Wilkes Boy 
Aileen, by Mambrino Boy 

Salando. b g. 188, by Hemando .... 

Salinas Maid, b m, 188, by Junio 
Mamie V., by Carr's Mambrino .... 

Sallie, br m, 188, by Jim Lambert 

Sallie Cossack, b m, 1884, by Don 
Cossack Almonia, by Almont 

Sallie Simmons, blk m. 1890, by Sim- 
monsSally Adams, by John Bur- 

Sally B.. dn m, 1883. by Young Jim- 
Lady Dun, by Million's Copperbot- 
tom ('lead) 

Sally Benton, gr in. 1880, by Gen. 
Benton Son tag Mohawk, by Mo- 
hawk Chief 

Sally C., ch m, 188, by McCurdy's 

Sally G., ch m. 188. by Dan G 

Sally Graham, b m, 1886. by Nutwood 
Mattie Graham, by Harold 

Sallie K., b m, 188 by Jim Brister 

Sally Ranger, blk m, 1887, by John 
Sherman Cloud, by Black Ranger. . 










Sally Scott, b m, 187, by Magna 
Charta Molly Pitcher, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian 2:28% 

Sally Vajan, b m. 1884, by Danville 
Wilkes Carrie, by May's Sir Wal- 
lace 2:28 

Salute, b s, 1891, by Overstreet 
Wilkes 2:26% 

Sam, gr g, 188, by Sherman Morgan 

Sam B.Y br *g' 1880, 'by Pompey 
Smash Shield's Mare, by King's 

Cadmus 2:26% 

Sam Bassett, ch e, 1887, by Elyria 

Shoo Fly, by Young: Tippoo Sultan 2:22% 
Sam Browne, ch g, 188, by Haw- 
thorne 2:29 

Sam Curtis, b g, 1866, by Winthrop 

Morrill, dam by Eaton Horse 2:28 | 

Same Kind, b m, 1887, by Virgo Ham- 
bletonian Clochette, by Jubilee 

Lambert - 2:25% i 

Sam Estes, b g, 1891, by Aberdeen.. 2:27% I 
Sam F.. ro g, 187, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian 2:26% ! 

Sam Harris, b e, 1881, by Bostick's 

Almont Jr. Louisiana 2:29V t j 

Sam Hick^on, br g, 1886, by Sam 

Purdy Black Kate 2 :30 i 

Sam Hill, b s, 188 by Wilkes Spirit 
Jr. Lady Hill, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian 2:20^4 

Sam Hill, ch s, 1886, by Invader 
Minnehaha, by Abdallah Hamble- 
tonian 2:30 

Sam Lakeland, b g, 188, by Lake- 
land Abdallah Judea, by Marnbrino 

Archy 2:28t/-> ! 

Sam Medium, b s, 1892, by Prince 

Medium 2:30 \ 

Samovar, b m, 1886, by King Rene- 
Carrie, by Volunteer 2:28% 

Sam P., ch g, 188, pedigree not 

traced 2:29% i 

Sam Purdy, b s, 1866. by George M. 

Patchen Jr. Whisky Jane (dead).. 2:20% I 
Samuel A., b s, 1885, by Grand Sen- 
tinelEvelyn, by Egbert 2:27% j 

Samuel G., b s, 1888, by Simcoe 

Wilkes Carrie G., by Almont Pilot 2:29 ! 
Sam Webber, b g, 188, by Warwick 

Boy, dam by Chenery's Grey Eagle 2:2o 1 /4 ; 
Sam Weller, b s, 1888. by Charley B. 
Princess Clay, by Baird's Hamble- 

touian Prince 2:26% 1 

Sam West, b g, 186, by Davy 

Crocket (dead) 2:29 ' 

Sam Wilkes ,b s, 1884, by Barney 
Wilkes Gin Burner, by Frank Al- 
len 2:29V2 ! 

Sanborn, b s, 1883, by Gen. Washing- 
tonScotland Maid, by Rysdyk's 

Hambletonian 2 :26% | 

San Bruno, b g, 186 , by George M. 

M. Patchen Jr. (dead) 2:25 l / 2 

San Carlos, ch g, 188, by Brown 

Jug 2:27'/ 2 

Sancho, b s, 1875, by Knox Boy, 

dam by Gen. Knox , . . . 2:29 

S. & B. blk e, 1887, by Lumps Bes- 
sie D., by Justin Morgan (dead) .. 2:26% 
Sanders, ch g, 1888, by Sidney Ellen 

Roy 2:2614 

San Diego, ch g, 188, pedigree not 

traced 2:23% 

San Gabriel, b s, 1884, by Sultan 

Minnehaha. by Stevens' Bald Chief 2:29% 
San Malo, b s, 1886, by Nugget 

Zelinda Wilkes, by George Wilkes.. 8:2614 
San Mateo, b m, 1881, by Santa 
Claus Dolly Patchen, by George M. 

Patchen Jr 2:284 

Sau Pedro, blk g. 1885, by Del Sur, 
dam by Keating Horse (pacing 

2:10%) 2:14% 

Saniiie G., gr m. 1872, by Almont-- 

Wiltona, by Mokhladi 2:27 

Sans Souci, cb m, 1891, by Sidney- 
Miss Roy, by Buccaneer 2:28'4 

Santa Belle, b m, 1890, by St. Bel- 
Sis Nutwood, by Nutwood 2:23 

Santa Clara, b in. 1887, by Tlobb 
Wilkes Gypsy M., by Eclair 2:20 

Santa Claus, b s, 1874, by Strath- 
more Lady Thorne Jr., by Wil- 
liams' Mambrino 2:17% 

Santa Gertrudes, br s, 1890, by C. F. 
Clay Winnie Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 2:29% 

Santie, br s, 1887, by Santa Claus 
Gettie Greatman, by Othello 2:25 

Sappho, ch m, 1883. by Aberdeen 
Sally M., by Almont ' 2:30 

Sappho, ch m. 1887, by Robert Mc- 
GregorPauline, by Ashland Chief. 2:15% 

Sarah Ann, gr m, 188, by Johnny 
Wonder (pacing 2:23%) 2:27 

Sarah B., b m, 187 by Little Jack. . 2:29% 

Sarah B., b m, 1880, by Almonarch 
Charlotte Jones, by Kester's Royal 
George 2:20% 

Sarah B., gr m, 1881, by Planet Miss 
Jackson 2:30 

Sarah O., b m, 188, by Pisitachio 2:22'/i 

Sarah Coin, b m v 188, by Wilkes 
Spirit 2:29Vi 

Sarah G., b m, 1888, by C. F. Clay 
Sophie D., by Lyle Wilkes 2:18% 

Saran Gilbirds, blk m, 1885, by Gil- 
birds Sprague Jule O., by Blue 
Dick...... 2:23% 

Sarah Jane, b m, 188, by Edgar 
Wilkes . .-:.. ..... 2:24% 

Sarah L., b m, 1880, by Index Rose 
Bud, bv Young Wilkes 2:26 

Sara(h Shelton, ch m, 1890, by Bed- 
ford Princess Clay, by American 
Clay , 2:28'4 

Saranac, blk s, 1885, by Gen. Wash- 
ingtonSappho, by Jay Gould 2:25'/ t 

Saratoga, b g, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Sarcanett, b s, 1883, by King Rene 
Gossamer, by Princeps 2:16Vi 

Sardis Ensign, b s, 1887, by Ensign- 
Lucy L., by I. J 2:30 

Sargeant, b s, 188, by Stanford Bel- 
mont 2:29% 

Sargent, gr g, 1884, pedigree not 
traced 2:28 

Sargent, b s, 188 , by Almont Eclipse. 2:26'/4 

Sarge-nt, b g, 187 by Tariff 2:29i,4 

Sargent, gr g, 188, pedig-ee not 
traced 1:29 

Sargent, b s, 1889. by Alcantara Vo- 
lante. by Messenger Duroc 2:27% 

Sartwell. b g, 1889, by Sensation- 
Lady Yeoman s, by Rochester 2:28% 

Sati'la. br m, 1885, by Almont Rattler 
Lady Warneld, by Green's Bashaw 2:24 

Satin Slippers, blk m, 1891, t>y De- 
lancy Satin, by Mambrino Alaham- 
bra.. 2:24% 

Saturn L.. b g, 188, bv Echo 2:28Vi 

Sauveur, b g, 1878, by Happy Medium 
Lydia Montague, by Tipnoo Bashaw 2:29Vi 

Savoyard, b s, 1888, by King Rene 


Annriet, by Ouyler ................. 

Sexon, ch g, 1883, by Abdallah Wilkes 
Snowflake, by Kentucky Prince... 

Scandinavian, blk g, 187, by Ver- 

mont Black Hawk Jr .............. 

School Boy, b g, 188 by Oassady 

Dolly, by Bay Fisherman ........... 

School Mann, ch m, 1885, by Olympus 

Princess, by Cobbler .............. 

Schuyball, b g, 1874, by Gooding's 

Champion Belle, by Thompson's 

Flying Cloud. . . .................. 

Schuyler, b s, 1872, by Seneca Chief 

Highland Maid, by Goleman's Amer- 

ican Star ......................... 

Sciola, b m, 18ft, by Hanshaw Horse 

(dead). .......................... 

Sciota Belle, br m, 186, pedigree not 

traced (dead) ..................... 

Scipio, b s, 1882, by Redwood Nell, 

by Coupon ........................ 

Scotia, b m, 1882, by Sacramento- 

Nelly Walworth, by Toronto Patch- 

en .............................. 2:21% 

Scotlaind, blk g, 1869, by imp. Bonnie 

Scotland Waterwitch, by Pilot Jr. 

(dead) ........................... 

Scotland Maid, b m, 1866, by Rysdyk's 

Hambletonian Trusty, by Marlbor- 

ough ............................. 

Scotsman, ch s. 1886, by Milo Alfret- 

ta, by Mambrino. Gift ............... 

Scott, b g, 188, by Gen. Sherman. .. 
Scott, oh s, 1884, by Egbert Birdie 

Tramp, by Tramp .................. 

Scott A&hton, b g, 1885, by Hampton 

Flora Elmo, by St. Elmo. 








Scott B., b g, 1881, by Jim Scott- 
Belle, by Flying Hiatoga 

Scott Chief, b s, 1879, by Egmont 
Lou Scott, by Dey's Woodford 

Scott Newman, ch g, 187 , by Henr> 
Ball Colt, dam by Whirlwind 

Scott's Chief, b g, 186, by Edwin 
Fo:Teet Lady Rice, by Whitehall.. 

Scott's Thomas, b s, 187, by Gen. 
George H. Thomas Lady Rice, by 

Scourine, br m, 1892, by Wilton 
Mamde, by Star Almont 

Scramble, br g, 1883, by Antenor Jr. 
Columbia, by Kenyon's Columbus. 

Scranton Belle, br m, 188, by Bis- 

Screwdriver, ro g, 1875, by Tibbett's 
Patchen Stockb-idge Mare, by Mack 

S. D. O., b g, 1879, by Almont Eclipse 
Ptmchard Mare 

Sea Foam, gr m. 1863, by Young Co- 
lumbus, dam by Harris' Hamble- 

Sea Girl, br m, 1888, by Wilton- 
Julia Patchen, by Mambrino Patchen 

Sea King, ch s, 1886, by Melbourne 
King Bertha, bv Daniel Laonbert. . 

Sealskin Wilkes, br s. 1881, by George 
Wilkes Woburn Maid, by Woburn. . 

Seaside, b m, 1888, by Hecton Wilkes 
Alice, by Jacinto 

Seamstress, br m. 1885, by Alcantara 
Senorita, by Sentinel 

Secret, gr g, 188, by Blackwood Jr. . 

Secret, gr m, 1890, by Secretary Pas- 
time, by Rustic 

Secret, b m, 1877, by Strathmore 
Amanda, by Waxy 

Secure, b s, 1891, by Pelletier 

Secure, br s, 1885, by Mambrino Patch- 
en Bashaw Belle, by Green's Ba- 











2:22% I 
2:18'4 | 
2:241, I 








2:20'/ 2 


Sedina, oh m 1887, by Sidney Star, 
by George M. Patchen Jr 

See, ch s, 1887, by Claimant Fannie 
C., by Roscoe Jr 

Seersucker, b m, 1888, by The Seer 
Reglin, by Redwood 

Selah Ohesterwood, b m, 188, by 

Selene, b m, 1878, by Grand Sentinel 
Shadow, by Octoroon 

Selim Mambrino, b s, 1888, by Dau- 
bigne Peggy Murry, by Cayuga 

Sellne, b g, 188, by Leon 

Selkirk, br s, 1867 (dead) 

Sellita, br m, 188, by Artillery 

Senator, dn g, 188, by St. Cloud 

Senator, b s, 1883. by Echo Senator 
Jones Mare, bv Winthrop Morrill. .. 

Senator, b g, 188, by Porter Stanton 

Senator, b g, 1876, by Robert R. Mor- 
risWisely Mare, by Napper 

Senator A., gr s. 1888, by Tramp 
Panic Dolly Wonder 

Senator Boy,' cih s, 188, by Senator 

Senator Conkling, b s, 1885, by Roecoe 
Conkling May Queen 

Senator K., gr g, 188, by Spink's 
Cla-k Chief 

Senator L., be, 1888, by Dexter Prince 
Fannv Bayswater, by Bayswater. . 

Senator L., ch s, 188, by Renshaw. . 

Senator Maid, ch m, 1878, by Hi 
Miller Hattie Brown, by Dan 

Senator N., b s, 1881, by Wapsie 
Bradshaw Mare, by MambriBo 

Senator Rose, b s, 1887, by Sultan 
Georgiana, by Overland 

Senator Updegraff, b s, 1884, by Sim- 
monsMadam TTpdegraff, by Flying 

Seamstress, b m, 1887, by Mambriton- 
i an Flora Temple, by Bettsinger 

Seneca Bismarck, b s. 1884, by Victor 
Bismarck Patchen Maid, by Patch- 
en Chief 

Seneca Maid, ch m, 188, by John 

Seneca Prince, blk s. 1888, by Bay- 
onne Prince Pond Lily, by Seneca 

Sensation, gii g, 1881, by Peacock 
Morey Mare 

Sensation, b g. 1865. by Dixon's Ethan 
Allen, dam by Indian Chief (dead).. 2:22% 

Sensation, b e, 1882, by Rochester 
Bstelle Eastin, by Mainbrino Patch- 
en 2:29% 

Sf ntinel, b s. 1863, by Rvsdyk's Ham- 
bletonian Lady Patriot, by Young 
Patriot (dead) 2:29% 

Sentinel, b s, 1885, by Alraiont Senti- 
nel Mattie. by Bauta's Shakespeare 2:29% 

Sentinel Wilkes, b s. 1883. by Red 
Wilkes Sentinette, by Sentinel 2:20% 

Sentry, b g, 1880, by Grand Sentinel- 
Jenny, by Niffht Hawk 2:25 

Serena, ch m, 1887, by Sidney Blonde, 
by Elmo... 2:29% 

Serpolet. b m, 1887. by King Rene- 
Belle Hewett, by Belmont 2:30 

Seth Thomas, b er, 1880. by Hamdallah 
Bello S., by Star of the West 2:25% 

Setting Sun, ch g, 1889, by Billy Haf- 


















g, 188, by 
flower, by Ansel 

Seymour Belle, b in, 1878, by Commo- 
dore Lucy, by Curtis' Sam Hazzard 

Shadeland Acme, b m, 1888, by Wilkes 
Nutwood Annabel Lee, by Satellite 

Sbadeland Almeda, b m, 188V by 
Wilkes Nutwood Criteiia, by Criter- 

Shadeland Baron, cih s, 1887, by On- 
ward Mattie Whitney, by Beecher. . 

Shadeland Bellewood, ch in, 1886, by 
Nutwood Shadeland Leona, by Sa- 

Shadeland 'Delinonia, 'b' m, 1883, by 
Young Jim Sue, by Ericss^ .... 

Shadeland Laniont, b s, 1889, by 
Wilkes Nutwood Heroine, by 
Shadeland Hero 

Shadeland Leona, b m, 1882, by Sa- 
telliteJulia Patchen, by Mambnno 

Shadeland Onward, br s, 1883, by On- 
wardNettie Time, by Mambriuo 

Shadow, b g, 188 , by Addison Lainr 

Shadow, b g, 1868, by Gen Lightfoot. . 

Shadows, b m, 1892, by Nighthawk 
Little Princess, by Kentucky Prince 

Shakespeare, br s, 186, by Honest 
Allen (dead) 

Shemdallah, b s, 188, by Hamdallah 

Shamrock, gr g, 1872, by Samson- 
Bessie Maitland, by Tom Wonder.. 

Shamrock, br g, 187, by Gayo Lady 
Emma, by Potter's Clay 

Shamrock, blk g. 1884, by Buccaneer 
Fern Leaf, by Flaxtail 

Sbandon Belle, gr m, 188, by Black 

Sharper, ch e, 1882, by Bourbon 
Wi.kes Lucy Sharp, by Joe Down- 

Sharpnese, b m, 188 by Hatto 

Shaw Jehan, b g, 1890, by Aegon 
Betsy Allen, by Thompson's Ethan 

Sha\\mut. b s, 1877, by Harry Clay 
Heroine, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 

She, b m, 188--, by Abbottsford 

Shea Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Alcyone- 
Maggie Shea, by Jefferson Prince. . 

Sheba's Queen, b m, 188, by Epaulet 

Sheeny, b g, 1886, by Arthurton 
Vixen, by Nutwoorl 

Sheik, b g, 1884, by The King- 
Sheila, by Kimbrough'e Abdallah . 

Shelby Maid, gr m, 1880, by Shelby 
Chief Gray Bird 

Shellbark, blk g, 1884, by Royal Fear- 
naught, dam by Tom Hunter 

Shellmont, b s, 1888, by Egmont 
Zula Maid, by Zula Hambletonian. . 

Sheperd Boy, gr g, 1868, by Wood- 
ward's Ethan Allen 

Shepherd Knapp Jr., b g, 1861, by 
Shepherd F. Knapp, dam by Royal 
Oak (rlead) 

Stwfcldine, b s, 1888, by Alex. H. 
Sherman Kephart Mare, by Shakes- 
peare Jr 

Sherbet, br s, 1888, by Sherman, darn 
by Etcole 

Sheridan, b g, 187. by Edward 
Everett, dam by Eureka 
















2:14% i 

2:241,4 I 

2:26y 4 | 

2:29% j 
2:29% | 

2:27% ; 

2:29% ' 



Sheridan Girl, b m, 188, by Marl- 

Sherman, b g, 188, by George K... 

Sherman, br s, 1875, by George 
^V likes Lady Belmcnt, by Belmont 

Sherman Bashaw, b g, 1880, by Billy 
Sherman Lady Blanca, by Green's 

Sherman Morgan Jr., b s, 1869, by 
Sherman Morgan, dam by Stonewall 

Sherwood, gr s, 1886, by Barkis-Flip, 
by Glencoe Golddust 

Shillaly, blk g. 188H. by Bona Fide, 
dam by Young St. Lawrence 

Shilo, gr g, 188, by White Cap 

Shiloh, ch s, 1881, by Gea. Grant- 
Julia Logan, by Gage's Logan .... 

Shiloh, b s, 1883, by Ensign Alice 
West, by Allie Weet 

Shipman, b s, 1883, by Kentucky 
Prince Katie Clark, by Rysdyk's 

Shooting Star, ch m, 1880, by Jeffer- 
son Prince Sib, by Harris' Mam- 
brioo Chief Jr 

Showeress, br m, 1888, by Comae- 
Madeline, by Goldsmith's Abdallah 

Shuck Wilson, ro g, 188, by Jay 

Shylock, ch g, 1886, by Tom Benton 
Brown Jenny, by David Hill Jr 

Shylock, b g, 188d, by Chur*ey B., 
Ella J 

Slam, br g, 1800, by America -Sun 
Maid, by Belmont 

Sibyl, br m, 1889, by Sphinx Josie 
H., by Masterioue 

Sibyl, br m, 188, by Sidney Maua 
K., by Whipple's Hambletonian 

Sickle Hambletonian, br s, 1874, by 
Masterlode Ester, by Fisk's Bel- 

Sid, blk g, 1884, by John Goldsmitn 

Sid Fleet, br s, 1889, by Sidney- 
Flight, by Buccaneer 

Sidlette, gr m, 188, b? Sidney 

Sidney Boy, b e, 1891, by Sidney- 
Flirt, by Buccaneer 

Sidney C., b g, 188 by Acolyte 

Sidner McGregor, b s, 1890, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Etta B., by Young 

Sidney J., b g, 1886, by Dudley's Rev- 
olutionNelly J., by Friday Mc- 

Sidney Smith, b s, 188, by Sidney 

Sidney Maid, b m, 1891, by Sidney.. 

Sidnut, ch s, 188, by Sidney, dam. 
by Nutwood 

Sidwood, b s, 188, by Sidney, dam 
by Nutwood 

Sierra La Salle, ch in, 1882, by Mas- 
terlode Molly Nixon, by Ptet Boy 

Siglight, b g, 188, by Signal 

Sigma Nu, b s, 1884, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Lark, by Abdallah Mam- 
briuo (pacing 2 :17%) 

Signet, ch s, 1877, by Hambletonian 
Pilot Linda, by Soult 

Signo Vinces, br s, 1885, by Grand 
Sentinel Shadow, by Octoroon 

Si Huntley 

Silas F., b s, 1883, by Billy Sprague 
Nelly Lefler 

Silas Rich, ch g, 1855, by Young 










2:18y 2 









Priam (dead) 2:24% 

Silas Skinner, blk s, 1885, by Alcona 
Jr. Foutaua, by Almout 2:17 

Silas Wright, b s, 1875, by DeGraff's 
Alexander Divorce, by Gov. Wright 2:23% 

Silena. F., blk m, 1890, by Nutwood 
Kate F., by Mambrino Boy 2:20 

Silent Brook, br s, 1890, by Dark 
Night Jenny Clay, by Harry Clay. . 2:16% 

Silicon, br m, 1890, by Wilton-Sil- 
houette, by Hambriuo 2:13% 

Silk \VJvet, br m. 1888, by Wilton- 
Kate Messenger, by Messenger 
Chief 2:26 

Silky B., ch g, 186, by Tornado 2:30 

Silurian, b m, 1892, by Wilton Sil- 
houette, by Hambriuo 2:25% 

Silver Bee, ch s, 1891, by Silver Bow 
Belle Me, by Ensign Golddust Jr. 2:27% 

Silver Bell, b m, 1886, by Harbinger- 
Isabel, by Happy Medium 2:21% 

Silver Bow, b e, 1887, by Robert Mc- 
GregorSadie, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2 :16 

Silver Cloud, gr s, 1883, by Fisk's 
Mambriuo Chief Jr. Maggie Roys, 
by Shurtz Magua 2:22% 

Silver Edge, b m, 1889, by Sherman's 
Hambletouian, dam by George 
Wilkes 2:23% 

Silverdale, b s, 1888, by Walkill 
Prince Cassandra, by Cuyler 2:25% 

Silver Duke, gr s, 1868, by Iron Duke 
Dandy, by Young Engineer 2 :28% 

Silver King, ch s, 1881, by Mambrino 
King, dam by Iron Duke 2:26% 

Silver King, gr g, 1879, by vSfcrath- 
more Maggie T., by St. Lawrence 
Horse 2:28% 

Silver King, ro s, 1877, by Robert Mc- 
GregorFanny 2 :30 

Silver Lace, b m, 1888, by Silver 
Chimes Kitty Lambert, by Daniel 
Lambert 2:28 

Silver Leaf, gr m. 1880, by Menelaus 
Mary C., by Ladd's Ethan Allen 2:23 

Silver Maid, b m, 1885, by Silver Tail 
Nell 2:30 

Silvernale, br s, 1880, by Swigert 
Nelly Silvernale, by Gipson's Black 
Hawk 2 :2~. 

Silverone, b m, 1882, by Alcyone Sil- 
verlock, by Mambrino Time 2:19% 

Silver? Ore, gr g, 1890, by St. Bel 
Ritch elders, by Messenger Chief ... 2:19> 

Silver Plate, gr s, 1889, by Silver 
Cloud Lady Graham, by Lexington 
< :hief Jr. 2:17% 

Silver Sides, gr g, 1856, by Chester 
Lion, dam by Hassan (dead) 2:22 

Silver Spray, ch s, 1887, by Guy 
Wilkes Blanche, by Arthurton 2:28 

Silver Spray, gr s, 1886, by Backman's 

Idol Hannah A., by Hamblehawk 2:27% 
Silver Star, gr s, 1888, by Silver 
Cloud LUOJF. H., by Lexington Chief 

Jr 2:30 

Silver Star, blk g, 1885, by Edsall 

Star Raven, by Highland 2:10'/4 

Silver Street, b m, 1886, by Nelson- 
Shore's Mare, by Somerset Knox.. 2:19% 
Silverthorne, b s, 1887, by Allandorf 

Silver Lake, by Lakeland Abdallah 2:19V 2 
Silverton, gr g, 188, ty Bertrand ... 2:27 l /4 
:Silvorton, b g, 1875, by Blue Bull 

Silverella 2:20'/4 

Silvertone, blk in. is<>o, by Wilton 
.Silvorlook, by ManVbrin.. Time. . . 2:30 

Silver Wilkes b s, 188G, by Adrian 
Wilkes Fanny Whitney, by Brig- 
ham 2-25 

Silver Wilkes, b s, 188, by Fayette 
Wilkes Silver Lake, by Lakeland, 

Abdallah 2:26% 

Silver Wing, ch s, 1887, by Robert 
McGregor Silver Tip, by Mike Mc- 

Cool 2:lft> 

Silver Wood, gr g, 1887, by Ryswood 
Orean, by Gen.. Ouster 2:21 

Silvia, ch m, 1891, by Edgewood 
Blanche, by Vauderbiit 2:28 

Simbrino, ch e, 1888, by Simmons- 
Mag, by Hambriuo 2:22*4 

Sim Brown, b g, 1885, by Strath- 
more Dinah, by Forest King 2:26% 

Simmocolon, ch s, 1885, by Simmons 
Colon, by Strathmore 2:13% 

Simmonette, blk m, 1888, by Simmons 
Boy Li da F., by Bob Monroe 2:17% 

Simmons, blk s, 1879, by Gorge 
Wilke.s Black Jane, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2 :2S 

Simoda, br g, 1887, by Simrnone- 
Ella Arnold, by Mambrino Clay ... 2:28 

Simon Bolivar, ch g, f . . . 2:25% 

Simon Taylor, b s, 188, by Cadmus 
Hambletonian 2:25 

Sftnon, ch g, 186, by a son of Ethan 
Allen (dead) 2:30 

Sim Watson Jr., blk s, 1888, by Sim 
Watson Maud B., by Whirlwind.. 2:21% 

Sinbad, b g, 187, by Jersey Star ... 2:29% 

Sinbad, gr s, 1878, by Strader's Gas- 
si us M. Clay Jr. Mediusa, by Almont 2:29% 

Sinda, b m, 188, by a son of Happy 
Medium 2:29% 

Sineus, b s, 1886, by Lord Russell- 
Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:2714 

Sir Albert, b s, 1886, by Mambriuo 
Startle Winnie Wilkes, by Red 
Wilkes 2:20% 

Sir Albin, b g, 1881, by Durango 
Gulnare, by Duffy Horse 2 :29V^ 

Sir Arthur, b g, 1882, by Goodson 
Daisy, by Clay Trustee 2:25M 

Sir Bell, b s, 1886, by Eyle Wilkes- 
Lovely, by Enfleld 2:20*1 

Sir Blossom, ch s, 1885, by Orange 
Blossom Queen Bess, bv Backman's 
Idol .* 2:29<4 

Sir Credit, b s. 1890, by McKinney 
Lady I., by Billy Norfolk 2:25% 

Sir Gay, ch g, 1881, by Billy Wilson 
Mag 2:26% 

Sir Gird, b s, 188, by Woolsey 
Laurette 2:26% 

Sir Gotlmrd, b s, 1S86, by St. Gothard 
Berry, by Auditor 2:29% 

Sir Guy, b g, 1876, by The Moor- 
Madam Ferguson, by Stormy John 2:28% 

Sirius, b s, 1889, by Garnet 
Fanny Duroc, by Iowa Duroc 2 :19V4 

Sir Joe, b g, 188, 2:24y 4 

Sir Knight, b s, 1881, by Gr.ind Sen- 
tinelShadow, by Octoroon 2 :23% 

Sir Lauucelot, b s, 1881, by Egmont 
Bainter Mare 2:27 

Sirocco Belle, ch in, 188, by Sirocco 2:27% 

Sirock, b g, 188, by Coronet Mrs. 
Adams 2:19% 

Sir Outcross, b s, 18SS. by Electioneer 
Sarah, by Shannon 2:28 

Sir Roger, ch g, 1876, by Lexington 
(rolddust Inez, by Vallandingham 2:23% 

Sir Thomas. 1) 8. lxs4. bv Lambertus 

Ladv HorluTt. bv Walthair . ,. 2:21 



Sir Vaughn, ch s, 1887, by Captain 
IXarline, by Romulus 2:29% 

Sir Waiter, b g, 1848, by Abdallah 
Jen, by King's Belifounder (dead).. 2:27 

Sir Walter, ch s, 1873, by Aberdeen 
Lady VV infield, by Edward Everett 2:24*4 

Sir Wa 

Sprite, by Beluiont 2:28% 

Slippery Ben, b g, 188-, by Field- 

mont 2:29% 

Slippery Dick, b g, 1871, by Mazeppa. 2:30 
Slippery Tom, blk s, 188, by island 

Chief.. ..VT . 2:25% 

Slow Go, gr g, 1805, by Sharatack Jr. 

(dead) 2:18% 

Sly dhubby, b g, 188, by Jim Wil- 
son , 2:24% 

Small Hopes, br g, 1866, by llysdyk's 

Hambletonian (dead) 2:26'/u 

Smock W.. b s, 188, by Alburn 2:28 

Smith O'Brien, b s, 1875, by Sweei, 
stakes House Mare, by Young Co- 
lumbus 2:29y4 

Smilax 2:264 

S. Montgomery, ch g, 1881, by Manor 
mont Lady Montgomery, by Flint's 

Morgan 2 :25% 

Snuuggile, b g, 1880, by Smuggler- 
Nelly Stevens, by Curtis' Hamble- 
tonian 2:24 

Smuggler, br s, 1866, by Blanco (dead) 2:15>4 
Smugglers Daughter, b m, 1876, by 
Smuggler Molly D., by Mambriuo 

Chief ! 2:2474 

Smuggler Wilkes, gr s, 1889, by Allie 
Wilkes Lady Haj 

__ ./alter Jr., ch s, 1882, by Sir Wal- 
terKate Clark, by American, Clay 2:18Vi 

Sir Wilkes. b s, 188, by Sable 
Wilkes 2 :29 

Sir William Wallace, b s, 1864, by 
jiobinson Horse (dead) 2:27V. 

Sisal, b m, 1880, by Harold Sapan, 
by Socrates 2:23% 

Siseon Girl, blk m, 186, by Mc- 
Cracken's Black Hawk Muggins, by 
Kelty Messenger 2 :28% 

Sister, br m, 1879, by Admiral- 
Black Flora, by Black Prince (dead) 2:19i/4 

Sister, b m, 1880, by Holabird's 
Ethan Allen Brownell Mare, by 
Browney's Ethan Allen 2 :25>4 

Sister Barefoot, b m, 1883, by Kent- 
Dolly Lambert, by Daniel Lambert 2:25 

Sister Ethel, b m, 1890, by Jay Bird, 
dam by Young Jim 2 :19^4 

Sister Lou, blk m, 1891, by Durango 
Venie, by Haw Patch 2 :29V4 . . 

Sister V., b m, 1885, by Sidney Wilfies Lady Hayes, by Lace Deal- 
Nettie Lambert, by John Nelson . . . 2:18% er .2:22^ 

Silver Wilkes, ro m, 1876, by Geoa-ge I Snake, blk g, 1885, by Edi Kimble 
Wilkes-Cherokee Girl 2:22% | Dolly 2:30 

Sitra Wilkes, b m, 188 by Knight Snap, b m, 18 < 7, 

Wilkes..... 2:28 

Siva, ch m, 1889, by Guy Wilkes 
Sable Hay ward, by Poscora Hay- 
ward 2 :13 : )4 

Sixty-Six, b g, 1888, by Chimes Jer- 
sey Lily, by Hambletonian Downing 2:15'/4 

S. J., cdi g, 188, pedigree not traced. 2:1 6'^ 

S. J. B., ch g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:27% 

S. J. Fletdher, b s, 1877 by Hamble- 
tonian Tranby Pierce Mare, by Jos- 
lyn Horse 2:23% 

Skinkle Hambletouian, b <s, 1861, by 
Gage's Logan 2 :2804 

Skipaway, br m, 1886, by Conductor- 
Louis Kellogg, by Pinole Patchen.. . 2:29' 4 

Skipper, b m, 188, by Thorndale 
Idol, dam by Gaberlumzie 2:2SVi 

Skylight Pilot, b m, 188, by Strath- 
more Twilight, by Mambrino Pilot 
(dead) 2:19 

Slander, br> s, 1879, by Tattler Daisy 
Burns, by Skenaudoah 2 :2S% 

Sleepy Bill, br g, 186 , pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2 :2C 

Sleepy Chief, b g, 1879, by Confeder- 
ate Chief 2 :27&4 

Sleepy Dan, ch g, 1880, by Grand 
Duke Winch Mare 2:29'/4 

Sleepy George, b g, 188, by George 
Sprague Jr 2:19'/4 

Sleepy Jim, b g, 188, by Duke 
Patchen 2:30 

Sleepy Joe, br g, 1873, by Joe John- 
sonObscurity 2 :19v4 

Sleepy John, b g, 1860, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2 :24 : -'> 

Sleepy Ned, blk g, 1885, by Hamlin 

Patchen, dam by Fi-ed Pierson 2:2C 1 /4 

Sleepy Ned, b g, 1886, by Hannibal 

Jessie 2:2214 

Sleepy Tom, b g, 1870, by Blazing 
Star, dam by imp. Champion 2:28% 

Slick Nelson, b s, ISP 

by Strathrnore 
Madam K., by Marshal Ney Jr 2:30 

Snip Clay, b g* 188, by Alar Clay. .. 2:25=j4 

Snip Nose, b m, 1888, by Cyclone 
Nancy Wilkes, by Favorite Wilkes. . 2:24'/4 

Snow Ball, g:- g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) -. . . . -. 2:27% 

Snow Ball, b g, 188, by Star Ham- 
bletonian, dam by Lightwood 2:19% 

Snowden. b: g, 1885, by Strathiniore 
Topsey. by Williams r Mambrino 2:16'/ 4 

Sobol, br s, 1883, by Caesar Sendaj, 
by Lion of Canada 2:27%. 

Socrates, ro g, 1874, by Socrates 
Belle of Augusta., bv Young Indian 
Chief ........ 2:27v4 

Socratist. 1> s, 1884, by Socrates- 
Belle Clay, by Kentucky Clay 2:26 

Sol, dh s, 1886, by Nutwood Sun- 
shine, by Golddust: 2 :30 

Solano Chief, ch g, 188, by Carr's 
Mambrino Chief Jr i 2 :29'4 

Soldle.% ft g, 188, by Socrates Lady 
Ethan, by Ethan A'llen 2:2.S',4 

Solferino, br s, 1885, by Grand Senti- 
nel Patch en Girl, by Mambiino 
Patdhen 2:2GV-j 

Solita, br m, 1887, by Eros Accident, 
by Elmo 2:27 

Solo, b m, 1877. by Strathmore Ab- 
besis, by Albion 2:28% 

So Long, gr g, 1882, by Erelong 
Dalpnine, by Harold 2:13'4 

Somerset, ch g, 1889, by Sorrento Im- 
pression, by Mambino Battler 2:2~V4 

Sonnet, b m, 1883, by Bentonian 
Sontag Dixie, bv Toronto Sontag... 2:24Vj 

Sonnet, clh e, 1886, by Grand Sentinel 
Nelly Clark, by Black Flying Cloud 2:30 

Sonoma, gr m, 1885, by Electioneer 
Sontag Mohawk, by Mohaw^ Chief. 2:28 

Sontag Clay, ch m, 1880, by Seth War- 
ner-Jennie Pratt, by Strader's Cas- 
sius M. Clay Jr 2:24 

Slick Nelson, b s, 188, by Nelson 2:27% Sonticus, b s, 1887, by Belmont Sou- 

Sligo, b g, 1870. by Honest Dan 2 :30 net, by Bourbon Cihief 2 :27 

Slight, b m, 1886, by Electioneer i Sooner, b g. 186, by Haanble toman 



Rattler, daim by Murry's Cayuga 

Chtef ." 2:24 i 

Sophia Temple, br m, 1869, by Rat- 
tler, dam by a son of Gannon's , 

WhiD 2:2< 

Sorceress, b m, 1889, by Witchcraft- I 

Adele S., by Kentucky Prince 2:21 ',4 j 

Sorrel Dan, oh g, 1879, by Diadenv- I 

Blackbird 2 :22>4 j 

Sorrel Dapper, ch g, 1858, by King's 

Champion (dead) ......... 2:2S'/ 2 

Soi-el Kate, ch m, 188, by Mambrino 

Tim* 2:29& 

Sorrel Ned, ch g, 187- by Flying 

Cloud 2:25^4 

So So, b m, 1875, by George Wilkes 

Little Ida, by Edwin Forrest 2:17% 

Soto, b m, 1885, by Abdallaih Mam- 

briho-^Tane, by Frank Wolford 2:20V4 

Soudan, b s, 1883, by Happy Medium 

Maria Sturgess, by Almont 2:2o 

Soudam. br g, 1883, by Combat Maud- 

ette, by Gapoul 2:18'/j, 

Soudan, blk s, 1884, by Sultan Lady 
Babeoek, by Whlpple's Hambleton- 

ian 2:2i% 

Soupy, ch e, 1884, by Gen. Hatch- 
Belle Green, by Green's Bashaw 2:23^4 

Sour Mash, b s, 1881, by Bed Wilkes 

Brown Mary, by Bourbon Chief... 2:24% 
South Jersey Patchen Jr., b B, 1879, 

by South Jersey Patchen Lucy 2:14% 

Southward, b s, 1887, by Onward- 
Admiration, by Mambrino Patchen. 2:28% 
Spanislh Maiden, ro m, 1886, by Happy 
Medium Maggie Keene, by Mam- 
brino Hatcher 2:29; 4 

Spartan, b g, 1880, by Strathmore 

Allfi, by Almont. 2:24^ 

Sparx, b s, 1889, by Jersey Wilkes 

Blanche, by Egbert 2 :24% 

Spectator, b s, 1884, by Dictator 

Hattie Hogan, by Administrator 2:28 

Speculation, gr s, 1885, by Mambrino 
Messenger Mambrino Belle, by 

Mambrino Charta 2:25 

Speedaway, gr s, 1885, by Brook 

Nanette, by Hambrino 2:24!4 

Speedress, b m, 1877, by King Philip . 

Nell, by Tenbrook 2:2oV 4 

Spencer Grl, rn g, 1889, by Ashman 
Savona Girl, by Wood's Hambleton- 

ian * 2:30 

Speedwell, g g, 188 by Stede, dam 

y Mambrino Wilkes 2:26W 

Spencer Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Idol 
Wilkes Molly Walker, by Captain 

Walker f 2:28% 

Sphinx, b s, 1883, by Electioneer 

Sprite, by Belmont 2:20% 

Spider, ro g, 187, pedigree not traced 2:30 
Spinella, b m, 1875, by Louis Napo- 

leon Scotia, by Dennison (dead) 2:21& 

Spinaway, blk 'm, 1891, by Clay 

*Myrtle Herr, by Dr. Herr 2:29 1 /2 

Spirea, ch m, 1886, by Autograph 

Princess 2:24% 

Split Second, b m, 1891. by Happy 

Heir Bird, by Harry Thorndale 2:28 

Split Ears, ch s. 1885. by Star Ethan- 
Marie, bv Young Columbus 2:29U 

Spofford, blk g, 1880, by Kentucky 

Prince, dam by Dispatch 2:18% 

Spokane, b s- 1888, by Stranger 

Speedaway, by Socrates 2:26 

Spo~t, gr s, 1884, by Piedmont Son- 
^ag Mohawk, by Mohawk Chief 

Spotted Beauty,' wh g,' 187,' by ' Ma- ' 

zeppa. ........................... 

Spotted Colt, sp g, 1862, by Hough's 

Hambletonian Spotted Mare (dead) 2:25% 
Spotted Sam, sp s, 1878, by Wood's 

Hambletonian Spotted Moll, by 

Wallace's- Phenomenon (pacing 

2:25%) ........................... 2:29->i 

Sprague (Round's), 'br s, 1879, by Gov. 

Sprague Davis Maid, by Mambrino 

Prince ....... . ................... 2:24% 

Sprague Gol<Must, br s, 1883, by Gov. 

Sprague Lucille Golddust, by Gold- 

dust ............................. 2:ir>' / 4 

Sprague Pilot, blk s, 1878, by Gov. 

Sprague Lady Temple, by Pilot 

Temple ........................... 2:24 

Sprague Superb, b e, 1885, by Wilmar 

Nelly, by Black Diamond ......... 2:20% 

Sprague Winship, br s. 1885, by Wi.l- 

ma>-Stella, by H. B. Winship ...... 2:2914 

Spray, b m, 1887, by Princeton Lady 

Edsall, by Westwood ............... 2:28Vi 

Spray, Oh m, 1888, by Simmons Pat- 

terson Mare, by Patterson's Trustee 2:28V,j 
Spreckles, b s, 1889, by Epaulet 

Charm, by Santa Glaus ............. 2:30 

Springcroft, blk s, 1887, by Alcyone 

Hebe, by Emulus ................. 2:Jb 7 i 

Springdale, ch g, 188 ............. . . 2:24% 

Spring Day, b m, 1888, by O. F. 

Clay-Saratoga, by New York ...... 2:26% 

Sp-y, b g, 1882, by Gen. Beaton- 

Sprite, by Belmont ............. .... 2:28-k 

Spm-geon. br s, 1880, by Charley B.- 

Jenny, by Freehold Bashaw ........ 2:21%. 

Spurrier Boy, ch g. 1881, by Brussels 

Sally Beaver, by Coulter's Davy 

Crocket ................... 

Spy, ch s,' 1887, 'by Allandorf Style, 

' 188-,' by 'McEwen. . . . 2:25% 
S S. br g. 1883, by Kentucky Volun- 

teer-Matilda, by Springville Chief. 2:2C% 
S. S. Ellswoith, ch g, 187- by Andy 

Tohnson .................. 

Stamboul,'b's,"l882, by Sultana-Fleet- 

wing; by Rysdyk's Hambletonian... 2:0i% 
sSina/br m, \888, by Patron-Cle- 

ora B. by Elial G ............ 2 - 26 ^ 

Stammont b s, 1890 by Stamboul- 

Zorava by Guy Wilkes ............. 2.2U?4 

StISnat' b 7 s, y !888 by Stamboul- 

Young Signal, by Arthurton. . ...... 2.2o% 

Stanford, f s. WKtJP* Piedmont- 

Irene, by Mohawk Chief ...... >' 2 - 26 ^ 

Stanfoi'd/b s, 1885 by Clay-Flora, 

by Whipple's Hambletonian. .... .... 2.29y 4 

Stanhope, b s, 1889, by Red Wilkes- 

Venus Almont. by Star Almont ..... 2:25% 
Stanley, b g, 1884, by Dartmouth ..... 2.29 1 * 
Stanley, b g, 1885, by Venture Boone, 

dam bv Matchless ................. : -- 1 

b g, 188-, pedigree not 

' b s, 'l883.' by Vaient'ine S^i- 



Stanza, blk s. 1887 .by Strangei-on- 


Fashion, by Long Island 

taTb k 'g',' 1871,' i>V 'Aberde^n- 
by Carpenter's American Star 


In 1894 McDowell placed the world's record for trotters at 2 :03% 

with Alix and the world's record for two-year-old 

pacers at 2 :()7% with Directly. 


Millard Sanders drove the following yearlings to world's records : 

Frou Frou 2:25}, Fausta (p) 2:22%, Rosedale (p) 2:22. 

He also marked the pacer W. Wood 2:07 

and drove the trotter Guy in 2:10%. 



Star, dh g, 186, by Gonklin's Amer- 
ican Star 2:30 

Star Alcyone, b s, 1887, by Alcyone 
Olivette 2:24Vi 

Star Allen, blk m, 1884, by Frank 
Allen Goddess of Liberty, by Phil 
Sheridan 2:26% 

Star B.. b g, 1885, by Dom Pedro- 
Cora Collins, by Ned Forrest 2:2G'/ 3 

Star Bashaw, blk s, 1885, by Star of 
of the West Bonnie Boon, by Ba- 
shaw Drury 2:24k 

Star Bashaw, oh s, 1884, by Wapsie 
Gasw, by Abdallah Star 2:27 

Star Chief, b g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Star Duroc, b:- s, 1874, by Messenger 
Duroc Lori Hard, Mare, by Seely's 
American Star 2:25% 

Star Gazer, b g, 1878, by Tom F. 
Patcihen 2 :26 ! /4 

Star Girl, b m, 188, by Star Lam- 
bert .' 2:29V 2 

Star Hambletonian, br s, 1875, by Fel- 
te:-'s Hambletonian Belle Pitts, by 
American Boy 2:2894 

Star Hawk, ch s, 1887, by Star of the 
WestH-Betula, by Romulus 2:17v4 

Starin Medium, b s, 1880, by Happy 
Medium Lady Eninia, by Niagara 
Champion 2 :2GVi 

Star King, dn g, 187 by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2:22 

Starletta, blk m, 1881, by Starlight- 
Highland Mary, by Seely's Ameri- 
can Star ." 2:21Vi 

Sty rlight, ch g, 1878, by Cyclone- 
Modesty. 2:2844 

Starlight, br m, 1889, by Electioneer 
Sallie Benton, by Gen. Benton 2:15>; 

Star Lily, ch m, 1884, by President 
Garf eld Star Queen, by Star Ham- 
bletonian 2:20 

Star Line, gr s, 1886, by White Line 
Belle Parsons, by Star Hambleton- 
ian 2:27 

Star Line, br s, 1885, by White Line 
Lady Star, by Star Hambletonian 2:29 ; } 4 

Starling, ch s, 188, by Banks 2.27k 

Sta-.i Medium, b s, 188, by Rupert 
Medium 2:28% 

Star Medium, gr s, 188, by Pilot 
Medium :2CJi 

Star Medium, b m, 1889, by Union 
Medium Alpha, by Atlantic 2:29 54 

Star Moak, b s, 1888, by Mohawk 
Hambletonian Peggy Corrigan, by 
Jackson 2 :20% 

Star Monarch, br s, 1879, by Almon- 
arch Charlotte Jones, . by Raster's 
Royal George 2:23% 

Starmont, blk s, 188, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr 2 :28% 

Star of the West, blk s, 1860, by Fly- 
ing Cloud Gney Fanny, by Eureka 
(dead) 2:26% 

Star of the West Jr., blk s, 1876, by 
Star of the West Lady Douglas, by 
Black Douglas 2:29% 

Star Princeps, b s, 1889, by Princeps 
Maybird, by Abdallaih Bird 2:16% 

Startle, b s, 1887. by Mambrino Star- 
tle Ham lettie. by 'Hamlet 2:25 

Startle, blk s, 1870, by the Andrews 
Horse, dam by Witherell Messenger 2:26% 

Star W., b m, 1879, by Concord Fan. 2:27% 

State Senator, blk g, 188, by Fleet's 
Hambletonian Princess 2;2G 

Stathard, b m, 1886, by St. Gothard 

Stacy, by Strathmore 2-27W. 

Stealaway, b m, 188 , by Blial G 2:28V, 

Steineer b s, 1887, by Steiuway 
Katy G., by Electioneer 2:29i /4 

Steinway, b s, 1876, by Strathmore 
Abbess, by Albion. . . '. 2 -25% 

Stella, b m, 1879, by Electioneer 
Lady Rhodes, by Gen. Taylor 2:30 

Stella, gr m, 188 by Abdallah Glen- 
coe Fanny Ramsey, by Hogan's 
Henry 2 -9 

Stella, br m, 1892, by Geo. Washing- 
ton, dam by McDonald Chief 2:30 

Stella, br m, 1885, by Shawmut Lady 
Bleano.% by Walkill Chief 2:21 

Stella Belnwnt, b m, 1887, by Bel- 
mont Lida Goldsmith, by Gold- 
smith's Abdallah ,. 2:19 

Stella Blake, br m, 1871, by Pequaw- 
ket Rosa B., by Morgan Trotter... 2:25'/4 

Stella C., ch m, 187, by Aberdeen- 
Maud 2-27^4 

Stella C., br m, 1885, by Director- 
Speculation Maid, by Speculation... 2:26 

Stella H., br m, 1885, by Hambleton- 
ian Mambrino Stewart Mare 2- 9 9% 

Stella Magnet, b m, 1884, by Magnet 
Leadville Girl, by Pilot Duooc 2:24% 

Stellaria, b m, 1891, by Lancaster- 
Sun Maid, by Belmont 2-26% 

Stemwinder, b g, 1884, by Altainont 
Amanda, by Scamperdown ''5 J /4 

Stephanie, b m, 1882, by Meander- 
Ruby Duroc, by Messenger Duroc. . . 2-2' :>1 / 4 

Stephanus. b s, 1871, by Bajardo 
Nancy, by Morgan Hunter 2'2S ] /4 

Stephen G., b g, 1874. by Knicker- 
bockerSunbeam, by Volunteer 2:20% 

Stephen M., b g, 1872, by American 
Sta- Jr. Miss Cadmus, by Long Isl- 
and 2 -28% 

Stephen R.. oh g, 1884. by Gen 
Thomas Dolly Russell, by Mazpppa 2:20'/ 4 

Sterling Wilkes, ch g, 188 by Bour- 
bon Wilkes Lucy Moore, by Ster- 
ling 2-23% 

Sternberg. hlk s. 1888. by Wilkes' Boy 
Fanny Allen, bv Black Allen 2:151,4 

Stet Brino. ch s, 1888, by Hambrino 
Jewess, by Woodford Mambrino 2:26Vi 

Steve, br g, 188, by Steve Whipnle, 
dami by Nephew 2'10'i 

Steve Maxwell, gr g, 1867,' 'by' '6ie 
Bull Jr. (dead) 2-21% 

Steve Whipple. br s. 1884. by Ha'n> 
b'etonian Ch-isman Twist, by 
Whipple's Hambletonian 2*12 

St^vie. blk g. 1880, by Kentucky 
Prince-CamiHe, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian 2-10 

Stevie H., blk g, 188 , by Washing^ 
ton '. 2-22'i 

Stewart, gr s. 1888, by Pilot Medium- 
Mercedes, by Masterlode .2-25 

Stewart Mac. ch s, 1878. bv Blue Bull 
Fanny Mac. by Night Shade 2:29 

Stewart Maloney. b g, 1866, by 
Charles E. Loew (dead) 2-27 

Stickfast, b g. 1882, by Duke of Craw- 
fordDora Houston, by Sam Hous- 
ton Jr 2'27 

Stonecutter, b er, 1877. by Enfield 
Grey Fanny, by Pilot Jr.'. . . , . 2-28^ 

Stone- Boy. ch g, 188. by Mambrino 
Russel Vivette, by Strathmore 2:26'/t 

Str.neride-e, br s, '188, by Happy 
Thought 2-21V4 

Stonewall, oh g. 187, by Frank 
Pierce 3d, dam by Moscow. 2:24% 



Stonewall, br s, 1889, by Egotist- 
Dixie Sprague, by GOT. SpragUC 2:2 1 / 

Stonewall, b s, 1881, by Jim Hill- 
Lena 2:2S 1 /i 

Storm, b ni, 1867, by Miadletou 
Gieen Mountain Maid, by Harry 
Clay (dead) 2:20% 

Storm, b s, 1887, by Du:>ango De- 
borah, by Squire Taimage 2:24 

Stormer, b s, 1872, by Surprise Nel- 
ly 2:29% 

Stormer, b g, 1890, by Storm King- 
Fanny W., by Mereditlh 2:26V4 

Storm King, b s, 1882, by Happy Med- 
ium Topsy Taylor, by Alexander's 
Norman 2:25% 

Stornaway, b s, 1884, by Chiohester 
Naiad, uy Belmont 2 :19 

Story Teller, b m, 188, by Peter 
Story 2 :27% 

Story's Clay, b 6. 188, by Everett 
Clay, dani by Stillson 2:18% 

Strader H., be, 1886, by Squire Tal- 
niage Lucy H., by Napoleon 2:09ya 

Straugemore, blk s, 1879, by Columbia 
Chief Topsy, by Black Donald 2:29% 

Stranger, b g, 187, pedigree not 
traced 2 :30 

Stranger, gr g, 1876, by Selim Kitty 
MclK>nakL by McDonald's Mambrino 
Chief 2:23 

Stranger, gr g, 187 , by Mambrino 
Hanibletonian Grey Mary, by Trav- 
eler 2:23% 

Stranger, eh g, 1872, by Alta Sally. . 2:29 

Stranger, gr g, 1849, by Eaton Ho.-se 
(dead) 2:30 

Stranger, b s, 1885, by Tilton Almont 
Jessie, by Whipple's Hanibleton- 
ian 2:17 

Stranger, ch g, 188, by Sir John 
Dean 2:25% 

Stranger Boy, br s, 188 , by Stranger, 
dam by Squire Talmage 2:29Vi 

Strangler, b s, 1887, by Stranger* 
Kate, by Allen Book. . . '. 2:26^4 

Strategist, ch s, 1883, by Grand Sen- 
tinel Peru Belle, by Ranger 2:22 

Stratford, b e, 1883, by Strathmore 
Young Winnie, by Woodford Mam- 
brino .' 2:28% 

Strathbridge, ch s, 1885, by Grand 
Sentinel Soprano, by Sti-athmore 
(dead) 2:28V 4 

Strathalan, b s, 1887, by Strathmoiv 
Lady Waxy, by Beal's Waxy 2:2i'/4 

Strathlan, b s, 18"74, by Strathmore 
Shackleford, by Aker's Idol 2:21% 

Strathboy, b s, 1886, by Strathmore 
Esmeralda^ by Hanibrino Star 2:22Vi 

Strathmove, b g, 1855, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Stiathmore Abdallah, b s, 1885, by 
Strathmore Kate Abdallah, by 
Goldsmith's Abdallah 2:28 

Strathway, oh s, 1885, by Stein way- 
Countess, by Whipple's Hambleton- 
ian 2:19 

Strathwood, b e, 1881, by Strathmore 

Betty Blackwood. by Blackwood. . 2:25'^ 
Strephon, b g, 1888, by Kentucky 
Wilkes Melinda, by Oxmoor 2:26V 2 

Strideaway, br g, 1861, pedig.-ee not 

traced 2:2bV 2 

Strogoff, b s, 1884, by Grand Sentinel 

Molly, by Grey Fearnaught 2:24V t 

Strontia, gr g. 188, by Sam Purdy 
Madge, by Zirkle'e Engineer 2:14*4 

Stuart, b g, 1880, by Strathmore Car- 

rie Clay, by Coaster 2-25 

Student, c!h g, 188, by Socrates 
Hattie Woodward, by Aberdeen 2:21'y4 

Success, b s, 1888, by Onward Minnie 
Walker, by Harry Wilkes 2:26';4 

Success, b g, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Sucker Maid, gr m, 1868, by llocka- 
way, dam by Rob Roy 2:29Vi 

Sue Gillig, b m, 1888, by Gillig Cecil, 
by Waltham .' 2:25'/ 4 

Sue Grundy, br m, 187, by Getaway 
Old Kate 2:25Va 

Suisnn, b m, 1884, by Electioneer 
Susie, by George M. Patchen Jr 2:18 & 

Suito , br s, 1884, by Blackwood Sue, 
by Thorndale 2:21 

Sulfonal, b s, 1887, by Nutwood Ful- 
ton Maid, by Clay Pilot 2:lt>% 

Sultan, br e, 1875, by The Moor Sul- 
tana, by Delnionico (dead) 2 :24 

SU.UMI, blk g. 1887, by Administrator 2:28% 

Sultana, b m, 1882, by Sir Walkill 
Free Love, by Biackwood 2:29% 

Sultandin, ch s, 188 by Sultan 2:29y a 

Sulwood, b s, 1885, by Sultan Lady 

Graves, by Nutwood 2:20 

Summer Queen, ch m, 188, by Joe 
You See 2:29% 

Summit, br s, 1886, by Oberlin Cora, 
by Cottril Morgan 2:29% 

Summit Chief, b s, 1888, by Elliott 
Wilkes Toga, by Country Boy ... 2:21& 

Sumpter, b g, 1881, by Grand Sentinel 
Pet, by Chadwick 2:25% 

Sunalto, b s, 188, by Sunolo, dam by 
Washtenaw Chief 2:26>i 

Sunbeam, ch m, 1889, by Ambassador 
Mambrino Maid, by Chief 2:28 

Sunbeam, br m, 1890. by Quartermas- 
terMagnolia, by Middletown 2:28 

Sunbeam, b m, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2 :30 

Sunflower, ch m, 1882, by Elmo- 
Ella Kellogg, by Chieftain 2:24 

Sunlight, gr s, 1885, by Tasco Julia, 
by White Cloud 2:27 

Sunlight, b s, 1886, by Bartholomew 
Wilkes Our Mary, by Roup's Amer- 
ican Boy 2:29V a 

Sunnyeide, blk m, 185, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Sunol, b m, 1886, by Electioneer 
Waxana, by Gen. Benton 2:08% 

Sunrise, br g, 1882, by Abbottsford 
Belle, by Signal 2:24% 

Sunrise, br m, 1889, by Brazilian- 
Sunday, by Young Volunteer 2:28^ 

Sunrise Patchen, b s, 1883. by Seneca 
Patchen Lady Monmouth, by Win- 
throp Morrill, Jr 2:19 1 4 

Sunrise Prince, b s, 18R9. by Hillside 
Prince Jessica, by Monaco 2:13'4 

Sunset, b s. 1885, by Anteeo Nelly, 
by King Philip 2:20% 

Sunset Patchen, br s, 1885. by Senpc-a 
Patches Lqrly Monmouth. bv Wiu- 

throp Morrill,' Jr. (pacing 2:18%) 2:23% 

Sunshade Patchen. b s, 1888, by Sen- 
e^a Patch ^n Lady Monmouth by 

Winthrop Morrill. Jr 2:28 

Sunshine, ch s, 1872, by Curtis' Hara- 

bletonian Kate, bv Kentucky Clay 2:29^ 
Sunehino. ch g, 1878. by Tramp- 
Flaxy, by Green's Bahnw 2:29% 

Superintendent b s. 1887, by A!mont 

Wilkes Dazzle, by Happy Medium 2:22 
Superior, ch s, 1881, by Egbert 



Mary, by Woodford Mambrlno ... 

Superior, b s, 1880, by Warwick Boy 
Brown Kate, by Virginia 

Superior Wilkee, ch s, 1888, by Hec- 
tor Wllkes Lady Trojan, by Troj in 

Surah, b s, 1889, by Rochester Lady 
Carmen, by Neely's Henry Clay . . 

Surprise, b m, 1889, by Aberdeen- 
Jenny W., by Almont 

Surprise, blk m, 187, by Tom Knox.. 

Surprise, gr g, 185, by Harry Clay, 
dam by Boanerges (dead) 

Surprise, ch s, 1884, by McGregor 
Chief Dolly, by Sam .'Kirkwood 

Surprise, gr m, 1876, by Grey Dan, 
dam by Black Sultan 

Surprise Franklin, ch s, 1887, by Ben 
Franklin Lady May, by Black- 

Susan B., br m, 1878, by Mark 

Susan Nipper, b m, 187, pedigree 
not traced 

Susette, b m, 1883, by Electioneer 
Susie, by George M. Patchen Jr. . . 

Susette, b m, 1886, by Onward Josie 
Sellers, by Mambrino Time 

Susie, ch m. 1862, by Hampshire Boy, 
dam by Wildair (dead) 

Susie, b m, 1883, by Addison Lambert, 
dam by DeLong's Ethan Allan . . . 

Susie, ch m, 1872, by George M. 
Patchen Jr. Santa Glaus, by Owen 
Dale (dead) 

Susie B., b m, 188, by Clinker Dol- 
ly, by Searcher 

Susie Collins, br m, 1884, by Volun- 
teerMadeleine, by Goldsmith's Ab- 

Susie D., b m, 1876, by Middletown 
Nelly Holly, by Ed Holly (dead) 

Susie G., br m, 1884. by Alcalde Jr. 

Susie II., ch m, 1885, by Macon 
Blanche, by Harold Mambrino . . . 

Susie H.. b m, 188 by Duroc, dam 
dam by Kenyon Columbus 

Susie Mac. br m. 1882, by Nicotine 
Thorndale Princess, by Thorn- 

Susie Owen, br m, 1877. by Daniel 
Boone Gretchen, by Gideon 

Susie Parker, b m, 1864, by Henry 
B. A Patchen, dam by jAbdallah 

Susie S., ch m, 1881, by Harnble- 
tottian Marcbrino Bellfouider Maid, 
by Milliman's Bellfoi" 

Susie S., b m, 1884, by Hylas Lady 
Byron, by Byrcn 

Susie T., blk m, 188, by Bostick's 
Almont .Tr 

Sr-yie T., ro m., 18S1, bv Gov 
Sprague Morning Dawn, 'by Ma- 

Susie W., blk m, 187$, by Comet- 
Doll Wattens 

Sussex, blk g, 187, by Star, dam by 
Rxsdjk's Hambletonian 

Sut, blk e. 1888. by Sut Lovingood 
Pet-rites, by Fearnar.ght 

Sutherland, b s, 1887, by Grand Sen- 
tinel-Empress, by Abdallah Mam- 

Sutton. ch s, 1888. by Epaulet Daisy 
Maid, by Mambrino Boy 

Suzerain, b . 1884, by Grand Sen- 
tinelShadow, bv Octoroon 

S. V. White, b s, 1891, by Alexander 

2:29y 2 









2:23i/ 2 














2:26V 2 



tDuuiaa Topsy White, by Little 

Ben 2:29% 

Swanock, b s, 1887, by Advance 
Johnetta, by Honest John 2:20 

Swanton Boy, br g, 1880. by Jiminy 
Elaine Bird, by McKesson'e Grey 
Eagle 2:23% 

Swanton Boy, br s, 1886, by Star 
Ethan Daisy Dean, by Young Rip 2:27% 

S. W. Bennett, b s, 1885, by Pilot 
Medium Belle B., by Masterlode . . 2:19% 

S. W. a, b g, 1879, by Artemas- 
Lady Bellfounder, by Powhattan.. 2:27 

Sweepstakes, b g, 1875, by Kentucky 
Prince Juno, by Conklin'e Ameri- 
can Star 2:24% 

Sweetbriar, gr m, 1870, by Eugene 
Casserly Peanuts, by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2 :26% 

Sweetbriar, ch m, 188, by Favorite 
Wi Ikes Sally Wood, by Westwood 2:17% 

Sweet Child, b m, 1891, by April Fool, 
dam a Texas mare 2:29%, 

'Sweetheart, br m, 1878, by Sultan 
Minnehaha, by Stevens' Bald Chief 2-22% 

Sweetheart, b m, 1884, by Masterlode 
Irish Girl, by Tarn O'Shanter ... 2:29% 

Sweet Home, ch m, 187, by Milli- 
man's Bellfounder 2:30 

Sweetness, b m, 1878, by Pequawket 2:26% 

Sweetness, b m, 1871, by Volunteer- 
Lady Merritt, by Edward Everett.. 2:21*4 

Sweetness, b m, 1874, by Young Vol- 
unteer Fustey, by John Shylock 
(dead) 2:22%, 

Sweet Rose, b m, 1891, by Electioneer 
Rosemont, by Piedmont 2:25% 

Sweetwater, b m, 1889, by Stamboul 2:26 

S. W. G., b g, 188, by William H. 
Vanderbilt 2 '26% 

Swigert Bellfounder, b s, 188, by 
Swigert Lady, by Bay Dick 2:25% 

Swigert Jr., b s, 1875, by Swigert 
Pauline, by Mambrino Rattler .. ,. 2:22% 

Swigert K., br e, 1889, by Swigert 
Ltidy Belle, by Richard's Bell- 
f ovpc'er 2 :25% 

Syenite, ro g, 187, by Waveland 
Cbief Nancy Dillard, by John Dil- 
lard 2:29% 

Sylvanite, ch m, 1891, by Delraarch . . 2:26 

Sylva C., b m, 1891, by Sphinx Coast 
Girl, by Coaster 2:29% 

Sylvan, b rn, 1885, by Petoskey 
Sally, by Monroe Chief 2:28% 

Sylvan, b s, 1884, by Nutwood Nora 
Lee, by Woodford Mambrino 2 :23% 

Sylvan Glen, b s, 1883, by Duke of 
Glenlake Beatrice, by Moro 2:30 

Sylvester K., b g, 1885, by Lambertus 
Young Pocahontas, by Stride way. . 2:17% 

Sylvia, b m, 1887, by Stranger Sybil, 
by Jay Gould 2:29% 

Sylvia, ch m, 1883, by Middletown 
Jr. Black Kate by Andrew Jack- 
son 2:27% 

Sylvia M., gr m, 1878, by Baird's 
HajmbletonJan ' Prince Faifch Der- 
rick . 2:25% 

Syndicate, b m, 1878, by Erin Chief 2:2o% 

T. A., b g, 1868, by Sentinel 2:26 

Tackey, gr m, 1859. by Pilot Jr. 
Jenny Lind, by Bellfounder (dead). . 2:20 

Tacks, blk s. 1885, by Egbert Jen- 
ette, by Mambrino Howard 2:24% 

Tacony, ro g, 1844, by Sportsman 
(dead) 2:27 

Tague O'Ragan, b g, 1887, by Black's 



Hambletonian 2:27% 

Tainter, br g, 1878, by Eclair-Nelly 

Wildwood, by Matchless ........... 

T. A. K., b g, 1875, by Gilroy ...... 

Takina, b m, 1881, by Strathmore 

Belle ............................ 

Talavera, b s, 1881, by Happy Med- 

iumKate, by Alhoit ............ 

Talisman, b s, 1885, by Princeps 

Dolly, by Billy Booker ........... 

Tall Leon, b B, 1890, by Tallmage 

Lady Leon, by Leon .............. 

Tamarack, gr g, 187, by Jim Haw- 

kins ............................ 

Tamerlane, blk s, 1889, by Aristos 

Empress ......................... 

Tarn O'Shanter, blk g, 188, by 

Charley B ...................... 

Tandy, b s, 1884, by Robber Boy- 

Sister, by Strathmore ............. 

Tanner Boy, gr g, 186, by Edward 

Everett .......................... 

Tansy D., b m, 188, by Stephen A. 

Douglas .......................... 

Tansy G., ch m, 188, by Ajax ..... 

Tanhauser, br g, 188, by Billy R. . . 
Tarantella, br m, 1890, by Axtell 

Gladys, by McMahon ............. 

Tariff, blk g, 1883, by Young Wilkes 

Nelly, by Robert Whaley ........ 

Tariff, b s, 1874, by Clarion Chief- 

Lillian, by Favorite ............... 

Tariff J., br s, 1883, by Tariff, dam 

by Champion ..................... 

Tartar, b g, 1884, by St. Louis Mary, 

by Milwaukee ............... ..... 

Tartar, br g, 1849, by Wild Deer 

(dead) ............................ 

Tattler, b s, 1868, by Pilot Jr. 

Telltale, by Telamon '(dead) ...... 

Taurus, br s, 1885, by Kackman'e Idol 

Clifton Girl, by Stonewall Jackson 
Tavernie", b s, 1887, by Pilot Wilkes 

Sid Offutt Mare, by Almont ....... 

Taylor, b g, 188, by Tom Scott ..... 

Taylor, ro g, 1872, by Johnny B ...... 

Taylorson, gr g, 1885, by Sweepstakes 

Snowball, by Potter s Clay ...... 

Teakwoorl, b s, 1890. by Nutwood- 

Lady Bashaw, by Mambrino Boy . . 
Teaser, b g, 1883, by Johnny Repp . . . 
Tecoma, b e, 1884, by Alecto Sally 

Jenkins, by General Knox ......... 

Tecumseh, ch 

Gift Lady Night Haw 

Hawk ............................. 

Teddy Look, ch g, 188, by Look ____ 

Ted McMahon, b g, 1882, by McMahon 

Daisy, by Hambletonian Chief ---- 
Telegraph Girl, ch m, 1880, by Harry 

Arlington Nelly, by Winchester. . . 
Telephone, ro g, 1877, by Wood's 

Hamibletonian Miss Roberts, by 

Young Andrew Jackson ............ 

Telephone, b s. 1882, by Empire 

Lark, by Abdallah Mambrino ...... 

Tellie, br g, 1883. by Abdallah J- ..... 

Tempest, ch m,, 1880, by Sunshine 

Nelly . ....... ...... .... ............ 

Tempest, b m, 1883. by Hawthorne 

Brown Tempest, by Ohieftain ---- 

Tempest, blk g, by Tempest Jr ...... 

Tempest, ch g. 1876, by Millman's 

Bell founder Firefly, by Walnut 

Bark .............................. 

Tempest, gr m, 187, by Ledger 

Tillie Fee, by Cook's Bulrush Mor- 

gan ............................... 

1876, by Mambrino 
k, by Night 




2:28i/ 2 


2:22i/ 2 



2:2iy 2 
















2:25i/ 1 




Temple, b s, 1874, by Harold Bland 
Temple, by Lexington (dead) . 

Temple Bar, blk s, 1886, by Egbert- 
Nettie Time, by Mambrino Time. ... 

Templeinore, ch e, 1887. by Theseus 
Delancy Tramp, by Tramp 

Templeton, b s, 1885, by Warlock 
P:-inces Royal, by Happy Medium 
(dead) '. 

Tempter, b e, 1889, by St. Bel Nora 
Temple, by Belmont 

Templette, b g, 1889, by Epaulet- 
Kitty Temple, by Rysdyk 

Tennessee, blk m, 1861, by Commodore 
Dairy Maid, by Vermont Black 

Tennessee Wilkes, b s, 1880, by 
George Wilkes Lizzie Hayden, by 

Tennie C., blk m, 1890, by Major H.. . 

Tennyson, ch g, 188, by Thompson's 

Tennyson, b s, 1885, by Tremont 
Lady Wilkes, by George WT.kes 

Terragon, b g, 1886, by Tauton 
Barker Mare, by Bald Chief 

Tentabit, gr s, 1888, by Pilot Medium 
Minnie Hoag, by Bay Middteton. . . 

Texas Bill, gr g, 187, pedigree not 

Texas Jack, ch g, 187 by Blue Bull. 

Texas Joe, b s, 188, by Texas Jack. . 

Texas Rooker, br s, 188, by Texas 
Jack, dam by Rooker ' 

T. G., ch g. 1878, by Young's Ham- 
bletonian Prince, dam by Bilow 

Thad. b g, 1879, by Hambletonian 

Thalberg, b g, 1878, by Mambrino Ex- 
celsiorGeorgia Mack, by Cady's 

Thalia, b m, 1885, by Col. Hambrick 
Miss Watson, by Billy Lewis 

Thapsin, blk g, 1880. by Berlin Lady 
Hubbard, by Benicia Boy 

The Bamke-, ch s. 1874, by Mambrino 
Patchen Lute Boyd, by Joe Down- 

The Bull, b s, 1885, by Thomas Jeffer- 
son Shepparcless, by Jack Sheppard 

The Colonel, b g, 1884, by White's 
Pete Nell 

The Conqueror, ch s, 1890, by Egotist 
Arlotta, by Harold 

The Corporal, b s. 188, by Baird's 
Hambletonian Prince .....' 

The Item, b g. 1881, by Gov. Sprague 
Molly Walker, by Captain Walker 

The Jewess, b m, 1871. by Mambrino 
Patchen Lettia, by Joe Downing. . 

The Judge, b s, 188, by Round's 








2:27 'A 

The King, blk s, 1874, by George 
Wilkes Jewel, by Gill's Vermont. . 

Thelnm, b m, 1891', by Thorr Helen, 
by Kentucky Prince ............... 

Theme, ch g. 1890, by Ben Harrison- 
Dolly Smith, by Fisk's Mambino 
Chief Jr ........................... 

Themis, b m, 1885. by Achilles- 
Young Sontag, by Volunteer ........ 

Theodore, br s, 1885, by Reverie 
Maole Leaf, by New York (pacing 










2:28V 2 




The Raven, blk s, 1886, by Elial G. 
Maud, by Victor .................. 

The Raven, blk m, 1890, by Clay 






King Annabel Lee, by Aberdeen.. 2:20 

Theresa, br m, 1887, by Nelson Lady, 
by Gen. Knox 2:25% 

The Seer, b s, 1885, by Gen. Benton 
Odette, by Electioneer 2:15% 

Thetis, b m, 1885, by Mambrino 
Wilkes Serena, by Vedder's Cad- 
mus ' 2:16Vi 

The Turk, b s. 1887, by Sultan Ida 
Elliott, by A 1 lie West 2:30 

The-ese Phallamout, b m, 1887, by 
Phallamont Mollie Bradley, by Mil- 
waukee 2:29^4 

Theresa Sprague, b m, 1878, by Gov. 
Sprague Bohemian Girl, by Almont 2:25 1 /<t 

The Wasser, b s, 1884, by 'Washing- 
tonKate Taylor, by Aberdeen 2:30 

Thomas A. Doyle, b g, 188, pedigree 
not traced 2:25Vi 

Thomas C., b g, 1881, by Blind Tom. 2:2GVi 

Thomas H., br s, 1884, by Mohawk Jr. 
Myrtle, by Bashaw Drury 2:30 

Thomas Jefferson, blk s, 1863, by To- 
ronto Chief Gipsy Queen, by a sou 
of Black Hawk (dead) 2:23 

Thomas L. Young, ch g, 1865, by 
Wells' Yellow Jacket, dam by 
D:iagon (dead) 2:19Vss 

Thomas Rysdyk, b s, 1886, by Rysdyk 
Largessi, by Scott's Thomas 2:29 5 / 4 

Thomas R., ch s, 188, by Montgom- 
ery 2:29V* 

Thomas S. Harrison, br s. 1883, by 
Hermes Lady Aline, by New Jersey 2:29'-/-> 

Thompson, ch s, 185)0, by Boodle, 
dam by Jim Mnlvenna 2:21V4 

Thompson, blk g, 188, by Redwood 
Boone, dam by Howe's Bismarck... 2:27% 

Thornburg, b g, 1877, by Judge Advo- 
cateLady Reno, by Gen. Grant 2:21% 

Thorndale, 'b s, 1865, by Alexander's 
Abdallah Dolly, by Mambrino Chief 
(dead) 2:22',i 

Thorndale F., b g, 1881, by Thorodale 
Chief Lady Durgin, by Walter 
Allen 2:30 

Thorndale Jr.. b s, 1885, by Hero of 
Thorndale Wild Maid, by Young 
Matchless 2:30 

Thorndale Maid, b m, 1877, by Thorn- 
dale Country Maid, by 'Country 
Gentleman 2:30 

Thorndelia, gr m, 1881, by Thorndale 
Chief Maggie Wayne 2:27>4 

Thornden, b s, 1887, by Crittenden 
Mary K., by Hero of Thorndale 2:30 

Thornless. b g, 1878, by Dauntless- 
Nannie Thome, by Hamlet 2:15% 

Thornley, b s. 1889, by Rumor Thorn- 
leaf, by Jay Gould 2:29*4 

Thornton, b g, 1885. by Alcantara 
Tho:iidale Maid by Thorndale 2:26V4 

Thorntonian b s, 1888, by Egthome 
Kit F., by William M 2:30 

Thorn Rose, ch m, 1888, by Nil Des- 
peramdum Rosy Thorne, by Thorn- 
dale " 2:26% 

Thorn Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Hector 
Wilkes Smuggler Belle, by Smug- - 
gler 2:28V 3 

Thornwood, b g, 188 2:29% 

Thornwood. ch s. 1887, by Hawthorne 
March Fourth, by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonian 2:19V4 

Throe Tips, ch s, 1887, by Sam Purdy 
Virginia Girl, by Hetzel's Ham- 
blotonian 2-251A 

Thursday, blk m, 188, by Noonday. . 2:25 

Thurston, b s, 1889, by Sir Archie 2:29% 

Tickle Me, blk s, 1889, by O. F. Clay, 

dam by Lyle Wilkes . .' ............. 

Tietam, b s, 188, by Anteeo Eva- 

line, by Nutwood .................. 

Ticonic, ch g, 1875, by Milwaukee- 

Lady Dexter, by Black Flying Cloud 
TickO' Tanic, b m, 1890 ............. 

Tid Jefferson, blk m, 1880, by Alex- 

ander Jefferson Jenny, by Pilot. . . . 
Tilford, b s, 1883, by Bourbon Wilkes 

Julia, by Gibson's John Dillard Jr. 
Tillie B., b m ........................ 

Tillie Green, ch m, 188 by Mam- 

brino King ........................ 

Tillie Macey, b m, 188 by Macey, 

dam by Hero of Thorndale ......... 

Tillie S., b:- m, 1886, by Pasacas 

Hatch Mare, by Patchen .......... 

Tilton, br g, 188, by Constellation. . . 
Tilton Almont, b s, 1872, by Almont, 

dam by Clark Chief (dead) .......... 

Tilton B., b g, 188 by Tilton Al- 

mont, dam by John Nelson ......... 

Tim O., b g, 188, by Graham's Mam- 

brino ........... .' ................. 

Time Medium, b s, 1880, by Happy 

Medium Decorah, by Mambrino 

Time ............................. 

Tim Kane, br s, 1890, by Judge Trum- 

ble Brown Nell ................... 

Timothy, b g, 187 by Hindoo ....... 

Tina F., b m, 1888, by Tamarisk ..... 

Tinker, b g, 188, by Blckford Forrest 
Tinker, b s, 1880, by Geo -ge M. Patch- 

en Jr., dam by Uncle Tom ......... 

Tinnie B., br m, 1875, by Black Pilot 

Oooney, by Stewart Morgan ........ 

Tin Plate, 'br s, 1891, by Durango- 

Nickle Plate, by Belmorit .......... 

Tiny, b g, 1880, by Solicitor Red 

Bird, by Harold .................. 

Tiny, br m, 1889, by Electioneer 

Telie, by Gen. Benton ............. 

Tiny B., 'b m, 1886, by Charley B. 

Pauline, by Prince Imperial ...... 

Tiny Moore, b m, 1891, by Judge 

Tranby Minnie H., by Legal Ten- 

der Jr ............... .' ............. 

Tiny Rogers, b m, 1886, by Prairie 

Star lone, by Wapsie ............. 

Tioga Belle, b m, 188, by Hiatoga 

Chief .......................... ... 

Tipple, b m, 1884 by Echo Hatha- 

way Mare, by Wnipple's Hamble- 

tonian ............................. 

Tippo Tib. b g, 1880, by Reliance, 

dam by Mambrino Rattler ......... 

Tipseco, b s, 1884, by Louis Napoleon, 

dam by Garibaldi 1 ................. 

Tipton Boy, b g, 1881, by Gypsy 

Chief Whelan Mare, by George S. 

Patcihen ........................... 

Tip Tyler, blk s, 1888, by Wilton- 

Lady Simmons, by Honest Allen ____ 
Tirzan, b m. 1877, by Swige-.-t Lady, 

by White Stockings ............... 

Tirziah, ch an, 1888, by Penrose 

Dinah, by Little Crow ............. 

Title Clear, ch m, 188, by Great 

Hopes ............................ 

Titania, ch m, 1878, by Aberdeen- 

Bonnie Lassie, by O. J. Wells ...... 

Tito, b s, 1887, by Egbert Laura, by 

Billy Adams ....................... 

T. J. Potter, gr g, 187, pedigree not 

traced ............................ 

To'csin. ch s, 1879. by Almont Jenny 

Martin, by Star Denmark .......... 

Toinetibe, b' m, 1884, by Onward 




2:24V a 


2:26 1 /4 

2:27V a 




2:27V 2 



















Sally B., by Lever ................ 

Token, b in, 1888, by Onward Alarm, 

by Alinont ........................ 

Tola, gr m, 1873, by Sailton Nelly 

Grey ... ..... ..... ................ 

Tola, b s, 1889, by Vatican--- Gallie C., 

by Peavlne ........................ 

Tolu Maid, br m, 1871, by Red Bird. . 
Toman, dh g, 1890, by Edgardo, dam 

by Olympus- ....................... 

Tom Allen, blk g, 1874, by Honest 

Allen Lucy Smith, by Brignoli ..... 
Tom Arden, b g, 1885, by Rues Den- 

mark .............................. 

Toon Bailey, b g, 188, by Sam, B., 

dam by Tom Oi-owder. . . '. .......... 

Tom Baird, b s, 188, pedigree not 

traced ............................ 

Tom Barry, b g, 187, by Warwick 

Boy, dam by Tattler Jr ............ 

Tom Bayard, b g, 187, pedigree not. 

traced ............................ 

Tom B. Patchen, br s, 1871, by Chur- 

cMU Horse, dam by Benson Horse. 
Tom Britton, be g, 1805, by Mam- 

brunelio (dead) .................... 

Tom Brown, eh g, 1870, by Adam's 

Bald Chief, dam by Sam Slick ...... 

Toon Cameron, gr g, 1872, by Scott's 

Hia toga Old Pac, by Paeoiet ...... 

Tom Carpenter; b g, 1883, by Thomas 

Jefferson Shepperdess, by Jack 

Shepperd .......................... 

Tom Corwin, b s, 1880, by Smuggler 

Lily Shields*, by King's Cadmus.. 
Tom Covington, blk s, 1883, by Limber 

Jim Old Kate ........ ............ 

Tom Dixon, b s, 188, by Princeps. .. 
Tom Drew, b s, 188, by Young Dir- 

igo Wild BLid, by Patchen, Boy. . . . 

Tom Bdran ........................ 

Tom H., b s, 188, by Tom Scott. . . . 

Tom Hook, b s, 1889, by Cyclone Nan 

Brown, by Col. Hainbrick .......... 

Tom H., b g, 188, by Tom Scott ____ 

Tom Hull, b g, pedigree not traced. . 
Tom Jacobs, b g, 1885, by Clark's 

Hanib^etonian ..................... 

lorn Judge, b g, 1888, by Melrose 

Molly Clark, by Holabird's Ethan 

Allen ............................. 

Tom Hamilton, b g, 1885, by Ham- 

ilton ...................... * ....... 

Tom Hendricks, gr g, 1873, by Tom 

Hunter ........................... 

Tom Hendricks, b g, 1868, by Tom 

Rolfe Black Sal, by Copperbottom . 
Tom, b g, 186, by Jersey 

Star Betsy Baker (dead) ......... 

Tom King, b e, 1883, by Daniel Boone 

Dolly Bidwell ................... 

Tom Kirkwood, bl s, 1874, by Green's 

Bashaw Nancy Bell, by Gales' Mor- 

gan ............................. 

Tom Knox. ch s, 1883, by Telephone 

Topsy, by Currier Horse ......... 

Tom Mackey, br g, 1886, by Hotspur 

Chief Belle Herman, by Hermes... 
Tom Malloy, bl g, 187, by Phil Sher- 

idan .............................. 

Tom Medium, b s, 188, by Riley 

Medium Queen, by Harris ........ 

Tern Medley, b g, 187 pedigree not 

traced ............................ 

Tom Miller, ch s. 1889, by Williams 

Pearl K., by Egmont ............ 

Tom Moore, b s, 1868, by Jupiter 

Abdallah Nelly Moore ............ 

2:30 Tom Murray, b g, 1883, by Chester 
Chief Murray Mare, by Nanny 

2 :14% i Horse 

Tom Scott, g g, 188, by Nutwood. 

2:29% Tommy, b g, 1879, by Aberdeen- 
Jenny Baker 

2;21% , Tommy B., b g, 1875, by Caledonian 

2:23!4 i Chief Kitty, by James' Toronto 
Chief Jr 

2:12*4 Tommy B., b g, 188, by Hotspur Jr. 
Tommy Dodd, ro g, by Alexander, 

2 :22 dam by Mystery 

I Tommy G., b g, 1887, by Queen's 

2:1614! Phallas Clara G., by Brilliant Gold- 
dust . 

2:2S'/ 4 
2:27V 2 
2:26 i 
2:27% i 
2:23% ' 

2:23y 2 | 

2:28Vi i 

2:27Vi I 
2.28% i 
2:27</i I 



2 :21 

2:2iy 2 I 
2 :30 
2:25 i 

2 :30 
2:29 14 
2 -27% 
2:23-} 4 

Tommy Gates, br g, 1871, by The 

Moor, dam by Little John 2d ....... 

Tommy Lee, b g, 1886, by Rescue, 

dam by Allison's Red Buck ........ 

Tommy Norwood, b g, 1873, by Nor- 

wood, dam by Gen. Knox ____ '. . . . 
Tommy R., b g, 188 by Tom Jef- 

ferson ............................ 

Tommy Root, gr g, 188, by Teller- 

Nelly Elmo, by St. Elmo .......... 

Tommy Tosser, b g, 188, by Busy 

Boy ............................... 

Tommy Wilkes, br s, 1883, by Young 

Wilkes Lady Gift ................ 

Tomoka, gr s, 1886, by St. Leon- 

Columbia, by Knickerbocker ....... 

Tom Pugh, ch s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 

Lottie Temple, by Mambrino 

Temple ........................... 

Tom Rogers, b g, 188, by Dartmouth 
Tom Rogers, bl s, 1876, by George 

Wilkes Nelly (dead) .............. 

Tom Rolfe, b g, 1877, by Tom Rolfe 

Carlo tta, by Fearnaugbt Jr ...... 

Tom Thome, ch s, 1886, by Western 

Boy Belle Cromwell, by Abdallah 

Mambrino ......................... 

Tom Tinker, bl g, 1881, by Hamble- 

hawk Gentle Anna, by Black Dan.. 
Tom Tucker, b g, 1886, by Fieldmont 

Flirt, by Forrest Golddust ...... 

Tom Walter, ch g, 186, by Grey Mes- 

senger (dead) ..................... 

Tom Wonder, br g, 186, pedigree not 

traced (dead) _____ ................. 

Tono, ch g, 188, by Judge Salisbury 
Tonquin, b s, 1888, by Lord Russell 

Tricara, by Annapolis ............. 

Tony, ch s, 1887, by Kenmore 

Aristina, by Aristos ............... 

Tony Boy, ch s, 1889. by C. F. Clay 

Lady Alexander, by France's Al- 

exander ......................... 

Tony D., cr g, 188, by Goodfellow. .. 
Tony Denton, ch s, 1887, by Sir Den- 

ton Belle C., by Masterlode ...... 

Tony Hill, blk e, 188, by Boston 

Wilkes ............................ 

Tony Klock, ch s, 1887, by Mambri- 

tonian Lady Klock .............. 

Tony Medium, b m, 188, by Shen- 

nan Medium Jessie B ............. 

Tony Newell, b g, 1874, by Clark 

Chief Jr. Collins Mare, by Embry's 

Lexington ........................ 

Tony V., b s, 1890; by Vatican, dam 

by Sales Horse ................... 

Topaz, bl s, 1888, by Culler's Ham 

Motly. by Sam .................... 

Top Royal, b s, 1888, by Nil Desperan- 

dum Roeburn, by Thorndale ....... 

Topsy, b m, 1885, by Jim Swigert 

Lady Erlington, by Erlington ..... 


2 :30 



2 :24 





2 :29'/4 








2:22 ] /4 

2 :20% 


2:26i/ 2 

2 :27 

2 :26 


2 :30 
2 :24*4 


2 :18% 



Topsy, br m, 188, by Royal Fear- 
naught Dolly Smith, by Fisk's 
Mambrino Chief Jr 2:28 

Topsv, bl m., 187, by Charley B. 
Lucy 2:29V4 

Topsy, b m, 1891, by Grandissimo 
Flora B., by Whippleton 2:27 

Topsy, bl m, 1873, by Skinkle Ham- 
bletonian Flora Belle, by Prince... 2:30 

Topsy, b m, 1872, by Walkill Chief, 
dam by Holabird's Ethan Allen 
(dead) 2:21% 

Topsy C., b m, 1888, by Prince L. 
Gazelle 2:29% 

Topsy M., b m, 1881, by Trogan Boy. . 2:30 

Topsy V., ch m, 188, pedigree not, 
traced 2:30 

Tornado, b g, 1885, by Dom Pedro- 
Cora Collins, by Ned Forrest 2:29 

Toronto Chief Jr., br s, 187, by 
Jones' Toronto Chief 2:26X4 

Toronto Maid, br m, 1876, by Captain 
Lady Mack, by Toronto Chief ... 2:28% 

Toea, gr in, 1886, by Enfleld Susie 
G., by Sip 2:19% 

Tosca, b m, 1887, by Grand Senti- 
nelJane, by Sweepstakes 2:19Vi 

Tot, b m, 1884, by Young Columbus 
Jr. Young Maggie, by Vermont Vol- 
unteer 2:24 

Touchstone, b g, 188, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr 2:30 

Townsend Chief, b s, 1885, by Bonnie 
Wi Ikes Alice Townsend, by Niagara 
Chief : 2:27V 2 

Toy, ro g, 188, by Blackwood 
Chief 2:27y 2 

Tracy, br e, 1886, by Mambrino Dud- 
ley Knick Knack, by Knicker- 
bocker 2:26% 

Trafalgar, b s, 1887, by. Nelsom Fan- 
nie Drew, by Dingo. ." 2:28% 

Tr!i""ord, r-h s. 1887, by Red Wilkes 
Missie, by Westwood (pacing 2:23). . 2:27% 

Tramp, b g, 188, pedigree not traced 2:29V4 

Tramp Jr., ch s, 187, by Tramp- 
Belle, by Barnard's Muscatine 2:30 

Trampoline, ch s, 1869, by Tramp- 
Yellow Bird, by Green's Bashaw... 2:23 

Tramp S., ch s, 1883, by Tramp- 
Belle, by Muscatine (dead) 2:21*4 

Transit, b s, 1883, by Prompter- 
Venus, by California Dexter 2:26^ 

Trapeze, b m, 1885, by Rumor Zoe, 
by Gen. Knox 2:27 

Traveler, ch g, 185, by Flying Mor- 
gan (dead) 2:27Va 

Treadway, b g, 1881, by Aristos Jr. 
Grnhnm Mare, hv Young Jackson . 2:24% 

Tremont, b e, 1875. by Belmont 
Virginia, by Abdallah 2:28% 

Trevillian, b s. 1889, by Young Jim 
Miss Klttrlderp. by Gambptta 2:08% 

Tribune, b s. 1882, by Knickerbocker 
"School Girl, by Mambrino Patchen 2:25^ 

Tribune Jr., br s, 1889, by Tribune 
Kntp Shelley, hv HambVhowk 2:30 

Tribute, b s, 1886. by Tribune Hat- 
tie Hogan, by Administrator 2:25% 

THcotrin, b s. 1884, by W. H. Max- 
wellLady Klock. bv Younor Onedia 2:25 

Trident Jr/. bl s. 1885, bv Trident- 
Lady Clayton, by Bay Dick 2:27% 

Trifle, b m. 1874, by Trouble Fanny, 
bv Quaker Joe 2:29% 

Trifle, b g, 1882, by Wilder Flaxy, 
by Marco 2:26% 

Trilly Way, b m, 1888, by Baird's 

Hambletonian Prince Kittie Wheel- 
er 2:25% 

Trim, ch g, 1885. by Young Den- 
markLady Blackey, by King Will- 
iam Jr 2:16% 

T:-inculo, ch e, 1880, by Monroe Flora 
McGregor, by Robert McGregor... 2:29 

Trinket, b m, 1875, by Princeps 
Ouida, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian. 2:14 

Trio, b m, 1868, by Volunteer Lady 
Sears, by Seely's American Star 2:23% 

Tristan, br s, 1886, by Forward 
Parthenia, by Almont Rattler 2:22% 

Triumph, b s, 1889, by Richwood 
Belle Clay, by Strader's Cassius M. 
Clay Jr 2:29% 

Triumph, br s, 1883, by Stockholm... 2:27% 

Trixey, b m, 1890, by Embassador, 
dam by Star Hambletonian 2:30 

Trixie, br m, 1882, by John Gold- 
smith, dam by Black Harry Clay . 2:26% 

Trixter, ch s, 1884, by Executor- 
Lucy H., by Almont 2:25% 

Trombone Rex, b s, 1888, by Dictator 
Cadenza, by King Rene 2:15% 

Trotwood. br s, 1883, by Swigert 
Lady Clare, by Volunteer 2 :22% 

Trotwood, b s, 1889, by Phallas Ma- 
tilda, by Nutwood 2:27% 

Troubadour, bl g, 1874. by Revenge 
Illinois Maid, by Black Donald 
(dead) 2:19% 

Trouble, b s, 1879, by Nigger Doctor 
Nelly B., by Sherman Black Hawk 
Jr 2:24-% 

Troublesome, br m, 1877, by Messen- 
ger Duroc Lady Bryant, by Brig- 
no'i (dead) 2:25% 

Troublesome, ch g, 188, by Thorn- 
dyke 2:19% 

Trousseau, ch m, 1878. by Nutwood 
Molly Trussell, by Pilot Jr 2:28% 

Troy Belle, ch m, 1885, by untraced 
sire Bird, by Sanders' Mohawk ... 2:29% 

True Blue, blk e, 188, by Blue 
Blood v 2:30 

True Blue, b m, 1875. by Blue Bull 
Miss Davidson, bv Pocahontas Boy 2 :25 

Truemont, blk g, 1888, by Altamont 
Minnie, by Rook wood 2:21% 

Truman, b s, 1888. by Electioneer 
Telie, by Gen. Benton 2:12 

Trumpeter, br s, 1881. by Challenger 
Nashville, bv Woodford Mambrino 2:20% 

Trustpe, b g, 188 pedigree not traced 2:25 

T. T. S., ch g, 1880, bv Melrose 
Ajax. by Vermont Hambletonian . . . 2:19% 

Tube Rose, br m. 1887. by King Al- 
mostRose Chief, by Brown Chief . 2:30 

Tucker, ch g. 1877. by Strathmore 
Fannv Shuff. by Bob Henry 2:19 

Tulu, b m, 1889, by Oriole Dora L., 
by Wellington 

Tumn Winston, ch g. 187. by Primus 

T"na. b m. 1886. by Woodward's 
Ethan Allen Jr. Fortuna, bv Almont 2:18% 

Tiiral. b s, 188, by Mambrino 
Startle 2:23% 

Turk, ch s, 1881. by Arthur, S. 
Nelly Spoon, bv Blue Bull . 2:27 

Turk, br g. 1883. bv Coriander 
Georgiana, bv Evan Dhu 2:17% 

Turner, b s, 1885, by Alsyone Nettie, 
hv Gray's Tom Hal 2:23% 

Turner, b s. 1884. bv Mambrino 
ptr>hen Lady Ayres, by Redmon's 
Abdallah 2:28% 

Turner Boy, b s, 1889, by Dick 



Wilkes Kate, by 

Stockdale's Dil- 

Tuscarora, b s, 1890, by Antonio- 
Reality, by Princeps 

Twang, b g, 185, by Handley's Hia- 
toga, dam by Young Eclipse 

Twang, b s, 1886. by Alcyone Twin- 
kle, by Knickerbocker 

Twiggs, b g, 1887, by Judge Rysdyk 
Jess, by Beckwith Horse 

Twilight, b m, 1883, by Pocohontas 
Boy Champion Belle, by King's 

Twilight, gr g, 1884, by Arnold Grey 
Mag, by Mike McCool 

Twilight, gr m, 186, by Washington 
Jackson (dead) 

Twinebinder, br g, 1880, by Panic 

Twinkle, ch m, 1889, by Egmont May 
Powell, by Major Powell 

Twinkle, br m, 1887, by Dictator- 
Flora Wilkes, by George Wilkes 

Twist, ro m, 1886, by Jay Bird Tas- 
sell. by Rathlin (dead) 

Tybalt, 'blk s, 1885, by Altamont 
Nelly Kaihler, by Mike 

Tycho, b s, 1885, by Jerome Eddy- 
Clay Thorne, by Hiram 

Tyler, ro g, 187, pedigree not traced 

Tyler Wilkes, br s, 188, by Wild 

Typhoon, br s, 1879, by Narragansett 
Ellen Swigert. by Swigert 

Typhoon, b m 1886, by Lord Russell- 
Storm, by Middletown 

Tyranus, blk s, 1889, by Young Wilkes 
Rosetta, by Pickering (pacing 
2:22V 4 ) .........* 

Tyrant Chief, b s, 1883, by Tyrant- 
Nelly, by Young Woful 

Tyringham. b s, 1883, by Alcantara 
Volante, by Messenger Duroc 

Tyrolean, gr s, 1884, by Pilot Medium 
Mary Courts, by Bay Middleton.. 

Ulee Wilkes, bl& nf, 1888, by Guy 
Wilkes Sable, by The Moor 

Ulva, gr m, 1879, by Wedgewood 
Tulip, by Alexander's Abdallan 

Umber, br s, 1881, by William Rysdyk 
Begum, by Alcalde 

Umbria, b m, 1886, by Pennant Mam- 
brino Maud, by Mambrino Paris 

Una, b m, 1874, by Almont Mangos- 
tine, by imp. Mango 

Una Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Guy 
Wilkes Blanche, by Arthurton 

Una Young, b m, 1885, by Gen. Stan- 
tonJenny, by Grantham Chief 

Uncas, b g, 188, by Onsight 

Uncle Dave, sp g, 187, by Indepen- 

Uncle Henry, br s, 1889, by Bolton 
Sprague Black Rose, by Swigert 

Uncle Josh, ro s, 1890, oy Arsaces 
Nydia Sprague, by Governor Sprague 

Uncle Sam, b s, 1888, by Louis Napo- 
leonSeldom, by Durango 

Uncle Tom, ro g, 1889, by Sphinx- 
May C., by Dunbarton 

Union Medium, b s, 1885, by Happy 
Medium Camilla, by Strader's Cas- 
sius M. day Jr 

Union Wilkes, gr s, 188, by Mam- 
brino Wilkes 

Unkamet, ch s, 1890, by Lancelot 
Rusina, by Belmont 

Unknown, ch g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

U. N. O., ch g, 1877. by Carenaught. 






2:28V 2 

2:28V 4 




2:20% | 








2:22% j 



Unolala, b m, 1871. by Volunteer- 
Flora, by Harry Clay (dead) . 

Up-and-Up, b g, ' 187, pedigree not 

Upright Wilkes, blk s, 1888, by Honor 
Miss Hay don, by Mambrino Foster 

Urbana Belle, b m, 1S78, by J. H 
Welsh Mary Belle, bv Breckinridge 

Useful, b g, 188, by Gambetta 

Ursula, b m, 1889 by Onward Maud, 
by Mambrino Time 

Utell, b s, 1887, by Square Dealer- 
Romping Girl, by Mambrino Royal 

U. Tell, br g, 1886, by Star Etlhan. *. . 

Utella, blk m, 1888, by Charley B. 
Wilkes dam by Miller Horse 

Utility, b m, 1885, by Electioneer 
Consolation, by Dictator 

Vadel, b m, 1887, by Vasco Delmo- 
netto, by Delmouico 

Val, b s, 188, by Vasco Lee, by 

Valeour, ch s, 1882, by . King Rene- 
Marietta, by Mambrino Hedgeford. 

Valdemeer, b s, 1880, by Harold 
Vassal", by Belmont 

Valensin, ch s, 1883, by Crown Point 
Netty Lambert, by John Nelson. . 

Valentine, br g, 1880, by Kentucky 
Clay Jr. Queen 

Valentine, gr m, 1883, by Georgia 

Valentine Chief, blk s, 188, by Val- 
entine Swigert Maggie, by Monroe 

Valentine Sprague, blk s, 1884, by 
Gilbird's Sprague Fleda, by Grant's 
Hambletonian .' 

Valletta, br m, 1887, by Dresden- 
Nelly Wilson, by Onward 

Valiant, b s, 1871, by Enchanter 
Lorena, by Volunteer 

Valissa, b m, 1887, by Vasco Chess, 
by Magic 

Valkyr, b m, 1882, by Volunteer Star 
Susie, by Corbeau 

Valley Boy, b g, 1876, by Aberdeen- 
Flora, by Plow Boy 

Valley Chief, gr s, 187, by Phil Sher- 
idan, dam by Ben Bolt 

Valley Girl, b m, 1870, by Walkill 
Chief Madam Swiveller, by Henry 
Clay Jr 

Vallev Girl, dh m, 1889, by Valdameer 
Ella Steele, by Dan Underwood. . . 

Valley Queen, b m, 1891, by Sphinx- 
Mascot, by Red Wilkes 

Valse, b in, 1889, by Onward 
Cachuca, by Almont 

Vanadis, ch s, 1886, by Star of the 
West Fringa, by Almont Rattler. . 

Van Buren Wilkes, blk s, 1885, by 
Young Wilkes Fanny Easier, by 
Night Hawk 

Vancor, b g, 188 

Vandeen. b s, 1889. by Clay Cuyler 
Dolly Dean, by Forest Mambrino. . . 

Vanderlynn, b g, 1874, by George M. 
Patchen Jr. Lady Scully, by Joseph 

Van Duke, b s, 1880, by Ryse Duke 
Indian Maid, by Saturn 

2:18% Vanessa, b m, 1888, by Aberdeen 
Belle Donna, by Peavine 

2:29% Van Helmont, blk s, 1884, by Har- 
bingerLady, by Gen. Knox 

2:22V4i Vanity, b m, 1889. by Valdemeer 
Add'ie Wilkes, by Idol Wilkes 

2:23 Vanity Fair, b g, 1867, by Albion 

2:2-1% Van Robin, oh g, 1891, by Vatican. . . . 

2:22i/ 4 





































Vanquish, blk s, 1889, by Hambleton- 
ian Mambrino Natilla J., by Rock- 
wood 2:19 

Van Tassel, b s, 1884, by Crittenden 

Princess Alice, by Ashland Chief. 2:28V 2 
Van Troinp, b s, 1884, by Badger 
Boy Springfield Maid, by Lakeland 

Abdallah 2:29 

Vashto, b s, 1886, by Ambassador 

Jenny, by Robert Fillingham J" 2:27% 

Vassar, b s, 1889, by Vatican Nell, 

by Bstill Eric (pacing 2:07) 2:21% 

Vatican, b s, 1879, by Belmont Vara, 

by Ryedyk's Hambletonian 2:29% 

Vatican, ch s, 1887, by Acolyte- 
Santa Glaus, by Magic 2:18 

Veda, b m, 1887, by Electioneer Isma, 

by Gen. Benton 2:26V4 

Vega, blk s, 1887, by Woodb"ino 

Blackstone Belle, by Blackstone 2:15% 

Velmar, b s, 1887, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor, Credulity, by Belmont.... 2:28% 

Velocity, b g 2:26 

Velox, b m, 1875, by Knickerbocker, 

dam by Rysdvk's Hambletonian.... 2:30 
Velvet, ch s, 1886, by Tramp Bracket, 

by Peacock 2:28 

Velvet, blk m, 1888, by Brown Wilkes 

Helmet, by Nutwood 2:22% 

Vendetta, blk m, 1886, by Black Cloud 

El-Pe-Nice, by Parisian 2:28% 

Vendetta, b s, 1888, by Reveille 

Kitty Morgan, by Joe Downing Jr. 2:20% 
Vonita Wilkes, b m, 188, by Guy 
Wilkes San Mateo Maid, by Spec- 
ulation 2:13 

Venture, b s, 1887, by Jerome Eddy- 
Maggie Burns, by Green Mountain 

Chief ...: 2:30 

Venture, ch s, 1864, by California 
Belmont Miss Mostyn, by American 

Boy Jr. (dead) 2:27% 

Vera, b m, 1886, by Kentucky Vol- 
unteerLady Graves, by Smuggler. 2:25 
Vera, b m, 1886, by Geo -ge O. Roxie 

Bee, by Squire Talmage 2 :29% 

Vera. b m, 1886, by Hamdallah 

Dolly 2d, by Abdallah Bird 2:22% 

Vera, br m, 1889, by Stamboul 

Garred, by Junius 2:18% 

Vera, b m, 1889, by Viking Mar- 

quette, by Bona Fide 2:25% 

Vera. b m, 188, by Young Harry 

Clay 2:26% 

Verdi, b s. 1890, by Rumot> Cymbal, 

by Gen. Knox 2:25'/ 2 

Verdict, b s, 188, by Hamlin's 

Almont Jr 2:27% 

Veritas, b g, 1884, by Mark Field Bay 

Dell, by Advance 2:16% 

Verlinda B., gr m, 188, by Orion, 

dam by Mambrino Columbus 2:20 

Vermont, dh g, 1887. by Beaumont>- 

Verdant, by Billy Green 2:29 yd 

Vernet. b g, 188, by Red Eagle, 

dam by Wright's Rattler 2:27% 

Vernette, b m, 1881, by Manchester- 
Ella Madden, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian 2:23% 

Vernmont, ch s, 1886, by Flaxmont 

Fancy, by Bill 2:29 

Vernon. gr s, 1885. by May Boy Lucy 

Vernon. by Speculation 2:26V4 

Vernwood, gr s, 1889. by Wilkeswood 

Verney, by Haw Patch 2:26 

Verona, ro m, 1883, by Picket Berks 

County Maid 2 -21% 

Verona ' Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Guy 

Wilkes Glen Ellen, by Arthurton.. 2:27 
Veronica, b m, 1884, by Alcona' 

Fontana, by Almont 2:29 

Versailles Girl, b m, 1870, by Stephen 

A. Douglas, dam by Tippoo 2:25% 

Vertex, b g 2 :21% 

Vesolia, b m, 1886, by Stamboul 

Inez, by The Moor 2:29% 

Vespasian, b s, 1882. by Hull Bon- 
nie Bessie, by Backman's Abdallah 

Star 2:24% 

Vesta, bl m, 1885, by Monaco- 
Country Girl, by Blazing Star 2:27% 

Vesta, dh m, 188, by Guy Wilkes 

Annie G., by Dan Voorhis 2:30 

Vestabula, b s, 1890, by Pilot Medi- 
um, dam by Olmedo Wilkes 2:25 

Vesta Medium, gr m, 1886, by Pilot 

Medium Vesta, by McFerran .... 2:29% 
Vic H., br m, 1884, by Reavis' Black- 
birdEllen Swigert, by Swigert ... 2:12% 
Vichmont, ch g, 188, by Olympus... 2:30 
Vic Hunter, b m, 188, by Gen. 

Thomas 2:23% 

Victor, ro g, 1888, by Garnet Wilkes 

Darkness, by Reconstruction .... 2:29% 
Victor, br s, 1871, by Gen. Knox 

Kate 2:23 

Victor b g, 188 2:24% 

Victor, b g, 1877. by Rysdyk Dolly 

by Phenomenon 2:21% 

Victor, br s, 188 by Echo 2:22 

Victor, br s, 1870, by Young Darkey- 
Fanny Norton, by Vermont Morgan. 2:29% 
Victor B., br s, " 1883, by Alaric 

Daisy, by Coon Horse 2:20 

Victor Clay, b g, 1879, by Victor Mo- 
hawkLady Clay, by Clark's Pay- 
master 2 :26% 

Victor Duroc, ch g, 1878, by Victor 
Mohawk Annetta, by Messenger 

Duroc 2:28 

Victor E., br g, 188 by H. W. 

Beecher 2:28% 

Victor Hambrino, b s. 1885, by Victor 

Bismarck Beauty, by Hambrino .. 2:20 
Victor Hugo, ch s, 1889, by Seneca 

Patchen Carrie P., by Spink 2:23% 

Victoria, ch m, 1878, pedigree not 

traced 2:30 

Victoria McGregor, ch m, 1887, by 
Robert McGregor Victoria, by Dic- 
tator 2:19% 

Victoria Wilkes, b m, 1885, by On- 
wnrd Victoria, bv Dictator ...... 2:19% 

Victor ^., b g, 188, pedigree not 

traced 2 :29'/4 

Victor Sprague, b s, 1881, by George 

Sprague Sylvia, by Swigert 2:29% 

Victor Sprague. ch ., 1890, by Sprague 

Adelaide, by Tendoy 2:26% 

Victor V., ch s, 1889, by Deacon- 
Pauline by Darby 2:29% 

Victor Wilkes, b s, 188, by Victor 

Bismarck 2:29% 

Victor Wilkes, gr g, 188, by Young 

Wilkes Dolly, by Little Giant .... 2:26% 
Victory, b s, 1881. bv Alden Gold- 
smith Jannette. by Swierert 2:24% 

Victress, b m, 1888, by Brown Vic- 
toria, by Dictator 2:28% 

VirlnMa, bv m. 1883. by Abdallah 

Wilkes Visette by Voltaire 2:23% 

Vida, b g. 188, by Viking, dam 

by Ben Morrill 2:23% 

Virla Wilkes. ch m. 1888. by Guy 

Wilkes Vixen, bv Nutwood 2-18% 

Vidette. b m, 1882, by Scott's Dave 



Hill Jr. Black Beauty, by David 

Hill Jr 2:23% 

Viking, ch s, 1881, by Belmont 
Waterwitch, by Pilot Jr. (dead) ... 2:19% 

Vilette, b m, 1878, by Volunteer Jr. 
Lady Hill by Davis' Tom Kim- 
ball ' 2:22% 

Village Girl, ch m, 1866, by Canadian 
Black Hawk Desjardiu 2:28 

Villiers, br s, 1891, by Norval Ca- 
thedral, by Gen. Wilkes 2:27% 

Vina Belle, br m, 1889, by Nephew 
Flushing Belle, by Dictator 2:15% 

Vinco, b s, 1885, by Kentucky Bel- 
mont Ally, by Lewis' Stone Plover 2:30 

Vincent Cromwell, br s, 1880, by Gov. 
Sprague, dam by Administrator ... 2:30 

Vindex, oh g, 1885, by Mark Field- 
Bay Dell, by Advance 2:29% 

Vinmont, b s;, 1889, by Altamont 
Venetia, by Almont 2:29 

Viola, br m, 186, by Morgan Prince, 
dam by King George (dead) 2:28 

Viola Clay, b m, 1884, by Volunteer 
Clay Mary Norwood, by Norwood.. 2:24% 

Viola Medium, b m, 1886, by Happy 
Medium Topsy Taylor, by Alexan- 
der's Norman, 2 :25 

Violin, b g, 1878, byWilliam Welch 
May, by Blue Bull 2:25% 

Virgin, ch m, 1887, by Allandorf 
Virgie R., by Crittenden 2:28% 

Virginia Evans, bl m, 1885, by Ken- 
tucky Wilkes Lady Thornton, by 
Mapes Horse 2:15% 

Virginius, b s, 1886, by Phallamout 
Theresa Lambert, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:19% 

Virus, b s, 188 by Vatican 2:29% 

Visalia, b m, 1891, by Iris Scratch 
Loppy 2:20 

Viscount, bl s, 1883, by Adminis- 
trator Lydia Montague, by Tippoo 
Bashaw 2 :28 

Vision, b m, 1868, Ed.^all Clay Lady 
Hopkins, by Bolivar 2:26% 

Vivandiere, br m, 1870, by Sentinel, 
dam by Young Engineer 2:2V/' 2 

Vivian, b m, 1885, by Homer Clara 
G., by Beecher 2:27% 

Vivian, br m, 1889, by Golden Bow 
Frankie, by Franklin 2 :22 

Vivid C., b g, 187, by Schuyler Col- 
fax Vivid, by John C. Fremont ... 2:28V4 

Vladimir, ch g, 1870,' by Woodburn 
Pilot Princess, by Honest Allen ... 2:28% 

Volatile, bl m, 1883, by Chicago Vol- 
unteerLady Rysdyk, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian 2 :27% 

Volbrino H., b s, 188- by Hannibal 
Eastlake, by Volunteer 2:26% 

Voleta, b m, 1884, by Abdallah 
Wilkes Volette, by Voltaire 2:23 

Vol'ery, b s, 188. by Woodbrino... 2:21% 

Volmer, br s, 1879, by Gambetta 
Ulster Queen, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian 2:24% 

Volney. b g. 1868. by Volunteer.-Dolly 
Martin, by Defiance 2 :23 

Volney, ch g, 188, by Lakeside 2:24 

Volney, br g. 1884, by Voltaire Nelly, 
Jt>y Alden Goldsmith 2:26% 

Volney True Blue, b g 2 :27 

Volta, ch . 1889, by Benton Gold 
Bug. by Enfield 2:19 

Voltaire, br e, 1868. bv Tattler 
Young Portia, by Mambrino Chief 
(dead) 2:20% 

Volunteer, br s, 1871, by Gen. Dana 

Novato Damsel, by Nova to Chief. . 2:27 
Volunteer, b g, 1881, by Toronto 

Chief Jr. Polly, by Touchstone... 2:25% 
Volunteer Chief, b g, 1878, by Volun- 
teerJosephine, by Morrill 2:29% 

Volunteer D., gr g, 188, by Diplomat, 

dam by Chicago Volunteer 2:27 

Volunteer Maid, b m, 1867. by Vol- 
unteerFanny, by Drew Horse 2:27 

Volunteer Prince, b g, 188, by Virgo 2:26% 
Volusia, b m, 1884, by Antar Admin- 
istratrix, by Administrator 2:20% 

Von Arnim, b s, 1874, by Sentinel- 
Mary Short, by Blood's Black Hawk 2:19% 

Von R., b s, 1886, by Von Arnim 
Sister, by Swigert 2:29% 

Von Suar, b s, 1886, by Bonnie Bay- 
Moonshine, by Mambrino Hamble- 
tonian 2:27V4 

Voodoo, b s, 1888, by Stamboul Eva, 
by Sultan 2:271/2 

Vortex, b g, 1887, by Walker Mor- 
rill 2:21% 

Voucher, br g, 1881, by Nephew- 
Fanny Traherne, by Patchen Ver- 
non 2:22 

Voyager, br m, 1890, by Norval Sa- 
hara, by Challenger 2:30 

Vrowsky. b s. 1887. by Red Wilkes 
Nelly, by Hainbrmo 2:18%. 

V. R. S., b m^ 1877, by a swn of 
Fearnaught 2 :29% 

Vulcan, bl g. 186. by Green Moun- 
tain Banner, dam by Vermont 
Hambletonian (dead) 2:25 

Vyzant, b s. 1888, by Bezant Viola 
Duch, by Guide 2:17y 4 

Wabash, ch s, 1885, by Red Wilkes 
Lottie Patchen, bv Mambrino 
Patchen 2:20 

Waco, b s. 1886. by Erelong Joy, 
by George Wilkes 2:16% 

Wade Hampton, ch g, 1873, by Am- 
boy Lizzie Pollock 2:29% 

Wagner Bashaw, br s. 186 , by 
Green's Bashaw Mayflower, by 
Champion 2:25% 

WiilMner. b g. 1878, by Lexington 
Chief Jr. Jenny, by Fisk's Mam- 
brino Chief Jr 2:24% 

Waldo McGregor, b s, 1885, bv Rob 
Rov McGregor Kate, by Thomp- 
son's Black Hawk 2:29 

Waldstein, br s, 1885. by Director- 
Nelly W., by Electioneer 2:22% 

Walker H., b g. 16. by Peter G. 
Snarkle, by Sparkle 2:26% 

Walkill Boy, b g, 1882. by Sir WM!- 
jcjil Sexta, by Dexter Mohawk 
(dead) 2:24 

Wallace, b g, 1873, by Gen Knox 
Jr. Merrymaker, by Witherell 
Messenger ' 2:2n% 

Wallace, bl g, 187 bv Grey Comet. 2:22% 

WaPace G., ch g. 1882, by Plumas 
Princess . . 2:23% 

WaMula, bl nu 1886, by Altamont 
Ophelia Chiles, by Almont 2:2H% 

Wnlnnt. b ST. 1875. bv Florin Tte- 
M^f. by Afessen^ov HainWetonlan. . 2:19i/4 

Walter. ' clh g, 187 pedigree not 
traced . '. 2:20% 

Walter, er jr. 18S4. npdigrno no<- traced 2:20% 

Walter A br g. IBS 5 ?, bv William A. 
Alien Dolly, by Fparnanjzrht 2:25% 

Wnlter r!.. b . ' 1879. by Moscow- 
Lady Singleton, by Silverheels 2:26% 



Walter D., ch g, 188-, by Palmer 

Horse 2: ^ 5 

Walter Drake, b s, 1880, by Joe 

Gavin Myrtle, by Louis Napoleon.. 2:23% 
Walter E., b g, 1884, by Patchen 
Mambrino Old Morgan, by a son of 

Wagner ^ :1 " 

Walter Herr, ch g, 1885, by Sir Wai- 

ter Sophie, by Lelaps 2: ^ 

Walter J b g, 188, by Keninore.. 2:28% 
Walter K., b g, 188 pedigree not 

traced 2:29% 

Walter King, blk s, 188 by Wilton 
Lady Larabee, by Howard Mam- 
brino 2 :24% 

Walter Mac, ch s, 1884, by Hamble- 

tonian Don Clipper 2 :22% 

Walter O., br g, 187 by Blackstone 2:30 
Walter R., blk s, 188, by Dr. Henry 2:25% 
Walton Boy, gr s, 1881, by Welling- 
tonEve, by Edward Everett 2:20% 

Walton Boy, gr s, 1891, by Disputant 

Santa Glaus Maid, by Santa Claus 2:27% 
Waltz, ch m, 188, by Anderson 

Wilkes 2:291,4 

Wanda, br m, 1889, by Ridgewood 

Fly, by Wide Awake Golddust 2:25% 

Wanda, b m, 1886, by Piedmont 

TJnis, by Electioneer 2:22y 2 

Wanda, b m, 1885, by Eros Accident, 

by Elmo 2:14% 

Waneta, b m, 1889, by Shadeland 

Onward Mocly S., 2:29% 

Waneta, blk m, 188, by C. F. Clay, 

dam by G-ambetta Wilkes 2:28^4 

Wanetah, b m, 1885, by Panic 2:181/4 

Wanita, b m, 1890, by Montaigne 

Grey Princess, by Triumvir 2:29% 

Wanita, ro m. 1885, by Aberdeen- 
Wyoming Belle, by Lowe's Pilot . . 2:20'/ 2 
Wannainaker, br s, 1886, by Charles 

Caffrey Julia, by Happy Medium.. 2:29% 
Wapokisco, gr s, 1886, by Pilot Med- 
iumCassia, by Bay Middleton 2:26 

Wapsie B., blk m, 1883, by Wapsie 

Nelly, by Lander's Red Buck 2:29 

Warcliff, b s, 1885, by Warlock 

Elfreda, by Elwood Medium 2G% 

Warder, ch's, 1883, by Belmont 

Waterwitch, by Pilot Jr 2:29% I 

Ward Medium,, b g, 187, by Happy 

Medium Betty Ward, by Kossuth . . 2 :25% 
Wardship, b s, 1889, by Warlock 

Josie Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:23% 

Wardwell, b g, 1883, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Grace, by Hailstorm (pac- 
ing 2:16%) 2:14% I 

Warlock, b s. 1885, by Whips Nelly 

Walker, by Tho ^ndale 2:24 

Warrant, b g. 1886, by Combat West- 
wood, by Egbert 2:21% 

Warren, b s, 1884, by Aristos Nelly, 

by Black Diamond 2 :20% 

Warren E,, b s, 188, by Sir Walki'.l 
Miss Virgo, by Virgo Hanibleton- 

ian .' 2:30 

Warren Guy, b s, 1892, by Princeer 

Lady Emery, by Monte Carlo 2:25 

Warren McG-egor, oh s, 1888, by Rob- 
ert McGregor Oriena, by Egbert... 2:20-% 
Warren- P., ch g, 188, by William 

H. Allen 2:2G 

Warrior, b g, 1871, by Indian Chief- 
Kitty Clover, by Glave's Rockaway 2:2G 
Warwick, b s, 185, by Ethan Allen 

(dead) 2:29% 

Warwick Medium, b s, 188, by Al- 
mont Medium 2:21% 

Warwick Medium, b s, 188 by Mil- 

ton Medium ...................... 

Warwitch, b m, 1889, by Warlock- 

Badinage, by Madrid (pacing 2:25%)- 
Waterfowl, b s, 1882, by Abbottsford 

Lady Softly, by Speculation ..... 
Water Lilly, b m, 1888, by Sphinx 

Kate Talbert, by Mambrino Gift ... 
Waterloo, b s, 1882, by Belmont 

Waterwitch, by Pilot Jr ........... 

Waterloo Girl, blk m, 1888, by Adrian 

Wilkes Nettie Highly, by Hamble- 

tonian Eclipse ..................... 

Watchword, br s, 1885, by Nil Des- 

peiiandum Daisy Dale, by Thorn- 

dale .............................. 

Watson, b s, 1885, by Wilton Lost 

Heiress, by Woodburn Pilot ....... 

Watt, eh g, 1880, by Lysander Dor- 

lisca, by Rockefellow Horse ...... 

Wat Wat, blk g, 188, pedigree not 

traced .......................... 

Waueo, br &, 1885, by AbdalLah Wilkes 

Nannie Marders, by Clark Chief . . 
Wauseon, ro s, 1884, by Vacher 

Veruey, by Haw Patch ............ 

Wave ____ ' .......................... 

Waveland, br s, 1882, by Waveland 

Chief Dolly H.. by Royal Revenge. 
Wavelet, b m, 1879, by Belmont 

Waterwitch, by Pilot J:- ........... 

Wavelet, b ni, 1885, by Piedmont- 

Wave, by Electioneer ............. 

Wawona, b m, 1885, by Bourbon 

Wilkes Lark, by Abdallah Mam- 

brino ............................. 

Wax, blk g, 188, by Waxford ....... 

Waxford, br s, 1878, by Hemlock- 

Julia .............................. 

Wayland, b s, 1881, by Falcon (dead). 
Way laud W., b s, 188, by Arthur 

Wilkes Lettie, by Waylaiid Forrest 
Waymart, b s, 1883, by Happy Med- 

ium Patsy F., by Mambrino Patch- 

en (dead) ......................... 

Wayne Chief, b s, 1889, by Wayne 

Wilkes Cornelia B., by Blue Bull. . 
Wayne Wilson, ch s, 1883, by Stoner 

Boy Fai.y, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 

tonian ............................ 

Wayside, ch in, 1885, by Ottawa Chief 

Minnie, by Compeer ............. 

W. B. b g, 188, by Ansonia ........ 

W. B. H., ch g, 1882, by Pacing Ab- 

dallah .!....:. ..................... 

W. C. B., b g, 1885, by Victor Mag- 

gie H., by Aubrey Horse ........... 

W E., b g, 188 ................... 

Weasel, oh g, 188, by Scotch Prince 
Weaver Boy, b g, 188 , by Fortune 

Fanny Greeley, by Peter Jones.... 
Webber, br g, 1868, by Como Chief- 

Kitty Hodges, by McKeuzie Morgan 
Wedea K., b s, 1891, by Atwood ..... 
Wedgewood, br s, 1871, by Belmont 

Woodbine, by Woodford ......... 

Wee Wee, b m, 1885, by Pilot Mam- 

brino Pet, by Bostick's Almont Jr. . 
Wehina, ch m,, 1887, by W r oolsey 

Wilhelmina, by Messenger Duroc... 
Welbeck, br s, 1891, by Electricity 

Lula Wilkes, by George Wilkes ____ 
Welcome, b s, 1869, by Arthur Wilkes 

Lettie, by Wayland Forrest ...... 

Wellesley Boy, b g, 1869, by Godfrey 
r-itehpn fr mid) ................... 

Wellington King, ch s, 1888, by Lord 

Wellington Duchess of Iowa, by 

Ryse Duke ....................... 





2 :27% 
2 :25 






2:25V 2 



2 :29% 


2:26V 2 








Wells Fargo, ch g, 1880, by George M. 
Patdhen Ji\, dain by Gen. Taylor... 2:18% 

\Ventworth, b g, 1880, by Abdallali 
Pilot . ........ 2:29% 

Werther, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
Belle Brino, by Hambrino 2:20% 

Wesley Boy, ch g, 188, bv Charley B. 2:2674 

Wesley R., b g, 188 2:26'/ 2 

Westbrook, blk s, 1887, by Patchen 
Wilkes La Belle, by Joe Young 2:23 

Westcihetster Girl, blk m, 187, by 
Peter Story 2:26% 

West Egbert, b s, 1881, by Egbert- 
April Fool, by Smith's Norwood 2:29^ 

Western, b g, 186, by Stephen A. 
Douglas (dead) 2:30 

Western, ch g, 187, by Tramp Dex- 
terMiss Ray, by Dalley Horse 2:25% 

Western Belle, b in, 1876, by Comet- 
Blackbird, by Simpson's Blackbird 
(dead) 2:24% 

Western Boy, b s, 1882, by Empire- 
Jose, by Joe Downing 2:20% 

Western Girl, b m, 1859, by Richard's 
Bellfounder Fanny, by Wild Harry 2:27 

Western New York, b g, 1862, by 
Nonpareil Kate, by Bluoher (dead). 2:29 

Western Pathfinder, b s, 1878, by 
Buell's Pathfinder Flora, by Fisk's 
Mambrino Chief Jr 2:28 

Western Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Senti- 
nel Wilkes Lilly, by Surprise 2:29% 

Westfall, ch s, 1888, by Pretender- 
Sport, by Onward 2:29V4 

Westfall, dn s, 1887, by Adrian 
Wilkes Orphia, by Orphan. 2:29% 

Westfield, Ch g, 186, by Whipple's 
Hamibletonian (dead) 2:26% 

Westland, br s, 1885, by Ool. West 
Knox Girl, by Gen. Knox 2:29% 

West Liberty, ch s, 1869, by Wapsie 
(dead)...... ....! 2:28 

Westmont, b s, 1877, by Col. West- 
Fanny, by Mambrino Sherman 2:24 

Westover, b g, 1875, by Marshal Ney 
Kate Lawrence, by Price's St. 
Lawrence 2:26'/i 

Westward, gr s, 1886, by Onward- 
Helen D., by Amben 2:29*4 

West Wilkes, blk s, 1886, by Sim- 
monsNelly West, by Allie West... 2:22V4 

West Wilkes', blk s, 188, by Norman 
Wilkes...... 2:27 

W. H.. blk s, 1888, by Fred Forest, 
dam by General Taylor 2:24 1 /4 

W. H. Oawddy, b s. 1884, by Young 
Jim Molly, by Rothschild 2:29% 

What Ho, gr g, 188 by A. W. Rich- 
mond 2:25% 

Whalebone, b g, 186, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:29 

Whalebone, b g, 1878, by Walkill 
Dolly Hoyt, by Seely's American 
Star 2:23% 

Whalebone, br s, 1892, by Sable 
Wi'kep Anita, bv La Grand 2:24 

W. H. Bailey, b g, 1885, by Vidette 
Boy Jr., dam by Delmonico (dead).. 2:20Vi 

Whoatland Onward, oh s, 1887, by On- 
ward Thi-d Lute, by Antar 2:16V4 

Whips, b s, 1880, by Electioneer 
Lizzie Whips, by Enquirer (dp?ul)... 2:27% 

Whipsaw, b g, 187 by Red Wilkes, 
dam bv Corbeau (pacing 2:26 1 / 4).... 2:27% 

Whirlwind, b g, 1876, by Zilcaadi 
Golddust Molly Beale, by Cotton- 
picker " 2:24 

Whirlwind, b s, 1888, by Glencoe 
Wilkes Katie Morgan, by Robert 


Whist, b g, 1885, by Motion Dr. Por- 
ter Mare, by Mambrino Patchen... 

White Cloud, gr g, 186, by Joe 

White Flag, b m, 188, pedigree not 

Whitefoot, b s, 1887, b v Alcyone Ad- 
die H. by Ashland Chief 

White Line, gr s, 1869, by Strong- 
Horse (dead) 

White Oak, ch g, 1875, by George M. 
Patchen Jr. Flora, by Black War- 
rior ". 

White Oak, b g, 1884, by Pasacas, 
dam by Napoleon Jr 

Whltesboro Chief, br s, 1878, by 
Roman Chief, dam by Henderson's 

White Socks, ch g, 1880, by Alcantara 
Dixie, by Rattler 

White Stockings, b g, 1867, by Black- 
well's HambletO'nian Seaserpent 
Laura, by Seaserpent 

White Stockings, b g, 187, pedigree 
not traced 

Whitewater Chief, br s, 1884. by A HP- 
gro Topsy '. 

White Wings, ch g, 1887, by Monte- 
zuma Flaxy, by Kentucky Clay 

Whizz Wilkes, blk s, 188- by Al- 
cyone, dam by Dirego 

W. H. Ker:-, b s. 1887, by Ethan 
Wilkes Lucy Patchen, by Mam- 
brino Patchen 

W. H. Nichols, br s, 1882, by Black- 
wood Chief Miranda, by Mambrino 

W. H. P., br g, 1887, by Riddle's 
Hambletonian^-Hettie C., by Draco 

W. H. Taylor, ch g, 1857, by Crawford 
Horse, dam by Witherell Messen- 
ger (dead) 

Why Not, gr m, 1890, by Hambrino 
Zephyr, by Mamb/ino Patchen 

Wick, b g, 187 by Justin Morgan- 
Moonbeam, by John Dillard 

Wick C., br s, 1885, by Egbert Jane 
Carlisle, by Antar 

Widow Bedott, ro m, 1875, by Bashaw 

Widow Machree, ch m, 1851, by 
Seely's American Star Duryea 
Mare, by Pintler's Bo'.ivar (dead 

Wilbur, b g, 1890, by Hurly Burly. . . . 

Wilbur Chief, b s, 1886, by Ottawa 
Chief Clay Queen, by Ensign 

Wilbur F.. blk g, 187 by Hinsdale 
Horse Tate Mare (dead) 

Wildair, b g, 1869, by John Morgan 
Pocahontas, by Portsmoutlh 

Wild Bee, b m, 1888, by Piedmont 
Wildflower, by Electioneer 

Wild Bill, br g, 

Wilbooka, b m, 1890, by Wilkes 
Boy, dam by Allen Brook 

Wildbrino, br s, 1885, by Hambrino 
Molly, by Wildwood 

Wild Crocus, br m. 1891, by Wildbrino 

Wilder Boy, b g, 188, by Stranger. . 

Wildey, br s, 188, by Waveband 
Chief Dolly H., by Royal Revenge.. 

Wildflower, b m, 1879, by Electioneer 
Mayflower, by St. Clair 

Wild Idol, blk g, 1885, by Vero Fly, 
by Gen. Butler 

Wild Lily, b m, 1872, by Daniel Lam- 
bertWhalebone, by Carter's Colum- 
























TtlE 2:30 TROTTERS. 



Wild May, b m, 1887, by Electioneer 
May, by Wildidle 

Wildmont, br s, 1880. by Egmont 
Advance, by Administrator 

Wildmont, b m, 1887, by Piedmont 
Wildflower, by Electioneer 

Wild, Oats, br g, 1867, by Green's Ba- 
shaw Lady, by Young Columbus . . 

Wild Oats, br g, 188, by Norwood 

Wild Olive, br m, 1890, by Edge- 
wood Daisy Wilkee, by George 

Wild Rake*, "b"s"." 1883. by Hamble- 
touian Mambrino Merry, by John 

Wild Rose, b e, 1887, by Elevator- 
Molly Buford, by Enquirer 

Wikhvood, br s, 1871, by Blackwood 
Kate Messenger, by Allen's Bay 
Messenger Jr 

Wilkerson, ch s, 1884, by Favorite 
Wilkes Nelly, by Highland Mes- 

Wiikecho, b s, 1890, by Ashland 
Wilkes Alice M., by Echo Chief . . . 

Wilkes, b g, 1889, by St. Jerome 
Thoruebell, by Hawthorne 

Wilkes, br s, 188, by Lexington 

Wilkes Bee, b s, 1883, by Alcantara 

Wilkes Bird, b s, 1887, by Jay Bird- 
Cricket, by Alcalde 

Wilkes Boy, br s, 1880, . by George 
Wilkes Betty Brown, by Mambrino 

WLkes Boy Jr., b s, 188, by Wilkes 

Wilkes Brino, ch s, 1882 by Hain- 
brino Ella G., by George Wilkes.. 

Wilkes Chief, ch s, 1887, by Red 
Chief Maud, by Scott's Rooker.... 

Wilkes D., blk g, 188, by King 

Wilkesdale, br e, 1883, by Alcantara 
Thorndale Maid, by Thorndale . . 

Wilkes Girl, br m, 1888, by Young 
Wilkes Mill Girl, by Jay Gould.. 

Wilkes Golddust, ch s, 1886, by Young 
Jim Lucille Golddust, by Golddust 

Wi.keslona, ch s, 188, by Red Wilkes 
(pacing 2:28) 

WiJces MaiJ, gr m, 1889, by Adrian 
Wilkes Topsy, by Abe Downing . . . 

Wilkes Maid, blk m, 1890, by Young 
Wilkes Mill Girl, by Jay Gould .... 

Wilke-sman. br s, 1888, by Wilkee Boy 
Bald Hornet, by Jenks 

Wilkes McGregor, b s, 188, by Rob- 
ert McGregor 

Wilkesmont, ch s, 1883 by Tremont 
Lady Wilkes, by George Wilkes .. 

Wilkesmont, br s, 3886, by Kaiser- 
May Withers, by Gen. Withers 

Wilkes View, blk s, 1887, by Ken- 
tucky Wilkes Abby, by George 

Wilkesward, ch s, 1889, by Onward- 
Lulu Harold, by Harold 

Wilkeswood. b s, 1884, by Nutwood 
Maggie Wilkes, by George Wilkes 

Wilkes Worthington, br .. 188- by 
Gambetta Wilkes Bubble, bv Mar- 
shall Kleber 

Wilkiemont, b s. 1883, by Bourbon 
Wrkes Lark, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino . . 

















2:23i/ 2 






2:27i/ 2 

2:19i/ 2 





2:28t/ 2 
2:23i/ 3 


! Wilkiemont, b e, 188, by Alcantara 

j Wilkie Wonder, gr m, 1884, by Cort- 

land Wilkes Jenny, by Tom Wonder 

Wilkin, ch g, 1881, by Abdallah West 
Rosa Wilkerson, by Huinbolt . . . 

Wilksie G., ch m, 1886, by Robert 
McGregor Nelly Wilkes, by George 

Willabald, g g, 188, by Gen. Wilkes 

Willarnore, b m, 1889, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Annettemore, by Strath- 

Willard S 

Will Benham, b g, 1872, by Whip 
Clay Miss Jones 

Will Carlton, b s, 1887, by Pilot Med- 
ium Trixy, by Louis Napoleon 

Will Cody, b g, 1871, by Blue Bull 
Celia (dead) 

Will Collender, br g, 1876, by Strader 

Will Coine, b s, 1891, by King 
Wilkee Mosaic, by Belmont 

Will D., b g, 188, by Cosmopolitan 

Willelah.blk in, 1889, by Wiikes Boy- 
Miss Mamie, by Contractor 

Willema, b m, 188, by Eros, dam 
by Brigadier 

Willets, b s. 1891, by Island Wilkes 
Ellen T., by Orange Bud 

Willett, b g, 1879, by Sweepstakes- 
Sally Downs, by Edward Everett. . 

Will Hamilton, b s, 1885, by Norwood 
Lydia, by Volunteer 

William, b g, 1881, by Wilder 

William A., b g, 188, by Wagner 

William Albert, b s, 1890, by Albert 
W. Hilda, by Nutwood 

William Arthur, b g, 1876, by Con- 
federate Chief Syracuse Maid 

William B., b s, 1881, by George 
Sprague Madam Golddust, by Bril- 
liant Golddust 

William C., br g, 1877, by Young 
Wilkes Cobb Mare, by Long Island 

William E., ch g, 1885, by Crazy Nick 
Jr-Dolly Elder, by Young Prince 

William G., gr g, 1875, by American 
Boy Grey Fan, by King Alfred Jr. 

William G., blk g, 1880, by Stickney 
Horse Golddust, by Myron Perry 

William Gee, ch g, 1880, by Mam- 
brino Pilot 

William Gill, b g, 188 by Fieldmont 

William H., b g, 188, pedigree not 

William H., b g, 1868, by Samson- 
Jane Murray 

William H.. b g, 1*75, by Yonn 
Wilkes Marshall " 

2:28y a 
2:27y 2 

Mare, by Danie! 


William H., gr g, 188, by Messenger 
Chief (dead) ... 

William H.. br g, 1878, by Longf el- 
flow I Golddust Lady Rattler, |by 

William H. Allen, b e, 1865, by Vol- 
unteer Peggy Slender 

William J. Woerner, ro g, 187, pedi- 
gree not traced 

William Kearney, b g, 1877, by Ly- 
sander, dam by Rough and Ready.. 

William L., b s, 188 by Forsee. . . 

William M. Hill, b s. 1885. by Sir 
Walter Bonnie Kate, by Wagram 

William Penn, br s, 1890, by Santa 



2:19y 2 










2:29V a 





2:20t/ 2 




Glaus Lulu M., by Dauntless 

William R., ch s, 1886, by The Mar- 
quisLottie, by Daniel Lambert . . 

William R., b g, 187, by Brookmout 
Fanny, by Fearnaught 

Williams, b s, 1882, by Combat 
Gauntlette, by Dicta lor 

William S., br g, 188, by South Jer- 
sey Patchen, dam by son of Ameri- 
can Star 

William T., b g, 1879, by Thatcher 
Hambletonian Elizabeth Tilton, by 
Willett's Champion 

William Tell, b g, 188, by Cornelius 

William V., b g, 188, by Florida 

William Wallace, b s, 1878, by Duke 
of Brunswick or Almont Chief 

William Wilkes, blk s, 1883. by Ham- 
bletonian Wilkes Marcia, by MarK- 

WmiV Bee,' br 's,' 188 ', "by" Mambjiiio 

Willie Brooks, b g, 188, by Sweep- 

Willie C., b s, 1884, by Toronto 
Patchen Molly 

Willie D., b g, 1879, by Home Horse 

Willie E., ch g, 188, by Idol Wilkes 

Willie Earl, b g, 188 

Willie Elkin, b m, 1888, by McCuvdy's 
Humbletonian Slip, by Gen. George 
H. Thomas 

Willie Gothard, b s, 1884, by St. 
Gothard Nelly Wadsworth, by Col. 

Willie J., b g, 188 by Bona Fide. . 

Willie Reed, blk g, 1888, by Reed 

Willie Wilkes, V. m, 1881, by George 
Wi:kes-- Sally Southworth, by Mam- 
brino Fatchen 

Willis, b s, 1885, by Landseer Nelly 

Willis A., ch g, 1886, ly Ak-f-ntara. . 

Willis Woods, b g, 1876, J>y Rescue 
Dolly VaHen, by Harris' Henry 

Will-o-the-Wisp, ch g, 1882, by Dean 
Swift Gypsy, by Power's French 

Willow, b in, 188?>. by De Soto 
Georgia, by Hambletonian Wilkos. . 

Wilmiar, b s, 1875, by Rhode Island 
Belle Brandon, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian , 

Wilmarch, br e, 1890, by Wilton- 
Pearl, by Homer 

Wilson, b g, 1876, by George Wilkes 
Miss Coons, by Clark Chief. . . 

Wilstar, ch s. 1889, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor Wilka Monroe, by Bourbon 

Wilto, b s. 1889, by Wilton Molly, 
hv Edgewater 

Wilton, b s, 1880, by George Wilkes 
Alley, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian.. 

Wilton Jr., b g, 188 by Wilton.... 

Wlltonette, br m, 1889. bv Wilton- 
Lillian D., by Wilsus Clay . . 

Wiltonian. br e. 18S9, by Wilton 
Neta, by Bonnie Bay 

Wimbledon, b s, 1883, by Belmont 
Water Lily, by Hero of Thorndale 

Winchester, br s. 1890. by Wilton, 
dam by Mambrino Patchen . . . 

Winder, b sr, 187, by Buckshot . 

Windsor. H., b g. 1879, bv Windsor, 
dam by Selin (pacing 2:22i/ 2 ) 


2:20y a 



2:28 l / 2 







2:29y 4 

2:23V 2 

2:22y 2 






Windsor, M., b g, 1878, by Windsor- 
Lady Dutchman, by Black Dutch- 
man 2:20% 

Wine^hade, br s, 1882, by Indiaman 
Minnie Forrest, by Forest King.. 2:23% 

Winifred, gr s, 1886, by Williams' 
Idol Lady Teaser 2:24% 

Winks, b s, 1889, by C. F. Clay* 
Mora, by William L 2:20% 

Winnebago, b g, 1878, by Oshkosh 
Lady Conklin, by Conklin's Ameri- 
can Star 2 :24% 

Winnie Davis, b m, 1889, by Bourbon 
Boy Fanny, by Robert Lee 2 :25 

Winnie H., b m, 1886, by War Eagle 
Peg, by Grey Jim 2:18% 

Winnie W., dn m, 1886, by Fortuuatus 
Molly Morgan 2:22 

Winnie Wick, blk m, 1876, by Swigert 
- Lady ];c-lle, by Richard's Bell- 
fouLder 2:24% 

Winnie Wilkes, blk m, 1382, by Ira 
Wilkes : 2:28% 

Wir.nie Wilkes, br m, 188 
publican 2:28% 

Winnie Winsome, b m, 188, by Vero 2:22% 

Winnifred. b m, 1885, by George B. 
McClellan I,ady Pi-its, by Black 
Chief 2:26^, 

Winona, ch m, 1881 by Jefferson 
Prince Fanny, by Gen. Sheridan.. 2:21% 

Wlusome, br m, 1885, by Egbert 
Maisie, by Shelby Chief 2:28% 

Winston, b s, 1887, by Wilkes Boy- 
Nell, by Balsora 2:25 

Wineure, br m, 188. by Sherman... 2:25% 

Winter-set, b s, 1886, by Brown 
Wilkes Marietta, by Mario 2:24% 

Winthrop Morrill Jr., blk s, 1864, by 
Metacomet, dam by Calvin 2:27 

Winthrop Pilot, br s, 188, by Port- 
land Pilot 2 :27 

Wintergreen, b m, 1890, by Brown 
Wilkes Marietta, by Mario 2:24% 

Wirt Dexter, b g, 1886, by Colby 
Swige:-t Dido, by son of Peck Horse 2 :30 

Wisdom, b s, 1888, by Mambrino King 
Homora, by Almonarch 2:27 

Wistful, br m, 1890, by Wedge wood 
Lady Almont, by Bostick's Almont 
Jr 2:13!A 

Witch Hazel, blk m, 1888, by Brown 
Wilkes Molly Kurd, by Atlantic... 2:21J/i 

Wizz, b g, 1869, by Roscoe Lady 
Fulton, by Stubtail 2 :23% 

W. K., b g, 187, by Chosroes 2:21% 

W. K. Thomas, gr g, 1860, by Osceola 
Spider (dead) 2:26 

W. M., br g, 188, pedigree not 
traced) 2:29 r A 

W. M. Mallory, b g, 186, by Orange 
County 2-30 

Wolfo -d Z., b g. 186, by Capt. Beau- 
montNelly Rhodes (dead) 2:22 

Wonder, b s, by Millman's Bell- 
founder ' 2:27% 

Wonder, dn g, 1883, by Wapsie 
Fanny Munger. by Panic 2:21>/i 

Wonder, gr g. 1882, by Bell's Ham- 
bleto-nian May West 2:22% 

Woodard and Harbison, ch g, 1879, by 
Mambrino Joe Flora, by Redmon's 
Abdallaih 2:27% 

Woodbird, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood- 
Fanny, by Bird '. 2:27 

Woodbind, eh m, 1891, by Russia, dam 
by Jay Bird 2:25% 

Wood Boy, b s, 1889. by Nutwood- 
Carrie, by George Wilkes 2:25 



Woodbrino, b s, 1883, by Nutwood- 

Malaga, by Woodford Mambrino ---- 
Woodburn Boy, cih g, 1880, by Wood- 

burn Pilot, dam by Smith's Morgan. 
Woodbury Thome, b g, 1880, by Har- 

old Thome Lodi Maid, by William 

M. Kysdyk ....................... 

Woodchuck, b g, 186, by Fisk's 

Mambrino Chief Jr ............... 

Woodfurd Chief, b s, 1872, by C.ark 

Chief Virginia, by Billy Townes 

(dead) ..... f ............... .. ..... 

Woodford Mambrino, br s, 1863, by 

Mainbrino Chief Woodbine, by 

Woodford (dead) ................. 

Woodford Pilot, br s, 1873, by Wood- 

ford Mam briii oBruna, by Pilot Jr.. 
Woodford Pilot Jr., b s," 1886, by 

Woodford Pilot Kate, by Star Deu 

mark ............................ 

Woodlark, b m, 1887, by Woodcraft 

Geraldina, by Glemdew ............ 

Woodlawn, oh s, 1888, by Pickett 

Patchenette, by Edwin Booth ...... 

Woodiine, b s, 1888, by Nutwood- 

Four Lines, by Black-wood ......... 

Wooduote. b s, 1888, by Wedgewood 

Minuet, by Harold ................. 

Woodnut, ch s, 1882, by Nutwood 

AuiUe, by Hasbrouk's Harubletonian 

Chief ............................ 

Wuodside Prince, br s, 1890, by Haw 

Patch Jennie, by Jupiter .......... 

Woodstock, ch s, 1889, by Robert Mc- 

GregorKitty Golden, by Onwa.xl... 
Wood Talniage, b s, 1888, by Squire 

Talmage Belle, by Westwood ...... 

Woodstock Belle, b m, 1886, by Chica 

go Volunteer .................... 

Wood Wilkes, b g, 1886, by Lyle 

Wilkes Flora, by Skedaddle ........ 

Woodwine, b m, 188, by Quarter- 

master ........................... 

Woolly Jim, b g, 1877, by Blood Chief 

Jenny Martin, by Canada Jack. .. . 
Wormwood, b g, 187, by Nutwood- 

Nelly Parker, by Skenendpah ....... 

W. 1. Alien, gr g, 186, b'y Pearsall 

(dead) ........................... 

W. Van, br g, 1881, by Bellwood 

Flora, by Benedict's Pathfinder ..... 
W. W., blk s, 188, by Tilton Al- 

mont ................ " ............. 

Wyaudot, ch e, 1885, by Ambassador- 

Lily bloom, by Daniel Lambert (dead) 
Wyaudotte, b s, 1885, by Artemas 

Fanny, by Baker Boy (dead) ........ 

Wyatt, blk g, 1888, by Cuyler Tot- 

sey, by Mainbrino Transport ........ 

Wyoming, b s, 1887, by Egalite Sal- 

ly L., by Harry Wilkes ............ 

Wzmakh, gr s. 1887, by Wistrel 

Sanika, by Zarez ....... ". ........... 

X. L., b s, 1890, by Emperor Wilkes 

Molly Sp -ague, by Gov. Sprague ... 
X. Y. Z., oh g, 1879, by Bristow 

oh g, 
Drupilla, by Prophet 

Yankee H., ch g, 1883, by Jim 
Schriber Lilly H ....... .. 

Yankee Luck, *b g, 1888, by Black- 
s'- me Jr. Pike Mare, by Holabird's 
Ethan Allen ...................... 

Yankee Sam, dn g, 1870, pedigree not 
t -aced ........................... 

Yaqui. ch s, 1890, by Yataghan, dam 
by Kentucky Prince ............... 

Yarmouth, b s, 1888, by Sandwich 
Yuba, by Harold ..... ." ............ 

Yazoo, ch s, 1881, by Harold Yo- 

2:25 i / a 


2:22y 4 

















2 :24% 




2 :20% 



lande, by Belmont 

Yellow Dock, ch m, 1875, by Clark's 
Mohawk Jr., dam by Iowa Copper- 

Yellow Jacket, du g, 1887, by Brown 

YeJlow Ochre, dn s, 1884, by Wapsie 
Topsy, by Panic 

Yellow Yam, b s 1389, by Parisian- 
Lou, by Mambrinfr 

Yorker, b g, 1882, by Frank Ellis- 
Anna Hough, by Kentucky Priaca.. 

York State, b g, 186, by Gooding's 
Champion (dead) 

Ycrktown Belle, b m, 1883, by Young 
Volunteer Molly Patchen, by Arab 

Young Ambassador, b s, 1881, by Am- 

Young Bruno, br g, 1864, by Rysdyk's 
Hi mbietODian Kate, by Bellaire 

Young Buchanan, b s, 1868, by Bu- 
chanaan 2d, dam by Hiram Drew 

Yoi ng Columbus Jr., br s. 1871, by 
Young Columbus Dolly, by Morse 

Young Dauntless, b s. 1889, by Daunt- 
lessCalamity, ty Billy Whalcy . . 

Young Frank, ch g, 1881, by Royal 
Fearnaught, dam by Fisk's Mam- 
biino Chief Jr 

Young Fullerton, ch s, 1875, by Ed- 
ward Everett Flora, by Jupiter . . . 

Young Gypsy Boy b s, 1885, by 
Gypsy Boy Net, by Ripple 

Young Leland, b s, 1886, by Leland 
Young Gypsy, by Mambriao Pilot . . 

Young Magna, b g, 1865, by Magna 

Young Morrisey, blk g, 1874, by Mor- 
rison Hepsey Jane, by Foreigner . . 

Young Netherland, b s, 1886, by Neth- 
erland Pineo, by Black Prince 

Young Pilot, ch s, 1887, by Black 
Pilot Nancy Knox, by Col. Ells- 

Young Rattler, br g, 186, by Oregon 

Young Rolfe, b s, 1876, by Tom Rolfe 
Judith, by Draco (dead) 

Young Royal George, b g, 185 , pedi- 
gree not traced (dead) 

Young Sentinel, b s, 186, by Senti- 
nelFanny, by Seely'e American 

Young Smuggler, b s, 1876, by Smug- 
gler Parepa Rosa, by Andrew Jack- 

Young Stockbridge, b s, 1882, by 
Stockbridge Chief Jr. Alice, by 
Manchester Tuckahoe 

Young Sweepstakes, b s, 1880, by 
Sweepstakes Lady Rockafellow, by 
Harry Clay (dead), 

Young Vermonter br g, 1879, by Wai- 
kill Chief 2d, Black Fawn, by Ring 

Young Voltaire, b s, 1884, by Voltaire 
Lotta, by Alburn 

Young Watchmaker, blk s, 1885, by 
Watchmaker Gypsy, by Constella- 

Young Wildidle, ch g. 188, by Elec- 
tioneer, dam by Wildidle 

Young Wilkes, blk s, 1868, by George 
Wilkes Jane Brown, by Prince of 

Yuba, b m, 1882 by Harold Yolande, 











2:26y a 















by Belmont 2:24% 

Yuoa Soils, blk s, 1889, by Swigert 

Petaluma, by Alhambra 2:29% 

Yucatan b m, 188, by Freshman.. 2:30 
Tula, b m, 1887, by Rounds' Sprague 

Hazel Belle, by John Bright 2:27y 2 

Yuletide, ch m, 1885, by Lord Russell 

Yolande, by Belmont 2:28% 

Yulo, b s, 1891, by George Simmons.. 2:30 
Yum Yum, b m, 1884, by Ferguson 

Lady McKenney, by Sweepstakes. . 2:29% 
Za Za, b s, 1888, by Jay Bird Ida, by 

Little Ben 2:27% 

Zahn, gr g, 187, by Dauntless Sally 

Hall, by Young America 2:23% 

ZebWee, b g. 1891, by William M., 

dain by The Baron 2:29% 

Zebu, b s, 1887. by Regent Zingera, 

by Almont Rattler 2:29% 

Zeeliin<l, b s, 1885, by Ethan Wilkes 

Topsy, by Kentucky Prince 2:24 

Zembia, br m, 1887, by King Almont 

Minnie Helm, by American Boy .... 2:15% 
Zenas, br s, 188 -. by Brown Wilkes, 

dam by Oberlin 2:27% 

Zenith, b s, 1890, by Egotist Nadir, 

by Dictator 2:289% 

Zeno, blk e, 1879, by Stillson Molly, 

by Green's Bafihaw 2:2G% 

Zenobia, b m, 1880, by Ohio Knicker- 
bockerNettie Windsor, by Panic.. 2:29% 
Zenobia. b m, 1890, by Prince Regent 

Eudora, by Hamlin's Almont Jr... 2:22 
Zephyr, br m, 1865, by Frank Allen . . 2:30 

Zephyr, ch s, 186, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Zerbrino, b s, 1890, by Woodbine 
Kitty Abbot, by Abbot 2 :27% 

Zero, br m, 188, by Aubrey 2:18% 

Zero, ch s, 1891, by Danville Wilkes 
Lucy, by John Boner 2:29% 

Zig, b g, 1877. by Guide Lady Staples 2:25 

Zigzag, ch s, 1886, by Rumor Zoe, 
by Gen. Knox 2-30 

Zillica, b m, 1891, by Recorder 2:20% 

Zoda, b m, 1889. by Erelong Maggie 
B., by Menelaus 2:29% 

Zoe B., b m, 1871, by Blue Bull Cut- 
away 2:17% 

Zoe Hammond, br in, 1884. by Nor- 
wood Star Dot, by Daniel S., 2:26% 

Zoe K.. b m. 1883, by Egrnont Flaxie, 
by Flaxtail 2:30 

Zora Zar. br m, 1889, by Alcazar 
Ledo, by Cohannet (pacing 2:24%) . . 2:24% 

Zuleka, ch m, 1884, by Daubigne 
Vidi, by Alhambra 2:29% 

Zuletta, b m. 1891. by Onward Ro- 
maiia, by Harold 2:23% 

Zulu, b m. 1889, by Neno Blue Belle, 
by Hammall 2:25 

Zulu, br s. 1879, by Harold Miss 
Duvall, by Duvall's Mambrino ... 2:29% 

Zulu, b g. 1879, by Capoul Katie, by 
Como Chief 2:29% 

Zulu Girl, b in. 188. by Western Boy 2:27% 

Zyco, b s. 1885, by Sherman Argalia, 
by Rochester 2 :26% 


The graduate of the Village Farm school who cut the world's 
record to 2:04 with Mascot. 


A clever horseman, skillful reinsman and able driver, who showed 

his ability at Lexington in 1894 when he won 

with Vera Capel 2 :10H- 


The following are all of the horses that have made records of 2:30 or better to 
harness to the close of 1894. 
Aaron R., b g, 187, by Morgan Mes- 

Abbie H., ch m, 188, by Abdallah 

Abbott Wilkes,' ' b' ' s,' ' 1889,' ' by Red 
Wilkes Minnie Patchen, by Mani- 
brino PatcJhen 

Abdallah, ch s, 188, by Da -ling's 

Abdallaih (Grant's), b s, 1886, by Ab- 
dallah Bruce Martha, by Hoosiei- 

Abdallah (Stiles'), b s, 1879, by Ham- 
dallah Leland Mare 

Abdallah Boy, b g, 188, by Erie Ab- 

Abdallah Girl, b m, 1890, by Abdal- 
lah Jr 

Abdallah Wilkes, b s, 1884, by Bour- 
bon Wilkes Lulie, by Star Dixie . . . 

Abe, ch g, 188, by Churchill, dam by 

Abe Johnson, g g, 186, (dead) 

Abe Lincoln, b s, 188, by Trouble... 

Aberdeen, Wh g, 187 

Abeto. b m, 1887, by Woolsey Ab- 
bes, by Mohawk Chief 

Accident, ch m, 188, 

Ace of Clubs, :x> g, 186 

Ace of Diamonds, b s, 1882, by Honest 
John Fly 

Ace of Diamonds, b g, 186, (dead) . . . 

Acmon, ch s, 1887, by Nutwood 
lona, by Alcyone (dead) 

Acrobat, b s, 1886, by Sterling- 
Madam Buckner. 











Actor, b g, 1883, by Hamlin's Alrnont 
Jr. Lady Clay, by Clay Trustee ---- 
Ada, blk m, 1886, by Legal Tender Jr. 

, , , 

Warlusa, by Blue Bull ............ 

Ada, b m, 188, by Gold Boy, dam by 

Traveler ........................ 

Addie Belle, gr m, 1882, by Archie 

Milly, by Stump the Dealer ......... 

Addie C., b m, 1883, by Gloster 

Fanny, by Flying Dutchman ........ 

Addie C., b m, 1881, by Ryse Duke- 

Miss Wilson, by Blue Bull (trotting 

2:30) ............................ 

Addie H., ch m, 188, by Pacing Ab- 

dallah ............... 4 ............ 

Addie Stewart, b m, 188, by Addi- 

son Lambert ........ . ............ 

Addie Wilkes, blk m, 188 by Madi- 

son Wilkes Molly Clark, by Hola- 

bird's Ethan Allen ................. 

Adella Wilkes, blk m, 188 by Tom 

Roge-is Jr ........................ 

Adlina, b m, 1889, by Jersey Wilkes 

Lady Mac, by Mambrino King ...... 

Admore, b B, 1886, by Advent Ken- 

tucky Girl, by Edward G. (trotting 

Adonis, b g, 1885, by Sidney Venus, 
by Captain Webster .............. 



2:24V 4 


2:22V 4 








Ringlett, by Ri 

H., b s, 1886, by California 

gwood Jr. . . 

Adonis, g s, 188, by son of Almont. . 

A/right, b s, 1891 

Agamemnon, br m, 188, by Wal- 


Agate, ch g, 1883, by Opal 

Aggie, br m, 187 

Aggie Downs, b n\ 183, (dead) 

Agnes M., b m, 188, by Vandergrift. 
Aileen, b m, 1891, by Gazette He.-nia, 

by Nuncio 

Aimee, b m, 1885, by Del Sur, dam by 

Echo...... ...!.. 

A. K. Davis, b g, 1884, by Denmark 


A. K. R., blk s, 188, by Nuncio 

Alannah, b m, 1887, by Guy Wilkes 

Molly Drew, by Winthrop 

Albany Boy, ch g, 186 

Albatross, ch s, 1884, by Floramour 

Alice Golddust, by Highland Gold- 

Albena, b in, 188, by Albani 

Albert D., b g, 188 "by Island Chief. 
Albert Darling, b g. 188, by Nut- 

patcfh, dam by Whirlwind 

Albert E., b:- g, 1889, by Penroee 

Ringlett, by Ringw ' 

Albe.rtlha, ch m, 188, by Alroy. .. ... 

Albrazia, blk s, 1887, by Absolute- 
Bessie Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 

Albright, b s, 188. by George Brick. . 

Aicedo, b g, 1890, by Alcantara 

AJcinta, b m, 188, by Alcantara 

Ballett, by Electioneer 

Alcyo, b e, 1887, by Alcyone Louise, 

by Sunshine 

AJda, gr m 1887, by Solon Topsy, by 

Mark Field. ... 

Aldaban, b s, 1888, by Alvan Nina, 

by Tennessee Rock 

Aldebaran B., ch s, 1889, by Maxi- 

mus--Dolly by Magic ". 

Alden G., br s, 1887, by Richard 

Alden Belle Swigert, by Swigert... 
Al Donis, b g, 188, by Pocahontas 


Alert, br g, 1885, by Hambletoniau 

Downing Nance, by Young Mohawk 
Aleesandro, gr s, 1886, by George 

Sprague Sally Brown, by Dan 


Alexander Boy, b g, 1881, by Adjuster 

Ola Gurney, by Gumey 

Alexander Dumas, b s, 1887, by Du- 

mas-nJenny Martin, bv Canada Jack 
Alexis, b s, 1887, by William L. Sue 

Stout, by Surplus 

Alfred, b g, 1889. by Bayard Wilkes 

Daylight, by Glenarm 

Aigetta, rn m, 1891, by Clay 

Alhambra, blk s, 1889, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr. Little Miss, by Blue Bull . . . 
Alice Orittenden, b m, 1887. by Crit- 









2:22^ a 









tenden Alice Temple, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr 

Alice Director, b- ni, 1887, by Direct- 
or M'liss, by Monroe Chief 

Alice Ensign, br m. 188, by Ensign. . 

Alice L., br m, 1888, by Oonnaught, 
dam by Nutwood 

Alice M., b m, 188, by Phillip's Blue 
Bull ' 

Alice MeCurdy, b m, 1888, by Mc- 
Gurdy's Hambletonian, dam by Hick 

Alice W., b m, 188, by Boulder 

Alice Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Gambetta 
Wi Ikes Alice, by Onward 

Alietta, b m, 1892, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Alice, by Onward 

Aliquippa, b g, 188 

Allabreve, b g, 1888, by Don Wilkes 
Fanny GLay, by American Clay . . . 

Alleen, b m, 188, by Almont Aber- 

Allegro, blk m, 1890, by Alcantara- 
Piccolo, by Slanden 

Allegro, sp s, 188, by Atlantic 

Allen Lowe, b s, 1886, by Alcantara- 
Susie, by Happy Medium 

Allen Maid, blk m. 1880, by Ashley's 
Etihan Allen Morgan Maid, by 
James Horse 

Alletue, b g, 188, by Alcyone 

Alley Russell, b s, 1883, by Mambrino 
Russell Alley, by Rysdyk's Han> 

Allie A., ch g, 1887, by France's Allie 

Allie C., dh s, 1887, by Hambletonian 
Tranby Lucy Jordan 

Allie Cresco, blk m, 188, by Cresco. . 

Allie L., b s, 1889, by Lockerbie 

Allie Wilkes, b g. 1891, by Petoskey.. 

Allison, b m, 1884, by Pilot Medium 
Prairie Girl, by Landseer 

Almont Basthaw, blk s, 188, by Al- 
mont Raven 

Almont Patchen, br s, by Juanito 
Gladys, by Gladiator 

Allmyown, br s, 1887, by Alcyone- 
Recompense, by Aristos 

Almabel, b m, 1888, by St. Bel Al- 
mona, by Almont 

Almary, dh s, 1889, by Alcazar Mary 
Ann, by Bay State 

Almo Jay, b s, 1888, by Altoona 
Susie, by Conway's Patchen 

Almont, b s, 188, by Morris' Almont 

Alois, cih m, 188. by Alroy 

Alpha Hunter, b m, 188, by Deacon 

Alphonso Wilkes, b s, 1892, by Petos- 
key Redlight, by Headlight 

Also Jr., b 0, 188 by Also 

Altana, b s, 188, by Almont Raven. . 

Alta Wilkes, b s, 188 by Petoskey. 

Alti, b B, 1887, by Phillip's Blue Bull 

Alto, dh g, 188, by Kilbuck Tom 

Alton L,, blk g, 188 by Atlantic, 
dam by Mazep 

Altoona, b m, 
(trotting 2:22% 

Alturas, br s, 1888, by Harold Lula 
Patdhen, by Mambrino Abdallah. . 

Alvan Swift, br s, 1887, by Alvan 

Alvin Green, b g, 188, by St. James 
Mattie S., by Smuggler 

Ambulator, b s, 1892, by Ambassador 
Regalo. by St-athmore 

Amelia, ch m, 1889, by Albe-rt W. 

by Menelaus 

Cecelia, by Poscora Hay ward 

2:16y 2 Amelia S., rn m, 188, by Henry 

American Boy, b s, 1878, by Pooahou- 
2:10% tas Boy Dolly Yetter by Little Joe 
2:25 American Boy Jr., b s, 1884, by Amer- 
ican Boy Molly, by Lgal Tender.. 
2:2.">% American Girl, b m, 188, by Amer- 
ican Soy 

2:21V 4 American Lad, b , 1885, by Ethan 
Wilkes Rarity, by Messenger Ba- 

2-21% fihaw (trotting 2:20y 2 ) 

2-27 American Lady, b m, 188, by Amer- 
ican Boy 

2 -17 Americus, b g, 186 

Amorita, b m, 1883, by Gibson's Tom 
2-2-> Hal Jr. Annie, by Jameson's John 

2-27 Dillard Jr 

Amos J., 

2:20V4 Amy L., b m, 1887, by Bluffton L. 


2:21 Amphion, blk s, 188, by Candidate.. 
An A'Alene, b m, 1891, by Goer 

2-14V4 D'Aleue, dam by Chance 

2:28% Anderson, A . L., ch h, 1886, by Tom 

Corwin Nelly Morgan 

2:12 Anderson Bell, blk s, 1890, by Uell 

Boy Criterion, by Grittenden (dead) 

Anderson Chief, b s, 188 by Bonny 

2 -I6y 2 Doon 

2:25Vo Andrew J. Polk, ch g, 1840 (dead).. 

' Andy, b g, 188 by Dash wood 

Andy Melon, br g, 185, (dead) 

2:22% Andy Wilkes, b s, 1S87, by Onward- 
Bess Wilkes, by Harry Wilkes 

2:20 Anerone, b m, 1891, by Strath way 

Angelina, b m, 188, by Leggett's 

2:13 Black Wilkes 

2: 19% Angle D., b m, 1889, by Mikagan 

2:H)i/2 Kit, by Tom Belair 

2:18!* Annapolis, b m, 1892, by Instructor. . 

Anna C., br m, 188, by Commander 

2:24y Stranger's Sister, by Mambrino 


2:12 Anna J., ch m, 187, by Hamlet 

Annetta C., b m, 188, by Ajax 

2:35 Annie B., br m, 188 by Onward 

Annie Becker, b m, 188 

2 :24y 2 Annie Boyd, b m, 186, 

Annie Dickinson, b m, 1886, by 
2:17^ Lumps Jessie Wilkes, by George 


2:23'/ Annie Embassador, blk m, 1890, by 


2:19 Annie Boone, b m, 188, by Daniel 

2:29 Boone . 

2:25 Annie C., b m, 1885, by California 

Nutwood Annie Titus, by Echo 

2:26'/ a Annie E., br m, 1888, by Detractor- 
Music, by Brigham 

2:25 Annie Rhea, b m, 188 by Clipper 
2:30 Brooks, dam by Bostwick's Almont 

2:27% Jr 

2:28% Annie Rooney, ch m, 1890, by Strath- 
way Jewel, by Gen. McClellan . . . 
2:liy a Annie Turner, ch m, 188 by Gen. 

2:21 Turner 

Antedote, b s, 1891, by Anteros 

2:23^2 Miss Wilson, by Blue Bull 

Antoinette, br m, 188, by Valient . . 

2:16% A. P., b g, 188 by Accidental 

I Apple Jack, b g, 188, 

2:12y a Apple Jack, b s, 1887, by Ajax Fan- 

2:11% I ny N., by Kimo 

Arabian Wilkes, rn s, 188, by Black 

2:23 Victor 

Arbor Wilkes, b s, 188, by Penrose 

2:2iy 2 Archie, b g. 188 by Dexter Prince, 

dam by Chieftain 

2:2iy a 








2:25y a 

2:18y a 





Aral, g s, 1877, by Ghenery'a 

Eagle Katie, by Hampton 2:29^ 

Archie C., b g, 187 by Hinsdale 
Horse, dam by Stephen A. Douglass 2:30 

Architect, b s. 188, by Bullet 2:23% 

Arch White, gr g, 188 2:19% 

Arctic, blk s, 1884, by Atlantic- 
Golden Girl, by Blue Bull 2:21% 

Arcturus, b m, 1891, by Artillery 
Orauge Girl, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 

tonian 2 :25 

Ardock, br g, 188, 2:24% 

Argosy, b s. 188, by Atlantic, darn 

by St. Orner 2:25 

Argot Wilkes, b s, 18S6, by Tennessee 
Wilkes Sally Ward, by Bennett 

Chapman 2:14% 

Argyle, gr g. 187, by Baker Horse 

Mary Hal, by Tom Hal 2:14% 

Arkalou, ch s, 1890, by Kankakee 

Susie Mac, by Lyle Wilkes 2:16 

Arlington, b s, 1888, by France's Ai- 
lie Wilkes Maggie D., by Dave Hill 

Jr 2 :23% 

Arnold Boy, ch s, 188, by Ajax 2:18% 

Arpansa, ch in, 1888, by Pancoast 

Arabelle, by Aristos (trotting 2:30) 2:23% 
Arrow, b g, 1883, by A W. Richmond 

Crichton's First, by Crichton 2:13% 

Ashton, b g, 1887, by El Capitan 

Grey Nell, by Dan Voorhees 2:17Va 

Ashton Boy, b s, 188, by Hunter.. 2:26 
Ashby, blk g, 188, by Wagner Ba 

shaw 2 :26% 

Athlo, ch s, 1885, by Dunraven Sun- 
flower, by Alexander's Abdallah.... 2:25 
Atlanta, br g, 1883, by Atlantic- 
Fanny 2:22*/ 2 

Atlantic Gem, b s, 188, by Atlantic 2:28% 
Atlantic Gift, br s, 188, by Atlantic 2:17V 2 
Atlantic King, blk s, 1887, by Atlan- 
tic-Carrie Blackwood, by Blue Bull 2:09% 
Atlas, ch s, 188, by Alroy Nelly 

M., by Joe Hooker 2:28* 

Atmont, b s, 188, by Atwood, dam 

by Starmont 2:28% 

Attas, b m, 1890, by Wildbrino 2:23':' 

Attorney Jr., ch s, 1885, by Attorney- 
Dolly, by Iowa 2 :12 

Attraction, b m, 1885, by Onward 

Little Fortune, by Scott's Thomas 2:28% 
Attractive, b s, 1885. by Alcantara- 
Jane Loonier, by Dick Loomer 2:18% 

Augusta, ch m, 188 2:29% j 

Aureliau, b g, 188, by Riley Med- 
ium 2 :29% 

Aven, b m, 188-, by Edgewood 2:24y 2 

Axtell, b s, 188 by Thompson's 

Golddust 2:16% ' 

A. W. Thorne, br s, 188, by Haw- 
thorneJenny, by Jim Fisk 2:29V 2 

Babette, b m, 1890. by Sir John Net- 
tie Rose, by Wiuneld Scott (trot- 
ting 2:22%, 2:14% 

Baby Boy, b g, 188 by Finality.. 2:20y 2 
Baby Girl, ch m, 188, by Ring- 
wood 2:26% 

Baby Wilkes, ch m, 1891, by Tommy 

Wilkes 2:24 

Bacillus, ch g, 1887. by Star Ham- 

bletonian, dam by Printer Jr 2:23% 

Bacon, b g, 1885, by Ajax Polka, by 

Pocahontas Boy 2:23 

Bacon, b s, 1885. by Ajax Polka, by 

Pocohontas Boy 2:23 

Badge, br g, 188. by Silas Wright 2:13% 

Bald Chief, b g. 188 2:20% 

Badger, b s. 186, by Kerr's Bashaw 2:29 

Bald Eagle, ch s, 1886, by Hoosier 
Tom, dam by Blue John . 2-22*4 

Bald Hornet, ch s, 187 by Neave's' 
Old Bald Hornet ! 2 -21 

S a i ! R " ,Vr g ' 188 ~ b ^ Bal1 Reckless 2:'2o% 

Balsora Wilkes, ch g, 1881 by Wilkle 
Collins Laura Bassett, by Baisora 2:17% 

Bandella, b s, 188 by Maximus 2:24% 

Banner Boy, rn g, 187 2 :20% 

Banner AViikes, b e, 1889, by Brown 
Wilkes Lizzie C., by Star Hamble- 
tonian 2 -20% 

Barbara Riddle, br m, 1889, by Reno 
Defiance, dam by McKinney Horse 2:22% 

Barb Wire, ch g, 188, by Naainau.. 2-24% 

Barb Wire, b g, 188, by Hartford, 
dam by Empire Bellfounder 2:24% 

Barney, b g, 187 2:27% 

Barney 2:23 

Barney, b g, 188, by Barney Wilkes 2:O8% 

Barney A., ch g, 188, by Chicago 
Volunteer Carlotta, by Fearnaught 
Jr I..: *.. 2:27 

Barney C., b g , 188, by States- 
man 2:21% 

Barney Crossin, b g, 188 , by Jos. 
Broils, dam by Gibson's Tom Hal.. 2:29% 

Barney G., b g, 188, by Capt. Wil- 
liamson, dam by Scott's Hiatogo.. 2:29^ 

Barney Horn, b g, 1883, by Nephew 
Ritchelders, by Messenger Chief 2:23% 

Baron Bel, blk s, 1890, by St. Bel 
Batrina, by Baron Wilkes 2:11% 

Barondale, br s, 1890, by Baron Wilkes 
Nathalie, by Nutwood 2:11% 

Baronial, b s, 1886, by Baron Wilkes 
Sunset, by Strathmore (dead) 2:29% 

Barrington Wilkes, br s, 1885, by 
Wilkes Spirit Jr. Mercer Mare 2:25 

Bas-Bleu Wilkes, b m, 1885, by Geor- 
gia Wilkes Mag Wood, by Blue Bull 2:18% 

Bashaw Fred, br g, 1881, by Bashaw 
Bolly Bessie, by Selim 2:17 

Btshford, b s, 1888, by Brown Wilkes 
Edna Wiikes, by Ethan Wilkes . . . 2:22% 

Bastion, b s, 188 , by Tennessee 
Wilkes 2:27Va 

Bawley, b g, 188, by King Pharoah. 2:15 

Bayard Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Alcantara 
Ba-xjena, by Bayard 2 :13% 

Bay Baron, b s, 1887, by Baron 
Wilkes Carrie Wilkes, by George 
Wilkes 2:24% 

Bay Billy, b g, 188 2:29Va 

Bay Billy, b g, 187 2:14 

Bay Charley, b a, 1880, by Green 
Mountain Morgan City Pet, by Oop- 
perbottom *Ho:-se 2:23% 

Bay Dan, b g. 1883, by Stanley, dam 
Bull . 

by Blue 
Bay Diamond, b 
Bav Fly, b m, 1 


Bay George, b g, 188. 
- *, 1886. 


1880, by Milo 2:23Va 

by Booth's Clear 



Bay Hal, b s, 1886, by Brown Hal- 
Yellow Mag, by Thompson's Slasher 2:20% 
Bay Henry, b s, 188, by Bnown 

Henry 2:23 

Bay Jim, b g, 187 2:21% 

Bay Leaf, b m. 1884. by Quilna Chief 

Bessie B., by Stillso-n 2:24% 

Bay Lucy, b m, 186 2:30 

Bay Pilot, b s, 188, by Red Pilot. . . . 2:21^ 

Bay Rob, b g, 18, (dead) 2:25 

Bay Sally, b m., 1866, by Tom Crowder 

-Jane 2:20 

Bay Tom, b s, 1869 (dead) 2:23 

Bay Tom, b g, 186 2:26 



Baywood, b s, 188 by Woodnut 
Graves' Mare, by Echo ............ 

Baywood, b s, 188, by Flying Cloud 
Bay Tom Jr., b s, 1879, by Bay Tom. . 
B. B., ro g, 1883, by Hale's Veto Jr. 

Fanny Govington, by John ...... 

Becke-, b g, 1887, by Oohannet 

Becca, by St. Elmo ............... 

Beecher Boy, blk s, 188, by Beecher 
Beechnut, b s, 1885, by Louis Napo- 

leonJenny Lewis, by Joe Gavin ---- 
Bee Line, b s, 1887, by Elevator Lul a 

Wilkes, by Red Wilkes ............ 

Be Jax, oh s, 1888, by Ajax Goidie, 

by Miller's Blue Bull .............. 

Bell Boy, b g. 1884, by Rochester- 

Belle Clay, by American Clay ...... 

Belle, oh m, 1891, by Melbourne King 

Hattie, by All Right ............. 

Belle Acton, b m, 1891, by Shadeland 

Onward Lottie P., by Blue Bull Jr. 
Belle B., b m, 188, by Richard Sco- 

bell ............................... 

Belle Bayard, gr m, 1888, by Bayard, 

dam by Joe Larkin ............... 

Belle Burton, b m, 188, by Edgar 

Wilkes Belle Herr, by Dr. Herr ____ 
Belle Button, br m, 1885", by Alexander 

Buttons- Flora, by Dietz's St. Glair. 
Belle Galley, b m, 1892, by Robert 

Ryan ............................. 

Belle Chase, br m, 188, by Robinson 

D ................................. 

Belle D., b m, 188, by De Long's 

Ethan Allen, dam by Rollin Bur- 

chard Horse ....................... 

Belden Boy, b s, 1883, by Brownwood 

Winona, by Blue Bull ............ 

Belle DurDand, tf m, 1886, by Mike 

Snyder Gipsey A., by Frank Pilot. 
Belle Girl, oJi m, 1882, by Harold 

Peita. by Belmont ................ 

Belle Hamill, b m, 188 by Scott's 

Hiatoga ........................... 

Belle J., br m, 1888, by Brook Snapp 
Belle M., b m, 188, by Willoughby. . . 
Belle Mahone, ro m, 1889, by Sea 

Foam Bird ....................... 

Belle McGee, b m, 188, by Richard 

ScobeH Modock ................... 

Belle Meade, b m, 1892, bv Charleston 
Belle Moody, b m, 188 ,'by Moody.. 
Belle Morse, gr m, 187, by Cald- 

well's Grey Diamond Jane Oliver, 

by Gen. Taylor .................... 

Belle N., oh m, 188, by Red Dick. . . . 

Belle Nira, b m, 188, by Brick 

Wilkes, dam by Captain Jack ...... 

Belle Noble, b" m, 1891, by Harry 

Noble ............................. 

Belle of Kentucky, b m, 188 ....... 

Belle Pedro, br m, 188 .............. 

Belle Potter, b m, 188, by Chester- 

wood ............................. 

Belle R., rn m, 188 ................ 

Belle Shackett, oh m^ 1876, by Abra- 

hamClover Fed, by De Long's 

Ethan Allen (trotting 2:27ya) ........ 

Belle Simmons, br m, 1887, by Better- 

ton^-Della, by Hero of Thorndale. . 
Bellvue Maid, b m, by Jim Fisk ..... 
Bellevue Wilkes, ch s, 1887, by Red 

Wilkes Lady Tassell, by Shelby 

Chief (trotting 2:27%) .............. 

Belle W., blk m, 188, by George 

H. D ................ T ............. 

Belle West, b m, 188, by Double 

Stroke ............................ 

Belle Wilkes, b m, 188, by Don 





2 :23V<, 

2:19 L /4 






2:26 l /i 



2:27-V 2 

2 :24!/4 

2:12'/ 2 





2:27V<i ! 

2:29</ 4 


2:29V 4 







Belmont Boy, oh g, 1879, by Nutwood' 
Lilly Vernon, by Tom Vernon 

Belmont Chief, b s, 188, by Belinout 

Belmont Chief, b s, 188 ," "by" De- 

Belton, b s, 1882, by Belmoot Saily 
D., by Strathmore 

Belva Lockwood, b m, 1880, by Bob 
Ridley Jr., dam by Sliawlian's Hal. 

Ben Adhem, b s, 188, by Ben Frank- 
linLady Rogers, bY Len Rogers.., 

Ben Allie b g, 1891, by Ben Hari-ison 

Ben B., ch s, 188- by Clipper 

Ben Butler, blk g, 188, by Nelson's 

Ben Butler, b g, 1865. by St. Glair- 
Mary ; 

Benefactor Jr., oh s, 1887, 'by'Bene-' 
factor Midway by Combat . 

Ben F., dh g, 188 ,"by Quilna Chief.. 

Ben H., b s, 188. by Smith's Mam 
brino (dead) 

Ben Hadad, b s. 1890, by Doc Vail 
Lady Fergus, by Fergus McGregor. . 

Ben Harrison, br g, 1887. by King- 
ston, dam by Bourbon Chief Jr 

Ben Higdon, dn g, 184, by Clark's 

Ben Hur, bl g, 188, by Jim Roberts 

Ben Lambert, g, 188, by Golddust 

Ben Mitchell, gr, 188, 

Ben Morgan, br g, 188, by Clark's 

Benny, gr g, 1872, by Fearnaught, Jr. 
Martha, by Gilbreath Knox 

Ben's Misfit, blk s, 1892, by Ben Eas- 
ton, dam 'by Squire Talmage 

Benson H., ro g, 1881, by Louis Na- 

Ben Jack, b s, 188 ,by Butler's 

Ben S., b s, 188-, by Ben Morrill ..'.'.' 

Ben Star, b g. 1876, by Tom Hazzard 
Dolly Buxton, by John Richards, 
Jr., (trotting 2 :21%). (dead) 

Ben Swigert, b g, 188 by Vero 

Benton Boy, b s, 1886, by Gen. Ben- 
ton Gazelle, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 

Benzine, b g, 188, by Dunbarton, 
dam by Byerly Abdallah 

Bergletta, ch m, 188, by Antar.... 

Berkshire Courier, b s, 188, by Ira 
Wilkes Kate Windsor, by Windsor. 

Bernecia, ch m, 188, by Commander. 

Bernica, ch m, 185 , by Commander 
Dolly Smith, by Flying Hiatoga.. 

Bernice, ch m. 188, by Game On- 
ward '. 

Berry Davis, b g, 188 

Bertha W., g m. 188. by Roderick. 

Bertie W ..." 

Bessemer, b m, 188 by Billy Brister 

Bessemer, b s, 1884, by Voltaire- 
Cora, by Concord 

Bess H.. br m, 1885. by May Boy- 
Belle, by Signal Chief 

Bessie, bl m. 188, 

Bessie Ann, gr m, 188, by White 

Bessie Braddock, ch m, 188, by 
Mountain Boy Maud 

Bessie B., b m, 188, by Gold King 
Dolly Smith, by Flying Hiatojra... 

Bessie B., b m. 188, by Look, dam 



2:13V 4 






2:18y a 




2:30 /J= 





by Baird'.s Hanibletonian Priiice. . 2:18% 
Bessie B., rn m, 188, by Sea Foam. 2:22 

Bessie C., 2:24% 

Bessie H. br in, 1888, by Newton's 

Aliie Wflkes-Star Eye 2:22% 

Bessie H., br in, 188, by Brook 2:19y 4 

Bessie M., gr m, by White Cloud 

Fanny 2:14 

Be^ie M., br m, 188, by Little Biliy 2:23% 
Bessie M., bik in, 1875, by Gapt. Gay, 

Jr. Buxorn 2 :!<% 

Bessie Moore, b m, 187, by Tom 

Moore 2:24% 

Bessie Polk, b in, 188, by Jim Mon- 
roe Jr 2:25 

Bessie R., cr m, 1886, by Blue Bayard 

Bessie, by Johnson's Copperbottom 2:21% 
Bessie R., b m. 1887, by Redmond 

Wilkes 2:23% 

Be.ssie Shedd, b in, 188, by J. R. 

Shedd 2:23Vi 

Bessie Wilkes, b m, 1892, by Wilkes TL 2:23% 
Bessie Young, bl m, 188, by Joe 

Young 2 :24 

Be Sure, b s, 1801, by Bessemer- 
Jessie R., by Smuggler 2:14 

Betty Battle, b m, 188, by Jesse 

James 2:24% 

Betty M., br m, 188, by Ci-esco 2:20 

Betty Walker, b in, 187- 2:30 

Beulah, gr m, 1890, by Du Bois' 

Superior Maggie H., by Iron Duke 2:14% 
Beulah Boy, br g, 1889, by Robert C. 

Lady M., by Billy Almont 2:23% 

Beulah G., ch m, 1891, by Badger's 

Glay, dam, by Gov. Wilkes (trotting 

2:27), (dead) 2:28% 

B. H. D., br s, 188, by Brown Hal, 

dam by Tempest, Jr 2:20% 

Bide A Wee, b s, 1887, by Ashland 

Wilkes Lucy Glover, by Thalaba. . 2:25 

Big Hopes, ch g, 188, 2:20% 

Big Injun, ch g, 188 by Brown Hal. 2:20% 
Big John, br g, 188 by Belmont Boy 2:28 
Big Mike, br s, 1889, by Studer 

Maria, by Burnside 2:19 

Big Wonder, b g, 188, by Ajax Big 

Alary, by Blue Bu'.l (dead) 2:25 

Billy B., b g. 187, by Mountain Boy 2:29% 
Billy Boyce, b g, 1861, by Corbeau 

McGinuis Mare, by Tom Hale 2:10 

Billy Breen, b g, 1S8 , by Alambrino 

Motor 2:26V4 

Billy Briggs, 188. by Trojan, Jr 2:21 

Billy Brister, rn g, 188 2:27 

Billy Bunco, rn g, 188, 2:24*4 

Billy Bunker, bl g, 1879, by Harry 

Clay, Jr.. Larue 2:19V4 

Billy Bums, ch g, 188, by Billy 

Davi^ '. 2:24% 

Billy Button, g g. 185, (dead) 2:20% 

Billy C., br g, 186, 2:25% 

Billy C., br g. 188, by Middletown, 

Jr 2:26% 

Bi'l.v C., bik g. 188, by Rescue 2:274 

Billy C.. b g. 1887, 'by Billy Davis, 

dam, by Gloster 2:20 

Billy Carr, b g. 188, by Mambrino 

Smuggler 2:27 

Billy Cleveland, ch g. 188, by Don- 
Alice, by Indian Chief. Jr 2:19V, I 

Bil'v D. b g, 187, by Henry Mid- 

dleton '. 2:29% 

Billy Dovhman, b g. 188, by Messen- 
ger Golddust . . 2*24 1 4 

BiHy K., b g. 1S8 by E-bert 2:29% 

Billy E.. b g. 188. by' Red Joe 2:22 

Bi'ly E.. b g. 188. 'bv Pocohontas 


Billy F., br g, 187, 

Blay F., br g, 1881, by Land Pilot.. 

Biily Flenmiiiig, b g, 188, by Copper- 

Biily Frazier, ch g, 188, by Bourbon 
VV ilkes Daisy by Kite-hell's Tele- 
graph '. 

Biily G., bl g, 188, by Tempest Jr. 

Biily Gau.t, b g, 1883, by Frank Noble 
Olive Logan by Mambrino Logan. 

Billy Golden, ch s, 1887, by Headlight 
Madam Golddust, by Brilliant 

Billy Hayes, b g, 188, by Tramp, . 

Billy Hopper, ch s, 186, by Jack 

Biliy J., b g, 188, by Johnson's 

Biliy J., ru s, 188, by Gen. Hardee 
Rosa Lee, by Newsboy 

Biily Jay, b .<, 1891, by Wha.ebone. 

Billy Kedron, b g, 187, by Gleucoe 
Annie, by Wiiey Ihompson 

Billy Larkin, b g, 186 

Billy AL, br g, 1881, by Bob Hunter- 
Miner Mare 

Billy M., b g, 187 by Clear Grit- 
Billet Doux, by St. Lawrence 

Billy Mack, br g, 188- by Nathan 

Billy Aiayo, gr g, 185, 

Biily McCracken, bik s, 1885, by Ham- 
bletouian Mambrino Fanny Red- 
ding, by Tom Hal.. 

Billy N., ch g, 187- 

Billy Nye, bik g, 188, . . 

Billy Nye, b g, 188,... 

Billy P., br s, 1891 by Edge Hill- 
Irene, by Wilkes' Nutwood 

Billy Patchen, b s, 188, by Hen -y 
B. Patchen 

Billy Pierce, b s, 1892, by Pelletier.. 

Billy R., b g, 188, by 'Paul Jones, 

Jr. Collie, by Solomon Hager 

Billy Richbald, ch m, 188. by King 


Billy Russell, b g, 188 by Alley 

Russell ; . . . . 

Billy Russell, g g, 188 by Grey 


Big Sam, ch g, 187 

Bill White, rn g. 184, (dead) 

Billy S., b g, 1873, by Corbeau Pacing 

Kate, by Redmond's Boston 

Billy Sample, b s, 1889, by Egmont 

Kate Medium, by Time Medium.... 
Billy Scott, ch g, 187, by Billy 

Green Green Lady Jones, by Hef- 

lin's Hiatoga 

Billy Silk, b g, 187 

Billy Steinman, b g, 188, by 

Bronx Jr 

Billy Spragne. br s, 1878, by Gov. 

Sprague Lake Breeze, by Swigert. . 
Bi'ly Stewart, b g, 188, by Ameri- 
can Boy 

Billy T., g g, 188 .-H 

Billv T., b g. 1883. by Don Ozro. dam 

by Jamestown Horse 

Billy T., arr g. 188. by Aberdeen. . 
Billy the Kid. ch s, 188. by Bashaw 

TTwharie: flam, by Snndusky 

Billy the Kid, ch s, 18, bv Bo*haw 

Bill ' 

Billy the Twister, ch g, 188, by 

Gray Harry 

Billy V.. b g.' 188, by Ned WarfteM. . 




























Billy V., b g, 187 by Blue Bull 2:25% 

Billy Warren, b g, 188 by Billy 

tfreen 2:29% 

Billy Watters, b s, 1891, by Whale- 
bone, dam, by Vick's Morgan 2:18% 

Billy Webb, ch g, 187 2:27 

Billy Wilkes, b g, 187, 2:30 

Billy Wilson, b g, 188, by Embassa- 

dor 2:26'/4 

Binuie C., blk, 188, by Wyandotte 

Chief 2:30 

Birchwood, b s, 1889, by Nutwood- 
Kate F., by Mambrino Boy 2:15 

Birdie, br m, 1882, by Capt. Sligart, 

Jr 2:24% 

Birdie L., ch m, 187, by Lance, dam, 

by Smith Horse 2:28% 

Birdie L., g m, 188 by Ingraham 

Horse 2:27 

Bird Mont, br s, 188 by Bird-Ada 

Mont, by Edmont 2:22% 

Birentha, br m, 1889, by Walsing- 

ham 2:25 

Black Ambassador, bl s, 1880, by 
Ambassador Quaker Girl, by Star 

Hambletonian 2 :25 

Black Bassinger, blk s, 1877, by Legal 

Tender, dam, by Bassinger 2:29% 

Black Bird, br g, 1S8-, by Blackhawk 

McGregor 2 :28% 

Black Cat, blk m, 187 2-29 

Black Cloud, blk s, 185 by Glen.. 2:24% 
Black Cloud, blk s, 1888, by Brown 

Kimble 2 :23Vo 

Black Crook, b g, 188, by Adjutant 2:26 " 
Black Diamond, gr g, 188, by Grey 

Harry 2:16 

Black Dick, blk s, 1886, by Black 

Dick: dam, by Dr. Herr ,. 2:11 

Black Hawk, blk s, 188 2:25 

Black Hal, blk s, 188, by Morrison's 

Clipoer 2:30 

Black Hawk Menelaus, b s, 1881, by 
Menelaus Millie, by Black Hawk 

Chief 2 -22% 

Black Nell, blk m, 18 by Hard Tack 2 : 28' 
Black Prince, blk g, 188, by Jeffer- 
son Prince 2 :29% 

Black Eph., blk g, 187 2-*>9 

Black Henry, blk g, 187 2:27% 

Black Hunter, blk s, 188, 2r29% 

Black Jack, blk g, 186 2:29% 

Black Morgan, blk er. 187 2-27' 

B'.ack Ne'l, b'k m. 188 by Hard Ta k 2:28 
Black Rover, blk s, 188 by Pre- 
tender, dam, by Bourbon Wilkes.. 2:21 
Blacksie, blk m. 1886, by Patchen 

Wilkes Betsey, by Draco 2:20 

Black Shy, blk g, 185, (dead) 9> 30 

Black Tom, blk g, 188 2:23% 

Black Yitulis, blk s, 1889, by Vitu- 

lis Jr 2:25 

Black Weasel, blk g, 187. by Long- 
fellow 2:27% 

Black Wilkes. blk s. 1882. by Am- 
bassadorBird, by Hiatoga 2:24% 

Black York, blk g, 188, by Tem- 
pest, Jr ,.". ' 2:18% 

Blairwood, b s. 1889. by Wedgewood 

Pink, by Chieftain. .' 2:15% 

Blanche, 'b m, 1881. bv Middletown, 
Jr. Lady Bailey, by Bacon's Ethan 

Allen Jr 2:20% 

Blanche, gr m, 188, by Round's 

Sprague 2 :24% 

Blanche Louise, b m. 1888, by Ren 

Wi'kes Mis=ie. by Westwood 2:10 

Blanche M., b m. 188, 2:23% 

Blinky Morgan, g g, 188, by Pilot 

Wilkes 2:26% 

Blizzard, b s, 188, by Sandy Short 
Gipsey McGregor, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor 2:12% 

Blonde, ch g, 1884, by Brunswick 

Chief Kit by Kansas Duke 2:14% 

Blonde Wilkes, ch s, 1888, by Guy 

Wilkes Blonde, by Arthurton 2:22V4 

Blue Wing, br m, 1883, by Pluto- 
Bay Fanny, by Richard's Bell- 
founder 2:27 

Blondie, ch s, 1886, by Lemont 
Molly, by Frank Chapman (trotting 

2:24y 2 ) 2:15 

B ue Bell, ro m, 188, by Sea Foam. 2-19% 
Blue Bell, ro m, 1883, by Sea Foam. . 2:17 
Blue Bell, br m, 188 by Christie's 

Bull 2:291/2 

Blue Bob, gr g, 188, by Blue Brit- 
ton 2:23 

Blue Dick, g g, 188, by George 

Washington 2 :30 

Blue Hal, ro s, 1890, by Gibson's Tom 

Hal, Jr. Tiny, by Blue Ball 2:23 

Blue Note, rn g, 1884, by Legal Note 

Belle 2:221,4 

Blue Ridge, rn s, 188 by Gold Boy, 

dam by Pointer's Slasher 2:20 

Blue Sign b g, 1887, by Ensign- 
Polly Hopkins 2:08%, 

Bob, blk m, 188 by Young Abner 2:23% 
Boadicea, ch m, 18, by Good Luck. 2:28% 

Bob, blk g, 188 2:15 

Bobby Burns, b s, 1888. by Gen. 

Wilkes -Dixie, by Dictator 2:19% 

Bob Cotton, b g, 188, by Little 

Grant 2:29% 

Bob Ingersoll, blk g, 188. by Legal 

Tender Jr. Bolly, by Capt. Walker. 2:26% 
Bob Ingersoll, ro g, 188. by Frank M 2:23% 
Bob Taylor, ro g, 1885, by Gibson's 

Tom Hal, Jr. Jennie, by EnfieM. . 2:18% 
Bob Volunteer, b g, 1888, by Sun- 
rise Patchen-- 1'earfrace, by Rvsdyke. 2:19% 
Bokara, b s, 1890, by Alcantara- 
Siren, by Nutwood 2:20 

Bob R.. b g 188, by Woodburn 

Pilot ' 2:29% 

Bonair, Jr.. h s. IS*--, by Bonuir 2:26% 

Bonaventure, 1) 8. 18S(J. 1>y Indianapo- 
lis Susan Ann, by Balsora 2:18 

Boncher, b s, 188, by William L 2:26 

Bonnie B., b s. 1887. by Orion- 
Nelly V., by Bouuer 2:18% 

Bonnie B., b g, 1887, by Happy Trav- 
eler Merrimac, by Wilder 2:19% 

Bonnie Bel!, blk m. 1887, by Adiron- 
dackDaisy James 2:24% 

Bonnie Belle, b m, 1890, by Bonnie 

Boy Ardelle. by Rochester 2:17% 

Bonnie Belle, br *m, 188, by Black- 
hawk Paragon 2:20 

Bonnie Boy, b g, 188, by Brown 

Henry Lady Shellbark, by Corbeau 2:29% 
Bonnie Wilkes Jr.. blk m, 1886, by 
Adrian Wilkes Princess, by Ara- 
bian Golddust 2:241* 

Bonnie Wilson, b s, 188, by Jim 

Wilson 2:26% 

Boodler, br s. 1887, by Madrid- 
Sahara, by Challenger 2:26 

Boone Wilson, gr s, 1887, by Jim Wil- 
sonNelly Boone, by Daniel Boone 

(trotting 2:20%) 2:13 

Bonus, b s, 188-=;, by Morgan Ethan.. 2:29% 

Bo Peep, b g, bv Raven 2:16'/i 

Boswell Jr., ch s, 1883, by Boswell- 



Maude, by Bertrand Black Hawk.. 2:39 
Bou-.'bon Patchen, ch s, 1889, by Bour- 
bon Wilkes Carrie Patchen, by 
Mambriuo Patchen 2:09 

Bourbon Sneak, b m, 1891, by Bour- 
bon Prince Sneak, by Sam Hazzard 2:21& 

Bovee K., b s, 189<), by Royalton 
Old Queen, by Jack 2:15% 

Boy B., b g, 188 2:28 

Brae, gr m, 188, by Tom Hal Jr., 
dam by John Dillard 2:25*4 

Bracelet, b g, 1882, by Nephew 
Rit.chelders, by Messenger Chief ... 2:21 

Bradburn, b g, 1886, by Mohican 
Nantaska, by Hamlin's Almont Jr.. 2:24 

Branchwood, b g, 1885, by Woodbum 
Hambletonian Belle 2 :25 

Brandywine, gr g, 188, by Roscoe 
Boy ." 2:291,4 

Branolia, b m, 1889, by Brown 
Wilkes Julia H., by Monaco 2:22 

Brant Arnold, blk g, 188, by Arnold. 2:29>/4 

Breastplate, b g, 188, by Rosedale, 
dam by Monroe Chief 2 :20 

Brennan, gr s, 1891, by Gambetta 
Wilkes, dam by Mambrino Startle. . . 2:16'/4 

Brent Wells, ch g, 188, by Bedford. . 2:19% 

Brewery Boy, b g, 187 2:29 

Bridget, b m, 188 by Emery's 

Bright Hope, blk s, 1887, by Hype-ion, 
dam by Surplus 2 :25 

Bright Light, b s, 187, 2:29 

Brig-lit Pat, b g, 188, by Red Mark, 
dam by Pat Malone 2:23 l /i 

Brighton Boy, b g, 1883, by Hamble- 
tonian Morgan 2:22% 

Brighton Girl, b m, 188, by Victor 
Napoleon 2 :21Vi 

Bright Regent, ch s, 1891, by Prince 
Regent Bright Eyes, by Blackwood 
Chief 2:2CVi 

Brightwood, b g, 188, by Abraham 
Pritehard Mare, by Flying Morgan. 2:19Vi 

Bulliantine, dn m, 1887, by Brilliant 
Smut, by Prompter 2:17V* 

Briwdja, b m, 1889, by Mambrino 
Davis Molly, by son of Red Buck. 2:15V* 

Brino Tricks, b s, 1888, by Mambriuo 
Wilkes Sally Tricks, by Patchen 
Vernon 2 :18^a 

Broadwell, b s, 1890, by Splendor, 
daia by Young Wilkes 2:21^ 

Brookneld, b s, 1891, by Redfield, dam 
by Mai-tin's Tom Brown 2:22 

BrootoaRte, gr s, 1891, by Martin's 
Tom Hal Lucirida, by Henry Clay. 2:liy 2 

Brooks, ch s, 1889, by Nettle Keenan 
Minnie M., by Planeroid 2:ir>Vi 

Brother Geers, br g, 1882, by O'd 
' Hank 2 -29% 

Brown Al, br g, 1889, by Aladdin 
Mattie Logan, by Dick Turpin 2:24% 

Brown Frank, br g, 1885, by Tom Hal 
Jr. Nelly 2:161/4. 

Brown George, br g, 188 , . 2:21% 

B:x)wn Hal, br s, 1879, by Gibson's 
Tom Hal Lizzie, by John Nether- 
land 2:12U 

Brown Hal Jr., blk s, 1888, by Brown 
Hal Midnight, by Crim's Black 
Hawk 2 '17!4 

Brownie, br g, 1887, by Roulette- 
Blue, by Billy Hazzard 2:22% 

Brown Jim, br g, 188, by Lace 
Dealer, dam by Atlantic 2:26% 

Brown Nell, br m, 1883, by Stock- 
holmGray Nell, by Hercules 2:23 

Brown Sam, ; g, 188 by Whistle 


Buck Dickerson, ch g, 188, by Jack 

Buckeye Girl, b m, 188, by Dill 
Green. Horse, darn by Sam Patch . . 

Buck Franklin, b s, 1891, by Ben 
Franklin Echo, by Enfleld 

Buckner, b m, 1887, by Earuheart's 
Brooks Molly, by son of Stackpole. . 

Buckshot, blk g, 188 by Levi Aris- 

Buckskin, dn s, 187. 

Bud 'Crooke, b s, i860, by George 
Wilkea-Lizzie Brinkne::, by Brink- 
ner's Drennon 

Bud Dille, br s, 188, by Kin lock 

Budd Doble, b g, 1883, by Indianapolis 
Kate, by Stocking Chief 

Budd Doble, b g, 188 , by Clay Ab- 
dallah Dot, by Alrnore 

Bud Onward, b g, 1885, by Onward- 

Buid Weiser, br g, 188 

Buffalo Girl, b m, 1873, by Pocahontas 

Boy Kit Freeman, by Gray's Tom 


Bugher, b g, 187 

Bunco Jr., b g, 188, by Bunco Deli- 
lah .' 

Bullmont, gr g, 1887, by Blue Skin- 
Lady Almont, by Almont Pasha . 

Burback, b s, 1891, by Red. Wilkes 

Burdette, b s, 1886, by Alcantara- 
Minnie, by Broken Leg 

BurkhoMer, b g, 188 

Burley F., b g, 188, by Legal Ten- 
der J:" 

Buster, rn s, 188, by Sam. Purdy .... 

Butoher Boy, citt s, 188 , by Poca- 
hontas Boy ." 

Butler Chief, b s, 1888, by Reveille- 
Lady, by Kansas Wilkes 

Byrl C., br m, 1890, by Victov Patch- 






2:21V a 




Ccesar, b* g, 1885, by Steinway Olita, 
by Nutwood 

Cairn, b s, 1890, by Antecos Govern- 
ess, by Gov. Sprague 

Calera, b m, 1890, by MciEwen Cuy- 
lera, by Ouyler 

Callie S., br m, 1889, by Mambrino 
Logan Delphine, by Wade Hampton 

Calvin C., b g, 188, by Hainbletouian 

Calyce, blk in, 1888, by Endymion 
Opponent, by Madrid 

Cama K., gr m, 188, by Boe Oak 
Josie, by Mambrino Bruce (dead) . . . 


Cambridge Boy, oh s, 188, by Amer- 
ican Boy 

Cambridge Girl, ch m, 188, by Amer- 
ican Boy 

Oemille, b m, 188 

Candidate, en s, 1H84, by Pocaliontas 

Caneland Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Young 
Jim Augusta, by Allie West 

Gannon Ball, br s, 1886, by Red Jacket 

Cantab, ch g, 188, by Sphinx Home 
Maid, by Royal Fearnaught 

Can Tell,'br m, 188 by Grove's Blue 
Bull Jr 

Capital, b s, 188, by Byron 

Capitola. ch m, 186 , 

Capeiheaf, blk B, 188 by Confederate 

Capt. Dan, b g, 187 






2:28 Vi 










Capt. Hunter, br s, 188, by Clear 

Grit 2-1 

S2-& & ^ Vfe ^ Old %d Buck 2':2^ 

Capt. John, b s, 188TL by Don Wilkes 

Molly, by Dillard Dudley 

Gapt. Kinney, b g, 184, (dead) 

Capt. Mack, blk s, 188,' by Gu'thbert. 
Capt. Payne, ch s, 188 by Black 

Gapt. llhorne, ' b ' V, 1888', ' by ' Haw- 
thorneJune Second, by Beii Frank- 

Oapt. Turney, b g, 188, by a sou 'of 

Oapt. Walker, ch s, 186. . . .".'.' 

Capt Wood, g s, 188, by Wilkeswood 

Carbonate, m s, 1892, by Superior- 
Maggie H., by Iron Duke 

Careless, b g, 1879, by Spring Hi'li 
Victoria Almont, by Almont 

Carmel, b s, 188, by Bourbon Chief 








Carrie H., b m, 188, by Edgewood..' 2 : 29U 

Carrie L., b m, 188 2 : 29vt 

Carrie M., b m, 1887, by Dispatch- 
Miss Herrington, by Star Harnble- 

toinian/ '21V 

Carrie Onward, b m, 1889, by On/ward 

Carrie B., by Blue Bull. ,. 2'18V 4 

Carrie Strathmore, b m, 188 by 
St-jatihmore Carrie Blackwood, by 

Blue Bull J 2-17V4 

Carrie T., b m, 188, by Signal.....' 2 : 20% 
Carrie W., b m, 188, by Royalty 
Oarro, b g 1886, by Erie Wilkes- 

Celia, by Black Henry 2-?4% 

Ga *b B y. b g, 188 , by Wayne 

Wilkes 2-27Vi 

Cashier, gr s, 188, by Nelson .'.'.'.''.'.' 2:25% 
Cashier Jr.. b g, lS8Q, by Qashier- 

Pattie Dodd 2-'>4V 

Oaasie, b m, 1887, by Tennessee ' 

Wilkes Jenny, by Bnfield.. .. 2-12% 

Catherine H., r m, 188, by Ju^ge 

Advocate 2 -27-% 

Cato, b g, 188, by Guilford Boy .'.'.'.'.' 2:23% 

Cayuga Maid, b m, 184-, (dead) . 2:28 

C. C., blk s, 188 by Butler. ..... >-28 

Cebx>n, b s, 1888, by Bel voir Minnie 

Russell by Mambrino Russell 2:17V4 

-Cecelia, b m, 1892, by Iris Scratch 

by Loppy ; \ 2:23% 

Cedar Rapids, b s, 1892, by Mam- 
brino Payne 2 :24 

Cedar Snag, b g, 188, by Locomotive 2:25% 
Centerville Maid, b m, 185, (dead).. 2:25V-2 
Chamois, ch s, 1888, by Champlain 

Royalty, by Almont 2:16Vi 

Champion, br g, 188 2:30 I 

Champy, b? g, 188 2:24'/ 8 

Chan, b m, 1886, by Ghandos Mid- 
night, by Red Cloud 2:17% ' 

Change, b g, 187 2:11 

Chapman, oh g, 1881, by St. Omer 2:11 

Chapman, b g, 188, by Western 

Charland, b s, 188 

Charles L., ch g, 1885, by Ashley's 
Ethan Allen, dam by Earthquake. . . 2:19% i 

Charles P 2 :27% 

Charles S., b g, by Red Joe 2:21% 

Charley, blk g, 188 2:27 

Charley B., ch g, 188, by Dan Brown 2:18V 4 
Ohailey B. Wilkes, br s, 188, by 

Charley B 2:2S 

Charley Brown, gr g, 187 2:22 

Charley O., b g, 188, by Brussels... 2:24 
Charley C., ch s, 188, by Piedmont 
GBloomfield Maid, by Hambletonian 
Jr 2:18% 

Fred Lothai:. ....... 

Charles H. Hoyt, b s, 1889, bV 
mont-Reel, by Blue Buil (trotting 

.... , 

.... 2:19% 
i.... 2:22J/j 
..... 2:29%; 

Chaney E., dn g, 188--, by Old Sambo 
Cuurley Evans, ro g. 18t> , (dead).. 
Chaney F., b g, 187 by Cloud Mam- 

brino ....................... 

Charley Ford, ch g, 1888,"by' Dexter 

1 rmce Nellie, by Corsica ........ 

Charley Footer, rn g, 187, by Joe 

Blister ............ 


2 '15^ 

2 : 25 

2 : 2HA 



Charley G.','bg, 188-, by'Gen.'stantou 2:29% 
Charley Hicks, b g, 188-, by Iowa 

Mambrino 2 -28V 

Charley M., ch g, 188 

Charley M., gr s, 188-,..'.'.'!!.' ' 2 : 2oS 

Charley M., blk g, 188, . 2 : 28Vi 

Charley M.. ch g, 188 ^Vo 

Charley Miller b g, 1888, by George 
Meek, dam, by Simm's Edwin For- 
rest 2-2U4 

Charley Mozee, b g, 1886, by Wood- 
mont Lizzie, by Daniel Payne 2:20% 

Charley P., gr g, 1882, by Gov. 
bprague Martha, by Rothschild 
(trotting 2:25%) U-llli 

Charley P., g g, 188- by Kiibuck 
Tom *> -191,4 

Charley P., ch g, 188, .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' " 2 ; 18% 

Charley Pegg, b g, 188- 2 :27Va 

Charley R., ch s, 188-, by Pilot 
Champion 2 -25% 

Charley Stillson, b g, 1886, by Still- 
sonNell, by Bob Ridley 2:20i4 

Charley Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Red- 
field Top-sy, by Commander (dead) 2-18 

Charm, ch s, 1882, by Leroy Bessie. . 2:24% 

Charton, ch s, 188 by Charleston 2:10% 

Chase, b g, 188 by Billy Green 2:23V A 

Ghattie G.. b g, 188, by Hamble- 
tonian Chief 2 -2914 

Chautauqua Prince, gr s, 188, by 
Si i. bad " > '>$% 

Cheerful Alcy, ch g, 188, by Clay 
Wilkes May Wilkes, by 'Young 
Wilkes * 2 :15'4 

Cheerful Charlie, b g, 188. by Broad- 
way, dam by Gen. Knox . . .'. , . 2:28% 

Chehaiis, blk s 1890, by Altamout 
Tecora, by Strader's Oassius M. 
Clay Jr 2:L'4% 

Chepita, rn m, 188, by Hamble- 
tonian Messenger 2:25 1 /4 

Cherokee Prince," ch s, 1887, by Dex- 
ter Prince Brownie, by Capt.' Lewis 2:22% 

Cherry, b g, 188, by Hambletonian 
Mambrino 2 :27 J4 

Chester Boy, gr s, 188-. by Joe Hail 2:30 

Chestnut Bird, ch s, 188, by Chest- 
nut Wilkes 2 :24% 

Chestnut Day. ch g. 187. by Tain 
O'Shanter Meg Merrilles, by Mam- 
brino Eclipse 2:29'/i 

Chestnut Hal. ch s. IRS , by Tom Hal 2:27 

Chestnut Star, oh s, 1876, by Arnold's 
Redbuck Flora Voss, bv Sleepy 
Abe .' '. 2-22 

Chester C.. b g, 188, by Chester A. 2:24'4 



Chesterfield, ch g, 1885, by Strath- 
more Jr., dam by Whipple 

Chico, b g, 188, by Gov. Boj 

more Jr., dam by Whipple 

Jhico, b g, 188, by Gov. Boggs 

Chief, b g, 187, by Blood Chief . . . 

Chief Justice, b s," 188, by Clark 
Chieftain, dam by Enchanter 

Chief Scott, b s, 1890, by Egemont 
Lucy J., by J. J 

Chieftain, b g, 186, (dead) 

Chief Thome, b s, 1888, by Haw- 
thorneDaisy, by Chieftain 

Chimes C., gr g, 1882, by Daniel 

Chimes E., gr g, 1882, by Chimes- 
Eugenia, by Louis Napoleon (trot- 
ting 2:28%) 

China Girl, m m, 187, by Mayhew 
Knox, dam by imp. Airfield 

Choral, b m, 1891, by C. F. Clay- 
Lady Pepper, by Onward 

Chris Smith, ch g, 1885, by Guy 
Wilkes Lucy, (dead) 

Christn Queen, t> m, 1888, by Monte 
Christo Mary by Standard Bearer 

Chrornette, ch' m, 188, by Chester- 

Chronometer, b s. 18S2, by Abe Down- 
ing Dagmar by Mambrino Abdal- 
lah '. 

Chronos, b s, 1884, by Alcantara 
Clytie, by Knickerbocker 

Clbolo, b s, 1890, by Charles Derby 
Addie Ash, bv Indianapolis 

Cigarette, b m, 1889. by Madrid Dis- 
taff, by Onward 

Cinch, ch s, 188, by Phurah 

Cisco Queen, blk m, 18, by Volun- 
teer Swigert 

Clara C.. b m, 188, by Alcantara. . 

Clara H., blk m, 1875, by Phil For- 
tune Myra Leon 

Clara J., b m, 1888, by Rattler Brooks 
Mamie W., by George Gordon .... 

Claremont, blk g. 188, by Gold King 
Sleepy Jane 

Clatawa, blk s. 188 by Alwood, dam 
by Milliman's Bellfounder 

Claude Duvnl, br s, 188 

Claybcmrne. b s, 1889 by C. F. Clay 
Ada Byron, by Enfieid 

Clayhoi'tas, ch s, 1890. by Poc.ihon- 
tas Boy, dam by Buckley's Chief. . 

Clay Jax, b s. 1SSS. by \ja\- B"l!e, 
by Jim Clay .... 

Clayaon. b s. 188, by Allie Clay, 
dam by Lord Nelson 

Claytina, b m. 1888, by Clay, dam 
by Mohawk Chief ' 

Clear Grit, blk g. 1885. by Egmont 
Jenny Balfour, by Black Timoleon . 

Cleopatra, b m, 188 , by Aroostook 
Boy. dam by Wing Dan 

Cleveland, b g. 1S79, by Sweepstakes, 
dam by Slglar's American Star.... 

Cleveland, ch g. 188 . by Al West.. 

Cleveland S.. b p. 1884, by Montgom- 
ery Topsy, by Tippoo Sttib (trot- 
ting 2:24) ..! 

Clifton Boy, b s. 188 by Alhamar . 

Clinker, blk s. 1S72 

Clint Kiff. oh s. 1885. by Bald Hornet 
Lady Fink, by Bob Sprag'ie .... 

Clito. b g, 188 ."hv Gov. Stanford.. 

Clopton. ch g, 1884. by Beaconsfiekl 
WMtelass, by Reekie^ 

Cloud R.. br g. 187 

Coast Boy. blk R. 1S85. by Bourbon 
Wilkos- Albnlross. by Coaster 

! Coastman, br s, 1888, by Bourbon. 

2:11*4! Wilkes Albatross, by Coaster 

2:21% Cobdellah, ch m, 188, by Cobden .. 

2 :24% Cobdeu Boy, b g 188, by Cobden . . . 

Cobden Jr., ch s, 188, by Cobden . . 

2:22% I Cock Robin, b g. 188, by Pound's 

Golddust, dam by Sim Booker 

2:28% Cognac, br s, 1883, by Madrid Lady 

2:28% ; Shanahan, by McGregor's Warrior 

Cohannet, b s, 1876, by Bay State 

2:20 ! Grand Duchess, by Hanley's Hia- 


2:23 I Coitt, ch g, 188, 

I Colbert, ch s. 18SS, by On ward --Queen 
B., by Kearsarge 


2:29y 2 i 
2:14% | 
2:11% ! 


2:12% j 

2:13% I 

2:18% ! 
2:26 i 



2:23y 2 

2:11% ; 
2:19% ! 










Coldwater Billy, gr g, 185, (dead) . . 

Coleridge, b s, 1888, by C. F. Clay- 
Susie Wilkes, by Red Wilkes (trot- 
ting 2:23%) 

Colette, 1? m, 1885, by Indianapolis 
Abdallah Belle, by Pacing Abdal- 

Colletta, b m, 1889, by Nutbreaker 
Sleet, by Bourbon Wilkes 

Collossus. b s, 188, by Colona Sil- 
via Blair, by Gridley's Red Buck . . 

Colon, br s, 188 , by Silas Wright 
Lotta, by Allie Gaines 

Colonel, b g, 187 

Col. B., b g, 188 ,' by Cromwell 

Col Bruce, b s, 1880, by Mambrino 

Col. Forest, b s, 1885, by Forest 
Hal . . 

Colonel H., ch g, 188, by Wood's 

Col. Hardee, rn s, 18, by Hardee. . 

Col. Louis, b s, 1884, by Louis Napo- 
leonBashaw Maid, by Young Ba- 
shaw .. . . . . 

Col. Matson, rn g, 187, by Chader's 
Red Buck 

Col. Matson. b g, 1889, by Chance 
Prudic Allen, by Clark Chief Jr. . . 

Col. Taylor, br s, 188 

Col. Thornton, b s, 1887. by Onward 
Milly, by Norton Hanibletonian . . . 

Como, ch s. 1890. by Sphinx Silkey, 
by Daniel Lambert 

Columbus Girl, ch m, 187, by Ar- 
nold's Red Buck 

Combination, b s, 1891, by Duplex. . 

Combination, gr s, 1889, by Garnet 
Wilkes, flam by Wagner Bashaw,. 

Combination George, ch g, 188 , .... 

Comet, gr g. 187---, 

Comet, gr m. 187, 

Comet, ch jn. 1SSV. hy Kilbnck Tom 
Flossie, by Pennypack 

Comet, ch g, 188. by B!aek Dan.. 

Comet Allen, gr s, 188, 

Commodore, b g. 185 , (dead) .... 

Commodore, 'blk g, 188 - 

Common Pleas, b <r, 188S, by Dread, 
dam by Col. Srnilh 

Commonwealth, br g. 1886, by Dread 
Bonnie (trotting 2 -23V*) . .' 

Commonwealth, b s, 188, by Phil 
Sheridan Jr 

Complex, b s. 188 . by Duplex, dam 
by George Gordan 

Comus, I .s. 1884 by Lucas Brod- 
head Dutch Kate 

Conas!ee, b g, 188, by Confusion 
Lilydnle ." 

Ooncilio. b s, 1888. by Delineator- 
Belle Grant, by Gen. Grant 

Conmur. blk s, 188, bv Morrison 

2:08y a 































Wilkes, dam by Almont Eclipse 2:22% 

Consolation, br s. 1888, by Antevolo 

Elizabeth Easier, by Bill Arp 2:17 

Contest, b s, 1S91, by Conflict Maud 2:21 
Contender, b g 1ST, by Standard 

Bearer Shack,' by John Bright ... 2:30 
Contention, 2 :29 '/ 2 

Conway, gr s, 1879, by Wedgewood 
Vanity Fair, by Alexander's Abdal- 

lah 2:18% 

Coon Hollow Jack 2:28 

Coon Hollow, b g, 188, by Col. 
Wilkes Dolly Varden, by Harris' 

Henry Clay 2:23% 

Gopperbottom. ro g, 186, (dead) 2:19y 2 

Cora, b m, 186 2 :26V 2 

Cora, br m, 1887, by Coriander Lady 2:25 

Cora B., b m, 187, 2:27V4 

Cora C., br m, 188 by Whippleton. .2:22% 

Cora Cloud, b m, 188 2:30 

Cora D., ch m, 188, by King Mam- 

brino Lolly, by Italian Boy 2:26 l / 

Cora Mack, ch m, 187, by Earl Van 

Dorn 2 :22')4 

Oorette, b m, 187 by Winthrop 2:19 

Corn Cracker, b s, 1887, by Texas 
Jack Sr. Kinney Rooker, by Ken- 

ney 2:18% 

Cornelius, br s, 1892, by Roseberry .. 2:25)% 
Corneto, b g, 1888, by Coronet Bon- 
nie Lassie, by C. J. Wells 2:18-V4 

Costello. blk s, 1883. by Echo-Bessie 

Taylor, by St. Glair 2:24Vi 

Cotton Picker, ch m, 186, by Jack- 
son's Red Buck 2 :27' /4 

Cotton Queen, b in. 188--, by Jim Fisk 2:29% 

Count Clay, b e, 1891, by Clay 2-27JA 

Count Hal, ch s, 188(5. by King Hal 

Dove 2 :20 3 /4 

Count Kilrnsh. br s. 1885, by Eg- 
bertKate Penniston by Standard 

Bearer '. .' 2:27 

Count Princeps. b s, 1885, by Priii- 

ccps Finesse, by George Wilkes.. 2-20W 
Country Girl,, b in, 1885, by Blue 
Vein Kate, by Murphy's Blue Bull 2 :!<>/, 

Country Girl, gr m, 188 2-^2V, 

Country Girl, b m, 188, by High- 
lend Lnd 2:15% 

Country Girl, b m, 188 , by Volan- 

teer Jr 2 -211/2 

Courier, b s. 188, by John Burdine. . 2-29 

Cousin Joe, b g, 1885, by Del Sur 2:21V, 

Crafty, b s, 1888. by Kentucky 

Wilkes Argo, by Electioneer . . . .'. 2-13^, 
Crnigshead, br g, 188. by Athlete 

Oh My, by Haroldcus 2-30 

Crappy, ch g, 188. by Rocky Moun- 
tain 2:30 

Crawford, b s. 1884. by Favorite 
Wilkes Ca-rie Patchen, by Mam- 

brnm Patchen Mead) '. 2:07% 

Creedo. b m 188, by Jersey Wilkes 2:20% 

Creeping Kate, b m, 188, 2:30 

Creole, br m, 186 , 2-30 

Creole, br s. 1886, by Prompter- 
Grace, by Buccaneer 2:15 

rn>8cont. b g. 188. by Cresco, dmn 

by Capt. Webster 2'23V.i 

Cricket, rn m. 188 , bv Sea Foam *>-30 
Cricket, b m, 1884, by Steinway. dam 

by Dolphin 2-10 

Crlnket, b in. 1391. by Jim Wilson.. . 2-25 
Critmorp. ch g. 1880, by "Mttenden 

Pin ;i fore, by Stvathmo're 2:21U 

Critt ch g. 188. by Stninway 

Lady Wattle, by Abbo'ttsford ...'... 2:24% 
Crown Point, wht g, 187, 2-26 


Cromwell Jr., b s, 188, by Cromwell 2:25 
Crusader, b s, 1887, by Littie Pete C. 
Black Fiddle, by 'Reynolds' Cru- 
sader 4 2:23% 

Crystal, b m, 188, by Happy Med- 
ium, dan* by Almont 2:29 

O. T. B., g g, 188, by Butle- 2:29^4 

Cuckoo, blk s, 1888, by Ambaissador 

Evelyn, by Egbert 2:16% 

Oullen, br s, 188, by Gen. Hancock.. 2:25 
Cute, b m, 1891, by Lord Eldon, dain 

by Jersey Wilkes 2:21% 

ier, b s, 1881, by Strathmoce 

Pony, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:24% 

C. W, G., gr g, 188, by Adonis, 

dam by St. Glair 2,:18% 

O. W. L., b g, 1882, by Rattler Lucy . 2:25 

Cyclone, b s, 188, by Telegraph 2:11% 

Cyclone, b g, 188 2:29'/ 4 

Cyclone, oh g, 188, by Toronto Chief 

Jr 2:271,4 

Gylex, oh s, 188 by Ne'son 2:24%, 

Cyrus, b g, 188, by Capt. Webster.. 2:14% 
Cyrus V., b s, 1887, by Advance Nel- 
ly Mays, by Stranger 2:22% 

Daily News, b g, 188, by Franklin.. 2:20 

Daisy, rn m, 188, by Pharon 2:27*4 

Daisy B., rn m, 188, by Richa:-d 

Scoble 2:21i,i 

Daisy B., g m, 188, by Gray Eagle.. 2:29% 
Daisy B., b m, 188, by Mambrino 

Startle 2:18% 

Daisy O., gr m, 188, by Jim Wilson. 2:17% 
Daisy O., b m, 188, by Mambrino 

Wilkes 2:26% 

Daisy O., b m, 188, by Princeton... 2:22 
Daley C., blk m, 188, by Wilder 

Wilkes 2:22 

Daisy D., blk m, 1887, by Bob Lee- 
Brownie, by Foster's St. Lawrence 2:23% 
Daisy Dean, b m, 188, by Major 

Edsall 2:26 

Daisy Dean, b m, 188, by Tom Jack- 
son 2:18% 

Daisy de Spain, g m, 188, by King 

Pharoah 2:12 

Daisy E., ch m, 188, by Will Go, 

diam by Warwick Boy 2 :24% 

Daisy Holmes, b m, 188 , by Pilot 

Duroc Jr 2:28% 

Daisy L., br m, 188, by Messenger 

Duroc 2:29% 

Daisy M., oh m, 188, by Johnson's 

Baslhaw 2:30 

Daisy Mack, b rn, 188, by Am e -lean 

Boy 2:25 

Daisy Me, b m,, 188. by Mount Ver- 

fnon, diam by Gen. McClellan 2:24 

Daisy Norwood, b m, 1887, by Pilot, 

dam by Gen. Grant 2:23% 

Daisy Rolfe, b m, 188 by Winslow 

Boy 2:30 

Daisy S., b m, 188 by Hiatoga Jim. 2:16% 
Daisy S., blk m,, 188 by Phil Sheri- 
dan Jr 2:23% 

Daisy Scott, b m, 187 2:27% 

Daisy V., b m, 1883. by Pocahontas 

Boy Ella Wright, by Trojan 2:23% 

Daisy Webb, b m, 1880, by Almon- 

arcih Webb Mare, by O. J.' WeKs. . . 2:28'/4 
Daisy Woods, dn m. i88 , by Ro-scoe 

Jr. Nellie, by Rainbow. . . ". . . 2:26% 

Dale, b s, 1890, by Good Luck, dam 

by Blue Bull ' 2:21% 

Dallas, ch. g, 1883, by Almont Boy- 
Ravenna, by Black Hawk Traveler. . 2:11% 
Dallas (Kiseell's), ch s, 188, by In- 
diana Ohief . 2:10% 

Dallas H., rn g, 188 by Charlie 




Dallgetty, b g, 188, by Thorndale. . . 

Daraiania, ch g, 187, by Gladiator... 

Dan, b g, 188, 

Dan Coukling, b s, 188, by Roscoe 
Conkling. . . . .* 

Dan D., b g, 1878, by Diadem Miss 
Woods, by Hollingshead's Sambo... 

Dandy, b g, 188, by Lord Cook (dead) 

Dandy, b g, 188, by Rocky Moun- 

Dandy B., gr g, 188, 

Dandy Boy, ch g, 1876, by Blue Bull- 
Mary Baker, by Poeahontas Boy. . . . 

Dandy Boy, blk g, 188, by Legal 
Tender Jr 

Dandy Boy, blk s, 188, 

Dandy Brown, br g, 188, by Tom 
Brown Jr 

Dandy Eastmout, b g, 188, by Allie 
Clay Topsy, by Fearless 

Dandy O., b s, 1888, by Dall Brino 

Dandy It., b s, 188 

Daniel Boone, dn g, 188, by Hylas 



2:18V4 | 

2:30 ! 







2:30 j 





Daniel O., b g, 188, by Daniel Boone 

Dan Mahoney, ro e, 185, (dead) 

Daniel S., oh g, 187 

Daniel Webster, ch g, 184, (dead) . . . 

Dan Miller, ch g, 184-, (dead) 

Dan 'Mitchell, b s, 1886, by Regulator 
Dolly Fritts, by Marshal Chief 

Dan Murphy, br s, 188, by Young 
Jim, dam by George Wilkes 

Danness, ch g, 188, by Rockaway. . . 

Dan R., ch s, 1882, by Smuggler Fan- 
ny, by Brahan's Copperbottom 

Dan Rice, b g, 187 ,. by Signal 

Dan Itice, rn g, 184, (dead) 

Dan Kip-ley, b s, 188, by William H. 

Dan Robinson, ch g," 1890, by Nut- 
hurst, dam by Abdallaih Mambrino . . 

Dan Tucker, b s, 1885, by George P. 
Tucker Belle 

Danube, b g, 188, by Ghickamauga 
Dart, by Trojan 

Dan Voo.ihees, gr g, 186, (dead) 

Dan AVebstor. I) g, 187 , 

Daphne, b m, 188, by Aurora 

Darklight, b m, 188, by Twilight 

Darling, b m, 188 

Dartford, b s, 1886, by Captain Lyons 
Jenny Martin, by Star Denmark. . 

Dartmouth, blk s, 1885, by Dictator 
Almaid, by Almont 

Daughter, b m, 1886, by Reliance 

Dauntless Bess, b in, 1882, by Dock. . 2:21% 

Dave, b g, 186 , (dead) " 

Dave Boy, br s, 1891, by Gilley 

Dave It., gr g, 188, by Luey Horse. . 

Dave R., gr g, 188, by Leroy Horse. 

David Coppe-neld, blk g, 1884, by 

Belle, by Frampton's Wood 2:17 

Deacon, b g, 1886, by Ben Bolt Bee- 
tle Lincoln, by Justin Morgan (dead) 2:20 

Debrino, b g, 188, by Detractor 2:17% 

Deck Wright, eh s, 1887, by Quilna 
Chief Kate G., by Blue Bull 2:18Vi 

Decoy, b s, 1802, t>y Detective Pet, 
by son of Dan Voorhees 2:30 

Defiance, br g, 186, by Chieftain 
(trotting 2:24) 2:17% 

De Jarnette, b s, 1883, by Indianap- 
olisBelle, by Litton's WarfieM 2:17 

De Kalb, b g, 188, by Eisman 

Delaware Boy, b g, 188 

DeOgiardo, b s, 1886, by Egbert Illi- 
nois, by Contractor 2:28 

Delight, b s, 188, by Good Luck 2:29V 2 

Delineator, b s, 1882, by Dictator 
Maisie, by Shelby Chief 2:18 

Delia S., oh m, 1800, by Thistle 2:21 

Delia Sherman, clh m, 188, by Ash- 
land Wilkes 2:21Va 

Dell Wind, b s, 1SS , by Del Sur 
Imogeue, by Norwood 2:25 

Del Norte, blk s, 1888, by Altamont 
Tecora, by Strader's Gas si us M. 
Clay Jr 2:14Va 

Delph, b g, 1888, by King Almont 
by Hutchison Chief (trotting 

2:19y 4 









Quilna Chief Jennie Curtis, by Mor- 
gan Messenger 

David S., b g, 188, by Dr. Herr 
Lady Benton, by S.tockbridge Chief. . 

David Wilkes, blk g, 1878, by Almont 
Eclipse Lady Simmons, by George 

Davy B., gr g, 188, by Davenant 

Davy Crockett, blk s, 188, by Illi- 
nois Chief 

Davy Crockett, blk g, 187, by Legal 
Tender Jr 

Dawson Lake, ch m, 1891, by Nut- 

Day Star, b s, 1886, by Chestnut Star 






2:27V 2 ) 2:24% 

Delta, b s, 1890, by Patalka Hattie, 

by Heptagon 2:21V4 

Demand, b g, 188, by Diplomat 2:29 

Dempsey, b s, 188, by Tribute 2:16^ 

Den Ledyard, ch s, 188, by Me Cur- 
dy 's Hambletonian 2:20 

Dennie B., b m, 188, by Ethan 

Wilkes " 2:24V 4 

Dennison Wilkes, b s, 188, by Star 

Wilkes 2:26^4 

Densmore, br s, 1889, by Bayonne 

Prince Lillian C., by Warwick Boy. 2:23% 
De Soto Belle, b m, 188, by Burns' 

De Soto 2:18% 

Despot, ro s, 1878, by Dictator Spray, 

by Bay Munson (trotting 2:29) 2:24y 2 

Detractor, blk s, 1877, by Gossip- 
Evening Rose, by Black "Dutchman. 2:26^2 
Dexter, b g, 1885, by George Nichols 

Mare, by Louis Napoleon 2:24 

Dexter, ch g, 187, by Woodard's 

Ethan Allen 2:29 

! Dexter Power, ch s, 1887, by Major 

Doke Molly, by Champion 2:24*4 

i Dexter TQxo me, b s, 1888, by Dexter 

Prince Clyde, by Hawthorne 2:23 

i Diablo, oh s, 1889, by Charles Derby 

Bertha, by Alcantara 2:09>4 

: Dial, rn g, 188 , by Barbarian 2:28'/4 

I Diamond, blk s. 188, by Joe l j ond... 2:l!2 
: Dicer, oh s, 188, by Hoosier Tom ... 2 :30 

1 Dick, gr g, 188, by Ira N 2:29'/4 

Dick B., b g, 1885, by Alhamar Li tta, 

by Bayard , 2:18Va 

Dick B., b g, 188, by Stonewall 

Jackson 2:21 V4 

Dick O.. b g, 188, by Gloster 2:18% 

i Dick Fitzgerald, br s, 188, by Blial 

G., diain by Hercules 2:24V4 

1 Dick H., b- s, 1887, by American Boy 

Daisy, by Gen. Putnam ." . 2:18 

i Dick Hal, b s, 188, by Tom Hal. . . . 2:23V 4 
: Dick Kitchen, b g, 188, by Wyoming 

Chief 2:271/6 

Dick Mason, b g, 188, by Nuthunter 2:14i/, 
! Dick Pennell, oh g, 188, by Baywood 2:14V 2 
Dick R., b g, 188, by William H. 

Vanderbilt 2:27^ 

Dick Smith, b g, ISSj, by Prince Im- 



perlalMaggie, by Cliarles Douglas. 2:19^ 
Dick Thorn, b g, 1S3 ............... 2:2(3% 

Dick Trumpet, b g, 188 ............. 2:17 

Dick Vail, blk g, 1888, by Detractor 

Night, by Swigert ..... ' ............ 2:141/4 

Dick West, blk g, 188 by Col. West. 2:29^ 
Dick Wills, b g, 188 by Wilkesonian, 

dam by Indian Chief (trotting 2:25V-t) 2:16% 
Dick Wilkes, b g, 188, by Young 

Wilkes ........................... 2:23% 

Dido, b m, 1876, by Scott's Hiatoga 

Columbia, by Young Colu.mbus ...... 2:23% 

Diaah, b m, 188, by Flaco .......... 2:25Vi 

Direct, blk s, 1885, by Director 

Echo'a, by Edho (trotting 2:18%) ____ 2:05% 
Direction, blk s, 1887, by Director- 

Lulu Wilkee, by George Wilkes ..... 2:10% 
Directrix, blk m, 1890, by Director- 

Lady Wattles, by Abbottsford ...... 2:20V a 

Directly, blk s, 1892, by Direct- 

Mabel, by Naubuc .................. 

Dlrego Jim, b g, 188 ................ 

Dirigo Maid, b m, 188, by Dirigo... 
Divan, blk s, 1889, by Patchen Wilkes 

Betsy, by Draco ............... <. . 2:15 

Dixie, gr m, 187 ................... 2:29% 

Dixie Van, b s, 188 by Pa:is ....... 2:24% 

Doc, b g, 188, by William Corbett. .. 2:27% 
Doc Christie, b s, 1888, by Anteros 

Thomette, by Happy Medium ...... 2:21 

Doc H., br g, 1887, by Clarion Chief. . 2:19% 
Doc Snyder, b g. 187 by Wild Tom. 2:27'/4 
Doc Speiry, br g, 1889, by Altamont 

Kitty Kfeba?, by Young Kisbar ..... 2:09 
Dr. A., oh g, 188, by Ahue, dam by 

Hunter's Lexington ............... 2 :24V4 

Dr. Dix, br s, 188, by Albrino. dain 

by Daniel Boone ................... 2 :30 

Dr. Elmo, b g, 188, by St. Blmo .... 2 :22 

Dr. G., b g, 188 by Pacing Abdal- 

lafa, .............................. 2:25V4 

Dr. H., gr g, 188, by Hazel Bashaw. 2:^2% 
Dr. H., b g, 188 . by Tom Hal Jr. ... 2:14% 

Dr. Haile.l) s, 1888, by Guy K. Lady 

Kahn, by Bushwhacker ............ 2:15Vi 

Dr. J. ( b g, 1885, by Allie West, dam 

by Mamb-ino Forrest ............... 2 :13$i 

Dr. Keeley. b g. 1891, by Almout 

King Nel y, by Whip Horse ........ 2:24 

Dr. Keely, blk s, 188, by Mambrino 

Diamond ........................ 

Dr. L., gr g, 188, by Blew's Hiatoga 
Dr. M., br g, 1882, by King Mambrino 

Jenny D ........................ 2 :13Vi 

Dr. Miller, rn g .................... 2:25 

Dr. Miller, eh s, 188, b\- McCurdy's 

Hamble toman, dam by Gibson's 

Tom Hal ......................... 

Dr. M.. br ff. 188, by Brown Prince 
Dr. Mac. b g, 188, by Elberon ...... 

Dr. Merit Him. b s*. 188. bv Mait- 




I>r. Perkins, b s. 188, by Louis Na 

poleon .... ...................... - :2t>'/t. 

Dr Snv'ier. h s. 188 by Dunnosne 

--rnisa Pair-lien. by Patchen Chief.. 2:17% 
1>r. Su-ift, cli e, 188". by Bay wood 

American Girl, by Yonnsr America. . 2:13 
Dr. W., br tr. 1876.' by Robert Flllinsr- 

Ifin Jr. Bolly Pinters, by Crim's 

Sam Peters ........................ 2:24V 2 

Iv Vt>st. br z. 1878. by Contractor 

S.r:c. by Thorndale ................ 2:17% 

Dr. Wood, ch s. 188. by Mambrino 

Wilkea .............. '. ........... 2:29% 

Dr Wood, ch s. 188, by Chester . . 2:20% 
Po'Vl Poot err . 1886. by Paneoast 

P.ellp Dnd'.ov, bv Belmont . .. 2:18 

Dolce, b m, 188, by Diplomat- 
Nelly, by Mark Twain 

Dolly Brown, br in, 188, by Daii 

Dolly Franklin, ch in, 188, by Gen. 

Dolly M., br m, 188 

Dolly Quinn, b m, 188, by Land- 

Dolly Spanker, b m, 184 (dead) . . 

Dolly Spanker, blk m, 1891, by Jim 
Wilkes Lucy Douglass, by True 

Dolly T., ch m, 188, 

Dolly W., b m, 1888, by Reno De- 
fianceMolly W 

Domino, rn m, 188, by Masker Gip- 
sey, by Gibson's Tom Hal 

Domino, g s, 188, by Masker 
Stella, by Sweepstakes 

Donald, b g, 188, by Embassador . . 

Donald H., b g, 188, by Darwin, 
dam by Goldtiust 

Don Angus, b <s, 1880, by Hughey 
Angus Pauline, by Swigert 

Don C., b g, 188, by Don Carlos, 
dam by Gen. Lee 

Don Cameron, gr g, 188, 

Don Carlos, b g, 187, 

Don Dorialdo, b g, 1887, by Hamble- 
tonian Chief Ambea, by Skinkle 

Donne, ch s, 1891, by Don Pizarro 
Hallie B., by Hambrino 

Don Lorenzo, b s. 1889, by Gain- 
betta Wilkes Lady Yeiser, by Gar- 
rard Chief 

Don Payne, br s, 1886, by John F. 
Payne Donna, by Orange Duroc. . 

Don Pedre, br g. 1882, by Kirkwood 
Jr., dam by Autocrat 

Don Pizarro, b s, 1886, by Gainbetta 
Wilkes Lady Yeiser, by Garrard 
Chief '. 

Don Q., ch g, 188, by Prince Al- 

Don Richards, b s, 1887, by Belmont 
Lulu, by Harold 

Don T., 












Don W., ch g, 188- 

Door Knob, b g, 188, b 

by Grantham 


1) ira 1).. y;r in 

Dora Holmes, b m, 188. by Mil- 
tonian Kit, by Awaga Chief 

Dora Martin, b m, 188. by Petoskey 
Charmer, by Contractor 

Dorcas, b m, 188, by Deceive ..... 

Doris, b m, 188, by Don Wilkes... 

Douglass, b g. 188 , by Tngomar.... 

Drover, b g, 183. (dead) 

Dupignac, b s, 1889, by Meander 
MAD, by Harry Vane 

Doty, b g, 1885. by Tommy Wilkes, 
dam by Doty's Lexington 

Doubtful, b g. 188. by Yellow Jacket 

Drelincourt, b s. 1888, by Hambrino 
Mabel, by Middletown 

Duchess County Belle, rn m, 1890. by 
Favorite Wilkes Ulster Be'le, by 
Holabird's Ethan Allen 

Dud Davis, b e, 188, by Dumns.... 

iMdley. h R, 188. by An terns Lily 
Langtry. by Nenhew 

Dude, br g 1887. by Jay Gould- 
Mary, by George M. Patohen (trot- 
ting 2:27%) 

Du-ex. b s, 1889, by Duexmillion 















Dolly M M by Young Fearnaught . . 2:24^ 
Dugcn, ......................... 2 :24^4 

Duke b g 188, by Texas Prince. . 2:28% 
Duke' F., oh g, 188 by Comb's Cop- 

perbottoui .................... *:!*& 

Dumas, b s, 1883, by Onward Mis- 

tress, by Harniin's Almont Jr ...... 

Dupage, br s, 1889, by J. R. Shedd- 

Lizzie M., by McGregor Chief .... 
Duplex, b B, 1882, by Bay Tom Jr... 



Dimtmont, br s, 1888, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Goldie, by Mainbrino 






2:27 / a 

2:28y 4 

Dusty Bob, ch g, 188, by Deepwater 

Dyersburg, b s, 188, by Tennessee 
Dictator Nannie Reed, by Gen. 
George H Thomas 

Eagle Princess, ro m, 1889, by Eagle 
Bird Addie Leggett, by Young Jim 

Eagle, b g, 1890, by War Eagle- 
Grace, by Buccaneer 

Earnest B., rn g, 188 by Nutbreaker 

Easter Girl, ch m, 1885, by Elgin 
Boy Kate, by Ontario 

Easter Girl, b m, 188, by Glenview 

Easter Girl, b m, 1891, by West Eg- 
bertDaisy, by Blue Bull 

Eckford, b g. 187 , by Woodward's 
Ethan Allen, dam by Spirit of the 

Eclair Jr., bik s, 188, by Eclair, 
dam by Oxford Boy 2:19 

E. C. C., blk g, 187, 2:26y 4 

Eclectic, ch s, 1887, by Jolly-Belle, 
by Ethan Allen 2:14 

Eclipse Tranby, ch s, 188, by Ham- 
bletonian Tranby 2 :29^4 

Ed Annan, b g, 1880, by Dauntless- 
Bay Fanny, by Night Hawk 2:16^4 

Eddie C., ch g, 2:28% 

Eddie C., b g, 1876, by Happy Med- 
iumBoston Girl 2:20 

Eddie D., gr g, 187, by Billy To- 
rontoTrim 2 :17y 2 

Eddie R., ch s, 1890. by Sigma Nu. . 2:24% 

Ed Easton, b s, 1890, by Chimes- 
Maid of Honor, by Mambrino King 2:09% 

Ed Greene, b g, 188, by Enfleld.. 2:26% 

Ed Geers. b g. 188, 2 :26Va 

Edward, b g, 188, by Rattler 
Brooks 2:29% 

Edinburg, ro g, 188, by Henry B. . . 2:20 

Edison, ch s, 1889, by Sedgwick, 
dam by son of Blue Bull 2:24. 

Edith, b m, 188, by Dexter Prince, 
dam by Hamilton Chief 2:10 

Edith I)., b m, 188, by Almonarch 2:26 

Edith F., 2:28<4 

Edmond, b s, 188, by Nelson Lady 
Buck by Hiram Woodruff 2:17}4 

Edna, b m, 1885, by Dictator Chief 
Gretchen, by Gideon 2:24 

Edna R., b rn, 188, by Sidney Stella 
C., by Director 2:17% 

Edna Lovington, b m, 1885, by Young 
Waverly 2:26% 

Edna Wilkes, b m, 188, by Ethan 
Wilkes 2-29-T4 

Edna Wilkes, b m, 1883, by Red 
Wilkes-Molly, by St. Elmo 2:23 

Edramon, br s, 1890, by Game On- 
ward-Mattie, by Sisson's Carenot. . 2:2iy a 

Ed Rosewater, gr s, 1886, by Vasco 
Mary B., by Vinco 2:16% 

Edson Allen, blk s, 1885, by Hola- 
blrd's Ethan Allen KittyT by 
Patchen 2'17% ' 

Ed Valentine, b s, 188, by Jim Wil- 

eon 2 :30 

Edsou Allen, blk s, 19g. ^hrdlnu shmrfwy 

Edward, b g, '188, by Rattler 
Brooks 2 :29% 

Ed ward B., b s, 1884, by Despot Kit, 
by Joe Bates 2:21V4 

Edwin, ch g, 188, by Egbert Grace, 
by Hailstorm 2:22y a 

Edwin C., b g, 188 -, by Elector- 
Lady Coonie, by Venture 2:15 

Edwin O., b g, 1886, by Elgin Boy- 
Minnie Poweil, by Getaway 2:20 

Edwin T., b s, 1882, by Iron Duke- 
Kitty Patterson, by Dick Conster- 
nation 2 :25 

Enie G., b m, 1888, by Red Wilkes 
Gypsy, by Strathmore 2 :24% 

Effie Mac, b m, 188, by Red Buck.. 2:22% 

Ellie O., b m, 18SJ1, by Lucas Brod- 
head 2 :19 

Eftie Powers, b m, 1890, by Anderson 
Wilkes Fanny Powers, by Regalia 2:10% 

Effie R., b m, 188, by Tangent, 
dam by Pickpocket 

Egberta, blk m, 1886, by Egbert-- 
Matilda, by Almont 2:29^4 

Egbertime, ch s, 1885, by Egbert- 
Nettie Time, by Mambrino Time 
(trotting 2:18y 2 ) 2:16% 

Eggleton, b s, 1888, by West Egbert 
Ellen Ora, by John F. Payne 2:16% 

Eglon, ro s, 1885, by Egbert Uzella, 
by Mambrino Patchen 2-14% 

Egroe, b s, 1886, by Egbert Nina 
Monroe, by Jim Monroe 2'lSVi 

E. II. S., b s, 188 by Imperial.... 2:21 & 

E. J. S., b m, 1887, by Superior- 
Old Knox (trotting 2:26%) . .. 2:22% 

El Capitan, b s, 1884, by Alcantara 
Piedmont Maid, by Piedmont ... 2:20% 

Elbertfleld, b s, 1891, by Redfield 
Ada C., by Wonder 2:19^4 

Elden, ch g, 188 by Starguard 2:29i/4 

Elder Lucas, blk g, 188, by Shib- 
boleth 2-26 

El Flora, br m, 1888, by El Mahdi.' 
dam by St. Mark 2-1814 

Elgin Girl, b m, 1883, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr. Nelly, by Blue Bull 2:2Q% 

Elgin Girl, br m, 188, by Legal 
Tender Jr 2-17',i 

Eliza Benson, b m, 188, pedigree not 
traced 2-16A4 

Eliza K., ch m, 1888, by Robert Rys- 
dyk Red Rose, by Jester D 2:19% 

Elk, b g, 187-, by Red Bird . '. 2:27% 

Elk Tom, blk s, 1890. by Bay Tom Jr 
Fancy, by Gen. Hardee . . 2-19 

Ella A., b m, 1886, by Bayonne Prince 

Ella E.. rn m, 188 by Odessa ....'. 

Mia Brown, b m, 188, by Prince 
Pulaskl Jr 2-11% 

Ella Eddy, b m, 1890, by Jerome Eddy 
Olive Watson, by Rochester 2:12 

Ella D 2:23y 4 

Ella GraJhiam, Oh m, 188, by Grandi- 
son 2-29V* 

Ella P., b m, 188, by Sportsman 
dam by Rainbow 2-4 1 ,i 

Ella R., b m, 1886, by Morgan Star!'..' 2:24V* 

Ella S., ro m, 187 by Bob Hal . , , . 2:20 

Ella T., gr m, 1891. by Altemont 
Daisy Dean, by Scamperdown 2:12 

Ella W. 2:21% 

Ella Winters, dn m, 187, by Rich- 
mont, dam by Prince , 2:29V, 

Ellen O., blk m, 1890, by Simmons... 2:21% 

24 1 A 



Ellen M., g- in, 1887, by Cobden St. 
Lawrence Maid, by Laundry Horse 

(trotting 2:27) 2 :17 

Ellsworth, br s, 188, by Dictator 

Chief 2:19Vi 

Ellwood, b m, 1882, by A. W. Rich- 
mondFirst, by Crichton 2:17% 

Elrna, ch m, 187, by Elmo 2:24 

Elrna, ro m, 1886, by Gibson's Tom 
Hal Hettie, by Dudley's Snow 

Heels 2:18^4 

Elmer, b g, 188, 2:21% 

Elmer E., b g, 188, by Bourbon 

Wilkes 2:29 l /i 

Eimonareh. ro g. 1883, by Almonarch 

Kitty Carroll 2:15V4 

Elsie Groff, b m, 1887, by Strogoff 

Mamie M., by Hooker 2:16V4 

Elsie, blk m, 188 by Charles G. 

Hayea 2:28 

Elsie Mack, gr m, 188, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr 2:29V 4 

Elsmere, eh s, 188, by Albino El csho, 

by Daniel Boone 2:29>/ 2 

Elspeth, b m, 1891, by Peddlar Lula 

M., by Dauntless 2:27Vi 

Elva Medium, b m, 1883, by Draco 

Medium Dinah, by Jupiter. 2:18% 

Eiyton, b s, 1889, by Martine Nelly 

Harris, by Seneca Chief 2:22 

Ember, b m, 1885, by Slander Dawn, 

by Gen. Knox 2 :20% 

Emerson, ch g, 1885, by Elial G. Em- 
press, by Phil Sheridan 2:22% 

Emma, ch m, 185, (dead) 2:20 

Emma, b m, 1882, by Egbert Rosa 

Monroe, by Jim Monroe 2:iG 1 4 

Emma B., ch m, 187 2:27*4 

Emma L., b m, 188, by Victor Bis- 
marck 2:21V4 

Emmia Nolan, b m, 1889, by Imprint- 
Annie Hall, by George Hall 2:24% 

Emma Wilkes, blk m, 1891, by Adrian 

Wilkes, dam by Athlete 2:19V 4 

Emick Wilson, gr g, 1890, by Jim Wil- 
son Jr. Brina Chief, by Bob Emick 2:23% 
Emily Hal, b m, 188, by King Hal. . 2:25V 4 
p:m Pierce, gr s, 1888, by Bayard 

Zade, by Hiatoga Prince 2:23 ',4 

Empress, b m, 188, by Ensign- 
Fanny, by Honesty 2:2SV4 

Empress Wilkes, b m, 188, by On- 
ward 2:25% 

Engineer, g:- s, 188, by Locomotive. 2:17% 
E. P. O., ch g, 1889, by Gen. Garfield, 

dam by Sir Harry 2 :24& 

Era Chimes, b s, 1885, by Chimes 

Gulnare, by Mambrino King 2:19% 

Eric, b g, 188, by Elector Beauty, 

by Chieftain 2:17 

Ernestine, oh m, 1881, by Red Wilkes, 

dam by Bonner Boy 2 :24 

Erratta. b m, 18S , by Ernst Stigma, 

by Stillson 2:29% 

Ervin M., br s, 1885, by Lothair Jr.. . 2:20V4 

Eskbert, b 9, 188 , by Egbert 2:21% 

Estella, b m, 187, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:23'/4 
Ethan Boy, b g, 188, by Star Ethan 2:24% 
Ethan Rolfe, b g, 188, by eon of 

Young Rolfe 2:30 

Ethel, ch m, 188, ' 2:28 

Ethel, b m, 188, by Byerly Boy 2:24% 

Ethel A., gr m, 1891, by Adrian 

Wilkes, dam by Gen. Jackson 2:10 

Ethel B., b m, 1887, by George O. 

Lawson Mare 2 :18 

Etta B., gr m, 188, by Great Tom 

(trotting 2:25%) 2:17 

Etta C., b m, 187, by Hampshire 

Boy, dam by Henry Clay 2:29i/ 4 

Eucilire Boy, b g, 188, by American 

Boy 2 -29V4 

Eugenia, blk m, 1885, by Alcantara- 
Lady Gonklin, by Strathmore 2:19*4 

Euphony, _gr m, 1889, by Byerly Ab- 

79 e> 1 "* JMJtW| u-y j_j c^i 1 J ,ZUJ- 

.Bertie, by Blue Bull 2:23% 

Eva, b m, 188 by Karatas 2:18V 4 

Eva Harold, b m, 188, by Scott's 

Hiatoga Jr 2:21% 

Evangeline, b m, 188, by Kilbuck 

Tom 2-30 

Eva Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Dumas 
Campmeeting Maid, by Howe's Bis- 
marck 2 :19% 

Evelyn, b m, '188, by Robinson D... 2:23y 4 
Everett G., ch g, 187, by Ensley's 

Blue Bull Barker Mare 2:28'/4 

Everett M., ch s, 1889, by Little Won- 
derBird, by Tom Brown 2:19% 

Everway, b m, 188 by Evermond. 2:22% 
Evonward, b s, 188, by Onward, 

dam by George Wilkes 2:28% 

E. W. H. br g, 188, by Graftonian. 2:23'/ 4 
E. W. S., ch g, 188-, by Woodford 

Knox 2:23% 

Excellence blk s, 1890, by Satrap 

Hiudale Lassie, by Hiudale 2:25 

Excelsior, ro g, 188', pedigree not 

traced 2:23V 4 

Exchange Boy, blk s, 188, by Ross 

Wilkes . 2:30 

Eximus, br s, 188 by The King- 
Belle Sprague, by Gov. Spvague. . . . 2:23V4 
Expert Prince, blk s, 1886, by Egbert 

Madam Headley, by Edwin Forrest 2:13V 
Express, b m, 187, by Calhoun Coly 2:24^4 

Eyelight, b s, 188, bv Artemas 2:19'/ 4 

Ezra A., b g, 188, by Montebello 2:27Va 

Failnot, br s, 1889, by St. Bel Alino- 

11 a, by Almont 2 : 16% 

Fairmount, b g, 187 by Niagara... 2:22% 

Fallon, b g, 187, 2 :28 

Falrose, b s, 1887, by Fallis Roseleaf, 

by Buccaneer 2:19 

Famous, b g, 187, 2:30 

Fanny, b m,, 188, by Major Ringgold 2:29k 
Famny B., b m, 188, by Prince 

Albert 2:27 

Fanny B., b m, 188 2 :21V 4 

Fanny Blair, b m, 188, by Peter 

Blair 2:20 

Fanny O., b m, 187, by Bayard, dam 

by Ohio Clay 2:24% 

Fanny C., br m, 187 , by Sleepy 

Dutchman 2:24% 

Fsnny Ellsler, gr m, 183, (dead) . . 2:27% 

Famiv Fenn. b m, 186 (dead) 2:28% 

Fanny Golddust, ch m, 187, by Zil- 

caadi Golddust 2:25V4 

Fanny K., b m, 188-, by Dan Morse. . 2:28^4 
Fanny L., b m, 188, by Mountain 

Boy Maud (dead) 2:18% 

Fanny M., b m, 187, by Hunter Boy 

Dougherty Mare, by Tuckakoe ... 2 :29V4 
Fanny Rush, b m, 1888, by Brod Wal- 
nut, dam by Paul Jones Jr 2:19 

Fanny S., Oh m, 188, by Wilkes 

Golddust 2:23y.i 

Fanny Wilkes, b m, 1884, by Coronet 

Lucy Lockwood, by Stephan A. 

Douglas 2:1994 

Fargo, b g, 188, by Star Wilkes 2:22% 

Farmer Miles, blk s, 1882, by Dr. 

Herr Idol, by Idler 2:22 

Farnhi*m's Wilkes, b s, 188, by 

Oha-ley Wilkes 2:22% 

Fascination, b s, 188, by Broadway 2:20% 
Fastwell, b s, 1886, by Hambrino 

BE2-.30 PACERS. 


Rosa Da-tie bv Middletown ...... 2:2% 

Hi,'l890. by Sidney-Fans- 

% _ 

Fedalma; ch 'm,' 1880' 'by Greystone- 

Amorita by Hambrino ............ 

FedSra br m, 1885, by Tom Brown 

Jr. dam by Young Nigger Dick .... 
Felipe, ch s, 1887, by Egbert-Rosa 

Monroe, by Jim Monroe ......... 

Felix, ro g, 1874, by Dictator-Lady 

Farlow, by Gray's Tom Hal. . . ..... 

Ferd Keyt, b s, 188, by Bismarck... 
Fergustine. b s, 1886 by Fergus Me- 

G-ezor Lady De Moss ............ 

Fern Cliff, gr m, 188-, by Elgin Boy 
Ferndale, blk m, 1890, by Simmo- 

colon-Fern Leaf, by Flaxtail ...... 

Feura br m, 1891, by Allerton ...... 

Fidol. b s, 1887, by Backman's Idol- 

Molly Jackson, by Stonewall Jack- 

son ** 

FieldmonV, blk s, 1887, by Young 

Alarm, dam by Saturn .. .......... 

Fife, br m, 188, by Slander ........ 

Findley, blk g, 188-, by Oorbm Ba- 


Finni?an,"gr g, 188, by Joe Hooker. 
Fisherman, b g, 186-, pedigree not 

t:iaced (dead) ...................... 

Flash, b g, 188 .................... 

Flask, b"s, 1889, by Rumor Flageolet, 

by Gen. Knox .................... 

Flavilo, b s, 188 ......... . . ........ 

Flavorita, b m, 188, by Elevator.. 
Flax Hal, b m, 188, by Duplex.... 

Fieetfoot, ch m, 1886, by Booth's 

Clear Grit ......................... 

Fieetfoot, br m, 186, (dead) ...... 

Fleety H., oh m, 188, by Bay Tom 

j r ....................... 

Flitterfoot, ch s, 186. (dead) ..... 

Flora b m, 186, by Chieftain (dead) 
Flora' A., gr m, 188-, by J. W ....... 

Flora B., b m, 188 by Brussels ..... 

Flora B., b m, 188, by Ayre's Mam- 

b:lno Wilkee ...................... 

Flora Belle, blk m, 1876, by White 

Cloud ............................. 

Flora Belle, b m, 188, by Dick 

Taylor . . .......................... 

Floral Boy, b s. 1889, by American 

Boy Fanny T., by Telegraph Jr... 
Flora C., rn m., 1890, by Kirby's Cad- 

mus Hambletonian ................ 

Flora C.. b m, 188. by Jumbo ---- 

Flora Hill, b m, 188 by Capt. 

Walker .............................. 

Flora Little, br m, 1883, by Gen. Lee 

Dolly St. Lawrence, by Charter 

Oak . ................................. 

Flora M., b m. 188, ................. 

Flora Mask, blk m, 1882, by John 

Cole ................................. 

Flora Silver, ch m, 1889. by Pat Sil- 

ver Topsy Knox .................. 

Flora Temple, b m, 1880, by Long- 

strider Lady ....................... 

Flora W., gr'm. 1882, by Tom Won- 

der Jr. Jennie, by Tom Won- 

der Jr ............ ................... 




2 .20% 




2 "20 





















Flora Wilkes, b m. 1875, by George 
Wilkes Gray Fanny, by i- 2 . 19 ^ 

Florence,' ch m, 188, .. 2 :23% 

Florence G., br m, 188- by Clear 

(j-.-it Nelly *xo 

Florence J., 'gr m, 1885, by Gray 

Harry "/a 

Florette, ' 'blk in, 1890, by Adrian 

Wilkes Flora, by Sir Alfred 2:24% 

Floss, blk m, 188 by George M. 

Patchen Jr ~. : 78$ 

Flossy, rn m, 188, by Smuggler... 2:A>% 
Flo-sey L., blk m, 1885, by Regalia- 

Belle, by Danville Boy ............. 2:23 

Flossy Reed, b m, 188-, by Mambrmo 

Abdallah Bird, by Ansel 2:2614 

Flowing Tide, ch m, 1888, by Albert 

W. Uarda, by Echo 2:14% 

Flying Hiatoga Jr., b s, 188-, by Fly- 

ing Hiatoga, dam by Rodney 2:23% 

Flying Jib, b g, 1884, by Algona- 

Middletown Mare, by Middletown 2:04 
Flying Morgan, ch g, 188- by Star 

Ethan 2:28% 

Flying Prince, b g, 188 by Prince 

Pulaski Jr 2:24% 

F. M. B. A., rn g, 188, by 



Foggy, b g, 1884, by Alcantara Thal- 
imer Mare, by Hamlet (trotting 
2:27%) 2:13% 

Forest Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Florence C., by Forest Clay 2:15 

Fortuna, b m, 184, by Jay Gould- 
Pandora, by Clark Chief 2:19% 

Fortune, b g, 188 by Acuff 2 :29% 

Fox, b g, 188, by Reavis' Black- 
bird .7 2:21% 

Foxglove, ch m, 1890, by Nutwood- 
Four Lines, by Blackwood 2 :24% 

Foxhound, b s, 1890. by Alfred G., 
dam by Hinder Wilkee 2:26% 

Frank, ch g, 188, by Capt. Web- 
ster 2:20 

Frank, blk g. 1*81, by Dr. Herr 
Topsy, by Idler 2:21% 

Frank A., gr g, 188 , 'by Rex Hia- 
toga 2:22 

Frank Agan, b g, 1890, by Mikagan 
Flora 2:10% 

Frank B., b g, 1887, by Clark's Ham- 
bletonian Bird B., by Stockbridge 
Chief Jr 2:18 

Frank Bogash, b s, 1892, by Atlantic 
King, dam by Almont Patchen... 2:26% 

Frank Burgess, b e, 1887, by Peace- 
makerClothesline, by Melrose ... 2 :20% 

Frank Champ, blk g, 187. by Allie 
West-Molly Whitefoot, by Little 
Priam 2:16% 

Frank Dortch, gr g, 1884, by Loco- 
motiveMolly Lumsden, by Gib- 
son's John Dillard Jr 2:15% 

Frank E., b g, 1884, by Messenger 
Chief Lucy Pope, by Telegraph .. 2:19*4 

Frank F., b g, 188 2:19% 

Frank F., b g. 188, by Red Buck.. 2:30 

Frank F., b g, 188, by Lexington 
Chief Jr. . 2:21% 

Frank Finch, b g 188, by Windsor, 
dam by Empire 2:24V4 

Frank G., b g, 188 2:30 

Frank H., b g, 188, by Black Prince 2:26 

Frank H., ch s. 1877. by Squire Tal- 
mage Lucy Farrie, by Tom Crowder 2:22% 

Frank Hanson, g s, 188, by Roger 
Hanson 2:23% 



Fraiikie C., br g, 188, by Morgan.. 2:20 
Frankie D. b 111, 188, by Smith's 

Mambrino Chief Jr 2:24% 

Frankie Folsom, b m, 188 by Upde- 

graff 2:28% 

Frank J., b g, 188. by Tom Allen.. 2:19% 
Frank Logan, b s, 1885, by Sprague 

Belle Shandon, by Rothschild 2:25 

Frank M., rn s, 188, by Charlie Bris- 

ter 2:271/3 

Frank Nevins, b g, 188, by Hoosier 

Dick . 2:30 

Frank Oxnian, blk g, 188, by 

Scrugg's Eland 2:17 

Frank P., b s, 1885, by Walkill Jr.. 2:17% 

Frank Pierce, ch g, 184, (dead) 2 :23% 

Frank R., blk g, 188, by Indianapolis 2:28 
Frank Russell, b s, 1887, by Alley Rue- 
sell Eyerie, by Winchip 2:25 

Frank S., ch g, 188, by Silvertail. 2:22i/ 2 
Frank Smith, ch s, 188, by Hiatoga 

Chief 2:23% 

Frank T., 2:20% 

Frank Taylor, b g, 188 by Mohican 2:23% 
Frank W., b g, 188, by Denver 

Wilkes 2:26% 

Frank W., dn g, 1877, by Bishop Berk- 
ley 2:21% 

Frank W., br g, 187 2:24% 

Frank Wilson, gr s, 188, by Jim Wil- 
son 2:22V 2 

Frank Wood, blk e, 188, by Wedge- 
wood Lady Allen, by Frank Allen. 2:25y 2 
Fraro, b s, 1885, by Jerome Eddy 
Hiatoga Maid, by Scott's Hiatoga.. 2:28% 

Fred, br g, 188 2:26% 

Fred, b g, 1879, by Hambletouian 

Horse Jenny, by Country Boy. . . 2:27 
Fred Ackerman, b g, 187, by Wash- 
ington, dam by Signal 2:23 

Fred Ager, ch e, 1886, by Greenback 

Tad, by Melnott 2:24% 

Fred Arthur, b s, 1884, by Belmont 

Gipsy, by Blue Bull 2:12% 

Fred Douglass, b s, 188 by Phil.. 2:17% 

Frederick, gr g, 187 2:22% 

Fred Gibbs, b g, 188 2:26% 

Fred H., b g, by Stanway's Crowder 2:17% 
Fred Holcomb, b g, 1883, by Stock- 
holmLady Patchen, by Bush's 

Patchen 2:23 

Fred Hooper, rn g, 188, by Mon- 
arch Jr 2:21% 

Fred Jams, b g, 187, by Champion . . 2 :30 
Fred Johnson, gr g, 184, (dead) .. 2:27% 
Fred K., blk g, 1888, by ghadeland 

Onward Signet, by Satenite 2:09% 

Fred M., blk g, 188, by Daniel 

Boone 2 :26Vi 

Fred Mason, b g, 188, by Bob Mason 2:13% 
Fred Mills, rn g, 1879, by Nathan 
Mills Babe, by Stonewall Jackson 2:21% 

Fred Ross, b g. 187, 2:22 

Fred S., b g, 1881. by Lexington Chief 

Flora, by Gardner's Red Buck.... 2:16 
Fred Smuggler, b g, 188, by Glad- 
iatorMerry 2:22 

Fred V., ch g, 1879 by Clay Pilot- 
Miss Nancy f 2 

Fred W.. ch g, 188. by Bay Chief. .2:17 
Fred Wilson, gr g, 188, by Dan Wil- 
son 2:21% 

Fred Wormley, b g, 186 (dead) .... 2:29 
Free Coinage, gr s. 1890, by Stein way 

Nelly E., by Elmo 2:11% 

Free Trade, b g, 188 by McMul- 

len's Mohawk 2:25'/ 3 

Freeland, b s 1887, by Bald Hornet 

Cal Stebbins, by Rambler. . 

Freuchy. br in, 1885, by Baron Wilkes 

Frencliy, ch m. 188 by Bay Etiian'. 

French y, b g, 188, by Royal George 

Fresno Prince, bik s, 1889, by Bayoune 
Prince Lizzie, by Blackwood 

Friendly Dan, rn g, 188 

Fritz, gr g, 187 

Fritz, ch g, 187 

Frolique, oh m, 1884, by Egbert 
Rena Bimlett. by Alexander's Nor- 

Fuller, b g, 1876, by Clear Grit- 
Dolly, by Niagara Champion 

Fuller ton D., blk s, 1878, by Regalia 
Kate F.. by Bourbon Chief ... . 

Gaiters, b g, 188, by Steele's Walkill 

Galileo Rex. br s, 1888, by Billy Say re 
Dewey Eve, by George Wilkes.., 

Gallietta, blk rn, 1889, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Nectar, by Nutwood... 

Gambier, blk s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Lady Palm, by Thomas 

Gambolier, b s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Attie Belle, by Messenger 

Gambrel, b s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Bellneld, by Enfield 

Gammon blk s, 188, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Fib, by Enfield 

Gamrose, b s, 1890, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Red Rose, by Red Wilkes 

Ganymede, ch g, 188, by Ajax.... 

Garrett, b s, 188, by Maryland Vol- 

Gaslight, br g, 1885, by Ajax Fanny, 
by Baker Boy 

Gasper, b s, 188, by Egbert Rose 
Monroe, by Jim Monroe (dead) . . . 

Gawain, gr s, 188, by Gambetta 
Wilk'es Eye See, by Nutwood 

Gay Widow, b m, 188, by son of 
Denver Wilkes 

Gazette, b s, 1887, by Onward Siren, 
by Dictator (trotting 2:23%) 

G. D., gr m, 1890, by Frank Almont 

Gem., b m, 1875, by Tom R<olfe Lady 
Gem, by Sam Hazzard 

Gene Ayer, b g, 188, by Rhomer.. 

Gen. Blackford, b s, 1885, by Gen. 
Wilkes Molly Blackford, by Mam- 
brino Boy 

Gen. Ewell. rn g, 188, by Gold Boy 

Gen. Garfield ch s, 188, by Centen- 
nial ' 

Gen. Garfield, ch g, 188, 

Gen. Stak, b g, 188 

Gen! Stoughton, ch g, 187, 

Gen. Turner, b s, 1881, by Harold 
Claytonia, by American Clay (trot- 
ting 2:26%) 

Genevieve, b m, 188, by Startle.. 

Genius, b s, 188, by Inventor 

George, b g, 188 

George A., gr g, 188, by Rex Hia- 
toga -....- 

George B., b g, 188, by American 

George Campbell, br s, 1890, by Reno 
Defiance Possum Pie. by Octoroon. 

George Cloud, blk g, 1890, by Black 
Cloud Dolly, by Don Roderick 

George G. gr g, 188, by Roscoe Jr. 

George G.', dn g, 187 by Fletcher's 
Duke of Kent 



















The driver of Rubinstein 2 :08. 

The driver of Magnolia 2 :09M. 



Plying Dutchman Lightning, by 
George Gordon, ch e, 187, by Gen. 

Hardee, dam by Clark's Traveler. . 
George Gould, b s, 1885, by Jay 

GouldSophia, by George Wilkes. 
George Hayes, en s, 188, by Pre- 

George Jonesi'b g, "l88--! "by" Quick* 
silver ........................... 

Geoige K., b s, 1888, by Goldbeater. . 
George M., b g, 188, .............. 

George Mack, b g, 1888, by Harold 

C., dam by Jim Krister ........ ... 

George N., gr g, 188, by Dorsey's 

Nephew .......................... 

George Russell, br g, 188 , by Alley 

Russell .......................... 

George S., br s, 1887. by Hamble- 

tonian George Mina, by Lothair.. 
George Sherman, b s, 1887, by Sher 


B., by Chandler J. 

George St. Glair, b s, 1888, by Better- 
ton 111 Wind, by Young Jin 

ting 2:15%) 
~ rift 

im (trot- 

George Swift, b g, 1888, by Louis Na- 

George Steese, ch s, 188, by Rex 

Georgetown, b g, 1877, by Blue Bull- 
Sister, by Invincible 

George W., gr g, 188, by Honest 

George Wapple, ch e, 1882, by Briga- 
dier, dam by Copperhead 

Gtorgie C., br in, 188 

Georgie H., oh m, 188 -, by William 

Georgie M., ch m, 188 by Ashland 

Georgie S., ch m, 188, by Adjutant 

Georgie Wilkee, blk m, 188- by Am- 

Geraldine. b m, 1888, by Mt Vernon 
Edith C., by Gen. McCleilan .... 

Gertie, gr m, 188, by King William 

Gertie B., b m, 1884, by Clinton- 
Dolly Wilkes, by George Wilkes Jr. 

Gertie J.. b m, 1886, by Wonder- 
Belle B., by Bayard 

Gertie K., b m, 1S8--, by Harry Hon- 

Gertrude G., ch m, 1891, by Redwood 
Dolly, by Meek's St. Lawrence.. 

Getty Grant, ch m, 1887, by Motion- 
Dixie, by Vermont Boy 

G. H. K., ch g, 188-, by Aristos .... 

Gideon, br g, 187 

Gideon, b s, 188, by Mountain Boy. . 

Gil Curry, gr g, 1887, by Almont 
Bov Grey Jenny 

Giles Noyes, b g, 1891, by Charles 
Caffrey Vida 

Gilman, ch s, 1891, by France's Allie 
Wilkes Daisy, by Atlantic 

Gypsy, b g, 187, by Scott's Hiatoga 

Gypsy B., b in, 188, by H. Z Leon- 

Gypsy Boy, b s, 188 by Hiatoga 
Chief Gyps? Knte 

Gipsey Girl, blk m, 1888, by Pilot Al- 
mont Fanny 

Gipsey Golddust, ro m, 188, by 
Rounds' Sprague 

Gipsey M., br m, 1887, by Baffle- 
Kit, by Black Prince 

Gipsey M., br m, 188, by McBeth.. 

Gipsey I'., ch s, 188- 
























2:28y 2 





Gipsey Queen, bib m, 186, (dead).. 2:24 

Gipsey Roan, ro HI, 186, (dead) 2:25 

Gladstone, blk g, 1886, by Harry 
Hoyer 2:19% 

Gladys, gr m, 188, by Alonzo Hajr- 
ward 2:2O% 

Glen, b g, 188, by Sir Knight 2:26% 

Glen Athol, b s, 1888, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Hallie B., by Hambrino 

Glendale, b e, 18?*, by Glenarm. . . . 

Glendennis, b e, 1886, by Hamlin's 
Alinont Jr. Black Golddust, by 
Hamlin Patchen (dead) 

Glenora, b g, 186, by Gen. Brock . . 

Glenwood, b B, 1888, by Nutwood- 
Jemima, by Scotland Boy, (trotting 
2:29%) , 

Glide, b m, 1885, by Gibson's Tom 
Hal Hettie, by Dudley's Snow 

Glidemont, ch m, 1890, by Pacing 
Almont Knatt Mare, by Gladstone 

Glidess, b m, 188, by Goodluck ... 

Gloster, gr g, 188, by Sleepy Rock. . 

Goethe, blk s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Hallie B., by Hambrino... 

Gold Bar, g g, 188, by Dartmouth.. 

Gold Beater, ch s, 1883, by Alcantara 
Flora Belle by Stevens' Uwharie 

Gold Bud, ch g, 1888, by R. E. Lee, 
dam by Star Hambletonian 

Gold Coin, ch g, 188, by Forest 

Goldduet, dn m, 1884, by Dr. Spauld- 
ing Molly, by Prince Albert 

Golden Boy, ch s, 1887, by Plato- 
Belle Ervin 

Golden GirJ, b m, 188, by Happy 

Golden Prince, ch g, 1877, by Golden 
Bow Kit, by Erie Abdallah 

Golden Slipper, b m, 188 

Golden W., b m, 188, by Hamble- 
tonian Wilkes 

Gold Leaf, ch m, 1885, by Sidney- 
Fern Leaf, by Flaxtail 

Gold Medal, b g, 1884, by Nephew 
Jr. Peggy Danohoo 

Goldmine, b s, 1886, by Harry Gold- 
duet Baby Mine, by Stonewall Jack- 

Goldmont, b s, 188, by Westmont 

Gold Plate, b m, 1888, by Fairy Gift 
Nickel Plate, by Belmont 

Gossip, ch s, 1871, by Tattler-Molly 
Golddust, by Golddust 

Gossip Jr., b g, 1877, by Gossip Nelly 
M. by Pilgrim Patchen 

G. O. Taylor, b e, 188, by Ben 

Gov. Foraker, b g, 188 by Ben 

Gov. France, b s, 188, by France. . 

Gov. Lucas, b s, 1883, by Attorney- 
Sally, by Tramp ." ^2:24% 

Gowan, b s, 188, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Effie Davis, by Red Wilkes 2:22% 

Graceful George, ch s, 188, by Al- 
cona Jr., dam by Washington 2:23 

Grace Wilkes, b m, 188 , by Repeti- 
tion, dam by Ford's Hambletonian 2:20 1 /i 

Gracie, g m, 188, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr 2:21% 

Gracie, g m, 188, 2:26% 

Gracie L., b m, 1884, by American 
Boy Jessie K., by Rex Hiatoga .. 2:24% 

Grapevine., .g g, 188 , by McCurdy. . 2:26% 

Grand George, ch s. 1889, by Hamble- 



2:2iy 3 















tonian Wilkes, dam by Magna 
Charta (trotting 2 :30) , 

Grandmother, b in, 1879, by Hamlin's 
Almout Jr. Minnehaha, by Chandler 
J Wells 

Grand Sec, b g, 188 , 

Grand View, b s, 188, by Bay Tom 

Granger, b g, 188, by President 

Granger, ch g, 186, by Prince (dead) 

Granger Pete, gr g, 187 

Granville K., b g, 188, by Model.. 

Grasshopper, b g, 188, by Bee Line 

Grape Shot, br g, 188, by Brown 

Grape Shot, gr g, 188, , 

Great Heart, br s, 1888, by Mam- 
briuo Russell Willie Wilkes, by 
George Wilkes 

Great Western, ch s, 1885, by Saturn 

Greenfield Maid, b m, 1882, by Pas- 
acae Mag Chope, by Magua Oharta 

Greenhorn, gr g, 1882, by Princeps 
Duell, by Belmont 

Green Stotts, b g, 1885, by William 
Wheeler Daisy, by Reconstruction 

Green Wilkes, b e, 1888, by Em- 

Gretchen, b m, 188, by Kaiser 

Gretchen H., ch m, 188, by Ray 
Almont - 

Grey Bayard, gr s, 1885, by Bayard 
Brownie, by Prince Edward 

Grey Ben, gr g, 1888, by Dan G., ... 

Grey. Billy, gr g, 188, by Smuggler 

Grey Bush, gr m, 188, by Greenbush 

Grey Dan, gr g, 

Grey Dan, gr g, 188 

Grey Dan, gr g, 186, (dead) 

Grey Eagle, gr g, 186, (dead) ..... 

Grey Elsie, gr m, 188, by Mambrino 

Grey Fannie, gr m, 188, by Bay 
Tom, dam by Tuckahoe 

Grey Fanny, gr m, 188, by Bay Tom 

Grey Fanny, gr m, 1887, by Monroe 
Boy Old Fanny, by Nigger Dick.. 

Grey Frank, gr g, 187 

Grey Freddy P., gr g, 187, 

Grey Goose, gr m, 188, by Wade 

Grey Hany, gr g, 186- , by Tempest 

Grey Harry, gr g, 188, by Tempest 
Jr., dam by Bull Pup Jr 

Grey Harry, gr g, 188, 

Grey Isaac, gr g, 188 

Grey Jack, gr g, 187, by Rex Hia- 

Grey Jim, gr g, 188, by Mart Stone 

Grey Joe, gr g, 188, by Simmons' 

Grey John, gr g, 188, 

Grey Leaf, gr m, 188, by Indian- 
apolis Lucy Frazie:% by Cosmop- 

Grey Mack, gr g, 188, by Tempest 

Grey Pointer, gr g, 188, by Arno. . 

Grey Star, b s. 188. by Chester Star 

Grey Tobe, br g. 188 

Grover C., b g, 1882, by Morris' Al- 
mont Molly M 

(Trover Cleveland, b s, 188, by Rovk- 


2:24y 4 









2:22y a 








2:27V 2 


2:18V 2 
2:19% i 

2:29 j 

2:24% I 





ford .'. .... 

Grover Cleveland, ch s, 188, by 
Wilkerson Lucy Glover 

Grover S., br g, 1884, by Gaffer ty 
Horse (dead) 

Grover Wilkes, b s, 1881. by Red 
Wilkes, dam by Davy Crockett 

G. R, S., ch g, 188 by Rex 

Grundy Jim, br g, 188, by Jim Crow 

Guarantee, br s, 1884, by Hamble- 
tonian Wilkes Maggie, by Meteor 2:23 

Guerita, b m, 1889, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Attie Belle, by Messenger 
Chief 2:13*4 

Guesswork, b g, 188, by Egbert- 
Maggie West, by West Wind 2:14'/4 

Guiderock, blk s, 1885, by Guide- 
Jenny Duroc, by Orange Duroc.... 2:29 

Guinette, b s, 1889, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Stella, by Mambriuo Startle 2:10 

Gumbo, blk s, 188-, by Charlie 
Caffrey 2:29 ! ,4 

Gurgle, b m, 1878, by Pocahontas 
Boy Matlock, by Grey Diomed ... 2:20 

Gus M., br g, 188 2:24% 

Gusto, br s, 1888, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Annie Patchen, by Mam- 
brino Patchen 2:19% 

Gus Tupper, br s, 188, by Dictator 
Wilkes 2:23 

Guy, gr s, 1883, by Shiloh Maud, by 
Shoo Fly 2:06% 

Guy C., ch s, 1886, by Bald Hornet- 
Peggy G., by Haywood 

Guy C., br g, 188. by Howe Horse. . 

Guy Dick, gr s, 186, (dead) 

Guy Princeton, br s. 1887. by Prince- 
ton Wait-a-Bit, by Basil Duke 
(trotting 2:28%) 2:19% 

Guy Wonder, b g, 1892, by Whale- 
bone ' 2:24% 

G. W. Huey, b g, 1880, by Shaker Boy 
-Kitty Dodds 2:24% 

Gyp, b m, 188, by Tom Hal Jr *2:27V 4 

Gyp, b m, 188 , by Brightlight 2:26% 

Gyp S., ch m, 1880, by Jefferson 
Prince Bobbie, by Bacon's Ethan 
Allen (dead) 2:24-% 

Hadley Jr., b g, 1888, by Little Dave 
Jr. Bullitt Mare 2 :15% 

Hail Cloud, b s, 188, by Hussel Dan. 2:26v- 

Hal B., b s, 188, by Morgan Clipper. 2:24% 

Hal Braden, br s, 1888, by Brown Hal 
Kate Bradeii, by Bay Tom (dead). . 2:07% 

Hal Carter, br s, 1888, by Brown Hal 
Ada, by Brown T:igham 2 :22Vj 

Hal Clay, b s, 1888, by Almont Boy 
Frendh Mare, by Henry Clay 2:24% 

Hal Dillard, b e, 1887, by Brown Hal 
Annie Pointer, by John Dillard J-. 2:0i% 

Hal Index, gr s, 1886, by Gibson's 
Tom HalStella, by George Wash- 

Hal K.. b g, 188, by Dan Harding. . 

Hallie C., gr m. 188 

Halo, br m, 1888, by Gen. Hancock- 
Frosty Maid, by Joe Downing 

Hal Parker, blk s, 1889, by Brown 
Hal Annie Hatton, by Bob Hatton. 2:13% 

Hal Pointer, b g, 1884, by Gibson's 
Tom Hal Sweepstakes, by Knight's 
Snow Heels 

Hal Pulaski, br B, 188, by Brown 

Halwood, br s, 188, by Wedgewood. 

Hambrino Boy, b s, 1883, by Ham- 
brlno Linda G., by Pacing Abdal- 
lah.. 2:24% 

2:20' /4 






Hamden, b g, 1890, by Aladdin Polly 
Hopkins, by Am her 

Hamilton, b s, 1888, by Dick Wilkes 
Kate M., by Edgewater 

Hamlet, b g, 188, by Highland Boy.. 

Hainlin, gr s, 1884, by Alcantara 
Jane Loomer, by Dick Loonier 

Handalier, b s, 1891. by Ammath 

Handy Andy, rn g, 186, (dead) 

Handy B., b s, 1882, by Artemas- 
Millie, by Crittenden Jr 

Handy Pat. ch g, 188, by De Soto. . 

Hamford Medium, b s, 1888, by Milton 
R. Tave, by Signal 

Hannis Jr., Ch s, 1885, by Hannis 
Queen Almont, by Almont. ......... 

Happiness, b m, 1891, by Judge Salis- 
bury, dam by Bonnie Wilkes 

Happy, ch s, 1892, by Happy Chief. . . 

Happy Girl, blk m, 1888, by Cham- 
plaioa^-Durango Maid, by Durango.. 

Happy Girl, b m, 188, by Gen. Han- 





Happy Russell, br s, 1884, by Mam- 
brino Russell Odd Stocking, by Hap- 
py Medium ....................... 

H^PPy Tom, b s, 1887, by Pegasus- 
Belle, by Mambrmo Champion ...... 

Hard Cash, b g, 1889, by Cashier, 
dam by Cady's Champion ........ 

Hargis H., rn g, 1884, by Clinker.... 

Harleigh, dh s, 1886, by Mambrino 
King Lady Wee ton, by Mohican. . . . 

Harlow, ch s, 188, by Anderson 


Harrison, b s, 1886, by Ottawa Chief- 
Mary Wood, by Richard Wheelock 
(trotting 2:18%) 

Harrison Reed, ch g, 188, by Hick- 
ory Jr 

Harry, b g, 186. by Niagara Cham- 
pionLop Ear, by Montreal 

Harry, b g, 188, by Dauntless Jr., 

Harry B., b s, 188, by Col. Moore. . 

Harry B., br g, 1882, by Waldensian 

Harry B., b g 1890, by Elgin Boy.. 

Harry B., gr g, 1S91, by Happy Day, 
dam by Messenger Chief 

Harry Brooks, ch g, 188 by Bland 

Harry Brown, b g, 188, by Durant 

Harry C., b s, 1889, by Comus 
Midget, by Egmont 

Harry Clay, b s, 1891, by Clay Thome 

Harry D., b g, 187, 

Harry E., g g, 188, by Davy Crocket 

Harry G., br g, 188, by Gold King 

Harry G., b g, 188, by Green Moun- 
tain Morgan 

Harry Golddust, ch s, 187, by Mes- 
senger Golddust 

Harry Gold King, gr s, 188, by 
Gold King 

Harry H., b g, 188, 

Harry H., gr g, 1885, by Alroy 

Harry H., b g, 188, by Ashley's 
Ethan Allen ; . . 

Harry Hall, ch s, 1881, by Ben 
Patchen Cora, by Edward Everett 

Harry Hayes, .ch s, 1880, by Pilot 
Champion Gipsy Girl, by Steven A. 

Harry Holton, br s, 188, by Dictator 

Harry Hontas, ch s, 1883. by Poca- 
hontas Boy Ratty, by Major Edsall 

Harrr Hornet, blk s, 1886, by Dan G. 
Phil, by Snoddy's Arabian 
















Harry Hoyer, ch s, 188, by Pilot 

Harry Jones, ch g, 1885, by Elgin 
Boy Fanny, by Hudson's Eclipse . . 

Harry K., b g, 188, by Charley 

Harry K., b g, 1890, by Harry Wil- 
son, dam by Bourbon Chief Jr. ..... 

Harry Lynn, b g, 188, by Morris' 
Almont, dam by Cloud Mambrino. . . 

Harry M., b g, 188, by Ledger.... 




Harry M., b g, 188 by Priam 

Harry Omer, gr g, 1890, by St. Omer. 
Harry P., br g. 188, by Denmark. . 

Harry P., blk g, 188 t by Joe Black- 
burn, dam by Gibson's Tom Hal 

Harry Phelps, b s, 188, by Crumley 
Hiatoga (trotting 2 :27%) 

Harry S., gr s, 1884, by Backman's 
Idol Seboyo, by Orange Duroc. .... 

Harry Strathmore, b s, 1884, by 
Strathmore Belle, by Belmont 

Harry Strathmore, g s, 188, by Mor- 
gan's Strathmore Nancy Hazard, 
by Elaine's Tom Hazard 

Harry T., br g, 188, by Nutwood. . . 

Harry Van, ch s, 1884, by George 
Washington, dam by Wilson's Clip- 
Harry ' Victor,' ' blk ' s,' '1890,' 'by Black 
Victor, dam by Baird'e Hamble- 
tonian Prince 

Harry W., gr g, 188 

Ha -ry West, blk g, 188, by Col. 
West Thornless, by Kenney's Den- 

Harry Wilkes, b s, 1883, by Col. 
Wilkes Lady 

Harry Wood, b s, 1888, by Rusco 
Kitty H Wood, by Rader's Dexter 

Harry Z., 'b g, 1881, by Little Logan 

Plrrvey Me, blk g, 1892, by McKin- 
ney, dam by Nephew 

Hastings Boy, b s, 1886. by Abe 
Downing Lady R., by Green's Ba- 

Hat Rack, b g, 188, by Prince Jr. 

Hattie F., gr m, 1887, by LeGrand 
Silver, by Silverthreads 

Hattie P., ch m, 188, by Rex Hia- 

Hattie P., b m, 188, by Alcantara . . 

Hattie Shawan, ch m, 186, by Blue 

Hattie T., b m, 188. by Day Star.. 

Haverly, ch g, 187, by Kansas Cen- 
tral Puss, by Skenandoah 

Haviland, b g, 188, by Sterling . . . 

Hayseed, b g, 188 

Hazel Cossack, b m, 1888. by Don 
Cossack Lady Rene, by King Rene 

Hazel H., b m, 1889, by Bismarck- 
Lady Hamilton, by Jack Roberts 

Hazel Heel, br s, 188, 

Hazel Kirk, blk m, 1884, by Red Cloud 
Lady Rutherford, by Phil Sheri- 

Head Center, b g, 188, by Spartacus 

Headlight, br g, 1884, by Warrior Jr. 
Kate, by Tom Hal Jr 

Headlight, b g, 188, by son of Ben 

Heffner's, blk g, 185, (dead) 

Hello, br m, 1885, by Sherman Molly 

Helen, b m, 188, by Melbourne 

Henrietta, blk m, 188, by Haywood 

Henry Clay, blk g, 188-, by Prince 























Pulaskl .. ........................ 

Henry Dexter, b g, 188, by Billy 

Davis ............................ 

Henry F., be, 1889, by Princeton 

Sharlie, by Roger Hanson ......... 

Henry P., b a, 1888, by Commander- 

Molly M. ........................ 

Henry H., blk g, 188, by Revenue.. 
Henry H., b g, 188, by Bashaw Jr. 
Henry H., ch g, 188, by Shoo Fly.. 
Henry O., br g, 188, by Clipper ____ 

Henry O., ch g, 188, by George O. 
He.iry S., br 6, 1887, by Adjutant- 

Alice M ......................... 

Hermie, b g, 188, by Escort ...... 

Hermod, b g, 1885, by Oxmoor Wa- 

natah, by Wedgewood ........... 

Hermit, b s, 1883, by Harold Mary 

Clay, by American Clay ......... 

Hermitage, b s. 1883, by Pretend-r 

Queen B., by Kearsarge .......... 

Hermoine, blk m, 1889, by Hermit.. 
Hero, gr g, 184, by Harris* Hamble- 

towian (dead) .................. 

Heron Wilkes, b s, 1887, by St. Goth- 

ard Belle Clarke ........... 

Hettie Hcod, b m, 188, by Prince 

Echo ..................... 

Hiatoga Boy, b g, 188--, by Wood- 

lawn ...................... 

Hiatoga P., gr g, 188, by Hiatoga 

H e's- a-Hced,' ' b' g. 188-'. ' by ' Clinker .' ! 




2:23y ? 







Jlibibi, br m, 1888, by Valensin ivy, 

by Buccaneer ................... 

Hickory Boy, b g, 388, by Mistake 
Hickory Boy, b g, 188 by Abdallah 

Mambrino ................... .... 

High Jack (Perkins'), oh s, 187, by 

Ross' Tom Oowder, dam by Coul- 

ter's Davy Crocket ................. 

High Jack, ch g, 187, by Picken's 

High Jack ................ , . 

Hjghland L ., gr s. 1885, by Highland 

Grey Oreen Mountain Maid, by 

Young America ................... 

Highland Laddie, blk g, 188 ........ 

Highland Laseie, b m, 188, by High- 

land L Blitzen, by Thorndale 

Prince ......................... . 

High Tide, b m, 1888, by Albert W., 

dam by Algona .................. 

Highwayman, ch s. 188, .. ........ 

Hindrance, ch s, 1890, by Hinder 

Wilkes Laura Wilkes, by Wilkie 

Collins .................... .. 

Hill Boy, ch s, 3887, by Dictator Jr. 

Jenny Wilkes. by Red Wilkes ____ 

Hiram, blk s, 188 .................. 

Hiram H., blk s, 1875, by Black- 

stoneJenny, by Gen. Sherman ... 
Hiram Tracy, b g, 186, by Te- 

cumseh (dead) ..................... 

H. J. Rockwell, b e, 1888, by Brick 

Wilkes ..................... ...... 

H. M. B., b g, 188 by Volume .... 

Homestake, br g, 188, by Whipple- 

ton ........ ............ . ......... 

Honest Abe, ro g, 1883, by Roman 

Chief ...... . ........... ... ....... 

Honest Ben, b g. 188 , by Hector:. 
Honest Jim, br g, 187=, by Dillon 

Horse.... .. ..... . .............. .... 

Honest John, b g," 1881, by Honest 

John Fly ....................... 

Honest Prince, b g, 188, by Honest 












John 2 -2o^ 

Honesty, b g, 186, (dead) 2:28 

Honesty, b g, 1878, by George Wilks 
.Nancy Jane, by Honest Allen... 2*22 

Honesty, b g, 188, by Woodford 
Kiiox. 2 -17^4 

Honeymoon, blk m, 188, by Wedge- 
brook 2-30 

Hood, blk, g, 188, by Duster 2:17 

Hoodoo, blk s, 1888, by Fairy Gift- 
Julia 2:18% 

Hooker Bill, blk e, 188. by Beu Hal 2:18 

Hoosier Dick, b g, 186, (dead) ... 2:24 

Hoosier Dick, b s, 188 by Hunt's 
Whip 2:30 

Hoosier Sam, b g, 187, 2:24% 

Hoosier Tom, b g, 1859, by Sorrei 
Tom (dead) 2 :19% 

Horace Greeley, br g, 187, 2:22 

Hoinet Girl, ch m. 188, by Bald 
Hornet 2:30 

Horace Greeley, br g 2:22 

Hortense, b m, 1875, by Royal George 
(Henderson Horse), dam by Gray 
Eagle Horse 2:25 

Hortense, b m, 1885, by Judge Advo- 
cateNelly Fowler, by Rob Roy 
(trotting 2:26%) 2:19% 

Houck, rn m, 188, by Prince Hal. . 2:27 

How, b g, 188, by Valentine Swi- 
gert 2:17% 

Howard St. Clair, br s, 1885, by Rob- 
ert St. Clair Belle, by McCoy 
Patchen 2:18 

Howell, b s, 1889, by Haldane Shena 
Van. by Daniel Lambert (trotting 
2:26%) 2:24% 

Howell, ch g, 188, by Black Hawk 2:18% 

H. R. H., g s, 188, by Butler 2:24'^ 

Hugar, b s, 1886, by Algeria Wilkes 
Little Burton, by Dr. Herr 2:21 

Hugh A., gr g, 1887, by Prince Hal, 
dam by John Netherland 2:20 

Hugh Gay, b s, 1888, by Onward- 
Marietta, by Mambrino Hedgeford.. 2:22 

Hugh L. McClung, b s, 188, by 
Josh Bell 2:27 

Hummer, ch g, 1886, by Sidney Hum- 
ming Bird 2:18% 

Hvnrming Bird, ch s, 1881, by Hol- 
land's Bob Ingersoll Kate Sparks, 
by Black Steke 2:22 

Humming Bird, ch m, 188, by Rex 
Patchen 2:19% 

Humming Bird, ch g, 187, by St. 
dair 2:30 

Humming Bird, ch s, 188, by Tem- 
ptst Jr. 2:25% 

Hunter, ch s, 188, by Glencoe Jr... 2:29% 

Huntsville Boy, gr g, 188, Dy Bob 
Hattoii 2:29% 

Hratltr, ch g, 188, by Haldane 
Liciy Pearl, by Abraham (trotting 
2:20%) . 

Hustler, b g, 188S, by Bluff ton L.~ 

Hustler Rissi-11, b s, 1889, by Lord 
Russell Grenadine, by Princeps .. 

Hyannte, b s, 1889, by Patron Hel- 
vetia, by Hermes 

Hye Dye. ch s, 18S-. by Jot C, 

Hylie T., b m, 188. by Cantalever. . 

Huson, b s, 188 , by Hyperion 

Hy Wilkes, b g, 1880, by Ambassador 
Lady McFadden, by McGuire 
Horse' : 2:20 

I. \. J., b g, 188 2:27& 

lalene, ch m, 1888, by Tennessee 



Wilkes Nanette, by Brown Hal .. 2:14 
Ma A., b m, 1879, by Cash Nelly, by 

Shellbark 2:22 

Ida K., b m, 1887, by Lothair Jr., 

Melvin Mare, by Monte Christo .... 2:23 
Ida 8., br m, 1887, by Bur toil's Har- 

dee Muggins, by Joe Rockdale ... 2:15% 
Idler, blk s, 188 by Idol Wilkes.. 2:2o 
Idol Dude, b s, 188, by Joe Young 2:16% 
Idolater, ofc s, 1884, by Blackman's 
Idol Nelly, by Brougham (trot- 
ting 2:28%) 

ting 2 :^8Va) 

Ilderim, b g, 188, by Wade Hampton 

Idlewild, b m, 187, by Star of the 

Illusion, b g, 1880, by Constellation- 
Lady Emma, by Hiram Drew 

Imperial Hal, br s, 188, by Gibson's 
Tom Hal 

Importer, blk g, 1889, by Wayward- 
Grey mont, by Aladdin 2:22^* 

Independent Frank, ch g, 188 2:27% I 

L N., b s, 188-, by Ajax 2:17% ! 

In It, b s, 1892, by Davy Belmont 2:29% j 

Indianapolis Boy, b s, 1886, by India- 
napolisMadam Golddust, by Bril- 
liant Golddust 2:13y a i 

Inkle, br s, 188, by Princeps >>> u. i 

Interest, br s, 1886, by Onward Lit- 
tle Fortune, by Scott's Thomas.... 

Intreped, b g, 1888, by Hainan's Al- 
mont Jr. Quadroon, by Sherman.. 

lola Wilkes, ch m, 1887, by Willie 
Wilkes Lucy Index, by Index 

Inez, b m, 1891 

Innocent Sam, b g, 187, 

lona, b m, 188, by Black Pat 

I. K., b s, 188 

Ira Band ,b g, 188, by Jay wood .... 

Ira C., b g, 188, by Brussells 

Ira King, b s, 1888, by Ira Wilkes, 
dam by Marshall Chief 

Iras, b m, 188, by Vere de Vere 
Annie Bashaw z:iy^ 

Ira Wilkes, br s, 1876, by George 
Wilkes Nelly B., by Harry B. 
Patcben (trotting 2:28) 2:22% 

Irene, blk m, 1886, by Dexter Prince 
Black Dolly, by Morse's Longfel- 
low 2:25 ! 

Irene, b m., 1886, by Star Wilkes 
Irena , 2:11%! 

Irene B., b m, 188, by Stillson 2:23%! 

Irene L., b m, 188, by Equinox 2:24% i 

Irish Boy, ch g, 1883, by Billy H., 
dam by Flying Morgan 2:20 ! 

Irish Moll, blk m, 186- 2:28% ! 

lamity, by Mambrino Pilot (dead) . . 
Jack (Conlisk's), rn g, 185, (dead).. 

Jack, blk g, 187-, 

Jack Ayers, b g, 188, by Jack 


Jack Bowers, b g, 1885, by Kilbuck 

Tom Flora, by Bethel 

Jack Evans, br g, 186, (dead) 

Jack Curry, ^r g, 188, by Traveler, 

dam by Rainbow 

Jack Hart, ch g, 1876, by American 

Boy Shoo Fly, by Young Tlppoo 


Jack Jewett, b s, 1885, by Winnebago 

Chief Lulu Belle, by Black Jack.. 
Jack Rapid, gr s, 1871, by Jack Rapid 

Bourbon Maid, by imp. Glencoe . . 
Jack Rapid, Jr., gr g, 188, by Jack 


Jack Shiel, b s, 1887, by Ross Wilkes 

Brown Sue 

Jack the Ripper, b g, 188; by Sy- 

ler's Almont Pilot 

Jack the Ripper, b g, 188, by Pat 
Jack the Ripper, blk s, 1886, by 

Texas Jack ST. Kinney Rooker, by 


Jack Thome, blk g, 1887, by Edsall 


Jack W., ch g, 188, 
Jacob M., b g, 188, 











2:21 yl 





Irma, b m, 1885, by Nutwood Mag- 
gie Medium, by Happy Medium... 2:18Vi 
Irina C., gr m, 1884, by Jim Wilson- 
Fanny, by Pocahontas Boy 2:18 

Iron Quill, b s, 1892, by Kankakee . . 2:22% 
Iron wood, b g, 188, by Wedgewood 2:26V4 
Isa B., b m, 1888, by Vasco-Sadie 

Roe, by Magic 

Lsabelle, ch in, 188, by Subscriber 


Island Belle, ch m, 1884, by Volenvent 

Islander, b s, 188, by Legacy 

Ithuriel, b s, 1888, by Red Wilkes 
Topsy, by Strathmore (trotting 

Ivolo,"b* m,' 1891', by An tevo'lo Salinas 
Belle, by Vermont 

Ivorine, blk m, 1884, by Black Charley 

Jack, b g, 188 by Almont M. 
Laura T., by Greenback 

Jack, b g, 188, by Harkaway Ca- 

James D., gr g, 188, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr 

James K. Polk, ch g, 183, (dead).. 

Janey, blk m, 1890, by Alcantara- 
Zoe, by Gen. Knox 

Janey Woody, ch m, 188, by Red 

Jap, br g, 188, by Robert Rysdyk.. 
. Jarenta, D m, 1891, by Bonnie Boy. .. . 

Jasey, b s, 188 

2:24%i Jay, g g, by Gen. Sprague 

i Jay and See, blk g, 188, by Black 
2:19Vi! Oak 

Jay Eye See, blk g, 1878, by Dictator 
Midnight, by Pilot Jr. (trotting 
2:10) ^ 2:06% 

Jay Girl, ch m, 1888, by Ben Adhem 
-Pet 2:21% 

Jay Gould Jr., ch s, 188, by Jay 
Gould 2:29% 

Jaywood, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood- 
Lady Blanche, by Privateer 2:29^ 

J B., b g, 188, by Albert S. Patchen 2:26% 

j: C., sp g, 188- 2:25 

J. C C., ch g, 188, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr 2:16 

J. C. R., b g. 188 by Harkaway.. 2:29 

J. D. K.. blk g, 188 2:29% 

Jeff Davis, gr g, 1882, sire unknown^ 
Jenny Harwell 2:23 

Jeff Davis, br g, 186-, (dead) 2:25% 

Jeff Smith, b g, 1881, by Ohio Doll, 
by Manchester Tuckahoe (trotting 
2:27%) 2:29% 

Jenny Brown, gr m, 1887, by Joe 
Brown 2d 2:25 

Jenny Hall, b m, 188, by George 
Hall 2:29% 

Jenny J., b m, 1881. by Daniel Booue 
Dinah, by Monogram 

Jenny K., b m, 187, by Blue Bull.. 

Jenny Lind, br m, 1881, by Long- 
strider Lady 2:17 

Jenny Lind, b m, 1886, by Capt. Jack, 
dam by Anglo Saxon 2 :23% 

Jenny Lind, ch m, 186, by Scott's 
Hiatoga (dead) 2:28 


2:21V a 




Jenny McCoy, b in. 1889, by Magnet- 
Lou, by Corbin Bashaw 2:22 

Jenny Rolfe, ch r~ . 188 225% 

Jennie S., ch m, 188, 2:30 

Jenny Scott, b m, 1883, by- Winfield 

Scott, ....-.- 2:29% 

Jenny W., br in, 188, by France's 

Allie Wilkes 2:26i/ 2 

Jenny Wren, blk m, 1885, by Hail- 
stormJessie, by Republic ..-2:17% 

Jerome Taylor, ch s, 1888, by St. 
Jerome Red Wing, by Bay Diamond 2:21% 

Jerry, 186, (dead) ; 2:30 

Jerry Yetman, b g, 188, by Happy 

Medium 2:27% 

Jersey Boy, blk g, 1874, by Paul 

J< ries Jr. Colie 2:22% 

Jersey Girl, dn m, 1887, by Legal 

Note Belle Sanford 2:20 

Jess, br s, 188, by Fullerton D 2:30 

Jessamine, blk m, 192, 2:30 

Jesse, gr g, 188, by Archy 2:27% 

Jesse H.. ch g, 1880, by Highland 

Chief Belle, by Young Waxey 2:18% 

Jessie C., ch m, 188, by Western 

Fearuaught 2 :29% 

Jessie Green, blk m, 188, 2:26 

Jessie Wilkes, b m, 188, by Imprint 
Little Jet, by Legal Tender Jr... 2:28% 

Jessie M., b m, 188, 2:29 

Jessie L., b m, 1888. by Tasco Daisy, 

by Gen Putnam 2:12% 

Jessie R.,'br m, 188, by Bob Lee ... 2:21 

Jewell, b g, 188, by Petoskey 2:10% 

Jewell, g m, 188, by Sefton, dam by 

Tom Hunter Jr. 2:21% 

Jewett, blk g, 1876, by Allie West- 
Heel and Toe Fanny, by John Innis 

(trotting 2:20) 2:14 

Jewetta Strathmore, b m, 1891, by 
Strathmore, dam by Ellerslie Wilkes 2:21% 

J. F., b .g, 188- 2:29% 

J. P. B. b s, 1893, by Charles Derby 

Bertha, by Alcantara 2:26 1 / 

J. F. G., br g, 188. by Wapsie.... 2:25} 
J. F. R., ch s, 188, by Round's 


J. H. K., b s, 1891, by Wayward 

J. H. L., blk s, 1887, by Idol Wilkes 
Kattie .Cromwell, by ; Harrison 

Chief 2:08% 

Jim Burns, b g, 188, by Belmont 

Chief 2:24% 

Jim Elaine, blk s, 1885, by Legal 
Star Victoria, by Jeffrie's Sam 

Hazard 2:25 

Jim Elaine, gr g, 187.9, by Jim Wil- 
son-Kit , 2:25 

Jim Brown, ch g, 186, 2:17% 

Jim Carr, ch g, 188. by Newsboy ..2:22 
Jim Clinker, b g, 1885, by Clinker- 
Molly Me, by Hickory Boy 2:21% 

Jim Corbett, b g, 188, by George 

L. Napoleon 2:23% 

Jim Corbett, b g, 1888, by Alaric Al- 

mont West Mare, by Graftonian .. 2:19% 
Jim Crow, br s, 187, by Manchester 

Snip, by Kentucky Boy 2:17% 

Jim F., blk g, 188, by Killan Horse 2:27% 
Jim Finch, ch s, 1884, by Young Jim 
Madam Finch by Mauprat's Dren- 

non '. -. 2:25 

Jim Friel, ro g, 1883, by Tom Hal Jr. 

Lucy, by Van Dorn 2:20% 

Jim Jewell, b g, 187, by Aberdeen, 

dam by Seely's American Star 2:19'% 

Jim Knox, ch s. 188, bv Palmer 
Knox ...'. 2:29-% 

2:18% ! 

Jim McOue, b e, 186, by St Clair 

(dead) ,.. .:.... 2:30 

Jim Mears, g g, 188 by Brown Hal 2:23% 
Jimmy B., b g, 188, by Cromwell... 2:16 
Jimmy Mac, b g, 188, by Caldwell 

Horse 2:21% 

Jimmy Patterson, b g, 188, 2:24% 

Jimmy Tempest, gr s, 188, by Tem- 
pest Jr 2:29 : /a 

Jim Quay, b g, 188, by Lord Harold 2:24% 

Jimmy Temple, blk ,g, 188, by 

George Wilkes Lady Patchen, by 

Mambrino Patchen (trotting 2:22%) 

Jim Wilson, b g, 188- by Swigert- 

Lady Wilson, by Blue Bull ........ 

Jim Wilson Jr., gr g, 1885, by Fisk's 

Jim Wilson-<)alender Mare 

Jingler, b s 188, by Grandee 

J I. R., br s, 1884, by Larry W. 

Black Betty, by Midiight 2:24% 

J. J. br g, 188, by France 2:28% 

J. J. C,, b g, 188, by Hambletouian 

Mambrino 2:23% 

J. K., br g, 188, by Brown Henry- 
Lady Shellbark, by Corbeau 2:16% 

J. K., b g, 188, by Messenger Chief 

Jr 2:28 

J. M. C., b s, 1892, by Coke Chief, 

dam by Dominion 2 :24% 

Joco, br s, 1889, by Dunton Wilkes 

Jean Wilkes, by Adrian Wilkes... 2:18% 
Jocko, blk g, 1883, by Mambrino King 
Grandmother, by Hamlin's Al- 

niont Jr 2:16% 

Joe B., blk g, 188, 2:26 

Joe B., b g, 188, by Legal Tender 


Joe B., blk g, 188, by Orra Drew 

Joe Beppo, b s, 1892, by Joe You See 

Joe Bluffer, b s, 1882, by Wilkesonian 

Kitty, by Washington Hambleton- 

ian. 2:29% 

Joe Bowers, ch g, 188, 2:26% 

Joe Bowers Jr. b g, 188, by Joe 

Bowers 2:18 

Joe Braden, ch g, 187 , by Foster's 
Bull Gopher Lulu Braden, by Car- 
ter's Traveler t 2:15% 

Joe Brister, rn s, 187, by Jim Bris- 
ter, dam by Scott's Hiatoga 2:25% 

Joe Brister Jr., gr g, 188, by Joe 

Brister 2:24 

Joe Brister Jr., rn .<?, 188, by Joe 

Brister , 2:26% 

Joe Cobu-n, b g, 186, (dead) 2:30 

Joe D., ch g, 188 2:23% 

Joe Egbert, b g, , 1886, by West Eg- 
bert Rena C 2:15% 

Joe Fifer, b g, 188, by Alaho 2:27% 

Joe First, br s, 188, by Rome ... 2:17 
Joe Gales, gr g. 186, (dead) ...... 2:23% 

Josie S., b m, 1890 2:30 

Joe H., blk g, 188, by Champion. 

(Canadian), 2:21% 

Joe He, ch g, 188, by Brookie For- 
rest, dam by Aaron Penntngton 2:12% 

Joe Hooker, blk s, 186, (dead) 2:30 

Joe Hooker Jr., blk g, 1887, by Legal 
Tender Jr. Queen, by Smyzer's Mo- 
hawk 2:24% 

Joe Howe, ch s, 188 by Tom Thumb 2:23% 
Joe Jefferson, br s, 1879, by Thomas 

Jefferson Fanny S 2:19% 

Joe Jett, b g, 1888, by Billy Wilkes 

Fiction, by Fairy Gift 2:14% 

Joe L.. b g. 1878, by Harlequin, dam 

by Highland Boy 2:ir, 

Joe L. r oh g, 188- by Capt. Pankey.,. 2:22% 



by Douglass' 
Ireland, by 

Joe Lewis, gr g, 1ST, . 
Joe Mowat, b g, 1884, 

St. Lawrence Lady 

Glanford Ohief ................... 

Joe Nelson, ch g, 188, by Perduro. . .. 

Joe Patchen, blk s, 1889, by Patchen 

Wilkes Josephine Young, by Joe 

Young ............ ............... 

Joe Eowell, br s, 1889, by Gen. Han- 

cock Lavonne K., by Blue Bull ..... 
Joe S., blk g, 1876, by Nimble Dan- 

Burnay . ......... .... ...... ...... 

Joe Taylor, b s, 1888, by Rescue- 

Molly Wingert, by Kirkpatrick's 

Buck ............. :.... ..... . ..... 

Joe Townsend, b s, 188, by Bullet. . 
Joe Wilkes, ch s, 1800, by Newton's 

Allie Wilkes Maud R ...... ...... 

Joe Wilson, b g, 184, (dead) ......... 

Joe Wonder, b g, 188, by Joker..... 

John, b g, 1873, by Mambrino Pilot . . . 
John, b g, 188 ....... ............. 

John A., cih g, 1885, by Edward Ever- 

ett Jr., daui by Tempest. ......... 

John A. Logan, b g, 1884, by Major 

Ringgold (trotting 2 :30) ............ 

John A. Logan, b g, 188, by Black 

Republican ....................... 

John B., gr g, 188, by Sol Smith.... 

John B., b g, 1885, by Wonder, dam 

by Como Chief ____ ..... ..... . ..... 

John Bonar, gr g, 188, by Bob Inger- 

sol ..... . .. ........ ............ 

John Burke, b g, 187, .............. 

John Burnett, eh g, 184, (dead) ..... 

John O., br g, 188, by Dick Turpin. . 
John C., blk g, 1&7, by Dresden 

Chance, by Bay Pilot ........ . ..... 

John O., rn s ........ . ............... 

Jofhn Carpenter, gr g, 188, by Ten- 

nessee Drennon ............. ..... 

John O. Heenan, b g, 185, by Henry 

Clay (dead) ............ .... ...... . 

John D., br s, 188, by Telegraph, 

dani by Buster ..................... 

John D., br s, 188 .................. 

John Douglass. ....... .... ..... .... 

Jonn Duncan, gr s, 1880, by Amber- 

Lucy ........ . .. . ..... .... .. ; .. ... 

John F.. b g, 1888. by Hickory Jr. . . . 

John H, b g, 188, by Prophet 

Wilkes. .. ......... ... .. ....... 

John H., ch g, 187 ..... ............ 

John Hazza d, b g, 188, by Sain Haz- 

zard ............................. 

John Kenney. blk s, 1800, by Aladdin 

Costella, by Sprague. . ............ 

John L., eh s, 188, by Joker ....... . 

John L., br g, 188, by Dick Turpin. 
John L., ch s, 188 , bv Major Som- 

mers ....... . ...... ............ . . 

Jolhn L., rn g, 188, by Gibson's Tom 

Hal ............................. 

John M., b g. 188, by Oznrk ....... . 

John McKay, b g, 188 by Star 

Hainbletonian Shoo Fly, bv Young 

Tippoo Sultan ............ *. ....... 

John McKinney, ro g. 185, (dead)... 
John McXnir, b g, 185,- (dead). ...... 

John Maloney. ro g, 1872. by Oovbeau, 

d'am bv Tom Crowder ............... 

Johnny B., b g. 1889, by Washbnm 

Fanny ........................... 

Johnny Corwin. ch g. 1880, by Tom 

Corwin, dam by Tom Organ ........ 

Johnny Smoker, blk g. 1882, by Toto- 

2:10V 2 





2:28i/ 2 


2:24% i 













2:18i/ 2 


way Queen . . ... 

Johnny Smoker, br s, 188. by Clifton 




Johnny Weigle, dn g, 1868, by Long- 
fellow ---- ...................... 

Johnny Wood, b g, 188, by Bay 

Tom Jr.. dam by Jack Gamble ...... 

John R., blk s, 1886, by Wild Tom- 

Molly, by Major Ringgold ....... . . . 

John It. Gentry, .b s, 1889, by Ashland 

Wilkes Dame Wood, by Wedgewood 
John S.. b g, 188, by Louis Napo- 

leon ..... . ............... ...... ..-. . 

John Schoniu,. ch g, 186, (dead). . , . . 
John Schumacker, b g, 188, by Sau- 

John Shannon, b g, 188, by Jack 

Stanton ........................ 

John Skelton, gr g, 188 by Milton 

Medium .......................... 

John Sprague, g g, 188, by George 

Sprague .......................... 

Johnston, b g. 1877, by Joe Bassett 

Gary Mare, by Swetting's Ned For- 

rest ............................. 

John T., g g, 188, by Harry B ..... 

John T ........................... .. 

John Towle, b g, 185, (dead) ........ 

Jolhn W., b g, 188, by John L ..... ., 

Jo^hn W., ch g. 188, by Appleby ..... 

John W., b g, 188, by Little Frank, 

dam by Black Frank ............... 

John W., b g, 188 by Viceroy Puss, 

by Frank. ..... . ......... , . ..... 

John Wynn. b g. 188, . ...... . . ..... 

Jo Jo, b g, 188, by Vermont Et^ian. . 
Joker, ch g. ..... ..... .............. 

Joker, cih g, 188, by Whitehall Jr. .. 
Jones Ordway, ch s, 1886, by Alcyone 

Clara Gray. ............... ..... 

Jordan, blk s, 1887, by Baynnont Edna 

Wilkes, by Adrian Wilkes ..... ...... 

Jordan, ch g, 187 .................. 

Joseph L., sp g, 188, by Lexington 

Chief ............ ...... , ....... . 

JosepOxus, blk s, 188, by White Cloud 
Josie, b: 1 m, 187 ................... . 

Josie B.. b m, 188, by Chatterbox. .. 
Josie Howe, blk m, 188, by Joe 

Howe ...... ".....: ... ____ ....... . 

Joy Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Overstreet 

Wilkes Dolly, by Regular. ......... 

J. R. L., g g, 188, by Bowery Boy. . . 
J. S. A., b g, 188, by Smuggler Jr., 

dam by Bayard .................... 

J. S. TL, b g, 188 , by Hamlin's Al- 

mont Jr ............ ............. 

J. T. O. ....... ..... ... ... ...... ... 

Jube, ch g. 188, by Jubilee Lambert 
Jubilee Wilkes, br s. 1887! bv Gleucoe 

Wilkes Black Maria, by Moore's 

Farmer's Beauty ................. 

Jrbilo, b s, 1890, by Alexander Dumas 
Judex, rn s, 1888, by Jay Bird Beii- 

lah, by Harold .......... . ..... 

Judge A., ch g, 188, by Ramer's Al- 

mont. ...... ........ -. ............ 

Judge B., br s, 188, by Groonbnsh 

King ...... . ....... . ............. 

Judge Black, blk s, 188, bv Hairy 




2:29y a 














Judge Case, br s, 188, by Brown. 
Judge Green, b g, 188. by Buskin . . 
Judge Hurt, b s, 1802, by William M. 

Hill Possum Pie, by Octoroon 

Judge Hines, gr e, 1888, by On war. I 

Mary Ellen, by Juggler 

Jrdge Kail, b s, 1887, by Billy Green 

Mead Hiatoga, by Russel Hiatoga. 
Judge Lynch, b g, 1876, by Corbin's 

Flying Cloud Annie. . 

Judge M., b s, 188-, by Blanco Ab- 


















Judge Mallory, dn g, 188, by Butch- 
er Boy Lottie a, by Oceaaa Chief.. 

Judge Sterling, rn g, 188, by De- 

Judge Swing, br s, 1887, by Wilkes 
Buy Long Molly, by Nigger Jr. . . . 

Judge T., b g, 188 by lioseberry. 

Judge West, b s, 1888, by Bivouac 
Verona, by Lord Wellington 

Judge Woolsey, b s, 1887, by Louis 
Napoleon Hattie Mapes. by Ab- 
daliah Star 

Jud Nick, b g, 188, by Horace 
Wilkes . 

Julia L., ch m, 188, by Green's 

Julia R., b m, 188, by Tasco 

Juliet, ch m, 1885, by Bonnie Clay- 

Juliet, b m, 187 

Juliette, blk m, 188, by Kaiser 

Juliette, b m, 188, by Tybalt Bird, 
by son of Vermont 

Junetta, b m, 1892, by Jura 

June Bug, ch g, 188, by Alinonarch, 
dam by Prince of Wales 

Junior, blk g, 188, 

Juno, ch m, 188, by Young Swind- 

Jurist, b s, 188 

Jurist, b g, 188, by Baymont 

Jury Boy, b g, 188, by Juryman... 

J. W. C., br g, 188 by Wedgewood 

Kaiser Wilkes, b s, 188- by Wayne 

Kansas, oh s, 1887, by Karatas Shin- 
ing Star, by Guiding Star 

Kansas Jack, ch g, 188, by Alham- 

Kansas Boy, blk s, 188, 

Kantoka, b m, 188, by Bay State- 
Deceitful, by Garibaldi 

Kaota, blk m, 1889, by Sir Knight 
Alia C., by Alroy 

Kaeonis, blk m, 188, by John A. 

Kate Bender, b m, 1883, by Little 

Kate C., b m, 188, by Abdallah 

Kate Collins, b m, 188, by Brown 

Kate Craig, ch m, 188, by Stephen 
A. Douglas 

Kate Eaton, ch m, 1885, by Prank 
Eaton Lady Rmrich 

Kate Ham, b m, 1888, by Glea Miller 
Bilee, by Hotspur Jr 

Kate Lewis, rn m, 188, by Plato.. 

Kate Long, b m, 188, by Gen. Grant 

Kate Poverty, br m, 188, by St. 

Katie P., dn m, 187 

Katie Howard, blk m, 187 by Al- 
mont Smith 

Katie Q., b m, 188, by Highland 

Keno, br g, 187 

Keno, br g, 1886, by Jim Mulvenna 
Hattie S., by Budd Doble 

Kenoma, blk s, 1838, by Herod- 
Nancy, by Seth Warner 2d 

Keno R., blk g, 188, by Magic- 
Daisy R., by Belding's Nutwood.. 

Kenton George, b s, 188, by Kenton 

Kentucky Ruler, b s, 1881, by Eg- 




2:27y 4 





2:21i4 1 
2:30 ! 





2:20 | 



2:16 I 

2:24% j 
2 :2<)i4 ! 
2:30 I 




2:26V 2 




bert Lady Almont, by Almont 
(dead) 2:24 

Kentucky Star, b g, 188, by Rob- 
ert McGregor 2:17^ 

Kentucky Tom, eh g, 188, by Al- 
exander's Norniau 2:26% 

Kessall, b s, 188, by Dunton Wilkes 2:26% 

Ketchum, b s, 1891, by Gossiper, 
dam by Echo 2:17 

Kid, b g, 188, by Sunshine 2:25*4 

Kid Davis, rn s, 188 by Davis 

Killamey, b s, 1879, by Black Ralph 

Killarney Girl, b m, 188, by Kil- 
larney 2:28Vi 

Kilbuck Tom, ch s, 1873, by White 
Cloud Doty Mare (dead) 2:26 

Kimball, b m, 187 by Tom Hal 2:30 

King, blk g, 188, by Record's Black 
Hawk, dam by Daniel Lambert 2:30 

King Brister, rn s, 188, by Joe 
Blister 2:30 

King Goldmar, b s, 1891, by Gold- 
mar 2:25% 

King Hiro, ch s, 188, by Bob Buz- 
zard 2:27% 

King Jim, b g, 1879, by Belmont 
Maud, by Alexander's Abdallah... 2:20% 

King Medium, b s, 1886, by Happy 
Medium Maria Sturgess, by Al- 
mont 2:20 

King of Belair, b s, 1883, by King 
Rene Alma, by Almont 2:24 

King of Diamonds, b s, 1892, by Ve- 
locity, dam by Denmark 2:22 

King of Salem, b s, 188, by King 
of Belair, dam by Tip Cranston 2:21% 

King Priam, ch s, 1884, by Hamble- 
tonian Mambrino Miss Hooker, by 
Joe Hooker 2:29 

King Wagoner, b s, 188, by King 
Wilkes ! 2:26% 

King Wilson, rn g, 1891, by Wayne 
Wilson 2:25% 

King's Protector, b s, 1889, by Mam- 
brino King Ada, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr 2:18% 

Kingtoska, b s, 1885, by Petoskey 
Susie King, by Mambrino King... 2:17 

Kinney, b g, 188 by son of Walkill 
Boy 2:25% 

Kinsman, ch g. 1880, by Stranger- 
Jenny, by Young Country Boy (trot- 
ting 2:23^4) 2:17V 4 

Kismet, blk g, 187 by Capt Walker z:24% 

Kismuth S., ch s, 188, by St". Jacob.. 2:19% 

Kit Carson, b g, 188, by Gray Dick 2:21% 

Kit Cloud, b m, 188, by Plying 
Cloud 2:2614 

Kit Clinker, gr m, by Merriworth.. 2:28 

Kittitas Ranger, b g, 188 2:20% 

Kitty B., blk m, 1889, by Messenger 
Clay, dam by Tom Wonder 2:11 

Kitty C., b m, 1883, by Bruce 2:14 

Kitty M., b m, 188, by Charm 2:25 

Kitty M., ch m, 188 by Mimic 2:25% 

Kitty Gray, gr m, 188, by Hero 2:24 

Kitty R., ch m, 188, by Mountain 
Boy-Pet 2:21 Vi 

Kitty Redbuck, ch m, 188, by Jack- 
son 2:29^ 

Klickitat Maid, b m, 188 by Alta- 
mont, dam by Capt. Sligart Jr 2:19 

Kitty White, b m, 188, by Rich 
Wilson 2:27iA 

Klick Klock. br m, 1887. by Mambri- 
tonian Jenny Klock. by Luce Horse 2:14% 

Knigfht L., b g, 1890. by Sir Knight. . 2:27% 

Kosciusko, rn s, 188, by Sea Foam 



-/Tilly, by Sharp's Hambletonian. . . 2:27 
La Belle, b m, 1889, by Lockheart 

Rosewood, by Blackwood Jr 2:03 

Lackawanna, b s, 1885, by Hamlin's 

Almont Jr. Nelly Mac 2:24% 

La Bessa, b m, 188, by Wilkesmont 2:24% 
L. A. Dick, ch g, 18&-, by Richard's 

Elector 2:25 

Lady, b in, 188, by Star Hamble- 
tonian 2:23% 

Lady, rn m, 188, by Kilbuck Tom. . . 2:26% 
Lady, b m. 188, by Henry Hani, 

dam by Cloud 2:241,4 

Lady A., b m, 188, by Arthur 
Wilkes, dam by son of Reavis' 

Blackbird 2:23% 

Lady Alice, b m, 186, (dead) 2:29 

Lady Anderson, ro m, 1889, by Ander- 
son Wilkes Vic, by Frank 2:24% 

Lady B., b m, 188, by Moody 2:26% 

Lady B., gr m, 188, by Prince Hal 

Lula ....... : 2:29% 

Lady B., br m, 188 2:28% 

Lady B., b m, 188 2:27 

Lady Belle, b m, 187 2:28% 

Lady Belle, b m, 188, by Pasacas, 

dam by Sherry Cobbler 2:28% 

Lady Belle, ch m, 188, by Red 

Wilkes 2:27% 

Lady Bevins, rn m, 184, (dead) 2:26 

Lady Clairmont, blk m, 1890, by Gold 

King 7 2:24% 

Lady Crawford, b m, 1888, by Craw- 
ford Gypsy Girl, by Black Chief.. 2:27 
Lady CummingB, b m, 188, by Will- 
iam, Wallace, dam by Kemball's 

Pelton 2:29% 

Lady Dafoe, b m, 187 ~ 

l,ady Drennon, b m, 188, by Drennon 
Laidy Duroc, ch m, 1880, by Iowa 
Duiiioc Lady Green, by Green's Ba- 
shaw 2:21% 

Lady Elgin, gr m, 186 (dead) 2:24% 

I*ady Gray, gr m, 185 (dead) 2:25 

Lady H., b m, 1888, by Sidney Sul- 
tana, by Del Sur 2:15 

Lady H., b m, 188, by Hidalgo 2:25 

Lady Hamilton, ch m, 188, by Al- 
cantara 2:23% 

Lady Hamlet, b m, 1891, by Buckeye 

Bayard 2:24% 

Lady Harrison rn m, 1887, by Billy 

Hartshorn, dam by Jim Brister 2:28Vi 

Lady Head, b m, 1882 2:24 

Lady Helen, b m, 188, by Montrose^ 2:27% 
Lady Hill, ch m, 1881, by Messenger 
Duroc Joan D'Arc, by Alexander's 

Abdallah 2:22 

Lady Hornet, gr m, 1892, by Freeland 2:24 

Lady J., b m, 188. by Advance 2:26% 

Lady J., b m, 1889\ by Dark Night- 
Belle Oakwood, by Black's Hamble- 
tonian (trotting 2:30) 2:20 

Lady Jones, gr m, 188 2 :27% 

Lady L., gr m, 188, by White Line. . 2:26V* 
Ladv Lee, ch m, 188, by Abdallah 
W'ilkes Daisy Maid, by Mambrino 

Boy 2:24% 

Lady Lee, br m. 1889, by Alcantara- 
Lady Maud, by Thomas Jefferson.. 2:20 

Lady Lightfoot, b m, 187 2:25 

Laidy Logan, ch m, 188, by Gen. 

Logan 2:24% 

Lady Long, b m, 188, by Petoskey.. 2:20% 
Lady M., dh m, 188, by Pilot Wilkes 2:25% 

Lady M., gr m, 188, by Billy H 2:21% 

Lady M., br m, 188, by Doubtful 

Boy 2:25% 

Lady Mac, rn m, 184, (dead) 2:25% ! 

Laidy Mac, br m, 187, by Paddy 
Cork Belle, by Mambrino Templar. 

Lady Mac, b in, 188, by Warwick 

Lady Markham, b m. 1886, by Bis- 
mark Lapwing, by Western 

Lady Oaks, b m. 1889, by Colonel 
Bruce Maud, by Bay Bashaw 

Lady PearL br m, 187, by Abraham 
Nellie B., by Gen. Washington. . 

Lady Pendleton, ch m, 1884, by ^.ea- 
coe Jr 

Lady Picco, br m, 1885, by Picco 
Lassie, by Aladdin 

Lady Princeton, b m, 1889, by Prince- 
ton Wait-a-Bit, by Basil Duke.... 

Laidy Rolfe, b m, 1874, by 

-Nelly, by 

Tom Rolfe 
Monteauma (trotting 

2:22%) .... 

Lady Booker, b m, 1887, by Coaster, 
dam by Rooker 

Lady Ryan, b m, 186, (dead) 

Lady St. Glair, b m, 1862, by St. Clair 

Lady Sheridan, b m, 1880, by Con- 
fidenceNelly Nelson, by Brother's 

Lady Spencer, b m, 188, by Ignaro . . 

Lady V. - 

Lady Van, blk m, 1891, by Van Also. . 

Lady Vice, b m. 1886, by Viceroy... 

















Lady Vivian, br m, 1888, by Aristos 
Jr. Maud A., by Capt. Jack 2:17% 

Lady Wallace, b m, 1885, by William 

Wallace Lucille, by Messenger 

Golddusti .......................... 

Lady Westmont, b m, 188, by West- 

mont .............................. 

Lady Wilkes, b m, 1882, by Brown 

Wilkes Kitty Ethan, by Drury's 

Ethan Allen ...................... 

Lady Wilkin, br m, 1880, by Ambassa- 

dorSleepy Jane .................. 

Lady Win, b m, 187, ............... 

Lalla Rookh, br m, 1887, by Allie 

Gaines May, by Star of the West. . 
Lamplighter, ch m, 188 ............ 

Land Lord, bo g, 1886, by Land Pilot. 
Lantana, b m, 1891, by Cohannet, 

dam by Steven's Bald Chief ....... 

Larchleigh, b s, 1886, by Hinsdate 

Ohief Fanny Ferguson, by MeKes- 

son'8 Grey Eagle .................. 

Laredo, br s, 1888, by Wedgewood 

Ruby, by Dictator ................. 

Larry C., b g. 1875, by Black Hawk 

Messenger Maud .................. 

Late Rose, b m, 1877, by Happy Med- 

iumAstoria, by George M. Patchen 








b g, 1891, by Latitude...... 

Latimer Girl, blk m, 1889, by Pyramid 
Laura, b m, 188 .................. 

Launa Bell, b m, 188, by Elevator. . 
Laura Belle, ch m, 188, by Com- 

mander ........................... 

Laura Belle, b m, 188, by St. Ma-k. 
Laura J., blk m, 187, by Legal Ten- 

der Jr ............................ 

Laura Lee, blk m, 188, by Despot.. 
Laura M., b m, 188, by Almout 

Patchen Lady Fay ............... 

Laura Nuttingham, ch m l^o , bf 

Nuttingham ....................... 

Laura T., b m, 1886, by Al west- 

Lizzie ............................. 

Laura W., b m, 1891, by Cyclone 

NancyWilkes, by Favorite Wilkes. . 
Laura Wilkes, b m, 1889, by 







ton Wjlkes Laura Swigert, by Swi- 
gert . 

Laurel, b m, 1883, by Brown Hal- 
Myrtle, by Eufleld 

Lauretta, b m, 1891, by Patcheu 
Wilkes Dinnie, by Rochester (trot- 
ting 2:30) 

Laverne, b g, 1882, by Jim Monroe- 
Bally, by Gockspur 

Lavoque, br s, 188, by Anderson 

Lawn wood, gr s. 188, by Clinker. .. . 

Lazy Jim, b g, 188, by Lothair Jr. . . 

L. B. Ourtis, ro g, 188, by Hamenger 

L. O. Lee, br e, 187, by Elmo, dam 
by Kentucky Chief 

Leah. K., blk m, 188, by Jefferson 

Leander ch s, 1886, by Strader Jr. 
Lady Jane Sprague, by Gov. Sprague 

Lebbeas I., b s, 1887, by Hamdallah 
Belle H., by Zeno 

LeClede, b s, 1886, by Princeps 
Fallacy, by George Wilkes 

Lee Buoyant, br s, 188, by Joe Elmo 

L'e\\ai\t Wilke* b . s, 18SO, by On 
ward, dam by Lyle Wilkes 

Lee H., ch g, 1884, by Harding's Bay 
Tom Fanny, by Lew Boyd ... 

Legal Hontas, ch s, 1892, by Poco- 
houtas Boy, dam by Legal Tender 

Legal Tender, b s, 185, by Legal 
Tender (dead) 

Legal Vein, b g, 188, by Legal Ten- 
Leila O.', b 'm, ' 188*2, ' by James" Madi- 
sonRill, by Prompter 

Leila May, b m, 1889, by Recorder- 
Almonte, by Bostick's Almont Jr... 

Lelafo W., oh m, 188, by Von Mark, 
dam by Old George 

Lelia B., b m, 188--, by Bedford 

Lena F., ch m, 188 , by American 

Le*na H., ro m, 1883, by Gen, Hardee 
Pick, by Earnharte* Brooks 

Lena Hill, blk m, 1891, by William M. 
Hill Possum Pie, by Octoroon 

Lenatur, b s, 188, by Pelletier 

Lena Willetts, br m, 1885, by Fergu- 
son Rosemond, by Abdalla,h Prince 

Lennie St:-iker, b m, 188, by Petos- 

Lenore K.,' b m, 1888, by Sweep- 
stakesMolly Strait, by Jerry dark 

Lenwood, b g, 188, by Vandalia 

Leo, b s, 188, by Kentucky Clay Jr.. 

Leo, ch g, 187 , by Argonaut 

Leon, gr m, 1889, by Hiatt's Wild 
Wagner Fanny H 

Leonard, br g, 188, by Champion 

Leon Baker, b s, 1S8 , by Lakeland 
Abdallah Jr 

Leontine, b in. 188, by Draco Med- 

Leo S.. b s, 1885, by Allegro Minnie, 
by Hickory 

Leta May, br m, 188, by Antevolo 
Steinola, by Steinway 

Lettie Sprague. sp m, 188, by Jim 
Sch.iber ?....... 

Leverone, b.s, 1888. by Gen. Hancock 
Patience, by Blue Bull 

Leviathan. -h sr. IS", 

Lewis it., br s. 1SS . by Drennon. . 


Lew Wallace, ch s, 188, by Pratt's 
2:30 Mohawk... 2:28% 

Lex, blk s, 1883, by Legal Tender Jr. 
2:10% -Licy, by Blue Bull 2:23% 

Lexington Chief, sp g, 188, by Aris- 

tos Dolly Varden (trotting 2:30) . 2:20% 
2:24% Lida NV., b ni. 1880, by Nutwood- 
Belle, by George M. Patehen Jr... 2:18% 
2:23% Lieut. Wilkes, b s, 1886. by GOY. 

Wilkes Kit,- by Wells' Cockspur ... 2:28% 
2:22% L ke Like, br m, 188, by Whipple- 

ton 2:25 

Lila King, br m, 1886, by Gold King 
Jennie Liud 2:22% 

Lillian, b m, 1884, by Adrian Wilkes 
Abdallalv Ligttfoot, by MambriBO 
Abdallah 2:14% 

Lillian, br in, 188, by Daniel Lam- 
bertWhalebone, by Carter's Co- 

Lillian S , b in, 1880, by Morgan Mes- 

Lilly, gr m, 188. by Capt. Clay 

Lilly, b m, 188, by Wedge-wood..-.. 

Lilly B., b m, 1890, by Elgin Boy. . 

Lilly Banks, gr in. 1886, by Ayer's 
Black Hawk Morgan California 
Pet ; 2:22 

Lilly Bush, ch m, 188, by Ball R... 2:2S)'/> 
! Lilly C., gr m, 1SS4, by Steinway 
Bloomfield Maid, by Hambletonian 
Jr 2:20% 

Lilly M.. b m, 188, by Hartford.. . 2:24 

Lily You, b m, 188 by Adrian 
Wilkes 2:25% 

Limber Jack, b g, 187, by Gray's 
Tom Hal 2:18% 

Limber Jim, blk s, 188 by Rich- 
mond Chief 2:30 

Limber Jim, ch g. 185, (dead) 2:20 

Limber Jim, b s, 188, by Adjutant 2:25% 

Lincoln, ch g, 187, by Tempest Jr. 2:23% 

Linda, b m, 1892, by Frank Buford, 
dam by Denmark 2:22% 

Linda Gale, b m, 1888, by Chastelard 
Pallas, by Sheldon's Jupiter 2:19 

LinMon, b s, 1<^ -, by Aritetos 2:27 

Linden, b s, 1886, by Madison Wilkes 
Lady Maud, by Young Trustee ... 2:15, 

Linewood, ch m, 1890, by Nutalwood 2:21 

Linkwood Patehen, b g, 1875, by 
Linkwood Chief Lady Patehen 

Little Actor, b g, 188-, 

Little Baby, b m, 188, by Shaker 
Boy Dolly Smith, by Flying Hia- 
toga 2:27% 

Little Barefoot, b m, 188, by Repe- 
titionLady Barefoot, by Kent ... 2:27% 

Little Black, gr m, 188. 2:29y 4 

Little Brown Jug, br g, 1875, by Gib- 
son'* Tom Hal Lizzie, by John 
Netherland ...2:11% 

Little Chief, blk g, 188, by Daniel 
Boone . . 2:21 % 

Little Cyclone, gr g, 1884, ........ 2:28% 

Little Dick, b g, 188 by Hay ward 
Hazzard 2:23 

Little Dan, ch g, 188 by Eiial G., 
dam by Red Cloud 2:21% 

Little Dan, blk g, 188, by Whirl- 
wind Jr 2:28 

Little Doc, b g. 188 by Little 
Johnny Jenny Wells, by Jark Haw- 
kins 2:25 

Little Doubtful, b m. 188. by Nut- 2 :29% 

Little Eil, gr . g 187. 2:2514 

Little Em, b m, 1878, by Billy Groeu 


2:27 to 



























Old Wiley, by Battler Tuckahoe.. 2:18% 
Little Frank, br s, 188, ........... 2:30 

Little Frank, br s, 1884, by Ashland 

Clay Flora S8rl54 

Little Fred, ch g, 188-, by Phillips' . 

Blue Bull 2:23% 

Little George, rn g, 188, by Cephas 2:29% 
Little Hank, b s, 1888, by Golonna 

Maid, by Broiley 2:24% 

.ittle Hope, br g, 188, by Tempest 

Jr., dam by Blue Bull 

Little Ida, b m, 1880, ...... 

Little Jay, rn e, 188 by Jay Bird. . 
Little Jack, b g, 188, by Abdallah 

Mambrino .. 2:26% 

Little Jeff, b g, 188-, by H. W. 

Beecher 2:23*4 

Little Jenny, blk m, 187 2:26% 

Little Joe, blk g, 188 by Ira Wilk-s, 

dam by Marshall Chief 2:15% 

Little Joe, b g, 188, by Schmidlap's 

Get-a-way Lucy 2 :23% 

Little Joe, br s, 188 by Red Buck 2:29% 
Little John, b g, 188, by Bassett M.. 2:30 

Little John, blk g, 188, . . 2:30 

Little Johnny, b g, 188, by Oshkosh 2:19% 
Little Jimmy, ch g, 188, by Graves' 

Mohawk Chief 2:30 

Little Joker, b s, 1884, by Charley 

Foster Dolly, by Bays water ...... 2:19% 

Little Joker, ch g, 188, by Forest 

Hal 2:16% 

Little Lulu, ro m, 1882 by Sea Foam 

Promise Lady 2:23% 

Little M., b m, 1890, by Wildbrino. . 2:22 

Little Mac, b s, 188, 2:28V 2 

Little Mac, br g, 1877, by Kentucky 

Dan 2:13% 

Little Maid, b m, 188, by Rockwood 

Pocohontas 2:26 

Little Pat, b g, 188, by Captain 

Walker 2:27% 

Little Pete, ch g, 188, by Button's 

Dave Hill 2:22% 

Little Pitt, b g, 188, by Lapidist 

Chief 2:13% 

Little Rhea, br g, 188, by Jim Fisk.. 2:27% 

Little Rich, b g, 188 2:26 

Little Rocket, b g, 188 2:21% 

Little Rube, ch g, 188, by Mohawk.. 2:25 

Little Sain, b g, 1885 2:29% 

Little Sam, b s, 188, by Aristos Jr. . 2:22% 
Little Sam, ch g, 1892, by Alcyone Jr., 

dam by Wilkes Spirit Jr 2:29% 

Little Tony, ch g, 187, by Blackbird 

Gonier 2:29% 

Little Willie, sp s, 1876, by King 

Fharoah Dolly 2 :23V4 

Little Wonder, ch g, by son of Blue 

Bull 2:0% 

Little Wonder, ch s, 188, by John F. 

Payne 2:26% 

Livia, b m, 1885, by Orton Helen, by 

Ry sdyk's Hambletonian 2 :22% 

Lizzie, b m, 188. by Brown Hal 2:27 

Lizzie H., b m, 188, by Brown Hal 

Jr ' 2:23% 

Lizzie H., cto m, 1886, by Longstrider 

Dove, by Gamden Denmark 2:22 

Lizzie Hunter, ch m, 1887, by Nan- 
tucket Mattie, by Almont Smith. . . 2:22 
Lizzie Mack, b m, 1890, by Warrior 

Jr 2:14% 

Lizziemont, b m, 1884. by Jerome 

Eddy Evemont, by Piedmont 2:16% 

Lizzie N., b m, 1878, by Wilkesmont.. 2:21% 
Lizzie Wonder, gr m, 187. by Toin 

Wonder Dolly Sawyer, by Black 

Prince... ...... . . ..................... 

Lloyd, gr s, 1887, by Conway Sun- 

sihine, by Atlantic ................. 

Loafer, gr g, 188, by Typhoon ...... 

Lochinvar, blk s, 188, by Clipper 

Brooks .......... ..... ............ 

Loohinvar, b g, 188, by Socrates..... 

Lock Boy, blk g, 188, by son. of Old 


Logan, gr g, 188, by White Cloud. . . 
Logan F., b g, 188, b 
Logan K., blk 

188, by Woodford Boy 
g, 188--, by Logan 

Ghief ............. . ................ 

Lolla B., blk m, 1890, by Jim Long- 

Maggie T ______ _____ .... ............ 

Lone Jack, br g, 187 ----- . . . . ........ 

Lon G.. b g, 188, by Bald Hornet. . . 
Longfellow, ch g, 186, by Red Bill 

(dead)...! ....................... 

Longitude, b s, 1886, by Osman Gal- 

ita, by Adirondack ----- ............. 

Long Shot, g s, 1886, by Walsingham 

Dulce, by Belmont ............... 

Long Taw, gr g, 188, by Newsboy. . . 
Long Wilkes, b s, 1888, by Petoskey, 

dam by Vindex .................... 

Longworth, br s. 1885, by Sidney 

G:tay Dale, by American Boy Jr ---- 
Lora, ch m, 1888, by Royal Fear- 

naught, dam by Manchester ........ 

Lord Clayton, br s, 1890, by C. F. 

Clay Lady Palm, by Thomas Jeffer- 

son ...... , ........................ 

Lord Egbert, dh s, 1890. by Lord Rus- 

sell, dam by Egbert (dead) ......... 













Lord Ferguson, br s, 1887, by Fergu- 
sonLady Ethan, by Ethan Allen... 2:19vi 

Lord Tennyson, ch g, 188, by On- 
ward King, dam by. Daniel Lambert 2:24% 

Lorene, blk m, 1878, by CoL West- 
Fancy Downing, by Joe Downing. . . 

Lorine, ch m, 188, by Tasco 

Lota, blk m, 1886, by Singleton Evan- 
gehne, by Ophir 

Lothair Boy, b g, 1884, by Lothair Jr. 
Lotta, blk m, 187 ................. 

Lottie K., gr m, 1877, by Blue Bull 


Lottie Loraine, b m 1890, by Gambet- 

ta Wilkes Lady Yeiser, by Garrard 

Chief ....................... ..... . 

Lottie M., gr m, 1884, by Grey Harry 

Lottie Stevens ................ . 

Lottie P., b in> 1876. by Blue Bull Jr. 

Fanny, by Prond American Jr. . . . 
Lottie Rocket, ch m, 1886, by Red- 

mont Blue Kitty, by St. Omer. . . . 
Lottie S., blk m, 1890, by Duroc Boy, 

dam by Arnold's Red Buck ......... 

Lottie Wright, br m, 188, by Silas 

Wright. ....... .7! ..... ' ......... 

Louisa, ro m, 186, (dead) ........... 

Louis M., b g, 188 .......... ......... 

Loui P., b g, 188 .................. 

Loupe, blk s, 188, by John Seven- 

oaks Lallah Rouke, by Echo ....... 

Lou Shaffer, oh m, 188, by Chipper 

Brooks ......... . ................. 

Lower Stoner, ro g, 188, by Strath- 

more Kate Dillard, by John Dillard 
Low-mark, b s, 188, by Waymart 

Peggy, by Haywood ............... 

Luciaxi) W., be, 188, by Viceroy- 

Puss, by Frank .................... 

Lucille,- ch m, 188, by Elgin Boy, 

dam by Kentucky Chief ---- ........ 

Lucille, b m, 1885, by AVedgewood 

Pauline, by SDiakespeare ............ 

Lucille H., b m, 1889, .by Socrates 

2:29 . 









Motto, bj St. Mark 

Lucille a, g m, 188 , by Duplex, dam 
by King Hal 

Lucky Boy, b , 188, by American 
Bosy ^.. 

Lucra, b m, 188, by William L 

Lucy, gr m, 187. (dead) 

Lucy B., br m, 1881, by Legacy 

Lucy G., b m, 188, by Robert B 

Lucy D., gr m, 1887 

Lucy Dumas, br m, 1888, by Dumas 
Vinewood, by Ironwood 

Lucy J., dm m, 188, by Hawpatch. . . 

Lucy K., cb m, 1886, by Rattler 
Brooks, dam by Roscoe 

Lucy L., b m, 1889. by Gen. McGlel- 
lan Jr. 'Mag, by Alexander 

Lucy M., ro m, 188. by Appleby 

Lucy Pan, ch m, 1889, by Pan Lucy, 
by Blue Bull 

Lvcy Smith, dh m, 188, by Bay 
Chief Jr.7! . 

Luella, b m, 1884, by Legal Tender Jr. 

Luella Shawhan, blk m, 1892, by Ar- 
rowwood, dam by Anteros 

Lula, b m, 188 

Lula, b m, 188, by Ellwood 

Lulu G., ch m, 1886, by Consul- 

Lulu Me., b m, 188, by McCurdy 'e 

Lulu McCurdy, b m, 1886, by Bay- 
wood Belle R., by Wonder .. 

Lulu N. b m, 188 , by Reveille Jenny 
R., by Mohawf Cfolef 

Lutie Strathmore, oh m, 188, by 
Stratihmore, dam by Champ Fergu- 

Lydia Allen, b m, 188, by Platt Al- 

Lydia Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Red 
Wilkee Aileen, by Mambrino Boy.. 

Lyle, br s, 188, by Anoka, dam by 

Lyttteton, b g, 187, by King Pharoaih 

Mabel Flood, oh m, 1886, by Pocahon- 
tas Abdall ah Jenny F., by Mercury. 

Mabel P., b m, 188, by Bourbon 
bon Wilkes 

Mabel Sharpe, oh m, 1888, by Sharper 
Lady Elliot, by Ryedyk 

Mac, b g, 1887, breeding unknown 

Macbeth, b e, 1891, by Alexander Du- 

Macleay, blk s, 1889, by Sable Wilkes 
Mamie Comet, by Nutwood (trot- 
ting 2:22%) . 

Mack, b g, 188, by Almont M 

Macklin, b s, 1889, by Onward Lottie 
Wall, by Strathmore 

McAmber, b g, 188, by Fergus Mc- 




2:12 ! MoKinley, b g, 188, by Wilkeamont. 2:24*4 

! Mac H., dh g, 188 2:23 

2:15% ! Macey, b s, 1880, by George Wilkes 

Belle Clay, by Kentucky Clay 2:29% 

Machette. b m, 1889, by Brown Hal. . 2:21% 
Mack Noble, b s, 188 by Frank No- 
ble 2:28 

Madel, b e, 188 by Medonius 2:18vi 

Madge D., ch m, 188, by Tempest. . . 2:23Va 
Madge Medium, b m, 188, by Draco 
Medium Fanny, by Black Dutchman 

(dead) 2:21% 

Madge Miller, b m, 1883, by Young 

Wilkes Kit. by Creeper 2:20% 

Madge W., br m, 188, by Mamaluke. 2?25Vi 

Mage, b g, 188 2:30 

Maggie, b m, 188, by Niles 2:28 

Maggie A., b m, 1887, by Attorney- 


2:27% | 

2:21V4 I 






attie, by Carenot 

Maggie Almont, b m, 1884, by Almont 
Pilot Ma 

Gharta 2:18 



2:25 I 

2:24% | 

2:15% ; 
2:30 | 

McBride, b , 1889, by Rumor Myra, 

by Gen. Knox .................... 

McCleery, b g, 188 , by Smith's Mam- 

brino Chief Jr ...... . ..... ......... 

MoClintock, b g, 188, by Bay Chief. 
McCurdy Jr.. b s, 188, by McOurdy's 

Haxnibletonian ................. >.. 

McDorton, ch g, 188, . . ............ 

McDowell, b s, 1885, by Triton-Molly, 

by St. Elmo ....................... 

McFadden, b g, 188 ................ 

McGinty, b s, 1890, by Delineator ..... 


Wilkes . ..... ..... 

McKinley, b s, 1889, 

Mgfct, by Starlight 

blk s, 188, by Woodford 
... ........... 

by Alto Dav- 

2:20% j 
2:19 ! 

















Maggie H., b m, 
Maggie H., blk m, 1885, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr. Miss Davidson, by Pocahon- 

tas Boy 2:25 

Maggie H., b m, 188, by Irish George 2:22% 
Maggie H., g m, 188, by son of Bay 

Billy 2:30 

Maggie H., b m, 188, by Schuyler 

Oolfax... 2:27% 

Maggie J., blk m, 188, by Hylas.... 2:14ty 
Maggie May, ro m, 1879, by Sea Foam 2:24% 
Maggie McDowell, b m, 1887, by Sid- 
neyLady Hannaih, by Arthurton. .. 2:21% 
Maggie Mitchell, gr m, 188, by Blue 

Maggie' MitcbeU,' 'gr nV, 'i88^-','by Blue ^ 

Maggie N., b m, 188, by Oolfax 

Maggie R., b m, 188, by Tom Scott. . 

Maggie R., b m, 1884, by KilbuckTom 
Topsy, by Bethel 

Maggie T., b m, 1887, by Nihilist 

Magna Monte, b s, 1886, by Douglas 
Almont. dam by Sovereign 

Magnet, b g, 188. by Smuggler 

Magoozler, gr g. 185, (dead) 

Magoth, b m, 188 by St. Gothard . . . 

Magown, blk g, 188, by Brown 
Wilkea f 

Maid of Rocky Run, b m, 188, by 
George Forrest 

Major Clelland, dh s, 188, by Artist 

Major Hal,' br* s", 'l , by Brown Hal 

Major Haim, b s, 1886, by Hambrino. . 

Major Kyle, b g, 188 

Major Lambert, br s, 1889, by Cali- 
fornia Lambert Fifty, by Haw- 

Major P., b g, 188, by Bay Tom 

Major Wilkes, b s, 1883. by Young Jim 
^Catharine, by Blue Bull 

Major Wolfe, b s, 1889, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Late Rose, by Happy Med- 

Major' Wonder.' 'i>' g,' 1885,* by ' Major 
Bdisall Jr. Brigham 

Mallrine (Walling's) 

Mamibrino Hannis, b g, 1883, by Han- 
nia Dolly, by Preston's Patrick 
Henry 2:16% 

Mambrino Prince, br g, 188, by Mam- 
brino Abdallah Lena Bolton, by An- 
sel 2:23V4 

Mamie Gift, oh m, 188, by Pilot Gift 2:29% 

Mamie Golddust, b m, 1891, by 
Sprague Golddust Mamie, by Blue 






Mamie L., b m, 188, by Bay Tom. . . 

Mamie Wllkee, b m, 188, by Sir 

Manager, gr s, 1888, by Nutwood- 
Carrie Viikes, by George Wilkes. ... 

Mandan, b & 188, by PatcShen Vol- 

Mando. b g, 188 

Mandolin, eh g, 188. by Tramp 

Manette, b m, 18St', ny Guelph 
Daisy, by Steven's Uwharie 

Manilla Girl, b m, 188, by Arte- 

Manson E., b g, 1888, by Tattler Jr. 

Mapeline, b m, 188 

Mf.plewood, cli s, 1884, by Ajax 
Belle, by High Jack 

Marchioness, b m, 188, by Cali- 
fornia, dam by Pilot Medium 

Marendes, gr s, 188, by Walker 
Moi rill Henry Mart-, by Sherman 
Morgan Jr 

Margaret M., ch m, 188, by Oneida 

Mcrgtry H., b m, 1891, by Warfare- 
Sally Adams, by John Burdine.... 

Maria Theresa, b m, 188, by Ham- 
bletonian Gem 

Marie Scott, b m, 18G , by Scott's 
Hiatoga Jenny Lind, by John Stan- 


Marietta Wllkes, ch m, 1892, by Don 
Pizarro, dam by Nutwood 

Marion, b g, 1887, by Gen. Marion- 
Kit, by Plying Cloud 

Marion Mills, b m, 188, by Harry 
Mills !..... 

Maritana, b g, 1886, by Kentucky Vol- 
unteerMarie, by Long Island 

Marjie G., ch m, 1887, by Albatross 

Markland, b s, 1884, by Victor Bis- 
marckSally Dudley, by Standard 

Marksmaid, b m, 1891, by Marks- 

Mark Wakefield, b g, 188, by Joe 

Marlowe, b g, 1878, by Standard 
Bearer Puss Kenny, by Kenny's 

Marr, b s 1891, by Roy Wilkes ..... 

Mars Pointer, b g, 188, by Masker. . 

Martha H., b m, 1889, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Kitty Kimbrough, by Kim- 
brough's Abdallah 

Martin Box, b g, 188, by Clipper.. 

Martin M., b g, 188, ....... 

Marvin, ch g, 1885, by Scriba Boy^ 
Maggie, by Jefferson Prince 

Mary Anderson, b m, 188 

Mary B., g m, 188, by Frank Al- 

Mary Centlivre, b m, 188, by R. '6! 
Brown Carrie Blackwood, ,by Blue 
Bull f 4 

Mary Grit, blk m, by Rohmer (trot- 
ting 2:23%) 

Mary J., ch m, 1889, by Bay Tom Jr. 
Forestola, by Bostick's Almont 

Mary Lou'/b'mj 1886,' 'by Petos'key 
Susie King, by Mambrino King... 

Mary W^st, blk m, 1887, by Patchen 
Wilke* Jenny West, by Allie West 

Mascot, >> g, 1885, by Deceive Mies 

Mascot, b s, 188. by Jot C 










2:26y 2 







2:17y 2 

2:20i/ 2 





2:28 14 

Masoa B., blk g, 188, 

Matt T., b g, 188, by Twilight . . . 

Matt Wall, b g, 1891, by Hazel Heel 

Matterhorn, b s, 1883, by Nutwood 
Malmaieon, by Alexander's Abdal- 

Mattie B., br m, 188, by Alexander 

Mattie Bond, br m, 187, by Tom 

Mattie G., b m, 188, 

Mattie Grahaai, br m, 188, by Pilot 
Almont Madeline, by Tom Crowder 

Mattie Harle, g m, 187, 

Mattie Hunter, ch m, 1872, by Prince 
Pulaski Lettie, by Driver (dead) . 

Mattie J., ro in, 188, by TJltimus. . 

Mattie K M b m, 188, by Sir Charles 

Mattie Warren, ch m, 1890, by Jay- 
woodRuth, by Bald Hornet .^ . . . 

Maud A., b m, 188, by Embassador, 
dam by Billy Green (trotting 2:29%) 

Maud A., b m ,187, by St. Nicholas, 
dam by son of Royal George 

Maud Ad.iir, b m, 1884, by Floramour 

Maud B., b m, 188, by Capt. Davis 

Maud B., ch m. 1886, by King Lega- 

Maud C., b m, 188, by Architect. . 

Maud Clay, ch m, 188, by Charley 
Clay, dam by Satellite 

Maude, b m, 1877, by Bertrand Black 
Hawk Selby Mare, by Hamilton 

Maud Elenah, ch m, 188, by Harry 

Maud F., b m, 188, by Critic .!.'.'!. 

Maud H., br m, 1885, by Harold- 
Lady Faulkner, by Hoffman's 
Mountain Boy 

Maud K., br m, 188 

Maud L., gr m, 188 by Lapadiet 

Maud M., b m, 1888, by Adrian Wilkes 
Wilkes Flash, by Alfred 

Maud M., b m, 188-*, 

Maud M., gr m, 188, by Cheatham 

Maud Mac, br m, 188, by Mount 

Maud McGregor, b m, 1886, by Cant. 

Maud Muller, ro m, 188, by Atlantic 

Maud Neff, ro m, 1880, by Sea Foam 

Maud P., ch m, 1885, by Pepper's 
Pharaoh Birdie Clay, by Little 

Maud P., gr m, 1885, by Frank A. 
Finney Mare 

Maud Z., rn m, 188, 

Maumee, b m, 188, by The Baron.. 

Mauprat, blk s, 1887, by Egbert- 
Jessie Blackwood, by Blackwood . . . 

Maurice MuHens, b g, 188, by Vol- 
unteer Duroc 

Max, b g, 188, by Agitator 

Maxey B., b s, 1890, by Ashland 
Wilkes Carrie B., by Burger (trot- 
ting 2:28%) .!........ 

Maxie B., b g, 188, by Billy Cobb, 
dam by Magna Charta 

Maxie B., b g, 188, 

Maxwell Star, blk g. 1886, by Rey- 
nold's John Morgan Florence, by 
Tom Gregory 

May Be, br m. 188. by Elector- 
Maggie Mitchell, by Hero Hamble- 


2:20 ; < 



2:25V 4 




2: IS 




2:19V 4 














THE 2:30 PACER$. 

tonian 2:2o% 

May D., br m, 188, 2:21% 

May Eddy, b m, 1887, by Jerome 
Eddy Flora Hebel, by Young Dick 
Taylor (trotting 2:25%) (dead)....,. 2:22% 

Mayflower, b m, 188, by Dave 
Bonner 2:23% 

Mayflower, b m, 188, by Allen 
Stonay 2:25% 

Mayhlll, b m, 1887, by Edgehill May- 
wood, by Blackwood (trotting 2:19) 2:17% 

May Marshall, b m, 1887, by Billy 
Wilkes Bennie Sydner, by Mam- 
brino Abdallah 2:08% 

May Murphy^ b m, 188, by Hibbard 
Wilkes .. 2:29% 

May Temple, blk m, 1882, by Prince 
Imperial Star of Birmingham, by 
Magnolia 2:30 

Maywood, b m, 1S7 , by Limber 
Bill Molly White, by Sadding Buck 2:27% 

Me O'dell, ch g, 188 by Silver Heel 2:28V 2 

Mecca, b s, 1884, by Nutwood Hya- 
cinthe, by Volunteer 2:19% 

M. Compton, b g, 188, by Baker Ba- 
shaw 2:20% 

Meacham, b g, 188, by Lexington 
Chief Jr. 2:20 

Mechanic Girl, gr m, 188, by Le 
Blanc Horse (dead) 2:24% 

Medeoyone, b s, 188, by Alcy one- 
Rose Medium ,by Happy Medium. . 2:25 

Mediator, blk s, 1888, by Grand Reg- 
ent Ailsie, by Happy Medium 2:30 

Medley, b s, 188, by Claimant 2:23% 

Melson, b s, 1891, by Token P 2:28% 

Melwood, rn g, 188, 2:29^4 

Menegain, ch in, 188, by Menelaus 
Jr . 2:15 

Mentor Maid, ch m, 1890, by St. 
Omer 2:27% 

Mephisto, ch s, 1890, by Sidney, dam 
by Guy Wilkes 2:21% 

Mercurius, b s, 1886, by Olmedo 
Wilkes Belladonna, by Woodlawn 2:22% 

Mercury, ch s, 1886, by Summit Bird, 
by Basbaw Webb 2:24% 

Mercury, b s, 188, by Sidney Juno, 
by Buccaneer 2:21 

Merit, b g. 1H8 , by Regalia 2:23 

Merit, blk m, 1887, by Dictator Jr. 
Lady Turner, by Harry Turner 2:18% 

Merrill, br g, 1882, by Dakota Flora 2:21% 

Merrill, ch s, 188, by Nelson, dam 
by Watchmaker 2 :24% 

Merrimark, b m, 1890, by Prince Bis- 
marckMaggie Shrader, by Shrader 2:18% 

Merry Boy, b g, 188, by Sutton D. 2:24% 

Merry Chimes, b s, 1888, by Chimes 
Hypatia, by Blackwood Chief 2:08% 

Merry Legs, b m, 188, by Stride- 

Mike, b g, 188 .................... 

Mike, ch g, 188-, by Frenchman .... 

Mike Logan Jr., b s, 188, by Mike 

Logan .................... . ....... 

Mike Wilkes, b g, 1875, by George 

Wilkes Nelly B., by Harry B. 

Patchen (trotting 2:26%) (dead) ____ 

I Milan, b s, 188 by Victor Bismarck 
Milk Shake, gr g, 188, .... ..... .V. 

Milkmaid, ch m, 188 by Gen. Tur- 

Mertie, ch m, 1882, by Flying Indian 
Messina Boy, b g, 188, by Walkill 


-higan Mattie. b m, 1883, by Pilot 
Medium Prairie Girl, by Landseer 

Midget, b m, 188, by Emmet Clay.. 

Midland Maid, br m,' 188-, by Carl- 
ton Dolly 

Midnight, blk g, 188, by Warwick 

Midnight, blk s, 1885, by Nigger Boy 

Midnight Bell, b m, 188-. by Harry 

Mikado, b g, 1886, by Maxim-Cicada, 
by Clermont 


2:2iy a 

2 :2o 




ntr 2:27% 

Mill Lady, b m, 1891, by Count 
Wilkes- Mill Girl, by Jay Gould 
(trotting 2:26\4) 

filler Boy, b g, 188, by Hoosier 

Miller Warti, b c, 1888, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Daisy K., by Kitchen's 
Telegraph 2:16% 

Millie A., b m, 188. by Goldbar 2:25' 

Milo, gr g. 188, by George Milo.. 2:27% 

Mink, b g, 188, 2:22 

Minnehaha, b m, 1892, by Mark 
Sirius, dam by Blue Bull 2:27^i 

Minnie, b m, 1889, by" Edgehill- -Nilcs, 
by Lc c'ger 2:29V 

Minnie, b m, 188, by Sweep 2:29% 

Miiinie A., blk m, 1886, l-y Clinker- 
Bally 2 ,K>Vi 

Minnieator, b m, 1887, by Delineator 
Lucy, by Estell Eric 2:25% 

Minnie Barb, b m, 188, by Mam- 
biii o Logan 2.26 

Mirage Bell., blk m 188, by Mam- 
brino Davis '. .' 2:24V4 

Minnie C., b in, 188, by Wilksonian 2:29% 

Minnie C., b m, 1886, by Indiana Boy 
Lucy . .... 2:20 

Minnie Cassell, b m, 1884, by Dicta- 
tor Creta by Sam BroarMus ... jj'10'4 

Minnie F. f b in, 1887, by Bob Patter- 
son iJrey M< lly, by George Gordon 2:23^4 

Minnie G., g m, 188. by Stillson Jr. 2:27% 

Minnie H., br m 1887, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr. -Minaie V.. by Joe Jefferson 2:24% 

Minnie Hanks, b m, 188 by Dr. 
Herr 2:29 

Minnie Higgins, b m, 188. by Billy 2:16% 

Minnie Holden, b in, 188, by Rattler 
Brooks, dam by Locomotive 2:15i/> 

Minnie Irene, ch m, 1891, by Tecum- 
seh 2 :2,"> 

Minnie K., b m, 1880, by Billv Cone- 
Bird * 2:18% 

Minnie L., blk m, 188, by Gen. Lee 2:24 

Minnie L., gr m, 188, by Rex Hia- 
toga 2:21>% 

Minnie M.. b m. 1884, by Wapsie 
Fanny, by Panic 2:24*4 

Minnie May, b ra, 188, by Aristo- 
crat 2:27% 

Minnie Martin, b m, 188, by Jim 
Wilson 2:24% 

Minnie P., b m, 188-, 2:16% 

Minnie Palmer, rn m, 187 by Tem- 
pest Jr 2:30 

Minnie R., br m, 187 by J. C, 
Breckinridge (trotting 2:19) 2:16% 

Minnie R., dn m, 188 by Rescue 
(trotting 2:25) 2:20% 

Minnie R.. br m, 1887, by George 
Gift-Nell 2:24Vi 

Minnie Roberts, b m, 1889, by Wag- 
ner Bashaw 2:22% 

Minnie T., b m, 188, by Tramp 
Panic 2:30 

Vfinnte Taylor, b m. 188, by Clipper 2:30 

Minnie V., b m, 188- 2:24% 



Minnie Wilkes. br m, 1884, by Ira 
Wilkes, dam by Mamibrino .Excelsior 

Minnie Young, b m, 188, by Almont 

Min Young, ch g, 1886, by Harry 
Green Fanny E. f by Scott's Ilia- 

Miss Annie, blk m, 1886, by Mambrino 

Mies Bruce, ch in, 1882, by Ben Bruce 
Old Queen, by Black Harry Clay. . 

Miss Chai'ley Jo John, ch in, 188, by 
Tramp Belle, by Granite State.... 

Miss Gopeland, gr m, 188, by Almont 

Miss Grull, b in, 188, by Gooding's 

Miss Oumskey, b in, 188, by Einbas- 
sador, dam by Harry Scott 

Miss Garneld, b m, 1888, by Garneld 
Nell, by Whalebone 

Miss Miamie, b m, 188 

Miss Maybee, br m. 188, by Miner's 

Miss McGinty, dn m, 188, by Maple- 
wood Chief 

Miss Mouser, b m, 187 

Miss Pawley, ro m, 188, by Bay 

Miss Quickly, oh m, 1892, by Fergus 

Miss Ridgeway, ro m, 188, by Loch- 

Miss Williams, b na, 1891, by Will- 
iams, dam by Oapoul 

Miss Woodford, b m, 1889, by Sam 
Purdy, dam by Orange Bud. ....... 

Mistake, rn m, 187 

Mistrea, br m, 188, by Stratford 

Misty Morning, b m, 1887, by Acci- 
dentalFanny. ... 

Misty Morning, ch g, 188, by George 

Mite, b m, 1891, by Prinmont 

M. K., dn g, 188, by Gi^ey Eagle 

M. L. Hare, b s, 188, by Hambrino. 

Modern Belle, b m, 1890, by Elyria 
Polly wog, by PilotWilkes 

Molly Allen, blk m, 1889, by Mam- 
brino Wilkes Lady Allen, by Tick's 
Ethan Allen Jr 

Molly B., b m, 188 

Molly B., b m, 188, by Beecher 

Molly Brown, b m, 188 

Molly Clark, b m, 188, by Bacon's 
Ethan Allen 

Molly Cooper, ch in, 188 

Molly F., ro m, 1886, by Monarch Jr. 
Rosa F., by Don J. Robinson 

Molly Gibson, b m, 188, by Strata- 
gem ' 

Molly Hayden, rn m, 188, bv Blue 
Duster * 

Molly Hooper, b m, 1887, by Carver- 
Lady Peck, by Black Bashaw 

Molly L., br m, 187, by Ballard's C. 
M. Clay Jr., dam by Morse Horse. . . 

Molly Malloy, b m, 1886, by Red 
Wilkes Hugueley, by John Dillard. 

Molly McCauIly, b on, 188, by Elec- 

Molly Pitcher, b m, 188, by Thorn- 
dale Chief.. .... 

Molly S. oh m, 188, by Oxford Boy. 

Molly Slimmer, b m, 1891, by Pilot 

Mona, b m, 1887, by Jay Gould Jr. 
Louise H., by Hamliin's Almont Jr.. 

Monabel, br s, 1891. by St. Bel Al- 




2:25V 4 




2:29V 4 



2:24V 4 

2:29V t 

2:24y 4 

inona, by Almont . '. . . .' 

Monadel, br s, 1889, by Monon Adele, 

by Rysdyk's Hambletonian (dead): . 
Monbars, blk s, 1889, by Eagle Bi*l 

Lady Maud, by Gen. Kuox (trotting 


Monita, blk m, 1887, by Patchen 

Wilkes Honda, by Wedgewood. 

Monk, b a, 188 , 

Monkey Roll a, b g, 188, by Tempest 












2:23y 4 



Monkey Wonder, ch s, 1888, by Major 


Monogram, b s, 1886, by Red Pilot-^ 

Willie, by Gibson's John Dillard Jr. 
Monreo, b s, 188, by Tennessee 


Mom-eve, b g, 188 , pedigree not 

traced , 

Monroe Brister, b s, 1883, by Red 

Dick Jane, by Curtis Horse 

Monroe &, b s, 1885, by Monroe Chief 

Lurline, by Belle Alta 

Monset, blk s, 188 

Montaigne, ch s, 1883, by Bourbon 

Wilkes Mary Thomas, by Abdallah 

Mambrino (dead) 

Montana Wilkes, br s, 1883, by Red 

Wilkes Eva, by Lumber 

Mont Blanc, b in, 188, by Matter- 

Monte, blk g, 188, by Abdallah 

Prince Lady Stow, by Putnam 


Monte, b s, 188, by Monte Ohristo, 

dam by (George Wilkes 

Monte (Jlhrisfco, b g, 188--, by Little 

Wonder Orphan Lass , 

Momteg, br s, 188, by Almont Raven, 

Topsey, by Brougham 

Montezuma, br s, 1880, by Alcantara 

Winona, by Curtis' Hambletonian.. 
Montgomery Wilson, gr g, 188, by 

Jim Wilson 

Montrose, ch g, 188, by McGurdy's 

Hambletonian Ellen 

Moonstone, blk m, 1889, by Mamibrino 

King Clarice, by Hamlm's Almont 




2:19y 4 


2:27V 4 





Mordloa, b m, 188, by Messenger 

Wilkes Mo jeska, by Enfleld ........ 

Moiiena, b m, 1888, by Tennessee 

Wilkes Lizzie Moore, by Gibson's 

Tom Hal ......................... 

Morganthaler, rn g, 188, by Van 

Morgan .......................... 

Moscow, gr m, 1886, by Red Oak- 

Shoo Fly, by Legal Tender ......... 

Motion Jr., ch s, 188, by Motion ____ 

Motto, b s, 1883, by Maxim Miss 

Herr, by Mambrino Patchen ........ 

Mountain Boy, b g, 188, by Blazing 

Star ....... .............. ..... . . . . 

Mountain Maid, br m> 188--, by Han- 

nis ......... . .................... 

Mountain Pink, b m, 1888, by Ellerslie 

Wilkes Kit, by ifdgewater ........ 

Mountain Queen, b m, 188, by Bel- 

voir ............................. 

Moxie, b g, 188, by Warwick Boy. . 
Moxie, b e, 188, by Barnes' Dictator 

Chief ............................. 

Moxie Hiatoga, b s, 1885, by Proc- 

lamation Kitty Foster, by Old Gur- 

ney ............................. 

Moyer, dh g. 188. by El Mafcdi ...... 

Mczanetta, b m, 188 ................ 

Muggins, b g, 188 ................... 

Muggins, b s, 1884, by Strathmore, 














by Norman Jr 2:25 

Mugwump, b g, 188, by Ensign 2:21% 

Mugwump, br g, 1885, by Pilot Chief. 2:20% 
Mutual, b m. 188, by American Boy. 2:29% 

















My rune t, b m, 188 . by Diplomat 

Myrtle S., b m, 1882, by Billy Cone- 
Lulu, by Green Mountain Morgan. . . 

Nada, b m, 1890, by King Medium 

Nana, b m, 188 

Naoucy Harkaway, b m, 188. by 

Nancy Time, c$h, m, 188, by Phillip's 
Blue Bull 

Nannie B., b m, 1889, by Keno De- 
fianceLucy Q., by McKinney Horse 

Nannie W., b m, 188, by Red 
Wilkes, dam by Venture. . 

Nannie Ward, b m, 1888, by McCur- 
dy's Hambletonian Daisy, by Look- 
out . ... 

Natalie Wilkes, b m, 1889, by lied 
Wilkes Rosalie Wilkes, by George 

Nate O.,b g, 1884, by Nathan Mills- 
Lady Elite, by Bucklin's Champion 
Black Hawk 

Nathan P., b g, 188, by Theron 

Natie, ch g, 188, by Job C 

Naughty Girl, b m, 188ft, by On- 
naught Fannie Stranger, by Chest- 
nut Tom 

Neatbud, b s, 1887, by Neatwood 
Rosebud, by Sweepstakes 

Ned, b g, 188-....... 

Ned, gr s, 186, (dead) 

Ned, b g, 186-, (dead). 

Ned B., b g, 188, by Ned Warfleld 
Hattie. by Simm's Clark Chief Jr. . 

Neddie H., b g, 1884, by Messenger 
Chief, dam by Gill's Vermont 

Ned Forrester, ch g, 187, by Young 

Ned H., b g, 188, by Gen. Grant 

Ned Hanlon, blk g, 188, by Kim- 
ball Morgan 

Ned Hull, gr g, 188, by Hull 

Ned M., ch g, 1882, by Billy Hib- 
bard Polly, by Richner's Hamble- 

Ned Rawlin, b g, 188, by Greenback 

Ned V., b s, 1884, by Detractor 
Silkey, by Rushviile 

Ned Winslow, blk g, 1881, by Tom 
Benton Brown Jenny, by David Hill 

Neernut, b s. 1891 

Nelly, b m, 188, by Abdamed Allen. 

Nelly B., gr m, 1878, by Pocahontas 
Boy Lady McGee, by Blue Bull 

Nelly B., ro m, 188, by Old John 

Nelly B., b m, 1884, by Notable- 

Nelly B., ch m, 188 

Nelly B., b m, 188, by Ernest 

Nelly B., b m, 188, by William. Rys- 
dyk Jr 

Nelly C. r b m, 188, by Garret Wilkes 

Nelly Davis, b m, 1868, by Kremer's 

Nelly P., b m, 1888, by Anteros 
Sharlie, by Roger Hanson (trotting 

Nelly G., ch m, 188, by McCurdy... 

Nelly G., b m, 188, by Montgomery. . 

Nelly Gray, gr in, 186, by Gray 
Eagle (dead) 










Nelly Gray, g m, 188, by Conway. . 

Nelly Green, eh m, 188, by Wilkie 

Nelly H., b m, 188 

Nelly Hastings, b m, 188, by Nd 

Nelly I., br m, 188, by Booth 

Nelly June, gr m, 1880, by Highland 
Gray, Belle Hammond, by Honest 

Nelly M., ch m, 188, by Butler's 

Nelly M., br m, 188, by Mohawk 

Nelly Mayo, b m, 1885, by Pocahon- 
tas Abdallah Jenny F., by Mer- 

Nelly Mambrino, b m, 1887, by Mere- 
dith Mambrinette, by Kentucky 
Prince Jr 

Nelly McCrory, b m, 1889, by Legal 
Tender Jr.-Lucy, by Tobe Jr 

Nelly Neal, b m, 1890, by Agricola. . . 

Nelly O., br m, 188 by Henry Mam- 

Nelly O., ch m, 1884, by Bald Chief 
Jr. Bernice, by Hailstorm.. 

Nelly R., b m, 188- 

Nelly R., br m, 187 

Nellie R., blk m, 188 by Walkill Jr.. 

Nelly S., g m, 188, by Bayonue 
Prince Mary O., by Harry Wood. . . 

Nelly S., b m, 1884, by Pickett (trot- 
ting 2:21%) 

Nelly Seal, blk m, 188 

Nelly Shaw, dn m, 187 

Nelly Sprague, b m, 188, by Alexan- 
der Spiague 

Nelly Tasca, rn m, 188, by Tasco. . 

Nelly Turner, b m, 1887, by Hunt's 
Blue Bull Molly, by High Jack.... 

Nelly W., b m 188, by Raven 

Nelly Y., b m, 188, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr 

Nelson Allen, blk s, 1891, by Nelson, 
dam by Hugenot ... 

Nels Randall, ch s, 188, by Poca- 
hontas Sam 

Nettie, b m, 188, by Bright Light. 

Nettie O., b m, 188, by Moonstone- 
Maggie, by Fields' Royal George. . 

Nettie D., b m, 188, by Patchen 

Nettie E. Hontas, ch m, 188, by 
Harry Hontas Flora E., by Scott's 

Nettie Field, b in, 1887, by Fairy 
Gift Nettie, by Volunteer 

Nettie Green, cr m, 188, by Billy 
Green Kitty Scott, by Scott's Hia- 

Nettie Hoppin, ch m, 187, by Long- 
strider, dam by Smoke Boy 

Nettie Swan, b m, 188, by Acci- 

Nettie Wilkes, ch m, 188, by Adrian 

Nettle Keenan, b s, 188, by George 
Gordon Old Crow 

Nettlewood. b s, 1890, by Merchant 
Gloria, by Almont Pilot 

Nevada, b s, 1877, by Gen. Reno 
Mary.sville Queen, by Signal 

Nevins' First, b e, 1884, by Nevins 
Polka, by Pocahontas Boy 











Newcastle, ch g, 1888, by Kentucky 
Dolly, by Niagara Cham- 















When Silicon placed the race record for two-year-olds at 2: 
George Bowerman was up behind the winner. 


M. Bowerman cut the four-year-old trotting record 
to 2:10 with Mcquette. 



pion (dead) ....2:29*4 

New Dominion, cli s, 188, by Do- 

minion 2:24*4 

New Era, ch g, 1890. by Hamble- 

tonian Wilkes 2:13 

New Hope, blk g, 187 2:16 

Newkirk, b g, by Clinker 2:25*/a 

New Medium, b s, 188 by Happy 
Medium, dain by Strader's Cassius 

M. Clay Jr 2:30 

Newsboy, dn g. 1886, by Brentwood 

Lemons, by Dan Allen 2:12% 

News Boy, b s, 1885, by Oscar, or 
Bverlv Abdallah Nettie, by Gray's 

Tom "Hal 2:22Vi 

Ni'-oll, gr g, 188, by John Bell, dam 

by Gibson's Toin Hal 2:19*4 

Nicholas B., gr s, 188, by Ohio 

Knickerbocker 2:19V 2 

Nicolette, bJk s, 1887. by Adrian 

Wilkes Edwina, by BlackAVOOd ... 2:20*4 
Nidia, b m, 1890, by Wayne Wilkes 

Carrie E.. by Aliuout Pilot 2:13*4 

Nigger, b g, 187 2:30 

Nigger Baby, blk g, 188 2:21*4 

Nigger Boy, blk g. 1887, by Black 

Prince Jr., dam by L. C. Lee 2:19*4 

Nigger Boy, blk g. 186 (dead) 2:25% 

Nightingale, ch m, 18S3, by Alcan- 
tara Neoscaletta, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:13y 2 

Nimrod, ch tf, 186. by Missouri Chief, 

dam by Williamson's Belmont 2:19% 

Nina, br m. 1880, by Eclaire 2:22>/ 4 

Nina W., ch m, 1886, by J. W. Bailey 

Maud W., by George Miller 2:25 

Nodine, b K. 1884, by Peacemaker- 
Lady Burgett 2:19% 

Noil Parole, gr m, 1888, by American 
Boy Maud L., by Gray Charley.. 2:18*4 

Noonday, b g, 187 2:27 

No Other Kid. b g, 188. by Illinois 

Chief 2:28Vi 

N. Q. Lancewood, ch m, 188, by 

Fleetwood 2:25*4 

Nora L., b m, 188, by Norwood Sta" 2:29*/ 4 
Nora Marks, b m, 1886. by Rounds' 
Sprague Vellin Danville, by Dan- 
ville Boy 2:23*4 

Nora T. , 'gr m. 188, 2 :25% 

Nordeck. b g. 188, by Basset t M... 2:30 

Ncrristown, b g, 188-, 2:24*4 

Northwest, b s, 1885, by Egmont Tot, 

by Dictator (trotting 2:22*/ 2 ) 2:15 

Notion, b s, 1889, by St. Bel Rit- 

chelders, by Messenger Chief 2:16 

No Trouble, b m, 1884, by Dick Tur- 

piu 2:21V 4 

Novice, ch m 1890, by Tennessee 

Wilkes Ida Elliott, by Harold 2:24*4 

Nox, b m, 1887. by Nutwood Four 

Lines, by Blackwood 2 :25y 4 

Noxall, b s, 188-. by Roseberry 2:18 

Nutcoal, ch s, 1886, by Nutwood 

Bessie, by Temptation 2 :24 

Nutford, ch s. 1886. by Abbottsford 

Annie Nutwood, by Nutwood 2:15 

Nuthurst, ch s, 1886. by Nutwood 

Enterprise, by Onward 2 :12 

Nutmage, b g, 188, by Blind Bashaw 2:24)1,4 
Nutmeg, b m. 1886, 'by Riehwood 

Sheila, by Dauntless 2:27*4 

Nutpan. br s, 1887, by Nutwood Issa- 

quena, by Pancoast 2:19*4 

Nutpine, ch s, 1887, by Nutwood- 
Maggie Wilkes. by George Wilkes 2:15*4 
Nutro<e. b s. 1887, by Nutwood- 
Moss Rose, by Woodford Mambrino 2:22 

Nutwood Wilkes, b s, 188, by Nut- 
wood j 2 :25^4 

Nydia, Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Baron 

Wilkes Anne Belle, by Nutwood.. 2:12% 
Oklahoma, b m, 188, by Cham- 
pion Wilkes 2 :28 

Oakland, blk s, 1887, by Detractor 

Jule, by Mambrino Sotharn 2:16 

Oceana Prince, b g, 188, by Oceaua 

Chief 2:25 

O'Conuell, b g 188, by Woodland, 

dam by Olympus 2 :3o 

Oddfellow, ch g, 186, (dead) 2 :28* 

Odessa Clipper, b g, 188, by Al 

We^t Jr 2 :23% 

Odilla, b m, 890, by Onward Rachacl 
Russell, by Woodford Abdahah . . 2:24/ a 

O. B., ch g, 188, by Strathmore 2:26V 4 

Ohio Boy, b s, 188 by Cardinal 2.:24V4 

Ohio Maid, rn m, 187 2:28 

Old Hunter, ch s, 187, 2:29> 4 

Ole Bull, b g, 188, by Denmark 2:26^ 

Ollie Belle, b m, 187, by Tempest 

Jr 2:23*/2 

Oliver C., b g, 188, by Maryborough 2:26% 

Oliver E., gr g, 188 2:29 

Olivette, br m, 188 by Director .. 2:28i/ 2 
Olivette, c(h m, 188 , 'by Johnny Mac.. 2:29 
Omega, rri m, 188, by Walker Mor- 

rill 2:22y a 

Onie D., b m, 1881, by Warwick Boy 

Tackey, by Happy Medium 2 :20 

Online, b s, 181JO, by Shadeland On- 
wardAngelina, by Chester Chief 2:04 

Ontario, blk g, 188 2:29*A 

Ontonian, b s, 1889, by Shadeland 
Onward Angelina, by Cheste ' Chief 

(dead) 2:07*/ 2 

Onward, blk g, 186, by Chieftain 

(dead) 2:24% 

Onward Boy, b s, 1887, by Prodigal 

Bessie B., by Blanco Abdallah 2:24*4 

Onyx, blk s, 188, by Vaientine 

Swigert 2-20-% 

Ophelia, gr m, 188, by Alfred 2:16*/ 4 

Opulence, blk s, 188, by Ferguson 

Lady McKinney, by Sweepstakes 2:29*4 
Oran C., gr g, 1887, by Orion Jenny 

Ross, by Crook'.s Corbeau , . 2 -22% 

Original Package, b g, 188 . 
Orland, ro g, 188S, by Upright Top- 

sy, by Nephew Jr . 2 :23*4 

Orley Wiikes, br s, 188 by Seal- 
skin Wilkes 2:27 

Orphan Alice, b m, 188 , by Mam- 

briuo Rescue 2 :27*4 

Orienta, b in, 188, by Aberdeen 2:28 

Orllnda Richmond, b m, 188, by A. 

W. Richmond, darn by Ulster Chief. 2:15 
Orphan Boy, b g, 188, by Walker 

Merrill 2 -24*4 

Orphan Boy, b s, 1888, by George 
Steck Doska, by Bald Stockings... 2:18 

Oscar, b g, 188, by De So to 2:26*4 

Osceola, bl g, 1880, by Blue Vein Pol- 
ly, by Cadmus 2:18 

Otta Neely, b m, 188, by Ottawa 

Chief 2:28 

Otis M., b s, 188, by Triceps 2:20*4 

Otto, b g, 188 by Onawa 2:23*4 

Otto W., b s, 1887, by Dall Brino 

Bessie B., by Teeter's Horse 2:13*4 

Ouida, b m, 188, 2:24 

Our Boy, b g, 188, by Vernon Boy- 
Black Bess, by Wapsie 2:17*4 

Our Dick, b g, 188, by Gibraltar ... 2:10V 4 
Our Dick, b g, 188. by Redwood.... 2:22% 
Our Nora, bl m, 188, by Alamosa 



Trevena mare 2:17 

Out of Sight, b g, 188 2:19> 4 

Overbrook, b g, 188 2:24^4 

Ovid, b s, 188, by Hamlin's Almont 

Jr. Silk, by Alcantara 2:15V 2 

Oxygen, eh g, 187, by Simpson's 

Capt. Walker 2:30 

Pacing Phallas, blk g, 188, by Sha.'k 2:22 
Palmetto, br s, 188G, by Brown Hal- 
Maggie, by Enterprise 2:12% 

Palo Alto Chimes, b s, 1888, by 
Chimes Velvet, by Mambrino King. 2:17V$ 

Panic, b s, 188, by Algiers 2:28^ 

Panama Maid, ch m, 1890, by Pan- 
amaRed Girl 2:20 

Pansy Blossom, gr m, 1889, by Gen. 

Wilkee, dam by Harrodsburg Boy.. 2:12 
Pansy L., gr m, 1888, by Pan Nelly 

Conner, by Legal Tender, Jr 2:23Va 

Paola, ch m, 1888, by Frank Logan- 
Fanny Logan, by Litt'.e Logan 2:20 

Pappoose, b m, 1886, by Ultinms, dain 

by Gill's Vermont 2:18V4 

Parker, b s, 1883, by Alcantara- 
Marie, by Blackstone 2:28% 

Parker, ch g, 188, by Wilson, dam 

by Daniel Lambert 2:19V a 

Passmont, br s, 1885, by Pasacas 

Piccola, by Harvester 2:18V 4 

Pascal, b g, 188, by Victor, dam by 

California Brock. .: 2:21% 

Pat, b g, 188 2:24 & 

Patasco, br s, 1887, by Brown Hal- 
Yellow Mag, by Pointer's Slashe:-.. 2:24% 
Pat Bruen, dh g, 1880, by Ajax Fash- 
ion, by Millett Horse 2:24 

Patchen T.. b g, 1877, by Shadow- 
Nelly Bell, by Hole-in-the-Day 2:24^4. 

Pat Delaney, b g, 1890, by Anderson 

Wilkes Steinlet, by Steinway (dead). 2:18Va 
Pat Harold, b s, 1884, by De Soto 

Maggie Patton, by Masterlode 2:21 

Pat Heron, b g, 188, by Pharon, dam 

dam by Honest John 2:17Vi 

Pat Legg, bl g, 1886, by Mambriuo 

Redmon 2:25 

Pat Murphy, br g, 188 by Palmetto 
Molly Murphy, by Dodson's Davy 

Crockett 2:20 

Pat O'Brien, br s, 188, by Billy 

Davis 2:21' M 

Patoche, b m, 1890, by Princeps*, 

dam by George Wilkes 2:2~Vi 

Patrick Henry, br s, 188, by Ajax, 

dam by Harold 2:20% 

Patrick's Pacer, b g, 188, by Sha- 
ron Benton 2:21% 

Patrol, b g, 188, by Constellation.. 2:14^ 2 
Patsey Clinker, gr g, 1877, by Cha-.'ley 

Nellie 2:20 

Pateey K., b g, 1885, by Highlander 

Boy Sue, by Red Eye 2:22V* 

Patti, b s, 188, 2:22 

Pattie Belle, b m, 1891, by Don Pi- 

zarro, dam by Messenger Chief 2:23 

Pattie D., ch m., 188, by Ultimus. . 2:12V4 
Pattie West, b m, 1884, by Al West 

Patti Dodd 2:17 

Paul, ch g, 188, by Bald Hornet- 
Lucy 2 :09'/ 2 

Paul Clifford, b s, 188, by Tennes- 
see Wilkes 2:20% 

Pauline H., b m, 1888, by Kidnapper 

Nicol Mare (trotting 2:24) 2:17V 2 

Paul M., b g, 1884, by Manchester- 
Mary, by Louis Napoleon 2:2414 

Payne Stone, b g, 188 by Judge 

Salisbury 2 :25V4 

Payrock, b g, 188, by Diplomat 

dam by St. Nicholas '2 -28 1 A 

Peacock, gr s, 1878, by Whipple's 
Hambletoniau Jane McLane bv 

Budd Doble \ 2-2S4 

Pearl, wh m, 187- 2 : 2? 

Pearl, b m, 188, by Pomeroy Nell 

Morgan, by Judge Advocate 2:19*4 

Pearl L., ch m, 188, by Elgin Boy. .. 2:23 
Pearl Logan, b m, 188, by Mam- 
brino Logan 2 -2GV 

Pearl R b m, 1883, by Lucas Brod- 
head Maud Medium, by Happy 

Medium - 

Pedro, b g, 188- '.'. 2 ; 2ff 

Peerless, b m, 188, by Equity Wilkes 2:13 
Peleg, b s, 1890, by Reno Defiance- 
Lucy, by McKenuey Horse (trotting 

2:23^4) 2'12'd 

Pendleton, b g, 188, by Hainble- 

tonian Downing 2'9V 

Pfcrine, b m, 188O, by Paul Jones' Jr.! 2:24'A 
Perkins, ch s, 188, by C. F. Clay- 
Miss Brewer, by Red Wilkes ., . 2-2UV.1 
Peruvian Bitters, b g, 1879, by Elec- 
tioneerNellie Walker , by Thorn- 
dale or eon of Edwin For jest . , . 2-2314 

Pet, ro g, 184-, (dead) 2:lb 

Peter Cooper, br g, 188, by Steele's 

Walkill, dam by Golddrop 2-'>V. 

Peter Piper, b g 1886, by Nantucket 

Puss Miller, by Sir Walter 2:14V4 

Peter T., b g, 18S-, by Fisk's Mam- 
brino Chief Jr 2-9 

Peter V., b s, 188-, by Longs tride!- .'.' 2U6V6 
Phantom, b m, 188-, by Steele's Wal- 
kill, dam by .Billy Bowlegs 2:26V 2 

Fbaron, b s, 1887, by Pharos, dam by 

Antenor 2-16%. 

Pharos, b s, 1883, by Phallas 

Hoosier Girl, by B.ue Bull ., ,. 2-lV> 
Phenom, rn s, 1892, by Director- 
Maud B., by Red Wilkes 2-21% 

Phenol, g:- m, 188, by Jersey "W i.Jies 

Adelina, by Egbert 2:10% 

Phil F:-eiler, rn g, 188, by Copper- 
bottom 2-^6^1 

Phillis, b s, 1888, by Masterlode 

Comet, by Lexington Chief Jr 2 > 17 1 4 

Phillis Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Bal- 
mont Wilkes Jessie H., by Stephen 

A. Douglass 2:20Vi 

Phillios, b g, 188-, by Pickering, 

dam by Nelson's Onward . 2-27% 

Phylie, b s, 1889, by Pat:on Bessie 

Turner, by Virginius 2-19' M 

Pickaway, ch g, 188, by Red Joe 2:164i 

Pierpont Girl, blk m, 188, by At- 
lantic 2 -24% 

Pierron, ch g, 1890, by Iliad, dam by 

Onward 2'15 

Pilatoga, ch s, 1886, by Bayard- 
Jenny, by Scott's Hiatoga . 2:20^4 

Pilot Bird, b m, 1886, by Pilot Knox 

Lil Williams, by Kohinoor . . , . 2-22% 
Pilot Gift, br s, 1883, by Fairy Gift- 
Pussy 2:15^ 

Pilot Knox, br s, 1875, by Black Pilot 
Nancy Knox, by Col. Ellsworth 

(trotting 2:19-%) 2 :20V 2 

Pilot Wilkes, b s, 1880, by Geo :ge 

Wilkes Grace, by Pilot Jr 2:23 

Pine Level, gr g, 188, 2:22^4 

Pinewood, b s, 1890, by Artemas 

Mamie F., by Joe Jefferson 2:20 

Piquant, b g, 188, by Sea Bird 2:291/4 

IMstachio, ch s, 1886, by Belmont 

Miss Russell, by Pilot Jr 2:29V4 

Pixley Boy, br s, 1884, by Pocahontas 



Sam Bird, by George Bell 2:12 

P. J., b g, 1892, by President Wilkes. 2:23%, 

Play Fair, b s, 188, by Olinedo 

Wilkes 2:24% 

Plaza, gr s. 1887, by Tennessee Dic- 
tatorClaire, by Bayard 2:22^4 

Plow Girl, blk m, 188, by Black Sain 2:26% 

Plunger, b g, 188, by Gibson's Tom 
Hal . 2:27 

Plunkett, b g, 1887, by Strathearn 
Fly, by Buiger 2:13% 

Plus, b s, 1880, by Happy Heir- 
Lady West, by Col. West 2:29% 

Plush, ch m, 1880, by Don J. Ilobinson 
Stella P., by Magna Charta 2:23% 

Pluto ch g 188, by Bob Patterson. . 2:26% 

Plutowood, b s, 181)0, by Pluto Mollie 
It., by Recorder 2 :29% 

Poca Eagle, b s, 1885, by Pocahontas 
Sam Molly Coshow 2:21% 

Pccahontas, ch m, 1847, " by Iron's 
Cadmus, dam by Big Shakespeare 
(dead) 2:17% 

Pccahontas, ch m, 187, by Little 
Washington, dam by St. Clair 2:22% 

Pocalhontas Pilnce, blk e, 1884, by 
Pocahontas Boy Faro Queeu (trot- 
ting 2:20%) ". 2:19v4 

Pocahontas Sam, ch s, 1879, by 
Pocahontas Boy Fanny, by Blue 
Bull 2:27%. 

Pointer (Kissel's), b g, 1886, by 
Ha venswood Molly, by Mohawk.... 2:10% 

Polka Hot, b s, 188 by Elgin Boy. . . 2:2SV 2 

Polly Ann, rn m, 186, (dead) 2:26% 

Folly T., br m, 188, by lied Bird.. 2:21'/i 

Pomona, b s, 1887, by Albion Pansy, 
by He-Echo 2:lo 

Pomp, ch g, 1881, by Dick Pearl, by 
Platte Allen 2:17% 

Pomp A., br g, 1881, by Mohawk 2:24^ 

Pompey Jones, gr g, 186, (dead) 2:28/2 

Po Po Lo, br s, 188, by Albert Lea, 
dam by Florida 2:20 

Posey Golden, br g, 188, by son of 
Golddust (dead) 2:11)% 

Prairie Bird, b m. 1867, by Flaxtail 
Fashion, by John Baptiste (dead). 2:28% 

Prairie Girl, b m, 1891, by Grey 
Harry 2 :20 

Prairie Lily, b m, 1891, by Adrian 
Wilkes, dam by Hamdallah 2:19-4 

Prairie Maid, b m, 1884, by Mam- 
ruonteer Prairie Girl, by Brougham 2:30 

President, blk s, 1880, by Swigert 
Patsey Lee, by Rock 2:23% 

President Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Ash- 
land Wilkes Oaltha Robertson, by 

Al West (dead) 2:19% 

Pressley M., gr g, 188, by Benson... 2:21% 

P.-estoria Wilkes, ch m, 188, by An- 
derson Wilkes 2:22V<- 

Pretension, b s, 1888, by Pretender- 
Meg Rodman 2:24% 

Priest, br g, 188, 2:29% 

Prima Donna, ch m, 1887, by Better- 
ton Dame Tansey, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:09% 

Prim Wallace, b m, 1890, by William 

Wallace Rachel 2:27% 

Prince S., b g, 188, 2:22% 

Prince, rn g, 188, 2:28 

Prince, b s, 188, by Fremont 2:23V4 

Prince, br g, 187, by Missouri Chief 

dam by Williamson's Belmont 2:23% 

Prince, blk g, 188 2 :30 

Prince Albei-t, b g, 188, by Hamil- 
ton 2:28% 

Prince Alcander, ch s, 1889, by Al- 

cander Rhea, by Winooski 2:17% 

Prince Alcyone, b g, 188, by Alcyone 2:15^a 
Prince Alniout, b s, 1889, by Almout 
Meuiuni yueen of the West by 

George M. Patchen Jr 2:13% 

Prince B., blk g, 188, by B.ack 

Republican 2:29% 

Prince Breunan, b g, 188 2:23 

Prince C., b s, 188, by Cutler 2:27% 

Prince Columbia, br s, 1881, by Prince 

Pulaski, dam by Granberry'^ Slasher 2:20 
Prince Edict Jr., ch e, 1886, by Edict 

Bell, by High Jack 2:22 

Prince Echo, ch s, 1882, by Cloud 

Mambrino Lucy, by Pacing Togue. 2:14% 
Prince E.wood, ch s, 1890, by Grey- 
stone Juno, by Hambrino 2:22% 

Prince Erie, b s, 1886, by Erie Wilkes 

Katie C., by Mambrino Patcheu. . 2:29% 
P.dnce Farlic, b s, 1886, by Kentucky 
Prince Maggie Duroc, by Messen- 
ger Duroc 2:30 

Prince Frederick, b s, 1883, by Lang- 
ley's Valentine Nancy Wise 2:21% 

Prince Gift, b g, 188, by Hamble- 

touian Gift 2:27% 

Prince Gould, ch g, 188, 2:26% 

Prince Hal, br s, 1883, by Brown Hal 

Jenny, by Prince Pulaski 2:1614 

Prince Hal, b s, 188, by King Hal. 2:29% 
Prince M., b g, 188, by Hotspur Jr., 

dam by Scott's Hiatoga 2:21% 

Prince Mac, ch g, 188, by Logan 

iiambletouian Jessie Mac 2 :19>4 

Prince Nutwood, b*k s, 1891, by Dex- 
ter Prince Luella, by Nutwood 2:21$i 

Prince Orange, b s, 1884, by Orange 
Blossom gueen Bess, by Backman's 

Idol 2:25 

Prince Pilot, b s, 188, by Prince Pu- 
laski 2:22% 

Prince S., b g, 188 2:29% 

Princess, b m, 187 2:27 

Princess, ch in, 1892, by Prince, dam 

by son of Mambrino Howard 2:17*4 

Princess, b m, 1874, by Pocahontas 

Boy Lady McGee, by Blue Bull .. 2:19V4 
Princess Alice, blk m, 1886, by Dex- 
ter Prince, dam by Gen. McCleliau. 2:16 
Princess Alice, gr m, 1890, by Evan 

Lewis Frances, by Merit 2:23 

Princess Euialia, b m, 1892, by Em 

peror Wilkes 2:18% 

Princess H., br m, 188, by Fleet's 

Hambletonian 2:23% 

Prince T., rn g, 188, by Climont. .. 2:13% 
Princeton R., b s, 1890, by Sphinx.. 2:25^ 
Printer Boy, b g, 188, by Independ- 
ence 2:29% 

Proctor, b s, 1887, by Pancoast 

Si.ence. by Alexander's Abdaliah. . 2:17 
Procul, blk s, 1889, by Embassador 

Kit, by Black Ambassador 2:30 

Promise, b g, 188, by Black Wilkes 2:25& 
Pronto, blk s, 1887, by Pancoast 

Mercedita, by Cuyler 2:24 

Pronto, br g, 187, by George Fletcher 

Snow, by Canadian Lion 2:17% 

Prophet Wilkes, b s, 1882, by" George 

Wilkes Mollie, by Kentucky Clay.. 2:21% 
Prussian Boy, b g, 1889, by Gen. Ben- 
ton Prussian Maid, by Signal 2:20% 

Prussian Maid, b m, 186, by Signal 

Lady Jasper 2 :19 

Psyche, sp m, 1884, by Bayard- 
Arabian Girl, by Carnac 2:19% 

P. T. Barnum, b g, 188, by Jim Wil- 
son 2:22 



Pull Back, b g, 188 *y Undo Ned 
Topsey, by Bethel 

Puritan, br g, 187, by Alnaont 

Quaker Boy, b s, 188, by Whaleboue, 
dam by Kelly Horse 

Quaker K., ch g, 188, by Wayne 
W ilsou Nettle, by Col. Howe 

Queen, b ui, 188 , by Coniniau'der. . . . 

Queen Esther, b m, 1886, by Ajax, 
Miss Frost, by Bedford 

Queen Gothard, b m, 1886, by St. 
Gothard Mignon Medium, by Happy 
Medi um 

Queen McGregor, ch m, 188, by Don 

Queen of the West, dn ni, 186, 

Queen Stantou, b m, 188, by Gen. 

Quicksilver, ch s, 188, by Silver- 
mine, dam by Hotspur Jr 

Quiz, br in, 1891, by Robin Hood 

Q. It. Z., ch s, 188, by Ed Suther- 

Racquet, blk g, 188, ...... 

Rahleta, blk m, 1888, by Gambetta 
Wilkes Bellfield, by Entield 

Rally Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Allie 
Wilkei^-Bessie Davis 

Ralph D., b s, 188, by Allen Sou- 

Rambling Dick, b g, 188, by Joe 

Raritaua Boy, g g, 188, 

Rat, b g, 188, 

Rattler, b g, 188, by Al West 

Rattler, b g, 1886, by St. Mark 

Rattler Brooks, ch s, 1878, by Earu- 
heart's Brooks, dam by Pat Maloue 

Rattling Dan, b g, 187, 

Rattling Jim, b g, 187, by Yellow 

Rattling Jim,' b' g,' ' iS6^-',' by' Flying 
Hiatoga, (dead) ; 

Ravelli, br 6, 1883, by Hermes Jessie 
Morrill, by Winthrop Morrill 

Raven, blk m, 1877, by Alcantara- 
Rachel B., by Allie West 

Raven Boy, blk g, 1878, by Pocahontas 
Boy Tina Wilson, by Legal Tender. 

Raven T., blk s, 1877, by Bay Tom 
Jr.-Kate McCrory, by Coleman's 

Raymond, b g, 188, by George B 

Razor Blade, b g, 188 by Heny B. . 

Razzle Dazzle, b g, 1889, by Prince 
Medium Worm Mare 

Reality, b g, 1886, by Polonious, dam 
by Middletown 

Reavis, b s, 1888, by Monroe Chief- 
Belle S 

Rebellion, b g, 1875, by Locomotive 
Ruby, by Gen. Hardee 

Red Bell, ch s, 1885. by Red Wilkes 
Heatherbelle, by Anthony Wayne. . 

Rebus, b g, 1886. by Chesterwood 
Roxy, by Miller's Hambletonian . . . . 

Recall, rn' s, 188 by Reveille 

Red Bandana, b s, 1888, by Almont 
Wilkes Dazzle, by Happy Medium.. . 

Red Bud, b s, 1883, by Red Wilkes 
Kate Blackwood, by Blackwood J:\ . 

Red Cloud, ch g, 188, by Rainbow.. . 

lied Cloud, b g, 188 ," by Golddust.. 

Red Davis, ch g. 188, . .' 

Redfleld, b s, 1884, by Red Wilkes 
Loretta, by Enfield 

Red Grant, dh s, 1890, by Red Blos- 












2:22/ a 















2:26V 2 


2:U)V t 



som Nelly Grant, by Pacing Ab- 

dallah 2:27y 

Red Hal, b s, 1887, by Martin's Tom 

Hal Lucinda, by Henry Clay 2:13% 

Red Hawk, b g, 188, 2:20% 

Red Hornet, ch s, 188 by Bald 

Hornet 2:23% 

Red Lady, b m, 1889, by Red Wilkes 

Severn, by Grand Sentinel 2:16}i 

Redleaf, ch m, 188, by Charm 2.28% 

Red Leaf, b m, 188 by Elgin Boy. . . 2:26% 
Redmon C., ch s, 1887, by Joe Thorn- 
dale, dam by Highlander 2:30 

Red Rock, b s, 188, by Kilbuck Tom 2:25% 
Red Rover, b g, 188, by Al West... 2:25 % 
Red Rover, b g, 188, by Redfleld . . . 2:24%, 
Redskin, ch g, 1887, by Royal Jim- 
Fanny, by Kirkpatrick's Buck 2:17% 

Red Sta:% ch s, 188, bv Chestnut Star 2:20 
Red Star, b m, 188, 'by Kale's Red 

Buck 2:23% 

Red Thorn, b g, 188, by Rescue 2:15% 

Red Wing, ch s, 1889, by Music- 
Kitty, by Flying Mohawk 2:13% 

Redwood, ch g, 188--, by Red Buck.. 2:22% 
Redwood, ch g, 188 by Ringwood. . . 2:28% 
Reflector, b s, 1887, by Duplex, dam 

by Norfolk 2:07% 

Reform, rn g, 188, by Prince Co- 
lumbia 2:26 

Regardless, b g, by Dewitt's Norman 2:16% 
Regulator, b s, 188, by Indianapolis 

Lady Forrest 2:25 

Reil Rooker, gr s, 188, by Rooker.. 2:28% 
Reno Clipper, b: s, 1890, by Reno 
Defiance Lady Clipper, by Clipper 

Jr 2:20% 

Reno M., blk g, 1891, by Reno's Baby. 2:2O 
Reno's Baby, br s, 1887, by Reno De- 
fiance Lucy Q., by McKinney Horse 

(trotting 2:25%) 2:14 

Renvoi, br s, 1892, by Game Onward. 2:21% 
Reserve Fund, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood 
Lizzie Wilkes. by George Wilkes.. 2:26 

Retainer, b g. 188 2:24% 

Retla Boy, ch s, 1888, by Kirno 

Molly, by Blue Vein 2:19% 

Reuben, b g, 188. by Barnes' Dic- 

tato:-i Chief, dam by Reuben 2:20'/o 

Reuben W., b g, 188, by Clark 

COiieftaiii ." 2:16% 

Revenue, br g, 1885, by Reveille 2:29% 

Reward J., ch s, 1887, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Lark, by Abdalla'h Mambrino 

(trotting 2:29) 2 :10% 

Rex King, gr s, 1887, by Rex Hia- 

toga Maud L., by Gold King 2:25 

Rex Princeton, bs, 188, by Princeton 2:23% 
Rhea, gr m, 188, by Judge Advocate 2:17%" 
Rhinehart, gr s, 188 by Monroe S. . 2:24% 
Rhinestone, b s, 1890, by Dunton 

Wilkes 2 :25 

R. H. W., ch g, 188, by Almont.... 2:25% 
Richard, b g. 188, by Majo- Ringgold 2:16% 

Richard B., b g, 188 by Black John 2:25% 

Jay, b ' 

Wilkes Jean 

Richard Ja 

s. 1888,' by Dictator 
Wilkes, by Adrian 

Wilkes ............................ 2:17% 

Richard Wilkes. br . 1886, by Clay 

Wilkes- Kate, by Palm's Kennebeck 2:25 
Rich Ball, jyr g, 1SH ............... 2:2i>% 

Itichba'.l. b g. 1876, by King Pharaoh 

Genevra ......................... 2 :12% 

Richmond, b s, 188, by Richwood... 2:27% 
Rifle Bull.' 1) jr. 188 . bv Bullet ...... 2:14 

Riley, br g, 188 by "Howard's Cop- 

perbottom ......................... 2:19% 

Riley Medium, br s. 1881, by Happy 

.Medium Maud K.. by Manibriuo 



Patchen 2 :10 l / 2 

Riot, b m. 1888, by Kentucky Wilkes 

-llacket, by Egbert 2:27 

Rip Rap, br g, 187 2:29 

Rlnaldo, b s, 188, by Onslaught 2:14% 

Ring Rose, b m, 188 by Penrose 2:14%, 

Rita, b m, 1888, by Idler Maggie, by 

Overland 2:15% 

Rita S., ch m, 188, by Corbin Ba- 
shaw 2 :24% 

Road Master, gr g, 1882, by Red 

Jacket-Jip 2 :22 

Roadmaster, b s, 1884, by Hanible-^ 
tonian Downing Kitty Traveler, by 

Young London Traveler 2 :26% 

Roanoke, rn g, 184, by Old Pilot 

(dead) .' 2:26 

Roan Rattler, rn g, 188, by Jim 

Brister 2:28 

Roan Wilkes, ro s, 1890, by Tennessee 
Wilkes Salnda, by Cooper's Jug... 2:11% 

Robby B., b g, 187 2:27% 

Robert B., b s, 188 by Anderson 

Wilkes 2:20 

Robert Bonner, b g, 188, by Robert 

Bonner Jr 2:24% 

Robert O., b g, 188, by Thorndale 

Idol 2:13% 

Robert Blsmere, br s, 1880, by Sammy 

J. Daisy P., by Souionauk 2:25 

Robert J.', b g, 1888, by Hartford 

Geraldine, by Jay Gould 2:01 % 

Robert R., b g, 188, by Banner Boy. 2:30 
Robert Red, b s, 1889, by Red Wilkes 

Sally B -aiss, by George Wilkes 2:20% 

Robert Russell, b s, 1889, by Alley 
Russell Molly Brown, by Nether- 
land 2 :13% 

Robin, b g, 188, by Cognac 2:29W 

Robin, b s, 1887, by Vatican Mary 

Ann, by White's Hambletonian. .. 2:20% 
Robiua, blk m, 1891, by Bonnie Buy, 

dam by Regular . . 2 '27% 

Robin Boy, g g, 1889, by Almont Boy 2:26% 
Robin E., ch g, 188, by Lysander. 2:27% 
Rocea, b g, 1880, by Ringgold Fanny 

Whetstone, by Tobe Drum 2:24 

Rockaway. ch s, 1886, by Gold Mine- 
Jessie W., by Colonel 2:18V. 

Rockaway, g-.i m, 188 by Red Buck.. 2:26% 
Reckbottom, b s, 188, by Rockdate 

Young Julia, by Allen 2:16v-s 

Rockdale, b s, 1877, by George Gor- 
donDane, by Mogul 2:29% 

Rocker, b g, 1887, by Hambletonian 
Wilkee, dam by Lexington Chief.. 2:11 

Rocket, b g, 188, by Gilt Edge 2:24% 

Rocket, b g, 188. by Old Rocket.. 2:28% 

Rocket, 188 by Blue Bull Jr 2:21% 

Racket, b g, 187, by Greeley Mam- 

brino, by Cripple 2:29% 

Rockmore, b g, 188, by Strathmore 

Jane Eyre, by Messenger Duroc. . . 2:20% 
Rock Wilkes, oh s, 1889, by Pilot 

Wilkes, dam by Bald Stockings 2.20% 

Rocky Ford, b g, 1876, by Rooker 

Dolly 2:18% 

Rocky H.,_ J) s , 188-, 2:24% 

Rocky P.. ch s. 1890. by Clay Ab- 

dallah Jr. Dot, by Almore 2:12Vo 

Rocky Road, b g, 188 2-29U 

Rodman, blk g, 188. bv Dick Benton 2:26% 
Rocktown, gr g, 188, by White 

Cloud 2*25 

Roger, br g, 188, by Roger Hanson. 2:23U 
Roernab. b g, 188- by Dauntless... 2:27% 
Rokeby, hr s, 1891, by Director- 
Lilly Stanley, by Whippleton 2:13% 

Roland Wilkes. br s. 188 by Brown 

Wilkes 2:28% 

Rolfewood, b s, 188, by Black wood. 
Jr 2:20% 

Rollo, b g, 1888, by Jersey Wilkes.. 2:2lVi 

RoJo, gr g, 1890, by Jerome Eddy- 
Gray Betsey, by Mambrino Patehen 2:28% 
Romulus, b g, 188, by Edgemark. . 2:29% 
Rory O'More, ch s, 1886, by Judge 
Salisbury Lizzie, by A. W. Rich- 
mond 2 :17% 

Rosa B., ch m, 1880, by Bob Inger- 

soll, dam by Wkite Cloud 2:17% 

Rosaae, blk m, 188 2:24%, 

Rosa Lee, b in, 1891, by Duplex ... 2:27% 
Roisco, br g, 188, by M^ntezuma.. 2:12% 

Roscoe, ch g, 188, by Brewer 2 :24% 

Rosebud, b m, 188, by Viking, dam 

by Sunshine 2:25 

Rosebug, b s, 1883, by Strathiuore 

Parepa Rosa, by Robert Lee 2:15 

Rosedaie, b s, 1892, by Sidney Rose- 
leaf, by Buccaneer 2:22 

Rose Ley burn, b m, 1887, by Onward 

Mamie, by Star Almont 2:15% 

Roseiuau, b s, 1884, by Belniout Sea 

Gull, by Strathmore 2 :18% 

Rosemary, rn in, 1889, by Bermuda 

French Lawn, by Administrator... 2:20-% 
Rasencrantz, b e, 1888, by Bro\va 

Wilkes Miss Lewis, by Nuggett.. 2:27% 
Rosewater, rn s, 1888, by Allegheny 

Boy Rose Clay, by Marlborough. . 2:13% 
Rosewood, b s, 1888, by W T edgewood 

Fanny, by Scott's Thomas 2:22 

Rosie C., br m, 1883, by Duroc Prince 

Frankie, by Oregon Pathfinder. . 2:16 

Rosita A., ch m, 188, by Adrian 2:14% 

Rostrever, gr g, 187, by Colter's 

Davy Crockett 2:23 

Rouge Boy, b g, 188, by Ecorse... 2:30 
Rowdy, b s, 188, by All Right.... 2:28 
Rowdy Boy, blk g, 1871, by Bull Pup 2:13% 
Rowdy Boy, blk g, 1872, by Beu 

Snatcher Jr. Nance, by Cockspur. . 2:13% 
Rowdy Joe, rn g, 1888, by Telegraph 

Dutch 2:08 

Rowdy Knox, ch g, 188, by Eastern 

Boy 2:201/4. 

Roxie, b m, 188, by Warrior 2:27% 

Roxie, b m, 188, by Tom Moore, 

dam by Young Andy Johnson 2 :29% 

Roxie, ch g, 188, by Brown Hal... 2:20 
Roxie C., br s, 188 by Darlbey... 2:30 
Roxie L., blk g, 188, by Diadem.. 2:25% 
Royalton, b s, 1882, by Royalty- 
Jenny V 2:18% 

Royal Belle, blk m, 1883, by Royal 

Fearnaught, dam by Marshall 

Chief 2:23% 

Royal Jim, blk s, 188, by Pocahou- 

tas Sam 2:26% 

Royal Sid, ch s, 1892, by Roy 

Wilkes, dfl rn by Sidney 

Roy Golddust. ch g, 188, by Thomp- 
son's Golddust 

Roy H., in s, 1S:>1. by Engineer 

(d:ad) 2:18% 

Roy Hill, b g. 188, by Chestnut Hill 2:29% 
Roy K., b s, 188, by Ethan Wilkes. . 2:28 
Roy L., g g, 188-, by Boston Wilkes. 2:29% 
Roy S., b g, 1886, by Frank Box Kit 2:23% 
Roy Wilkes, br s, 1883, by Adrian 

Wilkes-Flora 2:06% 

Rozinanta. b m, 1886, by Kentucky 

Ruler Topsy 2:23% 

Rube Burrows, b g, 1885, by Moore's 

ciippr Laura M., by Clipper Brooks 2:20% 
Rubinstein, b s, 1890, by Baron 




Wilkes Ollilipa, by Aristos 2:08 

Ruby Mac, ch m, 1885, by George M. 
Patchen Jr. Lady Goldsmith, by 

Volunteer 2:2iy 2 

Ruby Messenger, b m, 188, by Mes- 
senger Chief 2:23 

Rufe Wiikes, b g, 188, by Star 

Wilkes 2:28y 4 

Rufe Wikon, blk g, 188, by Brown 

Golddust 2:24% 

Rupee, br s, 1887, by Guy Wilkes 
Sable Hayward, by Poscora Hay- 
ward 2:11 

Rupert, ch s, 188, by Corbin Bashaw 

Psyche, by George Miller 2:23% 

Rushmont, ch s, 188, by Almont M.. 2:23% 
Ruskin Wilkes, br s, 1884, by Sher- 
man Wilkes Lady Clay, by Black 

Harry Clay 2:17 

Russell (Miller's), b s, 1881, by Col. H. 

S Russell Molly Vestal, by Dragon 2:24= 
Russell B., br s, 1890, by Alley Rus- 
sell Be.ssie B., by Teeter's Horse. 2:15 
Russell Chief, ch s, 1885, by Mam- 
brino Russell Bessie, by Strath- 
more 2:22% 

Russell T., blk g, 188, by Russell.. 2:1914 
Ruth H., b m, 1889, by Laclede Du- 
rango Queen, by Durango (trotting 

2:24V 2 ) 2:22 

Sabatia, b m, 1884, by Taunton 

Barker Mare, by Bay Chief 2:1SV4 

Sable Gift, b s, 1890, by Gift Jr. 

niian, by Stauslfer's Woful 2:13^4 

Saboya, b s, 1886, by Nugget Ida, by 

Little Harry Clay 2:19% 

Sadie Burns, b m, 187, by Billy 

Green 2:29% 

Sadie Gray, gr m, 1890, by. Simmons. . 2:2!)% 
Sadie H., b m, 1885, by Bourbon 

Wilkes 2:20^4 

Sagwa, g g, by Montgomery 2:29% 

Sagwa, br g. 188 2:29% 

Sagwa, ch g, 188, by Rattler 2:24 

Sailor Boy, rn g, 1876, by Smuggler 

Jr. Laura, by Rowe Horse 2:17'4 

Sailor Boy 2:30 

Sailor Wilkes, b g, 188 by Star 
Wilkes Lizzie C., by Star Hamble- 

tonian 2:25% 

St. Catharine, gr m, 1885, by Sir 

Peter Sunflower, by Prince Elmo. 2:22 1 / 
St. Cloud, b g, 188 by Kentucky 

Prince 2:27 

St. Croix, b s, 188, by Guelph 2:18% 

St. Francis, blk s, 1888, by Sigma Nu 

Francis, by Admi-.tal 2:23<4 

St. John, gr g, 188, 2:20 

St. Jonathan, br s, 1888, by Kentucky 
Dictator Fanny Goldsmith, by Ed- 
ward Everett (trotting 2:22*4) 2:22 si 

St. Nick, b s, 188. by St. Nicholas.. 2:27*4 
St. Omer. g^ s, 1873, by Blue Bull- 
Black Snake, by Legal Tender 2:28% 

St. Patrick, gr g, by Dall Brino 2:29% 

St. Patrick, b s, 1884, by Volunteer- 
Young Saline, by Guy 'Miller 2:14% 

Saladin, br s, 

by Sultan EKa 

Lewis, by Vermont 2:05% 

Salisbury 2:20Vi 

SaUy B., blk m, 1873, by Dow's Green 

Mountain Morgan 2 - 23 

Sallie Bronston. blk m, 1891, by 
Gambetta Wilkes West on, by Mar- 
shal Kleber 2:17% 

Sally C.. gr m, 187, by Senator 2:17 

Sally Clinke -, b m, 1885, by Clinker 
Dolly, by Searcher 2:13 

Sally Ranger, blk m, 1887, by John. 
Sherman, dam by Black Ranger. . . . 

Sally Walker, b m, 188, by Hylas... 

Salol, br g, 1887, by Winnebago Chief 

Sam, b g, 188 

Sam, gr g, 188, 

Sam Hall, b s, 188, by George Hall . 

Sam Jones, b g, 187, by Thomp- 
son's Traveler, dam by Cato^s 

Sam Keith, b s, 1884, by Egbert- 
Molly Lyncli, by Ulind Morrill 

Sam Lewis, b s, 187 by Echo Bessie 
Taylor, by St. Clair 

Sam N., b g, 188. by Dauntless 

Sample, b g, 188, 

Sam Sha-.-p, b g, 187 by Gloster 
Kate, by Pooahontas Boy, 

-*. ^-j */J J- irUCUUlSllUClO' JJVJT . 

Sam Slick, b g, 185 (dead) 
Sam Weller, ch g, 188, by A 
Sancho, rn g, 188 , 

Advance . . 

Sancho, b s, 1886, by Pocahontas Boy 

Matlock, by Grey Dionied 

Sand Boy, eh g, 188, by Strathmore 

A:-line, by Almout 

San Diego, b g, 188, by Victor 

Sandy, ch g, 188, by Sperry's West- 


Sandy Mack, b s, 188, by Captain 


Sandy Morris Jr., ch s, 188 by 

Sandy Morris 

Seiwly Wilkes b s, 1890, bv Crawford. 
SanfordL., ch g, 188, by'Dick Glider 
Sanger, b g, 188, by King Sprague.. 
Sange --field, b s, 1889, by Roman Chief 
San Jose, b g, 188, by Santa Claus. . 
Sankey, gr g, 1884, by Sandy Lake, 

dam by St. Omer 

Sankey, clh g, 188 

San Pedro, blk g, 1885, by Del Sur, 

dam by Keating Horse (trotting 

Santa Rita, ' br' m', ' isSSJ ' by 'sidiiey 
Titania, by Buccaneer 

Sarah Ann, gr m, 188, by Johnny 
Wonder (trotting 2:27) 

Sa:iah Jane, b m, 188, by Edgar 

Sateen, b m, 1886, by Alroy Kit, 
by Virgil 

Saturn, rn g, 188. 

Saturday Night, en g, 188, 

Sawtelle, ch g, 1886, by Baywood 
Daisy Y., by Captain Jack 

S. B., b g, 188, by Knight Errant. 

Scarlet Wilkes, b s, 1884, by Red 
Wilkes Tipsey, by Alcalde 

School Boy, ch s, 188, by Meander. 

School Boy, gr g, 188 

Sciota Girl, br m 188, by Ambas- 
sador Hattie Thomas, by Hiatoga 

Sclavonic, gr s. 1891, by King Wilkes 
Miss Russell, by Pilot Jr 

Scott Smith, b s, 1888, by Gen. Han- 
cock, dam by Blue Bull 

Scratch, b g, 188, bv Glencoe Jr 

Sea Bird, ch s, 1887,* by Lord Russell 
Naiad, by Belmont 

Seafoam J:-., ro s, 188, by Major 

Seal, b g, 1888, by Notary Hiatoga 
Maid, by Patterson Horse 

Sealskin, blk s, 186, (dead) 

Sea Shell, ch m, 1889, by Lord Rus- 
sellWavelet, by Belmont 

Second, b m, 188, 

Secret, b m, 1888, by Sigma Nu 








2:24y 4 











See Saw, br s, 1885, by Lucas Brod- 
head Dutch Kate, by Jimmle 

Selim, b s, 188, by Nelson 

Se.ina D.. b m, 188, 

Senator, b g, 188 by Hyronamus. .. 

Senator Bell, ch g, 188, by Strath- 
more Heather Bell , by Anthony 

Senator Mills, b e, 188, by Dauntless 

Seneca See, b s, 1889, by Little Gift- 
Molly, by Lucas' Red Buck 

Seraph, br m 1S85, by Blackwood 
Rosalie Wilkes, by George Wilkes 

Seventy-six, b g, 188-% by Black 
Frank Lady B 

Seymour, b g, 188, by Guy Wilkes 
Early Bird, by Plimel 

S. G. A., b g, 1886, by Colouna 
Fleet, by Mack 

Shackelford, ro g, 186 (dead) 

Shaeler, b e, 1886, by Grand Sentinel 
Silver Tail, by Leon 

Shaker, b g, 187, (dead) 

Shaker, b g, 1884, by Shaker Boy 

Shamrock, br s, 188, by Chieftain.. 

Shamrock, br s, 188, by Don Juan. . 

Shamrock, br g, 187, by Volunteer- 
Molly, by Magna Charta 

Shaver, b s, 188 

Sbawano Girl, b m, 1888, by Sir 
Archie Kate, by Cleveland's Patch- 

Shawhan, b g, 1886, by Twilight, 
dam by Mambrino Downing 

Shellbark, b g, 188 by Hubbell 

Sheriff, gr g. 1886, by Richard Scobell 
Bennett Mare, by Johnny B 

Sherman, b g, 185, (dead) 

Sherman, b g, 1887, by Tom Corwin. . 

Sherman A-istos, b s, 188, by Aristos 

Sherman Franklin, b s, 188, by Ben 

Sherwood, gr e, 1886, by Barkis- 
Flip, -by Glencoe Golda 
ting 2: 

Shiloh, b s, 1884, by Pilot Duroc 
Nelly, by Kramer's Rainbow 

Shoo Fly Gyp, gr s, 188, by Shoo Fly 

Shylock, b s, 1891, by Nutmau Ella 
Jackson, by Hamlin's Almont Jr. . . . 

Sibyl, b m > 188, by Handsome Harry 

Sidmont, b s, 1891, by Sidney Fern- 
leaf, by Flaxtail 

Sidmoor, b m, 1891, by Sidney, dam 
by The Moor 

Sidney, b s, 1881, by Santa Glaus- 
Sweetness, by Volunteer 

Sidwood, b s, 188, by Sidney 

Sigma Chi, b s, 1891, by Fairy Gift- 
Daisy Blonde, by Percy James 

Sigma Nu, b e, 1884, by Bourbon 
Wilkes Lark, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino (trotting 2:29%) 

Silas, gr g, 186, (dead) 

Silkwood. blk s, 1886, by Blackwood 
Mambrino Lucy Woodruff, by Hi- 
ram Woodruff 

Silky, ch m, 188, by Dawn 

Silver Bar, gr s, 188, by Silver 

Silver Buck, ch g, 188, by Red Buck 

Silver Bell, rn s, 1889, by St. Bel- 
Lady Gift, by Mamb -ino Gift 

Silver Bill, gr g, 188 by Burr Oaks. 

Silver Cloud Jr., gr s, 1887, by Silver 
Cloud Fanny, by MaranteUe's Hero 

Silver Dick, b g, 1888, by Silverheels 











encoe Golddust (trot- 



















Jr. Dolly, by Hague 2:13 

Silverette, gr m, 1S&-, by Silver Chief 2:23% 
Silver Heel, gr g, 188, by Clipper Jr. 2:27% 
Silver King, ch s, 188. ly Smuggler. 2:2U% 
Silvermaker, g g, 18&-, by Silver 

Cloud, dam by Peacemaker 2:27% 

Silver One, ch s, 188, by Steele 2:28 

Silver Spray, gr g, 188, by Wood- 
pecker. ..' 2:29% 

Silvertail, rn m, 184, (dead) 2:26% 

Silvertail, gr g, 188, by Tempest Jr. 2:16% 
Silver Thorn, ch s, 18^ , by George L. 2:26% 
Silverthread, gr g, 1878, by Royal 

Fearmaught, dam by Tom Hunter.. 2:15% 
Silvei-threads, g m, 188, by Norman 

Medium. ........ 2:19 

Simcoe, b s, 186, by Captain Fisher 

(dead) 2:26 

Simeta, b m, 1890, by Simmocolon . 

Santa Rita, by Sidney 2:23% 

Simmie, b g, 1886, by George Spauld- 

ing.... ..... 2:16% 

Simmons, b g, 1888, by Belladonna, 

dam by Royal Lambert 2:14% 

Sinful, dn m, 188. by Tom Allen 2:28% 

Singer, b g, 188, by 'Longfellow 2:13% 

Sir Archy, b s, 1880, by Altitude- 
Sally, by Major 2:16% 

Siretta, b m, 1889, by Sirocco Min- 
nie S., by Larry W 2:25% 

Sir Edward, rn s, 188, by Sea Foam 2:23% 
Sir Edwin Arnold, ch s, by Captain 

Cook Lady Wilkes, by Red Wilkes.. 2:17% 
Sir Ha-ry Wilkes, blk s, 1890, by 
Conn's Harry Wilkes, dam by Sir 


Sir John v ch e, 188, by Clear Grit . . 
Sir Maxwell, br s, 1888, by Ira Wilkes 

'Irene, by Regulator 

Sir Rea, b g, 188, by Almonace Tat- 

Sir Thornton, b e, 1886, by Reveille- 
Kate C., by Young Waxy (dead). .. . 
Sir Wilkes, br s, 1880, by George 

Wilkes, dam by Len Rogers 

Six Forty, b s, 188, by Lex 

Skewball, b g, 188, 

Skip, br m, 1886, by Donny brook 

Skylark, br g, 188, by Dirigo, dam 

by French Tiger 

Slasher, dn s, 1887, by Messenger- 
Carrie, by Highlander 

Sleepy Bill, gr g, 186, (dead) 

L gr g, 

Sleepy Bill, b g,' 186,' (dead) 
Sleepy Dave, br g, 188, by Peter 


Sleepy David, rn g, 186, (dead) 

Sleepy Frank, b g, 188, by Pocahon- 

tas Boy Jr 

Sleepy Fred, ch g, 187, 

Sleepy George, b g, 187, by Belinont 


Sleepy John, b g, 187 

Sleepy Rover, ch g, 188 , by Billy 


Sleepy Tom, dn g, 186, 

Sleepy Tom, ch g, 1868, by Tom Rolfe, 

dam by Sam Hazzard (dead) 

Sleepy Tom, b g, 188, by Golddust 

Jr. ! 

Sleepy Tom, b s, 188, by Tom Hal 

Jr. Belle H., by Old Dick 

Slipper, b m, 1883, by Hambletoriian 

Wilkes Daisy, by Macintosh 

Slumber, b s, 188, by Harold Re- 
pose, by Conway 

Smart Aleck, ch g, 188 

Smilax. ch m, 188, by Sidney, dam 

by Buccaneer 
























Smiler Colfax, br g, 1884, by Sehuyler 
Oolfax Lady Jackson, by Mohawk 
Jackson . 

Smith, br s, 1888, by Peoria Alice 
Sp/ague, by Gov. Sprague 

Smuggler, b g, 188, by Bay Tom "jr.'. 

Smuggler Boy, b s, 188, by Smuggler 

Smuggler Wilkes, g s, 188, by 
France's Allie Wilkes 

Sneak, br m, 188 by Sam Hazzard 

Snicklefritz, b g, 188, by Gladiator. .' 

Snow Bird, gr m, 1884, by Simmons- 
Snow Drop, by Daniel Lambert. . 

Seeks, ch s, 1889, by Rockdale-Mary, 
by John Dillard Jr 

Soda AVater, b g, 188-, by Brown Hal 

Solarion, br s, 1890, by Alcandre 
Balm, by Administrator 

Soldier, gr g, 1888, by Warrior Jr. 

Nelly, by Bob Johnson Jr ........ 

Sol Miller, ch s, 188, by Col West- 

Dolly, by Niagara Champion ....... 

Solo, ch g, 188, by Ole Bull ......... 

Sorosis, gr m, 188, by Barkis ....... 

Sor.-el Billy, ch g, 186, by Scott's 

Hiatoga ......................... 

Sorrel Dan, oh g, 187 by Kale's Red 

Buck ............................ 

Sorrel Dan, ch g, 1886, by Command- 

er, dam by Graham's Abdallah ...... 

Sorrel Frank, ch g, 186, ............ 

Sorrel George, ch g, 188, by Capt. 

Webb ............ ; . ............... 

Sorrel John, ch g, 188, by Sam B . . 
Soubrette, br m, 188, by 'Subscriber. 
Sparkler, b g, 188, by Woodford Ab- 

dallah Lady Dodd, by Prince Pu- 


Spartan, b g, 188, by Spartan ...... 

Spaulding, b s, 188, by Judge Salis- 

bury ............... '. ............ 

Speed Waxy, br g, 188, by John 

Casson ........................... 

Speedy, br m, 188 by Whip ........ 

Speers, b s, 1886, by Dr. Speers 

Phantom Footsteps, by Joe Tucker. . 
Spencer King ...................... 

Spider, b m, 1880, by Lexington Chief 

Spider, b' in,' 187, ' by 'Phil, ' dam' by 
Smith's Hambletonian ............. 

Sphinxetta, b m, 1891, by Sphinx 
Kate Talbert, by Mambrino Gift ____ 

Spotted Sam, sp s, 1878, by Ward's 

Hambletonian Spotted Moll, by 

Wallace's Phenomenon ............ 

Sprague, dh s, 188, by Round's 

Sprague .......................... 

Sprague Wilkes, b s^ 1886, by Tommy 

Wilkes Lizzie Sprague, by Gov. 

Sprague (dead) ................... 

S. R., ch g, 188, by Almonardh ..... 

Stanley, b s, 1883, by Valentine Swig- 

ert Kewanna, by Trojan Jr. (trot- 

ting 2:27) ................... ..... 

Stanley P., blk g, 188 ............. 

Stanton Maid, b in, 188, by Gen. 

Stanton, dam by Brown Douglas. . . . 
Stanwix, b g, 188. by Hambletonian 

Mambrino ........................ 

Star Guinea, gr s, 1884, by Allie 

Gaines Fanny King, by Star of the 

West ....... ' ..................... 

Star Henry, ch s, 1876, by Andy John- 

son John Weed Mare, by Sir Henry 
Sta- Plex, b s, 1889, by Duplex 

Daisy, by Red Pilot ................ 




2:22V 4 














2:29 'A 







2.21V 4 



Star Pointer, b s, 1889, by Brown Hal 
Sweepstakes, by Knight's Snow 

Stately, b s, 1891, by Humme- Splen- 
dor, by Mambrino Startle . . 

Steel Nail, ro s, 188, by Gen. Yla'r- 
dee, dam by Pat Malone 

Steel Prince, br s, 188, bv Steel Nail 

Stella, b m, 187 , .' 

Steilti Foster, blk in, 188, 

Stella K., blk in. 1890, by James G. 
Flora T., by Climax 

Stella H., b m, 188, by Illinois 

Stella P., b m, 1882, by Mambrino 
kinkier, dam by Kennedy's Pilot 

btelleta, b in, 1890, by Jerome Eddy- 
Mamie Ford, by Bourbon AVilkes Jr 

Stella Foster, blk m, 188 

Stephen W., ch .*, 1885, by Tnsccn- 

Pet 2d, by Wood . 
Sterling, ch s, 

1886, by Haroldson 
Laura Williams, by Holabird's 
Ethan Allen 

Stockiugleg, ch m, 187, . 

Stockwell, b s, 1887, by Nutwood-- 
Contention, by Aberdeen 

Stonewall, ch g, 187, by Blue Bull 

Stoneway, b s, 1890, by Strathway 
Elizabeth Easier, by Bill Arp 

Storm, blk s, 1887, by Brown Hal- 
Zephyr, by John Dillard Jr. (dead).. 

Straightedge, gr g, 186, (dead) 

Strathberry, b s, 1889, by Roseberry 
Belle Hambletonian, by Chevalier. . 

Strathso, ch m, 1887, by Strathmore 
Hope So, by Blue Bull 

Strathwayne, ch g, 1889, by Strath- 
more Belle Woodruff, by Jglue Bull 

Strong Boy, gr s, 1887, by ALandorf 
Bashaw Belle, by Green's Bashaw. . 

Strongwood, ch s, 1890, by Nutwood- 
Brooklet, by Volunteer 

Stubby S., ch m, 1880, by Tyrone, 
dam by Billy Bashaw 

Sub Rosa, b m, 1891, by Parkville, 
dam by Kearsarge 

Subscriber, b s, 1884, by Jim Schriber 

Sucker State,, b g, 187 

Sudie Clay, b m, 188, by Bonnie 

Suitor Jr., blk s, 188, by Suitor 


Sumner C., dn g, 188, 

Sunlight, b m, 188 by Accidental . . 

Sunny Slope, b g, 1884, by Sultan- 
Dido, by Scott's Hiatoga 

Sunrise, ch m, 188, by Regent 

Sunrise, ch s, 188, by Paragon 

Sunrise, b g, 188, by Capt. Bo- 
gardus, dam by Belshazzer 

Sunset, b s, 1879, by Billy Davis . . . 

Sunset Patchen, br s, 1885, by Seneca 
Patchen Lady Monmouth, by Wiu- 
throp Morrill Jr. . . . 

Sunshine, ch m, 188, by a son of 

Surpass, br g, 188, by Dean's 

Surprise, br g, 188, 

Surprise, ch g, 1889, by Liberty 
So n tag Susie, by George^ M. 
Patchen Jr 

Susie B., b m, 188, by Clinker Dol- 
ly, bv Champion Searcher (trotting 

Susie Brown, ro m, 188, by Brown 
Hal Ruby, by Gen. Hardee 



















2:29V 4 










Susie G., b in, 188 by Little Henry 

-Lucy ......................... 2:11% 

Susie K., b m, 188 by Brown Jug 

Lady Beutoii, by Gen. Benton ..... 2:24% 
Susie Wonder, b in, 1886, by Wonder 

Susie Thorn, by North Star Mam- 

brino ........................... 

Sutton Boy, g s, 188, by Sutton D. 
Sweet Violet, b in, 1890, by Wild- 

brino ............................ 

Sweetzer, gr g, 1868, by Tom Crowder 

Lady Farlow, by Gray's Tom Hal 
Swift Bird, br s, 1885, by Billy 

Sprague Pocohontas Girl, by Poco- 

houtas Boy ....................... 

S. X. Boy, b g, 188, by Charles M. 

Fanny Lverett, by Bonney Knox. . 
Sybil, b ni, 188, by Heady Money.. 
Sylvester, b g, 187-, ............... 

Syinboleer, b s, 1892, by Campbell's 

Electioneer Symbol, by Onward ---- 
Syndicate, br g, 188, by Black Am- 

bassador .......................... 

Syrena, b m, 1889, by Sphinx Maud 

T., by Jefferson Prince ........... 

Tade Jefferson, gr m, 188, by Joe 

Jefferson ......................... 

T A. Heudricks, b g, 186, (dead).. 
Takamah, b g, 188- ............... 

Tammany Wilkes, ch s, 1890, by Ham- 

bletonian Wilkes .................. 

Tanny Bug, b m, 1891, by Chimes- 

Lady Bug, by Hamlin's Almont Jr. 
Tangent, b s, 1885, by Onward Fa^- 

chon, by Hamlin's Almont Jr ...... 

Tartai- Chief, ch g, 188, by Cale- 

donia Chief ....................... 

Tasco, ch s, 1882. by American Boy- 

Neil, by Midland .................. 

Tasco Jr., b s, 188, by Tasco ...... 

Tascot, b g, 188 by Brightlight. . 
., ch g, 188, by Juanita ........ 

T. G. B., b s, 188 by St. Gothard 

Teazer D., b g, 187, by Haw Patch 
Tecumseh, ro g, 184, (dead) ........ 

Ted, blk g, 1890, by Bessemer Kittie 

M., by Amboy .................... 

Teddie Collins, ch s, 188 by Wilkie 

Collins ........................... 

Tekla, b m, 188, by Hambrino, dam 

by Middletown ............ . ., ..... 

Telegram, ch g, 1884, by Telegraph 
Tempest, blk g, 1883, by Rounds' 

Sprague Bess, by Columbia Chief 
Tempest N., b g, 1886, by Harry F. 

Daisy Springstead, by Newton's 

Hotspur ......................... 

Temple H., b g, 188, .............. 

Temple O., br s, 188, by Distingue, 

dam by Mambrino Yorkshire ..... 
Templeton, ch s, 188, by Hamble- 

tonian Tranby .................... 

Testator, br s, 188, by Dictator 

Chief ............................ 

Texas Jack, Jr., b s, 188, by Texas 

Jack ........................... 

Texas Jack Sr., br e, 188, by Judge 

Durell ........................... 

Texas Mike, br s, 188, by Texas 

Jack ........................... 

Texas Hooker, b s, 188, by Texas 

Jack, dam by Hooker .............. 

Tezuca. b m, 1889. by Reserve Fund 

Rococo, by Onward ............. 

Thad, blk g, 188, by Keeler ........ 

The Dude, b g, 1886, by Elevator- 

Sally Surplus, by Surplus ......... 

The Duke, ch g, 1891, 'by Scarlet 








2 :16% 











2 :24% 










Wilkes 2:24% 

The Parson, ch s, 188, by Madison 

Smith 2:19 

The Princess, b m, 188, by Nut- 
breaker Queen Sprague, by George 

Sprague 2:19 

Theodore, br s, 1885, by Reveille- 
Maple Leaf, by New York (trotting 

2:26%) 2:18% 

Theresa Scott, gr m, 1876, by Win- 
field Scott 2:25 

Thistle, blk s, 1887, by Sidney Fern 

Leaf, by Flaxtail 2:13% 

Thistle Dew, b m, 1889, by Sentinel 
Wilkes Belle H., by Clark Chief Jr. 2:17% 

Tho, b s, 1890, by Sidney 2:JJ 

Thomas L., ch g, 187, by Tempest 

Jr I....*' .... 2:27% 

Thomas Ryder, b s, 188, by Alexan- 
der Button, dam by Black Ralph.. 2:13% 
Thorndale Prince, blk s, 1889, by 
Hambletonian's Last Molly, by 

Blood Chief 2:21 

Thornton Girl/b m, 1890, by Whale- 
bone, dam by Hambletonian Tranby 2:26% 
Thunder, ch g, 187, by Gen. Hardee 

Puss 2:22% 

Tillie B., b m, 188, by Alcantara 2:21% 

Tillie Herr, b m, 1886, by Dr. Herr, 

dam by Dyke 2:21% 

Tilman, ch s, 1889, by Bourbon Wilkes 

Julia, by John Dillard Jr 2:29% 

Timbuctoo, b s, 188, by Majesty.. 2:28 
Tim Cawley, gr g, 188, by Highland 
Gray Madam Cawley, by Brough- 

ton Horse 2:27% 

Tip O'Tip, b g, 188, by Peacock- 
Julia, by a son of Campbell's Ned 

Forrest 2:12% 

Tippecanoe, ch g, 183 (dead) 2:29 

Tip Top, b s, 1887. by Petoskey 

Nelly Monroe, by Jim Monroe 2:19 

T. L D., ch g, 1880, by Hercules 

T. N. B., gr g, 1888, by White Cloud 

Toboggan, b s, 188, by Clipper 2:23% 

Toby, b g, 188, by George Hall- 
Peggy, by Top Gallant 2:29% 

Tod Crook, b g, 1889, by Frederick's 

Hambletonian 2 :14% 

Tod Mohawk, rn g, 1S8 , by Mohawk 

King 2:25 

Toledo Girl, ro m, 187, by Monarcn 

Jr 2:15 

Tom, b g, 188 2:1 

Tom, b g, 188 2:: 

Tom Cooper, b g, 188, by Blazing 

Star 2:25% 

Tom D.. b g, 188 2:29% 

Tom Edison, b s. 1887, by Artemus 

Grace, by Ensley's Blue Bull 2:21% 

Tom Ellis, ch g, 188, by Bayard's 

Hambletonian Prince 2 :26% 

Tom Exum, b s, 1888, by Onward- 
Vision, by Administrator 2:19% 

Tom F., b g, 186, by Black Boy 2:30 

Tom G., ch s, 188, by Col. Walker.. 2:29% 
Tom Hal Jr., rn s, 187, by Gibson's 
Tom Hal Nellie Slasher, by Moun- 
tain Slasher 2:30 

Tom Harold, ch s, 188, by De Soto. 2:28% 
Tom Howard, b s, 188, by Bay Tom 2:29% 
Tom Hughes, ch s, 188, by Brown 

Trigham 2:27% 

Tom Johnson, blk g, 1888, bv Sigma 

Nu . 2:28% 

Tom Linderman, b g, 188, 2:19 

Tom McCarthy, br g, 188 2:29% 

Tom McGregor, ch s, 1888, by Robert 



McGregor Rebecca, by Rysdyk'a 
Hambletonian 2:12 

Tom Miller, rn g, 1884, by Harkaway, 

dam by Stonewall Jackson 2:25% 

Tommy, wh g, 1885, by Kilbuck Tom 

Topsy, by Marksman 2:17% 

Tommy B., b g, 188, by Kilbuck 

Tom 2:25% 

Tommy Brown, b g, 188, by Scott's 

Hambrino 2:11% 

Tommy H., gr g, 188, by Harry 

Goldberg 2:21% 

Tommy J., br g, 188 2:30 

Tommy L., b g, 188, 2:29% 

Tommy Lynn, b g, 188, by son of 

Addison Jr 2:15% 

Tommy M., b g, 188 2:27% 

Tommy P., b s, 188, by Roscoe C... 2:23 
Tommy R., ch g, 188, by Pocohon- 

tas Chief 2:26% 

Tommy Thompson, gr g, 188, by 

Slasher 2:29% 

Tommy Wilkes, b s, 188, by Dumas 2:28% 

Tom Ogden, b g, 1890, by Bacon 2:12> /4; 

Tom Parker, br g, 185, (dead) 2:30 

Tompat, b g, 188 2:24% 

Tom Porter, b g, 1885, by Lumps- 
Kitty Kimbrough, by Kimbrough's 

Abdallah 2:24 

Tom Rogers, ch g, 188, by Ned For- 
rest 2:29% 

Tom Shirley, b g, 1890, by Maximus 

Myrtle, by Nutwood 2:20% 

Tom Smelzy, gr g, 188, by Grey 

Harry 2:18% 

Tom Smiley, ch g, 184, (dead) 2:30 

Tom Webster, b s, 1889, by Bay Tom 

Lucy by Cranberry Slasher 2:11% 

Tom West, b s, 1885, by Kilbuck 

Tom Jenny M., by Frank Forrester 2:23% 
Toney, ro g, 188, by Richard Sco- 

bell Modoc 2:24% 

Tonsorial, b m, 1888, by Penrose 

Belle Pay ton, by Panic 2:23% 

Tontine, b g, 188, 2:26 

Tony Boy, b s. 1886, by Judge Craven 

Fanny, by Limber Bill 2:20V> 

Tony H., b g, 188, by Swigert 2:26% 

Tony H., b s, 188, by Kimball 2:15% 

Tony Monarch, ch g, 188, by Hi 

Monarch 2:26% 

Tony R., b s, 188, by Hambletonian 

Downing 2:26y 2 

Tony Wilcox, ch g, 188, by Better- 
ton, dam by Black Damon 2:13% 

Toomey, b s; 1890. by Balmont Wilkes 

Empress, by Panic 2:26% 

To Order, blk s, 1890, by Thistle- 
Maude, by Bertrand Black Hawk . . 2:12% 
Tootsie D., ch m, 188, by Jubilee, 

dam by Young St. Lawrence 2:21 

Topsey, blk m, 187 2:25% 

Topsev D., ch m, 188, by Locust 

Tempest 2:24% 

Topsey F., b m, 188 r by Frederick 2:22 
Tot Macey, b m, 1889, by Macey 

Onetonto, by Pocohontas Boy 2:26% 

Touchet, b m, 1891, by Almont, dam 

by Strader's C. M. Clay Jr 2:15 

Touch Me Not, ch m, 188, by Pocu- 

hontas Sam 2 :13% 

Touchstone, b g, 1890, by Forest 

Wilkes Delia, by Roscoe 2:19% 

Tough 1 End, b g, 188--, by Daniel 

Boone 2 :2'VK 

Toxie R.. b s, 188, by Ignaro 2:16 

Track Wilkes, b .s. 188 by Ira 

Wilkes 2-27 

Trader, o s, 3892, by Trade Wind- 
Jennie J., by McCurdy's Hamble- 
tonian Jr 2:25 

Trafford, ch s, 1887, by Red Wilkes 
Missie, by Westwood (trotting 

2:27%) 2:23% 

Transfer, b g, 188, by Enfleld 

Fanny Blackwood, by Blackwood.. 2:27% 
Travilla, ch m, 1877, by Tramp- 
Black Sally, by Barnard's Musca- 

tine 2:24% 

Treasure, b s, 1884, by Aberdeen La- 
dora, by Strader's Oassius M. Clay 

Jr 2:1814 

Treet, ch s, 188 2:27 

Trego, ch s, 1883, by Egmont Ribbon, 

by Black Hawk Jr 2:16% 

Trenton Girl, ch m, 188, by Kilbuck 

Tom 2:26% 

Trevor, ch s, 1888, by Gogebic Rose 

Shipman, by Blue Bull 2:25 

T. R. Fox, ch g, 188, 2:16 

Trixie P., br m, 1883, by Baiardo Jr.. 2:27% 
Trixy, b m, 188, by Judge Trumbull. 2:25 
Trixy Hal, dh m, 188, by Tom Hal. . 2:19% 
True, b g, 1883, by Rocket Fanny 2d, 

by Magna Charta Boy 2:23% 

Trump, b s, 1887, by Adrian Wilkes 

Colletta, by King Cole 2:21 

Tru-o, b g, 188, by Hamlet, dam by 

Red Squirrel . . 2:22% 

Try Me, gr m, 188, by Try Me On, 

dam by Gen. Jackson 2 :27 

Tucker B., b g, 187 2:30 

Turco, b s, 1889, by Brie Wilkes 

Celia, by Black Henry 2:12 

Turk, gr g, 1886, by Johnson's Sam- 
Mayday 2:18% 

Turk, b g, 188, by Tennessee Wilkes. 2:19% 
Turk Franklin, b g, 1879, by Prospect 

Daisy 2:lfi% 

Twilight, blk s, 188 by Conn's Har- 
ry AVilkes 2:28 

Twister, blk g, 187, by Bull Pup. ... 2:29% 
Two Strike, gr g. 188, by Ferguson. . 2:10% 
Tyranus, blk g, 1889, by Young Wilkes 
Rosetta, by Pickering (trotting 

2:21%) 2:22V4 

Tyrone, ch g. 188. 2:29 

Uca Wan, ch g, 188, by Chestnut 

Fearnaught 2:26% 

Ulster Belle, ro m, 1878, by Holabird's 
Ethan Allen Molly, by Roe's Abdal- 
lah Ohief 2:17^4 

Una Forrest, ch m. 1887, by Rock- 
wall Success Kit Malone, by Helm- 

stutte-.-'s Morgan '. 2:20 

Uncle Eb, gr g, 187, 2:24Vi 

Uncle George, ch s, 188, by Bald 

Hornet 2:30 

Uncle Jack, b g, 1880, by Glencoe Jr. 

Kate Willcoxson 2:16'/4 

Uncle Jack, b g, 188 2:17% 

Uncle Ned, ro g, 187 , by John Had- 

ley Fanner .' 2:23}i 

Uncle Sile, ch g, 1880, by Star Harold 

Black Belle, by Aroostook Boy... 2:25 
Uncle Tom, gr s, 188, by Brown 

Chief 2:25% 

Unknown, ch g. 183, (dead) 2:23 

Uranus, br s. 1889, by Herschel Lady 

Dingman, by Favorite Wilkes 2:17% 

Valid, b s. 1890, by Pelletier Lady 

Goldsmith, by Alden Goldsmith 2:17% 

Valley, gr m, '1889, by Pilot Medium 

Allie Tho-nton, by Shelby Ohief. . 2:19% 
Valley Ohief Jr., gr g, 188, by Valley 

Chief I.. 2:24V4 

Van Cott. b g, 188, by Polonius 2:20% 



Vandal Wilkes, br s, 1882, by Gov. 
Sprague Vandalia Wilkes, by Geo. 
Wilkes , 

Vanzant, blk g, 188, by Red Buck. . 

Vanzant, b g. 187 

Vasco, b g, 187, 

Vassar, rn s, 1889, by Vatican Nell, 
by Estill Eric (trotting 2:21%) 

Vasto, b a, 188, by Vasco Chess, by 

Velocipede, b g. 186, (dead) 

Velox, en g, 188, 

Veni, b g, 188, by Valentine, dam by 
Idol Wilkes 

Venture, oh s, 1887, by Bald Hornet- 
Peggy G., by Haywood 

Venture, ch s, 188, by Cunard Jr 

Venturer, br g, 188, by Mcllobert's 

Vera Capel, blk m, 1889, by Wilton- 
Cricket, by Mambrino Abdallah 

Venue V., ch m, 1889, by De Leon- 
Snap, by Colonna 

Vestigie, b s, 1891, by Valentine 

Veta, b m, 1891, by Dunton Wilkes, 
darn by Blue Bull 

Viceroy (Snider'e), b s, 1885, by Vi- 
ceroyMolly, by Legal Tender 

Victor, gr g, 188-, 

Victor, gr g, 187, 

Victor, g:* g, 1888, by Pilot Medium, 
dam by Greenback 

Victorine, b m, 1886, by Ferguson- 
May Hudson, by Gen. George H. 

Victor Mazzone, br s, 1891, by Gen. 
Hancock Lorena, by Strathmoce. . . 

Victory, b g, 188, 

Vidette, b m, 188, by Alexander But- 
tonViola, by Flaxtail 

Vigor, br s, 1887, by Sterling Olive, 
by Prompter 

Vinette, b m, 1886, by Ethan Wilkes 
Kate, by Peavine. ... 

Vinnie, b m, 1886, by Oshkosh Boy.. . 

Viola, b m, 188, by San Gabriel 

Violet, blk m, 188, by Legal Tender 
Jr. Susan, by Nigger Dick 

Virgie K., b g, 188 by Herschel 

Virginia, ch m, 1880, by Young 
Frenchman Dexter, by Tom Crow- 

Vitelio, br s, 1885, by Legal Tender 
Jr. Rushville Maid, by Blue Bull... 

Vixen, b m, 188, by Idol Boy 

Vogeine, dn g, 187 , 

Volk, b g, 188, by Vanzant Laura, 
by Jack Shephard 

Vollula, b m, 1888, by Kentucky Vol- 
unteer Marie Wilkes, by George 

Voneta, br m, 188, by Bona Fide 

Vonmore, b s, 188 by Ashmore 

Waif, b m, 1887, by ' Nutwood Con- 
quest, by Princeps 

Wait-a-Little, b g, 188, 

W T ait-a-While, blk g, 1888, by Black 

Wake-Up-Jake, br g, 187 

Waldo J., b g, 1890, by Bob Mason, 

dam by A. W. Richmond 

Walker, b 6. 1885, by Prompter 
Flash, by Bgmont 

Walnut Boy, br s, 1887, by Ferguson 
May Hudson, by Gen. George H. 

Walnut Bud, b m, 1888, by Brod Wal- 
nut Topsy, by Bethel Horse 

Walte:' Roberts, gr g, 188 



2:27V 4 



2:26V 2 







2:20 j 

2:21% j 
9 .03 , ! 

Walter D. t b g, 188 

Walter D., dn g, 188, by Jim Wilson 
Walter D., b g, 188, by Sir Walter 

Walter ' Wilke's, ' b V, ' is 8 ',' by Wiikes .' 

Walter Wilton, b s, 1885, by Wilton- 
Samara, by Strathmore 

Wanderer, br g, 188, 

Wanlta Proctor, b m, 1891, by For- 
tunatus Ida Advent, by Advent. . . . 

W apple, ch g, 188, by Brigadier. . . . 

Wapsie Boy, b s, 188, 

Wapsie L., dn s, 188, by Wapsie... 

Warburton, b s, 188, by Wilkes Boy 
Annie Almont, by Bostick's Al- 
mont Jr 

Wardwell, b g, 1883, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. Grace, by Hailstorm (trot- 
ting 2:14%) 

Warren Daily, ch s, 187 

Warren H., b g, 188, by Hinkston 

Warrina, b m, 1885, by Algona Mid- 














dletown Mare, by Middletown 

War-ior, b g, 1870, by Warrior 

Warwick Girl, ch m, 188, by War- 
wick Boy 

Warwitch, b m, 1889, by Warlock- 
Badinage, by Madrid (trotting 

Wasatch, ch s, 1887, by Woodnut 
Flora Peacemaker, by Peacemaker. . 

Washington, b g, 187 

Washington, blk s, 187 by Bu- 
cephalus, dam by Red Fox 

Washington Maid, oh m, 186, 

Waste Ferris, b g, 188, by Valentine 

Watcheye, br g, 1888, by Bright Light 
Dixie, by Black Dick 

Water Bird, b m, 188, by Waterloo. 

Waterloo Boy, b g, 1883, by Adrian 
Wilkes Abdallah Lightfoot, by 
Mambrino Abdallah 

Wauco, br s, 188, by Abdallah 
Wilkes Mamie Mardere, by Clark 

Waupaca, b s, 188, by Mohican 

Waveland, D s, 188, by Westland. . . 

Waverly king, blk s, 188 

Waymark, b s, 188. by Waytnart, 
dam by Mambrino Davis 

Wayne 'Wilkes, b s, 1881, by Red 
Wilkes Ida Smith, by Gage's Logan 

W. C. B., ch s, 188, by Jim Medium 

W. D.. b g, 188, 

Wealthy, b m, 188, by Adrian Wilkes 

Weber Wilkes, b s, 1888, by Penrose 
Fanny Garrett, by Panic 

Weed Wilkes, b s, 1891, by Gambetta 
Wilkes, dam by Mambrino Startle.. 

Well Ahead, br s, 1888, by Wedge- 
woodKate Isler, by Munsey 

Welter, b g, 1885, by 'Orange County 
Nelly, by Malcolm 

Wesley R., b g, 188. by Strathboy. . 

West Liberty, ro g, 188, 

Westmont, oh g, 1875, by Almont 
Annie, by Cottrill Morgan 

Westmont (Sperry's), ch s, 1883, by 
Westmont Hattie, by Billy Cozad. . 

W. H.. sp g, 188, by Red Cloud 

Whalebone, b s. 1884, by Hambleto- 
nian Tranby Lady W 

What's Wanted, g s, 188 by Clinker 

Wheeler F., ch s, 1889, by Charleston 
Addie. by Alroy 

Whipsaw,'b g, 187 by Red Wilkes, 
dam by Corbeau (trotting 2:27%). . . . 

Whirley, blk s, 188, by Calamity 
















2 :14% 

2 :2.j 
2:26 1 74 













Dick ^ 

Whirligig, br m, 1891, by Wilko 
Minnie Barrington, by Naham 

Whisper, ch in, 1888, by Alcander, 
dam by Holabird's Ethan Allen 

Whistle, b g, 1890. by Alcauder 

W 7 hitby, ch s. 1886, by Hannis Maud 
L., by Black Hawk Eclipse 

Whitcomb Riley. ch s, 188, by Bar- 
tholomew Wilkes Mat, by Rollo 

White Billy, gr g, 188, by Pharoah. . 

White Cap, gr g, 188, by Peacock. . . 

Whitecloud, gr g, 188, 

White Frank, gr g, 188, 

Whitelight, g- g, 188, 

W r hite Line, gr g, 188 

White Socks, ch s, 188, by Happy 

White Wings, b m, 1890, by Diplomat. 

Wickliffe, b g, 1887, by Connaught 
Katie K., by Backmau's Idol 

Wichita Tom, rn g, 188, by Morgan 

Wlckopee, ch m, 1884, by Belvoi" 
Lady Wild, by George C. Hall 

Wilcox, br g, 187, by George Wilkes 
Lucy, by Red Hawk 

Wlldbriar, b m, 188, by Forrest 
Glencoe Wild Plum, by Aine lean 

Wild Frank, b g, 187, 


2:26'/ 4 




2:15' /4 

*2- r 





2: 17V* 

Wild Rose, b m, 188 , by West Cloud 

gr g, 188, by W _ 
Wilkes L, b s, 188, by Idol Wilkes. . 


188, by Wild Wagoner. 

188, by W T ilkes 

Wilkes Lad, br 

Wllkesloni, ch s. 188, by lied Wilkes 
(trotting 2 :24y>) 

Wilkes Nutwood, eh s, 1883, by Nut- 
wood Lizzie AVilkes, by George 
W r ilkes 

Wilkesota, br m, 1890, by Adrian 

Wllkie Knox, br s, 1888, by Barney 
Wilkes Nettie, by Gen. Knox 

Wllkie Russell, b s, 1885, by Mam- 
brino Russell Carrie Wilkes, by 
George Wilkes 

Wlllard M., b g, 188. by Mambrino 
Smuggle:" Pet, by Kremer's Rain- 

Willard Russell, br s, 188, by Wilkie 

Willena, b m, 188 

Willett W T ilkes, gr m, 188C, by Ethan 

William Arthur, rn g, 188 

William G., b g, 187, 

William B., b g, 188, 

William Holliday, b s, 188, by High- 

William J., b g, 1885, by Elgin Boy- 
Miss Jones, by Blue Vein 

William M. Purdy, b g, 188, by Fair- 
view, dam by Prince Pulaski